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Dear readers,

If you haven’t seen your comment approved please understand it’s not because I don’t want to approve it. I have never rejected a comment but since I have not been writing on a regular basis, I did not check into my Administration Panel and just use the WP side panel to quickly approve any new comments. If you have made a comment once, there is no need for further approval so the 3 comments showing ‘ unapproved’ are from new readers and I can’t find them; obviously they go back a long time.

Just want those of you to know that I don’t judge any comments, but if you’re a first time visitor and make a comment, that first one only needs to be approved. I will try and find the remaining 3 comments this weekend. Right now I am preparing to take my partner to hospital. He’s been doing really well for the last few months, but we switched from liquid L-Carnitine to caps and fluids have started to build up. He’s having difficulty in breathing and his heart rate is jumping. What they do is simply insert a needle into the spot where the fluids are and remove it. He feels immediate relief and it’s not painful at all. I hope that is the case and nothing new because we have worked so hard with the Cannabis and un-conventional therapies; it makes wonder sometimes if we are doing all this for nothing.

There is another side to this as well, perhaps he’s chosen this path and no matter what I think, he will choose his exit time. In the meantime, I do whatever I can to keep him here, but in the end, he will decide when and where!

Also, I really don’t know what to write about anymore. I don’t really feel like exposing or writing about the false/fake gurus out there so I need time to focus again and feel out what my topics will be, although I always enjoy writing about empowering posts that will give you the reader something to ponder about.

Update on my partner: He’s doing good. Went to emergency, he had all the tests done and it’s a slight bronchial infection. Whew! So, nothing new is happening with him, the doctor wouldn’t come out and say it, but they are perplexed that he is not getting worse and they have not seen him in 2 months. Cannabis rocks!

May the light shine on you inside and out!

It’s Not Always What you Think

There are two people that I want to write about. Although the events that happened in their lives happened a few months ago, it took me some time to put my thoughts together on them. Ken O’Keefe and Zen Gardner.

Ken is/was someone whom I admired very much, not because of the person that he was, what he looked like or his past accomplishments but because of the way he spoke out so passionately about wars and the unjust actions of Israel. I enjoyed listening to him on Press TV and RT News. It was by accident that I stumbled upon an interview with Richie Allen that shocked the hell out of me. Whether or not Ken committed a crime or stole money that he had acquired through Source Funding is not something I can comment on, only Ken knows the truth, but what really shocked me was the way he attacked Richie and refused to give straightforward answers. My feeling is that Ken was not telling the truth. Psychopaths go on the attack when being questioned let alone accused of something. Richie never once accused him of anything, the purpose of the interview was to ask him questions that others had put forth. I feel for Ken, I can feel his anger over lifetimes in that interview and it’s just sad that he had to respond the way he did because he lost all credibility in my eyes. It’s not important to me whether he did what he was being accused of, I have no right to judge him, if he did do what some are accusing him of, that is Ken’s karma and he has to deal with it, but his methodology of responding to questions to me was an outright admission of guilt by attacking Richie. I hope that Ken will find a way to deal with his anger and pain one day, I truly feel for the guy. Whether he’s guilty or not is not for us to judge, it’s for Ken to live with and deal with consequences. I could feel many lives of violence and being violent in Ken’s energy, thus logical that he has not yet dealt with it in this lifetime and it has accumulated. Perhaps this is why he is so angry because it goes so far back into many past lives. Ken is a very damaged soul and I sure hope that he will find a way to heal one day otherwise he will keep repeating this cycle of life and death with violence until he has come to terms with his anger and guilt. In any case, we should never judge anyone based on the way they look or the way they speak, what hides behind the face or heart can be something totally different.


As for Zen Gardner. Wow, that was a shock when I attempted to visit his website and found it was no longer active. After googling him, I came across information, attacks, accusations and interviews about him being involved in some cult. Again, I don’t know if Zen was aware that there was some bad stuff going on, and even if he did know, does he not have the right to start over and make a new beginning? Have we not all made mistakes and how do we measure the severity of sexual abuse with lying or embezzling money? Is that not causing harm upon someone? How do we define a horrific crime and according to whom is that definition defined to be a horrific crime? What I am trying to say is that even if Zen did know there was sexual abuse or whatever involved in the cult, are we to crucify him because he didn’t say anything or do you consider that to be just as bad as performing the act itself? Who determines which is less evil than the other?
I don’t know Zen, just like I don’t know Ken but their actions should not be judged by us and if we are to make a better world, a better place to live, is it not upon us to forgive and move on?

Zen was my daily inspiration, I often re-posted  his work because it was empowering and gave me new perspectives. Often, his work was very similar to mine because his message was always about becoming better and freeing ourselves from the Matrix. I am saddened that he has  just shut everything down because of a few people that couldn’t forgive and let go. I read some attacks on him and they were so bad I wondered how that person that wrote such a scathing attack on Zen considered himself to be better than Zen even if he did do something wrong? The attacker said some horrible things and that alone is a crime of conscience to judge someone you have never met or spoken to.

I have made many mistakes in my life. I have hurt many people in this lifetime. The mistakes were never intentional, just poor judgement or wrong choices. I never hurt anyone intentionally, it was my traumatic past that collected a lot of anger and rage over the years and it just so happens we vent on the people we love the most. Does this make me a bad person? Even if I was a bad person, does that mean that I should be branded for the rest of my life because of the mistakes I made?

In self awareness, it brings about a new perspective about our lives and our purpose here. We claim to be aware and enlightened yet the moment one of us makes a mistake, we instantly attack them for their mistakes. This doesn’t make us any better than themselves. For years now I have written about people that I suspected were not authentic in their work, but I have always tried to be objective and not attack them or call them names. I think that it’s important to bring out the worse in people in order to expose what they are doing for the purpose of not hurting others but not to punish them because we feel we have that right. Remember, we are all here as actors in a play. Each one of us have a specific role and that role is not always being the good guy. Some of us had to be bad, murderers, tyrants, whatever, in order to bring out the good we have to create bad situations.

I often write about creating chaos in order to seek peace. If we lived in a perfect world there would be no need to seek a better one. If everyone was happy and expressing love, we would not think of creating a happier one. Humans are funny that way. We can live modestly and be happy, we don’t need a whole lot to be happy. Most of us are content with a roof over our heads, food on the table and surrounded by family, anything more is a bonus. The moment the neighbor gets a better TV, we want one too. We judge one another by material wealth and not by the strength of our hearts or size of our hearts. How can we want a better world if we are perfectly happy with the one we have? In order to create a new paradigm, we had to create chaos and madness. This is what the plan was before we came here. Ken has his role to play; so does Zen, we may not like what they did or didn’t do, but we must also remember that none of us are perfect and at times forget that the world doesn’t center around us alone and that we are just a small part of the whole.

I feel that Zen Gardner has already started over under a new name because Zen is not his real name anyways. He has so much to give to humanity and perhaps the lessons he learned or the pain he experienced in that cult made him the person he is today. I hope I can find him again and continue being mesmerized by his very empowering essays.

Life is what we make it. It is our responsibility to make this place a better one. We gave power to those that control us. Whether we knew this or not, we did give it to them and we must now take it back. Ken plays his part, Zen plays his part, I play my part and you old soul play your part as well.

This reminds me of the Christian dogma that although God created man in his image, he will punish him for his mistakes. Punishing man is such a contradiction to the creation of man in god’s image and is like god punishing himself. You can’t create perfection and then punish it for not being perfect. This is the duality and dogma of what we became and the belief systems implanted in us. We are all ONE. If I punish you or speak badly towards you, I am speaking badly to myself. We are reflections of one another and this cycle of self-infliction has to stop. How do we stop? We stop hurting others because we hurt ourselves at the same time. If we are ONE, we must behave in a loving way towards everyone regardless of the role they play in this reality. This is difficult to comprehend if you think of yourself as a human first, but this is why  we are here, to remember who we are and to make the changes necessary.

All is well, the play must go on!

Higher Consciousness a Stone Throw Away!


Consciousness is a way of perceiving a variety of dimensions of reality, it’s very intricate yet specific. The physical senses allow us to perceive this 3-D world yet by our very nature can also perceive other dimensions. We have or better said, we are that ability if we choose to develop it and bring it forth. I call that ‘awareness’. Most of us identify with our daily physical oriented self. We wouldn’t think of identifying with only one portion of our body and ignore all other aspects and yet we’re doing the same thing when we imagine that our ego self carries the burden of our identity.

It is far more important to understand ourselves and learn how to use the gifts embedded into our DNA than trying to figure out what is going on externally. Why? Because no matter what happens or is about to happen in this reality, it will not change who we are but if we understand who we are and how to use our gifts, we can then better deal with the external events. These external events are already programmed to happen, whether we like that or not, so why worry about what might happen?

You’re not a cosmic bag of bones and flesh thrown together through some process of mixing chemicals and elements. Our consciousness is not some fiery product, formed accidentally through the inter-working of chemical components or the through the myth of ‘evolution’. You’re not a forsaken offshoot of some physical matter; nor is your consciousness meant to vanish like a puff of smoke.

Instead, you form the physical body that you know at a deeply unconscious level with great discrimination, miraculous clarity and intimate conscious knowledge of each minute cell that composes it.It looks into subjective dimensions that are literally infinite and from these subjective dimensions all objective realities flow.  Epigenetics has proven that we are not victims of our genes and that we activate certain genes through thought.

All necessary information is given to us through these inner channels and incredible inner activities take place before we can as much lift a finger, flicker an eyelid. This part of our identity is naturally clairvoyant and telepathic, so that we are warned of disasters before they occur, whether or not we consciously accept the message and all communication takes place long before a word is spoken.

I use my pendulum to find answers to questions I may not be able to resolve myself. I use it mostly in my healing work when I can’t seem to find those answers myself and or need confirmation that what I think correlates with Universe. For many years I believed that all information that exists was somewhere in a place called ” Akashic Records”. All the time it was my belief that my pendulum was connected to that ‘sphere’. I now know that the pendulum is merely tapping into my memory bank which is then connected to all that is or the ‘ akashic’ that we all connect into.

My point is that the pendulum is already moving before I have even completed my thought/question process. Why is that? Because that information doesn’t travel, it’s apart of me and is faster than my brain function itself of formulating the question. It is times like this while working with the pendulum that I am reminded just how powerful we are and that all sources of information are within us accessible through different means. Some have telepathic abilities, psychic, whatever the case may be. We are all different therefore, have different means of accessing that information.

Our ‘outer ego’ and the inner ego work together, the outer to enable us to manipulate in the world that we know and the inner to bring those delicate inner perceptions without which this physical existence couldn’t be maintained.
Let’s assume that in the following days we see spaceships forming around our planet. To those of us that are in awareness, they will immediately know if they are there to greet us or deceive us.

Do you understand now why it’s important to work on yourself first rather than focusing or be obsessed over what is going on in the physical world/reality? We may be in a reality where there is no internet or means of communicating with each other. How will you be able to know what the purpose of these spaceships are if you have not connected the inner and outer self?

For those of you who wonder where I place the subconscious, as psychologists think of it, you can think of it as a meeting place between the outer and inner egos. There are no real divisions to the self but I am only trying to explain the various aspects as these are not the only ones.

The ego is a jealous god and it wants its interests served. This ego is part of and comes with the body we enter at birth, it’s not who we are. It doesn’t want to admit the existence of any other dimensions except those within which it feels comfortable and can understand. It was meant to be an aid but it has been allowed to become a tyrant.

If you have a limited concept of the nature of reality, then your ego will do its best to keep you in the small enclosed area of your accepted reality. This ego is similar to someone who has lived in Paris all their life but has never seen the Eiffel Tower. It is aware of the tower through description or images of it but has never experienced it. This ego is kind of like the mediator between our inner and outer ego and who in time can adapt to new information or belief systems if we introduce it in such a way that it will benefit the ego to know about it.

The senses that we use, in a very real manner, create the environment that we perceive. Our physical senses necessitate the perception of a 3-D reality. Consciousness is equipped with inner perceptors , however. These perceptors operate quite independently from that that might be assumed when a given consciousness adopts a specialized form, such as a physical body, in order to operate in a particular system. Remember, this reality is not only occupied by human bodies but other living beings.

I compare this to birth, the spirit/soul entering the human body. It’s like installing a new engine into a car. The engine provides the power but the car body has all the functions it needs to travel on roads and provide the driver with all tools. It may be a poor analogy but its the closest I can come up with to explain that the Soul/Spirit enters a physical body, it comes with all memories of its existence and all senses to use but the body we enter has a brain that makes the body function, record its physical events and tries to communicate with the spirit to have the ultimate human experience.

The inner and outer senses are part of the spirit/soul, while Ego is the ‘sensor of the brain’. Our physical senses (body processes) create the reality that we perceive. A tree is something different to a microbe, a bird, an insect and a man that stands beneath it. I’m not saying that the tree appears to be different. It is different. We perceive its reality through a set of highly specialized senses. This doesn’t mean that its reality exists in that form in any more basis way than it exists in the form perceived by the microbe, insect or bird. You can’t perceive the quit valid reality of that tree in any context but your own. This applies to anything within the physical system that we know.

It’s not our physical reality that is false. It’s that the physical picture is simply one of an infinite number of possibilities of perceiving the various guises through which consciousness expresses itself. The physical senses force us to translate experience into physical perceptions. The inner senses open our range of perception, allow us to interpret experience in a much freer manner and to create new forms and new channels through which we, or any consciousness can know itself. Consciousness is, among other things a spontaneous exercise in creativity. We’re learning now, in a 3-D context, the ways in which our emotional and psychic existence can create varieties of physical forms. We manipulate within the psychic environment and these manipulations are then automatically expressed within the physical mold.


The soul uses consciousness to navigate through each existence while the body uses the brain to function. At one time, they bodysuit was designed to plug into the soul and create a unified existence through self-awareness. Over time, the bodysuit/DNA was tampered with and thus the different part of soul and body simply could not sustain a higher state of awareness or frequency. This is why our higher self is outside of our bodies because we can’t maintain a high enough frequency to house it. This separation happened during the Atlantis period.  It’s like installing a Ford motor into a Suzuki car frame. Some changes and adjustments can be made so that the car will drive but it will probably never be able to experience it’s full potential.

They key now is to remove the obstacles so that body and soul can work together again and this is what we came here to do, assist humanity through the re-integration process so that our frequency was high enough to assimilate higher self back into the body. Some call this ascension, but it’s really about returning us to the original state body/soul/mind/higher self into a new reality or paradigm where only the expression of love dominates.

Understanding who we are will help us in perceiving a different reality, make better and conscious decisions based on inner knowing rather than logic brain functions. We are in a state of confusion currently because our Controllers are losing their grip and are no longer able to control our minds. Information is now so confusing intentionally to confuse us because it’s all that is left for them to attempt to stop us from the mass awakening that is now taking place.

We are slowly freeing ourselves from the kidnappers who have hijacked our minds. For millions of years they have succeeded in using our minds to create their reality. By providing us with false timelines, false history, false origins of man, false religions, we in turn created a reality that was conducive to their agenda.

It was the only weapon they had: Occult knowledge that was hidden from us that they used to control us. They know who we are and used that knowledge to subjugate us and hijack our minds, to make us believe what they wanted to thus in turn create that reality.

If you really think about it, it was our mind that was the most threatening weapon/power we had and this is what they used against us, but they didn’t succeed because our inner senses, the higher self is finally getting through to us, this innate sense of all knowing is finally being activated with the energies coming to the planet.

It makes sense now why they made Gaia a prison planet. It wasn’t so much to subjugate and enslave us but to separate us/disconnect us from Source and super consciousness so we would not remember who we are.

This is why it is so important now to focus on your inner senses and bring them to your conscious state. We all know this paradigm is shifting and that the terminal madness we are part of is just the natural process towards a new era/age but if you are not working on yourself, you may not be able to shift into the new reality. A frequency adjustment is needed and any negative emotions or thoughts will hold you back and you won’t make this exit from the Matrix.

Not everyone is ready for that shift and we all came here for different reasons. Some will remain in 3-D and complete their lessons, many will shift into the new earth paradigm while some such as myself will return home to their soul origins.

This reality is fracturing. There is no such thing as good or bad choices, but if you’re not balanced, excited, elated at what is going on then you are not ready for this shift. I don’t mean ready as in you have not succeeded, I mean your choices before you came here were not the same as everyone else’s.

It is my opinion that those who are ready to jump or leap into a new earth paradigm, who are ready for the shift are relaxed, happy, excited, feel a sense of accomplishment in what they came to do and counting down. It means you have consolidated your true physical and spiritual/cosmic components of who you are and waiting for the shift. Anything less than that signifies you made different choices for this experience, therefore will either remain behind this wave or simply leave the body when you are done.

Remember, life and death of the body is simply an exchange of lessons. Birth is more traumatic than death is and you innately know where you are in your soul evolutionary cycle. We experience many realities simultaneously, I have written about my own personal experiences on many occasions. What is now seeming apparent to me is that this is the only reality that I can remember that is negative and full of trauma. I know of a reality where I am walking among snakes that intertwine around my ankles yet I feel no fear or threats from them. All of my realities that I can remember so far have no fear or negative emotions in them. Perhaps it means that this is my final and traumatic experience before moving on, I don’t know.

It’s difficult to define this if you haven’t experienced this but regardless, this is now time to focus on you rather than world events. They are playing out regardless of ‘ how’ you  feel but you must prepare for many new deceptions to come and unless you have developed your inner sense and connected to higher self, these possible realities may cause you trauma and uncertainty and even further lower your frequency which is now their last ditch attempt to do before we reach critical mass awareness. I believe I read somewhere that 40% is enough to  break the Matrix illusion  and move forward.

Prepare yourself spiritually, develop the qualities you have been given but forgotten how to use, we are now on the cusp. Although I don’t see us there yet, perhaps another 5 years due to earth changes, I never said it would be easy. I have written all along that it will get worse before it gets better but if you are aware of this and understand that it must happen in this way, then there should be no fear. We simply know that this is what we came to do and in order for more of humanity to wake up, they need to be pissed off enough to finally stop doing what they have been doing and that is ” waiting” for someone to help them.

Let me remind you that nobody is coming to save us. We have not done enough to change our paradigm therefore, if we do get assistance, it will only be because they have overpowered us. We created this reality and must create the new one that we want for the benefit of all. We are here now to do this, anyone telling you otherwise doesn’t mean you well or is adopting someone else’s belief system.

Just look back at the last 3 years since I have been writing on this blog. Many have been exposed (not just by me). I’m a small clog in the wheel, but many have been exposed as false prophets, false gurus, false truthers, channels that were compromised by the Archons and AI. Many of them gave out dis-empowering information such as ‘ savior’ events. Where are they now?

So, listen to your inner voice no matter how crazy or illogical it may seem or feel, that is your inner self/innate you trying to help you. A Cosmic savior is the mythology of channels that can’t prove the information is coming from a higher positive source. I have also written many times that we are not to be interfered with and those contacting humans are breaching those rules and disrespecting our process of change. In the end, can you honestly give me one reason WHAT have these entities done to teach us anything? This information that they channel through these humans, has it helped us become better humans or showed us HOW to raise our frequencies? These are the type of questions we should be asking when confronted with an invisible entity that claims to be a messenger of love.

I know you can do this, that’s what you came here to do old soul. Remember!


Trump destroys media stars face to face in his golden tower — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Excellent post, fucking awesome!

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Alex Collier the Warrior for Truth

In contrast and in comparison to Dr. Greer, Alex Collier is probably much more credible to me. This is a man I have been listening since the 80’s and although I can’t explain this to you, I know he’s got it right and is being honest.

Alex is broken, his life is broken, he’s on the street looking for shelter these days. Do you know why? Because he speaks the truth and everything is being done to break him. Contrary to what Dr. Greer speaks about in the last video, there WAS a plan for a false flag alien event but it has been thwarted. Believe it or not, I found this video after posting Dr. Greer’s video. This is what I call synchronicity.

Dr. Greer is not broke, not living on the streets, not in fear of his life because the Controllers like what he is doing, therefore, it is in their interest that he does what he does. Alex Collier is a threat to the Controllers, therefore, have made his life horrific. Do you know the last year or so, he goes to a library to use the computer so that he can do the webinars and put out this information? What man would lose everything, including his family to tell the truth? How many folks out there do you know that have given up everything dear to them to continue the fight, to share the truth? And lastly, who would you trust more? Alex Collier who has been struggling to get the truth out since the 70’s, or Dr. Greer who easily gets millions of dollars to make ” fearmongering” movies about an Alien Invasion? That dear reader is something you should be asking yourself when listening to these folks. It’s not the information that should be judged or deemed to be right or wrong, it is their motives.

We are on the cusp, on the crossroads of light or madness. It is up to each individual to make that choice, but while you are contemplating what that will choice will be, you must ask yourself this question: Will my decision and choices I make now affect only me or the rest of humanity? This is no longer about our personal lives, fuck them, we are irrelevant. Money can be made, a home can be built, being homeless is the symptom of poverty consciousness or materialism gone wrong. This is about humanity, about the work we came here to do, it’s about finally cracking open this illusion that was created for us so that we can be free, re-connect with Source; become what we were originally designed to be. This is about unselfishness, about the realization that everything we see and have experienced has been an illusion, a big lie, deception 101.

Alex has fought the fight, he’s given up everything dear to him, he’s lost his family because he refused to stop sharing the information, this is a man that has credibility in my heart. Listen to the passion bordering on desperation in this video and then really think twice about all those so called experts who each have a book to sell or DVD to sell for profit. Alex doesn’t hide his ‘ Intel’ or sources, the Andromedans have been that source from day one. He doesn’t sell books or ask you for money, in fact, he loves you so much that he is doing this for humanity. He’s got great energy and he’s a very powerful being though he’s not yet aware of this!

We Don’t Need Disclosure from Our Governments, We Already Know the Truth

Dr. Steven Greer is the subject of the video below. Carol Rosin insists that whomever listens to this; to make it go viral. Although I didn’t plan on writing on Dr. Greer; I felt it was important that I do not because I dispute his information but because from the first time I heard him speak, I got a bad feeling. I listened to him a few times and always felt he had some blocks in his energy. A lot of his information is true such as technology, history, his experience and knowledge with UFO’s and Aliens but his opinions and predictions are NOT. I feel the energy shift when he discusses these so called future events and false flags.

I don’t dispute any information that Dr. Greer presents in this interview/presentation, but he is/was associated with David Wilcock at one time, not sure if they are still doing projects together, but anyone that associates with Wilcock is not being truthful.

When I speak of truth, I speak of my truth, my reality, my beliefs. Dr. Greer wants you to accept his truth as your truth. Let me tell you something.

In the last 3 years that I have been writing on this blog, I have not yet been wrong about anyone I disputed. I didn’t do the research and provide you with information, facts, proof or anything of that kind to use as my reasons for discrediting these folks, it has mostly been through my intuition, common sense and the reality that we exist in. I simply ask questions and a lot of time their answers don’t make sense.

Dr. Greer is a an excellent presenter, he’s a great researcher and has a great depth of knowledge in UFO technology including being a ‘so called expert’ in identifying aliens. I have no issues with this information because I didn’t research his data, it doesn’t interest me.

My philosophy is this: There is not one entity on this planet or this reality that can predict any future events. These events are determined by humanity and humanity alone. Even though we have the dark entities among us; these entities also came here for their lessons to learn, for their experiences they chose, to create chaos so that we would wake up and realize that something was not right. We create our own reality, whether we want to believe that or accept that, we create that reality. Our single consciousness then connects to other consciousness and creates Unity Consciousness.

As I have written before, our minds have been hijacked. We created the reality THEY wanted, therefore, by providing us with symbols, false history, subliminal messaging and a host of other means to subjugate our minds, we created their reality through our thoughts because we are the only species that can do this. It’s called Imagination.

This is mentioned in the Sophianic myth, in Gnostic texts that our gift, Sophia’s gift to Humanity was having the ability to imagine and through imagination create our reality.

You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t even have to accept this powerful concept because in order to believe or accept the concept that we create our own reality, then we must reflect on our lives and ask ourselves why we created such a mess. We must ask ourselves whether anyone other than ourselves is responsible for the condition we are in today, as souls occupying these bodies, as humans and as humanity. It’s about taking responsibility.

How does this relate to Dr. Greer? Dr. Greer is not a seer, he’s not a psychic, he’s not able to guess or predict events about to take place because we are the ones that will determine that. I must say that I am disappointed in Dr. Greer having such great knowledge and understanding of the human race and what is really going on to believe that someone else will determine our destiny.

Therefore, I question Dr. Greer’s motives and his true intent in providing this information. Furthermore, I don’t see a false flag attack on this planet or humanity. It was in the cards but has been since cancelled because humanity has woken up, look at the world we are in right now. There is not one country on this planet that is not protesting or rioting against something. There is not one country on this planet who’s people are not in turmoil and experiencing  a great paradigm shift.

He talks about certain folks that have been programmed, therefore, speak of their past experiences as real yet they are not, these memories have been implanted. How do we know that Dr. Greer’s memories are not implanted, or even mine for that matter? Nothing is real. We create the illusion, we create what we feel or think is real, therefore, we can be deceived very easily because we were lied to about our history and origins.

We are not in mortal danger, Dr. Greer is in mortal danger for being exposed as to his true motives and intent in creating fear mongering. You see, we don’t need disclosure, we will not get disclosure because we have disclosed it ourselves. We know what is going on. Those of us that are awake and seeking the truth, we have disclosed everything. What will disclosure do to those that are still asleep? You think they would believe anything?

We are done with false flags Dr. Greer; I suggest you and David Wilcock finally disclose your Intel and sources as you seem to have issues with that. So far, none of your predictions have happened. Do you know why Dr. Greer? Because WE as humanity are the ones that will create the reality we want. WE, powerful souls entering into this reality have long ago decided it was time to change our paradigm, therefore, rather than focus on scaring the shit out of people, I would suggest you focus on providing us with your ” Intel” and ” privileged information” that you keep talking about but are never willing to disclose.

I think that DISCLOSURE is upon all of you so called ‘ truth’ seekers and that you disclose your true Intel and sources to us because it’s time you started proving what you have to say or predict. I am so sick and tired of people like you Dr. Greer that use your titles and connections to demand disclosure from our governments, yet not willing to disclose to us where you get your information. If you truly want to share truth, then share your sources with us, disclose the other people that are so willing to risk their lives giving this so called ‘ Intel’ to you and others who claim to know the ‘ truth’.

It’s no longer cool to have and hold information from the rest of us. This is disclosure time, but not from our governments or the Cabal, it’s the people like you that claim you have special knowledge yet are not willing to disclose where you get this from.

I admire your hard work over the years, your dedication to exposing certain factions that have been causing humanity harm, but issues and information is your specialty not predicting future events.

As for you dear reader, this is my belief and I’m sticking to it. You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to believe anything I say, but question everything and demand disclosure from all these gurus and experts that demand it from our governments yet are not willing to disclose to us their sources. Isn’t it time they did that?