In A Mud Hut

What is the ideal culture or way of life? What would you choose if you had to? I have read bits and pieces of Agenda 21 but not in great detail. I basically listen others speak about it, but I have a  simple understanding of it. It’s not on my list of curiosities because I can’t do anything to change it.

The Plan is to create a One World Government, One World Police, One World Religion, blah, blah and melt us all together. Can it work? Is this a good thing or bad thing? Fighting against it could lead to more wars as we are doing now, imposing our democracies on nations that have lived by tribal laws for thousands of years. To join and unite might be possible if everyone agrees that this would be good for everyone which means we all have to shed our clothes, sterilize our bodies and start with everything new. It won’t and can’t work because most people associate themselves by the country they live in or are born in. You may be an American because you were born in America, but your ancestors came from different parts of the world.

This identity is important to our modern culture today, we identify by this culture and way of life, culture is deeply ingrained in old continents and countries such as Africa, India, Asia and Europe, parts of the Russian Federation, South America etc., while the newly developed cultures in the past few hundred years founded in Canada, US, Australia are based on laws of that land. We brought our cultures to our new land and it was melted into the existing culture though I don’t see how that is possible because we first killed the Indigenous people and then formed cultures accordingly. This is a social issues that I’m not well versed in, but you get my point.

Here is an example: For thousands of years in India, Africa and other parts of tribal regions and countries, girls were prepared and taught that when they got their first menstrual period; they are considered women and can be married off. Biologically speaking, yes, they are mature to give birth to children. They may  not be mentally mature, but from what I understand, they are groomed and prepared for every aspect of their marriage including sex. In India girls are groomed at an early age how to please their future husbands, so they may not all be immature, it’s just a way of life.

In the West or modern societies, we use legal age to determine the maturity of a person, in most countries, 18 is considered legal age where a girl can marry without her parent’s permission and if any man touched her with or without her consent, he can be charged with a crime. I have read of many instances where one partner was not of age, the other was and parents sued the adult for raping and in many cases were won. The point is, our laws determine when and if someone can get married or have children. An 18 year old girl in a modern society is more likely to be less mature than an 18 year old woman in India because she started having children at a very young age and has enough experience already to grow and mature into a mature woman.

The Middle East culture is ancient therefore almost impossible to impose laws that the West forces upon it through occupations and removal of their dictators. Most of us in Modern Society would risk our lives to save our girls from having sex with someone at the age of 12 because we are law abiding citizens and if the law says a girl can’t have sex until she’s an adult, then we can’t fathom otherwise. It’s the modern society mentality.

Which culture is the right one? What would you choose if you could change it? I tend to think like this. If I raised my daughter to be a responsible adult, taught her all the things we don’t teach our kids anymore, provided I groomed her towards marriage as being the biological process all girls go through, I think it should be me to make that decision if she’s ready or not. If my daughter got her period at the age of 13, which she did and she was groomed into understanding everything about her body and what happens during and after intercourse and it was her desire to marry, I would support that.

My daughter was married at the age of 18. She was very mature. As a single mother, I was forced to teach my kids responsibility at a young age. While in elementary school, they had a list of chores on the fridge that they CHOSE to do if they so wished. In return, they would get paid at the end of the month. This taught them responsibility, it taught them to ask me if I had enough money for a pair of Nike sneakers because they understood the value of money. My daughter started working at the age of 13 with her grandmother, cleaning offices on the weekends and has never been unemployed since. She had her own money, while living at home, she contributed to the household, I didn’t ask her, she learned that by hard work and appreciating how much money it costs to live.

I didn’t approve of her marriage, she eloped with her boyfriend because she knew I would not approve it, but it wasn’t because she wasn’t ready. It was because her boyfriend was 7 years older than her, he was a Bible Thumper, Christian fanatic and I raised my daughter in the Buddhism philosoophy. I was afraid he would strongly influence her beliefs and I was right. The marriage lasted 10 years and she ran as fast as she could because he used the bible to control her. Luckily, they parted on good terms, but the point is, I didn’t worry about her maturity.

In my youth, it was normal to graduate from High-school and get married if we didn’t choose to go to College or University. Most of my girlfriends from High-school got married right away, I waited a bit longer and married at the age of 21, but only because I was pregnant and my parents forced me through guilt trips about shaming the family etc. That’s how immigrants from Europe brought their culture to the modern society. Upon starting our menstrual cycles, we have on average a 10 year peak fertility period, after that, it starts dropping very quickly so that by the time we reach 40, we have a 10% chance of getting pregnant.

What’s wrong with choosing the husband for your daughter? Of course, my first response is, no, we should marry out of love. In our Western Modern Society, people marry because they fell in love, but let me remind you that our divorce rates are now at the 50% mark. So much for LOVE. What is love? Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can marry them or live with them. Love doesn’t solve problems and often we make the wrong decisions because we believe that Love can solve everything. It can’t. We can love but we simply can’t get alone. I can’t force my husband to pick up his socks if he likes to leave them on the floor. What does love have to do with that? If I can’t deal with his dirty socks on the floor, what good is love then? It’s a myth. Love doesn’t solve all problems. Love isn’t and shouldn’t be the prime criteria for choosing a partner, but let’s not get too deep into this subject, it’s not about love today. You get my point.

In these arranged marriages, the girl may not love her future husband, but her parents found a suitable man, her marriage will last much longer than in modern societies, she will have many children if she is able to and money is Never a part of this equation. Why? Because poverty exists everywhere. Poor people marry in Canada, marry in the US, poverty doesn’t choose love and love doesn’t choose poverty.  In India, it is part of their culture, it’s how it’s always been, it’s accepted though the West has influenced that now and there are movements to stop this. Just because they don’t like it, doesn’t mean they have to stop this. People should choose their own destinies and we should leave foreign cultures alone!

Typically, in these underdeveloped countries, poor families can only find a poor husband for their daughters unless she falls in love with a higher caste and elopes otherwise they will kill both, but the poor marry into poor, middle class marry into middle class, etc.

You may say: “It’s not fair, she should choose her husband out of love. She will be miserable, etc.” Here we go again. This answer at first glance may sound logical, because we in Modern Society have over aggrandized Love as a criteria for marriage.

There is no such phenomena of this criteria in ancient times and pre biblical cultures. Not to say people didn’t fall in love and marry, but love wasn’t the criteria. In those days, there was no such thing as marriage. One took the other, made a vow or whatever and were considered married. Today, we need a piece of paper to be married, but not then, it was simply a formality. Men in the bible mostly chose genetics, women that would bare them children. You didn’t hear about women rejecting men because they didn’t love him. They knew their biological role was to give birth to children, take care of the household and provide meals for their men that toiled all day long. In fact, in biblical times, men could have as many wives as they wanted so long as they could take care of them all.

This still goes on in different cultures and religions. One wife will carry the water all day long for the household, the other will work in the fields, one will work in the kitchen, the other tend to the children and they all got along, there was no jealousy, there were ranks, first come and first serve, it was all accepted because it was a way of life then.

So, not being in love with your future husband is something we in the Modern Societies consider to be cruel or disrespectful to the woman’s needs and rights, but if you look at both sides, arranged marriages last longer and women eventually either accept the marriage and many grow to love their husbands – rich or poor, it doesn’t matter.

In a populous country such as India where there are 5 women to every man, parents starts looking very early on to ensure their daughter gets a husband. There is huge competition and because of this competition, parents really work hard on presenting the best to potential husbands. There is nothing wrong with this and what makes us think that our way is better?

Look at our modern societies, we have single parent families, kids that see one parent on weekends, 50% divorce rate, parents using kids as paws in divorces, women waiting too long to have kids so less children are being born and immigrant populations growing where the first generations will soon if not already become minorities. Maybe this is all part of the Agenda 21 as well.

How does that make our modern system better? We are now down to 1.2 children per family, while immigrants and those in underdeveloped countries are at 4.5 children per family.

To go by Agenda 21 is not an impossible task, they’re doing a really good job in this project. I think I read or heard their plan is to remove 2/3 of the population; it will be those countries that won’t convert into “modern” societies and accept democracy as their way of life. They have been sterilizing African women for 20 years, thanks now to Bill Gates, he’s sped that up by offering free Vaccines and Malaria medicines.

They don’t want 12 year old girls to start families, they want women to work hard until their peak fertility stage is finished and if they are lucky, might be able to have one child or one not normal child. They don’t want welfare mothers, so the parasites and Cannon Fodder will be eliminated.

Look, I don’t agree that a girl should be married off as soon as she gets her period, but that’s because I have been programmed into Western Modern Society rules; but, if that’s their culture and they are fine with it, who are we to judge or criticize their way of life?
Look at what we have accomplished with our ways. Welfare, single parents, 50% divorce rate, 144 suicides daily, children being used in divorce, children living together with different fathers, gay men raising children to be gender neutral. We’re losing our male/female identities, yet we think our system is better? Really? Do you really believe that?

The only reason the under developed countries are still in that condition is because the large corporations have come, stolen their resources, destroyed their natural lands and given nothing back other than sending them GMO Corn, rice and flour to further kill and sterilize them.

Why do we feel that people who live in mud huts without electricity or running water are deprived? Because we have flushing toilets with seat warmers so our fat asses don’t get cold while sitting in a warm bathroom? I can tell you who would survive in a Pole Shift and it surely will not be those of us living in modern societies. Those living in mud huts would survive because they know how to live with nature and how to use it to survive daily. Meanwhile, a city that goes without water for a few days is already suffering from bacteria outbreaks and disease, riots and a dangerous place to be if you get caught in it. That’s just water folks. Our immune systems are weakened because we have overly sterilized our environments, while they are exposed to all bacteria nature provides and have strong immune systems. We are taught to believe that just because they are skinny that they are not fed well. That’s bullshit. Most are lean and mean machines that are very healthy but without the cellulite and pot bellies like our modern societies from eating too much.

If a pole shift happened or some major global event, those people living in their mud huts would just build a new one over night and their mud huts are energy efficient, let me tell you. The new Earthships being build around the world using mud and automobile tires are so energy efficient, so are mud huts. So, 2/3 would be gone and I’m talking about us, the modern society, while the 1/3 would be them that would survive. Moringa trees are used as super foods, but their seeds also serve as water purifiers. Nature provides us with everything we need and they know how to use it for their everyday lives.

We have been lied to about Modern living and technology. We don’t live any longer than they do and our system is messed up because nothing we consume is natural or alive. Some people in these impoverished nations may not be able to afford meat, but at least they still have some land around them or forests where they can forage for food.

Living in tune with nature means going out every day and harvesting what you need for that day. They may not have refrigerators to store tons of toxic foods like we do, but most of them don’t need prescription drugs and their way of life is the true way of life, yet we have demonized these nations because their people still walk barefooted and don’t have the modern amenities that we do.

So, I asked myself: What advantages do I have over a family that lives in a mud hut (energy efficient, no heating costs) without electricity?

I can’t think of one. Technology maybe speeds up cleaning or cooking or getting around, but it also breaks down, has to be repaired or replaced and costs money each time. Electricity or energy costs money and before we got it, we arose at dawn and went to sleep at sundown. We’re slaves to energy corporations, frequencies are killing our brain cells while we sleep. I don’t need a flushing toilet, I can just go out to my septic tank, open the lid and do my thing. Put a tarp over it for rain and in the old days when there was no electricity here, we just took a pail with us to our room and used it later to fertilize our gardens.

I eat organic vegetables from my garden but I’m also forced to buy dry goods that have traveled thousands of miles, only to be warehoused for who knows how long before I consume it.

What advantages do I have? The modern life that we are forced to live in provides me nothing because I have to pay taxes on my home. A home as you know costs to maintain, repair and replace. I have space that looks nice but never use it, I have to pay for all these things but are also a necessity for most because if they work all day, they don’t have time or the energy to collect wood, start the fire, prepare the food or forage for it, get the water from the well for cooking and later bathing before going to sleep before sundown.

Been there, done that. I’m now considering selling this huge house that costs me a fortune every month for a tiny house with land so I can be even more self sufficient and control what I eat. I might even get a goat for milk, some chickens for eggs, but I want to be in control of as much as possible. We’re just pawns for the corporations to make them wealthier and more powerful who in turn pay politicians to get favorable laws and regulations. I feel sad for kids born from the year 2000 on, they have a 70% chance of getting getting cancers with the now new G5 and G6 mobile phones and by the time we get out of our denial and our governments that care so much for our well being tell us this, 3 generations will be destroyed from technology alone.

We don’t have any advantages living in a modern society because most of us dies from technology, prescription drugs, radiation, irradiated food, GMO food, toxins in our environment and bacteria we have no resistance to.

I would live in a mud hut without electricity any time and any day but I have to move to that country that allows it, to underdeveloped countries because I’m not allowed to build that on my land, yeah, my land, forced to live their way and by their rules and regulations.

How is that at advantage and how dare I judge a 12 year old girl, groomed for marriage, prepared for her biological role as a mother, nurturer and wife while our generations run home to mom after their first marital argument?

We have no right to judge others, but, it’s really those that judge that are guilty of the very thing they accuse others of.

We’re not just modern, we’re hypocrites! I will take that mud hut anytime and forage for my daily bread, but I’m enslaved in this bullshit system and nobody gives a rats ass about you, yet you’re all still quiet.

I watch Fox News regularly, what can I say, it seems that no matter what you say or do, you’re either a republican or democrat; everything is politicized, people are sensitive to everything, nobody respects different views, I see it all falling apart very soon, just as I predicted it would 2 years ago. I’m sure glad I’m here in Croatia, but it’s no longer an underdeveloped country so I can’t build my mud hut here.


Out On a Limb

I’m going to go out on a limb on this post and though I rarely comment on the political games played in this reality, I feel it’s important to express what I am feeling at this moment, while all eyes are pointed towards Singapore and the “great” meeting between the N. Korean and U.S. leaders.

The energy I feel watching several clips of them sitting at the table, walking together, shaking hands etc. is one of FEAR. Both are feeling immense fear doing what they are doing, which can only mean to me that they are being pressured or intimidated by those that control or some call it ” The Cabal”.

I don’t like making predictions but I’m basing those predictions based on my feelings and today, there is a lot of dark and sick energy around the planet. Whether it’s done through secret technology or the space wars or whatever, it doesn’t matter; but I’m in such pain today that I can’t justify it. I didn’t work outside yesterday, didn’t do anything that would cause this kind of head to toe pain, hormone imbalance, pressure in this body I use. I feel like someone stuck a vacuum up my you know what and sucked out all the oxygen.

Don’t be fooled by this meeting, my feelings are is that Trump is being set up. Why?

Who would trust the US? After leaving several international agreements, there is not one country on this planet that trusts anything the US government has to say. This isn’t about Trump, he’s the fall guy and is being used to perform this incredible show of bullshit to the world. Make no mistake, neither North nor South Korea will not agree to anything unless that includes removal of all US military installations close to them and that is not going to happen because it will remain there for China.

This day will be remembered by many but not because humanity is moving closer to Peace, remember, only the US can have nuclear weapons and if I was any leader of any country going into this, I would demand that either the entire planet denuclearized or no deal. Do you honestly think N. and S. Korea will take all their clothes off and stand naked knowing the US never keeps it’s promises or changes them as often as a baby needs clean diapers?

This is not good. This is a presentation to the world, done under immense pressure from the Controllers and in the middle of the night “boom, boom, boom” as Q anon wrote a few weeks ago. No, this has nothing to do with Q anon, I’m just using this phrase but I’m sure he/she will be given credit for this.

Stand cautious, this is not a step backwards, because ONE mistake from N. Korea or ONE letter misspelled will give them cause to attack and that’s what the Cabal does. It loosens the rope just a bit so that you think you can get your breath back and then just as you relax, the noose tightens into a death grip.

I don’t like what I am writing here, but it’s what I’m feeling today and I just don’t believe that this is a path towards a peace. What about Yemen, what about Palestine, what about parts of Ukraine, let’s not mention Africa and other nations being pushed against each other to keep the war machine going. Until WE get rid of these rogue entities, that means that leaders of all countries must stop killing their set up enemies and ALL moving toward to laying down their weapons.

I hope I’m wrong, but my feelings don’t lie to me. Let’s just hope that this IS the true and real step towards GLOBAL PEACE.

I do agree with Trump on the tariffs though with Canada and Europe but it’s not something that you will hear on the MMS because nobody wants to talk about it in public. Although I have lived away from Canada for over 10 years now, at the time, Canada was not willing to import GMO foods from the US; therefore, it’s only logical that there may be a trade imbalance. Maybe Trump doesn’t know about this, though even if he did, it wouldn’t change anything. Trump eats hamburgers everyday so he doesn’t give a crap about healthy foods. The same goes for the EU. We have very strict laws on non-organic foods and have prohibited GMO for many years though now that Bayer bought out Monsanto, that will most likely change as Angela Merkel can change the laws to suit those companies.

Even as a non-farmer but someone who grows their own food, if I followed the laws, I would not be allowed to buy seeds unless they were on the list of approved seeds. Thing is, only Hybrid seeds are on that list so they are subtly removing ways of being able to be self sufficient by removing heirloom seeds from that list. Luckily, I knew about this a few years ago and have been learning how to collect my own seeds. Isn’t that sad that I have to be afraid should someone come by to check up on what seeds I use?

So, yes, the reason for the trade imbalance may be that Canada and Europe don’t import GMO foods including animals that are fed on GMO grasses and corn. Corn is difficult to come by here in Croatia unless you’re happy eating it out of a can because Europe just doesn’t grow enough for Europe yet won’t import it from the US because it’s GMO.

So, potentially two things can happen. Because the PTB will not allow this peace process between N. and S. Korea go through, they will find a way that Trump will lose the coming election or they will assassinate him. Whatever happens, it will happen because the Korean peninsula must not change, it must stay the way it is. War is big money, money is control. China and Russia will only get involved if their national interests are in danger or if they are cornered and have to act to save the world from imploding. Mr. Lavrov didn’t visit the N. Korean leader for nothing a few weeks ago, something is going down and the Russians always know about it first and that’s why this blaming Russia for everything is going on. Russia has the best intelligence agencies in the world and that means the most capable and able of doing their jobs done right. In contrast to the US which employs 250,000 people in the 3 letter agencies, Russia has 45,000 but without the bureaucracy and hundreds of agencies in between, useless protocols and corruption. Most employees in the US security agencies are political and are chosen by their political colors.

You need to know that Europe and Russia as countries are far more superior and advanced in technology. Sad to say but I rarely come across an American that can spell correctly or use grammar properly.

I think that US media based organizations, really don’t do a whole lot of research to get the cultural and historical perspectives of countries they report on. N. Koreans are not hungry, they may be oppressed through Communism, but Kim Jung Un is no different than any other leader. There are very few homeless or beggars here in Croatia, as bad as things are here, people are proud to ask and will find a way to feed their families, yet fuel is at 10 HRK per liter $(2 dollars/liter) or $8.00 per gallon.

A poverty stricken country is obvious, but someone needs to show me photos of these so called starved N. Koreans cause I haven’t found any and people I know that have gone there to teach English haven’t seen that either.

The young man that was tortured in prison and died in N. Korea, well, US prison systems are no better, so it’s always about the pot calling the kettle black. So much disinformation or not enough understanding of foreign cultures. Too bad because it will only isolate the US more and more and it will have to do it alone . Allies are not friends of the US, remember, they were either bought or blackmailed. The only true friend of US is Israel, the rest are just puppets that must listen because they have to. If they turned their backs on the USA; over night, every European leader would be hung in public for betraying or lying to their people, never mind the spying of them that is used to blackmail them. It’s an ugly world we live in but politicians are the lowest of them all.

Are You Attached? You Can Take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill, The Choice is Yours

I’m going to be 60 years old in a few weeks. Can you believe that from the time I left home at the age of 16 or 44 years ago, I have never prepared/cooked a meal with the same ingredients? I have moved at least 30 times in my 60 years and have never gone to sleep at the same time.

What I am trying to say is that I don’t like repeating or doing the same thing every day. Upon examining this today, I came to the conclusion that moving so often in my childhood didn’t allow me to put roots. Perhaps I couldn’t as we never lived in one home for more than 2 years. Perhaps I was afraid to let roots down in case I had to uproot so “change”became a normality in my life.

Plants let their roots down regardless. They don’t know if they will be pulled or moved, or do they? They are like children, they depend on nature or humans to cultivate them. I depended on my parents, I didn’t know but after a few moves, I guess we adjust or expect to move, it’s difficult to know.

Later on in life, this ability to adjust became an advantage because when you move a lot, you can’t build close friendships, it’s easier to move on because I didn’t have time to attach to anyone or; it may be the other way around, I didn’t want to get attached to anyone because I was afraid deep down that I would get hurt or be sad for leaving.

As I got older and started dating, I wasn’t able to stay in the relationships. The moment he started calling me asking what I was doing tonight, I knew it was time to end it. I don’t remember ever being dumped, I was the one that dumped them before I got attached I guess.

Again, it was either the fear of attachment and pain or not feeling comfortable with that uncertainty. My longest relationship was my first marriage which lasted 5 years, and I am now with a partner for 13 years but it was difficult the first 2 years, I had my suitcases ready and looked for reasons for leaving.

Change is normal for me, not just in living or relationships but all aspects of my life. My partner dreads meal times because he never knows what his chicken soup will taste like and he’s opposite of me. He likes repetition, he feels secure that way because of his life where he’s moved 5 times in his 70 years.

Did I miss out on anything? I’m asking because I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in one neighborhood, going to school with friends for years, seeing each other grow up.

I also want to mention that while I was living in the then Yugoslavia (now Croatia) for 4 years between 1967 and 1971, I experienced my first love. My father was involved in anti-communist activities, if you got caught, you were killed, so we found ourselves running away at night for the Italian border. Upon getting our new Canadian passports and flying out of Milan to Canada, it wasn’t until we were up in the clouds and looking down that I realized I wasn’t going to see my first love maybe never again. I was devastated and cried the entire flight.

Maybe I knew the plan all along, preparing myself for today as things change so fast in our political, cultural and social-economic  lives. One day you’re locking your front door to go to work and that afternoon the bank is there repossessing your home. One day you are living your habitual life and you get a call at work telling you a bomb just dropped in your village and your entire family was killed.

Now that I have a better understanding of myself, I long for those attachments to family and friends, at times I am envious, but then I see death in a family and the devastation it causes, the pain and suffering of losing a loved one and stop being envious.

Is attachment a good thing? Perhaps when you have life long friends. We don’t have to lose those bonds anymore because of technology. I get to see my children on Skype anytime I want to, but sooner or later and for whatever reason, the bond breaks or someone dies. It’s very emotional and painful. Did I know this all along and purposely yet unconsciously avoided those attachment?  I can’t answer that because of my childhood which could have influenced decisions I made later in life. It could be both.

Problem is that I can’t attach now, I don’t even know what it takes, I have many friends but none I feel a bond with, but then how would I know what a bond feels like when I have never experienced it?

I often questioned myself as a mother. I didn’t act like other mothers. You know, constantly fretting and worrying if the kids will make it safely from school or from a teenage party. I felt relief when leaving the kids with their grandparents for the weekend. I didn’t control them, fuss over them or worry about whether they needed extra warm clothes before heading out the door for school. I allowed them to make decisions at a much earlier age than other parents would allow.

My kids kept telling me over the years after becoming adults that I was/am the greatest mom, unlike other mothers that strictly controlled every aspect of their lives. That I allowed them freedom to choose themselves, that they didn’t feel guilt for not following my dreams I had for them, that they felt loved and respected. I accepted that because even to this day, I’m not sure if I did the right thing because most parents didn’t raise their kids the way I did.

I would like to believe this way of life was the path I chose before incarnating because I was destined for greater things and attachment to people and material things prevents me from expanding and letting go of this reality. What those “greater things”are, have yet to present themselves and not attaching to anything keeps my heart light and free of the emotional pain we feel when “losing” someone or something.

To attach or not to attach? Perhaps it all depends on the choices we made before incarnating here. Many Gurus talk about attachment not being healthy or even normal for that matter, I can sure relate to that by observing my environment and how much pain people feel losing a loved one or material possessions; yet I also envy the joy they feel bonding with someone and feeling happy.

I do feel pain when someone hurts me like not being honest with me, selling me a bad product, borrowing money and not paying it back at the agreed time. I’m very sensitive and it takes me a long time to let go of the betrayal I feel so I do have a heart. I help others more than I should or that they deserve. Not a day passes that I don’t do something nice for someone because that is my purpose here, even a smile is a good deed.

My partner often tells me that I give too much and don’t get anything in return. He’s wrong and doesn’t understand the joy I feel when doing something nice. I give because I feel incredible joy in doing so; so I can’t say that I’m not capable of feeling. I don’t expect anything back, I automatically do good things without thinking about the consequences like giving them my favorite top and wishing I never did that a few days later when I go looking for it in my closet.

We’re at a point now where attachments will hinder us. Often people can’t make changes because of those attachments. For example here in Croatia, it’s unthinkable for people to leave friends and family behind for a new job. They will stay unemployed and broke before even considering moving. For me, it’s unthinkable to NOT move if that will improve your life and bring some money in.

The way the world is at this crucial time, it’s probably more advantageous to not be attached because change can be traumatic and stressful particularly in a natural disaster situation.

I watch people in the U.S; falling apart when a tornado hits their town/city/neighborhoods and they no longer have a home. They’re not so upset about the furniture or roof, but are devastated because their albums or family heirloom items are gone.

I can’t relate to that. As an amateur photographer, my kids have albums upon albums of their childhood recorded, but once they left home, I felt  no need to record anything in my personal life, I did that only because I didn’t have any photos of my childhood and I wanted them to have theirs.

Times are changing, things can change abruptly at any given moment. Are you ready to face the challenge? Have you un-cluttered your life, your home and mind of things that you don’t need? By observing, I have come to the conclusion that attachment has more disadvantages and gives only temporary moments of fleeting happiness and the pain of losing lasts far longer than the joy of that fleeting happiness or attachment to things we feel we can’t live without.

I’m not sure that I want to experience a temporary joy of bonding with someone because it simply doesn’t last too long though isn’t there a saying that goes something like this: “It’s better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all?”

The only certainty we face is change itself, life is constant change and by holding on to possessions or being attached to people only prevents us from moving forward.

Take that from an expert who never grows the same variety of vegetables and who has never told another human being with the exception of my kids “I missed you”. Am I missing out? I’m not ready to try, not the way things are in this reality right now.


Change is inevitable. As I write this, millions of cells in my body are dying off and being replaced by new cells. I kind of like checking up on my Zucchini every morning, to see what variety comes out of the ground. I buy a bunch of seeds, mix them all together and sow, so I never know what I’m going to get.

Life is like a box of chocolates and I like the surprise effect, it makes this difficult life on Planet Earth a bit more fun.

I think I will stick with having fun, surprises and not attaching though I must say, my two cats are starting to grow on me and I don’t let them outside for fear of losing them. I guess I must be confused, but who cares, life is what you make it right?


 Comments below.

This is utterly hilarious. Let’s start with the “Suicide Watch”. This guy/gal behind the computer calling him/herself Q anon has to disguise him/herself with encrypted messages so that nobody can guess what he’s trying to say, because he has nothing to say. Let’s talk about Suicides.

One chef commits suicide and it’s directly credited to Q anon?   He wrote “Suicide Watch”. Come on folks, look at the statistics.  Approx. 113 people suicide themselves DAILY.
The suicide rate in the US is 113 per 100,000 people, which translates to approximately 41,260 deaths per year.
It’s like me saying it’s going to rain tomorrow. Of course it will rain tomorrow, but WHERE is it going to rain tomorrow? Or, someone will blow themselves up with a bomb. Of course someone will because on average, 90 suicide bombers die each year. Question is: Where are these people from or where do the suicide bombings happen?
I think he must be talking about? You think? Eye the spy?
Roughly stating because it all depends on where you get your statistics from, ranging from government sources or privately held organizations, the death rate for all deaths in the US is on average around 2 million per year which breaks down to approx. 5000 deaths daily.
Who is to say that those folks on the list of Cabal’s members are not part of those statistics?    ​
So, Q anon posts Boom, boom, boom. Yeah and so? There are literally hundreds of different translations. What’s that game called, oh right, charades? Where someone standing is mimicking a tidal wave?  It can be perceived as: a boat bouncing on the waves, a spiral, you get my drift.
So, boom, boom, boom to me sounds like a gun going off right? Well, how many guns go off each minute? Find statistics for gun deaths, in the US; of course because it’s the only country in the world where at least ONE person dies from a gun daily. 27 gun deaths daily happen. Look it up, do the research.
So, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, what a genius he is….he’s not saying anything. He’s giving folks average, every day words and events we use and happen, and now everyone is trying to figure out what he means?
I will make a prediction now, 100% it will happen. I predict that an earthquake will happen in 24 hours. Of course it will, there has not been a day since we have been recording Earthquakes that one has NOT happened. There you go, see, I’m really good at this.

Response to FATHER El Morya

Veronica and Monty – Still doing Their Work – Posted 2 days ago
Please read my response in Red; I did a search on this Father El Morya and I have no idea who he is. These days every Tom, Dick and Harry claim to be reincarnations of some spiritual guru so judging by his response, I doubt he’s got any higher dimensional connections, affiliations or is spiritually adept himself. For all I know, it could be Veronica herself disguised in a wanna be name. No matter, it’s not about WHO wrote this, just like it’s not about being right or wrong. I don’t claim to know everything, in fact, I often tell my readers to not believe anything I have to say but to do the research themselves. I just share my experiences and thoughts, I’m a nobody human here, but I am an ancient Soul learning about who I really am. 

Blown away by your comments, Ines Radman, you are obviously in superego, thinking you know better. I literally got dumber reading your comments, which were in reaction to actual truth and light. How can you not feel what is being stated by Veronica and Monty? You are saying they sound like 1st graders when the information that is given is simple and true.

I don’t think I know better and I have NEVER claimed to KNOW everything. Their information is simple and true, but it’s not their original, you find this information all over the internet. It doesn’t take a dead man to tell us this, we already know this.  Monty has been repeating himself over and over for years, it’s the same old shit.  We have known about this so called Cabal for many years, I said “I think”, not “I know”. My point was that how do we know such Cabal even exists? No person has ever come forward (whisteblower) to claim being a member or being in the know. Everyone is speculating, therefore, we have no solid proof or evidence and it’s possible that it’s just a hoax to keep the sheeple in the energy of FEAR. 

Of course, the old controllers, Cabal, controlled you, lied to you and sold you poison. Your wrong that they didn’t exist. They did. Not anymore b/c Mother of All Creation has taken them out b/c shes GOD, that’s who is asking me to go after your dumb ass, since your spreading misinformation and lies.

Spelling and grammar are not one of your strengths. I have a difficult time taking anyone serious that can’t put a sentence together without using shortcuts and bad grammar. You are threatening me or your “Mother of all Creation” is asking you to go after me? Bring it on dude, can’t wait. I love challenges and you just made my day! 

Of course they controlled me and lied to me. My life was messed up just for believing in a God as an old man with a beard who would allow men to rape me as a child. I don’t claim they don’t exist. I just question their existence as YOU have not given me an argument on whether they do or not and some kind proof other than stupid conspiracies.  Of course we are controlled, but we also allowed them to do so. I stopped being controlled many years ago FATHER, I live off the grid, grow my own food, don’t depend on any government money, I am self sufficient, so I might want to ask you, if you are living as free as I am. It’s easy to talk about it, but are you DOING it? Are you living freely, off the grid, not taking any money from your government that includes a pension? Are you living in abundance like I am? So fuck you FATHER whoever you are, come to me with some evidence and proof or some “intelligent”argument to show you know better than I do.  

And you say don’t remove contact with control? Ridiculous, you have to become aware of your control in order to change it, to become conscious of it and transform that density. Do you get it, your working for the cabal with your comments! You cant even see how backward you are, blind to the programming you have embodied by the cabal!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Actually, I’m starting to feel really dumb just reading this final paragraph. What is your point? Programming? I suggest you start from 2014 on this blog and read forward, come to your own conclusions. I am what I am, I don’t take money from people, not for me personally, not for so called projects, not for lawyers, not for anything. I don’t take anything from my government, not one damn thing. I even pay for my own healthcare because I won’t be controlled anymore.

Veronica on the other hand has collected over 300,000 euros and has not given the public any type of explanation what is done with that money. I have given proof of her “fake” foundation, closing one to open an another, letters from people that have worked with her. When enough people agree with and come together, the chances of them being right are high. I would forgive Veronica for all her transgressions if she would just disclose the money she collected from people and showed what she did with it. That alone would be good enough for me, but that alone makes her a thief and fraud in my eyes. I have emails from people that donated to Veronica’s projects that can be easily be accepted in a court of law. 

I strive to live an honest and decent life, and with that, abundance comes to me every day. As I stated in response to your comment on the actual post, you are entitled to your opinions and if you felt stupid reading my post, then don’t read them so you can stay smart.  

So, again, FUCK YOU FATHER, come back to me with some intelligence and some legitimate arguments about why you feel you’re right and I’m wrong. In the end, it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about providing evidence and exposing frauds such as Veronica Ford Keen. Show me the money and I will leave her alone. 

What Is the True Agenda of Sheldan Nidle – Part III

Sheldan Nidle falls into the category of “Contactees or Channelers”, hard to say which exactly. For those that are new to the blog, I exposed him way back in 2014 so all you have to do is do a search on Sheldan Nidle.

How does one expose or disprove something you can’t prove exists? So, I will put out some latest information about Sheldan and give you my conclusions at the end.

Here is what a quote from a forum ( .. has to say about him: “This Nidle person is a con artist and fraud, and has a long history of fake predictions. In 1996 this one said that aliens and archangels from Sirius were going to come to earth and beam everyone up. When nothing happened, he said that it DID happen and we are all living on a hologram! He seems to have changed his mind. He has “predicted the world is going to end multiple times. He has announced this “message” in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013′ and now of course he says they are coming sometime around 2014.” I give a thumbs up on this because I pretty well wrote the same things about him.

Sheldan’s recent post/update from May 28th, 2018: “Salamat Jalwa (be in righteousness). The decline of the cabal continues. Their slow, arrogant moves and our quick retaliatory counterpunches are leaving these scallywags in a morass of their own making. Our Earth Allies continue to build global alliances that are clearly intensifying their Victory over the dark. The keys to this victory are your rising levels of consciousness, and your growing hunger to be free and spiritually sovereign from the dark and its endless centuries of slavery, greed and contempt. Heaven continues to equip and fortify each of you for full consciousness. Your pending reality shift is the reason the dark’s influence is waning and why the cabal is in such a panic.

I didn’t want to post the entire post because it’s too long and I’m tired of making fun of his friends. But, for the last 30 years or so, this is the type of messages he relays to people. There is nothing new here, anyone can write this post, there is no special or extraordinary information that can help us in any way. We all know this, how childish.

What I found very interesting while searching for recent information was that a search on Google for Sheldan Nidle generated 301,000 results, while a search on generatated 19,000 results. For a search “Sheldan Nidle Exposed on google, it generated 31,500 results, while the same phrase generated 0 results on

So, it is said that Sheldon was treated in March 2011 for a brain stem injury and was in bad condition. Although there is no medical explanation for this, psychic people all around the world told him that Sheldan was “zapped” by a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) So, they (Sheldan’s people) demanded to know from their Galactic Teams what happened and they confirmed this. I did some research on DEW and found this information.
The effects of DEW

I didn’t find anything on that list of symptoms anything that would match a brain stem injury but then there is no evidence from Mr. Nidle. No photos, no diagnostic reports, his word against mine.  I would have liked to see a photo of Sheldan in a hospital bed, but there is no such thing. For starters, I don’t know why anyone would want him dead, he’s a nobody, there are hundreds of people that were involved in Black Op’s, and Secret Space Programs yet they are alive and haven’t been killed. It reminds me of Kerry Cassidy where she was being interviewed by Simon Parkes. She started coughing and Simon asked her if she wanted to take a break. “No, no, this is a psychic attack, it will go away”. Right. According to this PDF and research I have done, nothing such as a spinal or brain stem injury is listed. It’s more like a slow progress radiation exposure that if used or aimed at over time will cause a slow death, but I’m not an expert in this subject. The point is this: Who would want to have this fraud dead anyway?

Here you will find information about his surgery last year and I will comment on this later as well.

I had a good feeling about John Smallman, but I see now he’s either a fraud too or he’s naive and believes Sheldan.

Sheldan Nidle definitely has an issue with honesty, but I can’t say he’s a liar either. There are 3 possibilities why he does what he does. 1. He actually has been in contact by some beings and actually has visited their ships, but if that is the case, they are not good beings because they have done NOTHING for Sheldan let alone humanity in the last 30 years. 2. He is a good businessman and sees where the money is ( but needs donations?. 3. He’s mentally ill or suffers from delusions.

My final conclusion: Sheldan has been in contact with these so called Sirians for over 30 years, probably more, but lets make it 30 years. He, like Alex Collier can’t afford to live a normal life? Sheldan asks for donations because he not only can’t afford a Medical Plan and doesn’t have the funds to pay for his healthcare? 30 years of being in contact with these higher dimensional and higher intelligence beings  with much better advanced technology bu they can’t help a long time friend in need?

You see, this is where nothing makes sense to me. Both Alex and Sheldan have supposedly dedicated their lives to these higher dimensional beings from Andromeda and Sirius; they have given up everything to spread the word, and yet they depend on donations? Both have been on their ships, and they can’t beam them up and take care of their health? Both have needs and depend on donations, and these beings don’t do anything to make their lives better? No Medical Insurance? Asking for financial help?

Look, if I was contacted by some beings that claimed to be benevolent and wanted to help humanity, I would surely ask them what I get out of it or to prove it by showing me something. How come neither men have ever explained this? How come they have never explained why they are not assisted in any way for doing what they do?

Look at his biography,; he’s got degrees up the ying yang and yet he’s doing this work and asking for donations? Maybe that’s bullshit as well. Nothing adds up folks, although I can’t prove that he’s not in contact with anyone, he can’t prove he is either. You would think that after 30+ plus years, he would have something to show for being in contact with them. Let’s not forget that the messages/updates he gets from these beings have been repeated over and over and let me remind you, numerous failed predictions.

Remember my philosophy about predictions. You have a 50/50 chance of being right. If you KNOW, you don’t need to predict. If I could see proof that he’s really sick and really is in need, I just might send him a few bucks, but man, he’s been selling a lot of stuff, has numerous degrees, can get a real job and do well with them as a scientist, so I’m done with this guy.

Let me remind you, I have not been wrong about anyone that I have exposed so far, if I am wrong, nobody has contacted me to tell me otherwise or prove me wrong. I feel sorry for the guy actually, but he chose his reality and I chose mine.

For some reason I’m not content with my explanation. There is something else hidden here, if it comes to me later, I will just edit this post and add it. In other words, something stinks, like, he’s part of a Black Op’s project and is creating this shit to keep people in the waiting and doing nothing.