What is The True Agenda of Alex Collier – Part I

Last night I thought this would be the most difficult to do because I admire Alex Collier and figured I would need to do a lot of research, but it didn’t take me long because I realized I wasn’t researching the information, rather trying to figure out WHY Alex does this and continues to present the information from the Andromedans. From now on I will refer to them as Alex does “A’s”.

Here are some key points about what the Andromedans told Alex over the years: Our race has been genetically modified 22 times and if I understand it correctly, mixed with different races. In order for change, 10% of humanity must want it. The Grays arrived in 1931, have the ability to time travel. You can go back in time and literally alter the consciousness of any race and this is what they have done. We have things they want according to the A’s, we came from 11th density (highest spiritual evolution). Vissaeus, reminds Alex all the time that the love he withholds is the pain he carries. They are in contact with him to teach him self responsibility and history.


This video is disturbing to my internal energies. I’m watching his body language and when he mentions his kids, his eyes move around, he’s uncomfortable about that subject. His reason for coming back and contacting the Andromedans after a 6 year period was because he’s a parent. This part, which is towards the end clearly shows in his body language that he’s not comfortable with the subject of family. I’m not here to analyze information, none of us can prove it’s right or wrong.

Andromedan Predictions for the next 9 years from 1997

Hale Bopp, a protocol ship from Orion is due to enter our solar system in 1997 and the governments will announce “they are here”. It never happened. They gave 15 probable future events mainly about actual discoveries and proof about the reality we live in, hollow earth, reincarnation, life elsewhere in the Universe, clean energy coming, Atlantis, proof that what we see is a holographic imprint created from a higher portion of ourselves.

Keep in mind, this series is not about the information presented to us so much as it is WHY they do this, what motivates them, what their true agenda is, if they are honest and the psychology behind their work. 

Alex’s most recent webinar covered subjects such as photons/energies are now coming through loud and clear. Benevolent races have absolute control of the Solar System. There are other races here that are neutral and are observers. Things moving quickly, dark side getting their asses kicked.  The Earth is moving through the Galactic Plane, doesn’t know if it will cause a Pole Shift but will cause Coastal Events.

Nothing new here, these topics/subjects/predictions have been written about for years. Are they true or not? Doesn’t matter. We determine our fate and if that is where we are headed, then I say, go for it, it’s time.

Alex Collier as a Person
I have known about Alex for over 20 years. When I first discovered him, I spent days going through all his videos. Although I don’t have time to keep up with his latest Webinars, I try to catch at least once a month when they are on YT. I refuse to pay for them and I will explain further on. He claims he doesn’t know why the probabilities didn’t happen and that is a sign that he is honest. I wonder what the A’s told him about that and why he doesn’t pass the responsibility on to them, I find that strange. Alex keeps repeating that the human race has to change but he doesn’t offer up any specific guidelines on how we are supposed to do this, just like many of the so called Experts and Gurus. They give out information but they rarely offer up solutions. If they are experts, should they not have the solutions? I find that Alex never blames the A’s for anything, it’s almost like he’s protecting them afraid to affect their credibility. The A’s give him info about Cosmic Spirituality, life in the Universe, galactic history of Earth but don’t give him any specific guidelines. If they contacted Alex to help  and can’t intervene, what is their purpose and what has humanity gained by him speaking out for over 50 years?

When asked in the above YT video whether he would do it again if given a chance, he staunchly claims NO WAY and NEVER.

Alex Collier’s personal life is very private and he’s not a person that likes to talk about it. At least, I don’t remember him going into much details about his marriage or children. I do know he was married and has children, 5 if I remember correctly but I can’t find any information that would point to the cause of his divorce. If any of you have any information, I would greatly appreciate it and I can edit it to this post.

His relationships with his children has been on and off for years. I’m going to make a huge assumption, which means I didn’t research enough or the information isn’t out there and base it on logic and my way of life that he’s not close to any family members because if I was down and out, if I was homeless or about to be, my children would never allow that to happen regardless of my beliefs or way of life.

Over the years, I have followed Alex, I often wondered about his family and why his children are not there for him. Look, my children aged 39 and 37 criticized me when they were younger about my obsession with conspiracies and New Age Gurus. We definitely had our ups and downs about my beliefs and the way I view this reality but if I was confronted with a threat of losing them from my life, I  most likely would have left it all behind or done it in silence/secrecy. Fearing this, I learned to tone it down and stopped pushing my beliefs unto them. I had to find middle ground so that we could remain close but also allow myself to continue my journey. Both were very important to me at the time and are to this day. My children are much older today and matured, have accepted my way of thinking and life and I don’t push anything on to them unless they ask questions. I managed to balance the best of both worlds, therefore, I just expect that everyone else could do the same.

What went wrong with Alex? He doesn’t talk about it, at least I haven’t been able to find that information. I pick up tidbits in his videos, but nothing in details. I have watched ALL of Alex’s videos from the start, but I simply don’t have time to go back and re-listen to them all for this post, so I may be wrong. His choices in life haven’t led him to live a ‘normal’ life in the sense of ‘secure home and family’ and finances. I often thought about this because his excuse for not having these things is from a Victim Stance. They were out to get him and he kept losing jobs and just sunk deeper into despair to the point in recent years of becoming homeless, living out of a car and relying on donations to survive.

You see, I don’t buy into this. As much as I admire Alex for his struggle, for giving up a lot to share the A’s information, if you take a look at the bullshit list, I don’t know and am not aware of any of those people being in such a sad state of finances, let alone homeless and yet they too talk about secret societies, government corruption, deep state, Cabal, conspiracies, UFO’s, aliens and other non-mainstream subjects.

He appears to be a very intelligent man if he couldn’t keep a job as he claims, he could have started some kind of home based Tax Planning Business as he worked for the IRS before. He could have changed his identity legally, therefore, literally many options aside from getting a JOB.

I question his ability to pick up and move on. Sure, he had Cancer on top of all his problems, but he’s never offered to prove he was sick, in other words, how do we know he was really sick? Maybe he’s proven it, so please don’t believe anything I have to say, do the research if you’re not sure.

His answer is no different than everyone on the Bullshit List. He loves humanity and feels he needs to share the information he is given. He like others that are contacted by off Planet entities probably feel SPECIAL and feel obligated to pass on the information. He was asked in several interviews if he had a chance to start over, would he do this again. His answer came quickly, NEVER, NEVER again. This shows that he’s got regrets about what he has been doing. He’s said many times he regrets doing this, so one must ask, if that is the case, why are you continuing? I feel this regrets, his bitterness and his feelings of being a victim in all of this which I believe is the cause of his life failures. He chose to share the information, for whatever reason lost his family so he wasn’t able to balance that energy and keep things intact. Marriages come and go, but children only come once and are products of our love and I’m not sure I could give up my children for something I believe in especially since the world hasn’t changed nor did his life’s work have any significant impact on humanity.

Here is where I compare him to Kathryn E. May, where years ago she claimed ( don’t know if she’s still claiming) to be the only  VOICE on this planet contacted by Father God and Sananda. That a GOD would pick ONE human on this planet to spread it to over 7 billion people where 2/3 of them don’t have access to either electricity or internet. How are they supposed to get the messages? Can’t a GOD just broadcast into our minds to millions/billions at once?

How many others claim to be in contact with Andromedans? I didn’t seek it out because Andromedans are like any other race. There are good ones and bad ones, honest ones and not so honest ones, but Alex is the only one that talks about Morenae and Vissaeus.

This isn’t a full time job and never was. Alex made public appearances until 1994, not everyday, not every week and he didn’t have to spend a lot of time in preparation because he was getting information and all he had to do was present it to the audience, so I believe that Alex simply couldn’t handle or balance real life and his relationship with the A’s. I don’t know what’s in his head and it’s only in recent years that he has opened up a bit, after being ill with Cancer and being homeless. I must say that I never heard him ask for help, others did it for him so I’m basing my opinions on what little information I have.

What’s interesting as well is that I wasn’t able to find anything about him from people that met him personally when doing interviews or just being in his presence. Why is that? Nothing comes up in Google or Bing. Is it hidden on purpose, I don’t know.

My clients often compliment me on my patience and understanding when they tell me about their physical pain. I respond by sharing my background and the fact that I too live with chronic pain, that they are not the only ones. It gives me credibility when I say: “I understand and know how you feel”. They appreciate my openness and honesty and feel relieved that someone truly understands them.

I would most surely feel the same if Alex is able to share his pain and emotional states. Without that, I find him lacking in openness and honesty yet I find him to be a good man, with good intentions, that truly believes he’s doing the right thing. I don’t feel or sense any benevolence coming from his being.


I have no doubt that Alex was contacted by some entities. He has been consistent over the years with the information and the contacts he has had. He’s always honest enough to say he doesn’t know when asked some questions. But, how do we know that these beings are really from Andromeda? Why did they choose Alex? Most humans according to him come from the highest 11th density. So, Alex isn’t any more special than you and I. In fact, I write about this all the time Old Soul; that you and I are Old Souls because only highly evolved beings can handle this planet. We knew what we were getting into. So this information isn’t new or exclusive to the A’s. Why not choose me or you or anyone for that matter? Why Alex?

If some beings contacted me, I wouldn’t know if they were who they say they were. He has no way of knowing or proving though through intuition would feel it. How do we know these A’s have good intentions, just because they claim that? So far, they have done nothing to show that. Even they state that: “The number one rule is that you don’t intervene with an evolving race unless you have been asked”.

Ok, does this mean that we ALL have to ask for help? How exactly does that work? Does that mean that 10% of us have to come together and call out for help? Alex doesn’t explain this and he doesn’t ask the A’s more details.

Did Alex ask for help? If they knew and saw that Alex’s life had gone to shit for being in contact with them, could they not at least help him out at somehow to make his life a bit easier? That’s not intervening, that’s just helping when asked. Didn’t it bother them that he lost everything for believing them? You see, I have issues with this.

They, the A’s first contacted Alex when he was  a teenager, that means that for the last 50 years or so, they have watched his life go down the drain. What did he gain for the sacrifices? What did the A’s do to help him live decently? I have serious issues with this which creates doubt in my mind that they are not who they say they are. If your presence/contact is going to mess up the human’s life, isn’t it decent thing to do to give something in return?

I have no doubt that Alex is being honest about him being in contact with the A’s, I feel he believes that he is, but I don’t believe the A’s are the race they claim to be, particularly when the A’s talk about LOVE all the time. If they’re a loving race and love Alex, how could they let him suffer?

Some will say that everything they said was to help Alex mature spiritually. Hello! I don’t want anything like that. I have matured spiritually without help from the A’s or any off planet race. The droopy little Archons always try to mess me up and my energy field, I have written about this but I just tell them (mentally) to fuck off and get lost; and they leave me alone because I have no fear and I’m not about to let them mess with my head. Life here on planet Earth is difficult enough!

So, again: Why does Alex continue to do this despite the fact he’s living so poorly in all aspects of his life? I don’t think that he really knows. He claims that he would never do it again so stop now Alex! Can you name me one thing the A’s have helped humanity through you over the past 50 years?

There are millions of higher beings contacting humans in different ways claiming to want to help humanity but if they can’t intervene, what can they offer other than information? I haven’t witnessed any improvements or changes in humanity in my 30 year journey. Yes, information is helpful to me and everyone, but if we can’t do anything with it or implement it, what purpose does it have?

Could it be that these entities claiming to be A’s chose Alex because he was vulnerable, lost, confused and an easy target or had a passion for UFO’s?

Read his book “Defending Sacred Ground” http://www.alexcollier.org/alex-collier-defending-sacred-ground-1996.pdf. I can’t say the information is correct because I have no way of proving it’s wrong or that it came from the A’s but it’s not relevant in this post. What is relevant is why Alex chose this path. If it’s true, according to the A’s that the Greys ability to time travel and literally alter the consciousness of any race; that the A’s can see 370 years into the future; they can be Greys for all we know and messing with Alex.

Bottom line:  Who has benefited from the A’s contacting Alex Collier? How has Alex benefited by his interactions with them? Information? I have the same information that he got and I didn’t get it from any off planet race. If you choose to take his  information and do some research, you will find it’s not exclusive to him. Maybe people on the bullshit list took bits and pieces from Alex’s book but it’s out there folks and so I ask again: Who has benefited from Alex being in contact from these entities claiming to be Andromedans? Seems to me that these entities are benefiting if they can alter the consciousness of any race.

I would not sink so low to lose my family, my home, become homeless for anything. I have witnessed over the last 30 years that NO off planet entity has made a positive impact on humanity and they choose humans that will do exactly what Alex is doing: Give it all up because you feel you owe it to humanity. No sir, not me. I make a difference in lives by touching, healing, encouraging, sending love to loveless bodies, easing their pain. I will not trust some higher dimensional entities unless they can “show” me they can do something positive.

The Natural Universal Law states we must not “interfere” not “intervene” as the A’s claim. The moment you plant a thought into someone’s mind, you are interfering. Intervening is akin to an occupation be it mind or country. So, I still believe Alex is a good person, I just don’t believe his contacts are what they say they are.

My advise to you Alex: Get your Andromedan friends to help you put your life together. Thanks to them, they made it miserable for you because you believed you would be taken care of. Let it go, make what time you have left to mend with your family if possible, get a job and prepare for the Event whatever that may be where you live. Nothing good came out of your sacrifices, I’m sorry Alex, perhaps it’s time to come to terms with it. If it was me, I would want something in return, isn’t love about not letting the person you care about suffer? Move on, you’re a good man and deserve a good life, get over this notion that you’re special and were contacted for helping humanity.  Maybe that has been your struggle, trying to understand where you stand in this story, ending up homeless and living out of a car, begging for donations and getting old, alone with no children around that should be taking care of you.

We’re all special, we’re all powerful, we’re all OLD Souls and you have been duped. I hope I’m wrong, because it’s a sad ending for a man that believed he would change the world. I know how you feel Alex, many years ago, I wanted to change the world too but quickly realized people were not ready for it and it wasn’t up to me to change it for them. We’re all in this together, we have to find our way out of here ourselves. The A’s can look down and council and give advise, but in the end, what has been gained?

Alex mentions YouTube videos from Steve Quayle and Tom Horn in one of his interviews. BE WISE: Quayle and Horn come from a level of internal deception as they hold to a literal, fundamentalist view of the Book of Revelation. As Alex points out, this is a collective meme implanted into the human collective consciousness for hundreds of years, and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise, be very wary of channeled information coming from “galactic councils”, “archangels” and offworld beings that are promoting a “new age” of liberation for humanity—this is all part of a huge web of deception!

So, the next bullshit list member will be Steve Quayle! Stay tuned!

Veronica Keen – Case Closed – Guilty

Note from Ines: Michael has given me permission to post this email and I copied an attached Word Document where you will find all the links to my older posts about Veronica and Monty Keen. This has been in my box for a month now at least, but I wanted to find all the posts I wrote and then noticed tonight that they are all in the attached letter. I can only hope that Veronica will not get away with anything anymore, she’s like an Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going.
Hi Ines,
I enjoy reading your blog. I find it informative and practical.
I met Veronica Keen briefly in Ireland a few years ago. I was until recently working with Veronica Keen and a group of Irish people to raise funds for dave mcann to get him legal help and get him released from jail in california. Veronica claimed he had been wrongly accused, framed and jailed by the cabal. We raised a lot of money online and offline, about 16,000 euros. We needed $25,000 to hire a lawyer and investigator for dave mccann. Then some woman called jane mccaul told veronica she would lend veronica the balance between 16,000 euros and $25,000 to pay these legal expenses. The funding web site and banks charged fees for the fund raising and we could not get the full 16,000 euros, it was reduced down to about 14,500 euros after the fees were paid. Veronica went nuts and she and jane mccaul refused to pay the balance to bring it to $25,000. She started giving out and accusing people of this and that, and getting extremely angry. Then some people told her to pay the balance from the 81,000 pounds she received for the healing centre in Ireland which was never bought and veronica went crazy. She and jane mcaul started attacking everybody and falsley accusing them of many things.  This showed us all veronicas true character. She is a fraud, a backbiter and backstabber, a gossiper and a slanderer and she is dishonest and a total scam artist. Veronica attacks peoplewho help her, and uses others such as jane mccaul to launch these attacks. Veronica uses people to attack people often behind their back, but this turns everybody against her. She said some very nasty things about you.
Veronica claims that she and dave mccann will save the world by activating the ark of the covenant on Tara hill in Ireland. Dave Mcann is a plumber from london accused of double murder in fresno in california ; he is uneducated, confused, very naive and with no knowledge about the world. He is incapable of leadership. Veronicas story is complete delusion, complete nonsense and shows her a as a childish character with no understanding of the world. She does not realise that change requires hard work, dedication, high intelligence, honesty and truth and working with people not against them. She has much to learn. If she continues on this path she will destroy herself.
There have been new developments in the last 2 weeks. She has closed down the Foundation as a result of my post on the fund raising web site, exposing her as a fraud. Too many people got suspicious of her.
Veronica Keen’s hero or messiah, Dave McCann, the man who will save the world and save humanity is still in jail and is accused of double murder in Fresno in California in May 2016. He is accused of murdering his wife and mother in law, both Jews. He is in serious trouble as the murder weapon has been found, there are witnesses and there is blood and dna evidence. Yet Veronica claims he is innocent and has been framed. Several lawyers have been hired and fired by Veronica and Dave since 2016. They have a new lawyer daniel sheehan, who demanded $25,000 which Veronica and many others raised online and offline. However Daniel Sheean is a devout catholic, was taught by Jesuits, is friendly with Jesuits and has Jewish friends. He does not know about Veronica Keen and her views about these people.
I have made contact with this lawyer by email and informed him all about Veronica Keen and her scams and frauds and lies and attacks against others. I have attached a word document containing this email. Have a good read of the attached letter, it raises many points which you and others raised in your blog, and provides additional material.
Its time to stop Veronica Keens lies, slanders, scams and frauds and her attacks against others.
MIchael Duignan
His letter attached: 

Dear Mr Daniel Sheehan,
I have been informed that a Veronica Keen has asked you to represent a Dave McCann in an ongoing legal case in California. I have been investigating Veronica Keen and her activities since 2016 at the request of other parties. It is important for you and other involved parties and the legal authorities (in California) to be provided with important information about Veronica Keen and her involvement with Dave McCann and the ongoing murder case in California. This will give you a more comprehensive picture.
The following facts and evidence about Veronica Keen have been established.
1. Veronica Keen has been engaged in anti Jewish or anti Semitic activities for over 12 years. She blames the Jews for everything, and claims that they are working in league with the Vatican and the Jesuits to create wars, banking crashes, economic crisis and depressions, political and legal system corruption, paedophile networks, child murder networks, social breakdown, etc.

She claims that the Jesuits are secret Jews, and that both are working together to destroy
humanity. You can view her anti Jewish rants on http://www.montaguekeen.com/page3.html
. She does this through “received messages” from “Monty” her dead husband who died in
2004. There is reason to believe that it is not Monty speaking but Veronica or some other
agent appointed by Veronica. Her rants amount to incitement to hatred and violence against Jews, which is also racist and both are criminal offences here in Britain and in the USA.
Incitement to hatred and violence and racism can and often does lead to more serious
criminal offences such as assault and murder. The Coopers in Fresno California were Jews and Veronica Keen hated them. She encouraged Dave McCann to cultivate a hatred and distrust of the Jews also, and this affected Dave McCann’s relationship with his wife and in laws who were all Jews. This may have played a part in the murder of the Jews – Tierney Cooper and Judith Cooper in Fresno in California. The legal authorities and courts in California will be made aware of this.

2. Jewish organisations and many Jewish people in Britain and the USA know all about Veronica Keen and her anti Jewish sentiments. They dislike her and they have the financial resources and legal power to investigate her, expose her, prosecute her, and halt her attacks against the Jews.
3. Veronica Keen has also been attacking the catholic church, the Vatican, the Pope and the Jesuits for over 12 years. These attacks have been serious and involve criminal, occult and terrorist allegations against the catholic church. She has a particular hatred for the Jesuits and the present Pope. None of her allegations have any evidence to support them. She does this through “received messages” from Monty her dead husband who died in 2004. There is reason to believe that it is not Monty speaking but Veronica or some other agent appointed by Veronica. You can view her messages or rants on
http://www.montaguekeen.com/page3.html . She or this “Monty” claimed the Vatican and
catholic church would be destroyed in 2012 and she was overjoyed about this. Read
She or this “Monty” also made a similar prediction in 2015 and it proved false, and have
made many predictions about the destruction of the Vatican and the catholic church for years now and they have all proved false. Veronica and her dead “Monty” have an obsession with destroying the catholic church and the Jesuits. She has a wide audience, consisting of many thousands of people worldwide. These rants amount to incitement to hatred and violence against catholics, the catholic church, the Jesuits and the Pope, which is a criminal offence in Britain. The catholic church authorities in Britain and in the Vatican have taken an interest in Veronica Keen and her activities, and know all about her. They too have an interest in halting her attacks.
4. The messages from “Monty” on her web site, when investigated and analysed over many years, contain slanders, lies, contradictions, false predictions, mean comments about others, false allegations, hatred and anger, and incitements to hatred and violence. There are several cut and paste repetitions in Monty’s messages over the years. In addition to the parties mentioned in points above, Veronica (or this dead “Monty”) has attacked anyone who disagrees with her. Many people have been subject to her personal attacks via emails and the “Monty” messages. She (and this dead “Monty”) are very sensitive, thin skinned and intolerant, and go into immediate attack against anyone perceived to disagree with them. I attach links corroborating this.

Google Veronica Keen fraud
Google Veronica Keen scam
5. There are big discrepancies between what Monty actually said and published when alive and what is being published in his name after his death. Monty was a gentle, polite, mild, positive and inoffensive man, he was professional, intelligent and articulate, and based his research and work on facts and evidence. The alleged messages from the dead “Monty” are the opposite of this and are nasty, mean, rude, very negative, fear inducing, accusatory, and quite vicious and lack supporting evidence. You can see this on her web site at http://www.montaguekeen.com/page3.html . The evidence strongly shows that this dead “Monty” is not communicating with her and that she or her agent are staging this to make it appear that “Monty” is communicating. There is also the possibility that demons are communicating and impersonating Monty.
6. In the teachings of the Catholic church, Protestant churches and Christian churches, Jewish
religion, Muslim religion and other religions, there is an onus on persons to question and
interrogate the spirits and their messages, and in many cases to disbelieve them. The
scriptures of these religions state clearly that evil entities or demons / devils often
communicate through channelings, ouija boards, mediums and alleged afterlife
communicants. This has been known for thousands of years. Veronica Keen seems unable to understand this.
7. Veronica Keen is basing her evidence for the Dave McCann case on received messages from
this dead “Monty”. She claims Monty saw what really happened on the night of the murder in Fresno, California and told her. She also uses psychics and channelers to get information relating to this. You can see the many lies, slanders, prejudices, and delusions in these channelled messages from “Monty” in the message section of her web site at

http://www.montaguekeen.com/page3.html and other web sites. This forms the basis of
Veronica’s legal defence for Dave McCann. This type of “evidence” is inadmissible in court.
Though the content of these messages will be brought to the courts attention in Fresno,
8. Veronica claims that Dave McCann was mind controlled. This is an outrageous allegation, with no evidence and proofs, and she is using this to claim that Dave McCann is innocent.
9. Veronica is claiming that she and Dave McCann will save the world and defeat the cabal (also termed ‘illuminati’) by performing a ritual with the ark of the covenant on Tara hill in Ireland.
This is crazy stuff. She fully believes it though. She sees Dave McCann as a modern day
messiah. And that the Jews and catholic church are his enemies and trying to stop him saving the world. So there is a war between the Jews on one side and Veronica Keen and her messiah Dave McCann on the other side. In reality, Dave McCann is a plumber from north London in England, and has very little education and knowledge about the world, and is very naive and gullible. And she also claims she reincarnated with him in the past, and they lived as kings and princes. This is the type of delusional stuff one sees in psychiatric hospitals.
10. Veronica Keen has delusions of grandeur and believes that she and Dave McCann will save the world, save humanity. This has influenced Dave McCann’s thinking and state of mind. This delusional ego trip and accompanying paranoia and accusations has created many enemies both real and imagined for her and Dave.
11. Veronica or this so called “Monty” recently published a very insulting message about the Irish Prime Minister and government, which is meant to stoke up political, religious and racism tensions in Ireland. Her messages are read by a lot of people in Ireland. Ireland and its Peace Process is at a very delicate stage at the moment, and interventions like this (from Veronica and so called “Monty”) can cause trouble and further difficulties. This has been brought to the attention of the Irish government and Irish authorities.
12. Veronica raised funds on her web site for a “healing centre in Ireland’. This was the result of
messages received from “Monty” published on her web site, saying that the centre was
necessary in order to save humanity. The future of humanity and the world, including saving it from disaster, destruction, corruption and enslavement depended on this centre, according to the Monty messages. That’s an extraordinary claim to make. This “Monty” claimed that this centre would be built / purchased and be a great success in the future. She claimed the centre in Ireland would cost 450,000 euros. Records show that she raised 81,153 euros between 2014 and 2017. Though there was no proper accounts kept of monies received by mail and over the Internet. She could have got 300,000 euros or more but not declared it. No healing centre was purchased with this money. No deposit was put on any property and no attempt was made to acquire property in Ireland. In late 2017, she stopped raising funds online for this
healing centre. When questions were publicly asked about this healing centre and her
Montague Keen Foundation on the Internet in Spring 2018, Veronica closed down the
Montague Keen Foundation a few weeks later in 2018. Nobody knows yet what happened to the 81,153 euros in the bank account of this Foundation. There will be legal issues around this in the future. I attach evidence of this to the email.
13. It appears that Veronica Keen uses these so called messages and channelings to delude others and make them think and behave in a certain manner. She preys on the naive, the gullible and the weak minded. She uses this to acquire money, fame, prestige and self importance.
Though times are changing as several people online are accusing her of frauds and scams. I include articles about this on the Internet below. These corroborate much of what is stated in the above points.
Google Veronica Keen fraud
Google Veronica Keen scam
This will give you a clearer picture of Veronica Keen and her relationship to Dave McCann. The legal
case for Dave McCann is weak, and has been weakened further by the delusions, incitements, and
paranoia of Veronica Keen. Would any lawyer wish to risk his or her reputation by becoming involved
with Veronica Keen and her many sinister activities ?

Best Regards
Michael Duignan

The Never Ending List of Bullshit and Con Artists

The List: Robert Steele, David Wilcock, Andrew Basiago, Stewart Swerdlow,Corey Goode, Tom Horn, Alfred Webre, L.A. Marzulli, Drake Bailey, Kerry Cassidy, Veronica Keen, Cobra, Simon Parkes, Alex Collier, Neil Keenan, Katheryn E. May, Alex Jones, Peter Kling, Steve Quayle, Alexandra Meadors, Anne deHart, Cameron Day, Dolores Cannon, Bashar, Kryon and more added as I remember

The names here are probably a small portion of people that I have listened to or read their information, but they were the first to come to mind. Also, these are people I have been following (researching) not admiring, and I have a pretty good idea of what they do.

I have evolved over the years, it’s a constant process and for me it’s natural. Many years ago as I became a Buddhist and adopted it’s way of life, I learned that everything changes and so does my life. In other words, it’s not about setting goals or getting something out of it, it’s because I’m curious by nature and if someone told me the sun doesn’t set in the same place, I would do own research and either verify or disqualify, I would be curious to know what the truth/fact actually is.
When looking for something to get rid of ants in my garden, I needed to know more about ants, their habits, why they eat my strawberries and burrow nests in the bases of my aromatic herbs. Only then did I understand the ants and felt confident in purchasing the right solution.

The folks listed above all intrigued me at first, I was curious about who I really was, how we got here and what happens after physical death. This journey has lasted over 30 years and in those 30 years, I have learned a lot about these folks.

Before I go into the meat of this post, I have to say that we shouldn’t treat the above people with disrespect because their bullshit stories challenged me to research further. They too incarnated here for a specific purpose, maybe to wake us up by giving us false information? I’m also grateful for their existence, for the physical abuse I suffered as a child, for the sexual abuse, for battling cancer and for living a dysfunctional life until I ran away from home at the age of 16. Those events were a necessary process for me to become who I am today. When clients come to me for pain, I have compassion for their pain because I live with it everyday. Not only did I suffer greatly as a child, but I was born with a deformed spine so I have lived with pain all of my life.

I seek no fame or fortune by sharing my knowledge and journey nor do I rely (beg) my readers for money. I often think about starting a YouTube Channel as I am much better at talking than writing and I can get more info out on YT in an hour that writing about it; but, I’m not comfortable by being followed, admired or looked upon as an authority/guru/expert. Whether I like it or not, some folks will look at me as an authority and/or expert and this is what I don’t want because I’m not an expert at anything. I simply share.

On the contrary, the folks I listed enjoy fame and spend a lot of time in front of a camera, giving out bullshit to anyone that is willing to listen and these folks have managed to convince their listeners that they do this full time and need financial support. As far as I know, not one of the people above have a disability; at least they haven’t ever mentioned that they do that would prevent them from getting a real JOB. Many of these folks sell books, DVD’s and other products. That’s fine. You’re entitled to sell products you produced if it has value, but I can’t approve of giving money to someone who is able to work.

I run a huge house (350 m2), take care of my partner who needs round the clock care. He’s spoiled, he doesn’t know how to make a meal but finally learned how to boil the water and make a cup of tea. I have my Clinic, my garden, I make Cannabis Products and find the time to ride my bike and take time out for my interests and hobbies such as this blog, photography, walks in nature etc. Why can’t these people get a job and preach par time?

I came up with this idea about writing a Series of posts where I am going to dissect and analyze each one of these people on the list from a Psychological perspective, social, economic and business. Their information is fraudulent, their predictions never come to pass and most of them claim to have sources/contacts here or in other dimensions that they sell to us; but so far, in the last 30 years, I haven’t found one example of how their information has benefited humanity.

Isn’t that their “sole” reason for doing what they do? Don’t these so called contacts or multidimensional beings contact humans because they want to help us? Right. For instance, Alex Collier always mentions that aspect, that the Andromedans are in touch with him so that Alex can make a difference or help humanity; but last I heard, Alex is still homeless and we’re supposed to believe that he sacrificed everything to help humanity? I love Alex, I have admired him for years, but I’m starting to question everything. I bought this until recently and I started to think about this all the time.

So, Alex Collier will be my first post in the Series titled: What Is the True Agenda of XXXX? Part XXX

I will try to break it down into manageable pieces and dig into the person to see if I can find the motive or reasons. I want to know “why” they feel that what they are doing is helping humanity.

My blog was beginning to be a burden on me, I had lost interest because I need to be challenged and “exposing” frauds just got boring because from what I have learned over time, they are ALL frauds. I have to admit that after listening to a few hours of C. W. Chanter, it’s given me a different perspective and way of thinking, something that he does and I really like that.

For me, it was about providing some kind of evidence or proof that they were frauds before exposing them. Problem is that you can’t often prove that Sananda or St. Germaine don’t exist just as Kathryn E. May and Anne deHart can’t prove they DO exist.

Now, it’s interesting and challenging to me “why” they do what they do. Is it through dreams, visions, illusions, delusions, contacts via channeling from benevolent beings, ego, mental illness, psychopathic tendencies or money? This is what I will attempt to find out and present to you if at all possible.

Kathryn E. May and Ann deHart worked together years ago claiming Ascension was iminent, this was way back in the Hollow Earth Network days when they were channeling Sananda, Mother God, Father God etc. In the end, when Ascension didn’t happen, they told their listeners it was their fault because they didn’t prepare well enough. But, it was iminent. Why didn’t these beings then tell the people that it all depended on whether humanity was ready? No, they said it was iminent until it didn’t happen. They were and are spreading bullshit and I want to know why and what motivates them. You don’t help humanity by telling them their reality is ending into a new one and then blame them because they weren’t ready. How is that helping? Don’t these higher beings see the future or know the future? They claim they can’t tell us because it would change the course of time. Well, what has changed? NOTHING.

So, stay tuned for Alex Collier in a few days. I do have to do a lot of research now and that’s time consuming but I’m curious as hell to find out the whys, maybe I’m wrong but I think these folks are possessed by negative spirits or AI (if that exists) and they truly believe like Alex does that he has been contacted by Andromedans.

Lets assume they are real and that Alex has been and is in contact with them. It’s been over 40 years. What has humanity gained by the information? What has Alex gained? This is where I see that nothing makes sense now. On the other hand, I do believe there are other races. Maybe their way of thinking or culture is so different that it doesn’t make any sense to us. Thing is, they contacted Alex claiming they want to help so should they not customize their information so that it makes sense to humans?

For me, this is the million dollar question. We have hundreds of people claiming to have been in contact with multidimensional beings, have given these people information and each person receives different information and humanity now has to figure out what’s true, real or factual? We’re stuck in a 3-D reality and a low density body with only 6 functional senses that are necessary to sustain the human life and how easy are we to be fooled by these malevolent beings? My point is that we have been genetically altered to a point where we have enough function to sustain this body. Out of 12 original DNA strands, only 2 function now. We have no idea what our full potential was, but I can assure you is that we are the lowest of the lowest, so anyone or any being can easily fool us because even our Intuition doesn’t work. Very few of us are capable to connect to it and listen to it, so we are forced to use a brain to “discern” yet even the brain is part of a body that is not designed properly. We as Spirit/Souls are limited to what we can do, therefore, easily fooled or lied to. How do we know there are more dimensions? There is no proof it exists. 90% of the reality is based on “trust me, I know”.

Anyway, this thought process is what I will focus on with the list of people and I bet you that they all end up having the same or a common “why” answer/reason. Can’t wait to start because I have been thinking about this for days now.

N. Korea Isn’t What you Have Been Told

I don’t know where the idea came from that North Koreans are starved. For someone who has never experienced Communism, they have no idea what  it is like to live in a Communist Country and for those that were born into it, they don’t know any better.

North Korea is a Communist Country, just like China is. Why isn’t China demonized? North Koreans are not hungry, in fact, there are more hungry Americans than N. Koreans.

Watch this documentary and then decide for yourselves. I’m not saying this doc is truth, but it will give you a different perspective.

I grew up in a Communist country former Yugoslavia. Although my parents immigrated when I was a young child, we did move back and forth between Canada and Yugoslavi, a few times. How communism works is that if  you’re not a Party Member, you’re not entitled to good doctors, good education, and perks that go with having a good life. Yugoslavians were happy, had secure jobs, didn’t work too hard and felt safe and secure. Sure, the one that that they yearned for the most was freedom and freedom of expression. Speaking against the leader landed you in jail or being tortured, but look at our so called Democratic Countries, are people not being killed and tortured?
This demonization of N. Korea is for purposes of propaganda, nothing else. Communism if exercised properly is a good thing, but in a material world where you are judged by how much you have, it’s unthinkable to live in a society where everyone is the same and has equal in terms of standards of living. Problem is that Communism was not used correctly therefore, only those that were Party Members prospered which I don’t find such a bad thing. If I can live a good life and have all the perks of a decent standard of living and send my kids to University; I can give up my freedoms. In fact, most Croatians today say they wish they were back in Communism because the quality of life was much better. Little did they know when they overthrew Communism that it would be worse and I’m sure if they knew, they would have left it alone. Let’s face it. Nobody has any freedoms or privacy, so to say that Communism was restrictive is a joke in comparison to what we experience today in our perspective countries.

What good does it do us to stand up or say something against our governments? None. North Koreans are not poor, not hungry. Sure, there is poverty but there is poverty in every country. So, look at Cuba. An Embargo was placed on Cuba and thus the extreme poverty and poor living standards, but N. Korea and China are very modern and developed countries. If you even bother to look at some Videos of N. Korea, you will see that they too have buried their electric infrastructure. While, America looks like Thailand and impoverished countries.

What is wrong with controlling your people so long as you can give them a good life? Who are we to judge? Look at us, living in a so called Democracy. My government drives around in Expensive BMW’s with their own personal drivers, they get incredible pensions after leaving their positions and yet our people are hungry and in bad states of health. Where did this Democracy take us? NO PLACE. Things are worse now than they were during Communism. I’m not for Communism, but if I have to choose the two evils, I would go for Communism this time because I don’t give a damn about the crooks in government and even if I did, nothing I do or say will change anything.

My prediction about N. Korea and the prospect of Peace? There will be Peace and if the US idiots try to start a war, China and Russia and Iran will step in and annihilate the US in a few days. This is all about keeping the Military bases in that region, this has nothing to do with N. Korea rather China. N. Korea is a nothing burger, and it’s being used to achieve the goals of the US governments/ Cabal. Unfortunately, all Empires fall and this one is already crumbling and in it’s last throws before it dies. There is nothing Americans can do at this point, it’s too late.

After the storm, the sun comes out. After an apocalypse, people come out from the underground and start over. Problem with humanity is that until now, we keep repeating the same mistakes, so will we learn from our most recent mistakes? I doubt it, but don’t fret folks, we will ascend into a new reality and leave this grave behind. Yeah right, and I’m Jesus Christ disguised as Ines.

The Truth is What you Want It To Be

Note from Ines: This is very important information below for those of us that live in Europe. I am sick and tired of being pushed a vacuum ad after I did some searches on prices. I’m sick and tired of being forced to watch a video ad and can’t do anything to stop it, but most of all, I no longer watch any videos on YT, that contain ads in them because it’s a sign/proof that most people are doing it for the money and not for the content. 

Americans are NOT getting truthful information through any and ALL media outlets. I have noticed that even so called “Alternative Media” is not being correct nor is the information verifiable.  It’s like Americans living in a parallel reality or an illusion because everything I read in the US media is opposite of what I read in Europe, Russia and Asia. Yeah, I know that you know, but this article below is also questionable as some Alternative Media sites accuse the authors of being Russian spies 🙂 

Liberation Day Arrives In Europe As Blockade Falls On US Mainstream Media Outlets

 “Digital freedom stops where that of users begins… Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be a customer trade-off between privacy and security.  Privacy is not to sell; it’s a valuable asset to protect.”

Stéphane Nappo:  Global Head Information Security for Société Générale International Banking & Financial Services

Special Report from Sister Ciara


Today, 25 May 2018, will forever be known as the day Europe Was Liberated—and whose liberation was achieved by the coming into full force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is the world’s first rebalancing of power between us, the people who have to hand over data to do transactions on the internet, and the global tech giants and companies that have beaten us into submission to become nothing more to them than digital slaves whose every action, thought and feeling are monetized for their exclusive benefit—and whose catastrophic penalties for breaking this law will see these global tech giants having to pay maximum fines up to €20 million ($23.4 million) or 4% of their organization’s global annual turnover, whichever is higher.

Simple to understand, the GDPR significantly strengthens a number of rights: individuals will find themselves with more power to demand companies reveal or delete the personal data they hold, and regulators will be able to work in concert across Europe for the first time, rather than having to launch separate actions in each jurisdiction—with the hardest hit global tech giants and companies being those that hold and process large amounts of consumer data for their own financial benefit.

With global tech giants Google and Facebook already facing massive lawsuits for in being in violation of the GDPRespecially with Facebook having already admitted that they were performing psychological experiments on users by adjusting their news feeds to see if they could alter the moods of usersEurope awoke this morning to the shocking discovery that ALL of the United Statesmainstream media publications were blockaded for their being in violation of the GDPR too—with high-profile sites like the New York Daily NewsChicago TribuneLA TimesOrlando Sentinel and Baltimore Sun still being down—and the New York Times and Washington Post working feverishly to get their subscribers to “agree to new terms—and that exposes them all as being nothing more than vast data collection organizations selling their users’ most personal data for profit, instead of their being the news organizations that they claim to be.


What the LA Times says when European peoples click on its site today


To understand why the entire US mainstream media establishment bastardized itself into becoming purveyors of propaganda so that they could secretly enrich themselves on their customers’ most private personal data, instead of reporting news, we’ve got to go back 42 years when, in 1976—long before the internet, computers and iPhones came into beingLos Angeles Times media reporter David Shawwrote a lengthy Page One report about American newspaper’s worsening vital signs whose lede asked: “Are You Now Holding An Endangered Species In Your Hands?”—and wherein Shaw quotes Times Publisher Otis Chandler saying that he doubts the LA Times—or any other major US newspaper—is “really essential” to even 50 percent of its readers, something even the most depressed newspaper publisher working today would never say.

Knowing that its entire business model was doomed over 40 years ago, the American mainstream newspaper establishment, nevertheless, clamped onto the rise of the internet and personal computing to bemoan their collapse—with this being best typified by Detroit’s two major newspapers who, in 2008, announced that they were downsizing to three days a week of home delivery—with their solemnly declaring: “The owner didn’t decide to shrink the paper.  The reader decided to shrink the paper.  It was readers who stopped using newspaper classifieds.  It was readers who stopped reading.  Readers are the true villains in this murder mystery”.

To how near a total collapse of the American newspaper industry actually is was just displayed a few weeks ago when the Chicago Sun-Times, for the first time in over two centuries of US newspaper history, left its entire front page blank—with their pleading for subscribers and saying: “We Need You To Be There For Us”—which I suppose means the same people Detroit’s two major newspapers called “true villains”.


Chicago Sun-Times leaves entire front page blank on 23 April 2018 as it appeals to its readers to keep it alive


The “hard truth” that America’s newspaper industry is awakening to today, however, are that new subscribers are never going to come to their rescue—with hedge fund billionaires now taking near total control of all of the United States major newspapers—but NOT to save them, but to, instead, milk them for every last penny they can make before throwing them into the dustbin of history—and as best exampled by the Denver Post, whose controlling owner, “vulture capitalist” Randall Smith, owner of Alden Global Capital —who has become journalism’s number one villain for having cheapened and starved not just its Denver paper, but many of the other newspapers he owns—that include the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the San Jose Mercury News and the Orange County Register—but with it being important to remember, “Go ahead and hate Randall Smith all you want, but do so with the understanding that, like the mortician, he’s figured out a way to make money off of death”.


Is Alden Global Capital really “pillaging”, or just making money while putting the US newspaper industry to death like they predicted over 40 years ago themselves?


To anyone believing that America’s mainstream newspaper and news media establishment can survive much longer in the digital age, let me disabuse you of this notion too—as in 2016, internet-ad revenue grew to almost $75 billion, pretty evenly split between ads that run on computers (desktop) and ads that run on phones (mobile)—but advertising to people on computers is roughly at the level it was in 2013—that is to say, all the recent growth has been on mobile devices—and on mobile, Facebook and Google have eaten almost all that new pieeveryone else is just trying to survive.

Now the main “survival strategy” the mainstream American media establishment is employing are called “pay walls”, that force readers to pay before they can read the news they want to see—but that’s inherently in conflict with journalism’s primary goal “to educate and inform the public about important issues—as when the newspapers say, “this is so important that we’re making it free”, they’re simultaneously saying that all the other stuff they publish doesn’t really matter, so they’ll charge you for it—and as all experts logically note: “It’s hard to imagine a business philosophy that’s more upside-down”.



In your understanding of all of this, as I’m sure you do, you now know why all of the American mainstream media establishment has been blockaded in Europe today—because they’ve all been exposed as being nothing more than data collectors more interested in the economic value of their readers’ most private secrets, instead of being impartial writers and conveyors of news their readers need to know.

And they’ve only themselves to blame for their demise, too—as the same readers and subscribers they need to keep them alive today, they’ve spent decades destroying the minds of by their “conspiring to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry”—and to such an extent, the American mainstream media is now astoundingly using President Trump as a solution to their failing business model.



In the media wasteland that America has become, not being affected, of course, is President Trump—who, like all modern day presidents before him, receives what is called the President’s Daily Brief, or PDB—which is a top-secret document produced and given each morning to the President of the United States, and is also distributed to a small number of top-level US officials who are approved by the President, and includes highly classified intelligence analysis, information about CIA covert operations and reports from the most sensitive US sources or those shared by allied intelligence agencies.

Virtually unknown to the American public is that the President’s Daily Brief is compiled by the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence department known as the Political Instability Task Forcethat is a clairvoyant-esque squad of social-scientist brainiacs charged with churning global political data into global instability forecasts—and in whose past iterations used their “psychic abilities” to help free UShostages from Iran, and spied” on the planet Mars too.

To anyone wanting access to an approximation of the President’s Daily Brief, they can go to the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform Stratfor and pay a $349 yearly subscription fee—and that allows you to tap into an exclusive private intelligence service staffed by ex-CIA analysts who glean exclusive information from shadowy sources, cross-grid raw intel to detect relevant patterns, and alert you by email when “the product” requires your attention—and is why Stratfor has been dubbed “The Shadow CIA”.


Another Perspective on Drake Bailey

I wish I had an extra 2 or 3 hours to listen to more YT podcasts/vlogs but I choose to spend my time outside in my garden. I have become addicted to gardening and creating life. Watching that life grow, provide me with nutritious food and once harvested, it becomes compost for the next generation of plants.

The beginning of C.W. Chanter video starts out with Drake Bailey, so here is the list of mentions I wrote a few years ago to show that this is old stuff but nice to know more people out there are realizing this.

You get my drift now. This is not about nor has it ever been about me being right, it’s about carefully analyzing the information and keeping up with the same person for a while to watch their patterns of information. I can’t remember what post it was in, but I did talk about predictions. If they made predictions and the 2nd one didn’t happen, walk away. Of course they will manipulate you into believing that something may have changed or we weren’t ready for blah, blah always blaming the victim; but the TRUTH and FACT of the matter is this: We cannot know the future because it doesn’t exist in this dimension, we can change the outcome of the future, but to do that, we have to be able to shift in and out of dimensions to do so. In the end, even if we succeed in it, how do we prove to anyone or ourselves that we actually were able to alter the future outcome? We don’t and we can’t. How can we predict something and based on what information are we predicting? We can’t. Intuitively we can see the future by FEELING it, but it’s really simple. It’s common sense. It’s not what someone else told you might happen, it’s about conditioning your higher self/mind to communicate better with you or for you to pay more attention to your intuitive feelings like I do.

It’s a life long process to BE in synchronicity with your intuitive self; because the brain that comes with this body plays games with us. I can’t repeat enough times that we are not the BRAIN, we are not this BODY, we are eternal spirits/souls that occupy this body that comes with a computer (brain) and engine (organs) to complete and help us enjoy this journey. Yes, I’m saying enjoying because if you take out the duality, there is nothing right or wrong, it’s just simply the experience.

I wrote to C.W. and he was polite enough to write back. I think the way he does, it doesn’t mean we’re right. But if you look back at all the posts I have written on these frauds, it’s obvious that I listen well and am connected to higher self because that’s all I use to determine if they are fakes or not. I just don’t have the time to spend years researching every single detail of their lives and teachings.

More will come out. For every one that gets busted/exposed, 10 more will arrive. This system is rigged to keep us manipulated, they have hijacked our minds (not mine); and their only objective is to keep you from finding out WHO you truly are. Once you realize how powerful you are, once we all realize how powerful we are, the game is over. Do you understand? So, please, follow your heart, do what is right for humanity, don’t be selfish because selfishness doesn’t have a place in a new world and system. If you deprive one, you’re depriving all of humanity the truth. If you feel you have the truth, share it and help others to think differently so that they can come to the same conclusions you and I did. It’s our duty to enlighten, to shine the light, to show the way. Nobody is coming to save you; you are your own savior. What are you waiting for?

So, the purpose of my garden is and has been to survive any type of disaster. It’s been a lot of hard work in a rocky terrain to create the environment for plants to grow, but I’m almost there. Should the world end today, I think I would be able to survive for at least a year but that’s all depending on Mother Nature. If she shuts down, we’re all done in a matter of weeks.

Save yourself by creating a backup system should all hell break loose. Do your part whether you live in the city or countryside, it matters not. Throw out your tennis rackets and replace them with canned foods and water jugs.

Enjoy the video and support C.W. He’s doing a great job.

The Truth Shall Set You Free – If you Shall Be Like Me

I love this guy C. W. Chanter below. He started out with 45 views on YT and is now reaching over 2000 views. Why do I love this guy? I love him because he shares my thoughts 100%, it’s almost spooky that he might be within my frequency and is able to tap into the mass conscious truth. Below are links that go as far back as 2014 on the subject of David Wilcock alone. If you do a search on him, there are many more posts but I don’t have time to search in detail.

Thanks to many of my readers, they made it very difficult for me to take time out and things are really starting to speed up, the disclosure is in full swing. I have received so many emails asking me to keep writing and I can’t disappoint, truth is, I need to keep trucking.  I wrote about disclosure and it’s not about disclosing aliens, it’s about HUMANITY disclosing the ugly secrets that have been hidden from us. Disclosure is in full swing which means it will get crazier and uglier out there as the beasts fight for their lives and control.

Stay tuned for some new info on Veronica Keen; one of my readers sent me an interesting piece and has given me permission to post his email. I need some time for this to find all the posts I wrote on Veronica.

I am not saying this CW is right. I’m not saying I’m right. I’m just saying that we share the same views, you are the one that will decide whether it’s truth or not. I love the way he thinks, I think the same way. It’s obvious he spends a lot of time researching the folks that he talks about, but I just FEEL these people and try to present a different way of thinking for readers to deecide if the information is true or not. In the end, truth is only relevant to you and how it works in your life. You see, whether Trump is a Russian agent or not doesn’t matter to me. The truth about him is irrelevant to me and my life, but some truths are worth contemplating, especially if they directly affect our lives. We have been deceived by these so called GURU’s who claim to have access to higher intelligence. You see, if you think that only ONE person on this planet has access to higher sources, then you’re just as crazy as Katherine E. May, David Wilcock and Simon Parkes. Let’s not go into Alfred Webre that I have exposed years ago for being an idiot with dementia. Who ADMITS he was invaded by AI and yet we are supposed to believe that he is on our side? This is FUNNY. That people will choose to believe one person and on the basis of: “I know, trust me, I have access to secret intelligence.”  Yeah right, and I had dinner with Putin last night, he’s a great lover too! Enjoy! I would really encourage you to listen to more of C.W; if for any reason, for learning a different way of thinking.

For those of you joining the blog in the last year, I encourage you to go back into older posts to see where it all started and why I chose to write on this blog. I want truth, I want disclosure, I want humanity to get angry and finally do something about it.