Three Great Minds

This is by far one of the most interesting discussions I have listened to in a long time. So much of what is said here has been written on this blog so it’s nice to know there are others with the same experiences. It not only resonates within me but it confirms a lot of things I have experienced and dealt with over the past 40 years.
There is no saviour. You are not  your body. In order to get something, you have to give something and work at it. Enjoy!

A Rant

No matter which way or how I choose to start with this subject, I can’t write about it without politics involved. If we take the U.S. as an example, every single event and subject is now politicized.

Let me start by saying this: Dear Americans, your country is going to war and it will push everyone on this planet into a war.  No matter what you believe or think, your government is doing whatever it can to start another war and this one is going to be a big one.
Today, Fox News announced that ” Assad’s regime just bombed his own people”. If you look at RT News; or Press TV; or Euronews or even Al Jazeera News; you will not get this version. This is just an example of the outright LIES your media is presenting to you. No, it’s not FAKE news, it’s outright lies.

In our news, I’m talking about European News and Asian News there is a whisper going around that Trump will not allow N. and S. Korea to work out a peace deal. It isn’t conducive to the billions of dollars of US Military bases and war machine to just bail out. It’s not just LIES and FAKE news; literally, your American Historians are not writing history the way it actually happened.

So, 13 Russians meddled in the elections? Do you really believe that? Can Americans be so fucking stupid to believe this? I mean, your government really thinks you’re as dumb as Forrest Gump or have the brain capacity of a bird.
We are in a very dangerous reality and I have no doubt that we will get involved in a war and it doesn’t look good for Americans because the US is no longer a world power and its allies have turned rogue. Not one country will support the US in ANY war, let alone a Korean War again. China and Russia will surely get involved and they are already on alert and I can tell you this as well, America will die a slow death. No, you won’t be bombed like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Yemen.  You will die a slow death as China and Russia unleash their EMP weapons over the continent.

I am so angry and yet I can’t pinpoint what I am angry over. Maybe I’m angry because nothing has changed. I’m laughing while watching any US news outlet; it’s like watching the greatest Puppet Show, the scandals, the political winching, the outright LIES about any country the US can’t control, it’s just madness.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. No laws will change a mad nation armed with guns. Make no mistake, these kids were not shot by a mentally deranged young man, he was brainwashed and mind controlled  to do this by the Deep State. Why? Because the Deep State is afraid of you and they want your guns and they will not stop short of killing 1/2 the nations children if they have to, to take away your guns. Thing is, we’re just talking about registered guns. What about the 250,000 million guns that are unregistered?  How do you control that? You can’t. You are being stripped of the last hope you have to protect yourself and your family. The Deep State wants your guns and they will get them but not before China and Russia annihilate your country back to the stone age.

The entire planet has somewhat strict gun laws. Even those countries that don’t have such strict gun laws do not have crazies going around shooting kids in schools. It’s a cultural problem, a mental problem, a deeply divided nation, neglected mental health issues, neglected veterans, pompous beliefs of grandeur that Americans are taught, there are so many different reasons why people kill, but it’s not because of gun laws and find me ONE country that has this problem. I dare you to find me a country where despite gun laws, madmen go around killing just for the hell of it. It doesn’t exist. So, it’s not the guns stupid, it’s the chemtrails, fluoride, antidepressants, HAARP and who knows what else is being snuck into the food and water. Let’s not even mention GMO’s that are rampant in US fields. GMO foods are banned in the EU and Russia. What does that tell you?

Oh boy, we have some big problems don’t we? Croatia is in the middle of all this, we’re a small country and we’re not even worth a bomb dropping because that bomb costs more than the entire Croatian economy, but we’re downwind from the radiation and more to come. As if Fukushima was not enough, we’re headed for another war and I can tell you that Americans will be the worse off. How do I know? I was there, watching it all happen and it’s not coming from Russia or China; our dear off planet friends see no end to this madness and karma is a bitch.

What do I say now? I say what I have been saying for years. Get ready and be prepared. Plan for the worse and hope for the best. Your only survival is water, food and medicine if you have health issues. Also, make sure you are taking Iodine and Potassium Iodide to protect your thyroid but also keep you healthier. It’s so cheap that anyone can afford that, but get ready. I have been ready for years, and though I didn’t plan for a war, I planned for natural events such as earthquakes or volcanic ash as we are very close to 3 active volcanoes in Italy. Last time one of them blew, there was a nuclear winter for 6 months and most died. I think I read that only 10% survived that year so I do have reasons to prepare here.

Terminal madness is upon the entire planet and has been for some time, but as the corruption is being exposed, the Cabal/Deep State lashes out even stronger and they will stop at nothing to ensure there is perpetual war.

So, what are you doing to prevent this? You still believe your one little voice matters not? If that’s what you believe, then get a gun and get it over with. To sit back and watch it all unfold without you doing anything about it is the same as doing the deed itself.

Everything is political now. Your greatest enemy is your own nation dear Americans. From the outside, the greatest threat to humanity is America. Take a peek into some media from Europe and Asia and see for yourself what the world thinks of the US government and its people. We’re all tired of being bombed and bullied, karma’s a bitch and the next poke at N. Korea will result in war, take my word for it.

Your world is exactly that, your world in a cocoon called America. Take a peek outside the box and see what is actually going on and who will pay the price. Because of this Americanism; the American people will pay the highest price. Guns and bombs don’t differentiate between people and a government, just like bombs don’t detour civilians to kill the terrorists. Bombs are like antibiotics and chemotherapy, they kill everything in its path. Take notice.

Do something. Say something. Give a damn about what is going on. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Last night, we had a car pile up on one of our highways and two people died. It’s been on the news since last night, it’s just a big deal when people die here, and if a madman entered a school and killed some children, you can believe me that that gunman would not leave alive nor would citizens wait for the police to arrive. It’s never happened in our country, it’s unthinkable to just shoot someone for some mental or emotional issues.  We are one of the poorest EU members, have the highest unemployment rates, probably the most guns per person and yet we don’t go to schools and shoot children. How dare they give other countries advice on democracy and freedom!

I heard someone say: ” They  attack us and hate us because of our democracy”. Do you honestly believe that? They attack us because we bombed their country back to the stone age, because we killed entire families. What the fuck would you do if someone did that to you? You would become a terrorist too because that is why they become terrorists. They want to terrorize you the same way we did it to them. Can you imagine standing up from the rubble after being bombed and finding out all 17 members of your family were dead? No you can’t imagine that, but maybe you can understand why people become terrorists. When they lose everything, they are prepared to die for their revenge.

Democracy is an illusion, a word without meaning. This is why communism was feared. Grant you, communism wasn’t implemented the way it should but communism was a good thing in Yugoslavia. Talk to any Croatian and he/she will tell you that life was much better at the time. It’s how Communism is translated or implemented that is taken out of context. We all started in tribes, that is communism or living in a Commune. Everything we have been fed is lies and more lies. Hell, we don’t even know where we come from or who our ancestors are. We are lost, have been lost and will continue to be lost until we realize we don’t need governments to tell us what to do.

So much for Peace.