I can’t fit into this reality anymore. Everything I see and hear just sounds so crazy. What I mean by this is that it’s difficult to live in a limited awareness environment, a place where most people have given their power over to a god that never hears their prayers.

I asked my partner this morning if his swollen leg was better. He couldn’t walk all week because of swelling and severe pain, thus was not able to make the trip to the mainland today for therapy. He answers:”I’m a bit better, I think I can walk but I will stay in bed one more day just to be on the safe side”.

My first thought reaction was: “I’m better but I will sabotage the progress because I’m afraid if I get up I will injure myself”. This is how I interpreted his response. I didn’t agree with his statement so I suggested that perhaps walking to the bathroom instead of pissing in the pot for starters might help with circulation and that his fear was holding him back from recovery. He got upset at my suggestion and accused me of being insensitive. I know when to pull back, so I did and reminded him that he knows best.

It’s statements like this that leave me wondering why I even bother to raise my level of awareness. It’s frustrating to hear and see people, not only my partner sabotage any progress by being afraid of recovery. I believe my partner has benefit from being ill, it suits him for whatever reason but when I try to help him with this destructive thought process, he simply gets angry and rejects any effort to change it.

At the market this morning, one of the clerks asked me how he was. I said he was doing fine, without going into detail because I already knew the response I would get. “Poor you”she says, “I know what it’s like taking care of a sick husband”. Because I knew she was low awareness, I couldn’t tell her I was not poor me nor was my life any worse off because my partner chose that experience. She would think I was nuts because I didn’t confirm her victim mentality.

Where am I? This is what I keep asking myself all day long because I feel that I’m the only one that is awake and aware and my challenge is that I must express this love with everyone regardless of how I feel. I’m not there yet. I feel that I’m here physically, but somewhere else spiritually and that I split in two by mistake.

I left the market in silence, it wasn’t time to tell the clerk that we all make choices and that god had nothing to do with his illness. I did smile while talking to her and listening, she really meant well and perhaps at our next Poetry gathering, I can bring up the subject.

My world here is tiny, micro space with 1800 population. I saw 3 people on the way to the market today. I can’t judge or assess the global consciousness in a country that is predominantly Catholic but as I reach higher levels of awareness, the more out of touch I am feeling with the locals.

Loving regardless, is not yet easy as I react too fast and forget that I must BE love and stop using this brain to constantly analyze all the data entering it, but as an intellectual, I’ve been programmed that way and old habits are hard to stop.

I have always believed and written about how we have to first take care of ourselves, we have to BE what it is we teach others, but at the same time we have to participate in this reality because the system is rigged. If you don’t pay your utility bill, the power will get shut off. If you don’t eat, you will die so we need income to survive. We can’t all just take off to Tibet and meditate all day to achieve enlightenment, we have to live inside the matrix physically but disconnect from it spiritually.

My challenge in the new year is to be more loving and understanding. Instead of trying to help people change the way they think. I am going to just BE what I want them to be and let them decide if it’s something they want as well.

Let me rephrase that. I don’t want them to BE what I think they should BE, I want them to see the benefits of BEING in a state of bliss, unencumbered by the silly details of everyday life, understanding that life is what they make it. I would like them to desire knowledge on how to remove themselves from the reality they consider to be victims of and that they understand it’s what they created and not someone else, least likely their god.

I want to run into people that will greet me with a smile, point towards the sky and say “Isn’t it wonderful today, look at the blue sky, how awesome”. Life is great, if only I learned sooner.

It sounds wonderful does it not? It is and can be if you are surrounded with people that may not necessarily be in a higher state of consciousness but are at least open minded enough to desire to learn or become happier.

Ultimately, isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t everyone’s goal and desire to be happy? Happiness may mean different things to different people.

Happiness for me is living a life of abundance and by that I mean food, water, friends and all the things that we humans need to sustain life. Happiness is feeling in control of your life knowing that you, only you determines its quality. And in the end, happiness is about living in truth or at the least, having a desire to know it.

Love is not part of that because we already ARE LOVE. Love is not something you strive for, you already have it. Love is not something we need, it’s always part of our innate, the deception placed on us twisted its meaning and convinced us that it’s “out there”somewhere. Love is what you ARE. Love is what you are never without. Love is the elusive emotion we keep looking for yet it’s been under our noses all along. You ARE Love.

With that said, to be in LOVE requires peeling all the layers of deception placed upon us over the eons and that requires work on your part.

This illusion that we exist in may have purpose and that is to find out how long it will take us to reach LOVE. Hey, I’m just thinking out loud, it may not be that way, but whatever method you use matters not. What matters is that you find your way home to LOVE, to Oneness, to everything that you ARE.

How wonderful is that? I don’t know about you, but the new year for me will be about loving more and thinking less. It will be about compassion for the souls that are so lost in the destruction of their own truth. I want a better world even though it may be an illusion, but I believe unless we break the spell of entrapment, we will continue running around like chickens looking for something that isn’t outside our reality.

It’s under your nose, take your right hand and put it on your heart, there you go. That is where you can find the answers, if you dare to question.

Happy new year dear readers, I reached a 10,000 views per day readership, thank you so much for being part of my journey.

May the next year be the best, the last of this matrix we all got caught in. Trust that you will find the answers, believe that, know that, feel that and LOVE that because it’s YOU.

May peace and joy fill your life.

In order to survive you chose to limit your awareness

The following excerpt can be found at the link below. Comment: It’s interesting that the moment I accept the possibility I am living in an illusion chosen by me, I find posts with the same themes. Although I am not one for channeled information, I do enjoy the message and I do resonate with it. I am trying to visualize this “illusion”, hahah, how do you visualize an illusion? That will take some practise no doubt, but for now, you choose whether to accept this as your truth  or not, I can only speak for myself.  Enjoy.

You are, as most of you well know, spiritual beings of great power and creativity having a temporary limited experience as humans within the illusory world that you built when you made the decision to be separate and to accumulate the strange but utterly unreal knowledge that life separated from your Source would allow you to investigate. You knew that separation was impossible because there is only All That Is which is Oneness, extant in an infinite creative field where Love is the power that makes all that is possible possible.

By entering the illusion, the unreal and temporary environment that you had constructed for some temporary and seemingly promising diversions from your natural state of limitless creative ability, you lost sight of and then totally forgot Who You were. That was Your intention, it was to be part of the game, but God, understanding how lost, frightened, and confused You would become, instantly provided the means for you to retrieve Your memory, awaken from the dream, and return to Your divine Home, even though You had never left.

Peace on Earth

I won’t be online tomorrow, have to take my partner to the Chinese Doctor and more than likely spend the night on the mainland as our last ferry leaves back at 8:30. We were told today that overnight the temperature will drop 15C. Can you believe that we have not yet put on our coats, meaning, at this time of year we are burning the wood stove, but instead, sit in the solarium all day enjoying 20C+.

This climate change and global warming is nothing but a hoax, deception, motivated by greedy bankers wanting more of our money and creating guilt for convincing the masses they are responsible for this.

Consider the age of the earth and cycles it goes through. Enough said. There is nothing strange about our weather, it’s simply changing/fluctuating according to the movement of planetary bodies, the cycles change every 10 to 11,000 years. It’s just that we don’t have it recorded, nobody ever lived long enough to see a complete weather cycle change. The ice age didn’t come overnight, it took 300 years to manifest slowly.

You know, I have been thinking about the last 2 video transcripts I posted, the idea/concept that nothing is real externally, that this is all an illusion. If everything is my head and I think it’s real, then everything we know to be real is not, right down to the shape of the planet, she’s not real either, she’s an illusion as well.

If this reality is an illusion created by light and vibration, that somehow projects outward yet we see it through the eyes, then all those channelers and gurus that communicate with some higher dimensional beings are perpetrators of fraud, in other words, they are all playing the game of keeping us in the dark as well. If this is an illusion, and these beings are in higher dimensions, then should they not know we are in an illusion? Would they not be telling us that everything we believe to be real is just an illusion? They are an illusion too?

It’s either not an illusion or these entities know it is and are purposely deceiving us, or perhaps, they too think they are real but they too are in the illusion of being higher dimensional beings. From what I understand, it is only here in this 3D that we are unable to see higher frequencies, therefore, these entities should know and see the reality.

These are all interesting thoughts to contemplate, perhaps dangerous if our thoughts create the illusion itself. If indeed we are in an illusion, then many things make sense to me. On the other hand, if this is an illusion, did we create it on purpose to have this experience? If we don’t want to be part of this illusion, how do we get out of this 3D reality?

Was this illusion created by Oneness done for the benefit of souls? OF course, creator would never put us into harm, but this is the danger of creation. If we are given the power to create through thought without having an understanding of it before we start, it’s logical that we could create wars and suffering because we don’t remember, we don’t know and we have been programmed/deceived to believe that what we see with our eyes is real.

The deception extends right to higher realms doesn’t it? I need to listen to the rest of the series of the Holographic Disclosure, perhaps there is an explanation as to my question: Did I choose to enter into this illusion knowing I would be deceived? What would be the purpose of volunteering for this illusory matrix?  Why create a matrix to have this experience?

So, yes many questions right now, interesting, challenging concepts and I simply don’t have the scientific mind to put all this information into a suitable explanation and understanding.

Supposedly, the universe is in my head and not external. Supposedly, everything I see is actually a holographic projection I have created through thought, so how come we all see a tree with green leaves and a brown trunk? This is what I am curious about and hope to find an explanation in the following videos.

Maybe the the guy that created these videos is actually deceiving us on purpose? Problem is, how do we prove it right or wrong? How can I prove or disprove that the universe is not in my head but really out there, real for my eyes to see?

There is something big happening soon. I wrote about this once a few months ago that we have only begun this  madness. What we see now is just the appetizer of chaos, it was supposed to be all over with by 2014, but we were not ready. Problem is Gaia can’t wait anymore, she’s close to the galactic plane and needs to shift into higher dimension frequency which means we have to as well. She’s been really good so far in shaking/earthquakes in not so populated areas, but even that is not achieving the results she wants, so she will have to start sacrificing humanity in bigger numbers. Sadly, it’s not her fault, we are not waking up fast enough and she has to get the work done.

How do I know this? I just know. So far, I have not been wrong about anything, even though at times I question my knowing because it’s just there. When you don’t see and feel information, at times it is scary because you don’t know where it comes from. According to the Holographic Disclosure series, everything that exists is in the ether/akash, I get that. But thoughts are also in the ether and I question whose thoughts they are?

I wish you Americans would start getting mad and doing something about your government, they have killed so many people on this planet. I keep referring to you because according to what I feel, you are the ones that will stand up first or get killed first. In other words, you should be the way showers, you are the ones that toss the first stone or your collapse and loss of credibility in the world will come before that.

Europe is not going to fair any better. This year will be a scary year for many people as the immigrants from the Middle East populate large cities and start planning their JIHAD on us. I have read this in several places as well, so I am glad that I live on this tiny isolated island and not in the cities.

We just got a new technocratic leader. Our President coming from the US and ex NATO employee Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has made her first move that I predicted as soon as she came to power. Last month, Vice President Biden came to see her and gifted Croatia with 25 Humvees and  tanks. Americans don’t give things for nothing, something is going on big here in the Balkans. We are such a small country that on a map you can’t see the name Croatia, kind of like Monaco or Andora. Perhaps this will keep us safer from the immigrants and their revenge. I can’t blame them. We destroyed everything they ever loved, and now expect them to move on? We destroyed their culture, their ancestry, their monuments, ancient structures, museums, homes, schools, we destroyed and leveled their cities and we wonder why they have become extremists?

Remember the rule of cause and effect. You get what you put out. Staying quiet while your government is killing, makes you an accomplice. There is no more room to bury the dead, when will you realize that your silence is only delaying the inevitable? We all have to pay the price for what we have done even if it’s indirectly. Just because my partner sitting in the car was the one that robbed the bank and I just waited for him to get a ride doesn’t make me not guilty. I am just as guilty for the crime because I knew what he was doing.

I wish you all a safe 2016 start. Be wise, be with family, be in truth, stay in joy, and no fear. It’s what we came to do.

Much love to all of you! Peace.

The Holographic Disclosure Part 2 of 7


Humanity itself is an illusory form. The human hologram is made up of the same atoms when viewed under a microscope, you’ll see a massive energy vibrating. Every part of the body is a smaller version of the body and this is why every cell contains all the information necessary to create an entire human form.

Everything we think we see in 3D realms are simply light particles, energy atoms swirling around at an incredible speed. There is virtually nothing physical in an atom, the swirl of atoms creates such an incredible blur that it is impossible to see through them. Therefore, they appear real and physical and ultimately the 3D world seems to take on substance or matter. If however, they were forced to slow down and eventually stop, you would see right through them, and into the eternal state, into who we really are would be evident.

One of the more important symbols to remember is the Eye of Horus that symbolizes the three levels of consciousness or the three main levels of the illusion.

This is like a formula for looking at everything that’s 3D Universe. There are also sub-levels within these three levels. This concept must be understood to comprehend this occult knowledge and to understand this documentary as it is explained on different levels of the illusion sometimes away from mainstream.

The reason we need this formula is because we cannot see everything with our limited five senses even with complex technology, this is still limited. Once again we view this technology with the same limited senses and the reason is that we’ve been disconnected from other realms of reality and cannot see the other frequencies or realms.

For example: The human body on one level of the illusion is flesh, blood and bones, yet another level the body is a wave form made from light and chakra points and have waves of auras emanating throughout the body.

Another deeper look at the body at which is made up of atoms, the electrons spinning around quickly to give the illusion of solidarity form. The final level of this is the atoms and molecules themselves are like source codes or matrix codes of information. These atoms can communicate with each other no matter the distance even light years apart. This is because time and space are an illusion.

The human brain on one level of the illusion is this mushy sponge yet on another level the electric firing of the neurons in the brain.


The third level of the illusion is the liquid crystal prism of our brains. Deeper levels of the illusion are always the same; light, atoms and the every end is the information structure.

The mind is obsessed with shape, sound and color. Why? Because that’s all it has. The crystal brain was created that way towards the sounds, shapes, vibrations and light. That’s the Universal language or software. The mind then decodes these sounds, vibrations into a 3D holographic illusion over 400 billion pieces of information per second is sorted in the subconscious mind. By the time it bubbles up through to the conscious mind.

Now, depending on ones belief pattern, only 2000 bits of information remain which turns into 3D experience we call ‘life’. The leftovers are the most self-serving information which is about the environment, our bodies and time. The mind manifests what it focuses on. When we consider how we see things in this 3D space, we’re told from an intellectual perspective that light enters through the pupil of our eye where it strikes the back of the eye where it is reversed and then travels on the neurological path to our brain where it’s flipped right side up again and we see an image. (Comment: I always wondered why creator created such a complex seeing mechanism). Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Light is thought and the thought of what we have intended to see is implanted within the liquid prism of our brain. The suggestion which originated from the original creative mindset, travels through crystal brain and similar to a ray of light passing through a rain shower, a rainbow of 3D color, form and sound explodes in front of us.

Whatever suggestion is attached to that explosion, emanating from our crystal brain, determines color, shape, depth, sound and so on. The things we see, the sounds we hear, the smells we smell, all these details are within the thought which is the word, the sound, the vibration, the energy that is glowing and is the light.

This has all been implanted in our brains as subliminal suggestion and we believe it because we believe our senses and all the suggestions attached to them. It seems real. Even the sun, moon and stars that reflect light to our eyes make up the hypnotic suggestion to convince us that what we see is real. It’s only light is just a seductive illusory convincing thoughtform conjured up by the original Oneness.

Physical mass does not move, only the information of the swirling mass of atoms that make it what it is. The ALL seeing eye which is the eye of LUCIFER and the atom matrix womb is also referred as the Pineal gland. On one level the pineal gland is the connection between the silver cord that is attached between the spirit body and the physical body.

Thought or light travels through the spirit body which is made up of hyperdimensional water. Humans and everything that has life, has an etheric body which looks identical to the physical body but allseingeyefunctions at a higher frequency. In fact, it is at the same frequency as the ether.

The spirit body has access to all possible realities within the matrix illusion which also connected us to our original Oneness or as some people call “the god connection”.
The ALL seeing eye. The Crystal Brain is the all CHRIST-al Brain. The rainbow.

This is the body’s genetic library found in every cell and we all have some 120 billion miles of that stuff. It is DNA that carries the codes for our physical characteristics, but it is far more than that. It contains in excess of 100 trillion times more information than our most sophisticated storage devices. The DNA of all life everything from a human being to a reptile, cat, dog, tree, flower, fish, insect and everything shares the same codes known as A.G.C. Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine.


This DNA tape has letters and a language which is how we were created by this original thought entity. It is this programming into our very fibre that causes us to believe that what our language is saying to us is real. Without this language in our DNA we would not give any credence to this 3D illusion we call life.

However, because it is built into us to deceive us, we feel that we have no choice but to accept everything we see is real. The reader of the body software is called RNA or ribonucleic acid which is usually found in the form of a single strand. DNA-and-RNA-Structure

To keep it simple, the DNA is like the disc or template and the RNA is like the laser that reads the information on the disc and communicates it to the cells.

Mental and emotional influences like stress, trauma and electromagnetic chemical pollution including additives in our food and drinks, these can de-stabilize the RNA reading process and cause translation mistakes that lead to disease. All of these factors and more can affect at how the RNA reads the DNA and this is fundamental with physical and mental health and our sense of reality.

DNA is a crystalline structure and a receiver, transmitter and amplifier of frequencies or light. This is what plugs us into the matrix and plugs everything and everyone around us. We are all connected to each other including every animal and every living creature.

The subconscious mind is located in our DNA. The subconscious mind provides a link with infinite intelligence and all other minds.

So, why are some people smart and some people not?  In reality we are all born in the same level of awareness, different levels of awareness has to do with our programming and our belief patterns from the very start of life.

DNA traits are also passed father to son, mother to daughter, all the way to our past ancestry tree. We carry these traits and pass these traits to future generations.

Higher level of awareness also depends on how connected someone is to infinite intelligence inside the matrix illusion and infinite Oneness outside the illusion.

Spirituality, home surroundings and environmental surroundings also play a major role. Unfortunately, mental laziness is now the trend of today’s society.

This is why the Elite bloodline are obsessed with interbreeding to pass down strong traits and occult knowledge through the generations.

Where consciousness observes matter appears. When you look into the eyes of another person, you are looking at yourself. When you have high levels of awareness, you will sense this one consciousness.

Quantum physics have now shown us that the person performing the experiment influences the outcome. In other words, consciousness can change the outcome of an experiment depending on its belief patterns.

One of the biggest occult secrets well kept hidden is about the Ether. This was edited out of the Secret Law of Attraction and Law of Success including most versions of Napoleon Hills Classic.
“Every known thought, every known idea, every invention known to man exists in the ether. The Ether is a great cosmic mass of eternal forces of vibration. It is made up of both destructive vibrations and constructive vibrations. The space between the planets is very much alive. That it is the highest form of vibration known. The vibrations of thought”.

The ether is all around us. We access the ether through thinking but some people can access it at higher levels. When Alexander Graham Bell gave us the telephone, he hinted that it had been done before. The old devices have been reinvented he observed.

Beautiful earth in her majestic state when formed was nothing like it looks today. We can only now view earth in it’s 3D frequency range, but the earth has many dimensions.

So now we have established there was no missing link found simply because there is no such thing as “missing link”.

All cultures began suddenly and fully developed 6000 years ago and did not rise to their peak. They were at their peak from the beginning.

Our ancestors had access to the Ether of thought and knew the answers to every question. Every idea ever known to man is stored in the ether, some call it the Akashic records. Of the healer arc echelon to every inventor in history went by these thoughts. The inventor knew how to put all these ideas together piece by piece for the invention to come together. Also, people in their sleep can acquire great ideas, form these inventions. Great writings are acquired in the same way.

Before the deluge, this was done so much easier than now as humanity was tuned in to the higher frequencies of consciousness, a direct link to the intelligence sources so no one up to this day has ever discovered anything, just a re-discovery.

Think of the human mind like this: A state of the art computer with a hard drive having access to everything possible, infinite supply of software programs that’s never ever ending. That’s the ether.

The fabricated stories of alien spirits or channeling the dead are all communications of thought from the ether. Channelers channel thoughts from the ether. Every human brain communicates with infinite intelligence but only a few know how to master it.

Someone has been lying to us and this needs to stop. People need to know the truth.

So, is paying the bills an illusion? Is being hit by a car an illusion? The answer is yes. It’s still an illusion. This 3D illusion is a reality and a experience. We see it and feel it on every level of our existence through the five senses.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. – Albert Einstein

There is no out there, out there. It’s all happening inside our brains. The universe is inside us. The universe is there only when we wish to observe it. Every section of it breaks down to a level one wishes to observe.

The 3D plane is just an illusion of electrons, neurons and protons buzzing around at breakneck speed creating the illusion of time, matter, space. There is no such thing as matter, no such thing as time and no such thing as space.

Scientists can’t understand why subatomic particles can communicate instantly with each other over staggering distances because they’re thinking in terms of space but there is no space involved.

End of Part II

Soon into 2016 – A New Year for Creation

Creating is fun. We go through our entires lives believing that destiny and chance is our life, that we keep incarnating to learn something or that we absolutely have no control over anything. We do incarnate, but not because of the cause and effect of what we experienced in previous lives, rather, it’s part of the game we come to play because we can’t experience everything in one lifetime.

Although I have always been a non-conformist, I could never fit in, or at least I felt that way though whatever I did in this life, it was the best. I never felt like I was part of this civilization, I felt like a stranger, an outsider.

People enjoyed being around me because I didn’t like to focus on current problems, I dreamed out loud about how I wanted the world to be. Although I was never ‘religious’, I did believe in god so I didn’t question the existence of creator, but I questioned why he gave to some and took away from others. It made no sense. How does god determine who gets what they pray for and who doesn’t? How does he do that and how can he be in many places at once?

The biggest mystery for me was why God was punishing me when I did nothing wrong. Sure, I grew up, I made mistakes, bad choices, wrong decisions but they were about MY life, I didn’t hurt anyone but myself and yet so many bad things kept happening to me.

We grow into adults filled with our parents fears and inadequacies. They project their unfulfilled dreams onto us, at least my parents did to me, wanting for us a better life. Boy did I carry the shitload of guilt around. When my parents argued over money (lack of), I felt guilty and blamed myself for existing, after all, if it wasn’t for me, they would have one mouth less to feed.

My mother was the master programmer/manipulator. She once came into my bedroom with a knife pointed at her throat and threatened to kill herself if I didn’t obey my father. She was desperate, afraid  and that’s all she knew, but at the time, she damaged me.

Isn’t it enough that some of us have to deal with our shitty childhood? That alone takes a lifetime to work through if you’re even aware that you have a problem/issues.

Most people go through their entire life not even understanding the mysteries of their gods.
They will quote the entire bible because they studied it yet when they go to sleep at night, they pray “please god, if you exist then hear my prayer”. That alone proves they know nothing about god because their bible is so full of contradictions yet they memorize entire chapters, not making any sense of it.

I wonder how many lifetimes I had to experience to finally learn that I am an eternal soul, motivated by Creator to experience? And now that I think I got it all figured out, I want to rewind time and start over because I’m afraid I simply don’t have enough years left to create all that I want to experience.

At first I was angry for finding out so late in this life that most of it was based on deception and lies. I spent 40 years believing that I was in control of my life through positive thinking not realizing it was my fantasizing/visualizing before falling asleep that was creating my reality. I didn’t know the power in me, I had no idea I was creating everything.

How many people today still have no clue that every thought they focused on manifested? And when I talk about this, why do most people refuse to accept the possibility they created their life and whether they did it knowingly or unknowingly, they have to own up to it yet refuse to believe how powerful they are?

What has become to humans that they refuse to consider the possibility they are creators, to refuse that power, to deny it, to reject any chance of taking charge? Nothing has to change, you simply stop looking back into what was and start learning how to create a life that you want.

But no, these people prefer to be victims, blame their external environment for all the bad things and for the things they do like, they call it  luck.  Perhaps, it’s because they feel their life is like russian roulette, or god decides their fate. Whatever it is, they do not feel they are in charge.

I must admit I didn’t just wake up one morning and thought to myself: “I am creator of my reality”. It took a while to absorb that power. It’s a fine line of controlling the ego and remaining humble about it. Strange thing is that when I finally completely understood the power to create, I realized that I already had everything I wanted.

Somewhere along the way, I was already unconsciously creating my reality without focusing on the process because it is a process. The brain must first analyze the data and accept it or not, if you’re open to new possibilities the brain will accept it but if you’re stuck in a religion or some new age ideology it might not be so easy. In fact, some will reject it because they prefer ‘god’ doing the work for them IF he ever gets time to do it.

Once it becomes deeply ingrained into me, panic sets in. I find myself wanting to be alone without distractions because I must control my thoughts, afraid of thinking something detrimental to me or not for my benefit. This process lasted a few weeks by thinking-tossing out, thinking-keeping until it almost becomes automatic.

It’s fine when I’m alone, but when around people especially ones that focus on their problems I get nervous because now their stories become part of my thought process. Will it affect me? Will I bring a flood into my kitchen by talking about a flood someone else experienced?

You almost become obsessed with controlling thoughts. Think-toss out, think-keep all day long, but what about the ones  I missed while answering phone or helping my partner get into clean pyjamas listening to him moan and groan while I think: “I’m tired of this shit, I didn’t sign up for taking care of a sick man”. Did I create something unwillingly?

So this obsession passes and guess what? I start experiencing emptiness. I think it’s called “brain farts”, the mind is so afraid to think it doesn’t think at all. Instead of this: “Look at the dust it’s all over the furniture”, I now think: “Dust, home, wonderful”. I finally became the observer.

By only observing and not giving it power, I won’t manifest it further. We get what we think. It’s wrong to say we get what we want. We get what we think and focus on. I don’t like dust, therefore, if I focus on it, I will see it all the time. The dust will continue to build up, but I don’t see it because it’s no longer part of my reality.

Creating consciously is a process we have to go through. It’s easy to write about, but my experience helped me understand that the wiring needs to be unwired, old wires tossed out and if need be, replace them with new wires or re-wire the system. It’s kind of like an old house you just bought. There are some things/decor that age with time but blend into the decoration, but there are things that simply stick out like a sore thumb and need to be demolished completely. Mixing the old with the new but with resonance. After all, we are vibration and light, each one of us are wired with a unique frequency signature, each one of us experience a process in different way but I can assure you, you will not wake up one morning and just start creating, it doesn’t work that way.

This is the time of ‘year’ to start thinking about the new one arriving.. The construct of time that we live in has benefits because we can plan out what we want in front of us. Take this year 2016 and start writing down what you don’t want and what you want to happen for you personally. Before we can create outwards and externally, we need to create our personal life. This alone will take several lifetimes to figure out, all depending on your religious background, indoctrination, the way your parents raised you, education you chose to waste time on, etc.

It is possible, very possible, but the most difficult part of the process is similar to an addict. We first have to admit that we ARE powerful and that we CAN create our reality. Once we accept that, truly believe that, we then start creating simple things.

If you’re not sure yet, if you still think that the world was created without your knowledge or consent, then start thinking about it. You see, we are all here for a purpose, nothing is coincidence, whatever we are experiencing now is what we created together. Knowing this changes your entire perspective, instead of feeling the violence and madness, you start realizing it’s part of the play we as actors came to play.

You old soul are a creative god, no other race or live entity outside our 3D reality has the power to create by thought alone. This is what happens when we have this freedom but not the knowledge or memory of it. We will eventually figure it out, after all, time is only a construct we created to play in this 3D reality.


Wishing you all a great start into 2016. May all your thoughts and wishes happen!


Hello everyone. I love this series of videos I came across yesterday, although I have not watched/listened to all of them, the ones I have are enough for me to feel good about them and the information. It’s probable that you have already watched them, but for those that have not, you can now read them more quickly rather than watching them which takes longer. Enjoy! (This transcript does not necessarily reflect my personal views/ideas/thoughts/beliefs.) 

“Look at the screen in front of you. What do you see? A void of emptiness. Welcome to Oneness. Before there was any Sound, Color, Shape or Vibration, there was Oneness.

This Oneness was everything that Ever was or Ever will be. No beginning. No end. All powerful, all knowing, awareness, eternal.

Then Oneness decided it would like to experience a new reality, in which it can experience itself subjectively.

So, it conjured up a sub-atomic particle that we named the Proton. This proton was the father of thinking, first thought ever conjured up by Oneness. Another seed was introduced which is the seed or Son of the father we all named Neutron. Now, the son is one with the father Proton. This is the beginning of thinking.


The next introduction of thinking had to come in the form of motion, vibrations and energy. Without this motion and energy, the Proton and  Neutron were nothing more than doormen, nothing more than a thought without purpose.

Then came the introduction of the negative charge that would spark the imagination of the Proton. The negative charge we will call the Electron. This Elect Lady Electron was 1800 times smaller than the father  Proton and the son Neutron. This Electron would spin around the Proton and Neutron held in orbit by the attraction of the male. But why stop here? So creating a whole harem of ladies circling and flirting with the male, creating a womb of protection for the seed of the father to reproduce another, just like themselves, over and over.

We call this womb the Nucleus. This womb will be the room, the birthplace of the Neutron sons seed within the womb of the mother. This mother we call Matter.

This womb of the mother, room of the matter, became the Nucleus for it produced the New Clay of Us. This Electron orbits the father and son at the speed of thought, thereby occupying space and conjuring up the illusion of matter from the Void of Emptiness.

Oneness conjured up something. Within this group of the father Proton, the son Neutron and the mother Electron, the whole of everything was formed. This is the first Atom, the beginning of thought, this is the Matrix Womb. 

Thought formed this energy that glowed as in an electrically charged Atom. This glow produced light. Everything in our reality  that was able to be thought of, comes to existence.

We live in 3 dimensional thought Universe. Everything we observe is thought which in turn is light. Everything visible in the 3D space is light if matter is accelerated to a speed of light times the speed of light, all that exists is formed from energy and light.  Thought brings the imagery into existence at a sub-atomic level and it slowly becomes part of the holodeck. This so called reality is like polygraphic lego building blocks. Everything around us was created from thought and which in its original state permeates, penetrates and fills the inter-spaces of the Universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. This is the Eye in of Judaism, where something is created out of nothing.

When thinking a thought of corresponding sounds and shapes, suddenly matter appears. This is how the whole Universe was formed from this Matrix womb, hence, the term ” The big bang” which is one big sexual union of atoms reproducing themselves over and over endlessly.

The size of the Nucleus in proportion to the electrons and protons is about the same as between the sun and planets. Scientists know this to be a fact. The atom symbol represents the ray of life. This was conjured up by thought, thought became the Egyptian god Thoth; and no, Thoth is not an alien or creature. This is just a representation or symbolism of thought. Thoth is the creativity of everything known to man. thoth21

The ancient Egyptians credited thought or Thoth with a word science and philosophy and magi. The Greeks credit Thoth with astrology and the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, medicine, theology, botany, civilized government, the alphabet, writing and reading. Thoth was the true author of every word of every branch of knowledge with human intervene. Greek mythology named ” Thought” Hermes, Romans called “thought” Mercury and made them gods.



Adam and Eve are the names given to the two reproductive characteristics of the Atom and the Light. Adam is the first Atom. Eve refers to the light emanating from that form. Atoms form the first humans hence the name and play on words.

Eve is the dawning of Creation, coming of the light. Eve is likewise the evening or the end of light. This symbolizes the beginning and the end of the light. The alpha and the omega of the bringing of light.

Adam and Eve together are symbolic names for the electrically charged Atom symbol which in turn symbolized the Lightbringer. The light morning and evening star, together, they represent the creator of light, the created god called Lucifer who is the lightbringer.

This production of the physical light is the ability to see, the ability to see produced by the electricity contained within the Atom.

The name Lucifer is derived from the word LUCIMFERRE–Lucim means bringer, the Ferre is Light: The bringer of light.

Genesis Chapter 1 of the old testament fills it without any doubt who the lightbringer is and who will want Lucifer his. *not sure of this last sentence*.
Genesis -Verse 1 and 3 states: ” In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth”, then god said” Let there be light” and there was light.

Already the hypnotic trance has been established. Of course very few will question if there is a god. The same concept of the lightbringer has been applied to Jesus as well. In the New Testament, Revelation 16, we read: ” I Jesus am the bright and morning star” – Jesus is the light therefore Jesus is Lucifer. 

In fact all religions are based on Sun and Moon worshiping- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism. They all unknowingly worship Lucifer who is the Lightbringer.

Of course, religion demonized Lucifer and all the arrogant sheeps of the world all still think that he’s some devil entity or fallen angel which keeps the public from forever finding the truth about the ” light” association with atoms.

The fact is that we are all Luciferians in the sense of the word as we all use thought which is light energy. Everything requires thought. A word requires thought. Everything around us is light, sounds, vibrations. Words vibrate, everything vibrates. Vibration is energy. Energy glows and energy is light so thought is light.

SHAITAN is the ARABIC word for SATAN, which means knowledge or enlightenment. This enlightenment is the motion behind the name of Lucifer, the lightbringer thereby making Lucifer and Satan, two names meaning the same thing.


Both of these things then refer to enlightenment or coming to the light of the knowledge of truth. This name Satan is also derived from Saturn.
EL spelled E L was mentioned as the father of all gods in Egyptian mythology. EL is the inspiration for the term EL-ectricity. Electricity is produced by the elect lady, the electrons of the Atom. EL is the great architect of the Universe, the so-called Greater God, the bringer of light, the architect is referring to the ‘ arching’ ability of EL-ectricity.

Now, Oneness has conjured up thought and thought has conjured up this 3D universe. It was time to conjure up or think up the Human Race.

The first humans were set up around the world. The sex act for reproduction was introduced so too was the illusory births and deaths also established.
END of part 1