How Many Numbers Will We Need in 2015?

I couldn’t help but think how much money is being wasted using the fireworks. The size of the country doesn’t matter, it’s what they have in their budget to spend. So we have entered into 2015, I’m thinking about my kids in Canada getting dressed and ready to go out and celebrate. I sure enjoyed those years, when it was safe enough to walk downtown at night without worrying that your purse would be snatched off you.
Not very positive thoughts as the new year arrives. Why should we be positive? What changes? Only numbers. Our entire existence is based on numbers.

I personally had a good year, good in the sense that my life is filled with abundance and has been for many years now. My lesson this year was to balance everything because I have a tendency to go into extremes. If I start working in the garden, I don’t come into the house until I am crawling on the ground with back pain. If I work on my book, I don’t stop until I remove the toothpicks from my eyelids that keeps them open. When I give out clothes I don’t wear, I give out things I want later because it was done in a rush and never thought about it prior to packing it in the bag. I noticed this year that I had a lot of numbers. We had to get new EU identification, we needed to get another ferry pass for discounts, we needed to register our cars with a sticker if we drive it less than 6 months out of the year. This was all done to take more money from us, and it’s when I started to count the cards in my wallet, 16 different cards with different sets of numbers.
When you are born you are weighed in for pounds/kilograms; measured in length, your little feet stuck into black goo to stamp your little feet on to a paper. You are issued a birth certificate with numbers of certificate, your date and time of birth, your parents, their birth dates. By the time you leave the hospital you already hold hundreds of numbers to your identity.

After all what is a number? We are. We are nothing but numbers to those that control us. We spend our whole lives carrying numbers around. Bank account numbers, debit card numbers, credit card numbers, driver license numbers, social security or social insurance numbers and much more.

We spend our entire existence proving who we are, registering for every transaction, our work hours are numbered, hospital rooms are numbered, jailed cells are numbered, your car is numbered from your car insurance, registration and plates.

Isn’t that quite the opposite of the first slaves brought to the americas? They had no numbers, in fact, they had no names, the ones they had from Africa no longer were valid and they were given a name by their owner. They had no paperwork, in fact most of them could not read. The only letter they knew was an X that they used if they had to sign something.
Lucky slaves, they didn’t need wallets or bags, nobody asked them what their numbers were, in fact, many of them later on in life when slavery was abolished, didn’t even know their correct birth date.

So what is 2015? Just a number. Why the grand fireworks, the celebration, the drinking, the parties, the waiting for midnight to strike? What is celebration actually about? All that changed is a digit, yet our cellular structure changes every second.

Many will be making money predicting events for this year, many will be writing columns and blogs about a year in review 2014. Why? What is the purpose of wasting this time reviewing the past? We are not learning anything, we keep making the same mistakes, what is the purpose of rehashing cruel genocide, creating wars, killing with vaccines and chemotherapy, spraying us with nano particles and toxins, lying to us about GMO foods. Tell me, what is the purpose of celebrating or reviewing, we are just numbers.

They don’t listen to us. They don’t give a shit about us. They could care less that we are running around celebrating New Year; in fact are laughing at us and saying “Look at these idiots, despite all the shit we do to them, they still celebrate. They celebrate their slavery, they don’t have a clue what we have done to them and if they knew what we intend on doing this year, they would not celebrate”.

Are we going to sit back again this year and do nothing? Are we going to fight with each other about who is right and who is wrong when it comes to WHO the bad guys are? Does it really matter? Instead of wasting so much time writing about the bad guys, we should be writing project plans on how to finally remove them.

2015 should be the year of their demise. Not by writing about them, not by exposing them, in fact we can’t do anything to them. Our strategy is to stop feeding the machine. We need to make an active stand, stop paying taxes, close banks accounts, stop buying crap we don’t need. Their weakness is money, if we starve the corporations and banks; we make THEIR lives more difficult but before we can get to that point, we have to make some serious sacrifices.

We need to come together, love each other, toss aside our differences or accept them and love each other for the uniqueness that we are. Arguing over ‘who done it’, didn’t solve anything last  year, it won’t solve anything this year either.

Lets come together, lets starve this monster, let’s put aside the programming of good and bad, right and wrong, black and white. Lets remove the bullshit of religion, tradition, race, nationality, and throw out ALL those fucking numbers they make us carry around.

I want 2015 to be the year of humanity. I want us to stand up, find the strength and courage to say no. It’s not easy I know. You’re tired, you’re stressed out, you’re one day away from not making your mortgage payment, you feel helpless, your kids are coming home to live because their future is fucked, I understand, I get it, but this is what their goal was. It was to tire you out, stress you out, make you think because you are black or yellow that you were different. They convinced you that consumer spending will help the economy, so you went out and waited all night to get a new TV you didn’t need.

Got a house? Sell it, get a tiny house or something small. Do whatever you need to do to starve the machine, we’re not taking it with us and we are certainly not going to die the old way soon.

Let’s get together and be ONE LOVE. I know we can do this, they have separated us and fractured our oneness, we can get it back because we existed that way long ago.

P.S. The last sentence was plagiarized from Bob Marley,  “Let’s get together and be ONE LOVE”, there you go Emily, I admitted it!

Perhaps ALL the Bigger Spiritual Paths are ‘TRULY’ Equal because they ALL Enslave their followers?

In confronting the ‘pretend’ spiritual bureaucracy with these spiritual atrocities this is causing quite a stir, quite a few ‘official’ (read ‘USELESS’) beings are appearing because I’m taking a stand over this.

There should never ever be ANY forever and ever contracts applied to ANYONE on ANY path NEVER MIND A SO CALLED SPIRITUAL ONE.

Seriously this is INSANE, to have immortal beings CONTRACTED to be limited in their scope never mind to be limited in their SPIRITUAL explorations, options and possibilities is literally crazy. . .

ANY path whose USELESS MASTER con artist does this shouldn’t be considered ‘SPIRITUAL’ in the first place.

How do Spiritual Paths & Spiritual Masters manage to keep followers FOREVER?

Like I have said on other pages here, Spiritual Masters are ‘masters’ because they are MASTERS of the subtle AND it’s dead easy for them to put ANY FOLLOWER in sexual attraction energies and behaviours for example (as described here with more about these areas on the following page) OR alternatively to put a follower into ‘ACCEPTING, THIS SOUNDS GREAT, DON’T THINK DEEPLY ABOUT THIS AT ALL’ energies when they are approached by the spiritual master as he attempts to perpetrate the almighty spiritual con which has them being asked to sell themselves and their SOUL to himself and his ABSOLUTELY NOT SPIRITUAL IN THE SLIGHTEST PATH . . . FOREVER & EVER.

Because of the above I actually demand, AND focus on engaging with EVERY so called Spiritual Path that is CONNING & ENSLAVING it’s followers with this forever and ever subtle energetic binding bullshit . . .

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I demand that all paths doing this must be investigated AND that all ‘people’ permanently bound to these paths must be released from them.

Exactly what authority do the Spiritual Hierarchy shysters have TO LET THESE ATROCITIES HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE?

It is said by the spiritual hierarchy that all paths are working toward the same end and that all are equal?

Are they?

Perhaps they are all equal in that they are all working to the same end of ENSLAVING their followers?


If just one path with a useless, insecure unspiritual master does this such that the useless bastard keeps collecting followers while making sure they are permanently bound to his brand of spiritual insanity AND NEVER ESCAPE then like I mentioned on other pages here it starts a great rush to the bottom.

A rush to the lowest common ‘spiritual’ denominator ‘because’ any REAL spiritual path (that doesn’t contractually imprison it’s followers) will over millions of years end up with no members at all. Anyone that is actually REALLY spiritual or even just vaguely SENSIBLY will check out many different so called ‘paths’ in the UNLIMITED TIME THEY HAVE AVAILABLE TO DO THIS.

Perhaps Spiritual Paths are ALL Equal because they ALL Aspire to Enslave their followers?

Except at the point when they get interested in one of the fake paths run by a master shyster ‘spiritual’ con artist whom is obviously only interested in collecting SHEEP AND where the so called master likely isn’t ethically or morally inconvenienced by using subtle means to manipulate people into accepting the ‘bound forever’ to their ‘dark spiritual’ path con . . . yes if you agree to be bound to our amazing spiritual path then you will ‘eventually’ have revealed ALL of our amazing spiritual secrets . . . almost there, just a couple more days and you’ll be an amazing ascended being . . . ok, ok maybe three days ‘max’ then ALL spiritual wonders will be revealed . . .

Divine Bondage; Spiritual Slavery & Slave Labor

Just how do the Spiritual Hierarchy and the spiritual bureaucrats treat all those they have working for them in ‘spirit’? Particularly those whom are employed to help us here? What rights do these people have? How are they treated . . . are they treated with respect, love, openness, with their freewill choice respected? Is this how you’d imagine they’d be treated?

Well, this page describes my experience of Spiritual Hierarchy workers choosing to exercise their freewill and bizarrely leave their ‘light’ job to come and work with us to then find that the Spiritual Hierarchy threatened and did everything they could to stop them from doing this. This was not really a surprise to me at all because threatening, bullying and suppressing people seems to be what the Spiritual Hierarchy excel in more than anything else. So, this is about the spiritual hierarchy keeping spirit workers in bondage and enslaved to their hidden agenda and prevented from making their own true choices.

Divine Masters of Spiritual Slavery & Bondage

This employee redistribution event happened during the time when we started to reveal and expose the Useless Help and what they were doing (described in another article series Story of how well Hidden Spirit HELP were Found). In effect because it did actually REALLY sink in with some of those beings/people that we are SUCCESSFULLY and EASILY dealing with horrible negative issues that they’d ALWAYS been covering up then some of these beings on becoming aware of this actually resigned from their ‘jobs’ so they could join what we were doing.

Confrontation of Spirit Helpers; Freewill Violations All the TIME

As, I repeatedly mention elsewhere we do RECORD EVERYTHING we deal with and research . . . so a few weeks down the line it came to my attention that the pitiful small percentage of these beings actually electing to do something better had actually stopped.

Investigations revealed that all of these Spirit ‘helping’ people had been threatened by the Spiritual Hierarchy with all sorts of nasty outcomes if they chose to come work with us. They were not allowed to leave.

Wwwoooow . . .

You can see why I mention elsewhere here that I quite often have to resort to apoplectic shouting with regards useless and stupid Spiritual Hierarchy officials, Ascended Masters, Elohim Bureaucraps (and others).

Spirit Helpers treated as Virtual Slaves in Spiritual Bondage

Which I did in this case too . . . I went and had a good apoplectic shout telling them exactly how useless they were and demanding to know how their attitude fitted in with their freewill constitution never mind basic ‘rights’ . . . as a result the old trickle of abdicating help started trickling our way again which in real terms was about 1 in 100,000 at that time.

Is this what you’d expect of so called Divine Masters? Holding people in servitude, treating them as virtual slaves in bondage forever?

So, that’s one in every 100,000 that have the courage and or gumption and risk threats (or maybe worse) to step away from an unjust and debilitating status quo that has them working in ways that cause THEM and US and in FACT EVERYONE more cascading issues, debilitations and limitations to accumulate ALL THE TIME . . . to do something that actually DOES THE OPPOSITE.

A Spiritual Hierarchy enforced Spiritual Servitude

Here you have the Spiritual Hierarchy people whom are ‘presenting themselves’ as promoting and supporting love, freewill, awareness, cooperation, empowerment, equality and so on and so on.

Whom are then confronted with people ABLE to not only expose and dispose of all the hidden covering up subtle energetic fantasy healing solutions that they are responsible for but whom can also deal with the issues hidden behind these cover ups that were responsible for the need to apply ‘said’ fantasy healing solutions in the first place . . .

>> EASILY <<

You’d imagine that such loving, cooperative, spiritual master type people would welcome such a revelation and not only embrace it but support it too, but sadly not only are they belligerent to this BUT make a point of stopping anyone whom wants to discontinue maintaining the limiting permanently applied solutions that they keep hidden from making a choice to work with something that does WORK . . .

What choice do YOU have to make a true ‘unmanaged’ choice?

How much are you reading this ALSO held in Spiritual Bondage?

How much are you a spiritual slave to a diabolically dark ‘light’ agenda

What choice do you reading this ‘really’ have?

Are you one of the 1 in the 100,000 whom can take in information and make an informed choice OooRrrrr are you one of the 99,999 out of 100,000 who are going to continue running around in the same old hamster wheel . . . ?


A Little Divine Light on Spiritual Atrocities & Horrors

A Little Divine Light on Spiritual Atrocities & Horrors

 Each of the following paragraphs introduces a main page of this series in a ‘tongue in cheek’ vaguely humorous fashion. Click on any title below will take you to thefull page . . . do you dare?

Spiritual & Divine Masters of Deception, Lies & Spin

Can you easily lie? Do you dislike giving people seriously BAD NEWS? YES? Fantastic, we might have just the right job for you. We are a consultancy group (Spiricon inc) employed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our job is to find someone whom can find a way to present what is actually and really a COMPLETE &**#ing disaster as an amazingly ‘Good THING’ specifically to those that the disaster actually directly impacts without them realising this. Just to give you an idea of what we are looking for we present here a serious disaster that we already facilitated the Spiritual Hierarchy to cover up in just this way a little while ago . . . we’re rather proud of how we did this . . . even though we’ve all gone to rather a LOT of trouble to make sure that these lightworker people are about as aware as a tea cosy (while having them imagine the opposite) we’re still amazed that not one of them questioned this one . . . so, read and study how we managed to do this . . . and then get back to us if you think you can do better . . . as we’ve an ever bigger disaster similar to what we present in this example that we’ll have to try and cover up in the next year or two . . . it’s a massive biggie, so, we’re going to have to come up with something REALLY spectacular . . . we need your help . . .

Spiritual Masters Enlightening Employment Attitudes

Do you agree with Slave Labour? Is the work your employees do for you SO BAD that you all have to keep it hidden and secret while living in fear of being exposed? Would you threaten or scare your employees and stop them taking better work elsewhere or even stopping them talking to others? Would YOU? This page is about how Amnesty Intermultidimensional is at this very moment taking up the case of the suppressed and down trodden spirit help workers whom are forced to keep THEMSELVES and what they are doing SECRET because it’s all just too embarrassing for their employers if they’re discovered. So, DON’T delay, call ‘AI’ NOW and give your support for all spirit workers putting up with suppressive and deplorable working conditions on all spiritual levels everywhere. For more information or to make a donation then please read this page . . .

Spiritual Hierarchy Actions Suppress & Disempower

Ever been trying to raise your awareness? Ever suffer from tiredness, low vitality or a craving for higher light vibrations or energetic top ups? Are you a compulsive light showerer or chakra balancer or an obsessive space clearer or are you often protecting yourself against energetic intrusions, negativity, entities, bad vibes AND avoiding chocolate chip cookies? ARE YOU? If any of this has meaning for you then DON’T read this page . . . it’ll be too scary . . . WAY toooooo scary . . . you could end up finding yourself trying to do all the above at once which might cause a love and light subtle energetic delivery overload and bring the entire Spiritual Hierarchy light plan;

>> Crashing DOWN!! <<

. . . it’s just NOT worth it . . . so, keep us all safe and don’t ever EVER try and read this page . . . OK?

Sabotaged Negative Issue & Self Exploration

Have you ever been trying to become more self aware or self understanding? Are you interested in personal self exploration BUT have had problems orienting toward or directly investigating yourself OR of even thinking about doing this just as a possibility? Have you ever been prevented from thinking about how much trying to stay positive actually prevents you from engaging with or even directly exploring negative aspects of yourself? Have you ever decided to rely on the hope that ‘something’ will ‘somehow’ magically sort out all your negative issues for you while you stay oblivious both to how this was (really) done or even of why you had these issues in the first place? Do you find yourself relying on the dangled Ascension bus carrot to keep yourself going?


If any of this has meaning for you then DON’T read this page . . . it’ll make you pissed off . . . you’ll become aware of all the ways that yourself and all of us are managed to ensure our self explorations are unsuccessful because you are sabotaged from directly engaging with or investigating negative issues.

Spiritual Hierarchy Global Population Management

How well are the Spiritual Hierarchy doing to lovingly manage the global population? What different spiritual means do they use to achieve this? How many of you are unknowingly helping them in their plans for world domination by partaking of global healings and peace meditations? Do you know what the subtle energies generated by these ACTUALLY do? WELL DO YOU? Have you noticed the visible and upsetting drawbacks? NO!!! Well, don’t be shy; find out NOW what might happen to your sexuality by reading these pages . . . AND . . . even WORSE the dreadful things that could happen if you DON’T . . . geessse, it’s difficult being a decisive lightworker . . . EH!!!

Policies Against the Competent, Aware & Honest

Do you deplore injustice? Are you competent, honest, caring? Do you have good subtle perceptions and awarenesses? Or even WORSE are you doing anything that might have you at risk of becoming aware of or of exposing ANYTHING that the Spiritual Hierarchy wants kept hidden? ARE YOU? To find out what might happen if you are . . . then read this page . . BUT!!! . . . please NOTE . . . WARNING; lightworkers are recommended . . . I REPEAT recommended to NOT read this page without the right set of;

‘Divine Sacred Keys of Ultimate Light Protection’

As you yourself should know, you should always use these amazing sacred keys to protect yourself from ANYTHING that is actually honest and accurate. Honest and accurate accounts can induce a potentially ‘fatal’ >> FATAL << ‘light wisdim’ melt down. Any lightworkers attempting to read this page are thus warned that there are extreme levels of honest and accurate information . . . BEWARE!!!!

Spiritual Hierarchy Isolates Competent Paths & Ways

Even worse what if you are a competent AND concerned spiritual leader or guru and are directing your entire group toward negative issues both to improve your understandings of these but particularly to address negative issue healing failures?

Read these page to find out how the Spiritual Hierarchy deliberately and ‘consciously’ separates and isolates paths, groups and ways whom stupidly fall into the ‘competent, aware’ category just because they are trying to engage with negative issues and actually trying to investigate these in subtle energy terms.

Read these pages to gain understandings of how the Spiritual Hierarchy uses creative manifestation to beat the drum in completely different ways compared to what it recommends to ourselves through the law of attraction to achieve complete control and suppression of ourselves.

Spiritual Hierarchy Edits & Sanitizes Akashic Files

Have you checked your Akashic records ‘integrity’ rating recently? Are you worried that your personal Akashic accounts and your past life identities may be hacked and exposed? Do you have ANY embarrassing bits in a past life that you would NEVER EVER want revealed?

What about . . .

>> THAT life <<

of 50 lives ago? Remember!!! . . . the LIFE you NEVER EVER WANTED TO REMEMBER? Well, no longer do you have to fear!! For the first time EVER we can offer you the same exclusive service once only secretly enjoyed by our SACRED & DIVINE LIGHT membership card holders, their friends and families (and anyone with enough to bribe them) and have your Akashic records seamlessly edited by our trained experts whom can not only ‘disappear’ all those dead bodies BUT creatively adjust anything that just might reveal that you’re really a two faced lying, low life bastard with no morals . . . we’ve had so much experience of doing this over the last millennium for other two faced lying, low life bastards with no morals Spiritual Hierarchy clientèle that we can absolutely guarantee that no one will ever find out your secrets . . . your personal information is of course completely safe in our hands (cough, cough) . . .

Light v Demons & Dark Forces Sacred Score Card

Who’s winning? Is it the bad, dastardly and dreadful demons and dark forces? Or are those of the Spiritual and Light holding the sacred and moral holy high ground? Our multidimensional research teams have been assessing all the evidence and the results may surprise you. To find out just how much better the amazing Spiritual Light teams are doing compared to the others’ pathetic efforts . . . and to experience how quickly you can be catapulted into the higher realms of dizzying enlightenment and gain truly astonishing knowledge and awesome insights first hand then start reading this page now . . .



The word ascension to some means freedom, to others a process that requires raising our vibration to higher frequencies and thus Ascending to higher realms, some even believe they will leave the planet and that 5th dimension is another reality.

It can get really confusing for those just starting their journey. For a newbie just discovering they have been duped and are trying to fit all the pieces together, the word discernment is foreign. How does someone just starting their journey resonate with truth when they are still saturated with dogma, programming and false beliefs?

Many people have fears and misconceptions about what Ascension really is, hell, I can’t say for sure either but I know that my soul, the Soul that I am; took me on a trip to Source during a Near Death Experience in 1981 during the delivery of my son via C-Section. My heart had stopped for 12 minutes and it was then I learned that I am not my body; I am Soul and for a few brief minutes existed as a multidimensional being, fully aware and knew that I would always return when I wanted to.

It’s that ‘just knowing’ I often talk about, so that feeling of experience in an Ascended state is familiar to me. Some people think that Ascension means rising up with their physical body, but this is not the case. We have had thousands of years in this bodysuit to Ascend that way and to this day I have not heard of anyone ascending to another place, if they have you would certainly hope they left a note behind: “Dear loved ones, my time has come and I chose to Ascend, please don’t worry, and see you soon”.

Two thousand years ago, people could have ascended that way because the vibratory level that we contained could not sustain the frequency of Light, but we have evolved since then, believe it or not.

Ascension is about re-integrating the higher self together with the body and soul. As we were genetically tampered with over time, the bodysuit could no longer hold the higher self so the separation happened. Was it done on purpose through genetic manipulation? I can’t say, but the Wingmaker material points to modifications of the bodysuit for the purpose of keeping us ignorant and disconnected from Source.

That re-integration/Ascension will happen when all the factors come together such as Gaia choosing the right time, her trajectory and position in the Galactic Arm/Center, our awakening and removal of the veil.

Once this happens, we will experience the instant feeling of joy, unconditional love and unity consciousness. In a blink of an eye as higher-self returns to the body/being we will remember everything, the past, the present, our purpose, who we are, who we were and everything in our personal akash, planetary and galactic akash. In other words we will create our own heaven on Earth. We will be in planetary service so our needs and desires will no longer be as important as our desire to serve All that is.

Not everyone will stay here. According to Dolores Cannon and other soul regression therapists: “billions of souls volunteered to come to Earth at this time when the call went out, but only a few million were allowed”. These Souls were highly evolved that could handle the extreme conditions on Earth along with the darkness in the lower densities. We knew we would have to reincarnate many many times to raise the frequency of the Planet, but something went wrong with the plan and quarantine was placed around Earth and we became trapped.

Michael Tsarion explains this very well and once I do the research, going to put something together about this quarantine and how it came about.

People here on the planet are not yet aware they agreed to come, those of us that volunteered came from different parts of the multi-verse and it is my understanding that once we complete the work and Gaia brings us into the 5th dimensional reality, most of us will return to our homes. Of course, we all have free will and that means we choose if we want to stay or leave.

People often say to me that they are not doing what they came here to do, but out of necessity must work in a job they hate or they will tell me they are not happy in their relationships and know it’s not right for them but they don’t have the courage to leave or change their situation.

I answer back by saying that we are all doing what we should be doing. Some of us came to create chaos, some to bring unhappiness, some to bring massive earth changes and destruction to the planet, not all of us agreed to come here and do good work. Its part of our agreement, we had to create a problem in order for someone else to create a solution, this is what our governments do when they want to create stricter laws. We have to do whatever it takes to get people to wake up.

Without wars, we would not be motivated to fight for peace. Without the chains being placed on us we would not fight for freedom.

I realize that many people still have a problem accepting that some souls came to be part of genocide, to be victims of wars. I still have a problem with that too because of the suffering they have to go through and because it just seems crazy that we would agree to this, but we must realize that we are souls using these bodies here temporarily and without the conflicts and constant wars we may never have started to question why. It is through the conflicts and wars that many people found out the truth about the Matrix and the system of domination and control so we must know and understand that things are evolving as they should.


At Ascension/re-integration the body will turn into light, a sort of matt finish light, some call it this crystalline body as all matter disintegrates going into the higher frequencies.
I had a lucid dream last year where I was transforming and looking at myself, first lifting one hand and watch it change into light, and then I would look around me and watch how objects started to fade in and out and eventually just disappear. Everything that was inorganic or man-made disappeared. All that was left was natural objects, plants, trees, stones, people and the rest of living organisms.
This is the time when we should be preparing for the changes, as the quarantine around earth starts to fade out or thin out, we will be closer to or have better access/uninterrupted access to our higher selves. You may get messages incoming and it may be from your higher self or a fracture of your Soul. Part of our Soul stays behind the veil, a highly evolved soul can fragment into many parts and live out parallel lives but part of us remains on the other side to ensure we come back or ensure that we will remember to come home. Archons want to steal our souls as they are soulless, they are jealous of us because of that.

According to John Lamb Lash, the archons are a celestial error; while Aeon Sophia plunged into the Pleroma so excited about her creation Earth, she dove into the Pleroma wanting to become Earth and while she plunged some sort of energy burst happened and the Archons came to be. It makes sense, but can’t prove or disprove this theory, but I have been following Johns work for almost 10 years so he’s pretty good at interpreting the Gnostic texts.

Our challenge is to prepare, but we don’t know what to prepare for. Nobody knows for sure how the events will take place, will there be a great earth shifting, shaking, we don’t know, so it’s good to be ready in case of a power outage or some natural event that will shut down everything. I have prepared for 1 year of food, water, medicine, basic items needed when there is no power, seeds, some indoor lights in case volcanos block the sun, I hope I never have to use it, but it’s a nice feeling to know that should something happen we can survive for a while.

Someone said to me once: “You know, this is actually hell. We are fooling ourselves and in denial that we are living on Earth, this is hell and not a place where humans can find happiness”.

Maybe he’s right! The illusion is far reaching, maybe this is hell, and maybe there is a place where our challenge is to turn this hell into heaven?
We can do this if we want to bad enough, but the one event that will happen is our graduation into a higher density and dimension.

The 1% not only has all the money and power, but all the evil. 99% of us against them sounds so simple don’t it, but they did a great job of separating us, before anything happens we have to unite. Didn’t John Lennon sing that song “Let’s come Together?”

The joke is on us, we’re gods, everyone wants to be like us in the multi-verse, we’re royalty in the planetary scheme of things, when are we going to wake up and realize this?

I was listening to a presentation that Omnec made in Norway at the UFO Conference . She claims to be here for the purpose of educating us, her story is contradictory or opposite to what Yellow Rose for Texas is saying, Tolec from Andromeda Council predicted that we would ascend in the January of this year, then in spring, then there was a problem. We have hundreds of people explaining Ascension and more predicting when it will happen, yet most of these people already failed their first predictions. So which is it?

Who is trying to confuse us? Who are the disinformation agents? If there is only one truth and one way out of this mess, then who is the one that is telling us the truth? I am putting forth these questions to you, I have my own theory and belief as explained above. I have been having dreams and visions for years, my higher self-sending me visual images for me to interpret. The date isn’t important to me, I am ready for it today or in 10 years, and my only challenge at this current reality is to stay as healthy as I can because I want to live through this exciting period. I feel it’s very soon and I mean soon before 2017, but something big is about to happen by the end of this year, whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we prepare for everything.

The Cabal is burning up as they lose their dark connections, they may go for broke and put out the worse of weapons, anything is possible, but remember this: You are a Soul, an immortal soul using this bodysuit to have an Earth experience.

Something that I wanted to mention about Omnec and what she says about our evolution. Her version of our evolution is really hierarchical, meaning we start at one point and work our way upwards. She claims that we must be everything before we become humans, minerals, rocks, trees, every single plant, every single animal and that once we have completed ALL those experiences that we can only then incarnate as humans. I have a problem with this, it reminds me a lot Buddhism and if we are free will souls and have the right to choose, I just don’t see how this law would apply then, in essence we are not controlling our destiny.

Just wanted to add that in, look her up if you have not heard about her or watch her recent video from Norway.

On November 11, our cat and dog were acting very strange. Typically they are very vocal when they need something, Leo our cat will meow when he needs fresh water or food or clean litter. Max our dog as well will go to his bowl and whine or park himself at the start of the stairs signaling he needs to go outside. On that day, our pets did not eat or drink all day. In fact, we were worried half way through the day because they were not even drinking water. Both slept most the day and were very lethargic, I know it had to do with incoming energies, but I would go as far as saying that they were in essence filtering that energy for us.

Did anyone else have any interesting experiences on that day?


I love you all.

The Awakening Springs Unstoppable

by Zen Gardner Dec 28, 2014

People don’t realize the effects of their actions, words and decisions as they seem to take so long to take effect in the long run. That’s a manifestation of the semi-conscious mind at work. We expect quick results when so much is way deeper than surface appearances and understandings.

I’m addressing the awakening and those working to effect it. If these controllers can work their nefarious program this slowly over centuries, so must we be willing to see our desired arousal of humanity in many ways. Admittedly we need something fast and furious in light of what they’re foisting upon humanity, but it’s an organic process, much like spring reaching the roots and branches of budding nature which blossoms in the crescendo of life.

Seemingly slowly, yet all encompassing and of a synchronized and massively magnificent magnitude – a wondrous demonstration of irrepressible life!

Don’t Be Fooled
On their imposed time frame and mindset we may appear to be weak and powerless. That’s a total illusion, a lie of the baser sort designed to engender weakness and a lack of fight. We are everything. Our united stand in conscious awareness and brotherhood is exactly what they fear and are trying to dispel at every cost.

That’s why it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Defy them. Glory in your awareness and freedom. Be bold and brash in the face of whatever they throw at us. Our fire is what is setting their cobweb of deceit aflame and they know it…but never mind them. Our concentration needs to be on manifesting the Truth. Their mechanisms are in place to discourage initiative, any sense of freedom or autonomy, and our clear and given knowledge of personal sovereignty.

Screw them. United we stand. And march forward we will. Unrepressed. Truth cannot be stopped.

All the hocus-pocus of media entrainment has one goal – disempowerment. They cannot kill our bodies as hard as they try, they cannot suppress love and truth, and they cannot stop the tide of the awakening, despite the naysayers and critics. We are it. As sure as the tide comes and goes, as sure as the sun sets and rises, the spiraling nature of existence has put a definite period on this march to dystopia, no matter what insane conflagration might befall us as they perform their desperate death throes.

Happy Days
This might sound shallow to some but this is the case. We have a LOT to be happy about. The exposure of their cruel intent, their psychopathic maneuverings, and the brash and blatant designs of their programs are out in the open. Wide open. Those who are willing to see are clearly able to see now. It’s something to take great heart in.

Granted, it’s sad for those who refuse to look. They apparently haven’t gotten the memo yet. But many will in the days to come. You can count on that.

We need to keep our chins up and looking into the light. It takes some concentration when the news is so foreboding everyday, but do it we must. Not ignorantly or Pollyanna-ish, but with real determined wisdom and knowledge. We’re facing a change the world has never seen – a global reconstruction which these fascist controllers want to reconstruct enroute. Sorry, a new age is dawning boys.

They’re usurpers, shallow magicians of sorts, making their play for our planet that was designed for love and harmony. Out with the bastards, they’re lying thieves wanting to steal our energy and home.

It’s time to manifest our true selves, true heart, true spirit and true claim to our heritage.

Do it – and enjoy it! It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

Know you are not alone!

Love always,


Loneliness – The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind
Dear Humans,

Today I wish to address to you a certain brand of loneliness.  It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition.  The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being disconnected, apart, abandoned or simply “different” from everyone else you know.  This situation is compounded when friends, coworkers and even family members begin seeing you differently.  They’re not so much intrigued by your positive changes but rather disappointed by your shift in attitude and may even be concerned for your mental stability.  These otherwise well-meaning souls are occasionally characterized as the “sleeping” and you may very well be part of the “awakening.”

The Awakening Mind
I say “awakening” because the experience appears to be very dynamic and fluid by nature.  I’m not sure I would recognize or even fully appreciated an “awake” mind for they are far and few between us.  But for those who are experiencing various stages of wakening, you are as visible to me as I am to you.
Generally speaking, the awakening mind radiates at a much different and “higher” vibration than most other people.  Since this “vibration” wants to resonate harmonically with similar or complimentary energies, it can (and often does) resonate with like-minded people.  It can, however, just as easily create discord with those who resonate at a much lower vibration.  Just imagine striking a non-complimentary note on separate pianos, especially with one out of tune.  That’s the discord I’m referring to, except in this case, the resonance resides within the psychic and spiritual realms.

I speak in terms of “higher” and “lower” vibrations without truly qualifying what is meant by that.  First off, there is no state superior to another.  Like changing stations on a radio dial YOU choose the station you need (or want) to be on.  Most people are tuned to what I consider to be a limited awareness.  This does not make them any less sublime or capable as Humans.  This is merely the channel they are “tuned” to and as such they are acclimated with that world.
This vibrational density is impressive in its own right for it has the power to generate fantastic illusions so convincing that even the conscious mind can fully buy into it.  This ability to manifest a false paradigm and to believe it to be true requires considerable power.  But you, my dear reader, may have peeked behind the proverbial projector screen and have seen an assembly of gears and levers and perhaps even a portly, unassuming little man attending them with due diligence.

Stepping Out of the Matrix
The awakening mind —now that’s a different story.    The higher vibration of this mind-body state allows a more commanding view.  Like stepping up a ladder, you can look down and see (though not really live) the dynamics of the lower vibrations.  Each step up the ladder requires tremendous courage, an open and curious mind and a high degree of “functional” intelligence.  Those steps command effort -much more effort than what most are willing to exert.  Sleepers may go so far as to observe or even stumble over this hypothetical “ladder” and still not recognize what it is or how they may benefit from it.

People on the lower rungs of the ladder rarely look up.  They choose to frequently look “down” which may give them a false sense of superiority or dominion over their world.  They are especially prone to the hypnotic suggestion television creates and may even go so far as to “act out” various fictional characters or their favorite professional athlete.  The lower state is easily entertained- and anything or anyone who challenges their status quo will be dismissed as an outsider, a misfit or a threat.
The Slide and Adrenalin
I have alluded to a ladder- but now I would like for you to imagine a slide.  Going “up” the slide takes some effort.  You must go up the steps, higher and higher until you reach the top.  One may then position themselves in such a manner so to enjoy the ride downward.  This downward “thrill” is brief but exhilarating.   The slide provides a good physical example of going from a higher state to a lower state and the ensuing thrill from moving in this downward fashion.
There are also many examples of the slide analogy within the spiritual realm.   Turn on any news station and you will soon be bombarded with “energy dropping” stories that create a sort of “rush” –a rush that, curiously enough, is habit forming.  These news sources often report stories of tragedy and high drama.  So severe are these stories they actually can cause the body to produce an adrenalin related “rush” or high.  Once again we find ourselves “sliding” down that imaginary slide and into a lower vibrational state.  The “mainstream” news networks have created legions of adrenalin junkies.  The “sleepers” are their primary target.
During the course of their day, the sleepers gradually build their energy level back up.  But soon they find themselves back on that hypothetical slide and are sent swooshing down once again into a lower energy state.   It’s a vicious, repeating cycle that keeps the sleepers fast asleep and drunk happy on adrenalin.
Lonely at the Top
Many readers of Rattleberry Pie have stayed on top of the ladder long enough to take in the view.  They’ve recognized that the view is more exhilarating than the fall.  They saw many things up there- things that would be hard to describe to those below.  The awakening mind continues to build “steps” higher and higher, and soon they are peeking above the clouds.  Now they look down from this lofty position and see the tiny dot that was their slide.  They are amazed by how that relatively insignificant slide inspired them to move higher.   Sliding down from this cloud level height is really no longer an option, at least not in the traditional sense.  Here is yet another dilemma of the awakening mind.
Once you have experienced the process of awakening there really is no going back.  The one (down) side is the higher you get, the more rarefied the air becomes.  Loneliness can settle in.  The awakening mind is an exceptionally vibrant mind that requires considerable stimulation and camaraderie.  But it’s lonely up there.  Indeed.
Final Thought
The awakening experience is truly a gift.   It’s is not for the weak or the meek.  It takes much strength and courage to achieve these higher levels of enlightenment.   Those who are awakening come in all sizes and shapes –many are the so-called Indigo’s, the Crystal’s, or essentially any Human that realizes their personal power and potential and that there is much more to this world than they’ve been told.
One may ponder if those in the process of awakening have a moral obligation to try and wake the sleepers.  From my own observation and experience I would advise against this.  Simply let them sleep.  The best way to reach them is over time.  Be gentle and incremental in your approach.  This is the same technique the “powers that be” have used on you  -that was until you saw a little “string” that connected to other strings that held the tapestry of the matrix in place.
So be an example.  Radiate with love and truth.  -Project health, exuberance and happiness.  Be aware without being angry (easier said than done).  The sleepers must see the higher steps of the ladder as being worth the effort.  They may someday abandon the rush of the fall for the beauty of the view.
Just by virtue of being aware you are already contributing in a vast and energetic way to those around you.  They “sense” your vibration and may try to resonate with you some day.  You have been given “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” so you have been blessed.   Yes, until others begin to see as you do the loneliness -the isolation can feel very real at times.
Let me remind you that you are not alone.  We feel you out there- we are grateful for your presence and we love you so very, very much.
-Until next time
There is a certain obscurity that follows Julian Wash. We sense he’s benevolent, a little crazy and we think rather enjoyable to read. Email:

Excellent article. Could have not done a better job but I don’t agree with his opinion that we should let people sleep. Perhaps we had the privilege of doing so years ago, but we don’t have much time left. If the sleepers are going with us at the same time, I guess there is no need for them to wake up; but then why am I working so hard on waking up;  but if it is required from humanity that we raise our consciousness in order to move on, then we need to wake up as many people as we can. There is no time to be patient or gentle, on the other hand, we can’t force someone to do something they are are not ready for. I will continue to post and share information, if they read it often enough, will that speed up their awakening? Probably not, it can be sitting in front of them and in their face, if they are not ready, nothing can progress, it’s a choice. That should not discourage us from trying though, many are just starting to wake up, perhaps all they need is a little push.


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