Anyone Out There?

You may be wondering where I am and why I’m not posting much. I did write that I was going to take a sabbatical for a few months so that I could be more useful in the community. My real intent upon returning to Croatia was to write in Croatian and help my fellow humans understand there is a greater world and reality outside the religious/patriarchal and victim based mentality. I had a difficult time writing in Croatian and thus started to write this blog in English as it was much easier. After a few years I realized that I was not doing what I had set out to do, and that was to serve my fellow Croatians. Working in the community seemed much easier for me, but I never got that far.

It’s nice to see that despite my lack of posts, I still have a large readership base, wow, I never thought I had left an impression so thank you for that!

As those of you know that have been following this blog for a few years, my partner is very ill so most of my time is being used in assisting him. For 2 years he chose the medical route and his illness progressively got worse. In fact, I didn’t think he would even make it to the end of this year. His diagnosis Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and COPD is a disease that has no cure, the heart eventually gives out. 3 months ago, he finally realized that the drugs and failed therapies were only sending him to hospital on a weekly basis.

It took me 2 years to pressure his doctors to prove and verify that the drugs he was taking were helping him; I basically spent all that time talking, questioning and demanding answers. Finally, after an exhausting 2 year period, they have written off his drugs on his medical records and I was able to start with alternative therapies. This year alone, my partner would end up in hospital on a biweekly basis due to fluid retention around the heart, lung embolisms, drug side effects, breathing difficulties and lung infections. It takes a lot of energy to live with someone who has chosen the medical/death path. But I never gave up believing that he would one day realize it was taking him nowhere.

Diuretics are destructive and they don’t allow anything to stay in the body, in other words, if you’re taking large doses of them, you’re basically pissing everything out. Warfarin as a blood thinner is actually a rat poison. They insisted he take this shit to ‘prevent’ blot clots but it was also interfering with all of his normal body processes.

We are into 30 days now without any drugs. His oxygen saturation has gone from 79%/81% to 93/94%. He is no longer on oxygen, he can breath better, he’s coughing up tons of phlegm using Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation therapies and Cannabis Oil that I produced myself! This is miraculous in itself in just 30 days, but we still have a long way to go. Treating someone for these types of illnesses requires 4 to 5 inhalations per day, a ton of supplements and of course a healthy diet. My partner was totally broken, in other words, none of his body functions were working because of the drugs he was taking. He’s doing well, and I am now more encouraged to continue writing this blog though not sure yet what direction I want to go. Exposing these frauds has become really boring because they don’t serve us in any way, especially with the new paradigm shift, so I need some time to figure out what to write about that will interest you. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you! I miss the writing and sharing my thoughts with you so hopefully, the answers will come.

I have been watching world events very closely and these are such exciting times! Just as I predicted, that things will get worse before they get better but these are signs that we are on track and doing exactly what we came to do!

One thought on “Anyone Out There?

  1. actually,I like to read everything you post !! Great news about your partner getting better with the natural approach. Keep us posted and thank you !!


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