Content that I write or post usually is part of my belief system, or something that I like. For instance, if I re blog a post from another blog, it does mean that I endorse it or agree with it. I will not post or write anything that isn’t part of my reality or belief system. With that being said, please do not take my content as truth or fact. If I write  my own content, it’s my truth and very difficult to verify so you take it with a grain of salt.

If I wrote that I saw a UFO today, it’s my truth. You may believe me, you may trust that my information is correct, but it’s not your truth because you didn’t see that UFO.

If I’m am re blogging content from another website or post, you need to research it on your own. Truth is relative contrary to the different versions of truth. Truth is what you see, feel, hear and experience. Your truth is not my mine, therefore when someone claims “This is the truth”, they are lying. I can’t transfer my truth to you unless you saw it, felt it, heard or experienced it. My truth can only become your belief system, remember that.

All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech. This site is not responsible for content written by contributing authors. The information on this site is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind. Any abuse of conduct or personal attacks will be dealt with at the discretion of the editor … i.e. me. C’EST LA VIE …

If you’re here for other reason other than learning and sharing, please go away, there is no place for negative energy or destruction. We have done a great job of that already, I won’t allow it here on this blog. We have bigger things to work on rather than attacking each other. Our world is falling apart, come with suggestions, come with love or don’t come at all.


15 thoughts on “READ ME FIRST

  1. Today I prayed about negative thoughts which have been attacking me lately. Below is a kind of directive I received.
    It might interest you Innes.
    ‘The thoughts come, but from where?
    Not from the heart I’m sure.
    The heart knows things which the thoughts would over-ride.

    So, what is the heart – and what are the thoughts?
    The heart! now I see, is a small boat on the ocean of life.
    The thoughts are the restless waves constantly knocking at the sides.
    I? I’m the one inside the boat, listening to the sound of the waves.

    There are big ways to write the chapters of our lives, and there are small ways.
    Sadly, there are no ways to unwrite them.

    Could we only drown out the restless waves and listen only to the wisdom of our hearts, this journey here, in human form would be so different.

    Humans are more fragile than they know. The human form is so fragile.
    Yet the spirit within, identifies with form for a short time. This animation of form forgets its own power.
    Forgets that it once swam freely in the ocean of life, and will again move freely without the constraints of form.

    Death! what is death? No such word exists in spirit.
    Loss, there is only loss. Loss of one form for another.
    Unless the caterpillar loses its form, it can never fly. – So the caterpillar is no more! Is that a reason for mourning?

    There is no reason to celebrate the body, only celebrate the experience of being here.
    What you gain from this experience, you will take with you when you leave the body, leave the human form.

    Faith, is having the courage to face these experiences. To experience ‘human’ life.

    Delete what you will – retain what you will. What you retain will create the perfect world for you.
    Others may choose differently. We can sit on the fence if we choose to – a few do.
    Exploring the inner worlds is not for the faint hearted, at times it can be exhausting.

    Humanness can be beautiful, full of generosity and kindness. Or, it can be made ugly, deformed with greed, malice and ignorance of the sacredness of life.

    By this you will understand that there are different spirit in human form. CREATIVE & DESTRUCTIVE.

    Your own heart know these things. Only trust the side you’re on.
    Innes I rarely share these directives, I realize that we all receive our guidance differrently.
    I hope that this one will act as a balm for your beautiful, compassionate soul. It is sent with love.


  2. You are absolutely correct! Our truths are our perception and ours alone. Change your perception and the your world will change accordingly. This is why we need to keep doing our own research and how we move towards our True Selves. There are many sides to our egos which remain undiscovered due to lack of persistence and fear. When a person embraces the many aspects of self, their world will become in balance. Love your work, Ines.


  3. If you’re here for other reason other than learning and sharing, please go away, there is no place for negative energy or destruction =====> F =U =C =K YOU, HOW’S THAT!? But hey good luck with your whole trying to control the internet there sistah!


    • You’ve made nasty comments on other posts. Why are you so obsessed? Why not just not read this blog since you obviously don’t like the content? Also, why do you always sound like a dumb nigger? You embarrass yourself with your horrific spelling and inability to construct a proper sentence or use proper English. Let me translate it so low class trash like you can understand: You be showin’ yo’ ass, sistah! Now move along befo’ you embarrass yo’sef some mo’. Gnome what I’m sayin’, homie?


      • Well Victoria, I will take all your suggestions and critical analysis and ponder upon them. I sure would like to see those “nasty” posts you write about.

        “Gnome what I’m sayin’, homie?” Is this proper English homie?


  4. I`m on a word rambel…cheking out the roots of different words – this time religion ( it could mean reunite…)
    stumbled on this blog – Nice 🙂


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