Who Are We?

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot has been interviewing whistleblowers of many kinds for years. So her attitude towards the entire endeavor is significant. She does not “believe” in any particular source. That is not her job. Nor is it ours. Indeed, I would like us to just rip off the whole edifice of “belief” so…

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Kryon in Sarasota, Feb 20, 2016

Comment: I purchased Lee Carroll’s first book ” Kryon” in early 90’s. I will never forget the shiny pine green cover and Gold Embossed Kryon on it. It changed the way I think and  it motivated me to start asking questions. Although I can’t say that I ‘believe’ everything said, after all Lee is the human vessel that this entity enters, but I must say that because of these teachings, it has made me a better person. Expanding the mind is like expanding the Universe, as you gain knowledge so do you widen your horizons and have different perspectives to choose from. Knowledge is power, but Wisdom is knowing how to use that knowledge. 

Greetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The energy of the day is so different than when my first experience took place with my partner. So much has taken place in the way we expected. My partner teaches about potentials verses reality, and when I met him in 1989 the information I presented was as real then as it is now. I told him that there would be no nuclear war at the millennium; there would be a change of consciousness instead and that the magnetic grid of the planet would move. Now science has established a connection between Human consciousness and that very grid I spoke of. Everything I mentioned has taken place.

What I present next is one of the most esoteric things you can imagine: I will tell the story about free choice and where it has taken you and about Human consciousness development. It’s not complex, but if you just tuned in, it may be a little strange.

Humanity has free choice, not just to do what it wishes to do without intervention from Spirit, but it also decides where it takes itself and the energy and level of its own consciousness. Humanity decides how it works and thinks and if it cooperates with itself or not. This is the free choice of humanity. This entire free choice puzzle is not a test of the Humans, but rather it is a test and battle between dark and light.

We have told you that your soul is eternal and that you live over and over and over. Your life experiences on this plant are vast and many. Do you think it’s possible through many generations that you might be able to raise yourself from your bootstraps, increase the consciousness of humanity, and graduate into that which is peace on Earth? If so, it would require a totally different paradigm of existence. Can you change this much? I came in 1989 because that is the exact potential now, and it’s measured by something that I will now speak of.

Your Immediate History

The entire reason that things took place in the 1980s the way they did is the “wild card” that you experienced, which was the fall of the Soviets. This was not only unexpected by your experts, but it was shocking to all of the planet. These big, unexpected shifts are tellers, messages of changing times, and of an increased consciousness for humanity. Human nature is beginning to change, to grow up and get out of that which I call “the playground of consciousness” and move into a more grown-up “elegance of consciousness”. This will be one that creates togetherness and peace, which is just the beginning of a new kind of Human and a new kind of society.

I told you earlier that we might title this communication, “Hearing the Voice of Spirit” or “Hearing the Voice of God”. This, of course, is a metaphor. People who tune in spiritually don’t normally hear a voice from the sky. Hearing the voice of Spirit is a metaphor for being tuned in to the intuition from your own Higher-Self. The Higher-Self is that spiritual part of you that connects with your eternal soul. It is what most seekers strive to connect with and it gives you help with your own life, and in that, helps the planet.

The reason this intuition is so hard to hear or discern is that there’s a low, constant drone, you might say, which is a metaphor for a noise or rumble that seems to obfuscate, or cover up, the message. It’s like trying to hear something while there is a constant noise. It’s the best metaphor we can give of how massive darkness can cover light. But the noise level of this drone is starting to decrease. So, what happens when you get a better, clearer message? You change; the world changes; those around you also hear better and even those who don’t want to hear it will still know there is something different happening.

Again, this hearing is a metaphor. The meaning is really discerning the intuition of what has integrity or not, what’s going on with your own life, and the ability to enhance the feeling of coming potentials. All of that is hearing the voice of Spirit. It’s the Human Being starting to “grow up” and have a higher consciousness.

The Relationship of DNA to Consciousness

Now, the hardest thing for us to teach is what my partner has been teaching for some years. It’s hard because it’s not something that you have been told before in this way. Your consciousness is related to your multidimensional body. The easiest way for you to approach this idea is this metaphor: Your DNA is not working at 100 percent. Instead, it’s working in the thirties percentage area. It’s not even performing at half of what it was designed to do. There is no instrument that is going to clamp around your DNA and give it a percentage reading. But this measurement metaphor is the best we can do to tell you where you are at when it comes to the potential consciousness of humanity. I want to give you some information that you need to understand – how this all started and what happened.

If you had to start a test of consciousness on the planet, the fairest thing would be to have it equal or midpoint of low and high. For this metaphor, you would have to start with the same amount of light and dark. That’s the way it was in the beginning. That is the design.

We have given you the history of humanity in the past. Your entire history is extremely short, for the galaxy and your solar system have been here for more than 4 billion years. Yet humanity as you know it really only started 200,000 years ago. I didn’t say, “Humans”, I said, “Humanity as you know it”, for the entire test started with the creation story, the seeding of the knowledge of light and dark. I’m speaking of Humans with altered DNA – you with only 23 chromosomes. Then there was another 100,000 years to have this develop for all Humans. Then Lemuria and some other “seed areas” helped with the teaching for another 50,000 years. When the seeding was really finished and the test was working, it was only yesterday! You’re new! If you looked at the length of time Earth has been here as a 24-hour clock, then you compare when an “aware” Human got here, you would have arrived at the last second! All of known history happened in the last second of this time clock!

The irony is that those listening to this, and some of those in the audience, have been there for all of it. Old soul, we’ve given you this explanation many times: You remember from your Akash what you think to be Atlantis, sinking islands, wars and chaos. It just means you’ve “been there and done that”. You’ve seen the cataclysms and you’ve been there when many historic things took place. They are etched into a memory you can’t really sort it out well, but you carry it with you. What it means is you are an old soul and, perhaps, you helped start the planet!

The Sisterhood [referring to the Lemurian Sisterhood as created by Dr. Amber Wolf] is a great example. For those of you who feel inclined to come to the Sisterhood gatherings, you will celebrate a beginning consciousness that “rings” within you as a positive ancient memory. It celebrates a time when women were given credit for their intuitive power and were the shamanic leadership of society. Who better to do this than the life-givers of all humanity? It represents a time, in the beginning, of equality and wisdom that was the beginning of the light/dark test.

The DNA, at the beginning of the test, was set at 30 percent. Now, standby because I told you the beginning was equal, but this doesn’t sound equal, does it? The percentage quickly went to 35 – quickly, to create a fair test, because that is where it belonged (35%) to have full equality with the darkness. Now, stay tuned and listen, and you will learn why this is fair. I’ll give you something you should know: These numbers show you the power of light over dark. When you had the 35 percent of DNA working, it was balanced with the 65 percent of darkness on the planet.

Now, for those of you who don’t really understand these numbers, let me explain. The balance of light and dark was indeed equal, but because light is more powerful, it only took 35 percent of light to make that happen. This ought to show you that the dark is weaker than you are. You had less of a percentage of the planet of light, and yet you were equal to a larger percent of darkness. Light is more powerful, and you don’t need as much of it to be equal, even with a lower consciousness.

The Process of Percentage of Efficiency of DNA

Now let me tell you something about what happens at 35 percent of DNA efficiency. It shows up in consciousness as well as biological efficiency. At 35 percent, there is an intuitive understanding of gender balance on the planet – who does what and why. This is what is celebrated today in the Lemurian Sisterhood gatherings. It was a time when the genders of Earth respected one another and understood that the feminine gender is the one that is more in touch with Spirit. Not only were women a bit more in touch with multidimensional things, but they are the ones who mother all of humanity (both genders) as teachers of the children. All men are held and adored and taught by the mother. Therefore, they are the ones who would help guide all the societies of Earth.

With free choice, the percentage of DNA efficiently started to go down as humanity grew. As soon as the DNA started to lose percentage, the gender balance was dysfunctional. If you want to have a test of any society, anywhere on the planet, and you want to know the DNA percentage number [consciousness quota] as a society, there’s an easy test: How do they perceive and treat their women? The higher the DNA functionality, the more the feminine divine is honored. This is the test! Different cultures create different DNA consciousness, even at the same time on the planet. So you can have a culture on Earth at 25 percent and one at 37 – and if you did, they would indeed clash.

In the Middle Ages, or perhaps before, the planet went to 25 percent. If you doubt that, all you have to do is look at gender dysfunction. The women went from being respected and being the shamans to second class, even third class, then they were seen along with the animals. No balance at all! That’s what happens when the percentage starts to dip in a survival mode consciousness. There is no elegance in consciousness during this time and no appreciation for art or culture. There is instead the dysfunctions of war, hatred, uncaring, anger, drama and perpetuation of horror.

Then recently, the average percent started to go up again, and you hit the 30 and 31 mark. History showed that women were finally seen and the respect again began to be rekindled. It happened slowly and it’s very telling. In more elegant societies, women were partially given the right to vote and then it got better. You went to an average of 32. That’s when the Soviet Union fell over, disabling a nuclear war at the millennium. That’s also when you celebrated the Harmonic Convergence, and I arrived to begin to train my partner in 1989.

Oh, dear ones, there are still those on the planet who feature tremendous gender dysfunction. Lower consciousness society can’t “look up” to see anything better. Darkness can’t see the light, and we told you about this back in 1993. Someday you will look backwards in history and say, “What was wrong with us? Why didn’t we see the obvious?” When DNA is at 25 and 30 percent, the strongest win. It’s a survival consciousness and very little else matters. If you wish to see a balanced society working at 35 and above, look at the gender balance. Respect and appreciation will be there.

Learn from the Ancients

Let me give you something else that my partner always talks about: Find the oldest society, the most long-lived culture on the planet. Then look at the teaching of their elders to find out what they believed in the past and did. What do their records say? Let me tell you what the records say: Women were the shamans! It was acknowledged that they had better intuitive ability. Imagine having somebody able to guide you, who could see and feel the voice of God? It was clear to them! That’s gender balance. The men knew it and depended upon it, and the women depended upon the men to do the things that men do best, to hunt and gather and provide. Gender balance! This system is still around in many of the indigenous societies of this planet who have been around a very long time. It never changed.

Continuing the History

When the DNA percentage got to 32, I spoke to my partner and gave him the choice to tune in [1989]. The snowball of an advanced DNA was rolling. This planet was starting to lift itself up on its way to 35, on its way to an equal balance again. Perhaps it will even go to 36, where dark would run the other way.

Dear ones, we told you that 35 percent was equal dark/light, but you’ve never seen that in your lifetime until right now! In fact, it’s getting higher than that and dark is running the other way. It’s coming out of the woodwork, as they say, indicating that it’s being squeezed out of many places where it formerly hid. Imagine a dark army on the planet who can recruit young people even from your own country! This dark army is not recruiting Americans, it is recruiting darkness! This represents Humans who are invested in darkness and have a very young Akash and a very old consciousness. They willingly will be dysfunctional with the others, and they haven’t got a clue about what’s really happening. Darkness cannot look up to a higher level. A fool doesn’t know he is a fool. Listen to me, darkness cannot look up and see light. It’s blind to higher purpose. It only sees the strength of dark. It doesn’t understand light, so it’s not wise and can be defeated. It doesn’t understand that it is going to lose. All it can see is itself. It’s so obvious, is it not?

What is happening now supports what we are saying. What is going on right now on this planet? We said it earlier: Right now as I speak, you have the most dysfunctional politics you’ve ever had in this country. The reason? There is massive change going on! The fighting, drama and seemingly odd behaviors of many represent those who are tired of an old establishment government that is itself dysfunctional. The thought is, “Anything would be better than what we have now and the past!” This is what happens when higher consciousness can see something better as it starts to grow from a lower one that it has been participating in.

This is different for all of you, and it’s because of a continued increase in the percentage of DNA. It’s for everyone, and not just for those who might be in a belief system like those in this room. Integrity, transparency and the longing for systems with integrity that actually work for people is at hand. It is the longing for integrity in high places instead of dysfunction. It’s an awakening! You have a population that is tired of an old energy because it’s starting to hear the voice.

Who “Hears” It?

The voice of Spirit is for all humanity and not for a select few. However, the select few who are old souls will understand it better and be able to discern and know better what the message is about. As the noise, confusion and the drone of darkness start to become more equal to the light, many will start hearing Spirit for the first time. They won’t know it’s Spirit, but instead it will be “the sense of what’s better for us” and an intuition that is new. For the masses who are not interested in being in this room, all it is to them is a new beginning, a new awareness. They don’t know what they’re hearing or feeling. They just know they want change and a new feeling of “what’s right”. Old souls on this planet will recognize this clearer message for what it is and will start receiving messages and guidance from it. That’s the difference! But all humanity is aware of the change at some level.

You’re creeping toward 36. Even with the things that are around you, as you defeat the darkness on this planet, you’ll be at 36. Now, that means you’re winning. It also means the drone of noise that hides the voice of God is going to start diminishing, and things will start to clear up regarding understanding the messages. Intuition won’t sail by so fast as it has in the past, where you are not certain what you heard. Intuition will stick around longer and will speak to you in a clearer voice. You may even be able to stop it and examine it!

The problem with intuition at the present is that it’s covered by the drone-noise. This is a metaphor, dear ones. I hope you understand. Covered by the drone means that your intuitive thoughts are elusive and soft because this underlying energy keeps it from being seen and heard clearly. The logic inside your brain keeps stuffing it down all of the time, saying, “It’s not accurate. It’s just your wishful thinking or your imagination.” This is all part of that which is the lower percentage number of your DNA. As the percentage starts to creep toward 36, everything changes. The logic of your brain changes, because it’s in the DNA. There is an awakening, a more efficient DNA, and you start to think differently. All the things regarding Human nature that you’ve been told about in psychology studies start to morph into something else entirely. Wisdom becomes intuitive, not something that you wish you had. Society starts to change in general. Solutions to the unsolvable begin to appear. New, wiser thought starts to be heard on the media as humanity starts to grow up and graduate from the playground of rock throwing and name calling. Programs to help each other really start to work. Funding is far more available for projects that make a difference for the poor.

You’re at 35. There’s an equality here, you’re starting to see the dark and light, and it’s changing everything. You take a look at history and you’ve come a long way, but it took a long time to get here. Dear ones, we’ve seen this process before and the snowball is rolling. There isn’t anything in the way that’s going to stop it. In the path of this snowball of higher consciousness are all kinds of things that will be run over and perish. Part of this is what you call “the establishment”. Watch for some very big established things to fall over! The snowball will simply knock them down.

Don’t be alarmed and don’t think it’s the end of the planet when certain kinds of things happen that create fear, for this is just about being at 35, going to 36. Remember, the darkness is starting to react and be afraid of the light. The results are a battle where darkness will try its best to beat up your light and make you afraid. However, you’re in the right place at the right time and will prevail. I’ve said enough.

When you walk out of here, I hope you understand this message. Listen to it again if you have to. It’s about that which is the light and dark quotient of the planet and where you are. It’s about the fact that you’re winning, and that’s why I came. It’s hard to talk to those who are winning when they’ve never won before and they have a consciousness of loss. That’s what you’re working on the most. Stand tall when you leave this place and know who you are. This message of Kryon never changes, for it represent the truth.

And so it is.


Nibiru and Alex Collier

I originally wanted to write about Marshall Masters as I listened to his last interviews. I was upset about what he was saying not because it wasn’t true. I don’t know if it’s true or not, regarding Planet X/Nibiru; but it was the way he was saying it. In brief, his interview was all about the cataclysmic events caused by Nibiru as it approaches Earth and how most of the population lives along coastlines and therefore will be dead.

This post is going to be very long because it will include Alex Collier’s Webinar below and my comments on this. I chose Marshall Masters because of his energy and his work in research. Alex Collier is someone I have known for over 20 years and have followed his life and work. This doesn’t mean either or both are telling the truth or know the truth, it’s a matter of you deciding what it means to you. I was excited tonight to listen to Alex’s Webinar because he’s really saying the same things that I have been writing about the last year. I will highlight a few items of his webinar in case you don’t have time to listen or you can then choose to listen if these highlights sound good.

Nothing interesting really happens in the first 20 minutes of the recording but after that, there are interesting topics to listen to.

18:00 We’re the ones that are creating the reality that they want. We are not consciously aware that we are creating this reality/prison for ourselves. I have written about this many times in the past year that they provide us with symbols, signs, codes, propaganda, subliminal messages so that we focus on those things and create the reality they want us to create. I’m glad to hear that Alex is saying the same thing. He also says that we have to take command of the reality that we want.

20:00 Talk of off world events such as Planet X, Planet 9, Nibiru. There are all the same thing. I want to talk about this event before I continue with the highlights. I have no doubt that Nibiru exists and that it is nearing, though I don’t agree that Nibiru is the one moving towards us, I believe that Gaia is moving towards the Galactic Center and she might get close to Nibiru. Let me say this: Nobody knows what the effects will be of this encounter/passby. Nobody knows how close it will get and IF it will even have any effects on our Planet. There is no scientific proof, nobody is able to scientifically prove that Nibiru will create chaos or an extinction event. I must question all of those that claim it will. I don’t believe scaring people like Marshall Masters does is helping us in any way. I agree that we deserve to know the truth, but I don’t agree that these so called experts should be guessing or predicting what could happen. Marshall says that “anyone”living on or along the coastline will be dead in minutes. Great. I live on a small island in the Adriatic Sea, what can I and millions of people do knowing this? How many of us can just pack up and move? Even if we were notified from the PTB that this could happen, you think anyone would want to buy my home? I don’t think so. But if we can’t sell our homes, how do we finance moving away? You see, nobody knows NOTHING. This fear mongering is simply creating someone’s reality again. If you focus on this planet and think about it impacting us, it will!

22:00 We’re the ones being asked to create this reality. We are the creators of this. Again, this is constantly repeated throughout Alex’s interview/webinar, and I can’t say this enough as well. We create the reality they want, by providing us with the tools of thought to focus on. Don’t focus on what you don’t want. Focus on what you DO want. Daydream about where you want to be and how you want to be. Create your own reality, when enough of us start focusing on Peace and prosperity, we will change the paradigm.

23:00 A retired astronomer was able to prove that each time Planet X/Nibiru passes by it creates extinction events, he was able to go back 25 million years and it clearly shows that there are issues every time it comes through. Some will say: “don’t go negative”, or “power is in truth”. Really? What truth? How do we know it is going to happen again? I have always said and Alex is now saying the same that history doesn’t have to repeat itself if the intent is different. We didn’t come here for an extinction event this time, we came here to prevent it from happening, to tear down the veil, to get rid of these buggers that are wardens of this prison planet. Alex talks about Nibiru contacting Earth, that they are in communication with different races throughout the Solar System and that their intent is to contact Earth. He has no other information but feels that this could be good.

I wanted to highlight these topics, honestly, I have not had time to listen to the entire webinar because I simply don’t have time to do so today, but it resonates with my reality and I was glad to come across this webinar today, no accident, it showed up for me to grab and I was happy because synchronicity is part of my life now. I take nothing for granted.

I can feel your rage and frustration, I can feel your impatience and I can also feel your desperation and some of you giving up hope that things are not going to change. If you have any of the feelings above, you’re not doing anything about it then. Each of us came here to do a specific task/job. It doesn’t have to be “lightworker”duty, I don’t believe in that shit. I believe we are all equals and we all came here to do our part in changing this reality. Mine is to just shine the light and as I do more of this everyday, I find that more and more people want to know my secret. What I mean by that is my calm demeanor, my constant happy face and just taking life easy, not getting upset or frustrated. I can point at the Chemtrails, which by the way or ever intense lately and not be upset by them. I have become the Observer and not the actor. By observing you become more objective. When I see or hear something that I don’t like, I simply think: “This is not part of my reality”. When I hear of someone with cancer or see someone I know that is sick, I think again: “This is not part of my reality”. By doing this, I am not accepting that condition into my reality.

This is the danger we live in each day. By providing us with bullshit TV shows, bullshit news, bullshit wars, bullshit everything, we are in turn accepting that reality and then focusing on it. Remember once I wrote about how they know us better than we do? Of course they do because they kept from us all the knowledge, occult knowledge and used it to control us. They know how powerful we are, they are afraid of us, and they are more afraid that we might find out. Each time we make a step forward, they create another war. The wars are intended to lower our frequency, to keep us in fear, to anger us, so many different emotions are spent either being in or watching these wars around the planet. Wars also serve to de-energize those areas, destroy history and antiquities, close down energy portals because we are not in this alone.

So, next time you read about “extinction”events such as Nibiru or a Pole Shift, or even some kind of Ascension, ask yourself what their purpose is in this speculation. It’s all speculation, it’s not about history repeating itself..this is what they want us to think so that we create that reality. Nibiru can or cannot have an effect on us depending on how we focus or what we think. Also, we probably created that scene for Nibiru to have some role in this reality to help us change the paradigm. I can’t say I am right or wrong, I can’t say that I have proof what I am saying is right, but if you look at my track record the last 2 years, I don’t believe that I have made any wrong assumptions or exposed innocent people. I go by my intuition and higher self. Despite all this fear mongering, Marshall Masters didn’t manage to instill fear into me because I don’t believe that we have to do this all over again. I don’t believe that Evil prevails goodness anymore, I believe that just the intent of wanting love and peace is enough to change our paradigm. Why? Because many of us don’t really know exactly what we want, but we DO know this is not the reality we want.

Listen to the Webinar and you decide for yourself. I can only say that if you have time to listen to it, you should. Truth is not power if it’s not used for our benefit. Many predictions have been given the last 3 years, about the Pope, about disclosure, about Aliens, about UFO’s, about Ascension, about blood moons, the list is long. That is all they were, predictions. They were intended for us to consciously focus on and create that reality. Humanity is in charge here, when are you going to realize and accept the fact that you are powerful?

I only have one question for Alex Collier and for all of those that agree we create our own reality and that is this: Hey Alex, how do we do this? How do I do this as an individual? How do we do this as Unity Consciousness? I know the answers to this, but if I tell you that you can change your brown eyes into green eyes, I should give you explicit instructions on how to do that right? I think that we’re done with all this information overload and that folks come forward and start helping us in changing that mental paradigm. We all know we’re in trouble, we all know the reality we live in right now is fucked up, but we need to know how to change it cohesively. These folks that are calling themselves experts in certain areas need to give us solutions on HOW to do or think or ascend. HOW do we change our paradigm Alex? I don’t have time to read about what might happen, I want answers how we can create a new reality and get rid of these sons of bitches that tricked us and hijacked our minds.


An Excerpt From the Translated Book

Comment: This is really the epicenter of the subject/book that I translated (draft). The book will soon be on sale at all outlets titled: Turn Your World Upside Down Living Seductionology – The Theory and Practice of Positive and Negative Intelligent Seduction. If you like what you read so far, I can create a section for the book itself as it doesn’t really fit into my reality, in other words, it’s all true but I think you and I as readers have already passed this stage of understanding. At least I have and I really had to act different while working on the book because this egocentric author wanted/insisted that I change my life into his philosophy. Well, I already live that life I just use different words like “Fuck off and don’t touch me”, and “The world is what we make it”. I agree with his work, it’s just that I think he complicates something that is very simple: “truth”. I believe that his work will be honored and purchased, but I also believe this reality already exists using different terminology. You be the judge, I’m just the translator. 

In her book: Molecules of Emotion, Candace B. Pert considers the receptors and ligands to attract and seduce by some invisible force. Receptors as sensory molecules that behave like radar and at the cellular level act like our sense organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, fingers and skin, and are ready to capture and receive the messages that the ligands transport. Thus, receptors and ligands act as Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer who have a tendency to seduce and be seduced. Pert explains this in her book in the following way:

“Binding.  It’s sex on a molecular level … If the receptors are the first component molecules of emotion, ligands are the other.  Jumping of ligands on receptors is called binding, due to which the ligand through its molecular properties of the receptor conveys the message … … if the cell is an engine that drives all life, then the receptors are the buttons on the control panel of this machine, a specific peptide (or some other type of ligand) makes the finger that presses the button and starts the engine … Now we are ready to consider my theory to argue that these biochemical physiological substrates of emotion, and are the molecular foundations of what we experience as feelings, sensations, thoughts, impulses, and perhaps even as a spirit or soul. ”

That which makes Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer in a new aspect of phylogeny researchers call ‘reticular evolution’ – ‘also network evolution’, in which it claims that the species do not separate between each other, only in an arms race, but also connect in new units and thus, primarily connecting different lineages, creating a new species. In a biosphere, comprehensive symbiosis tells us that the Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer is in the entire animal and plant world. The hunter and the hunted were sent to each other – when one dies of extinction so does the other; they win or lose together.

  1. Scott Peck in his book: The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth, cites two examples in which a person is treated as Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer:

“Love is, as we will continually realize, a two-way street, a reciprocal phenomenon in which the receiver also gives, the giver also receives… we have little understanding of the origin and mechanism of instinct … although we know very little about the instincts we still believe that they operate within the boundaries of the individual who owns them … Maybe we do not only have instinct to preserve our life, but also to preserve the lives of others.”

Symbiosis is a close, often long-term interaction of two organisms of different species, because of the benefits of at least one of them. Of the organisms that live in pairs, the larger one is usually the host, and the other is a parasite or mutualist. The relationship of organisms in symbiosis can be: a parasitic (harmful to one), commensal (one benefit, while others do not benefit or harm) and mutual (convenient for both). The human body has about 10 times more bacteria, fungi and viruses than body cells. These micro-organisms that make up the ecological community of all life forms on and in our bodies, are called the microbiome, and have a tremendous impact on our health. How does our body cooperate with our microbiomes? Who are we really if mixed with microbiomes contain only a tenth of our mutual system? How do we behave as Interactive Seduced-seducers in such a symbiotic way and the community and who is the boss in that community?

Humans also live within different types of symbiosis or coexistence which is expressed in love, marriage, friendship, society, nation, politics, economy, finance, science, religion, commerce, education, entertainment, sports, and culture and so on. So, symbiosis shows us that living things are Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer.

Marco Iacaboni, in his book: Mirroring People: The New Science of How We Connect with Others uncovers humans as Interactive Seduced-Seducers:

“In this chapter I have already stated that the interaction between the self and the other (the baby smiles, the mother laughs) but at a very early age shapes mirror neurons. Mirror neurons strongly connect me and the other … Did mirror neurons form and shaped by the original inter-subjectivity? I believe that’s correct. ”

Jacques M. E. Lacan came to the idea of mirroring in the other much earlier than the mirror neurons were discovered. Darian Leader and Judy Groves in the book: Lacan for Beginners, asks the question: how to interpret the mimicry unless it’s not an accurate statement of evolutionary biology that mimicry is protection from predators? They then state that Roger Caillois, a French thinker who dealt with the theme of masks, games and people’s attitudes towards the animal kingdom, claimed that there is a kind of natural law according to which the organisms are trapped in their environment. For example, they will then take on the color of the space in which they are located. Thus, animals seduce the environment and the environment seduces them.

Jamshed  Bharucha, a psychology professor, rector and vice-president of Tufts University, in his Mini Essay: The Synchronization of Brains, talks about the impact of synchronization on human brains while behaving as Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducers:

“In the second place, I postulated that music synchronizes the state of the brain affecting emotions, movement and pattern recognition – which reinforces the cohesion of the group. As in the case of traditions or rituals, that which synchronizes, may not in itself be useful; it doesn’t even have to be important that it synchronizes. It is a very fact that synchronization can be a powerful source of collective action. ”

Malabou shows that plasticity of the brain is in direct opposition to the rigidity (stiffness) and is its complete antonym. Therefore, we can view the plasticity of the brain as the Seduceist-seducer. Seductionary dynamism of language and all communication activities, as well as sensory and mental perception are linked to the interaction of the Interactive Seduced and seducer. D. F. Peat in his book: Synchronicitys shows that in the following way:

“Linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf, in the first half of this century, argued that language is very connected with awareness and that within each language thoughts about nature and society is enclosed. Whorf’s view that linguistic structure directs the speaker to think and act in a certain way, has caused considerable controversy among linguists…

Therefore such a dynamic combination goes beyond mere theory or area of knowledge and is spread throughout the culture pervading every aspect of life, including social structure together with that of customs, beliefs, activities, and the very relations between individuals. Of course, this is the reason why it is so difficult for the West to accept the view of the East about the universe and their interest in synchronicity. Even before the time of Shang, the overall view of the integrity of things had to be developed in China with the emphasis on connectivity and harmony that has permeated social institutions, language and all aspects of daily life. Therefore, it would be equally difficult for ancient Chinese to question the notion of synchronicity, as well as the average Westerner concept of linear time and historical sequence of events. ”

Sometimes, in order to be a first-class or powerful seducer it is more important to find ourselves in an environment where there are many of those who are well disposed to our seduction. This is the reason why large religious institutions, national, political, imperial, fashion and consumers are successful seducers. This is confirmed by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler book: Connected – Surprising Power of Social Networks and How They Affect Our Lives, explains that in order for the expansion of certain influences to be effective, besides the seducers; there has to be those who are prone to fall under that seductive influence.

“In some recent work, specific circumstances are explained under which the influential individuals are most likely to take advantage of their ability to influence. Apparently influential people are not enough, it is also necessary that the population make a person prone to influences and it may happen that the expansion rate of innovation depends more on the features and the number of people prone to influences rather than influential individuals. ”


Yuval Noah Harari in a popular-science book: Sapiens – A Brief History of Humanity believes that we ourselves as a species created religion and belief in the value of that exchange. Beliefs are a powerful force that drives and maintains our values. Strong imagination and abstract thinking is something that distinguishes us from other species. For Harari; money, government, human rights, corporations, the stock market does not exist in reality. The above listed is a result of human thinking, but at the end of the day, money in our hands is real. All that is man-made – money, government, human rights, God – is based on some kind of religious belief, and belief in the stated are different types of religion. So, we are believers, not only in the religious definition of the term. We know this best at the moment when we become atheists, when we realize what we believe in is fiction, he said. Everything that exists in the world is in accordance with the natural laws, including homosexuality. Harari explains our belief in the following way:

“Yes, a piece of paper is real, but its value is the result of our collective imagination. It functions exactly because it exists in the collective imagination. If that existed only in my mind, it wouldn’t work. However, when millions of people believe in a fiction, then it becomes a very powerful force. And while millions of people believe that a piece of paper is worth a piece of bread and with that piece of paper can go to the store and for them to get a piece of bread, it works. It is absolutely the case with God or human rights. If millions of people believe that you join the Crusades and die, go to heaven, even if it is completely untrue, it becomes a powerful force. Human rights are not a biological fact, there is no law written in the human DNA, that we invented, but when hundreds of millions of people believe in them, they become a powerful force in society and politics…

It would be impossible for people to work without some fiction, such as money, god or human rights. It is not necessary to have a specific fiction. Some would say that society will collapse if people do not believe in God, but this is not true. There are many companies that work very well and without belief in God. Instead of god, those people in these societies believe in something else. ”

Thus, the human species on the basis of imagination and abstract thinking creates a new seductive reality that with the help of the collective belief in these myths and fiction built into the material and spiritual reality of the collective world-consciousness as values, rules of behavior and activity and method of exchange. This is proof that we live in an interactive Seduced-seductive World-consciousness which we are part of. So we seduce reality World-consciousness, while at the same time it seduces us.

Geoffrey Miller in his work: The Mating Mind indicates that women and men were evolutionarily built to be Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer:

“Males typically have no reason to reject any partner. The fact that both men and women have developed specific sexual ornaments shows that in human evolution, male and female choices were important If both sexes were selective when it came to body; it is possible that they were selective when it comes to the mind. ”

Bryan Sykes, professor of genetics at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford, author of the book: “Adam’s Curse: A Future Without Men” says that science explains why it is that in sexual selection as an interaction requires participation of Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer who are equipped with adjusted transceivers that is our genetic destiny:

“Eloquence is not of any use to the suitor whose object of desire does not know how to open its mouth.”

In the book: Casanova, Hermann Kesten in the following way describes one of the greatest adventurers, lovers and Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer in the history of mankind:

“Half of his life was a single delicacy, interrupted by breaks, and he shared that delicacy with a hundred or two hundred women. Sometimes he would want to marry one of them, but it never came to that. For many he provided a good game – he was an unselfish pimp, just as he (in his own way) wanted to be unselfish lover, moreover, he was, if you look at his entire life, a seduced-seducer. This incredible hero of frequent love, lover of one general’s wife, he called himself the victim of women, la dupe des femmes (deceived by women).”

For Robert Greene in his book:” The Art of Seduction” there is 9 types of seducers. Each type has a distinctive character that comes from deep within and creates a seductive attraction. 1) The sirens have plenty of sexual energy and know how to use it. 2) The Rakes (predators) insatiably love the opposite sex and love their cravings. 3) The ideal lovers have an aesthetic sensibility that of incorporating the romance. 4) The Dandys like to play with their image by creating observable androgenic bait. 5) Natural deceivers are spontaneous and open. 6) The Coquettes are self-sufficient, with a fascinating cold essence. 7) The Charmers know how to meet, they are social creatures. 8) The Charismatic have unusual confidence. 9) The Stars are ethereal and draped in mystery. 10) The Anti-seducers are the opposite: insecure, self-absorbed, and unable to grasp the psychology of another person, they literally repel.

We must eradicate all anti-seductionary tendencies at all costs because the anti-seducer is unsure of himself, preoccupied with himself and does not offer us anything except a prickly ball full of his personal problems. Although at first sight it might be difficult to figure out what kind of seductive appeal he might have, these kind of people need only recall that the famous director and actor Woody Allen for years successfully deceived the public, but also many women, winning them over with constant whining over their own insecurities and often quite imaginary problems. And Jean Baudrillard says that we seduce with our weaknesses, but not strong traits, which is also incorrect and exclusive thinking, because we seduce with our weakness and strengths, both positively and negatively. Greene proposes to think of these nine types as silhouettes. Only if we step into them and allow them to grow within us, can we begin to develop a seductive character that will bring us unlimited power.

Along with Greene’s 9 types of seducers and anti-seducers, describes 18 types of victims (a Interactive Seduceds whom he calls victims or targets) each of which something is missing in their lives with a crack that can be filled in. Knowing with which type we are dealing with, will make it easier to put into practice the ideas from both parts of the book. If we ignore any part of this book, Greene warns us that we will be incomplete seducers. By practicing what is described in the book, we will slowly feel as we absorb the poison under the skin and will see everything as seduction including our view of the world. According to Greene, the people around us are potential victims of seduction, but we need to know which type of victim they are. The victims are characterized according to what they think they lack in life; adventure, attention, romance, bad experiences, mental or physical stimulation, etc. Once we identify its type we have the necessary ingredients to seduce. We will be the ones who will give them what they lack, that they cannot provide for themselves. In the study of potential victims, learn to see the reality behind their masks (looks). Never try to seduce the same type as we are.

Through the victim theory, Greene argues that nobody in the world feels complete and whole. We all have a sense of some cracks in our character, something that we want and need, but we alone cannot provide. When we fall in love it’s usually with someone who fills that fissure. Let’s focus on the cracks, pieces that are missing in the victim’s psyche, because it is raw material for any kind of seduction. We have to understand that people are constantly sending signals about what they lack. Desire for completeness regardless of whether it is an illusion or reality, if it came from another person, that person has great power over them. We can call them victims of seduction but they are almost always voluntary victims. In the victim theory, Greene describes 18 types of victims, each with a lack that dominates. Although our target may show more than one type there is usually a common need connecting them. The most important thing is to remove the habit to hold opinions that people have the same disadvantages as we do. Maybe we are hungry for protection and comfort, but if we give it to others thinking that they need it, it is more likely that we will thereby choke and push it away. Never try to seduce someone our own type, because we will be as part of a puzzle that is missing the same parts.

Greene’s victim types are: 1) The reformed rake; 2)The disappointed dreamer; 3)The pampered royal; 4)The new pride; 5)The crushed star; 6)The novice; 7)The conqueror; 8)The exotic fetishist; 9)The drama queen; 10)The professor; 11)The beauty; 12)The aging baby; 13)The rescuer; 14)The Roué; 15)The idol worshipper; 16)The sensualist; 17)The lonely leader; 18)The floating gender.

After all this, Greene suggests to his readers that these nine seductive types should be understood as different types of mantles that can be worn according to their needs once they realize their own predispositions and begin to build their own seductive and manipulative profile. Of course, the author points out, before starting the seductive hike; one should learn and practice the four stages of seduction.

What does it mean to a voluntary sacrifice if we as seducers choose and practice different tactics and strategies in order to force the victim into submission?! Greene separates the participants in the seductive games by the seducer and the victim or target, rather than looking at the positive interaction of seduction as two equal and benevolent seduced-seducer.  As Baudrillard says, no one can be seduced if they have not already been seduced or in a state of seduction (Seduceist), this boundary between the seducer and Seduced disappears. Another problem that occurs with Greene is that he has no division between positive and negative seduction, and, although it is for him morally negative, Nietzschism (Nietzsche philosophy) rises above good and evil, and by that, trying to avoid responsibility and objection of his own conscience. Green’s seducer usually ‘negatively’ seduces the victim, and the victim unconsciously ‘positively’ seduces the seducer. It’s not a conscious mutual seduction of two equal Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer.


This Consciousness Handbook that you are now reading, can help those that Pascal Bruckner in his book: The Paradox of Love, describes below; in a way that they realize that seduction is not only mutually merging two sexual victims of seduction, which have a low or no criteria at all, in order to fulfill their seductionary mission, but to realize that nobody is an isolated island (the seducer or seduced), but that all act bound together as Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer:


“Some people created a way of life from seduction. Since they cannot resist any opportunity, they give preference to relationships that are just formed. They get all fired toward strangers, and then leave them as soon as someone else appears. The love episode with them is short, it ends almost as soon as it began, everything happens in frenzied rhythm, as soon as they feel the stimulus; they need to execute what they intended on. What is a man-eater? What is a womanizer? They are fans of digression. They prefer situations over people, catching the catch, the stimulus of feelings; it’s totally irrelevant with whom that is. They are equally it turned on by ugly women, fat man; they care very little about the packaging, when the only important thing is the new impulse. The duration, giving and receiving, is not interesting to them; they find their joy in long-term contacts, in the vortex of romantic dates. ”


The seducer is always seduced by something. The seducer and the Seduced seduce at the same time so that they are also the influencers and are influenced through mutual exchanges, inter-dependence, action and adventure, and therefore are marked as Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducers. Since everything in world-consciousness affects everything else, everything is Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer at the most basic particles of matter, a particle transfer of force, space, time, minerals, and simple living beings, to complex structures like Creator, universe, language and consciousness. In the state of seduction, nobody can be a hunter-seducer yet not a prey-Seduced as well. In the same way they can’t only be seduced or be a victim (target) because he is forced to any reaction or action that will complete the seductive influence, action or conversion of the one who he seduces. There are seductive influences, as well as restrictions on the seductive influence, but also the possibility of crossing limits. The Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer may only be active directly in dimensions where there is an interaction in which he can seduce and be seduced, while in other dimensions where there is no direct influence and action, he seduces and is seduced indirectly through other Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer (Intelligent Seduction ) on which he has impact and effect. Seductive transformation in the interaction of two or more Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer will depend on the power and the impact and effects of each one of them. All things being, phenomena and concepts seduce a man and he seduces them. So, this Intelligent Seduction  paradigm offers us the possibility through the eyes and mind of the Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer to view them and others; as well as everything that surrounds us as Interactive Intelligent Seduced-Seducer and on that basis, we execute thoughts, feelings, experiences, influences and transformations.


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Not only do we exist in an illusory world we call our current reality, but our history is false so we struggle in this lifetime.

One group of which I consider to be part of struggles to find the missing pieces of the puzzle while at the same time trying to figure out what our purpose is in this madness we created. What were we thinking when we signed up for this play?

The second group is perfectly happy taking orders, paying taxes, allowing others to think for them while constantly whining about how miserable their lives are and yet do nothing to change it.

Jesus said in the bible or should I say it is written in the bible: “Beware of false prophets”.

A prophet is someone who speaks by divine inspiration, revealing or interpreting the will of god through prophecies. With that definition, a language used a few thousand years ago or in another timeline would mean that anything/anyone that calls themselves a messenger of god, channels god or uses god in their teachings would be a prophet.

Have you any idea how many false prophets exist in the truth community/love and light/new cage movement? I lost track but it’s over 1000 people. There are 1100 versions/incarnations of St. Germain so you can imagine. Not only are they false prophets for being a messenger of god but they are also compromised; meaning that the voice/message or entity entering their body is not a loving god/creator.

Source/creator doesn’t poke a finger at a human being and decides to communicate with them. Source/creator is open to all for communication which would logically mean to me that everyone claiming to be gods messenger should be getting the same messages

There are thousands of books written on the subject of god. I don’t need to add another view and I am not going to debate names, but how many gods exist?

I don’t know. My opinion, even after well over 30 years of research has left me undecided, perhaps even confused but then I didn’t focus my work on god or religion, I was all over the place from the Occult to ancient aliens, a bit of everything you might say. All I can to is tell you what I think, it’s all I can do.

I think that the first sparks of divine souls created were given names as gods and were sent out to create in different voids of existence. Once they learned of infinity and eternity, they created Aeons who would have an area (galaxy, solar system, universe etc.,) to create their own realities. At that level, all is connected like we know our Wi-Fi so that the Aeons knew what they could and could not do and from what it appears, all universes are consistently designed. I think that Aeons created planets.

What happens to populating the planet with life?

According to the gnostics, Aeon Sophia created the planet and then seeded humanity into the pleroma. She then loved her creation so much, she became the planet Gaia. The human seeds were spread out through that space and this is why we hear researchers confirm that there exist a human like species outside of our solar system.

So, when someone claims to be gods messenger, what god are they referring to? If they are truly getting “the real god”, 3 things should happen for me to believe them.

  1. As stated earlier, I would assume that every prophet would pass to us the same messages/dogma?
  2. This god should identify itself as to it’s origin; and those that do have different names which leads me to believe these are not real gods but posing as such just like they did in Genesis, the creation.
  3. God doesn’t interfere into our reality as it is an illusion, but god doesn’t directly contact souls, it’s not allowed, there is no need, our free will must be respected.

For these so called gods to contact humans means they cannot possibly be legitimate gods; and if they were, why would they purposely confuse humanity?

I’m not talking about the ancient past or present religious systems. Men defined gods in that period because everything that came from above was a god to be worshipped.

I’m talking about our current reality excluding christian, muslim, jewish and other religious gods. I’m referencing the current false prophets, each with a different message or teaching, it should tell us that perhaps there is another higher dimensional deception to confuse us and keep us from finding out the truth about who we are. If these entities are created by Source, then they too play a role in this production, to force us into seeking our true nature.

They want us to believe that we are humans and that our connection with a god will lead us to heaven or ascension. We are not humans. You are a divine spark of source, you are a creator god, you create through your thoughts and belief systems, and these gods and even some false prophets are jealous of you and they don’t want you to evolve.

Creator/source is our direct connection, if a soul disconnects it’s because source has done it for a reason, but our connection is permanent, a disconnect means death of the soul as source provides us the energy. Therefore, any communication from a god that we didn’t call for is false. We are connected through the crown of our heads by a blue filament/strand to source.

Any god that claims to know what is going on in our world and what possibly might happen is committing a transgression against humanity and universal laws of non-interference and respecting our free will. We are in a unique reality of free will, no other reality exists that is free will.

What would be the point of incarnating into this reality while getting cues and clues that are completely inconsistent from god to god?

It doesn’t make sense. Although our reality is an illusion, we created and planned out every detail right down to when we enter a baby/fetus/embryo, we agreed to have our memories blocked, it was a condition we set to incarnate here because if we really knew who we were or where we came from, we may not last long in this reality and could leave, which would mess up the entire production.

Imagine, after months of rehearsals, and the night before the opening of the play, an important actor dies, such chaos would ensue. Or better yet, you’re in the middle of the performance and an actor all of a sudden has a heart attack. Are you going to continue the play? Of course not. Firstly you are going to aid and assist the actor. Secondly, it’s impossible to continue with the play and even to replace with a stand in at that point, would be difficult. That stand in could only “stand in” following the next performance.

So, this bullshit about our memories being erased to hurt us or wiped is simply new age dogma and bullshit. Blocking access to our memories was a protection measure. Some of us CAN access past life memories, so it’s not erased. It’s a protective measure especially for those souls that never experienced a physical reality. Many of us here come from higher realities/realms and are in a physical body for the first time.

Although the entity Seth claims that this is our kindergarden of learning, I would add that it’s also a reality for those that want to experience physical realities with both good and bad. If we remembered who we were and where we came from, you can be sure we would want to bail out of this madness.

As a Buddhist for many years, reincarnation as part of my evolution was acceptable and when I asked one of my mentors why we don’t remember our past lives, he answered similar to Edgar Cayce’s explanation: “Do you think you could live with the knowledge that you killed and ruthlessly maimed people in your past?”

You know the answer to that.

Well, it’s the same answer as to why we don’t remember other existences. There is no such thing as evil or bad souls. It’s the experience we insert it into to know what it feels like, but Souls are pure and LOVE.

I often asked Kathryn E. May and YRFT what made them so special that they were chosen to be the official voice for god? Kathryn calls them mother and father god, Rose calls them Eve and One. Both pairs are male and female aspects but both teach something totally different. Father god will suggest that you purchase laminine for good health, Eve tells you that you live in a construct of gears and machinery run by some artificial intelligence. Neither one has answered me directly to that question.

Which are true gods? Neither.

A creator does not give out trade secrets and our memories were blocked for a reason. If Creator/source wanted us to know certain thing, it would either unblock memories or parts of it to EVERYONE, for ALL are equal.

End of story.


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In my world, God loves all equally so if it’s got a message to send it will go out to all and not just to certain individuals.
Why is it that each person that claims to get messages is different and that no two  people  get the same information or message? That Creator god plays games with us and wants to confuse us?

It can’t be anyone else because our free will must be respected therefore entities that disrespect that are not from Source. Why is that people ignore this Law/Universal Rule that we are not to be interfered with?

I will start with Alex Collier because I have been with him from the start way back in the early 80’s. The Andromedans knew that his life would never be the same. They knew most of humanity was not ready to hear the message in the 80’s so why did they contact him knowing this?
Why did they allow his life to go downhill from there? Why could they not intervene somehow so that he could continue to live a normal life and raise his family with dignity? He didn’t ask to be contacted, therefore, he ended up suffering the consequences for their contact yet they never ever did anything to make his life easier. Why? Because they have no power over that, these may claim to be Andromedans, I don’t dispute that but it raises so many questions that I am now presenting to you.  How has life improved by being in contact with them and why could they not wait until now to contact him rather then cause him to suffer for so long to the point that he became homeless, he got Cancer and he is now living off the donations of his friends and followers. What good did the Andromedans messages do for Alex or humanity for that matter?
He will say he would do it all over again because of the valuable information. I honor that. I get that. But when it comes down to it, what has Alex gained from all this other than poverty? What happened to Abundance if you believe in it? Why is he a victim because he didn’t ask to be contacted?

I can’t dispute or debunk the possibility that Andromedans contacted Alex, but were they service to others, were they maybe disguised to be Andromedans because nothing, absolutely nothing positive came out of his communication with them other than information that cannot be proven anyways.

Has anything changed in the lives of people who were supposedly contacted by entities that mean well and want to help humanity? Not really, other than gaining knowledge and understanding and for the few like Lee Carrol and Daryl Anka who travel worldwide channeling, writing books, giving lectures and making sustantial profits from their book sales.

My life hasn’t changed reading or listening other than gaining knowledge, perhaps a different perspective. The planet has not benefited from these channeled messages because these entities choose ONE person. How does ONE person gain credibility being the only ONE to get the message? How does this information get spread about worldwide when more than 50% of the planetary population either doesn’t have internet access or are too poor to purchase books and magazines?

Now, given the facts just presented, how do we know the messages are actually coming from those that claim to want to help humanity and how have they helped us over the last 50 years?

David Icke coined the phrase “Prison Planet” in his book titled: “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Any idiot today would agree with that just on the fact that we can’t piss in a toilet without asking for permission.

It is still up for debate as to why the Planet is quarantined. Some claim it’s so that humans can’t leave, some claim it’s for the purpose of not allowing visitors and I tend to accept both as valid reasons.

We can’t leave because we don’t have the technology for interplanetary travel and we’re not allowed visitors who could tell us the truth about what is actually going on. All communications to the planet are either denied, intercepted or compromised.

If messages are compromised then we truly don’t know the validity or accuracy of messages and I doubt very much that any truth is allowed to pass through unless it’s mixed with 90% bullshit.

Whenever I would hear or read about people claiming to be in contact with higher dimensional beings from various Saints, Ascended Masters, Seth, Kryon, Bashar, Abraham Hicks and many others, my first thoughts or questions were always the same.

What makes him or her special to receive the information and nobody else?  How does that serve humanity to only contact one person?  If we are all loved and created equally, why are some people chosen above others? What are the requirements or qualifications to receive messages?

And, if it’s allowed to receive help from higher dimension and different realities then why do more people not get contacted by the same entity?

I think I have the answer to the last question. Each entity chooses one person for an obvious reason. Is Bashar better than Kryon? Is Kryon real and Bashar not? Who’s messages/teachings do you like? Exactly!

We fragment by attracting to those messages/teachings that form our current belief system or for whatever reason we tend to choose certain philosophies/ideologies or truths if you can even call it truth.

The result is that all of us in the truth community are fragmented and each of us form our own ideas, conclusions and end game based on the source of information we get.

We choose to believe or not believe, we choose to feel special when some entity from another reality contacts us, we want to believe that these entities contacting humanity are who they claim to be and with that we accept certain information that ‘resonates’ with us.

We can’t resonate with anything because we are disconnected from Source. This is another propaganda, mind control bullshit ideology. If we can resonate with things then we would never make a mistake in judgement. We can’t resonate because we exist in such a low frequency, so we all play with the myth of being able to resonate with something, again this is part of the game that we become confused, it’s all mind control.

How is this helping humanity? Has ANY event happened even in the last 50 years that ANY one of these entities predicted would happen such as the end of the world, ascension, Dinar revaluation, GCR, and now this obsession with September. If you can name one event that altered our reality for the better, please let me know because some entities still claim the Dinar revaluation is a go yet it was predicted 3 years ago as being imminent as was full disclosure.

CONCLUSION: There are over 6 billion people on this planet, most enlightened humans are probably the ones that meditate all day long such as the monks spread across temples throughout Asia and yet I have not read about ONE monk claiming to channel messages from higher beings.

Fact is, millions of people are evolved enough to be a channel or upload information, so why pick one woman in Texas to inform and help humanity?

If our creator/god loves us equally would it be fair to contact only one person and why are ALL of these people that are in contact with higher beings all getting different messages or teachings?
Higher dimensional beings are connected to Source and can access much easier Akashic records. They talk about love, but not HOW to love. They talk about stopping wars but not HOW to stop them. They talk about many things and none have contributed to a better reality, in fact, we’re more fractured, fragmented and separated by our belief systems then ever before.

My guide tells me it’s done on purpose to confuse us and no service to others entity is able to get their messages through if at all. Some beings are very powerful and can reach us but it’s rare because it’s not allowed. The whole purpose we are here is to figure it out, remember who we are therefore, the law of Non-Interference was very clear before we incarnated here.

I would feel very special if some entity contacted me and told me I had been chosen as the official voice, but Prime Creator doesn’t work that way and if you’re going to contact humans you would do it for everyone and let each person choose what they want to do with the information.

Don’t be a cult follower, be a leader. Your heart will lead you along with your Higher Self. You are doing what you should be doing. Stop projecting your desire for something to happen without the knowledge of what SHOULD OR MUST happen. Without a clear understanding or knowledge of what should happen, you are feeding the machine and creating realities that are not suitable for us at this time or diverting energy to where it really should go and that is self-exploration, self-love and finding your truth, remembering who you are. Project what you want to be and you will create it. Trust that everything is the way it should be and live the rest of your current reality in love with all without  expecting anything in return.

The messengers want to believe they receive truth and just because the message is loving doesn’t mean it’s authentic. Once you open yourself to receive messages from entities you can’t see, you have become a suction cup for them to feed through you.

Don’t fall for that because just the act of entering your mind without your permission is a breach of trust and free will and they are not to be trusted. That’s all these beings CAN do; enter your mind and by reading your mind, they know exactly what to communicate. They can’t manifest, they can’t stop your headache or cure your cancer because they are not from LOVE. The only thing they know how to do is deception.
They have no power over you unless you allow them in. These are beings that can only enter your mind and control it, tell you what you want to hear, pretend to be god or an angel or St. Germain and since you can’t prove it you believe the beautiful messages of love.

So, before you disagree with me and that’s ok, ask yourself the same questions. What makes me more special than you and how do these beings choose their messengers? Why are not the messages the same or consistent?

That’s all I have to say this 26th of September, 2015.