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I came across a recent Cobra article today, and it contains a passage that brought a smile to my face…>>>The energies of the cardinal Grand Cross have triggered all kinds of suppressed dysfunctional behavior and ideas which needed to be cleared before the activation could take place. Here I…

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Well, I listened to the Hollow Earth Network Channel Panel Call, you can hear it yourself at

I promised myself that on the 22nd, when everything was proven to not be true and more bullshit that I would start exposing these human beings who are channeling false entities/dark entities/demiurge/Archons or are just plain evil and are being paid to do this to humanity. I can’t always blame these entities  from higher dimensions because they too have a purpose for being here, they too are from source, they too have their own agenda, so the ones that channel their false messages and lies are the ones that should be held responsible and discredited so that they never ever hurt another human being again, willing or unwillingly it is not important because those of us who know the truth have been sending these folks messages and asking them to question the information they are getting, they have been warned.

I have been pretty quiet on this subject, although I do mention Dr. Kathryn E. May a few times, but only because she is the one channeling these entities/beings, but I am no longer quiet, I am at war with any human that is knowingly or unknowingly channeling messages from other dimensions that are NOT  for the benefit of humanity, that are in hierarchies, that are angels, ascended masters, names associated with god/father god/mother god/ prime creator and saints!

As for Kathryn E. May, a lot of people I know have classified her as pure Evil and a paid shill. I am being gentler and classifying her as ignorant or brainwashed, she got taken by these dark forces and her ego was either willing or open to accept such a grand project or she is really DUMB and believes everything. At this point, I don’t believe she’s a clinical psychologist, that she is actually working with people that have been traumatized in childhood, wow, what a dangerous woman she has become. Stay away from her, she’s going down and like others, she will make a comeback with some other sort of entity. They usually do.

Anne DeHart also known as ‘Mom’ or ‘Hen’ at the Hollow Earth Network and Kathryn May who is the voice for ‘Mother/Father God’ and beginning this Saturday – although there was a sneak peek on her own call – the voice of ‘Zorra’ of middle Earth with their friend Caroline Olivier have become the new messengers for the Restored Republic. This is a very dark and very well funded Group. They have been asked repeatedly to come out publicly on their blogs that this is a mistake, but they remain silent. Anytime you go to read their blog or hear a call you are being tracked. These women who parade as light workers are by their own admission instead agents for the dark.
There were a few more web pages that I had found to contain some very damaging information, but they are totally wiped off the planet and I did not save them at the time. Why would anyone go through so much trouble to remove information? What are they hiding?

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/restored-republic-has-recruited-anne-dehart-kathryn-may-and#ixzz2zd1ktYAT

So let’s  start with the most recent radio show where ARCH (Archon)  Angel Michael claims to be reincarnated as George W. Bush, yes folks, you heard me right, listen to the link above if you don’t believe me. Although you will hear this, remember that these folks are sending love and energies to this man, this man at the top of the pyramid just got a whole bunch of vitality/energy. Imagine that! So listen to this and tell me if I’m going crazy or what? I don’t mind criticism, maybe I’m losing it!

When you’re listening to these things, it’s good to be centered, alone, prepared as if you are going to do meditation.  These entities will try in many ways to  pull at your identity and  to hijack your thought process.  Every now and then something good slips through, but it’s a good idea to go into this stuff with your critical thought engaged. Don’t be a passive listener, actively think about the implications and other meanings of what these channeled entities are saying. When you’re done listening, ground yourself and center yourself, clear yourself of anything you did not authorize as claimed by these entities.

So, here are some things that are going to happen according to these entities, saints, ascended masters and gods:

1. According to them, ‘ascension’ will occur on April 15, 2014. April 15th came and went, is anyone up there? Has anyone ascended and come back to tell the rest of us?  The intention was to artificially propagate a feeling of euphoria or ecstasy across the globe in order to convince everyone that the ‘gods had returned’ and ‘we have ascended’, when in actuality nothing at all has actually changed.  Remember, these entities feed off  your energies and the more negative emotions you feel after the non-event, the more food for them.

I would like to remind people that ascension is not just a happy feeling. It will involve drastic changes that you will be able to see, and will involve the automatic repair of all damage to your form. If ‘ascension’ occurs and I’m still feeling pain, then I will know it wasn’t really ascension. You will never need a ‘healing chamber’ or anything of the sort if true transition to the next dimension has occurred. The transition itself would obviate the need for that. What would be the point if we still needed healing chambers?

2. They want you to do meditations on Facebook in the next two days, especially. What do we need technology for? What is the REAL purpose of Facebook? Why Facebook and not other social media networks? Meditate on Facebook? Get real, we can all do this together from our persons and those that are attuned to Gaia will connect and we will vibrate together, why facebook, doesn’t or didn’t anyone even question this?.Bullshit!

3. St. Germain claims Ascension was not possible on April 15th.
His reason for this is that the portal where people have to get through was not completed and that it has been in the making for thousands of years. Imagine that, higher dimensional beings having technology thousands of years ahead of us need thousands of years to build a portal? I have said all there is to say on this. You can read the message here: http://www.whoneedslight.net/page/485201584

Here is an excerpt from that message that Kathryn channeled and put into writing: “We have encouraged you often by giving you specific tasks, or by showing you how we create – by envisioning a thing done, we make it happen. You are learning this as you come closer and closer to your own ascension, as the veil is lifting and you raise your consciousness to anticipate the glorious fulfillment of our Dream.” Notice how they claim we can just think for something to happen? Why can’t they just think for the portal to open?Bullshit!

St. Germain: “It may sound odd to you, but this is in fact an enormous construction project – one which has been in the planning for thousands of years, but like all complex endeavors, it required some perfecting and testing to insure that it will function perfectly, safely and comfortably.” What is the point of being such a higher dimensional being when you can’t get a portal done in a blink of an eye? Construction? Testing for safety and comfort? You are serious? We are to believe that these entities that are supposedly holding Gaia in an embrace so she doesn’t shift poles abruptly yet they can’t create an Ascension portal? Bullshit! 

4. They think they’re going to come in their ships on April 25, 2014. 
Those of us in the truth movement know that our secret governments have developed technologies way beyond our understanding and knowledge. Information has been leaking out about false flag ET and UFO events, holographic technology, etc. If anyone does actually show up  proceed with all caution. Don’t go off with anyone you don’t know really well and haven’t arranged things ahead of time with. And if you feel uncomfortable about any being, tell them to leave you alone. If they don’t, use the force of your will to push them away and don’t let them near you. Don’t go getting into strange space craft and don’t go into strange ‘chambers’ no matter what they say they’re for. Do not believe anything they have to say, this would be a psyops or black ops to get you loaded into ships and take you away to who knows where. This is bullshit for the masses that need to escape from their lives.

5. Apparently Archangel Michael has incarnated as G.H.W. Bush

Specifically, they’re claiming he’s the incarnate of the ‘Archangel Michael’. It’s worth remembering that both sides used incarnation and that not all incarnates are automatically incarnates of the good guys, or even the neutrals. There’s reptilian incarnates, there’s a heck of a lot of Ashtar Command incarnates, and there’s plenty of others from the Demiurge side of things. It’s not inconceivable that G.H.W. Bush is one of those.

Here is what Tanaath of Silver Legion has to say about this: “Of course a statement like this opens up a public door for high-ranking assholes in the Cabal to suddenly have a ‘change of heart’ to start portraying themselves as having been tormented good guys all along. Don’t buy into it. Being an incarnate isn’t a pass on bad behaviour. Planet Earth and all her people are entitled to justice. And yes, this justice will need to be carried out by Terrans, in full view of all on this planet. It would definitely be best if this was not mob justice but something involving due process, however tempting it might be to just hang them all without a trial”.

Additionally, with the ‘revelation’ that G.H.W. Bush is an incarnate, these channeled entities refer back to the notion that all this suffering and evil was somehow ‘necessary for our spiritual advancement’. This is not the case. Suffering and oppression are not required for ascension or spiritual advancement. We never asked for this, it was not necessary, it’s not somehow secretly good for us, and it’s wrong no matter how you try to cut it. Just because we react to the oppression by waking up and advancing ourselves does not in any way mean that the oppression and enslavement were somehow good for us. It just means that the universe has evolved a defence mechanism against this kind of attack.”

6. RV/GCR? 
There is nothing happening. St. Germain whoever that entity claims to be, claims that if the RV does not happen by April 15th, that he will intervene. Well folks, the 15th came and went, no Ascension and no RV, what else do you need to know? This is all a fake psych –op to get you to wait and hope for something that will never come.

7. Enjoy your healthy dose of hypnotism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming!
Zorra is an expert in neurolinguistic programming. The constant use of the phrase “it is termed” is not an innocuous verbal tic from some guy who doesn’t speak English, it’s hypnotic repetition. If you noticed, it was used very often and heavy at the start of his talk, and then he stops for a while and speaks normally thus proving he does know how to speak English and only resurrected at certain points of his talk. All of these speakers used some form of hypnotic repetition. Some popular phrases such as “dear ones”, beloved ones”, my dear beloved, “it is so”, It is done” etc. Whatever these entities repeat often is usually associated with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the more often you hear it, the more it will meld within your consciousness.

Pay very close attention to the use of ambiguous terms and phrases. At one point they flat out tell you that if you do what they say, ‘you will become another person’. That’s not a euphemism for being a better person or personal growth. They’re literally telling you that they’re going to hijack you, kick your soul out of your body, and replace it with something else. Don’t do it. Bad idea. 

Never assume these guys are just using euphemism and colloquialism. They’re often telling you the absolute truth about their oppressive intentions, couched in pretty phrases that sound like really positive things. Nope!

7. And now, a word from Daddy Prime Creator.  
At one point Kathryn channeled ‘Prime Creator’. I would like to once again remind people that you cannot channel Source. This is not the creator of the universe, though he would certainly like you to think he is, and he’s trying to bandwagon as many followers as he can by adding artificial inclusivity (mother/father god etc.

You are source, you are creator, anyone that portrays themselves as creator or prime creator is NOT. If you want to talk to Source, do it by seeking within yourself, not listening to an entity you have no idea who or what it is. As all of us are part of Source and Source is within all of us, you can go within yourself to speak to Source. It might not be a conversation with words that you can hear in your ears, but you can ask there for help and guidance if you feel lost or scared or any of those things. The answer may not come right away, but when it comes, you’ll know it. It’ll be synchronistic.

With all those beings that want to convince you that they’re ‘God’, it can be dangerous to reach for Source by going outside yourself. Going within yourself is safe. You can’t accidentally get a bad guy trying to trick you. Go into your centre to find Source – not out into the cosmos.

Please don’t associate yourselves with the Hollow Earth Network, I have listened to them and reading their crap for months now, not as a follower, but as a researcher, and NOT ONE event happened that their so-called Ascended Masters, St. Germain and ARCH Angel Michael has claimed, that should be enough proof to keep away from these people or run like hell before they steal your soul like they have done to their followers.

 Let’s just assume that I am wrong about everything. What do we have left? NOTHING. Nothing happens, for years these entities have acted like the Dinar GOO ROO POO POO’s, making claims that never happen. When you associate yourself with TNT Tony Renfrow, a convicted criminal, (this group Zorra and St. Germain have said that Tony Renfrow is of the light and works with them), indicted for fraud and waiting for his court date next month, conning people into buying dinar because it’s going to revalue any minute, you are in bed with scumbags, scam artists and shady people. I don’t need to be right or wrong about this, it’s a fact and you can do the research yourself.


Kathryn, stop doing this. You either knowingly do this to knowingly hurt a lot of people, or you are just plain dumb and stupid to believe this crap. I want to believe you are a good human being, but I can’t accept the fact that you can’t see through the lies and deceit, yet you claim to be a Clinical Psychologist? Something stinks Kathryn and I wrote you months ago that I would continue watching you.   Please stop hurting people and using your monetary resources to profit off the backs of desperate people wanting to get rich and or run away. You see, you couldn’t run and you didn’t get rich. Are you still going to push your bullshit?

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