This is a very heavy and controversial subject. I would say probably more controversial than homosexuality, but that’s just my opinion. It’s been in my thoughts the last few days and I can’t say that I came across anything that would bring my thoughts into this subject. I have to assume it’s time to write about it and believe me, if this was 20 years ago I would have written something totally different because as I have evolved, so have my views on this subject.

20 years ago when someone asked me what I thought about Euthanasia, I would have said that we have the right to choose but under the condition that we truly have a health condition that does not allow us to have a quality life. How do we define “life quality”? Someone in wheelchair will say their life quality is great, they have adapted to being immobile, have a loving and supporting family therefore, they consider their condition to be liveable and enjoyable. Great.

Someone in Africa or a developing country living without water or electricity suffering from  a simple Herpes virus can be greatly suffering and may want to end their life. How do we define “quality” on a planetary scale when each continent alone has it’s own languages, customs, religions and views on what a good life means.

So let’s just assume we are talking about those that live an average life, meaning; they have all their needs met and they surely are not suffering or dying from lack of food or water. Their condition truly is irreparable, they may even have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and they want to die,they feel that being kept alive is merely creating more suffering and pain. These are the folks I am now talking about, those of us whom have the  basic needs covered and are lucky enough to have good health insurance.

I thought about this today before sitting down to write this, many people today contemplate death and not only from illness, but from the stresses of life alone while struggling to feed their families. Over 2.5 million farmers have committed suicide in India over the last 5 years because they were fooled into buying GMO seeds and their crops failed while they borrowed money, these men as being brought up in a traditional way where the man takes care of the family simply gave up and died because of guilt and shame.  So, today, it is more prevalent that feeling of wanting to die and it’s not always health related.

We live in difficult times, difficult in terms of very few people have access to good healthcare or if they do, it’s unnafordable yet despite this, you would think our governments would gladly enact laws to allow Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia. Could the reason be because they too feel that many people would be leaving simply because their lives are so miserable? I ask myself these questions, they are relevant because I deal with and work with ill clients, some that are terminal. These clients come to me after conventional medicine failed to cure their cancers.

I had a client whom after 75 chemotherapies over a span of 2 years came to see me. His cancer started at the anus, and by the time he came to see me it had metastasized to the liver and lungs. This man was not only in bad condition physically, but he was ready to give up. Alternative medicine is not an overnight cure, it takes time and many cancer patients don’t have the luxury of time. I’m talking about those such as this client who wasted 2 years of chemotherapy so that by the time he came to me, his body was ravaged from the toxic chemicals and no matter what path of treatment we chose together, we first had to detox and clean his body. Usually that is the most difficult stage because the body is so toxic and so weakened that much energy is required to simply detox and heal what is damaged. He survived the first 6 weeks of detoxing and was actually starting to feel better and he was fixed on having a test done to see if his cancer was spreading or not.

I explained to him that it was too early, that the test results would probably prove to be very dissapointing because his body has been focused on detoxing and healing, regenerating new cells and blood cells. I warned him to think about being tested because it could be detrimental to his mental state. I have much experience with this so I knew what the consequences were. He accepted them and insisted on getting tested and of course, the results were not what he expected.

So, here we are on the telephone discussing his results. The very doctor that sent him home to die, told him it was probably the MMS he was taking and it was the cause! Imagine that. This Oncologist who sent him home and told him his cancer had mutated, told him there was nothing they could do for him yet when he found out he was taking MMS, he found a reason to blame the MMS for this.

Normally I don’t interfere with Doctors decisions or opinions. I explained to my client for the 10th time that healing takes time and that in order for the body to start healing, we need to get rid of the very toxins that caused his sickness and it was a 3 month process, meaning, that if after 3 months we could not stop the cancer, we probably failed. We didn’t fail in trying, rather, we failed because the medical establishment damaged his body so much that his body simply could not heal itself in time and kill the cancer cells. I told my client that he was the one that had to decide what to do and that I could not influence his decision, I could only talk about our joint effort to heal him and not what his other doctors had to say.

He came to see me a week later but he wasn’t himself. Up to that point he was very positive and hopeful, I believe the doctors scared the shit out of him which is ironic because they had already killed him and sent him home, but he basically told me he had nothing left to fight and he wanted to die.

I found myself in a very difficult position and predicament. My higher self, my evolved soul wanted to tell him that death was not the end and that death was merely another step on his journey. Given that he was a Catholic, how do I combine both spiritual and religious perspectives to this man in order for him to make a sound decision? Honestly, I wanted to tell him that he should follow his heart regardless what it said because if it said it was time to die, then it was time to die. But how do you die in country that does not have laws allowing you to? Do you just go home and lay on the bed and feel your body wither away and suffer in pain until it’s time to go? I thought very carefully before I answered him and this is what I said: “I honor your decision or choice whatever it may be, but before you do that, give it one more fight, complete the detox process and move on to the 2nd phase, if you survive the 2nd phase, you stand a good chance of surviving.

I didn’t want to give this man false hope. I can’t. It is and always was his choice whether he was aware of it or not. Although I am in the business of healing people, I am also in the business of honoring soul contracts and respecting the clients wishes and choices even if it does not resound with my views. I can’t take responsibility by giving him any false hopes because it’s not up to me. I offer the knowledge and tools to heal but ultimately it’s up to the client on how to use those tools and what their relationship is with their higher selves if they even have one.

This man was religious, his journey was about going to hell or heaven, how do I combine both concepts of religion and spirituality without offending him yet encouraging him to not give up. After all, he survived 2 years of chemotherapy.

I told him to go home and spend time being alone. To put his hand on his heart while talking to himself and then to really think about what he wanted. Religion instills guilt and shame. What about my wife, or what about my kids, and how are they going to live without me etc., and that makes it very difficult to make sound decisions based on “self”, and not others.

One week later I received a phonecall from his friend who told me that he had committed suicide by taking a bottle of potent pain killers. My first feeling was ‘relief’. He was suffering in every way and felt obligated to stay alive because of others. Did he think about his decision? I don’t know. But he died alone and that is horrible. He had the right to assisted suicide, someone that would be by his side, hold his hand, let him go and love him to the end. In medical terms he was terminally ill, therefore, would have easily qualified for that right to die even though I didn’t see him that way. I saw a man who still had life in him, who had a good chance of beating the cancer, but I also knew that like me, he made an agreement before coming here and perhaps that is the other reason why all the therapies failed, it was already written.

So, here is the question. Why are most countries reluctant to enact “Assisted Suicide” laws? Is it really because we are idiots and don’t seem to know what is best for us? Would we abuse the laws and kill ourselves because we have a choice? Would we bail out in difficult situations because we could not face or deal with our problems? Do our governments know something we don’t?

What about this question: Are the controllers afraid they would lose their slaves while at the same time we find out that we were tricked all along and that we are souls using human bodies? Is it possible their fear of us finding out is preventing us from choosing life and death?

What do I think? I think that anytime the government forbids me from something that it is not for my good rather for their good. If they wanted to reduce 2/3 of the population, would this “Assisted Suicide” law not help them from getting rid of most of the ones that are not productive? You would think so. If that is their goal, this type of law would simplify but I think there is something else behind this. Once we leave this body and enter the astral plane, because of the timing,  because reincarnation is no longer in effect, we would find a way to communicate to our still alive souls on the planet and wake them up or upon leaving this body, knowing we are in the final stages of this way of life, we might actually be more valuable in our original form?

From a moral and ethical perspective, I think that we should have the right to choose our deaths. Again, only when there is no hope for a terminal illness, when someone is or has been in a coma for a long time, when our illness causes us much pain and suffering; we should have the right to leave this body or let our loved ones know that when a certain time came they could on our behalf pull the plug.

Speaking as a Soul, I would say: If you feel it’s time to go, go. Excercise your free will providing you don’t hurt anyone with this decision. It’s one thing to leave because we choose to, it’s another to bail out and leave those behind us to suffer. There have been a few times when I have wanted to leave. Not because I have a reason to, in other words, I am suffering from any form of illness or poverty, my life is perfect. I sometimes get tired of seeing all the suffering around me and as curious as I am and impatient, I want to go home. There are fleeting thoughts because I know that I too have agreed to come here and work on whatever I agreed on working, therefore, to bail before it’s time, I would be forced to start over again and that I do not want to do. As much as I love my human family and Planetary mother, I have always felt that I came from somewhere else and this planet has been foreign to me. Whatever the case may be, we are very powerful souls and should use our free will for the benefit of all and not just for our selfish selves.

Or, is it because the medical industry makes a lot of money trying to keep people alive? I would probably go with that theory as being the first and foremost reason why we are not allowed to leave our bodies. Every last resort is used to the point where the patient doesn’t even know he’s alive, attached to all kinds of tubes and equipment, for the sake of maybe keeping them alive for a few days longer. Could it be that it’s about money? As one of my readers pointed out, Insurance cancels life insurance policies but that is to the benefit of the insurance company so I don’t see any benefit in it for us other than wanting to leave our benefactors something?  You decide.

I hope that we will be allowed to make those choices about leaving this body or not, but had the controllers thought it would be of benefit to them they would have allowed it to happen, therefore, they don’t gain anything by enacting a law of humans choosing when to die. Soon, death will be no more. Reincarnation is no longer in effect. Those of us that leave our bodies from now on simply move on to other levels of existence, we came to do our jobs and have moved on. Some will return to Earth but only after the transition. Coming into this world now as a baby will take too long, therefore, most of the babies being born today are higher evolving souls as well, they are ones that will lead us eventually. That’s how I see it and in no way do I claim to know the truth, this is what I see and feel in my lucid dreaming states.


I’m on a thought roll this week and want to share this before I close down for the weekend. Got furniture to put together, a guest room to prepare and family arriving in a few days.

A storm is coming and it’s not a weather storm. Denial will not make the truth go away,  it will only mask itself in the form of some type of illness. Denial is suppression. When people are suppressed they suffer in many different ways. Denial is a form of voluntary suppression as our brain logic takes over and through the Ego insists that truth is not real. Problem is if it was a physical event such as seeing chemtrails, the brain photographed what we saw therefore it becomes an internal struggle between the album displaying the photo, the Ego demanding control and the heart not able to express whatever it is you felt when looking at the chemtrails.

What in fact are we suppressing? Truth? No.
Whatever it is you saw, heard, felt or experienced was your truth that you chose to deny. We suppress LOVE.

The body doesn’t break down from the effects of denial, it breaks down because of the suppression of Love. I don’t claim that truth is happiness or a always a positive thing, it isn’t always a positive event to hear truth, but the end result IS, because as long as we don’t deny that, we will continue to love and be loved.

Denial is not pretending something doesn’t exist, denial is suppressing something we don’t like, but its existence continues in our minds and eventually denying or suppressing truth poisons our hearts and our ability to love and feel loved.

Denial is similar to taking your husband’s shirt marked with another woman’s lipstick out into the backyard, digging a hole and burying it or tossing it in the trash thinking that in time you will forget this ever happened. But what really happens when you think this way?
Resentment, anger, jealousy, fear, insecurity and afraid perhaps that your partner doesn’t love you?

Love cannot co-habitat with any negative emotions, therefore denying truth, suppressing it eventually denies you Love.  Think about it.

Here is an example of how I denied myself many things in my younger years because I could not face the reality that the man that never did call me didn’t really love me. During those years of spiritual evolution I believed that if I loved someone that I was then happy. This was a suppression of truth because innately, loving someone is not what makes us happy. Being loved and feeling loved is the formula for happiness.

I can’t even count how many nights I spent waiting by the phone for “him” to call me. We didn’t have cellphones in the 80’s yet, so you sat at home by the phone waiting and waiting. While waiting I convinced myself that he loved me but he just got held up at work, or had a car breakdown or had to rush to see his mother or someone died and he didn’t have time to call me; while at the same time trying to find a reason why he loved me.

I suppressed the truth. I could not face the reality that this man didn’t love me, I denied myself love because while waiting for him to call, someone more worthy could have been loving me but I chose him because I thought loving someone was happiness. There were many HE’s in my life.

If we truly love someone, we will be honest with them. If we truly love ourselves; we would not lie to ourselves or deny the truth. One cannot exist without the other. Denial is suppression of truth, truth is Love. Truth is a positive vibration, in truth we love.

Denial is a powerful thing, but I don’t believe it’s a human thing, I believe that all negative thoughts are not only programming from childhood but that the Archons created the programming and implanted certain people to propagate these negative thoughts.

To deny ourselves anything is to deny oneself love. Some of us subconsciously deny Love by believing we are not worthy of it.

Over the years, I found a method to test my clients if they loved themselves enough. It’s important for healing to take place. If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t accept the healing energies so we have to remove the blockages so that love can enter. I came up with a test based on my own life experiences. After the test, I would continue a dialogue to ensure I had the correct results. How did I come to this test?

I am a giver. If you come to my home and tell me you love the photograph on the wall, I will take it off the wall and give it to you. I have been like this all my life, I love to give and often to my own detriment because sometimes I give away things I need. You don’t need to ask me for anything, just tell me you like something and I will give it to you. It is my nature.

Problem was that I had a difficult time accepting gifts. I felt uncomfortable, uneasy, small and realized that I was feeling undeserving. In other words I didn’t love myself and unconsciously used my generosity to make up for the love I lacked.

So, the test is simple. I always keep a jar of crystals in my clinic, small ones, the kind you can stuff in your wallet, pocket or wear as jewelry. I will sit directly in front of the client and while handing over the Crystal say: “This crystal is a gift for you”; and then watch and listen how they will respond. If a person loves themselves unconditionally, they will say : Thank you, anything else is loving yourself less. “Oh, you should not have or hmmm, what did I do to deserve this or oh I can’t accept this” are expressions of people who do not love themselves completely.

When you love, you don’t question, you simply accept with gratitude. Of course the follow up conversation will help me determine 100% if that is the issue, but it’s pretty accurate.

So, denying yourself a gift is denying yourself the love you deserve and accepting that gift is a symbol of love.
When I give, I give with love, I feel that I am giving a piece of my heart to make that person happy, in the meantime my heart just grows bigger. I feel so much love in giving, yet sadly I spent so many years denying it and not feeling worthy.

Our natural emotions are positive frequencies. When we are born, we know not any negative emotions, we are pure love, but many of us while moving through the birth canal will experience stress and pain. We were not designed to give birth this way. If you read Genesis in the bible, the alien gods upon learning that Eve had eaten the forbidden knowledge fruit tree were being thrown out of the garden and they told her that she would from then bear her children in pain. That means that up to that point women did not feel pain when giving birth.

The Archons had a very effective program network and technology so our innocence and pure love we came with into this world didn’t survive very long.

WE are:  I love you, I don’t love you, he loves me, he loves me not, I hate myself, I’m a failure because I didn’t achieve what was expected of me etc. These thoughts and beliefs have nothing to do with Love. Denial and suppression was designed for us to deny love.

If you are one of the women that buried the lipstick covered shirt of your partner, go back and get it. Confront your partner, don’t deny yourself the truth. Ask questions, get angry because that lipstick could have belonged to a woman jealous of what you have and did that with intent to hurt you. Do you see how denial can cause more damage? What if you left your partner over this shirt? You denied yourself the truth and that love from your partner because you thought it would be easier to bury, suppress and deny.

Denial is not powerful, it is dangerous, toxic, destructive because it denies Love. Truth is Love.

The Archon denial program alone was enough to destroy our progress as Souls having a human experience. They didn’t want that to happen under any circumstances. By denying the truth, we deny our existence in this human experience.

We can never have a full and complete human experience if we deny ourselves truth, even painful truth is Love because when we Love, we demand truth and want to live in truth no matter how painful and there is no denial because we cannot deny pain.

We cannot deny what we agreed to come and do. This is the other reason. We all didn’t come here to shine the light and play music, we came here to get the job done and many of us had to do some hard and ugly work.

Denial is merely postponing the inevitable unless cancer and other chronic illnesses get you first. To deny is to pretend, to re-create a false reality and now all the people in your life become part of your false reality.

Denial is not permanent because just like truth it must surface sooner or later whatever it is that we are in denial of and more than likely it will come at the worse time when you are not ready for it.

Denial is self-hatred in a way because we don’t have enough confidence, strength or courage to face it, lack of self-respect or self-love keeps us in denial.

Denial is not refusal to see the truth rather a choice because we’re probably not aware in that moment of denial how high of a price we will have to pay.

The psychological emotion of denial was designed to thwart any and all efforts at seeing what is being done to us and once it became a “learned” response, we started to use it in our everyday lives.

Most people today will deny the fact that there is an agenda to destroy whatever left of our Essence exists in these human bodies. They “know” something is wrong. They know we are up against Evil, but the denial is so strong and destructive that they actually believe that as long as they don’t think about it, it doesn’t exist.

This profound reality of humanity’s condition can now be seen and felt all over the planet. Denial has become the Norm. Denial has disconnected us from Source. Denial has blinded us, numbed us, dumbed us down to the point that we have become complacent.

Denial of our true current reality has denied us LOVE and so we are now caught in this vicious cycle.

How do we get out of this situation? Easy.

Face up to what you are denying. Once you do that, it just gets easier.

We’re like addicts, once an addict admits to having a problem, things get easier. It’s that fear of facing what we deny that stops us. We are afraid of what will happen if we face the demons that we have been pretending don’t exist.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
Denial of who we truly are is discharging the collective battery.

How much longer are you going to deny how powerful you are? What are you afraid of?

Stop denying and Love will fill the Void. Love is all we need, Love is what brought us here, finding Love means to stop denying who we are.


I have good news and bad news. First the bad news: Life contains a lie. What you believe is full of lies, secrecy, tricks and deception at every level — religion, politics, science, our language, the media, entertainment sources such as movies and music, corporate logos, and advertising — and the earth is an electromagnetic gravitational prison planet in which we are held as prisoners imprisoned by our body cells. The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell. We spell words to create a sentence — a jail term and it’s a life sentence. We use curse words and write with cursive writing. . Why do we say when someone is out of luck that they are S.O.L.?

Why do we have products like Sun Kist, Star Kist, and Gold Kist Farms? What is a Kist? Why do almost all major corporations use either the sun, moon or pyramids in their logos?
Why were all major religions given to us by princes from elite royal families or wealthy members of nobility?
Why are religious messiahs called the son of God and depicted with the sun as a halo?
Why does the world’s largest political celebration, the World Olympic Games, have a priestess light what they call a cauldron with the light of the sun and keep an eternal flame burning throughout the games?
Why do world leaders gather each year at Bohemian Grove and participate in a druidic ceremony called the Cremation of Care which reenacts sacrificial rituals from ancient Canaan at the base of a forty foot owl?
Why do so many musicians say they have sold their soul, use illuminati hand signs and use cryptic language in their songs? Why do musical artists such as Katy Perry seem to incorporate witchcraft into their videos? Why does Hollywood take its name from the holly wood that a magic wand is made from and why do they use terms such as casting and programming? Why does the organization that gives Emmys and Oscars, NATAS, use an acronym that is Satan spelled backwards and why does the statue they give out for awards, the Oscar, look like and is named after an egyptian god named Ausur or Osiris? Why do we have an egyptian pyramid on the back of our dollar bill?
Why does the moon rotate at just the right speed so that the same side always faces toward Earth and why does it appear in our vision as exactly the same size as the sun during a total eclipse?
What is the purpose of “evil” and Trickster Gods. And, finally, why are we told we go to the light at death? I answer these questions and many more on this website

Read more, great website!:

The False Paradigm of I AM

The origin of “I AM” which is accepted belief of much of the civilized world and often used to meditate, live it’s philosophy by New Age followers, Spiritual Gurus and so called Higher beings comes from the old Testament in Exodus (3:14). “Abraham was a man featured in the book of Genesis. Many monotheistic religions regard him as the founding patriarch of Judaism and monotheism. Later in Exodus, Moses was taking his people out of Israel to the promised land and there in the bushes, Moses had to close his eyes in order not to burn I suppose, or the light was too bright or he might have seen a spaceship, nobody really knows why. King James Bible – “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”


The origins of the Phrase are repeated in the Bible hundreds of times in different context. According to Sloyan Gerard, an author of the Book titled “Interpretations”: “In these cases it is the way he identifies himself, but clearly it is an expression of his authority, even his capacity to inspire awe”. He was talking about Jesus using the same phrase of  “I AM”.

So, you see it’s origin coming from scripture and interpreted, meaning we can’t be sure what it really means, because I AM is used all the time in our languages all over the world. I am right, right?

We also know that much of the bible is not to be trusted in terms of real events and witnesses 800 years later, it’s been altered, made up, added, substracted and there is very little truth in it. Also, a lot of the Gnostic scripture is used, some events that actually happened 30,000 years ago as we discover lately, so we can’t even for one moment accept that the “I AM THAT I AM” statement can possibly bring us any enlightenment or bring us closer to god.  There are literally thousands of contradictions in this bible, in fact, I read somewhere long ago there are over 35,000 contradictions in the bible. Why? Most likely it’s because there were at least 50 writer or scribes that wrote the bible with different religious beliefs, backgrounds, morals and ethics and of course motives. Do the research and you will find out for yourself these are facts and not my opinion. I’m not going to do the homework for you.

I don’t guess or mess around with Biblical scriptures because there exist Religious and zealous fanatics who are also politically correct obsessed with accuracy so best to quote or write about something that can be researched and proven to be fact. Just because it is written somewhere doesn’t validate it’s authenticity, but to religious fanatics it is, so long as the text exists someplace, they are happy, after all; God is everywhere isn’t HE?

Are we perhaps not magnifying or maybe giving too much credit to the meaning of I AM? I for one am guilty for accepting its meaning as a claim or belief to being a god or godlike. The New Cage movement use it as part of their philosophy to enlightenment though for the life of me, I can’t see how you can become enlightened constantly repeating ” I AM THAT I AM”.

If the story in the bible is even half-true, that god is more likely the Yaldabaoath god, who proclaims himself that way as he was the vengeful, egotistical god who issued the 10 commands and the first being that you should not worship anyone except him, that should tell you everything about this god. So, he presented himself as Creator of mankind and from there, it flourished in the religious industry of GOD powerful and man a slave scenario.

Could that be the reason why we accomplish nothing when proclaiming “I AM THAT I AM”?

The early Christian Gnostics believed that much of humanity stumbled through life in a deep sleep of spiritual ignorance. Gnosis (greek word for knowledge) involved awakening from this bleak awareness and yearning towards enlightenment and illumination.

Are we still not following certain truths that don’t belong to us? Did we willingly and without much thought accept the phrase or statement of I AM believing we were acknowledging ourselves as gods just because someone interpreted it that way?

The Gnostics believed that the path to spiritual “wisdom” was through the liberation of the mind and the gaining of knowledge. Are we not still seeking outwards or towards a person we feel must have the correct knowledge for us to learn from? I am not saying we should not  be seeking people to gain knowledge, I am saying that we should seek knowledge on how to access our own. In other words, we should seek to find out who we are and how we can gain that wisdom and enlightenment by going within.

Do we not possess that knowledge and should we not be trying to remember it rather than seek towards those we consider to be authorities on something? I’m referring to gurus, to cult leaders, to self proclaimed experts on something.

Could something so simple sounding or interpreted as godlike  I AM actually be our demise if we are repeating the words of an Alien God? If you have done your research, then you already know that the eden god was not the real god. The eden god was an alien god who posed as a god. This god or these gods created Adam out of man, which means, that man already existed when these gods created Adam and Eve to serve them. If this god, whom we now accept as an Alien God is stating or identifying himself as I AM THAT I AM, could that be the keyword or phrase to actually separate us from Source? Just asking. When we say I AM, we say it with intent or feel godlike or that we are co-creator.

Knowledge is gained through a process of knowing oneself, and although I have followed these principles; reading and researching to help me better understand how to access that knowledge within myself, I never researched the origins of I AM so here I am, sharing what I know with  you today.

People ask me how I gained all this knowledge and why? My reasons behind it is that I was curious about who I was. I no longer accepted the theory that a vengeful god without mercy would punish me for no reason, I needed to know who the true god was and who I was. I started out in the 80’s studying various religions therefore, I have some experience in bible interpretation though I don’t enjoy it and am no longer interested in that area but if you need a quick run through about the Bible as a scientific document, then Peter Kling is a great guy to learn from.

I AM Ines, I AM eternal, I AM a soul having a human experience, but I AM NOT the godlike character in the bible and I don’t reference the I AM as being a god in any way shape or form. I AM is not part of the enlightenment process for me. Funny, I only researched this today yet I never truly connected to that meaning of I AM. I AM For me, is recognizing myself as a unique, special, eternal, immortal, powerful, beautiful Soul having a human experience. No more, no less.

The Gnostics believed in the highest of all vibrations–a vibration so elevated that it was impossible to define with words. This illuminated vibration was One, the Universal Mind, Source Energy or God. This energy created other energies and those energies, including humanity, the planetary mother and all living beings are plugged into the collective battery, the power source.

I AM not the battery, I AM the energy that charges this collective battery and in order to charge it or contribute to its charging, my thoughts must be pure, loving and positive for ALL of us. WE ARE here to help those that have not yet come to this awareness. This is awareness is that they are plugged into this battery and whether it is unknowingly or unwittingly; they are discharging the battery with their victim/slave mentality.

Remember, we all agreed to be here at this time, it is up to us, the Old Souls to finally remove that false paradigm of I AM and start thinking WE  ARE to help those that are not yet conscious of their power. We cannot all wake up at the same time, so it is up to those of us to purge forward with the WE ARE to help them because time is running out and we must start the engine battery before it dies. If the battery power goes below a certain level, like any battery, it will start running out much faster.

I know that WE can do this. It is what WE came here to do. You just forgot this and I am reminding you.


Comment: As you know, I have been a fan of John Lash for many years. My first introduction to his work was reading his book “Not In His Image” in 2009 so that gives you an idea of how long I have supported his work. Although I don’t agree with some things he says, keep in mind, that he has spent many years interpreting the original gnostic texts written in Koptic Language and therefore, to dispute his work means studying many years. Let it be known that John is the FIRST person to talk about the Archons and how they came to be. Everyone after him has invented their own stories or re-written existing information from  John’s work.

The timing is right for you to view this Video. Enjoy!


Comments from Ines: I knew that John would eventually respond to this subject. As I receive regular updates, it was nice to see this email from him last week. I have never commented on the Flat Earth Theory although it didn’t fit into my reality, let me ask you a question: Does it really matter what shape the Earth is? If we are working towards changing our reality, a flat, spherical, oval, round Earth matters not. What matters is that we focus on things we can change, not on things the Controllers throw out for us to get caught in arguments over silly matters like this. Does it really matter what shape the Earth is and will anything change in your life? Here is what my friend John Lamb Lash has to say about it:

Greetings to Each and All

Over the past 6 months I have received quite a few messages alerting me to the current barrage of material on flat earth theory, and asking for my opinion. Well, here it is. I start with a recent inquiry.

Query about flat earth theory, July 18, 2015:

Hello John, i am a reader of some of your work and a listener to your interviews on YouTube. I like the work you’ve done to tell the story of the Gnostics and the Archons. So lately I’ve continued to come across this flat earth theory and of course i listened to the information because one I’m on minded and two i know we are lied to about almost everything. There are points about the flat earth that seem to make a lot of sense and that the sun and moon may be making a circular pattern across the earth plane. I would like to know your opinion and how it fits with the Sophia myth as it is said she made the sun and moon and earth as one system. The fact is that no one seems to want to show real pictures of the earth without altering them or using animation instead. Are they hiding what earth really looks like because it would reveal that the earth was made by an intelligence? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you


Flat Earth Theory: Jesuit-directed disinfo scam to distract people from the Sophianic cosmology I teach, which is rapidly gaining interest on different fronts. The power of Sophia’s Dreaming in Correction brings her cosmology into range of the human mind, finally, after a long period of oblivion. The physics particular to Sophia are now accessible and teachable — coming to the 7th anniversary of the Terma. With the suppression of the Mysteries came the destruction of the massive literary output of the telestai, including many works on astronomy and astrophysics. Not all these writing were destroyed, however. Some key works were preserved and eventually came to be deposited in the Vatican library where Jesuits handle them. To be used to mislead humanity rather than for their original purpose of education and guidance.

The alleged science coming out of the Vatican is always spun to confuse and mislead people. Currently, my description of Sophianic cosmology is gaining interest on various fronts. Since the publication of /Not in His Image /in Italian in March  — the moment Ratzingter resigned and V-shaped lightning hit the Vatican dome — the red-robed rats of Saint Peter have been in a panic. There is increasing scientific confirmation of the essential points of the FGS, as well as innovations and extrapolations I have developed, based on telestic investigation. For instance, in August 2014 I detected how the Aeon Sophia deployed unpulsed telluric infrasound ( UTI) in two massive bursts to drive off the Archon fleets, neutralize the capture effect of their telepathic beaming, and establish a protective shield around the earth. In November of that year, astrophysicists — to their amazement — discovered the shield.

Here is further confirmation indicating the mechanism of Pleromic Relay at an astounding level of physical detail:

Thanks to a.a. for cueing me to this astonishing article.

I interpret the new discovery (Note: initially detected during reset, July 2013) in this way: the celestial antenna/anchor is a 21-pin cable comparable to that used for audio and video interface. (Full description can be found in the nav briefings, somewhere around September 2012). Such a plug connects my MacBook Pro to a large monitor, or connects a VCR to the display. The organization of the connective filaments can be conceived in various ways, interchangeable formats. The  cluster of filaments (cf. bundles of luminous emanations, Castaneda) can operate as a 3-7 layout, 3-18 layout,  a 5-16 layout, and otherwise. The /Apocalypse of Adam/ in the NHC explicitly describes 13 contsellations and the informing Aeonic powers. I have taught that the constellations are “castings” of Aeonic Dreaming displayed before your eyes in something like celestial LED. In PT you use 13 constellations understood to represent projections of Aeonic Dreaming into the human mind through a quasi-holographic array. The stack of 13 plasma wave “stripes” (bundles, clusters) which  now holds harmonic equilibrium around the equatorial zone of the earth indicates a 8-13 deployment or pin selection, through which the 13 constellations acquire for their dedicated use a set of discrete channels.

That is to say, this discovery shows that Pleromic Relay established in September 2012 — which blew out the Red Spot on jupiter, remember —  has assigned discrete channels to the Aeonic Dreamings displayed in the constellations. This means that the instructive content (DI) of each constellation now has a physical nexus for sending and receiving signals to the earth and to receptive human animals. It means much more as well, but that is the synoptic interpretation I can offer at the moment. Consider the implications of such a massive psychic-imaginal panel of alignments.

I could cite a dozen other examples, too numerous to track. I have said that Sophianic cosmology is due to converge with Electric Universe theory/plasma cosmology, as I predicted in /Not in His Image/ in 2006. When I wrote to the CORE team suggesting an outreach to the EU people, I received this wise reply from deep ecologist Bill Johnson:

FE theory plays shamelessly on human credulity. People will believe almost anything you tell them about cosmology. It takes advantage of the massive ignorance of astronomy and terrestrial physics. But worst of all, it feeds people back into the off-planet Father God theology of creationism by suggesting that an overseeing power has constructed the flat
earth theater as a laboratory,  and looks down upon it, as if into a petri dish. (Echoes of The Truman Show, of course.) Does that syntax sound familiar to anyone?

This pernicious meme leaves the gullible human mind floundering on the question, Was the “earth lab” created by a good god or an evil one? Commentators differ on their opinions on that question. My response to that conundrum comes as a challenge in The Tragedy of the Mother with the opening question, namely, Is a creator capable of producing the cosmos we see, also capable of inflicting cruelty and punishment upon the creatures within it?

Those of you who know the Sophianic cosmology and use the syntax I provide — domed laboratory, divine experiment, petri dish — would see immediately that the flat earth meme deploys my language by suggestion, spinning the syntax by pernicious deceit. Those multitudes who do not have our tools of syntax would not see the original pristine conception upon which the meme erects itself.

Jesuits using charlatans, carpetbaggers, and profiteering trolls now attempt to hijack my lucid and elegant syntax for the Sophianic narrative — “petri dish, divine experiment, domed laboratory” — by providing countermimicry, a fraudulent substitution. This tactic has the signature of Archontic deceit written all over it.

I attribute it to the Jesuits, first, because it is their task to uphold deviant and deceptive cosmology, and second, because the hidden objective is to direct human thinking back into the creationist paradigm and endorse theocracy. Endorsing and enforcing the authority of the theocratic pedosites is the primary assignment of the Jesuits.

Like numerous other incidents I could cite in the theater of world events, the barrage of YT and website material promoting flat earth theory is vivid proof of the desperate measures that now have to be taken, pulling out all the stops, to prevent and impede the dawning vision of Planetary Tantra, recognition of the Living Earth, and awakening to the Dreaming in which you live.

JLL in Andalucia