We Don’t Need Disclosure from Our Governments, We Already Know the Truth

Dr. Steven Greer is the subject of the video below. Carol Rosin insists that whomever listens to this; to make it go viral. Although I didn’t plan on writing on Dr. Greer; I felt it was important that I do not because I dispute his information but because from the first time I heard him speak, I got a bad feeling. I listened to him a few times and always felt he had some blocks in his energy. A lot of his information is true such as technology, history, his experience and knowledge with UFO’s and Aliens but his opinions and predictions are NOT. I feel the energy shift when he discusses these so called future events and false flags.

I don’t dispute any information that Dr. Greer presents in this interview/presentation, but he is/was associated with David Wilcock at one time, not sure if they are still doing projects together, but anyone that associates with Wilcock is not being truthful.

When I speak of truth, I speak of my truth, my reality, my beliefs. Dr. Greer wants you to accept his truth as your truth. Let me tell you something.

In the last 3 years that I have been writing on this blog, I have not yet been wrong about anyone I disputed. I didn’t do the research and provide you with information, facts, proof or anything of that kind to use as my reasons for discrediting these folks, it has mostly been through my intuition, common sense and the reality that we exist in. I simply ask questions and a lot of time their answers don’t make sense.

Dr. Greer is a an excellent presenter, he’s a great researcher and has a great depth of knowledge in UFO technology including being a ‘so called expert’ in identifying aliens. I have no issues with this information because I didn’t research his data, it doesn’t interest me.

My philosophy is this: There is not one entity on this planet or this reality that can predict any future events. These events are determined by humanity and humanity alone. Even though we have the dark entities among us; these entities also came here for their lessons to learn, for their experiences they chose, to create chaos so that we would wake up and realize that something was not right. We create our own reality, whether we want to believe that or accept that, we create that reality. Our single consciousness then connects to other consciousness and creates Unity Consciousness.

As I have written before, our minds have been hijacked. We created the reality THEY wanted, therefore, by providing us with symbols, false history, subliminal messaging and a host of other means to subjugate our minds, we created their reality through our thoughts because we are the only species that can do this. It’s called Imagination.

This is mentioned in the Sophianic myth, in Gnostic texts that our gift, Sophia’s gift to Humanity was having the ability to imagine and through imagination create our reality.

You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t even have to accept this powerful concept because in order to believe or accept the concept that we create our own reality, then we must reflect on our lives and ask ourselves why we created such a mess. We must ask ourselves whether anyone other than ourselves is responsible for the condition we are in today, as souls occupying these bodies, as humans and as humanity. It’s about taking responsibility.

How does this relate to Dr. Greer? Dr. Greer is not a seer, he’s not a psychic, he’s not able to guess or predict events about to take place because we are the ones that will determine that. I must say that I am disappointed in Dr. Greer having such great knowledge and understanding of the human race and what is really going on to believe that someone else will determine our destiny.

Therefore, I question Dr. Greer’s motives and his true intent in providing this information. Furthermore, I don’t see a false flag attack on this planet or humanity. It was in the cards but has been since cancelled because humanity has woken up, look at the world we are in right now. There is not one country on this planet that is not protesting or rioting against something. There is not one country on this planet who’s people are not in turmoil and experiencing  a great paradigm shift.

He talks about certain folks that have been programmed, therefore, speak of their past experiences as real yet they are not, these memories have been implanted. How do we know that Dr. Greer’s memories are not implanted, or even mine for that matter? Nothing is real. We create the illusion, we create what we feel or think is real, therefore, we can be deceived very easily because we were lied to about our history and origins.

We are not in mortal danger, Dr. Greer is in mortal danger for being exposed as to his true motives and intent in creating fear mongering. You see, we don’t need disclosure, we will not get disclosure because we have disclosed it ourselves. We know what is going on. Those of us that are awake and seeking the truth, we have disclosed everything. What will disclosure do to those that are still asleep? You think they would believe anything?

We are done with false flags Dr. Greer; I suggest you and David Wilcock finally disclose your Intel and sources as you seem to have issues with that. So far, none of your predictions have happened. Do you know why Dr. Greer? Because WE as humanity are the ones that will create the reality we want. WE, powerful souls entering into this reality have long ago decided it was time to change our paradigm, therefore, rather than focus on scaring the shit out of people, I would suggest you focus on providing us with your ” Intel” and ” privileged information” that you keep talking about but are never willing to disclose.

I think that DISCLOSURE is upon all of you so called ‘ truth’ seekers and that you disclose your true Intel and sources to us because it’s time you started proving what you have to say or predict. I am so sick and tired of people like you Dr. Greer that use your titles and connections to demand disclosure from our governments, yet not willing to disclose to us where you get your information. If you truly want to share truth, then share your sources with us, disclose the other people that are so willing to risk their lives giving this so called ‘ Intel’ to you and others who claim to know the ‘ truth’.

It’s no longer cool to have and hold information from the rest of us. This is disclosure time, but not from our governments or the Cabal, it’s the people like you that claim you have special knowledge yet are not willing to disclose where you get this from.

I admire your hard work over the years, your dedication to exposing certain factions that have been causing humanity harm, but issues and information is your specialty not predicting future events.

As for you dear reader, this is my belief and I’m sticking to it. You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to believe anything I say, but question everything and demand disclosure from all these gurus and experts that demand it from our governments yet are not willing to disclose to us their sources. Isn’t it time they did that?



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