Patience My Friends

Can you feel the winds of change? If you can’t, you have not been paying attention. Currently, there is a huge exodus of souls leaving this reality. Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly choose to leave in a non-violent way but they have left. They are the front runner souls, the ones that will be preparing for the new reality/new paradigm.

The entire war machine paradigm is screeching to a halt. Germany is talking to Russia, terrorist attacks are bringing people together, to work together, to fight it together. All that was supposed to happen is happening, and that is the ugly perspective looking at it as a human being. Death to the human is ugly, it’s terrifying, their unknowing of what will happen when they die actually ages them much faster and brings about disease much faster. As a an old Soul, we know we have been down this road before, we know that this time around the play was overwritten and some bad actors got onto the set, so we have to make those ugly changes.

Humanity is waking up, a bit late because it’s in shock, things are happening so fast. Many more souls will be dying from disease and cancer, that is the second wave of souls leaving and the third wave of souls will be the ones caught in earthquakes and extreme weather conditions, volcanoes etc.

So you may ask, what about us still here? We’re holding up the fort, we are holding hands, we are comforting, we are rebuilding, we are educating, we are preparing others for the new paradigm. Many, many will remain here and yet have no clue what is going on. They will be traumatized by the events happening, losing their loved ones, maybe even being the only one left alive in the family. This is why we are here, to stay behind and help our brothers and sisters deal with what is to come.

There will be no more cabal wars unless you call Terrorism a war since the EU heads stated yesterday after the Brussells terrorist attacks that we are in a war with terrorists. No, we are not in a war, the terrorists are simply doing what they have been doing as long as they exist, they are revenging for the death of their countries, their family, their nations, the destruction of their culture and history. Although I don’t condone what they do, I understand why they do it and I believe that terrorism will stop when we finally realize that we allowed our governments to attack other countries and bring in Democracy. What a joke that is. What country practices democracy? No country. In a Democracy you don’t pay taxes, your government prints money and pays for whatever it needs to run the country. Democracy has been the fog and pepper spray of our reality, thinking and believing that word actually exists. It doesn’t and it never did, it was invented for us to have us believe we have some say so in our lives.

The next couple of months will  get ugly, but as each day gets uglier, we will be closer to the end of this terminal madness. Don’t give up believing that you are doing what you should be doing. Some of us are here to just shine the light. We don’t have to be lightworkers or whatever they call themselves, we don’t have to feed the hungry, we don’t have to volunteer our time in various organizations. We simply have to shine our light, we have to keep the lights on so that when it gets dark, they will know where to go. We are the lights that will shine when darkness falls, our light will lead those that become lost in this madness. Do not fear anything. Fear is not a normal human emotion, it’s a psychological deviation, making you believe that something bad might happen to you and once you adapt that belief system, you will grow more and more fearful each day. Do not allow fear to control you, not now.

Whether you fear or not, your reality is not going to change. It’s kind of like worrying. What is accomplished by worrying? Nothing. You simply aggravated your nervous system and more cortisol must be produced, the problem or fear is still there. Do not fear what you don’t know. Do not worry about something that does not exist. Do not buy the bullshit about something bad happening to us. Our Creator will never allow anything to happen to us, never. We are here with our own free will, we chose to play this game, we got caught in a trap and will soon be released free so that we can move along into new adventures or realities.

I have seen quite a few blogs close the last month. Some burned out from posting needless crap to etch in people’s minds all the killing and wars going on, as if it would change anything knowing who actually did what. Some shut down because they simply didn’t get the support they needed, some shut down because the oppositions was so strong, some shut down because they believe they were god and ended up looking really stupid. All the reasons above are because of a controlling Ego. We don’t need Ego to speak what is on our hearts, we don’t need Ego to work on ourselves and get in deep to find out the answers to all of our mysteries. There are no mysteries other than the ones you have/keep inside. God doesn’t work in mysterious ways, there is no such god that works that way. We are not a mystery, we are intelligent entities, so intelligent and so old that only we could incarnate in this madness and hold out to the end. Congratulate yourself old Souls, you withstood the test of time in this artificial reality, you with your light and frequencies  have broken this paradigm, the veil is thinning, in a few months we will be able to see beyond the veil, some might even leave to the other side and pick up the last fragments of their soul, whatever turns you on, just remember how special you are, how hard you have worked at being able to incarnate into this reality.

I’m not sure if I want to continue keeping this blog, but it’s not for any of the reasons I mentioned above. It is a commitment that  I don’t want to keep anymore as I have basically removed all other commitments in my life to anyone or anything. It’s probably one of the most difficult things to do as a human because we are programmed to believe that we must keep our commitments, we must abide by the rules, we must help family, we must get educated and work, we must do this and that, we owe something to someone. You don’t owe anything to anyone, you only owe yourself the truth. You came here to learn your lessons, not mine. Free yourself from all that binds you because soon you will have no choice, once we become free, we will no longer have any responsibilities the same way we think we do now. In the new paradigm, our only focus will be for the greater good and in service to all. There will be no competitions, no need to have more or less, we simply learn to work together and create together.

Do not fear what is coming and it will depend on where you live on this planet. I’m not sure about me, living on this tiny island anything is possible, but I am not afraid, whatever I chose will happen, there is no need to fear decisions I made before coming here. Just being here at this time has been a privilege

For now, I will not say goodbye, but I will say this: I don’t plan on writing or posting a lot in the next few months unless I’m propelled to do so, just like I am now, but when I do post or write, it will be worth reading.  I’m done with the fake gurus and the fake humans, they are going down as we speak, one by one is falling, it had to eventually, you can’t hold lies too long before they start crumbling and we are at the point now where we are very aware of who is honest and who is not. The veil is thinning, we are able to see through it now and it will be difficult for anyone new to try and swindle and hijack our minds again.

Start believing you are free, start creating that reality so that once you become free you will know how to BE. May love and joy fill your days!

The Amerikan Way – A Study in Psychopathy

Just look at everything Amerika stands for as a whole. Corruption, greed, violence, military aggression, social degradation, scientific insanity and on and on. It’s footprint on the world is nothing but horrific if you view it in the overall context.

Sure there are good people living there and those unwittingly caught up in the mass hysteria, but they’re participating nonetheless. That accountability won’t go away. Unless they stand up to it and fully withdraw their consent and work to reverse the madness they’re clearly part of the problem.

That’s not an easy spot to be in when the very fabric of the sociopolitical and economic support structure is an every day fact of psychopathic driven existence. It breeds acquiescence, apathy and hence continued participation. A pathetic state of affairs.

Looking honestly at this collective insanity is imperative if we’re to draw any kind of enlightening and empowering perspective.

Breaking Down the Nature of the Psychopathic Beast

Scientists researching the common characteristics of psychopathy now use a list of predominant qualities displayed by psychopaths that they’ve meticulously studied. The characteristics are quite telling and perhaps disturbing, as many can recognize these attributes in people around them.

While they estimate only 2 to 4% of the population are psychopaths, Amerika ranking with a high percentile of those they have identified, they clearly understand that these types of non-empathic dehumanizing freaks gravitate towards positions of power.

See how these attributes ingrained in such ideas as manifest destiny and American supremacism match up to the collective American way of life and its effect on the world of today, following the brief introduction:

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) is a diagnostic tool used to rate a person’s psychopathic or antisocial tendencies. People who are psychopathic prey ruthlessly on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get with they want. The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others.

Originally designed to assess people accused or convicted of crimes, the PCL-R consists of a 20-item symptom rating scale that allows qualified examiners to compare a subject’s degree of psychopathy with that of a prototypical psychopath. It is accepted by many in the field as the best method for determining the presence and extent of psychopathy in a person.

The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:

  • glib and superficial charm
  • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
  • need for stimulation
  • pathological lying
  • cunning and manipulativeness
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
  • callousness and lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • sexual promiscuity
  • early behavior problems
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility

Does That Hit the mark?

I’ll let your own imagination extrapolate each of those qualities rather than break it down as I see it. It’s overall quite stunning that a collective entity could be so blatantly psychopathic and to such a degree.

It’s something to be faced head on.

But really it’s nothing new. This is the definition of the behavior of empires and oligarchies throughout history. Humanity beats and flails its arms over and over when these qualities are recognized on so many humanity exploiting, oppressing and destroying levels but it’s generally been to no avail, according to written records and the whirled we’re witnessing before us.We protest and rant to whatever degree but the show goes on.

So what to do?

The Solution – Awakening

Only a mass awakening can shake the foundations of this kind of destructive insanity. These power structures are built on the fearful allegiance to those who make it possible. When we withdraw our support and participation in these types of foisted machinations they cannot continue.

That may sound vague or simplistic to some but it’s extremely practical at the most basic level. If you’re employed in something supporting this paradigm, leave it.

If you’re giving attention and therefore energy to their charade, including the political, media and entertainment sideshow, stop it. If you’re still socializing on shallow levels of energy, or contributing to the fear and scarcity models by your sycophantic hand wringing and repeating of their fear programming, snap out of it.

Have some guts.

Take a stand for truth and love while you still can. Don’t wait for affirmation and some comforting collective movement. Be your own being. Leave your participation in what is obviously wrong and lend your energy to what you know is right.

It couldn’t be simpler. If you’re waiting for the right conditions you’re still firmly in their psychopathic pocket.

Get out now. The hour is late.

Much love, Zen


The Truth Shall Set You Free

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – Jesus 

If this is true or not, I can’t say. The scribes wrote that this is something a person called Jesus said, though, this is not about what he said, but about how it was said.

He is referring to ‘the’ truth, meaning that it is something specific. I’ll get to that later.

Everyone is seeking the one thing called truth. As we transform into non-linearity, it is becoming more real for us to know the grander truth. This may not sit well with many what I am about to say: There is no such thing as a singular truth. How can there be truth for over 7 billion unique souls? How is that possible?, and yet we look for it.
Spiritual common sense will laugh at you for doing this. You will look back and laugh at yourselves and yet you are designed in this way, to look for one thing to grasp on to, for everyone else to grasp on to and that one thing will then be your salvation of peace and joy and energy. It doesn’t exist, or it’s in 7 billion parts. At worse, truth is temporary, transient, fluctuating, transcending because everything changes.

Each of us has a piece of the truth. Take an old soul who has been here a 1000 or more lifetimes, who’s had shamanic energy, who studied the stars, who is wise beyond their years on the planet. Whether you remember it or not, it’s not important. I’m talking about what is in you. In your DNA, you carry around the wisdom of the ancients, some of you still remember other worlds. Now hold on to that thought.

Now comes a person that has had 5 lifetimes. They carry around a fraction of what you do of their life on Earth. How does that posture their personality? They are less likely to have the wisdom you do, less likely to believe the things that you do. Is it possible that your grand multidimensional truth would be wasted on them?

They’re not ready for it, so they would have a smaller truth that works for them. But their truth will still allow them to connect to a single god, in an elementary way. Great, been there, done that, you’re on to so much beyond trying to figure out which god is the right one.

So, who’s got the truth? There is no one truth, no one static truth, but there is one Creator and one spirit, and there is one universal love and when you mix these together, I invite you to find the grandest truth of all and that will be yours. This is the same truth I write about, the one that is only yours because you are the witness to it. My truth can only be your belief system or bullshit because you didn’t witness my truth in that moment of manifestation. It is yours, your intuitive you because you put the years in crossing that bridge reconnecting to Source.

This is the specific multidimensional information point for you. It’s critical you do not pass this understanding. There is a tendency for you to be stuck looking for one truth, which has gotten humanity into a lot of trouble.

Don’t look for truth, by the time you find it, it’s already gone. Look for love. Love is a constant, it never fades away, it only changes intensity. Truth is here for a moment and gone the next. As Buddha once said: The only thing that is sure in this life is that everything changes. If that is the case, then how can truth stay truth. The truth is, this morning I spilled my coffee on my keyboard. Right now, that keyboard shows no traces of coffee. There is no evidence that happened. Is that truth? It was this morning, but it’s been wiped off. If I told you now that I spilled coffee this morning, am I telling the truth? No, because I can’t prove it anymore, it’s cleaned up, it’s past, it no longer exists.

Don’t look for truth, look for love. You look for love and compassion in any belief system and you will find it at the core. Go where it feels comfortable and move forward and you will be honored for it. Look for love. The dark cannot be represented for long as accurate or true because there is no love, and there is no compassion and this Earth knows better.

Welcome to a new paradigm of common sense and reality. Some of you got this, some of you have no idea what I just wrote, and all of that is appropriate as well. Every single human has his or her own path of discovery in your own time, in your own way.

Please don’t stop seeking. Please don’t despair. Please do not think it’s over simply because of somebody who said something.

What is going on on Earth currently is something we have seen before. If you could compare the galaxy and all of the planets that have gone through this before as a school, this would be the graduation of the first step.

We know what is coming! Because the steps that are next for you are the same steps that were taken before. What you describe as human consciousness, it isn’t. It’s consciousness. It only belongs to the human because we’re in human bodies, but our consciousness is not human consciousness, it’s pure consciousness and energy. It’s the same kind of thing, energy, the attributes and confluences of the energies are almost identical that consciousness of other planets have gone through. Reason for that is life is similar everywhere else. Some almost identical from planet to planet because the galaxy is made up of fractals. From the smallest to the largest, you’re going to see repetitive parts of the same thing. It’s a beautiful system and that it means is that it gives rise on other planets. One perhaps right now that is just getting life, the building blocks of DNA getting ready to be seeded by you, in the future. The same DNA and structure that we have that is common to all, so we have seen this before.

Our civilization is young. According to Kryon it has not even been around the galaxy once. It takes 200 million years to go around just one time. There are societies and civilizations that have crossed the galaxy 3 times or more.

We are the newborn children compared to those out there, it’s no wonder we’ve made such a mess of this planet and destroyed it so many times. It makes sense why we were placed out deep into the galaxy, well hidden.

Why has the Earth been such a horrendous time? Civilization looks ugly to you,your past and history filled with survival and killing, weaponry, mass destruction, no elegance of thought for life, torture etc. They all went through that, because civilization builds itself, as our children build themselves as a metaphor through life. There comes a time when the child becomes self-aware and the ego is all they think about, themselves and survival. On the playgrounds at school, some of them become bullies just to survive. Some of them never get over it. And they’re bullies as adults because they never moved into the elegance that we have.

As we grow up, we gain knowledge and wisdom that occurs to us, there are better ways to solve a problem, through listening and cooperation we have to, to survive. But the children don’t know that, generation after generation they will flail, go through the terrible twos, teenage years and it’s over and hopefully they will grow up.

This his how human civilizations evolve. We’re still on the playground. We’re still pushing each other around. We’re still in survival mode.

Jesus said: “The truth shall set you free”. The truth. What is that truth? Did he mean that once we figure out who we really are we will dissolve this paradigm and free ourselves from this slavery? What exactly did he mean by this?

There is no truth. How can we know the truth when we still don’t know who we are, how we got here, why we are here, how many lives we have lived, if we came here voluntarily or is karma determining our destiny?

Everyone out there is saying “Anytime now, we’re on the cusp, we’re almost there, we will saved soon, we will ascend, we will transcend”. What does anytime mean? Even if truth was LOVE, we have not found it yet. We’re still killing each other, throwing white phosphorus on innocent women and children. Who are we trying to kid? Who in their right mind will come here and show us the way when we are danger to ourselves? We’re a bunch of hopeless and lost barbarians. Just because we’re not doing the killing doesn’t make us any better than those that are killing. We’re standing by and watching it happen. It’s like standing beside a rapist and watching him rape another woman and once it’s done, we then call the police. What makes us better than that rapist?

If we had an inkling of truth, we would  not be killing each other. If the truth is near, we should have Peace. Before Love comes Peace. What is truth? Who are you? How dare you pretend that you know what the truth is? If we knew the truth, we would not be in this condition.

Perhaps those were the words of Jesus. Perhaps he was right when he said the truth would set us free. We are in bondage, we enslaved ourselves because we ‘became’ part of this material world. Jesus said he was not of this world, we’re still calling it our reality and can’t take responsibility as a civilization for destroying it.

They don’t need weapons of mass destruction to subdue us anymore. They have done a great job just hijacking our minds. Each person that dies is a part of you. We all come to be through a root system. A tree (Source) grows roots and from each root we become. It means we’re all made of the same material and came from the same source. We are all connected, each person that you watch or see die,  a part of you has died as well. Until we realize that we are one consciousness and one energy, we will never accept the truth about us.

Do you know who you are? If you don’t, start looking for Love, once you find Love, you will find the truth. I finally learned that I know nothing at all, everything in my head came from’s not mine. All the books, all the information I collected over the years, all the speeches, videos, movies, internet….none of that is my truth. It does not belong to me, all this time I thought I had the truth. I had someone else’s truth which by the time I read it was no longer a truth because nothing is permanent.

The only thing that is real and permanent is love. Love is always within our grasp, but as long as we are killing each other, we have not learned love yet. How arrogant we are in thinking that we have made progress. How more arrogant are we in believing that our galactic family has intentions of visiting us?

I now understand why a quarantine was placed around the planet. I don’t think it was to keep someone here…I believe it was intended for us, because those that have gone through this before, know we can not only be a danger to ourselves, as a planet, but a danger to the rest of existence. A planet is merely an organ within the construct of all things. Organs will regrow and regeneration, so does Earth. We are infected with parasites, rabies, fleas, and a taste for power and blood. We’re children in the playground and this is why playgrounds have fences around them, to keep the children contained.

The truth will set us free, once we start looking for love, not truth. Truth does not exist…we’re in an illusion because we need to learn how to love and reconnect with Source. That is the truth.


Another researcher putting the pieces together. I wrote about these two a long time ago, it was a pure gut feeling, instinct that something was not right there. Keep in mind that many of these folks truly believe who they are and truly believe that they are helping humanity. Like channelers  believing that the source of information is benevolent and that it will help humanity, many have good intentions. On the other hand, if these people have this ability to communicate with another being, you would think their sense of discernment/instinct would be much stronger? How is that we who are not channeling can feel the dark energy yet those sharing it have no idea? Just asking.

Anyone following the Gaiam TV, David Wilcock interviews with Corey Goode? I’m sure there’s many of us that are totally embracing this and buying into it…  Well…unfortunately…


In Between Worlds

I had to write today, for whatever reason it was meant to be. Taking a small break from my translation work today and I realized that none of that was an accident. I was chosen from several candidates to do the work because I had a background in metaphysics. It’s understandable and though I am not yet done, I can say that I am 80% done. In a few days I will have to start from Chapter 1 and clean up the translation to make it look nice.

The author may very well be ahead of his time in Croatia, but his understanding of reality is not. His philosophy is based on a newly coined term “seductionology”, the relationship  of positive and negative seduction.

The madness presently on this planet or reality is the result of an imbalance or better said, negative seduction overload. But, my intent was not to write about the book, besides it’s not something I can do in one post, my intent was to share some thoughts as a result of translating the book.

In terms of my personal evolution, I feel that I am way past that stage of who did what, who the bad guys are and why they do what they do. Most of you reading my posts are also aware of what is going on and why, but in the end, we all want the same. Instead of trying to catch the bad guys or figure out who they are, we need to be thinking about solutions. This has been my motto from the start and this is why I don’t post those topics even though I follow global events very carefully when time permits.

We all want this madness to end but we don’t know how. Some of us have the answers but understand that we alone can’t do anything and that it takes a unified collective consciousness to make any changes. In order for us to change something, we need to understand the mechanism of how it was created.

Before I go deep into that subject, something must be clarified. Whether you believe you are living in a physical reality or believe you live in an illusion doesn’t really matter, why?

Because your living reality is fucked up and my illusion is fucked up and I want to have a better holographic experience. I don’t believe that I came here to create this madness, we got sidetracked somewhere along the way, when I don’t know, but we did.

If you cut yourself, what do you do? You stitch up the wound so that it will heal, you’re not going to get rid of the knife that cut you. The only  thing that will do is minimize the possibility of a knife cutting you again. It’s not a good analogy but I think you get the drift.

Modern medicine which is another source of evil itself because it’s not used to cure us, rather to keep us sick uses the same mechanism that the controllers do over controlling us. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes for instance, the doctor rarely ever asks the patient about his lifestyle, his diet, basically what could have led to this disease. He/she simply pulls out the prescription pad and writes a prescription for insulin. But insulin is not the problem or lack of it, it’s the organ, pancreas that isn’t producing insulin that needs to be treated. Sometimes a simple dietary change will make a difference in the evolution of this disease that is actually self-inflicted.

Medicine not only treats the symptom but never questions how or why that disease manifested in the first place. Medicine is merely another institution used to control us and keep us docile and sick. They have no interest in curing us of anything, this is a fact that we must all finally come to terms with.

Our current state of utter chaos and madness as a society is being treated in the same way. We have a small problem of terrorism and rather than finding the cause of it, we buy more weapons and bomb the hell out of countries. We as humanity created terrorism. These folks didn’t just wake up one day and decide to terrorize another human. They lost something that was precious to them, a way of life, a roof over their heads, their country demolished and I bet you any money, they lost family, children, wives etc. Now, that doesn’t justify their actions although I do justify how they feel. For those of us that have never experienced war, never experienced running from bombs, never experienced watching bombs falling from the sky because some other country decided our country was led by a dictator, we can never understand this mentality. We created a reason for them to become terrorists, so instead of bombing we should be leaving alone sovereign nations and allowing them to govern as they see fit. If we don’t like their un-democratic society or feel they are ruled by dictators, that’s not for us to judge, it’s their problem. Besides, those are just excuses to justify invading and occupying another country. Truth is, the controllers seek to expand, plunder and steal, instill world banks into countries that don’t have them so that they can take whatever is possible for profit.

We have so many refugees flooding Europe now and instead of stopping to bomb their countries, we are putting up fences to keep them out. It’s no wonder they are angry, would you not be if the countries you want to seek asylum is actually partially responsible for bombing your country, would you not feel the least they can do is offer you a new life in return for the damages done? Well, that would be logical explanation would it not?

Ok, I know you get this part, we all  know that the controllers purposely create wars for profit, we all know in order for them to control us easier as we multiply on this planet that countries have to be broken down into smaller pieces just in case we get together and try to fight back. Keeping us separate, fragmented allows them to divide and conquer. We have no chance of winning anything in this way even if we knew the truth of it.

My question to you is this: How did this happen and who is responsible for this chaos and  madness and how come even with the knowledge that we have now about our history and past can we not win?

I can tell you that it’s not the matrix controllers that are to blame at all, by hiding the occult knowledge from us, they used it against us. They know us better than we know ourselves. They know our strengths and weaknesses, they know our capabilities, they know how our DNA works, our brain/mind works, our chakra centers work, they know everything they need to know in order to use our very abilities against us.

What do I mean by that? If you read any of the Holographic Disclosure transcribes and or the posts about Seth and how we create our own reality, you might come to the same conclusion but with a twist. We do create our own reality, but we create it in the wrong way. I have written about this many times before but perhaps not in so much details but enough that it made sense to those that resonate with it.

I believe I have discovered the secret of our own making. What I mean by that is that I believe I know how we got ourselves into this mess.

But first let’s go back to the beginning. Nobody really knows the exact date or how long ago, but we were created much more powerful. Our original design was a higher dimensional being, we communicated telepathically, we built pyramids using levitation, in other words, we are maybe only 10% left of the original design that Creator gave us. We as creators even then had the same powers but  the difference being is that we were aware of that, we used it to build positive societies and learning centers so that we could evolve as souls having positive experiences.

Somewhere along the timeline, this planet/reality was invaded and this interfered with our evolution or interfered with this illusion we created to have this experience. It’s been at least 300,000 years since we lost our abilities and those that interfered and eventually took over, knew exactly how to manipulate us in order to create the reality they wanted.

They have given us signs, symbols, codes, language to use so that we could focus on certain things and create whatever it is they wanted from us. In essence, they controlled us through the knowledge we are only starting now to have access to. They know how the brain works, hell, they created us into these zombies so they know how we work and they used that secret knowledge to throw out suggestions, subliminal messages, codes, signs, propaganda in an effort to bring fear into our beings because through fear we are constantly thinking about what we fear and with that, we create the realities they want.

You see, they are panicking now not because we physically are finding out, they are panicking because it’s becoming harder and harder for them to control our minds. There has to be enough collective energy in order to create that collective reality and if it starts dropping, their reality or paradigm will implode.

They are afraid of us. Why do you think they have gone through such great lengths over thousands of years to control us and keep us blinded? Because they knew how powerful we were and if we ever found out, we could end their reality in a split second. When enough of us get out of the fear  mode, and into the I CAN mode, the paradigm shift will take place.

So, we must give ourselves credit for creating their reality. We can’t blame them, we bought into the program hook line and sinker, we took the bait, we chose to become selfish and separate because they taught us about individuality, yet it was individualism that actually was the final blow for them to control us. Once we became individuals, we gave up our rights to collectively create the reality we wanted and not what they wanted. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Of course, it’s through ignorance and we are ancestors of millions of years down the line human races, but we also created this reality right to the point where we would stop this from going further because we are at the same point of where Atlantis was before it fragmented up. Humans during that time started to separate and become selfish, the experiments they did with animals and humans all in order to find the best body, so we are here as well.

As I have said many times before, it’s time to fess up and realize that we created this collective reality. When are you going to finally accept this? So, you may say : “Ok, I accept it, now what?” It’s simple really. You need to figure out what thoughts were creating their reality. Are you in fear of something? Are you focused on something that is not for the greater good? Do you think with intent on what you want rather than complain what you don’t want? Our negativity and fear is what creates their reality. They know this, and now we must know that the power is within us, our powerful minds  to re-create or un-create their reality. That’s all there is to it.

As we start, which we already have, to change the way we think, eventually we will start connecting energetically, I have been doing this for a long time now, but it takes a great effort. Everything we do takes effort. If we want a better world or better illusion, we have to take responsibility for it because we are the creators, we are the powerful ones, we are the light that came here originally to create a planet to have wonderful experiences. Although we can’t take full responsibility for getting us to this point, it is through erased memories and ignorance that we allowed this to happen.

Aristotle didn’t say “You are what you think”for nothing. Hippocrates didn’t say: “You are what you eat”, for nothing. Both of them knew even then that whatever we take in, be it food or thought, we create our reality through that.

Have you ever heard a poor person say “I’m rich, I’m rich, the world is filled with abundance”, I am sure you haven’t. So this poor sucker is saying he’s poor all day long and he just gets more poverty. Have you ever seen a rich man say: “I am so poor, I am in need, I am without?”, of course not. He keeps thinking about how he’s getting rich and he keeps getting richer! And here we are constantly talking about the rich 1% and 99% of us poor folks. What do we get? We get more poverty, they get richer. Do you see this now?

Through their mind control, they know exactly how to program us into thinking what they want us to think so that we can create their reality. This is why we are not moving forward as fast as we should, we are the ones that can reverse this. We don’t need protests or demonstrations, hell we don’t even need to close bank accounts. All we need to is stop thinking poverty, fear, wars and money, and think instead of peace, love and prosperity and by doing so, in time, our collective conscious will be big enough that we can shift out of this paradigm. I honestly believe this is the key to our freedom. We are so powerful yet have no idea how to use that power for our benefit. They are using our power for their benefit and look at them, they keep getting more powerful and richer because we keep saying they are!

We need to stop, we need to stop giving them credit for anything. We need to stop writing about them and blaming them, this constant conspiracy shit is only empowering their reality, they know this, so they keep us pissed off, angry, confused, throw lies and truth and frustrate us in our journey to finding truth when it has been in our faces all this time.

You are what you think. You create the reality you focus on. Stop creating their reality, change the way you see the world, knowing that you are the one that can change this paradigm, make an effort to change it by simply removing negative thoughts, fears and THEIR reality, switch over to ours, the one that we originally came to create for ourselves.

They didn’t hijack this planet, they hijacked our minds.