I saw this posted on WordPress and actually listened to it. Jean Haines posted this video as evidence that Neil Keenan, David Wilcock and others are fraudsters and disinformation agents. When I made comments to Jean last year about the fact that Wilcock had become a paid disinformation agent, she attacked me and accused me of being misinformed. As you can see in the archives, I have pointed this out about David so this is really nothing new to me and I resent this guy on the Critical Post to say him and his group were the first ones to publicly state that these folks are frauds. This is not so, and although I believe the information in this video, there is no proof to back up any of their claims, this Charlie person claims to have proof, so if you are interested in seeking it, you should before making any decisions. I don’t intend on it because I have already written about these folks, so nothing new here, but for you readers out there stumbling across this for the first time, it’s well worth listening to.

I had read once on Jean’s blog that she actually “gave” Neil Keenan $300,000 of her retirement money. This is a very noble and generous act and I do not intend to insult Jean in her already injured situation, but what right minded person would give out their retirement, I don’t care what cause it is for. If I was in a situation like this, I would probably give out something, and wait for results before handing most of my hard earned money over to someone I really don’t know. So, I can’t I say have compassion for Jean in this matter, I don’t care what her reason is, you don’t give out those sums of money to anyone unless they are dying and need medical treatments. This is just my opinion and it doesn’t mean it’s the right way to think.



  1. Who gives away their retirement account, especially at her supposed age, loses that, and then jump right on board with another (imo) psy-op trying to get it back, no questions asked. Now she has brought the next anti hero to the stage who says we have to become aware of poop eating orgies or we won’t ascend. Oh, and he loves us so much!

    I have listened to channeled information but would never tell anyone whom they should listen to or not. This new star says the same thing because, “we have to question for ourselves”. But he does add an addendum that Veronica Keene is a good one in his opinion. (bwahahaha)

    I think most of these sites start out with okay intentions but are corrupted later because those with deceit on their mind have been at the game way longer. Even if JH is the real deal she has demonstrated that she is gullible, and that is cause for alarm. The power that thinks it is know a sucker is born every minute, the Internet only means they have to be more crafty to find them.


    • Your viewpoint is very close to mine, ‘she’has a tendency to cling to a certain person and market the death out of it and then move to the next, I quit the blog last year because you can’t disagree with her, and if you do, she will accuse you of being stupid, uninformed or crazy. Been there done that. I don’t think that anyone out there knows more than you and I do. If we are equals, then we all have the ability to know what is real and what is not. I have never ever accepted the theory that someone out there is going to save us. Problem is that in today’s age, the information is so massive out there, that those just starting their journey don’t know where to start and what to believe. It must be really challenging. When I started in the late 80’s early 90’s, internet was very basic, but I spent most of my time in a bookstore reading books. I have gone through all the stages of truth seeking and have come full circle with only one valid conclusion. I created my own reality and as long as we are separated, we can’t change anything. Our biggest hurdle is not the cabal, is not the system that is corrupt. Our biggest hurdle is coming together and working together. The matrix is so well designed to keep us separated by religion, culture, borders, languages etc., and we can’t change anything until we all come together, until we all realize that we are ONE. Thanks for your thoughts on this.


      • I very much agree with your thoughts and especially like what you say “I created my own reality and as long as we are separated, we can’t change anything.” My biggest hurdle as I see it while I occupy this whatever it is however, is getting others to see that as long as ‘we’ are coming together ‘we’ will always be subjected to abuse…. absolute!

        The most stubborn for some but lucrative for others is the meme that ‘we must come together for change to happen’. Spiritual beings having a human experience do not need to come together. Human beings having a spiritual experience must, their collective survival depends on it.

        The easiest way for a dog to herd sheep or a wolf to choose his next meal is allowing the sheep to believe they must come together, or be together. All of these sites are chock full of B.O.D. wannabees whom think they are coming together to create that perfect incorruptible mass, resolved to do it ‘right’ this time. Always looking outside themselves to find or make the perfect me.

        ……and the wolf just salivates. Cheers! will


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