Believing You Can Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ January 27 – February 3, 2014 received by Julie Miller January 27, 2015

This so called Ascended Master has nothing better to offer than Psychology 101? I’m so impressed, wow, such divine words coming from an Ascended Master. (I’m laughing sorry). I do believe there are beings that are in the Universe with full intention and integrity in assisting us through this transition, but if they are anything like this Ascended Master, god help us all!

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Believing You Can
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ January 27 – February 3, 2014
received by Julie Miller
January 27, 2015


We often see many dear souls struggling with the difficulty to reach courageously for something they want to do. Fear can be a terrible obstacle to overcome and can leave you feeling tired and frustrated with yourself when trying to complete the most basic of tasks or quests. Have you ever felt that somewhere, somehow something was preventing you from achieving what you want, or that you always have to have someone give you a push or nudge in order to get you to take action? Being passive can prevent you from taking your life and directing it along the course you would like to see yourself on.

In order to overcome your…

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All Thoughts Are Energy – 4 Simple Ways Your Thoughts Can Change The World

Comment: Great article for those that are just starting to understand their power.

 All Thoughts Are Energy

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Did you ever say the exact same thing as someone else at the same exact time?  Did you ever get a bad vibe from someone for no particular reason at all?  If all thoughts are energy, then how powerful is the human mind and what are we truly capable of accomplishing?

Empaths can easily feel emotion when words aren’t spoken. Dogs instinctively know when someone is malicious or not.  How is this possible?

Transmission of energies

All Thoughts Are Energy  | In5D.comAll thoughts are energy that can be transmitted and received throughout the Earth’s grid.  Look no further than on days of global meditation when violent crime rates drop significantly.

Energies can also be transmitted from person to person. Have you ever been around someone who you could feel their energy without that particular person ever saying a word? This could be either positive or negative energy but in either case, the energy is still transmitted from person to person.

Empaths will generally pick up on these energy vibrations quicker and more profoundly than others but we are all capable of sending and receiving these energies.

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The consciousness of plants

We are all receptors and transmitters of energy, including animals and plants.

As evidenced by the above video, plants have consciousness and feelings, too.  This is further proof of how we are all connected as living organisms though thoughts and energy, yet we have been taught to be detached from this evidence through our educational facilities and through the main stream media.

Please also understand that vegetables and fruit are honored to be consumed by you, just as the grass that you walk on is grateful for being able to supply you with comfort and beauty.  This is part of their ascension process!

4 Simple Ways Your Thoughts Can Change The World

If all thoughts are energy, then there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

1. Send love to other people whether you know them or not. When you are in the car or bus, silently say to the drivers of the oncoming traffic, “I love you.”  If there are no oncoming cars, then pick out some trees or plants and do the same thing.

If you’re driving the car, then please stay focused on the road, but if you’re a passenger, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your energy!

2. Send love to everything in nature. If you go on a walk in nature, tell the trees and plants how much you love them.

If you’re at a body of water, send those same positive thoughts to all of the wonderful life living in that environment.  If you’re at the beach, perhaps this will call a dolphin or manatee to you!

3. Magnify your intentions through meditation. During meditation, try focusing your thoughts and intentions on love, gratitude and appreciation for a few minutes, not only for your immediate surroundings, but for as many living creations throughout the planet and universe.

4. Lift the energy of your coworkers. At work, try sending loving thoughts to your coworkers.

There is a reason why we never feel good after watching the 6 o’clock news:  because it’s filled with fear-ladened propaganda to keep us living in that vibration, which eventually manifests itself somewhere throughout our day or evening.  If we live in the vibration of love and send loving thoughts to all living creatures, then we will conversely change this paradigm into a world full of love while attracting those of the same vibration, with just a few simple thoughts each day!

Learning To Live Vibrationally

Learning To Live Vibrationally

Reposted from: In5D | by CJ Martes

We exist in a world comprised of many different forms of stimuli. Our lives are filled with a myriad of different energies. When we a born to this planet, our perception of these energies is sometimes limited as we struggle to overcome the starkness of physical existence compared to our etheric existence in the other dimensions. The world is truly a melting pot of not only different types of humans, but also different types of energy and vibration.

We are entering a time now where our previously limited perceptions are expanding toward an evolution in consciousness. Our blinders are being removed to reveal a world full of depth that we existed within, yet did not realize due to much of this world’s stimuli that works against our etheric energy at times and clouds our vision.

Shifting our perceptions to the dynamics of energy all around us can be difficult. The key is to shift Learning to Live Vibrationally  | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Databaseslightly to understand the existence of and incorporate more energy concepts in our daily lives. By recognizing that each individual has a unique energy, that plants and animals have their own, that emotions, feelings and words convey energy and so on, we can transform our perceptions. By expanding our consciousness this way , we accept that we are receiving energy and vibration throughout our day. Once we view these dynamics, then we can begin to assess how we feel in relationship to these energies. We can then form trust with our instincts and feelings as we learn that our reactions and feelings are based on our interpretations of energy between ourselves, this world and other dimensions.

People who grow up in their physical existence already fully aware and in tune with these energies learn to interpret them earlier and are hence more connected to the universal life source and the Learning to Live Vibrationally  | In5D.cominformation it brings. These are the psychics, mystics, healers and gifted ones of our world. The amount of awareness already “built in” is generally in relationship to the life path of the individuals. Of course there are no absolutes, however if the tools are needed by the individual, then they can be already established coming into a particular lifetime. Everyone is capable of learning to interpret energy and connecting to the universal energy if it is in their highest desire to do so.

So that you can begin to shift your own perceptions, here is a sample situation to illustrate a common energy dynamic and one that causes frustration for many of us:

You are waiting at a red light at a busy intersection. You see a car coming up to the intersection, headed your direction in the lane next to you. The light turns green and you push on your accelerator to proceed across the intersection. The car in the lane beside yours approaches quickly and leaps past you, then cuts you off. Several seconds later the car hits its brakes to slow down to turn onto the next street.

You are upset and startled. The situation occurred quickly and was over the moment the car in front of you turned.Now you are driving on and how do you feel? A common response to this question would be angry, mad, frustrated, frantic, and so on.

Could you see the energy dynamic in the above situation? To say that the behavior of the individual in the other car was rude and upsetting or to get mad and yell is not necessarily an incorrect response to the situation, however let’s take it a step further and look at what’s going on energetically.

First, the person in the other car has their own energy. They are traveling at a high rate of speed in a Learning To Live Vibrationally  | In5D.comvehicle. Let’s just imagine for a moment what happening with energy as you sit in your car while the force of energy is coming up behind you. Your etheric self can feel the wave of energy moving toward you, well before it reaches you. Then the wave arrives, not only the momentum of energy of the individual but their thoughts and feelings as well. They could be late or worried about getting somewhere. All these lower vibrations cross you as the individual is even with you on the road. As they pass and then move in front of you, their energy surrounds you.

As a being made of energy, you can imagine now the reaction you would have to such an energy force coming at you and surrounding you. This is where our emotions come into play. Our emotions are reactions and can be a counter move to stimuli as we experience it. Often when energy comes at us that is forceful and of a lower vibration, we often match the vibration we are receiving, in order to reach a balance with the “invading” energy. So when the car came forward and cut you off, your etheric reaction was to emit an emotional energy in order to accommodate the new vibration you were receiving.

Our etheric bodies are wonderful adapters to situations. In the physical world we call this type of reaction “fight or flight”. In a similar way, our etheric body can match a vibration in order to maintain a balance of energy. We can teach ourselves over time that we do not have to necessarily match the vibrations of others, but can hold our own vibration in balance and harmony instead. This comes with practice and a willingness to hold the highest vibration in the universe-unconditional love.

You can now apply this same view to other interactions in your life. Understanding the energy dynamics in your life is key to the full awakening of your etheric self in this world. We can also assist others with there own spiritual transitions if we all begin to open our hearts to understand the energy between us. As you open in the future to the energy in your life, a dramatic shift will occur as you gain greater empathy for people through your utilization of these vibrational concepts. When you view the energy involved in a particular situation it becomes less and less about “he said, she said” or “me and them” and more about being one with the collective vibrations of the universe. We all can help to remove the judgments from our world by incorporating energy and living more vibrationally in the years that follow.

A Message for Today

Kryon has been giving me insights for over 25 years, he’s walked me through the timing of the new energy potential and it’s been given to me as and when needed, every single point along the way. I am witness to this as I have been with him since his first book published in 1990.

In 2010 he already described the 2012 experience, he also told us there was a holdover from the 2013 energy and that some of us are still in the stage of calibration.

Energy doesn’t go by calendar years, but the potentials for the next 3 years are very important and things are going to start happening very quickly. I have already calibrated and as I often write, I have absorbed the new energies as they come in, once you clear the old energy which is fear, anxiety, believing false propaganda, giving away your power to authority you make room for the new energies. For me it’s increasing my healing abilities and connection to Source, I’m discovering that what used to take 10 therapies to heal someone is now taking 1 or 2 therapies.

Now there is an energy that is going to be complete within the next 3 years and that is the energy of your process, meaning it is going to take 3 more years for you to get used to this new energy, you have plenty of time for this.

I’m now writing to the old souls, this is a critical teaching time for you. These changes are profound and you need to see them and absorb them slowly. Learn what they are, bring them to yourself because within the next 3 years there is a new paradigm taking place.

For those of you that use numerology in your lives or offer it as a service to others you will see this in the charts, it is accurate and true. So let’s examine the coincidence of the numerology so that you will see perhaps that the numbers show what it is.

2014 is the #1 year. This is the first year of the potential new humanity. 2013 was the recalibration year, simply getting used to shift and what may have happened. Getting used to the fact that you indeed passed the marker and that it was real; and you started to feel it. The year 2013 was very difficult for some as the younger souls were just starting to figure out that something was not right, it was a year of introspection, perhaps a year of learning, perhaps one of healing as it is in my case.

But 2014 started the process and it is therefore called year One. The following 3 years, important years because of the paradigm shift, so they will be called year 2, 3 and 4.

Take a look at the numerology of each year and study certain kinds of things. 2 is duality, 3 is a catalyst, 4 is final structure, when you add them together you will get 9 equals completion. Those 3 years are going to complete a cycle for us; specifically old souls.

It also will complete a cycle on the planet even for those that are not old souls. You will see what it means , your consciousness will actually begin to shift on a grander scale away from what has been to what will be.

Do not expect an awakened population in the next 3 years, I’m talking about a shift that you will be able to see taking place on the planet in the mainstream in the end of 3 more years.

I’m talking about the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, you start adding them up don’t be surprised that they add  up to 9, I would call this the synchronicity or coincidence of the numbers are all 9. This should tell you that 3 years that are coming up represent something incredible. So, when you see the 9’s in several places you realize that the completion is the completion of a cycle, often of learning.

Since numerology is the energy, we are starting to work the puzzle and within 3 years you’ll be ready to move on. I want to review the old and new paradigm with you so that you will see what I am talking about.
The old paradigm of existence on the planet for an old soul is that you pushed against energy that is not commensurate with yours.

Everywhere you go and everything you do, you push and push against common sense, you push against your family, workers you work with, the man religions of the planet, all of those things, everywhere you turn you push. One of the things that you will have to get used to is the new paradigm.

The next 3 years represents the number 3, the 3 is a catalyst therefore; for the next 3 years, the energy of completion will be catalytic. That is to say it will then change everything around it. The 3 years catalyzes the energy of the old soul in a new paradigm and you will start to see and believe what I feel to be true. It’s time to go to work.

What is the new paradigm? It’s about no longer pushing against anything, this is what I believe what is coming. It doesn’t follow any calendar  so don’t expect January 31st to have a shift. It’s different for everyone, what I’m giving you are the potentials for the many. You don’t have to push anymore.

How many lifetimes have you gone through where all you did was push against energy? I have lived 300 lifetimes pushing each time. For some, the answer is all of them as for me too.

How long did you think it’s going to take to change the Akashic? What you expect to have had over and over and what you bring in through your akash, you’ll expect again and this time you’re going to have to do it right.
So this is going to be a process of a 3 year rewrite of an old Akashic paradigm because the timelines for us have changed so many times and therefore, the akashic have to be rewritten to be in tune with the new timelines.

The Akashic paradigm of you and other lives pushing against old energy, trying to get ahead. That which is responsible today for your lack of self-worth as an old soul happened long ago. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s a culmination of pushing against old energy that pushes back and you don’t seem to get anywhere with it.

How many years have you had to go through that before you awakened this time around and you say “Here it is again”? And there is a part of your body that says: “I know how hard to push before I know not to push anymore, because the old energy will not budge”.

No matter how much light you shine, you might say there is still greed and corruption, there is still problems in my government, there seems to be a conspiracy against my light, and if you think that, you are right, until now.

There is a new paradigm awakening in year 2, 3 and 4 and I am asking you to take part in this magnificent shift. You passed the marker and you know that things are going to start moving in another direction, but if for 100’s of lifetimes you have been careful to push only so hard and in a certain direction, you’re going to go into these years doing the same thing.

Rewrite the program of what you’re used to because what I’m going to tell you next is this: The old energy is dying, it has to, it’s going to shift as well, it’s not going to shift into anything else, it simply is going away. Little by little, human consciousness will look upon itself and clean itself up.
What is appropriate and inapropriate will become cultural wisdom and behavior. The evolution of your human soul is like the children in the park, who for centuries continued to bully one another, beat each other up, form gangs and approach life in a childish way, and that just as you say your children grow out of that and become young adults, this is part of the paradigm shift that is coming. Maturity, wisdom of behavior, tolerance and compassion and that is coming slowly.

As the old energy starts to go away with those changes and it replaces itself with something you didn’t really expect and that is this: A new tool, the new energy on this planet is going to start being more commensurate with your creative ability.

You’re going to have help, years 2, 3 and 4 you are going to start to have help instead of pushing against old energy. The wind will be at your back. The things that you try will work, only if you drop the paradigm of expectation of failure. You need to start expecting success when you deal with your family, when you deal with other things on this planet that for years you have not been able to accomplish including following the passion that you have, developing certain programs because you are intending it, you are sending a signal now to places you don’t even know exist on this planet, in this energy to work right with you and push you forward.

I have been experiencing this for the past year, I have gone to the future in my lucid dream states or out of body experiences while sleeping and have seen this in my future, not to mention that I am able to send the signal and get what I want/desire simply by envisioning what it is that I want to do or be.

Some of you are going to see this and work with it and some of you are not, because this is difficult; the change.

This week I have experienced incredible absorption of energies that I am still amazed at the healing powers when I touch a client, the phone rings and I know who it is. My dog looks at me and I know what he is telling me. I choose to dream a certain experience and I dream it. I’m almost afraid to wish for anything, I don’t think I can handle any more good things right now, still dealing with all the new experiences.

How  many lifetimes have you been pushing? What that creates is a feeling that nothing is good enough, that you will never get anywhere, that nobody cares, nobody listens over and over. The ones that call themselves “light workers” have good intentions but they don’t see to understand that pushing is not about getting what you want, they have been pushing and pushing into a paradigm that doesn’t exist, they have been brainwashed into believing their work is a sacrifice and therefore, they are not worthy or deserving to feel abundance, rather they are told that their sacrifices are worthy of their light and they live in a poverty consciousness without realizing that the old energy did not allow anything to change.

I have always said that we alone cannot make the changes, we must cooperate with Gaia and Creator, together we can change and start forming the new paradigms. Gaia as an organic being, a living being also needed to prepare herself for the upcoming shifts and changes, in order to keep us safe and alive while she migrates towards the galactic center.

How many lifetimes have you had to push? What that creates is a feeling that nothing is good enough, that you will never get anywhere, that nobody cares, nobody listens over and over.

You were born magnificent, why buy into the old rhetoric of old energy when the old soul reading this hold  miracles in their  pockets? You are the ones to start this ball rolling and the ones who are hearing this message.

You’re going to start having cooperation in places you need them. This will be meaningful to some and some not, but the time capsules are opening and beginning to pour out information that is going to transfer itself into the grids and is actually going to make you feel better about yourselves. Magnetic, crystalline Gaia, these are the action grids of the planet, these are the ones that are the helpers, these are the tools that are alive with you. They are the new energy, they are here to support and help  and work unless you don’t believe it. This has nothing to do with Cobra, or the Gaia Portal, or Ashtar command or the ley lines in Ireland, I’m sorry for those of you who believe someone else is going to do the work for you. This is about us, doing the work together as I have written in many posts, but no worries, these entities will take the credit for it, it won’t last long, we will figure it out and expose them for their fake imposters that they are.

This is still free choice, what are you going to do with it? The time capsules will be far more active when you’re 2, 3 and 4 years into it and some of you will feel this to the degree that you’ll say: “I’m having a supreme lucky streak”. That’s old energy talk, for creating synchronicity. By the end of the 3 years, it will dawn on you that you created it and it wasn’t an accident.

Now what are these things that you can create? It varies. What did you come here for?  Really, truly, why are you reading this? What do you want? You are the creator, you create what it is you came here to do.

Old soul, if you’re going to stay on this planet and work this puzzle it doesn’t serve anyone for you to be sick, do you hear me? Ponder that for a moment, you didn’t come here to be sick. How are you going to be balanced and work the puzzle when you’re in distress, when you suffer from cellular dysfunction? It’s time to take care of that part, that supreme and new and beautiful healing energy that you will bring into your body and your innate will be listening for the first time to everything you say so carefully, you’ll feel it.

In the last year alone, my hair has reversed from gray to almost my natural color, my eyesight has improved so much that I don’t need glasses when I go out anymore, in fact, even the glasses I wear for reading are not too strong. The capillaries on my legs are almost gone, I see a more youthful person. I talk to my cellular structure every moment I can.

Year 2, 3 and 4, start talking to the cells in your body, actively, out loud with affirmations of beauty. The one I love the most is the first affirmation I read from Stuart Wilde: I am immortal, I am infinite and everything I am is beautiful.

The affirmations should be the I AM not the I WANT or I MIGHT CONSIDER. The I AM is what innate responds to. “I AM healthy”, I AM THAT I AM, I AM A MASTER”. Some do a few times and give up, it fails and they never try it again. The idea is that you failed once and therefore it always will fail. How 3D of you. If you had resistance you wait and then you push later and perhaps you push a little differently, wait for the door to come open, it will.

The essence of all this is that you are having help with energy in the next years, it opens a new paradigm, pass that and it gets even better. Old soul, learn how to do it. Some will be very successful and some will not, and the ones who are not going to simply wait and learn a little longer, take a little longer but you will know it.

New paradigms of thinking are difficult. Some will be cultural dependent that is to say there will be some cultures that will go for it far quicker than others, it will be apparent and obvious, some genders will find it easier than others. Will you accept this kind of shift or stop believing in everything?

I’m writing to the old souls and tell them all of them have the opportunity to rewrite reality as you know it, and move into an energy which wants to help you do the things that will create light for yourself and for others on this planet. Speaking to innate, having the healing that you came for, situational changes that make sense, that you asked for, all of the above, through the next 3 years.

You do the numerology, you see the sense of it, you know the energy is right, you even have mathematics on your side.

This is a right time, it’s about time and now that year one is almost finished, year 2 and 3 and 4 begin their cycle, it’s up to you if you want to be part of it or not.

There is no judgement if you choose no, but why would you not choose to? It’s what you came here to do. All of the lives that you lived come to a fulcrum, the innate is listening and says ‘let the healing begin’.

All of these things come together in a perfect way if you allow them to. Don’t push too hard when you feel resistance, but never stop pushing. That is the message of the day, a glorious one, a beautiful one.

This message came to me the last week, thoughts as I write them, experiences as I feel them, reality as I see it, it’s all part of knowing who you are and why you came here. You are where you need to be and doing what you should be doing, don’t ask yourself what you need to be doing, just do it. It may not seem or feel logical, but don’t question it, just do it, there is purpose in everything that we do. Also, I don’t know about you, but I am running into my soul group, in other words, people who are part of my soul group are coming back into my life, the instant feeling of love and unity is what confirms that we are from the same soul group. That is how we came here, in groups and planned out how and what we were going to do.

It’s been a wonderful week, I wish everyone could feel the way I do, I hope you can all feel this one day, the feeling that everything is as it should be, that I am creator of  my reality and that all I have to do is see it and it will materialize. There is no negativity, no doubts, no fears worries in my essence/innate, it is filled joy and love. I know the world around me is crazy, I know the madness is reaching a peak outside, but that’s not what we should be concerned about, that has to happen, it’s part of the distraction process, we have to keep focused on what we have to do, not what is going on out there. I could care less who stole from who and who wants war in Russia, that has nothing to do with me, that’s part of the script that we are part of but not included in. Each of us has a role, we the old souls set the stage for the next few years and NO, Yellow Rose from Texas and her ONE are not going to suck us up into their paradigm, it’s another disinformation act, to distract us from our true work.

On your mark, get set, go is the motto for you now. Be the light that you are, shine the way for others, be an example to those that are just starting to learn, show them that the only path to change is shining in your own light, not someone elses. We are the ones that we are waiting for, the new energies are now making it easier and we no longer have to push so hard, we now just need to imagine.

Almost There

“Guilt” is an emotion that’s been instilled into me since birth you might say. Although it’s very weak in the essence of my being it does tend to show up once in a while when I have made commitments and can’t fulfill them. You may ask: “What commitments have you made?” I mad the commitment to myself to keep this blog active, interesting and empowering and lately my own personal journey has kept me from doing so. I have handwritten most of what I will post later, as a child, my creativity flowed through pen and paper being a prisoner of my bedroom for days on end when my father thought I was a bad girl. I still hand write everything and then type it out, for some reason that is how I am wired.

It’s been an incredible journey for me this past week, feeling guilty is part of the “I have to do” child  inside and just letting you know that I am still here and doing well.  Everything is the way it should be, the madness outside you is just a distraction, those souls are playing out their roles to bring in the new energy, remember, we are immortal, timeless beings of light, and although it may seem like the world has gone mad, it has in a sense but in a 3D sense, we are on the right track and soon to end this era of barbarism and destruction. I know this, there is no need to explain how I know this, you can either trust it or not, but you need not worry about the external events, they are distracting you from what you should be doing and that is working on yourself.

Be back tonight for some awesome posts.