I was really starting to enjoy this video until “Creator” thanked everyone for supporting Galactic Connection and wishing everyone a Wonderful Xmas. Oh boy. Isn’t Xmas a Pagan holiday?

Well, what can I say? There was nothing new disclosed in this video that we already don’t know and or can’t find ourselves. Like I said, I almost started to feel joy when I heard Creator thanking everyone for supporting her ‘most listened to” channel. You decide for yourself. Personally, I feel she’s just making it all up herself. I have always doubted this woman’s true intentions and this time around after not listening to her for a few months, I feel that she’s just picking up information and passing it along as if she was special in knowing it. Everything in this video is readily available to be found on the internet and we all know the dark is slowly becoming the light.  

A Year of Disclosure

This year 2016 has been filled with great turmoil. What is different from the last years? A lot actually. This has been a year of disclosure, yes disclosure. The people have worked hard in disclosing the bullshit, the lies, the deceit and corruption among us. This “ideology” that is portrayed by certain alternative media and truth seekers such as ‘disclosure’is a mere ploy to keep you waiting for something to happen.

It happened old soul. By simply being aware of what is going on, by sharing truth, sharing among each other what we have all uncovered is the actual disclosure. The Elite and their minions will never disclose truth. They will annihilate us all before they disclose anything because that would mean their end.

This is why the war against Alternative Media and it being portrayed as Fake News is because of our disclosures. We are the powerful ones, we are the ones they are afraid of; so this is why this year has been different from all others in the past.

The new 2017 year will be even more exciting. As we become firm in our newly founded beliefs and information, we will start finding ways to put that into action. As our thoughts are more focused on finding ways to change, we will create the reality that we want, not the one they want.
This year has been full of BULLSHIT from so called alternative media, from so called truth seekers  and those claiming they have information from higher sources or higher intel sources. These are the same people that have been beating the same drum of “ascension”, alien invasions, Nibiru, blood moons, new moons, predictions and prophesies from the Bible. This has been proven to be bullshit because DESTINY doesn’t determine our future or reality. It is our thoughts and mass consciousness that determines in what direction we are going to head toward.

There is no such thing as predictions because each one of us determine our future and combined into Unity Consciousness, we forward those thoughts towards our Universal source and create the reality we want.
This has been a year of confusing the masses. It’s true, I must admit there were many days when I wasn’t sure what the truth was anymore, but then I reminded myself that the truth is within me and that all I needed to do was find that space within, hold on to it and see what it is I wanted to see.

This year has been very stressful for me. You have no idea what the medical establishment is like here in Croatia. As a patient you can be laying in your bed in hospital, a stranger will come by with a syringe and attempt to fill your IV bottle without even so much as explaining what she is doing. I have recorded 17 breaches of our Patient Rights Law in just the past few months. I don’t dare leave my partner alone in hospital during the day because his rights are not honored so they will come and go, give him pills and shots and not even explain to him what and why they are doing this. This is a third world country at it’s best though we want to believe we are a modern society just because the EU allowed us to become members. This year has been filled with reflection.

This happens when someone you love is very ill and you start thinking what life would be like without them. He’s doing very well considering that he should be dead right now. Statistically, patients live an average of 3 to 3.5 years after diagnosis. My partner was diagnosed 2 years ago and he is now officially in remission, meaning a doctor has actually put it on paper. I don’t feel relief and I don’t feel that the danger has passed because when you love someone, you don’t want them to be ill in the first place, but such is this reality that I created.

This year has been an eye opener for many folks that have been asleep up to now. A new awakening and as you can see, many souls are leaving. This is a sign that we are coming to close to the end of this madness. Many souls have completed their work and are leaving, the most recent military airplane crash in Russia.

Do you know that 37,000 people died today? That’s a small town. Of those 37,000, 12,000 were children who died of hunger/starvation.

Oh, I watched an old movie last night about Moses. It was interesting to watch it this time after 40 years because I could see the Amon-Ra worship, the bird god idols and much more that I would never have known as a younger person. I could see the two brothers Enlil and Enki as the god of Abraham and the God of Amon fighting each other and using humans to kill each other.

May 2017 be what it is that you want it to be. May we all be stronger, brighter, may our light disclose even more to the world and may you, Old Soul find the courage to be what you came to be, to shine your light, to disclose truth, to remember who you are!


All Shall Be As It Should

Note from Ines:  I so much resonate with this message, not because it’s coming from a source I trust but because it is what I feel to be reality at this moment in our extremely exciting times. I write about this subject often in the past so it’s just another version of what I believe to be my reality. Enjoy! Source below.

October 4, 2016

“We are the Elohim and we greet you now on a platform of peace, a platform of calming energy.

There are expansive waves of light coming to you in a steady stream and they are of cosmic origin and of divine ordinance.  The light of which we speak is the unseen light, the light coming from the primary causal fields of All-That-Is, of which you are each a part. This light is felt by many and seen by few, but no one is immune to their effect.  This light is arriving in continual waves and has as its objective, to dismantle the intransigent energies that humanity loves to so dearly cling on to.  

Many of you are feeling the deep discontent of a reality gone astray, if not mad.  The consensual reality began to churn and froth some time ago and now the energies of all the lowest vibrations are thrown about your fields as never before. The presence of these energies are clues to a further deepening of societal instability.

All of you have noticed the anger and resentment, the frustration and exasperation, of a planet gone mad from emotional imbalance, lack of rationality and the force of the unclear mind.  You are asking yourselves and those around you “Where is the sanity?  What are we doing as a collective?  Why are we settling for more status quo, mediocrity and empty non-sensical explanations?”  These are the thoughts that flood our awareness, not only yours!  It resembles, indeed, the perfect energetic storm.

The energies you feel coming in to your collective fields are imbalanced packets of light that are being shed from the majority of humanity that is now also immersed in this on-going wave of overwhelming release – release of the energies and their ways – to lower vibrational existence, that represent lives of chaos, mal-intent, disorder and a lack of compassion.  These are the operational constructs of the now-dying reality.  This is the perfect storm and within this storm you shall find the counter-balance and in fact you shall create the counter-balance.

As the fear-based energies of the Earth are released by each and every one of you, it is your priority and keen sense of responsibility that demands of you your utmost strength of character to flood these feelings and thoughts with a bevy of divine light that surrounds you in infinite beauty, and in every moment.  This moment is commanding your attention and it is this moment that requires you to command the light.

The Age of Control is complete for now all energetic structures founded in the force of control are flooded with Light to re-align and re-energize them to return each and everyone of you to the Age of Unification.

You are being challenged now to release the overlays of planet Earth from all multi-dimensional aspects of your selves.  Within the release is wrapped the power of the gift that lies within each and every one of you – the immutable power to command the light, and through the power of your Soul’s domain you may now choose a new path, one of integrity, high morality, acceptance of your own inner truth.  And with this choice made in full and utterly complete surrender to the power of your soul, you then claim, in all perpetuity, your truth, your commitment to our Gaia and the humanity that needs your guidance at this dark hour.

As the launched rocket vibrates and shakes as it pulls against gravitation of your planet, you are also feeling the heaviness and scattered energies of the rough ride demanding your attention.  Let go of these energies – let them go through dedicated breathwork and their conscious release into a ball of golden-violet light, of infinite capacity, to be returned to the Central Sun for balancing and reunification with All. 

Once-released negativity frees one to master the energies of balanced acceptance and the embracing of those energies that you know to reflect each and every one of those who hold the sincere desire to move beyond the reality that surrounds you now and to which you feel you have lost all affiliation to. Now you are feeling so strongly, even more than ever, that you have absolutely no connection to the reality before you, nor do you carry any more the recognition of anything that supports your soul’s evolution and truth.  As you feel these strong sentiments, know that you are now fully, and finally, moving out beyond the confines of this expression in to a whole new expanded reality, the fifth dimension. Your consciousness is now expanding moment by moment.

This is a precious moment as every action flows beautifully in a divinely guided progression.  Everyone is doing their own part, and there are many parts to play in this Play!


Stop Thinking For Them

These are very important moments that we are experiencing. Remember this: It’s not about creating our own reality. Yes, we do create it, but what is more important is that ” they” give us clues, signs, false information, wars and rumors of wars for us to focus on, thus by doing so, we create that reality for them.

It’s one thing to desire something, focus on it, see yourself in that reality and by doing so consistently it will happen. It’s another to be bombarded with so much bullshit and we become obsessed with this, thus, create a reality that is not conducive to us but to THEM.

There is a lot going on. As I write this, there has been a terrorist attack in Berlin using a truck and plowing into a crowd of people. It’s still unclear exactly how many dead and how  many injured. The Russian Ambassador to Turkey has just been shot in the back. The Syria deal has been approved in the UN; these events are all created to turn our focus to FEAR, fear terrorists, fear possible wars, fear an ice age, fear Nibiru, fear a false flag alien invasion, fear yourself for fearing what you fear.

THEY know us better than we do. They stole the occult knowledge, kept it hidden from us and now are using it against us. They know we are powerful creators and are using that to direct our thoughts into the direction they want for us to create their reality.

Don’t get hung up on events, in fact, shut off your computer, your TV and media source you have because each thought you create towards them will only create that reality. There is a 3 month window now where all our consciousness will be moved into the direction they want. They are an injured beast, cornered, and have nothing to lose. The only weapon they have left is US. Our minds creating their reality. Do not allow them to fill your mind with this shit, it’s not real, everything you think you know is an illusion created for us.

That’s all I have to say tonight!

Love you all.


Your World is Within


The living picture of the world grows within the mind. The world as it appears to us is like a 3D painting in which each person participates. Each color, each line that appears within it has first been painted within a mind, and only then does it materialize without.

In this case, however, the artists themselves are a portion of the painting and appear within it. There is no effect in the exterior world that doesn’t spring from an inner source. There is no motion that doesn’t occur within the mind. The great creativity of consciousness is our heritage. It doesn’t belong to mankind alone, however. Each living being possesses it and the living world consists of a spontaneous cooperation that exists between the smallest and the highest, the greatest and the lowly, between the atoms and the molecules and the conscious, reasoning mind.

All manner of insects, birds and animals cooperate in this venture, producing the natural environment. This is as normal and inevitable as the fact that our breath causes a mist to form on glass if we breathe on it. All consciousness creates the world, rising out of feeling-tone. It is a natural product of what our consciousness is. Feelings and emotions emerge into reality in certain specific ways. Thoughts appear, growing on the bed already laid. The seasons spring up, formed by ancient feeling-tones, having deep and abiding rhythms. They are the result, again, of innate creative aspects that are a portion of all life.

These ancient aspects lie, now, deeply buried in the psyches of all species, and from them the individual patterns, the specific blueprints for new differentiations, emerge.

The body of the earth can be said to have its own soul, or mind. Using this analogy the mountains and oceans, the valleys and rivers and all natural phenomena spring from the earth’s soul, as all events and all manufactured objects appear from the inner mind or soul of humanity.

The inner world of each man and woman is connected with the inner world of the earth. The spirit becomes flesh. Part of each individual’s soul, then, is intimately connected with what we call the world’s soul, or the soul of the earth.

The smallest blade of grass, or flower, is aware of this connection, and without reasoning comprehends its position, its uniqueness and its source of vitality. The atoms and molecules that compose all objects, whether it be the body of a person, a table, a stone or a dog, know the great passive thrust of creativity that lies beneath their own existence, and upon which their individual floats, distinct, clear and unassailable.
So does the human individual rise up in victorious distinctiveness from the ancient and yet ever-new fountains of its own soul. The self rises from unknowing into knowing, constantly surprising itself. As you read these sentences, for example, some your knowledge is conscious knowing and is instantly available. Some is unconscious, but even the unconscious knowledge is knowing in its own making.

You always know what you are doing, even when you don’t realize it. Your eyes knows it sees, but it can’t see itself except in a mirror or reflection. In the same way the world as you see it is a reflection of what you are, a reflection not in glass but in 3D reality. You project your own thoughts, feelings and expectations outward, then you perceive them as the outside reality. When it seems to you that others are observing you, you are observing yourself from the standpoint of your own projections.

You are a living picture of yourself. You project what you think you are outward into flesh. Your feelings, your conscious and unconscious thoughts, all alter and form your physical image. This is fairly easy for you to understand.

It’s not easy, however, to realize that your feelings and thoughts form your exterior experience in the same way, or that the events that appear to happen to you are initiated by you within your mental or physic inner environment.

Your body doesn’t just happen to be thin or fat, tall or short, healthy or not. These characteristics are mental, and are thrust outward by you upon your image. I don’t mean to be facetious, but you were not born yesterday. Your soul was not born yesterday, in those terms, but before the annals of time as you think of time.

The characteristics that were yours at birth were yours for  a reason. The inner self chose them. To a large extent, the inner self can even now alter many of them. You didn’t arrive at birth without a history. Your individuality was always latent within your soul, and the “history” that is a part of you is written within unconscious memory that resides not only within your psyche, but is faithfully decoded into your genes and chromosomes, and filled within the blood that rushes through your veins.

You are aware, alert and participating in many more realities than you know as your soul expresses itself through you. That consciousness of your usual daylight hours, the ego consciousness, rises up like a flower from the ground of the “underneath”, the unconscious bed of your own reality. Though you are not aware of it, this ego itself emerges, then falls back again into the unconscious, from which another ego then rises as a new bloom from the springtime earth.

You do not have the same ego now that you had 10 years ago or even one year ago, but you’re not aware of the change. Ego rises out of what you are, in other words. It’s part of the action of your being and consciousness, but as the eye can’t see its own shifting colors and expressions, as it is not aware that it lives and dies constantly as its atomic structure changes, so you are not aware that the ego continually changes, dies, and is reborn.

Physically the structure of a cell retains its identity, even while the matter that composes it is continually altered. The cell rebuilds itself in line with its own pattern of identity, yet is always a part of emerging action, alive and responding even in the midst of its own multitudeness of deaths.

So psychological structures form to which various names are given. The names are meaningless, but the structures behind them are not. Such psychological structures also retain their identity, their pattern of uniqueness, even while they change constantly, die and are reborn.

The eye rises out of the physical structure. The ego rises out of the structure of the psyche. It can’t see itself, as the eye cannot. Both look outward-in one case away from the physical body, and in the other case away from the inner psyche to the environment.

The creative body consciousness creates the eye. The creative inner psyche creates the ego. The body forms the eye in the splendid wisdom of its great unconscious knowing. The psyche brings forth the ego that perceives psychologically as the eye perceives physically. Both the eye and the ego are formations focused toward perception of exterior reality.

Your experience in the world of physical matter flows outward from the center of your inner psyche. Then you perceive this experience. Exterior events, circumstances and conditions are meant as a  kind of living feedback. Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances.

There is no other valid way of changing physical events. It might help you if you imagine an inner living dimension within yourself in which you create, in miniature psychic form, all the exterior conditions that you know. Simply put, you do exactly this. Your thoughts, feelings and mental pictures can be called incipient exterior events, for in one way or another each of these materialized into physical reality.

You change even the most permanent-seeming conditions of your life constantly through the varying attitudes you have towards them. There is nothing in your exterior experience that didn’t originate within you.

Interactions with others happen, of course, yet there are none that you don’t accept or draw to you by your thoughts, attitudes, or emotions. This applies in each area of life. In your terms, it applies both before life and after it. In the most miraculous fashion are you given the gift of creating your experience.

In this existence you are learning to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you. The mass condition of the world, and the situation of each person in it, is the materialization of man’s progress as he forms his world.

The joy of creativity flows through you as effortlessly as your breath. From it most minute areas of your outer experience spring . Your feelings have electromagnetic realities that rise outward, affecting the atmosphere itself. They group through attraction, building up areas of events and circumstances that finally coalesce, so to speak, either in matter as objects – or as events in “ time”.

Some feelings and thoughts are translated into structures that you call objects; these exist in your terms in a medium you call space. Others are translated instead into psychological structures called events, that seem to exist in a medium we call time.

Space and time are both root assumptions, which simply means that man accepts both, and assumes that his reality is rooted in a series of moments and a dimension of space. So your inner experience is translated in those terms.

Even the duration of an event or object in space or time is determined by the intensity of the thoughts or emotions that give it birth. Duration in space is not the same as duration in time, however, though it may seem that this is the case. An event or object that exists briefly in space may have a much greater duration in time. It may have far greater importance and intensity, existing in your memory, for example, long after it has disappeared in space. Such an event or object does not merely exist symbolically within your mind or memory—but in your terms its actual reality continues as a time event.

Nor is its reality in space annihilated as long as it exists within your mind. Here is an example: A child has been told not to play with a doll. The order is disobeyed. The child, wittingly or unwittingly, breaks the doll and it’s finally thrown away. The doll  exists in time quite vitally as long as the child remembers it.

If the doll sat on the dresser and this is also vividly recalled, then the space in which the doll sat still carries the impression of the doll, through other objects may be placed there. You react, therefore, not only to what is invisible to your physical eyes in space, or to what is directly in front of you in time, but also to objects and events whose reality is still within you, though they may seem to have disappeared.

Basically you create your experience through your beliefs about yourself and the nature of reality. Another way to understand this is to realize that you create your experiences through your expectations. Your feeling-tones are your emotional attitudes toward yourself and life in general, and these generally govern the large areas of experience.

They give the overall emotional coloration that characterizes what happens to you. Period. You are what happens to you. Your emotional feelings are often transitory, but beneath there are certain qualities of feeling uniquely your own, that are like deep musical cords. While your day to day feelings may rise or fall, these characteristic feeling-tones lie beneath.

Sometimes they may rise to the surface, but in great long rhythms. You can’t call these negative or positive. They are instead tones of your being. They represent the most inner portion of your experience. This doesn’t mean that they are hidden from you, or are meant to be. It simply means that they represent the core from which you form your experience.

If you have become afraid of emotion or the expression of feeling, or if you have been taught that the inner self is no more than a repository of uncivilized impulses, then you may have the habit of denying this deep rhythm. You may try to operate as if it did not exist or even try to refute it. But it represents your deepest, most creative impulses; to fight against it is like trying to swim upstream against a strong current.

These feeling-tones then, pervade your being. They are the form your spirit takes when combined with flesh. From them, from their core, your flesh arises.
Everything you experience has consciousness, and each consciousness is endowed with its own feeling-tone. There is great cooperation involved in the formation of the earth as you think of it, and so the individual living structures of the planet rise up from the feeling-tone within each atom and molecule.

Your flesh springs about you in response to these inner chords of your being, and the trees, rocks, seas and mountains spring up as the body of the earth from the deep inner cords within the atoms and molecules, which are also living. Because of this creative cooperation that exists, the miracle of physical materialization is performed so smoothly and automatically that consciously you are not aware of your part in it.

Once you learn to get the feeling of your own inner-tone, then you are aware of its power, strength and durability, and you can to some extent ride with it into deeper realities of experience.

The incredible emotional richness and variety and splendor of physical experience is the material reflection of this inner feeling-tone. It pervades the events in your life, the overall inner direction, the quality of perception. It fills up and illuminates the individual aspects of your life, and largely determines the persuasive subjective climate in which you live in.

It is the essence of yourself. Its sweeps are broad in range, however. It doesn’t determine, for example, specific events. It paints the colors in the large “landscape” of your experience. It is the feeling of yourself, inexhaustible.

In other terms it represents the expression of yourself in pure energy, from which your individuality rises, the You of you, unmistakably given identity that is never duplicated.

This energy comes from the core of BEING, from ALL That IS, and represents the source of neverending vitality. It is Being, Being in You. As such, all of the energy and power of Being is focused and reflected through you in the direction of your three dimensional existence.

While your feeling-tone is uniquely yours, still it is expressed in a certain way that is shared by all consciousness focused in physical reality. So in those terms you spring from the earth as all the other creatures and natural living structures. You are, while physical, a portion of nature, therefore, not apart from it.

Trees and rocks possess their own consciousness, and also share a gestalt consciousness, even as the living portions of your body. The cells and organs have their own awareness, and a gestalt one. So the race of man also has individual consciousness and a gestalt or mass consciousness of which you individually are hardly aware.

The mass race consciousness, in its terms, possesses an identity. You are a part of that identity while still being unique, individual and independent. You are confined only to the extent that you have chosen physical reality, and so placed yourself within its context of experience. While physical, you follow physical laws, or assumptions. These form the framework for corporeal expression.

Within this framework you have full freedom to create your experience, your personal life in all of its aspects, the living picture of the world. Your personal life, and to some extent, your individual living experience, help create the world as it is known in this moment we call time.

You create your own reality. There is no other rule. Knowing this is the secret of creativity.

The ego is a very specialized portion of your greater identity. It is a portion of you that arises to deal directly with the life that the larger You is living. The ego can feel cut off, lonely and frightened, however, if the conscious mind lets the ego run way with it. The ego and the conscious mind are not eh same thing. The ego is composed of various parts of the personality—it is a combination of characteristics, ever-changing, that act in unitary fashion—the portion of the personality that deals most directly with the world.

The conscious mind is an excellent perceiving attribute, a function that belongs to inner awareness but in this case is turned outward the world of events. Through the conscious mind the soul looks outward toward the world of events. Through the conscious mind the soul looks outward. Left alone, it perceives clearly.

In certain terms, the ego is the eye through which the conscious mind perceives, or the focus through which it views physical reality. But the conscious mind automatically changes its focus throughout life. The ego, while appearing the same to itself, ever changes. It is only when the conscious mind becomes rigid in its direction, or allows the ego to take on some of its own functions, that difficulties arise. Then the ego allows the conscious mind to work in certain direction and blocks its awareness in others.

And so it is from your larger identity that you form the reality that you know. It’s up to you to do this with joy and vigor, clearing your conscious mind so that the deeper knowledge of your greater identity can form joyous expressions in the world of the flesh.

Remember Who You Are, It’s Time

Experience is the product of the mind, the spirit, conscious thoughts and feelings, and unconscious thoughts and feelings. These together form the reality that we know. We are hardly at the mercy of reality, therefore, that exists apart from ourselves, or is thrust upon us. We are so intimately connected with the physical events composing our life experiences that we often can’t distinguish between seemingly material occurrences and the thoughts, expectations and desires that gave them birth.

If there are strongly negative characteristics present in your most intimate thoughts , if these actually form bars between us and a more full life, still we often look through the bars, not seeing them. Until they are recognized they are impediments. Even obstacles have a reason for being. If they are our own, then it’s up to us to recognize them and discover the circumstances behind their existence.

Our conscious thoughts can be great clues in uncovering such obstructions. We’re not very familiar with our own thoughts as we think. They can escape from us like water through our fingers, carrying with them vital nutrients that spread across the landscape of our psyche—and all too often carrying sludge and mud that clog up the channels of experience and creativity.

An examination of our conscious thoughts will tell us much about the state of our inner mind, our intentions and expectations, and will often lead us to a direct confrontation with challenges and problems. Our thoughts, studied, will let us see where we are going. They point clearly to the nature of physical events. What exists physically exists first in thought and feeling. There is no other rule.

We have the conscious mind for a good reason. We’re not at the mercy of unconscious drives unless we consciously acquiesce to them. Our present feelings and expectations can always be used to check our progress. If we don’t like our experience, then we must change the nature of our conscious thoughts and expectations. We must alter the kind of messages that we are sending through our thoughts to our own bodies, to friends and associates.

Each thought has a result. The same kind of thoughts, habitually repeated, will seem to have more or less permanent effect. If we like the effect then we seldom examine the thought. If we find ourselves assailed by physical difficulties, however, we begin to wonder what is wrong.

Sometimes we blame others, our own background, or a previous life—if we accept reincarnation. We may hold god or the devil responsible, or we may simply say, “That’s life,” and accept the negative experience as a necessary part of our life.

We may finally come to a half-understanding of the nature of reality and whine,” I believe that I have caused these problems, but I find myself unable to change or reverse them”.

If this is the case, then regardless of what we told ourselves thus far, we still don’t believe that we are the creator of our own experience. As soon as we recognize this fact we can begin at once to alter those conditions that cause us dismay or dissatisfaction.

No one forces us to think in a particular way. In the past we may have learned to consider things pessimistically. We may believe that pessimism is more realistic than optimism. We may even suppose, and many do, that sorrow is ennobling, a sign of deep spiritualism, a mark of separation, a necessary mental garb of saints and poets. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All consciousness has within it the deep abiding impetus to use its abilities fully, to expand its capacities, to venture joyfully beyond the seeming barriers of its own experience. The very consciousness within the smallest molecules cries out against any ideas of limitation. They yearn toward new forms and experiences.  Even atoms, then, constantly seek to join in new organizations of structure and meaning. They do this “instinctively”.

Man has been endowed, and has endowed himself, with a conscious mind to direct the nature, shape and form of his creations. All deep aspirations and unconscious motivations, all unspoken drives, rise up for the approval or disapproval of the conscious mind, and await its direction.

Only when it abdicates its functions does it allow itself to become swayed by “negative” experience. Only when it refuses responsibility does it finally find itself at the seeming mercy of events over which it appears to have no control.

If you’re in poor health, you can remedy that. If your personal relationships are unsatisfactory, you can change them for the better. If you are in poverty, you can instead find yourself surrounded by abundance. Whether or not we realize it, we have pursued our present course with determination using many resources, for ends or reasons that at one time made sense to us. We might say:” Poor health makes no sense to me”, or “A fractured relationship with my partner is hardly what I was after”, or, “ I certainly have not been pursuing poverty after all my hard work”.

If we were born poor, or born sick, then it certainly seems to us that these circumstances were thrust upon us. Yet they were not, and to some extent or another they can be changed for the better.

This doesn’t mean that effort is not required and determination. It does mean that we are not powerless to change events and that each of us, regardless of our position, status, circumstances or physical condition is in control of our own personal experience.

We see and feel what we expect to see and fell. The world as we know it is a picture of our expectations. The world as a race of man knows it is the materialization en masse of our individual expectations. As children come from our physical tissues, so is the world our joint creation.

Note: Thanks to one of my readers, I forgot to mention and give credit to the source I got this information from. From the book: ” The Nature of Personal Reality – by Jane Roberts”.