A Note to my Readers

Dear readers,

If you haven’t seen your comment approved please understand it’s not because I don’t want to approve it. I have never rejected a comment but since I have not been writing on a regular basis, I did not check into my Administration Panel and just use the WP side panel to quickly approve any new comments. If you have made a comment once, there is no need for further approval so the 3 comments showing ‘ unapproved’ are from new readers and I can’t find them; obviously they go back a long time.

Just want those of you to know that I don’t judge any comments, but if you’re a first time visitor and make a comment, that first one only needs to be approved. I will try and find the remaining 3 comments this weekend. Right now I am preparing to take my partner to hospital. He’s been doing really well for the last few months, but we switched from liquid L-Carnitine to caps and fluids have started to build up. He’s having difficulty in breathing and his heart rate is jumping. What they do is simply insert a needle into the spot where the fluids are and remove it. He feels immediate relief and it’s not painful at all. I hope that is the case and nothing new because we have worked so hard with the Cannabis and un-conventional therapies; it makes wonder sometimes if we are doing all this for nothing.

There is another side to this as well, perhaps he’s chosen this path and no matter what I think, he will choose his exit time. In the meantime, I do whatever I can to keep him here, but in the end, he will decide when and where!

Also, I really don’t know what to write about anymore. I don’t really feel like exposing or writing about the false/fake gurus out there so I need time to focus again and feel out what my topics will be, although I always enjoy writing about empowering posts that will give you the reader something to ponder about.

Update on my partner: He’s doing good. Went to emergency, he had all the tests done and it’s a slight bronchial infection. Whew! So, nothing new is happening with him, the doctor wouldn’t come out and say it, but they are perplexed that he is not getting worse and they have not seen him in 2 months. Cannabis rocks!

May the light shine on you inside and out!


3 thoughts on “A Note to my Readers

  1. I totally understand, there has been a true awakening going on and the fakeness is starting to show, I have had to take a step back as well to examine my own thoughts and regroup. Blessings to you and your partner, Have a wonderful Holiday Season


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