The Process of Change is Upon Us

The reality we are experiencing is slowly changing and the process of change doesn’t always have a positive outcome or the process itself may not make much sense. Buddha said that the only certainty in this lifetime is that things change. We cause our own suffering because we refuse to accept changes. We suffer because we want things to remain the same.

The process of change is not always done in our awareness or conscious states. Often we wonder why we made such stupid decisions only to find out later that it was the right decision or choice. I’m sure many of you have made a choice and decision based on logic and then got angry at yourselves for not following your intuition. What we are doing now is that  but only on a large mass consciousness.

Screw the experts that keep telling us that energies are coming in, that the Cabal will soon be exposed and arrested, that prosperity is on it’s way, that the militia is going to take down the government, that a secret government coup is happening, that our galactic family is about to visit us, that the Pope is going to announce we have aliens in our midst. This entire agenda has been designed to keep you confused. If you have been following this blog for a while then you know I have been writing about these folks for years and yes, many of them have been exposed as frauds and psy-op agents.

Our changing reality certainly doesn’t make much sense to many of us, but it’s being done through mass consciousness, higher self awareness, while the human in us is trying to make sense of that through politics, religion, world events etc.

Remember, we are creators of our own reality and we have created such a mess that unraveling this mess isn’t going to be easy. But we created it, we had to, in order to activate those that are still thinking like humans. Many events happening may not seem logical, especially Trump winning by a landslide, but this too was designed by us for reasons we may not know at this time and will find out later.

It’s difficult to say why people voted for Mr. Trump. There are many reasons for this. I think that some Americans themselves don’t know why they voted for him because Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton spent most of their time, money and energy insulting and accusing each other. Some voted because they really liked what he had to say, others because he was a better choice, some voted because it was better to vote for an unknown than for a known warmonger.

You know, I stopped using the phrase of ” waking up” or ” being asleep” because I don’t find that they are empowering words and you can’t be asleep so long as you’re occupying a body, you’re simply not connected well with your higher self. We all know our true selves and we are whole; but this physical and dense 3D reality makes it difficult for us to access our  higher states of consciousness. The separation and fragmentation of humanity into different languages, cultures, religions, borders and countries basically changed the unified frequencies that we connect into mass consciousness or Unity Consciousness.

If someone believes in a christian god for example, most likely they will vibrate at a much lower frequency than someone who believes they are a spark of Source or spark of god. They vibrate lower because they feel helpless, they have given all their power to their god and they believe their god determines their destiny, so they live in constant of fear. This type of person although connected to Source; is not connected to me vibrationally because our frequencies don’t match. This is why we meet and or run into people that have the same interests or beliefs that we do, we vibrate at the same levels and connect.

Remember, everything is energy. The process of change is driven by many different frequencies because ALL of us want change but each one of us are motivated by different reasons.

Those living in war torn countries, want the bombs to stop. They are not thinking and don’t care about US elections. Those living in drought stricken countries want rain or aid to arrive, their focus is food. My motivation for change is that I’m tired of this realty and want to go back home. I’m finished with this density, this madness yet I know that I have a job to do and until it’s done, I’m here for the long haul.

So, you see, this process of change is taking place on so many different levels in a very incoherent way, different motivations, purposes and the outcomes are unknown to us even though we do know, we just don’t remember yet. When you add all of our reasons and motivations, it comes down to the same thing and that is that we all want freedom, prosperity and self-determination. We want our free will honored, we don’t want to be enslaved by this system of control and manipulation. We just want to be happy.

For the hungry, their first concern is getting food, but in general, they too want freedom and everything that comes with it. This process of change is also perceived differently based on our nationalities, political views, beliefs and current state of material standings.

It won’t make sense to any of us because the changes are empowered by all of us simultaneously whether we are aware of it or not.

There are those that don’t want change and these folks feel they have what they need, they are selfish, they are service to self and don’t see themselves as part of humanity, so in order to want massive changes, everyone had to be negatively affected in order to support and want the changes. We have been programmed to think for ourselves and our closer family/friends and community, so as long as it’s satisfying to us, we have no reason to want to change anything.

People are not waking up, humanity just hit a dead end. We have been wandering around without really understanding who we are. We have been living as humans believing that money will buy us happiness. I believe the biggest reason we hit a dead end is because we never knew our path; so we just kept going and going hoping we could get out of the labyrinth. We are well known for ” hope”, always hoping that things will change, always externalizing those hopes and looking towards others to do the work for us.

This is where we are at now. Most of humanity is experiencing hardship. Let’s face it. There is not a country on this planet whose inhabitants are not suffering in one way or another. My point is that we are now finally realizing that all of humanity is in the same position and that change can only happen when we come together.

I don’t know about you, but this process has been slow to happen, it should have happened a long time ago, but the Cabal always finds new ways to subdue and subjugate us. It doesn’t take one man to make a difference, it takes all of humanity together to want that change.

We don’t think or want change when things are going well. Problem with humanity is that they wait until they have spent their last penny, always ” hoping” that things will get better. This hope is what has brought us to this dead end. Always hoping someone else might come along and make changes.

We had to bring us to this level of terminal madness before we would desire that change.

Mr. Trump may be the catalyst for change, but he’s not going to be the one to change anything because as long as the Cabal is in power, they won’t allow it. In fact, I don’t see him surviving to the inauguration. I don’t mean to say he could be assassinated, I just think that something will happen for them to stop him from being sworn in.

It may take the fall of America for anything to accelerate the changes so I stand by my previous posts over the years that it will get worse before it gets better, Americans are too divided, ignorant, drugged up and dumbed down (not all Americans) to even realize any of this, so something has to happen for their reality to change.

I don’t mean to pick on Americans, the elections motivated me to write this post because I have also written many times that the world is waiting for Americans to make the first move. I don’t mean to single you out, all of us, all over the world are going through our own turmoils but let’s face it: America is viewed as the super power, although we know it’s not anymore, when things change, they usually start in America and I think that the elections and Mr. Trump just may be that catalyst for change. I say ” catalyst”, because a greatly divided country will and can create chaos before peace arrives. There is much bad energy and chaos in the hearts of Americans due to conditions there. US is the Center of the NWO; what do we expect?

Don’t forget, you came here to make that change. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but you are creators, you can do anything you desire. Don’t forget that you’re not a human being with a soul. You are CREATORS, a soul fragment of Creators and very powerful. This is why all this shit is happening. They are afraid of us, they know we are starting to add 2 + 2=4; we got their number!

Change can be scary but let me tell you this: What is more scarier, change/the unknown or another 20 years of what you already have? The threat of war, the rumors of wars are upon us. While we struggle with change, they already have Plan B and Plan C and war with Russia and who knows what else. Change can’t be any worse than what we have now. Once we realize this, we can move forward without fear. Today, say hello to the first stranger you see on the street or on the bus. Today, see everyone for the Creator they are, here for the same reasons as you are. Just doing their assignment and our assignments are not all light and love. Some of us came here to do the dirty work!


May the light shine throughout your eternal and powerful soul!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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