Inner Earth Dracos And The False Light Campaign

Comment: Great Article, not that it is something new, I have written about this for years, but it’s nice to see it spreading and people wakening from this false light matrix.

inner earth dracoby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

We know about the false light in the afterlife that has magnetically pulled our soul into the reincarnation trap. Now we are uncovering the campaign here on Earth that has kept us under a spell lifetime after lifetime so that we can finally break free of the false light matrix.

How many “spiritual teachers” are you still listening to that mention one or more of these names?

  • Master Hilarion
  • Order of Melchizedek
  • Archangel Michael, or any of the Archangels
  • Jesus
  • Adama
  • Lord Metatron
  • Thoth
  • Galactic Federation of Light

There have been books, channelings, and articles written to promote these names and many more in the spiritual and metaphysical groups. The messages seem to be filled with peace and love and the very best interests of humanity. In truth, these are smoke and mirror, false light beings that have their minions living in the inner Earth. They are posers, reflectors of light, and shapeshifters. They are the masters of deception and are metaphorically, the wizards behind the curtain.

These are the Dracos, Reptilians, Greys, and other beings that have merged with a branch of the “snake family”. Their goal was to take over planet Earth and trap the souls that were here for an indefinite period of time. They hide underground because they are not able to live in a high oxygen environment. Some of them took on human bodies and some of them are astral beings that feed off of the slave souls trapped in human bodies. They are trying to terra-form the planet and reduce the human population so that they can live on the surface. Currently only the greys that have grey colored spacesuits, those that have put themselves into a human body, and shapeshifters can exist on the surface.

There are many entrances to the inner earth across the planet, including Mount Shasta, Sedona, and the North pole. They use allegories, smoke and mirrors, and black magic in order to present themselves and their teachings to us, because they do not have the ability to create for themselves. They are copy cats and tricksters and are very good at doing so.

Their gig was to get people to move to the fifth dimensional New Earth on December 21st of 2012 with the use of CERN. They were almost successful in creating a stargate or black hole that would have sucked our consciousness into the 4th and 5th astral dimension. They have a whole team of Illuminati and scientists under their control to operate this technology, but after getting it to 75% power it broke down and had to be aborted.

If they would have been successful in 2012, we would have been moved through the dimensions in our light bodies, as our physical bodies would have been too dense. We would have been led to co-create a new way of living in the astral realms which are tied to the fifth dimension, under the rule of the Dracos posing as loving light beings like Archangel Michael, for example.

The New Age agenda was the biggest tool to harvest and mark those souls who were ready to go to their promised astral realm creation. Since they had so many people dreaming of this New Earth, I wouldn’t doubt it exists because a small number of human beings can create whatever they put their intention to. But the way they were going to get us there tells you that it wasn’t in humanity’s best interest, and they would have hijacked that creation for their own wicked use.

I followed a group several years ago who said that only those who wake up and do the work to heal their body would one day “soon” get a light body in preparation for the shift to the fifth dimension, (only with the light body could you move into the fifth dimension). The rest of the people on Earth that were not successful would go somewhere else where they could continue their earth lessons. We were not to worry about those left behind because they were all on their own level of advancement. Until the time came to make the shift, those of us that were “special” and had healed our bodies would hold seminars in order to heal the masses of people who wanted to be healed. There would be a cost for these seminars, and this is how we would make a living and be able to travel around the world healing people.

THAT was the part that allowed me to always question in the back of my mind, “Why would people have to pay to be healed?” When we got to the fifth dimension, we would be able to manifest anything we needed from the background energy, so why have the money aspect? It was eerily similar to the stories of Atlantis with the healing temples. The lore tells of magical healing chambers and how everyone was able to have a young, beautiful body. What they did not tell us is that only those that could pay received the healing, and part of that healing included sex slaves that helped one to raise their kundalini so that it could be harvested for energy.

There are many spiritual gurus that have been tricked by the false light beings. They were tricked in past lifetimes and are given tidbits of information about those lives that paint a very different picture than it really was. There may be a lot of truth that is twisted and they may have even been told the opposite of what really happened. They used their ego to make them feel special and these teachings are still being carried out like a broken record.

CERN was created to open the stargate to let the malevolent Dracos, Reptilians, and Greys out and to let in more negative beings from the astral realms. The third dimension had once been cut off from the lower and higher dimensions in a quarantine, and CERN would open the gates once more. Their last chance effort with CERN is occurring right now, and they will not be successful.

They did not expect people like Mark Passio, Wes Penre, Jordan Maxwell, Cameron Day, and many more to lead in uncovering the truth of the New Age Deception and the false light. They did not expect that because of the raise in frequency of the planet in concert with the cosmic solar energy that has been helping to raise the consciousness in humans. More people are breaking free of the hypnotic trance at an exponential rate! As more people began to wake up, they increased the chemtrail and HAARP agenda, and began extreme government lockdown plans and drills. World War 3 and the entire economic collapse have been on the very edge for a long time. It seems like it just isn’t possible that their programs could continue to run, and it feels like something could explode at any moment.

Hopefully it will not get that bad on the planet before a huge shift in consciousness changes the past and the future. In this now moment so many of us are using our own magic of true Source creation whether we realize it or not. We are powerful co-creators that have the ability to take over the control of our own bodies and change everything that has happened to us in the past, which will change the outcome of the future.

A few examples of the New Age doctrines that are keeping the false light doctrine fires burning are:

  • Love everyone and forgive everyone, for we are all one, and
  • Atlantis was a magical time and we all lived in peace and love.

The false light agenda has been to return to the times of Atlantis where we would have the powers and abilities we did back then, and more. Both of these doctrines are truth twisted into tricks. While we are all fractals of our Source, some chose to be positive and to stay connected to Source. Others stretched free will and chose to disconnect from Source and need to feed off of others in order to survive. If we forgave the Dracos groups for trapping our souls, enslaving us, and using us as Source energy, then they would not have to return to Source or become space dust for the crimes against humanity. If we agreed to return to the time of Atlantis, we would be allowing for another cycle to be repeated within their matrix illusion. So there is always a twist to the truth involved in the false light teachings.

The truth is that our consciousness is trapped within a body that has been under full control of the archontic negative polarity beings that needed our energy as a food source. We have been under a spell repeating cycles upon cycles. Those who had the ability to “channel the gods” in other lifetimes have remembered their “gifts” and have received channelings loud and clear from false light beings. These messages are still being given today with various people that really are good people but they are under a spell of deceit. Think about this- why would the Illuminati allow such information to be purchased at a major bookstore or be spread around the internet freely, unless it was in line with their bosses’ overall plan?

Innately, we sense the truth part of these teachings but then are led astray by agreeing to something that is going to keep us trapped. Life on this planet has become all about survival, which leads us to want to have a healed body and to live on a new magical planet where we can have anything we want. We have free will to choose and they have twisted things time and time again to get us to choose to be imprisoned. It is up to us to choose our freedom from false light teachings and we have reached a good number of people who are realizing this.

Once we accomplish this in this lifetime, the afterlife trap will no longer exist.

Here is the most confusing thing of all. One of our possible outcomes could really have been to naturally increase our vibrations and to shift to a New Earth. When this was seen with the Draco/Illuminati’s Looking Glass Technology, time travel and timeline shifts were used to insert the deception and confusion that would hijack this experience. The original plan of shifting out of their reach still could be a possibility, or maybe we will create something even better than that. The thing to realize is that everything has been hijacked and turned upside down. The main goal is to confuse us and keep up from making an informed choice as to what we want the future of humanity to be. Soon the whole truth will be known and this is the only way to allow for a free willed choice to be made.

There is a saying “as above, so below”. If you consider us to be below, then there must really be something going on above, because this world is caught in an extreme polarity. The fight for the Earth and humanity’s freedom is happening “out there” as well. We are at the breaking point that will move us into a new reality; just not the way the archons wanted to harvest us. While we may complain that nothing is happening, the truth is that most of the things the negative beings had planned for us have not happened! Not only that, but we are seeing their desperation and acceleration of programs to ramp up for the next event that they have planned, which probably won’t happen either.

The more that break free, the less their technology is working. The more that say no to their domination over us, they less control they have over humanity as a whole. The more the planet raises her frequency, the less some people are susceptible to their tricks. We are in a transition period of the shifting of control on the planet based on the cosmic war above and within our bodies.

It may be time to unlearn everything you know. Sometimes it may feel like you are losing your mind, but you are really losing the programming that has been controlling your mind lifetime after lifetime. Mother Earth is fighting the battle with us and we are gaining the ability to discern the truth more and more each day.

Stay tuned for the Cosmic Wildcard that will have everyone dancing in the streets in celebration!



I grieve with all those whom have lost someone on this horrific German Airbus crash, but I must say that the story behind this crash doesn’t wash with me.
Generally speaking, someone considering suicide is for many reasons, but most of them are related to that person feeling inadequate, perhaps holding trauma or secrets from the past, losing their jobs or financial insolvency, break-ups, lack of purpose or reason to live, being terminally ill. The bottom line is that any person contemplating suicide feels they have no reason to live or anyone to live for.

In all of the cases above, I have never heard from any of my clients they wanted to take others with them. The irony of a suicidal person in most cases (always exceptions) is that they are very conscientious people, that care about others so they lack the capacity towards hatred of others even to those that hurt them, generally speaking. I am writing in very loose and general terms because our world has changed so much in the last 20 years, that there are no longer any set rules in psychology.

Of course each person varies in their reason for suicide, they differ in the way they handle grief or losses, how they deal with sadness, worthlessness, physical pain etc, but it’s very rare that a person contemplating suicide will want to harm others in such a way to cause death to them.

The authorities claim, along with the Airline management that all pilots regularly receive and are obligated to be tested for physical and psychological reasons. This co-pilot has over 600 hours of flight time, meaning someone has spent those 600 hours in total with him as he is not able to fly or be alone in the flight cabin until he completes a certain number of hours, so you would think that someone would have noticed something?

It’s one thing to know your fellow worker waitress might have emotional issues and another when you are piloting a plane full of people. My point is that in a position such as a pilot and being responsible for many lives, your co-pilot or any other co-worker is not going to turn a blind eye if they notice a problem, after all their own life is at stake.

There is also no way for them to know that maybe a third person sneeked into the flight cabin and stuck a gun to this man’s head. Silence doesn’t mean he was alone. The authorities were able to do a background check on this co-pilot within 24 hours and determine that he is not involved in any terrorist group? Because he is not showing up anywhere doesn’t mean that he is not.

I can with almost certainty claim that a person undergoing a suicide mission is not going to kill 100’s of people along for the ride unless they have a grievance with someone or the airline company itself, but when was the last time you heard about someone committing suicide and taking 100’s of people to death with them?

We are very conscientious (I attempted suicide 2 times). We think about our loved ones and people we would leave behind and how they would deal with us being gone. We are about people and it’s almost like we care too much and want to die because we feel we may be letting someone down or can’t live with guilt, the last thing we want is anyone else to get hurt.

I don’t know what happened in that cabin, but this was not a suicide unless and maybe if this person had a vendetta against someone in the plane or company, but even that is a pretty rare event because if this co-pilot was angry or had suicidal thoughts, someone would have noticed this.

This is not a typing job where you can hit the “return” key and correct your typing mistake, this is a job where one wrong switch or wrong button can kill many people, it’s a highly stressful job no doubt, but someone who is that low and considering suicide cannot function in that kind of environment, it would show.

I can only guess the company is hiding something. The show is grand, the performance too glamorous. I have never seen so much “emotional”, reporting coverage used for a plane crash, this one is extraordinarily overly dramatized, too perfect which tells me there is something else going on, but in my humble opinion with experience in this field, people do not commit suicide and take hundreds of lives with them unless they have some religious or political agenda and even in that case, they leave a message behind for people to know.

I have not yet started to read what the alternative media is saying about this horrific event, but french Prime Minister Hollande first announced the plane crash and already knew there were no survivors, I felt something wasn’t right. Later on, he was criticized for making that announcement as the authorities that control air traffic are the ones that have to make the first announcement. Hollande made the announcement 11 minutes after the crash, how did he know there were no survivors?

Many assumptions are being made, one of them being the co-pilot alone did this, it is entirely possible someone could have slipped into the flight cabin and forced the co-pilot to do as told, his silence in response to the pilot banging on the door and begging him to open it isn’t proof he was alone. It’s only proof someone was in there or that somebody was breathing.

There is a lot more to this horrific event, my guess is that it was a diversion for something else going on, but co-pilots and pilots do not suicide passengers, and people do not kill others when they want to die unless they have some kind of agenda and then it’s not suicide anymore; it’s pre-meditated murder killing oneself after the fact knowing they will either get killed or will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Think about it folks. This man flew over 600 hours with another pilot, do you honestly believe that not one pilot would have noticed he had some problems? You can’t know they are having suicidal thoughts but in order to have them you are generally deeply disturbed about why and that’s almost impossible to hide working one on one.

If you’re working with more people then it would be hard to notice, but sitting with someone alone for hours, you would notice something.
This story is not over yet, but we may never know what really happened in that flight cabin, silence and breathing do not prove anything, it only proves someone was in there, a person going into such a dramatic suicide drop to crash an airplane knowing their life is about to end along with hundreds of others do not “breathe” normally. A psychopath may be calm, but they rarely commit suicide because they are without a conscience and feel dominant and arrogant so they generally don’t fall like that.

A normal person does not drop towards the mountains with a plane full of people breathing normally, so things do not add up and if their story is true, what does it say about their testing system? This co-pilot lived in a small town, everyone knew everyone, burn out and stress or depression usually do not cause someone to willingly kill so many people. There are many ways to commit suicide, he could have done this in the cargo space, at home or drop over a cliff or whatever, but I don’t buy this version for one minute.


It’s been a while since I even logged on to the computer and just wanted to let everyone know it may be a while longer before I can focus on what I want to write. Death is on my mind lately, my regular readers know that I have terminally ill partner and I often wonder from a christian perspective, I remember how I used to think : “Why does God take away good people and let the bad people live”? Yeah, that was how I thought many years ago.

Today, my partner; while applying some essential oils on his chest asked me: “What did I do in this life to have to die in such agony?”. I knew the answer, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him, he’s a Catholic, he believes God chooses when he will die and feels cheated, he’s angry and after 10 years of living together, I was not able to share with him the wonders of death and that there is no reason to fear it, it’s awesome.

My partner chose this path, it’s very difficult to watch him die so slowly. I often ask myself if this is my lesson or his. Is there something I still need to learn, but then I wonder if there was, should he not know this and forgive me if he came into this life to teach me a lesson?

It’s very difficult  for those to understand how I feel. I am a healer, I work with natural medicine, when I touch humans, I touch their souls and they heal if they want to. I am not the one that determines that, it’s the person I am touching that chooses life or death, sickness or wellness, I am just the mediator between heaven and earth, the energy cable, or the vacuum cleaner, it’s not up to me. I have watched him now for 2 years coming home from the doctor each time with a new box of drugs, each one without purpose, he’s a guinea pig. According to the medical research there is no “cure” for Pulmonary Hypertension, but then what the fuck, there is no cure for anything that medicine has to offer. I am not against drugs, sometimes we need them for intervening in a crisis, or short-term until we can stabilize the body but drugs don’t cure anything. My partner now has his own drawer in the kitchen just for his drugs, when he should be breathing oxygen, the system says he can’t, he has to be literally “dying”. Now that is comforting that he will at least have oxygen while he is taking his last breath.

There is more to the story, my partner doesn’t like to spend money, so last night, after not being able to sleep because of  his coughing, in anger I got up and told him: “If you are alive by tomorrow, could you please write down your bank accounts and give me power of attorney so I can send the money to heaven to you?”. You see, he won’t spend the money to buy himself Oxygen, he will wait it out even in death to get it free from his medical insurance. This is the battle that is raging inside of me, that his life is not even worth a bottle of oxygen.

I just left the room now, I wanted so much to ask him what his life was worth, while his money in the bank didn’t bring him health, that all the money in the world can’t even buy it, you have to want  it.
This is the man I chose to live with, this is the man  that I love and honor and respect, and I thought I could accept this part of him too, but I’m not dealing with it very well. I am angry that he can’t see the way I see things, I’m angry because if this was me, I would sell my soul to get a bottle of oxygen. I know he chose this path, I know he came here to experience something, I know we both joined our lives together for the beautiful experience of love, after 47 years, I actually loved for the first time, I actually felt loved for the first time, he is my first love. He is the first man after many years I allowed into my heart, there will never be any regrets, but at this moment, while I sit here, I dread the thought of going back into our bedroom to hear him suffer, yet even when I ask if I should call the doctor, he says no.

It hurts, I thought he would at least fight it to spend more time with me, there is much pain inside of him, he’s never told me about it, I know it’s there because when I touch him I can feel it, perhaps that is the lesson that I need to learn, that no matter how much we love, no matter how hard we try and no matter how bad we want them to stay here, death is part of the experience.

I can give you some advice though if you have a partner. It’s old advice. Don’t wait for tomorrow to tell them how much you love them, don’t wait for tomorrow to tell them how blessed you are to have experienced their essence in this life, don’t wait for tomorrow for anything, it doesn’t exist. Only this moment exists, and right now, I wish this moment would last forever so I don’t have to get up and go back to the room. But I can hope that he will feel better tomorrow, after all, isn’t that why we invented the word “hope”?

Everyone here on the island is sick with the flu, this is what my partner is battling, aside from the disease, the flu can be deadly for him. This is what happens when you kill a fever, after a few years your body stops fighting and the enemies just sneak in because the army (immune system) is dead, drunk from toxins or asleep. They knew all the tricks, kill the fever and kill the immune system. Half the island is down, in bed with horrible symptoms, I feel like I am the only survivor on an island all alone.

Hey thanks for listening to my rant, it will pass, life goes on, tonight I need to find Sophia and tell her to hurry up with the correction, I’m getting tired of this madness and suffering and I am sure you are too.

My lucid dreaming is expanding, I know I am somewhere on some battleground but by the time I realize it, I forget. This morning I woke up and while walking to the kitchen I was thinking “Shit, that was crazy last night, the wings, the flashes of light…that’s all I had remembered, but  I know when I wake up dead tired that I was out there doing something and last night was wicked.

Hope to be back soon.

Julian Rose ~ The Reengineering of Life — and How to Prevent It

The information here is not new for those of us that are keeping track of what is really going on, in the end Julian says that we should take our money out of the system. I totally agree, I even had a blog called “Starving The War Machine”, a system set up and lists created as to what we can do to starve this killing machine. Sadly, it was not very popular in terms of actually doing anything, people simply cannot remove their money from the bank if they have any at all, secondly, most employers do direct deposits and many even fear taking out their cash for fear of being reported to the IRS. I totally agree with this statement, but if Julian really wants to help then he should spend more time in explaining/guiding people how to do this as it’s not a process that can be done in one day. It took me 20 years to get out of the system completely, and I still have to use a bank if someone afar wants to pay me for something, therefore, we should be working on what all contributes to feeding the machine. Stop buying magazines, newspapers, starbucks coffee, don’t use your debit card or bank machine, this is just a few simple things we can do. Also, get rid of your car and take transit and ride a bike or non licensed moped like I do. It’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another to put it into action because we are so deeply entrenched in the technology.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I agree with Julian about taking your money out of the corrupt system and reinvesting it into something that serves life, that supports the kind of world you wish to see in the world. I found this essay particularly interesting because it’s not just theory. As Julian shares, he was born into the “elite,” and so has legitimate insider knowledge of how the self-appointed “leaders” think and operate. Julian also walks his talk — he has already removed his money from the system and invested into a variety of projects that are, as his book title says, “In Defense of Life.” If you’d love to see change but are still locked into the old control system and hypocritically speaking of change while making no moves towards it, then this article will get you thinking of new possibilities for alignment.

‘The Reengineering of Life – and How to Prevent It’


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New Age Negativity and Confusion

The New Cage Movement, going on for over 20 years now has not changed a damn thing. It has not created peace, it has not activated the higher power in us, it has not created Unity Consciousness and the reason it’s negative is because it IS. It’s disempowering, it’s a hopium designed to keep you waiting for something, sorry, but if you don’t like the truth, go find your own. I’m all for love and light, but that love and light is already inside of us, WE ARE love and light, we don’t need higher dimensional entities disobeying the laws of free will and interfering with our thought process or decisions we changed because of the channeled information. We need to stop listening to these gurus and search for our own truth. Your truth is what you witness, your truth to me is a belief if I choose to believe it. Your truth is what you see and create, it’s not mine. My truth is ME, I, BEING/DOING, LOVING AND CREATING. I respect all opinions, thoughts and ideas, but the truth lies within each one of us.

YRFT CHRISTINE : My experience of the veil thinning and lifting in a very short time caused me to go through several phases of ‘shock’

These guys should start writing children’s books.









Since joining YRFT just last year, I have been finding my voice. It popped out of me quite surprisingly and Richard & Joy have been posting my words as an adjunct to Rose’s updates. There are others that share Rose’s vantage point and share when they are not slaying dragons, or fighting of ef attacks.

My experience of the veil thinning and lifting in a very short time caused me to go through several phases of ‘shock’. I won’t bore y’all with the details bcz you yourselves have been going through you own versions of this ‘shock’ and know full well the details.

For me, my last letting go of this slave world and all its broken promises came just a couple of days ago, when I realized that nothing that was created by set, of set, or for set…

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