Take It or Leave It, Separation is Over With

Integration or Intolerance?  This is a very touchy subject depending from what angle you look at it, depending on your current religious beliefs, depending on the country you live in and what you have created as your own belief system.

Integration refers to the current situation in Europe as more and more immigrants arrive on our shores. I use the term immigrant over migrant because both terms have the same reason for leaving. They are seeking a better life, a human right that is forgotten about long ago when ‘Democracy’ was shoved down our throats.

First we were separated by borders, countries, languages, cultures, religion and everything different each country believes in. Now they are fracturing this because it didn’t work. Despite the separation, people managed to live in peace in most parts of the countries. Sure, various regimes and governments didn’t always respect the freedom and human rights laws, but people managed to live together in their countries despite different religious beliefs.

I think that they thought separation would be keep us apart, preventing us from coming together in thoughts, ideas, beliefs and the desire to be free. It didn’t work. So, they decided to mix us all up and create confusion. Some say it’s done on purpose for the reason of destabilizing the EU; for creating a weak Union so that the US government can blackmail and control better. Does it matter who and why? How do we integrate centuries of different cultures, religions and beliefs? Some countries are removing pork from stores and restaurants, yet Muslims are screaming: “We didn’t ask for that”. Of course they didn’t. It was done on purpose, to create the illusion that they (Muslims) want to keep their right to follow their traditions, cultures and religion in the country that welcomed them. Left is right. Up is down. Truth is lies.

So, the reality is that this integration is causing problems, huge problems. If we were left alone to do this ourselves, there would be no problems. Humans by nature are for family, community and living together as one. It’s the very governments and Media that are causing false news to pit us against each other.

Here is what I think about immigrants coming to my country. It’s the same rules my parents had to follow when they immigrated to Canada in 1960. In order to get their citizenship, they had to learn how to read and write the English language, they had to abide all laws, customs and cultures and they had to pass an extensive Citizenship test. I can’t say if Canada is having or not having problems in racism or integration at this time because I don’t live there anymore, but I do know that Canada never had the problems of racism that the US did then and now.

If immigrants came to my country Croatia, I would expect that they leave behind their way of life and adopt our way of life. If the woman wants to wear a scarf or Burka that’s fine, she can do it in her religious place or privately at home. Religion has nothing to do with her cover; I have read some lines of the Karan and there is no specific order for a woman to wear this. It states that a woman should look modest when she goes out in public. I had a really difficult time once in Canada when I was pulled over for speeding. When the cop came to my car and I looked up, I was shocked. He was wearing a Turban. Are you kidding me? So I played his game and took out my bible from the glove box and laid it on the passenger seat. (Yes, I was and have been an activist and rebel since I was a young woman). When he told me I was speeding, I simply got sad and told him that I had a deep emotional problem and was praying while driving and got carried away. He warned me and let me go.

I have an issue with a policeman wearing a Turban. I have an issue with immigrants coming to our countries and not adopting/accepting our way of life. I respect all people, all religions, all cultures and traditions as I live in a deeply Roman Catholic cesspool of a “poor me” society. But I believe that if you are coming to a country that you should integrate into that society and if you feel you can’t, find another country or go back where you came from. This worked when we had separate borders, separate countries, separate religions and is now causing the very problem when THEY are integrating us into ONE. Although their reason for this is to have ONE government, ONE religion, ONE police, etc.,  it’s obvious to us that this integration project is to create civil disorders, and chaos which will then be met by force.

This is going to backfire on them. Why? From a spiritual perspective, this is part of our plan to come together and Unite. Sure, it will get bumpy for a while because we do have to integrate all our differences into ONE; but left alone, we would do it very well. Understanding this, we can then say that our phase of Unification is in full swing. We are physically coming together, we are uniting  all races, nations, cultures, religions into one. They expect us to fight each other and kill each other off and save them that trouble. Had it not been for their creation of Terrorism, nothing bad would have happened, but they created the Terrorist agenda so that we could fight each other internally in our own countries and blame the immigrants for bringing that with them.

Luckily, so far, very few immigrants want to come to Croatia. In fact, recent studies showed that our population is dying off. Croatia has a population of approx. 4.5 Million citizens, we have just as many Croatians in the diaspora.  By 2020, our population will be half of what it is now because babies are not being born and we have an aging population. In fact, 54% of the population is over 65, 15% are veterans and disabled. That leaves us 30% left and of that only 10% are children under 16. This doesn’t bode well for this country because like in history, it will be occupied and taken over by EU member countries. They are already here opening huge stores and businesses and eventually, very slowly they will start bringing in their work force but it won’t be Germans, it will be the German immigrants, low paid workers.

This is just an estimation of what I see happening to our country, I don’t see any other solution if we can’t start raising the population levels. Eventually, it will be taken over by some entity or we could be occupied or integrated with another country. Whatever the case may be, our prospects don’t look good.

From a realistic perspective and why we came here, it would make sense that in order to accomplish our goals we all have to come together. I think the Controllers are wrong about why they want this integration and it won’t go as planned for them. We need to remove the propaganda mind away from you or me. We are all ONE. We were all created by the same Creator, therefore, it’s not my fault or your fault for that matter that this separation occurred by countries and borders. Instead of resisting, and that includes myself, we have to start opening our arms to those that wish to come to our countries and not feel threatened by them so that we can start this integration process.

Yes it’s painful, yes we have a long road ahead of us. This is not something that can be done in a few weeks or months. But it has start somewhere and with the right frame of mind, with a positive attitude and a reminder as to why this is necessary we can do this. Of course the Controllers and Mass Lying Media will throw roadblocks with their false propaganda, but we’re doing a great job of exposing them for what they are. Soon, they will have no relevance in this reality; it’s just a matter of time.

I too want things to be the way they are now. I too don’t want to change my reality. I love this part of my life as having accomplished and achieved everything I wanted, but remaining stagnant is also not good. I have to come to terms with the fact that things change and that in order for us to move forward, we can’t come together telepathically, we have to come together physically and then form that energetic bond required to take the next leap.

Nobody said it would be easy but like a mother after giving birth, most will say: “It was horrible pain, but it was worth it and I have already forgotten the pain”.


The Magic Medicinal Garden

We ran out of Bud Cannabis Oil so I had to pull out a young male and make some oil from it. It’s difficult to find any information about the cannabis leaves and whether they have the same ingredients as the bud flowers do. My way of thinking is that the stem and leaves have the same chemicals just not as much as the flower does.

This is my medicinal garden part where I can sit down amongst my friends and talk to them. This is also my first time growing them with knowledge. Last year I just tossed out a few seeds in the back and didn’t take good care of them. Despite this, once I encapsulated the Oil in gel caps and took my first one; I don’t remember most of that evening. Even though I smoked it when I was a younger person, I had never experienced anything like I did with this half grown, unattended and often dried out plant.

I spent most of the winter researching, contacting some researchers in Israel  as growing the plant wasn’t good enough. I wanted to know everything about this plant, how to best grow it and of course make the final product.

So, since the plants are now in pre-flowering stage, I chose a male sacrifice. It is said that males are worthless and should be thrown away once the sex is showing. Yes, if you don’t want them to pollinate the females, but you can use them so I beg to differ. You don’t need to throw them away, you can use them to make oil or eat them raw in a smoothie.

I really enjoyed the experience with this male plant. It gave me an incredible feeling of relaxation, you know, like riding on a wave that never hits the shore. It’s like floating in the pool on a mattress and feeling that gentle movement of the water beneath you. When I close my eyes, my mind would wander in every aspect of time and space and I found myself in a place of timelessness. Every muscle, every hair, every part of my body was totally relaxed. I think that if an earthquake happened, I would life my head and think: “Oh, was that an earthquake? Oh well.” So, it does have some good stuff in it and my partner, whom I actually made it for is sleeping like a baby. Normally, as long as I have known him in the last 12 years, he will sleep and hear a mosquito buzzing around. His sleep periods would be an hour or two, wake up, watch TV and fall asleep. This would go on all night. Not anymore. He’s now sleeping so good that he doesn’t hear me entering the room, showering or even crawling into bed with him.

People I know will ask me: “Aren’t you afraid of the police?”. I just look at them in shock at what they are asking me and answer: “Fear isn’t something I can afford right now. My fear of losing my partner is greater than being arrested.” I find it to be a silly question.

I can tell you one thing. Every part of the plant, including the stems can be used. Male plants can be used as well. The only disadvantage of using leaves is that you need 3 times more material to get the same amount with the flowered plant. But since I have to get rid of a few males soon, I don’t have to waste anything.

Don’t let fear keep you back from helping someone you love. Don’t bother growing this plant if you have fear because you will attract the very thing you fear. Grow it with the knowledge that you are saving a life and nobody will come knocking on your door, it’s just how energy works. In the end, as my police friend told me last year, it’s very unlikely that you will end up in jail because no judge will do that if you can prove that someone you know or you yourself is very ill. Since I have proof that my partner is ill, I don’t worry about it. In fact, if it did happen, I have a few friends in the Media business and would make it a national story so that more people know about this plant.
I know a guy on the mainland who grows and sells the Oil. He has a waiting list of patients, as it’s only legal to grow 7 plants per person. When I asked him a few more questions, I found out that many of these patients are doctors. Didn’t surprise me at all. They can’t be that stupid to treat themselves with Chemo or radiation. They only play stupid, but one must ask  how they sleep at night knowing what they are doing.

Thanks to YT, I was able to learn just about everything I needed to know to grow these awesome healing plants. As you can see in the photo, they are about 5 ft tall right now and only 2.5 months old. I planted them outside on April 11th and they withstand strong winds and hot 32C plus days as well. I know my partner may not have survived his disease without this plant, and that even if he did, it would be a horrific death. He’s now working in the shop, living a normal life and it feels good to know that the effort was well worth it. He’s not out of the woods yet, but statistically, patients diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension live an average of 3-3.5 years upon diagnosis. It’s been 3 years now and he’s better now than when diagnosed.

I have made him a believer and he’s now become the spokesperson for this plant. It’s never too late to learn new things and at almost 70 years of age, he’s turned a new leaf. Now I can relax and start taking care of me.

I Am All That Is – Remember?

It’s pretty obvious by now to most people on this planet that something is wrong. Can we consider this to be mass consciousness? How does one determine what mass consciousness is and how does it relate? There is much writing and musings about what “Mass Consciousness” is. We know in effect that it means when most or a majority of people have the same ideas, thoughts or concepts. But why do we use this in the “awakening” process? If we all believe that we will Ascend, we can then say it’s a mass consciousness event, but that’s only one belief or one ideology.

Mass consciousness is the majority of the population having opinion or belief about what is true and then attempting to manipulate everyone else to maintain its belief. You may know you are affected by mass consciousness when anything which is in opposition to that consciousness causes a severe reaction within you.”

There is no definition in the dictionary on Mass Consciousness. Is it possible they didn’t include this term because it might give us some ideas? I don’t know. What I do know is this: Nothing is as it appears. Love is now hate. Right is now wrong. Left is now right. We are being prepared for something. The idea is to first present you with many possibilities. Confuse you to the point where you don’t know what to believe anymore.

We’re at that stage now where there is so much information that we don’t know what is true anymore. I can tell you that I was here long ago seeding this planet. I was part of a team to work as a liaison between the lab ships and the biologists on the planet delivering various types of plants to be planted on this planet.

Has it ever occurred to you how the motif of a ‘stripe’ is in all animal kingdoms? We have Zebras, hyena’s, striped spiders, snakes, butterflies, lizards, birds….virtually every species in the animal kingdom has a stripe motif/design. So geneticists used that gene to combine with all living creatures and the flora. Aside from believing that all is done through Creator, someone has to design and build. This group that I was in was the first group. There were no living creatures on the planet at the time. The planet needed to have microorganisms, bacteria in the soil to create that process of composting and recycling. The plant kingdom was carefully placed around the planet according to the soil samples brought and the climate in that area. As much as I can remember from my dream memories, looking down on Earth at the time, it was a huge island in the Ocean. It had uneven design, if you look the outline of North America, but everything was one.

Going back to the subject of Mass Consciousness. I think we have achieved that in terms of knowing that something is wrong or knowing that things are changing and we are entering a never lived before time in our weather/climate era. The unknown is scary, but it’s obvious to most people that something is wrong. Is that enough to shift? How do we determine what Mass Consciousness is really all about and is it on subject to subject or belief by belief? A thought that we all share together is what I see Mass Consciousness. But that’s just one thought, and with one thought we can only change one event.

Having information to something doesn’t create a Mass Consciousness event, but then I can’t define what it really means either. It’s like the new immigration law that Trump just passed or the Supreme Court approved, whatever. It says that the only exception of people coming from those banned  countries on the list is if they have a relationship with the subject. It doesn’t define what relationship means in the context of this law. So, what exactly do they mean? We can interpret this in many ways. There will probably be a lot of court cases because of this non-clarity.

The same goes for Mass Consciousness. If we all think the same thing, it’s Mass, sure, but what does it accomplish? What does me seeing chemtrails and knowing what they are change? Nothing. Only the way I store that information in the brain, but it doesn’t change anything.

I think that “Mass Consciousness” used to create a change is bullshit the more I think about it. I also believe that the Cabal/Elite story is bullshit too and it’s been used to make us believe that someone is controlling us. What if it’s not true? What if nobody is controlling us, but we are just acting as if someone is controlling us? Fear does that to  you.  The fear of believing that some higher entities such as the Cabal, Elites, Controllers are determining our fate when in reality, they don’t give a shit about us, they are doing what they want to do and all they have succeeded in is programming us into believing that they control us.

Look around you. Do you see any fences? Do you see any chains attached to your home? Do you see employees in shackles being forced to work? Where exactly is this control taking  place? It’s all in our minds. Do you actually see any veil or technology that is separating us from the rest of the Universe? Where is the proof? Why are we not allowed to travel outside of our planet? It’s not because there is a veil or energy field keeping us inside. I think it’s because we’re dangerous to ourselves and therefore, there has been a border established. It’s not there to keep us in a prison or to keep us as prisoners. It’s there because we’re dangerous and other races don’t want us to spread our virus of barbarism to other worlds. Yes, we are kept here, but not as prisoners. Who gains by keeping us prisoners? We’re held back from the rest of living species because we are an experiment that went really bad and therefore, until we change or kill ourselves, we can’t be trusted to leave. Earthling are not the only living species that can be used for slavery or to control. There are trillions of different races out there not just humans. So, why control only the humans? Because we allowed them, because we believed their stories, because we are without our memories so we were the easiest to manipulate, but NOT control. It’s not allowed. Anywhere. It’s against the laws of free will. Yes, we have free will, it may be limited to what we can do, but the law exists. So, in order to rule us, we had to agree. We had to believe what they were telling us. They provided the information, we created their reality to suit them. They don’t control us. The manipulate us.

You may say there is proof out there that the Soros, Rothschild’s et.al. are controlling us. Where is the proof? They are deceiving us, they are programming us to create their reality, but there is no proof their agenda is to control us. They can use us, they can abuse us, but that’s not controlling us. There is a lot of information about this Cabal or Elite. I’m not saying they don’t exist, I’m just saying that their agenda is not to control us, only to disempower us so that only a few of them can RULE. Ruling is different than controlling. Our countries leaders rule over us. In my country Croatia the government is called “VLADA”, Vlada means to rule or Ruler. This was changed a few years ago, yet nobody noticed this. So, to rule is not to control or imprison. The laws they create are to rule us into submission but we are not prisoners. We just believe that we are.

Everything you believe in is an illusion, that we created using information given to us through our governments, our parents, mass media, education etc., therefore, we create the reality they want. That’s not controlling us, that’s just fucking with our minds.

They didn’t hijack this planet. They hijacked our minds and I have written about this many times before. We project what we believe. We are Creators, we create through thought, we are so powerful. This is what is being hidden from us, this is why we are being ruled and deceived. If we figure out who we are and how powerful we are, they lose their power.

There is no savior. There is God savior. There is no force out there that is going to save us. They are watching us and hoping we wake up very soon as we can face another mass extinction. It won’t matter much because we’re immortal and old souls, but our Minds and Ego’s that don’t belong to us as Souls, that are part of the body suit we occupy have been programmed to make us believe things that are not true.

It’s deep. It’s very deep. It’s so deep that it’s difficult to believe that we have created our own prison. When cats are wounded in the wild, even domesticated cats they hide. They hide because they are vulnerable to attack, they hide so they can heal. It’s not their prison, it’s a place they retreat to until they are well enough to move again. We are in that stage, sick, damaged, confused, suffering from delusions so we’re not able to get up and move forward. We brought ourselves into this stage as we created their reality. We need to wake up and understand that we have the power to change that.

One more thing. I do believe that there is a planetary body nearing our Solar System. It would be foolish for me to tell you that you don’t need to worry about it. That’s something you need to investigate and make on your own. I personally don’t see this planetary body causing an extinction event or mass die off event. It will get rough, many physical changes on the planet, but I don’t see us ending this reality because of it. This is another fear mongering event because something before that event might happen. Another mind preparation if you will. The Nibiru/Planet X/7th Planet/Wormwood preachers are scaring people without any proof other than the bible and we know the bible was not intended to help man. The bible was created by many and the gods in the bible were Aliens.

I’m not worried at all but I’m also being cautious and prepared. If the electrical grid goes out, we’re on our own. The impact of something is nothing as dangerous as the power going out for months and years. This is what will kill humanity, not a planetary body. All we can do is be prepared and have a plan should something like that happen. It really feels empowering when I know that should SHTF tomorrow, I have some food that I can grow, medicine I cultivated and seeds to trade for things I don’t have. In a way, storing foods that would supply you for a year or two is actually silly because you don’t know if you will even be affected or if you can stay in that place where your food is.

I live in a region where there are 3 huge volcanoes in Italy and if they blow, the ash would cover our skies for months. No sunshine, no life. Or too much can erode the soil. I have a greenhouse, a solarium if something like that happened, but no sunshine, well, that’s when the canned food is appreciated. My point is there is no perfect plan or formula should we find ourselves in a world without electricity. You do what you can according to what you believe. Remember, we’re just playing a game here…we may not remember what our reason or goal for being here is, but whatever is about to happen is because we planned that as well. There is no cause for FEAR, the human inside us is in fear because of it’s existence; that is just our body suit we use while here so we need to remember that.

Everything is as it should be and I know it may seem crazy; but then hasn’t the human race passed that stage and is now in the phase of Insanity? Insanity is actually sanity. Fear is actually love. It’s all according to what we have done in our state of Mass Consciousness if you believe that. Personally, we are explorers, learning, experiencing all possible variations of what God actually is. All that is. I am That. I am That. I am That. I am All that IS.

Coffee, Tea or Cannabis?

I made some Cannabis Oil tonight. I use the Rick Simpson method with the exception that he recommends using Pharmaceutical alcohol, I use pure Ethanol 100%.

This is the final stage of the alcohol evaporating.

Because the plants won’t flower until this fall, I had to use leaves only. There are those that say using leaves doesn’t produce good Oil which is not true at all. There are those that claim male plants aren’t good enough. This is not true either. These rules may apply for recreation purposes, but not for medicine. The leaves contain THC and CBD although THC is much less, for medical purposes, it doesn’t matter. THC is required to activate the CBD and nobody wants to get high when they are very ill.

Because I use leaves, I have to use a lot more material. Out of 15 plants, 3 of them are males so I use them for making the oil.

Pure Rick Simpson Oil, meaning the recipe used.

Once the Oil is collected I prefer to use empty gel caps and immediately fill them up before the material gets hard. In essence, once hardened it’s difficult to push out of the syringe and some recommend to just run it under warm water. It’s got a nasty taste and so it’s easier to dose each capsule equally.

My partner is doing really good. He’s in his workshop cleaning up after 3 years of being very ill. Although he’s not out of the woods yet, it’s a miracle that he’s even alive 3 years after diagnosis. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is deadly, the average life span upon diagnosis is about 3 years but he was diagnosed at Stage III out of IV so it’s a miracle indeed thanks to Cannabis and everything else we have been doing. He’s due for his checkup in hospital in a week because his blood is clotting and we can’t figure out why. I know why, but I can’t make that diagnosis so once they figure it out, I can then proceed with natural therapies.

I also germinated 20 Moringa Seeds; look this plant up it’s also a miracle tree that most people have no idea about it. It’s becoming more popular in the West, but the warm sub tropical climate here is ideal for it’s growth. I read that it can grow to 20 ft in less than 6 months. You can start harvesting the leaves in 2 months, so it grows really fast!

We are now allowed to grow 7 Cannabis plants in Croatia but it’s impossible to get a License to grow and sell the medical Cannabis. Too many restrictions and a huge investment, but 2 plants are enough medicine for a year per person therefore, I’m happy with that. The irony behind all of this is that our doctor wants to know if I will sell oil because as  you know, Doctors don’t do chemotherapy nor do they allow their family to have that treatment. I’m thinking about it, maybe they should first start being honest with their patients about Chemotherapy first and at the least let them know there are natural options out there. If I even sell to this doctor, that will be the condition he will get it from me because I don’t think he deserves better. He should be honest with his patients first and let them know they too can find natural remedies that would help with their cancers.

Time for bed, been a long day and this Cannabis made me really sleepy!

Food: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Wow, this video really moved me. I am aware of the facts, but looking at where we started years ago when food was healthy and where we are today is just unreal. I hate to say this but we know when American tourists arrive. We can tell by their size and I’m not talking about older folks, but young people. The only reason our society here in Croatia doesn’t have problems with obesity is because we’re still an underdeveloped country. The Middle Class can only afford to eat at McDonalds. We don’t yet have frozen dinners in markets, if they do exist, they’re not affordable. Our culture is such that our meal is the most importan event of the day. The timing of that meal is determined by when everyone can gather. We cook from scratch, many of us have a piece of land or use our property to grow whatever food we can. Spending money on chips, snacks and soda’s are a luxury for those that have money. Because of this, I believe we haven’t yet reached that stage of an obese society.

The fast food culture is taking it’s toll on people. It’s not always our faults, especially in the West. Life is stressful, everyone is running around trying to survive, so when we get home after a long exhausting day, we don’t have the energy to cook meals. I get that. I lived that way until I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in 1999 and while being treated in a private Mexican Hospital run by Dr. Donsbach; we had lectures every night on many topics including food preparation. It wasn’t enough to be cured, we had to learn how  to eat, what foods were healthy and looking at cadavers that died from colon or large intestinal cancer was horrific. We watched slides of cadavers during autopsy so that we could see the damage we caused by our bad eating habits. Did you know that bread basically breaks down into a glue and sticks to the walls of our intestines so that it’s no longer able to absorb any nutrients?

After listening to this video, I felt so much compassion for those folks that even with knowledge of how to eat well would be very difficult if they depend on stores to get their foods. While living in Vancouver, I was lucky to live right next to Chinatown so I could at least get fresh and healthier vegetables. My diet was a mix of Macrobiotics and Oriental foods. 60% brown rice each day and the rest in meats, veggies. Nothing came out of a package, no prepared foods and since then I have never put a food item in my basket unless I read the ingredients first. I also understand that Organic foods are  more expensive and not everyone can afford to eat that way.


It’s not easy to live in the city and live an active busy life, especially for families that have to work everyday. But you know, there is a movement going on where families are converting their grass lawns into food gardens. Once you get it established, there is very little work. If you grow in raised beds, there is no tilling of the soil, you can implement a water system so all you have to do is pick your food and plant new ones. Container gardening is also an option. At the least, you can grow some leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach, chard and even carrots.


I much appreciate my garden and rarely buy anything from the store anymore. The only veggies I purchase now are potatoes, but with my expansion in the works, I won’t be buying those either. I like the idea of being in control of what I eat. Knowing my food is organic and that it’s just a few steps away is not something I take for granted. I’m fortunate to have this ability to grow my own food and have learned about so many different varieties of leafy vegetables like Moringa, Amaranth, NZ Spinach that is drought resistant; and I enjoy trying new varieties each year to see which grow best in my climate.

At this time of year, it’s very arid and hot, like being in the middle of the desert. Although I water the plants every evening, by noon they are already wilting. They actually preserve their water during the day that’s why they wilt a bit but I have to now water them twice a day if I want sizeable vegetables.

But enough of my garden, it’s doing well and I’m fortunate for being able to grow my own food. I only wish we didn’t have to pay for the land given to us, pay for the water, pay for everything that is ours. This planet was created for us, everything on it was created so that we could eat and heal ourselves. I’m angry at times when I think about this reality that so many people go into debt to buy a home, a home along with the land that is ours. They not only control us, they own us. I try and give away as much as I can to those that don’t have the means, but I’m also working on a project here to help the elderly with raised beds so that they don’t have to work so hard to grow their food.

Enjoy the video!

James Gilliland and Steven Greer

I have been listening to James Gilliland for quite a few years now. It wasn’t until last year that I started to sense/feel his honesty. Up to that time I had my doubts and I can understand why now. His interaction with higher beings/ET’s altered his energy frequencies so I wasn’t sure about what I was feeling. In human terms it’s called discernment but as I have written before; our ability to discern has been disconnected. Discernment is not a brain/logic function or analytical process. Discernment is the ability to connect with higher self and FEEL the answer. The ability to discern has been greatly reduced to humans because of the genetic manipulation of our species.

When bloggers or other websites that write about non-conventional topics say “You don’t have to believe me, use your discernment”, I have to wonder if they know what true discernment is or are just using that term because everyone else is using it or because the dictionary gives it the proper meaning.

James talks about Dr. Steven Greer in the first 10 minutes of the video below and he basically confirms my thoughts on Dr. Greer. I was able to discern him a long time ago and have written about him on this blog.

I sometimes wonder about this ability that I have. It often comes into question: “How do I know this, how can I trust this information?” This information I receive is like a thought, there is no other way to describe it. The brain isn’t able to imagine or fantasize, this is really important to know. This is why dreams are not dreams. The mind just doesn’t put a story together while you’re in deep sleep. If you wake up and dreamed about something that happened during the day or someone that was in your mind that day, it’s not the dream. It means that that person is part of your soul family or soul group and is in another reality with you as well. We can’t create dreams into symbols, I dare anyone come forward and tell me that a dream they had happened exactly in the way they dreamed about it. If it did, it was in another reality.

So back to my knowledge and how I get this information. As the Gnostics say, we call it Nous. It’s simply a knowing. The thoughts that are coming forward are not thoughts created by our mind, rather thoughts of higher self or the connection to all souls within this reality. I think that we need to take another look at dreams and what they actually represent.

Is this why the explanation of dreams is so thwarted? Could it be that THEY don’t want us to know what dreams actually mean or what they stand for? Remember that those who rule us know us better than we know ourselves. They know our weaknesses and know how to use them against us. Dreams as you know it or understand it is a deception because the brain doesn’t make up stories. The brain’s function is to record and store all data coming in through the five senses. It’s a hard drive in essence; no different. So, we access information on the HD, we take that information and compile the necessary data we need for whatever reason we need it.

It takes practice and removal of the Ego to be able to feel these thoughts coming from higher self. It’s probably why I’m no fun at a party or gathering anymore because I don’t react to laughter or sadness. I don’t react to anything at all. While I was younger, I would be the life of the party. I needed attention, I needed to be worshipped. I sit there totally sterile/neutral because I’m now the Observer. I don’t react to the intricacies of this reality. I’m in it because I have to be and because I can’t completely leave it, most of me exists in the new reality. I’m ready to go but many have to be ready before we can all go together.

Today, I don’t have any needs to be recognized and I don’t battle with the Ego anymore, I have put that creature to rest deep down but you can never get rid of it, it’s part the body we incarnate into.

We as humans are so complex yet so simple. WE as Souls are so complex yet so simple. What is our goal as a Soul? To BE, to experience. How many lifetimes or experiences does one need to be everything? I mean experiencing oneself as a rock, a fish, a bird, an insect. How many species of flying insects exist today? Thousands of species. To experience each one alone would take thousands of lifetimes. Mind you a regular fly only lives for 14 days but even so, thousands of experiences in the insect world alone. This is what the Soul is about. It’s about experiencing God in all it’s aspects of creation. It is after we complete each experience of BEING that we graduate to higher realms. It’s not mandatory, but in order for a Soul to graduate into higher dimensional frequencies, it does require to have a lot of experience.

Those of us that have come here on Earth are Old Souls. In the first part between the 13th and 19th centuries, younger souls were allowed to incarnate here. ( Don’t ask me how I know, I just know).  The End wasn’t near enough so they came to experience the re-building of civilizations as each one was demolished through centuries of wars. For each death, 2 had to incarnate otherwise the planet would be depopulated by now. Think about it.

So, the young souls came into this reality at the beginning of the formation of governments, borders and countries. This was the first phase of Separation of humanity. After this phase, it would be very difficult for a young soul to survive in this duality and harsh environment of kill or be killed.

We here now are the top of the line of Old Souls. We have gone through many many experiences. It’s why we love animals, love plants, love nature. Not just because we are part of it, but because we have probably experienced being cats, dogs and other living species. Think about it. Why do some people love cats and some hate cats?  This love that we feel for our pets is deep and it’s because we have experienced them, they are part of our soul group/family. It’s not the cat, it’s the Soul within it that we connect to and love.

We are multi tasked creatures. We can sing, play an instrument, grow plants, take care of children, play sports, we can do so many things well. I don’t believe that children born with genius genes are special. I believe they chose to have that experience. Nothing is by accident, there are no accidents, everything that happens is already pre-orchestrated before we get here and then while we are here, our mass consciousness creates the reality as we go along.

Our problem right now is that we don’t remember who we are. I don’t believe in that “enlightenment” theory. In a way it does make sense, but we are not being enlightened, we are trying to get our memories back so that we can remember who we are. Everything is being done to us to NOT remember. We can’t re-integrate into complete light bodies until we remember who we are.

Everything that is going on right now is part of the process of trying to blind us, deafen us, dumb us down, because the Powers that agreed to play the game have taken it seriously and became greedy. Their human traits took over and they too forgot why they are here. Every living entity is created by Source. Every living entity will eventually return to Source. Since we are disconnected from Source and have no memories of why we are here and what the next step is, we’re like ants in an anthill panicked and scared because someone just stepped on the anthill and almost destroyed it.

We are also dealing with non-humans, our ancestors Annunaki that never left. They are in essence running the show, they are the blue-blood lines, what we called Aristocracy in earlier centuries. We have help from the outside of the planet, but we’re also imprisoned, so we have a lot of issues to deal with not just between humanity.

I know I’m rambling on today, but it’s what I’m feeling at this moment and sharing with you. You don’t have to believe or trust anything I say, I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to share my journey and if you can take something out of it to be a better human or Soul then I’m happy with that.

Enjoy the video, it is a bit long and in all honesty, I haven’t listened to it to the end because I don’t have time. After lunch between 2 and 4 pm, I have my time to read online, research and post my thoughts. I’m also closely following American politics. Oh boy, what a nuthouse!

Intuitive Self

I often tell people when faced with a problem to just follow their intuition or gut feeling. Honestly, it’s easier said than done because the EGO is constantly questioning every decision or thought that we make. I would even go so far to say that the Ego is the logic side of our brain. I know it’s not but then who says it isn’t? We can’t photograph brain functions, so in essence everything is just some ‘logical’ theory.

Back to my point about following intuition. It’s not easy to follow intuition because we are so ingrained into many lies and programming that our self awareness is limited to the physical.

In 2004 while living in Vancouver, I had this urge to just pack up and return to Croatia. It’s difficult to explain what that “urge” was. Every living moment of the day, all I could think about was packing up and moving. I started to make an assessment of the current state of the Country, took my suitcases out of storage and yet every move I made was questioned: “Are you sure about this? What are you going to do there? How are you going to make a living? The country is in chaos, high unemployment, filled with bureaucracy. You don’t even have a place to live, your father’s family stole your birthright, so you can’t even build anything on your father’s land”. These thoughts followed me all day long right alongside every urge I felt to just pack up and leave.

“What about my kids, my family, what about my “invalid status” which I risk losing should I leave the country? It really isn’t easy to follow your intuition or follow those urges you can’t explain, but I did. When I finally got rid of the Ego into the background, and when I finally just stayed in the moment and allowed my higher self to connect with me, there was a feeling of peace. It was the right thing to do even though I had no idea why I was being urged to leave.

That day that my flight was scheduled to depart at 1:00 p.m. I had still not received my passport. There was an issue with my citizenship, supposedly it was lost. I had to lie to the authorities that my mother was sick in Croatia and I was given a 3 week valid passport to travel. In all this madness, when I got to the airport and made it to the waiting line, I realized the ticket was not in my possession. I called the Airlines and they were able to re-issue me another one but I still had to take a taxi about 15 minutes away to pick it up. The Airline folks were gracious, seeing my panic that I might not make it back in time and they actually waited for me.

During this madness with the passport and losing my ticket, I questioned if this was not maybe a sign that it wasn’t meant to be, that I was just imagining things, I really started to doubt everything I was feeling, but despite this, I made it on the plane and had to take the last seat in the back.
I honestly had no idea how I was going to survive in Croatia. I just knew everything would be alright. When I arrived to my hometown and sat with all my cousins for our first gathering, I was laughed at. They told me there was no way anyone would hire me at the age of 48. Most of them were highly skilled workers and were unemployed. I was told that I was crazy to think that I would be able to stay here and make a new life. I kept telling them they were wrong and that I could do anything. I was again greeted with laughter about how naive I was, but I proved them wrong.

Within 2 weeks I had found an apartment on the Coast as I knew the Island wasn’t able to provide me with an income. Another 2 weeks later, after getting accustomed to everyday life, I started to contact companies by phone and offered them my services for free for a month. I basically told them to try me out, they were under no obligation to pay me for anything and if they were happy with the results we could negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

You see, my cousins were stuck on getting a JOB. They were indoctrinated into getting an education that they had to pay for or their parents and then work for someone else most of their lives. I came from Canada with a totally different attitude and way of thinking. Within a month I was contracting with 3 companies as a Marketing Consultant. Aside from this consulting work, I was already providing therapy for clients that my landlord sent me because his wife was my first client and she was more than happy to tell her friends.

Within a year, I was making a good living (cash), and every weekend visited my Island where I was born and my parents were born. I would crash at a relatives home and life seemed almost perfect. Those cousins that attacked me for being naive and stupid quickly abandoned me after seeing me succeed. A year later, I met my partner and fell in love for the first time in my 48 years. What do I mean for first time?

I thought I knew what love was about. After being divorced and single for 25 years, I really had no desire to get attached to anyone. I loved my freedom and I was able to take good care of myself financially. I sent out a signal to all the men I dated as: “Hey, I just want to have fun and nothing serious.” This time around it was different. This love I was feeling had a totally different energy. This love is not jealous, not needy, not competitive, it’s simply Love.

Following your intuition is very challenging, it’s compared to change. We resist change because we’re too comfortable in the state we are in and afraid of the unknown. Intuition is constantly attacked by the Ego because it wants to question everything you do for the good of YOU. Ego wants to satisfy itself, it doesn’t give a shit about YOU, the spiritual YOU.

As I have written often, when we incarnate into the body, that body needs a brain and EGO to function. We didn’t incarnate with a brain or mind so in essence, the brain is the function computer of the body and has nothing to do with us as Spiritual beings/souls. The brain’s function is to provide services to the body and to keep it working until it can’t anymore. The Ego comes with the brain, it’s designed to keep us from finding the truth, finding our true selves. The Ego is not our friend, it’s there to question every thought we have, every decision we make and it’s not serving us in any positive way. Least of all, it doesn’t want you to connect with your intuition because it’s always right.

Sometimes, we have those intuitive feelings about something yet we dismiss it because it doesn’t seem to fit into the moment or doesn’t make sense. Later on, we realize that it did make sense and that it was correct but we didn’t or couldn’t see the outcome of that decision ahead of time so we dismiss it. Intuition doesn’t always seem to make sense or logic at the time, just like mine didn’t when I was feeling this urge to move back to Croatia.

It now makes sense and has from the day I got here. I have a job to do here. This is a safe place, I feel very safe and protected here. I’m complete now living in nature and being a part of nature. My evolution into a better human being happened here exponentially. Away from loud noises, traffic jams, terminal madness; I’m able to focus on the things I need to do and create the simple life I always wanted. This country is suffering greatly because it’s deeply embedded in a Catholic culture. It’s given away it’s power to it’s Alien god and so you rarely see anyone take initiative into any part of their lives. They wait on god to do this for them. Even in illness. They wait for God to heal them or just accept their death. I’m greatly needed here to wake them up from this darkness they live in and help them see the sunshine and feel joy.

Intuition struggles with Ego to get it’s message to us. It’s not easy to get a clear intuitive message and often we question it because the mind/brain/ego needs to. The Mind/brain/ego function was not designed to enlighten you, rather to bury you into the ground of doubt and uncertainty.

It takes a lot of practice and dedication to dis-empower the Ego. It will and can never be removed as it’s part the mind/brain game, but it can be sent down into the abyss where occasionally it will peek at you and all you have to do is think: Fuck off, go away and it quickly goes back down to the abyss!

Here is an excellent explanation by Kryon about intuitive self and intuition.