A Girl Called Melisa

I wanted to share a very special story with you. A story about war and trauma with a client last week that healed 100%.

The clients came here for the summer, they live in Sweden and were referred to me. I don’t advertise, everything is word of mouth and so when they arrive at my door or call me, they never ask what I do or how much it costs. They just want to make an appointment as soon as possible.

This couple needed some therapies for tight muscles and back pain. During therapy they told me their story of how they arrived in Sweden, running from bombs in Sarajevo, in 1992 during the breakup of Yugoslavia. The mother was giving birth while they were being bombarded, in order to run and hide they had to pull out the baby quickly and dislocated her shoulder. She didn’t cry coming into the world, they were frantic yet it saved their lives otherwise the soldiers passing by would have heard the baby cry.

They managed to escape to Croatia and then on to Sweden 22 days after their baby Melisa arrived into the world. They were lucky to be educated so they fit into the system very well and both got well paying jobs. With everything they wanted in life, they really had no complaints except that Melisa was diagnosed with a condition called “Tremors” 3 years ago. Around the time they actually had the courage to tell her how and under what circumstances she was born. They say that Melisa is highly sensitive and were afraid she might not take it well, but they were wrong. Melisa is an Empath and so from the time of conception she felt everything her mother did.

Medical experts in Sweden performed all necessary tests to find out what was wrong with her and couldn’t find anything tangible. In other words nothing showed up on imaging, blood tests, ultra sounds etc. They had no idea why her hands were shaking and offered no explanation. I asked them if their doctors referred Melisa to a Psychologist. Would it not be logical that if there is nothing physical found, it’s obvious to see her hands shake, would they not consider some kind of psychosomatic disorder?

I was surprised to hear that they didn’t behave in a proactive way and send her forward to see if there was maybe something emotional. I had read about Swedish Medicine and it’s rated No.4 in world in terms of the best quality of medicine and advanced technology.

In my mind, I had already connected these tremors to her time of birth. When they told me she was 25 years old, I knew roughly when the war started and ended so I was pretty sure this disorder would be connected with the trauma of being born. Being born or coming into this world while your mother is terrified and traumatized doesn’t just go away without manifesting itself in some way, but they didn’t ask me the first time if I could help her and they probably didn’t know I worked in that area and it seemed that they had accepted this and moved on the best way they could.

It wasn’t until their 3rd visit that the father felt much better after we used some EFT for his anger he was feeling and it was at this moment that he looked at me and said: “Do you think this could help my daughter?” I answered: “Potentially, but I need to talk to her first”.

When I first met Melisa the following day, I could feel her incredible compassionate soul and instantly knew she was an Empath. It’s almost a lethal combination. Being born in the middle of bombs dropping and feeling everything her mother was feeling, not counting her shoulder being dislocated because they had to run to safety. She seemed really down to earth, happy, I could find no dysfunction in the family or her relationship with her husband. Everything just seemed so  picture perfect.

This only confirmed my feelings that her trembling were a manifestation of her birth. It was activated under enormous stress because she’s been studying Dentistry and actually graduated this year.

After the 1/2 hr assessment, I was even more determined to help her and almost positive that her condition was a manifestation of the war trauma. Melisa didn’t have a negative thought in her essence, very caring and compassionate, I saw a loving and supportive family so everything pointed towards the birth.

She did have a lot of fears for the future. This is normal when you have an illness that you know nothing about or if it will go away. Will it get worse? Will I be able to have children and take care of them? Will I be able to work as dentist where precision is required? All legitimate fears no doubt.

So I made 1 hr. appointments 4 days in a row. That night I made a treatment plan for the sessions using EFT. I would first do a physical examination of her spine, measure legs and hips, to eliminate any possibility of nerve damage. Nothing there.
I don’t know how others do EFT but I like to start with the present and work backwards. You can’t peel an onion from the middle. You have to start from the surface, like digging and just going down deeper and deeper until you get to the core.

Melisa responded well and we built an incredible bond because I’m an Empath too so a lot of the time we didn’t have to talk, our body language signalled the next move or tapping sequence. By the time the 3rd session was done, she was healed 100%. We used the last session for re-confirming events and some programming to change the way she thinks and talks to her body. She had to return to Sweden the following day but her work is not done yet. We will continue over Skype until she feels confident. These things can come back if they are triggered by stress or the flight and fight response system so we need to keep working until 21 days go by. By this time the brain has reprogrammed itself and after that we can just meet once a month until she feels she’s ready to do it alone.

Her challenge right now is fear, fear of it coming back and this is probably the toughest part because you can say it’s almost normal to feel that.

The most incredible moment was when her parents and husband came to pick her up. As she walked towards them outside, there were no words spoken. They could see by her facial expression that she was healed. The 3 of them hugging together with tears of joy was an incredible feeling for this family, and this is what I wake up for everyday.

This was just Melisa, whos mother was giving birth in a small country called Bosnia and Hercegovina and I’m sure most of you have no idea where it is. It’s located above Croatia and was a republic in the old Yugoslavia as Croatia was. The war was about independence and the country disintegrated thanks to the Cabal “intervention” and depleted uranium. We can’t them enough for helping us out.

This is just a small country very few people know about. What about Iraq? What about Ukraine? What about Afghanistan? What about Libiya? What about Syria? What about the children of Palestine living in trauma everyday for the last 60 years? How many generations of children have gone through this?

Do I need to go on? This story wasn’t about Melisa. This is about the trauma millions of people carry throughout their lives. While the NGO’s and “allied” friends offer assistance in food, shelter, water and basics, who will help these victims of someone else’s wars with the traumas?

These victims of someone else’s wars will never be able to live normal lives. They might be lucky to rebuild their homes, immigrate to another country and start over or be cared for in camps, but there are not enough experts in this world that would even start addressing this issue.

Melisa was doubly lucky because her parents were middle class, educated and came out alive. They were able to build a better life, work on themselves, become better, get over their traumas but it never once occurred to them that Melisa might carry their trauma as well, especially being an Empath. They didn’t know and didn’t read anything about giving birth during traumatic events, that a child can feel everything her mother does in those last 6 months. But this is just Melisa, being born in a tiny country where 90% of the world had no idea what was going on.

What about all the other children? What are their chances of having a normal life, getting married, having children of their own while filled with such traumas of their past?

As happy as I was for being able to help her, it also saddened me as I started thinking and understanding what war victims go through. Although Melisa’s journey isn’t over yet, her success now depends on her and how hard she is willing to work. She opened up my heart and eyes because even though I knew theoretically that we can feel our mother’s emotions, this was a real situation that I witnessed and I now wonder how many of us are affected by our parents being violent with each other or being in a dangerous situation as the baby feels all that the mother does.

It was a happy ending of course. A sense of great accomplishment for me as this was my first war victim experience, but I’m also sad that Melisa was one of the lucky few who had intelligent enough parents to seek help.

Hope you enjoyed!

Crumbling Like Apple Pie

It’s getting messy and confusing isn’t it? The reality that we have created is slowly crumbling. We built this reality based on false beliefs, beliefs we adopted from another source or another person.

I’m feeling the mess in the last few weeks as I have fought and struggled to get my partners specialist put on paper that his illness is in recession. First, we were asked to bring old films and scans. Once that was compared, a new diagnosis would be made. The diagnosis again was “serious” condition. It was difficult to get the so called medical experts to admit to the fact that we healed his illness at home. Finally, after threatening to report them to the authorities did his new specialist put down what we have known for the last 6 months. Although it was put on paper, not once was it mentioned that his condition going back three years has improved. In other words, we got this: “Patient’s current condition is ‘stable’.

The medical and pharmaceutical  Cabal is no different than any other Cabal. While each of us are struggling with our different realities, we are also focused on the priorities in our lives. Your struggle is not the same as mine. I don’t have struggles, my partner has struggles but he’s healed because he finally started believing that he would get better.

This past week my work in my clinic have been very intense. My clients were mostly people from Bosnia that escaped to different European countries. Although they came to see me for various physical issues, all of their issues are connected with trauma. Imagine giving birth to a baby while bombs are dropping all over  you? Imagine giving birth and having to pull the baby out as fast as possible so that you can escape or hide?

I wasn’t able to tell my clients: “I know how you feel and what you went through”. I have never lived through wars, I can only see the consequences in the infrastructure, the PTSD in every person because when you have no place to run to when bombs are dropping all around you, most of the population of the old Yugoslavia have been traumatized and have the highest mortality rate in the European Union.

I’m often grateful that I chose a different reality but then I too experienced much traumas in my life as well. It’s all a matter  of how we deal with them. I didn’t have the courage to tell these patients how their suffering was due to the Cabal needing wars to keep us under control and to make more money. We are literally cannon fodder for those that need us to create their wars and profits. It’s not just about profits, it’s about keeping us divided and separated. In my country the Catholic religion is dominant and Muslim secondary. We don’t have any issues with each other. We live together, we work together, we respect each other.

In Muslim dominant countries that are now crumbling or destroyed, it was never about Religion. It was a finely drawn out plan like Agenda 21 to disseminate false information, create a false reality, get people to start arguing with each other and that is the spark that starts the fire. We just stand back and let them massacre each other and then come back in with military might claiming to help and fight those that wish to destroy.

This is the reality that is crumbling, but before it crumbles completely, many souls will leave this earthly experience.

Your struggle and truth are not mine. I have my own truths to find and my own struggles to deal with but it must be clear that this is not about being better, having more, wanting Peace or creating jobs. Your struggle and goals should be focused on changing your inner paradigm as you reflect that energy outwards to others. Our changes must come from inside and radiate outwards.

This young woman that was born while bombs were dropping developed ‘tremors’ at the age of 24. She just graduated from Dentistry and her chances of becoming a Dentist are slim because her hands tremble. Her doctors in Sweden did all the necessary tests to find out what is wrong and the best they could come up with is ‘tremors’. Nothing we can do. Give it time. It might just go away on it’s own. Of course these doctors didn’t connect the dots like her being born in the midst of bombs dropping. That her father while pulling her out of her mother dislocated her shoulder. That her tremors are the cause of her mothers trauma and her trauma while coming into this world.

This young woman, an old Soul because only an Old Soul would choose this kind of difficult birth and circumstances of birth chose that moment to be born because she needed her parents to heal from their traumas. In other words, her incarnation was about the experience and helping her parents. Both parents have been working very hard on healing their traumas of the war. Her tremors are now a signal/sign that it’s now her turn to heal her own. Even though she doesn’t remember, her birthing experience lies within her higher self and being under stress from studying, setting high expectations, her tremors activated to let her know it was time to start her healing.

Nothing is by accident. Every single health condition is caused by us. Whether it’s by ‘thinking’ it, not eating properly, activating our genes, we cause all of our illnesses. We are bombarded with so much  now that it’s almost impossible to stay well although I don’t believe that. I believe that regardless, and despite the attack on us from all sides we can ‘think’ our way into staying healthy.

Our reality is crumbling, there is immense radiation coming from the Sun, there are fires all over the planet. We have had 17 fires in one day, on the mainland. Although we are an island that is 45 min. away from the mainland, flakes and ashes were falling on us last night from the fires. Nature is detoxing, mother Gaia is detoxing, the Matrix is crumbling and we’re all in a frenzy because we’re getting mixed messages from those who wish to continue to control us.

Put your hand over your heart and talk to yourself. Find out what it is that is important to you in this moment. Bring forth the strength you carry inside, pull down the truth from your higher self, bury your feet into the Earth and feel at ease.

Whatever is about to happen, whenever it’s about to happen isn’t the issue. It’s how we greet it and welcome it. Will we greet it with fear or will we embrace it and become it?

There is no longer balance in our reality. What was white is now black. Truth is now a lie. Lies are now the truth. Everything you think was real is an illusion and as this illusion crumbles, you have to get yourself in a place of peace and acceptance cause once you cross over you will continue at your spiritual level. There is no reset. We simply continue with our evolution in another reality but at the same level. Our levels are determined by our experiences as Souls, therefore, if you’re not prepared you may even face a hell for a time if it’s what you believe in. Whatever it is that you believe will happen upon you leaving your body is what you will experience.

So many people are now coming to me with physical problems ‘knowing’ they are emotional based. I use EFT and  it’s incredible to watch them perform miracles on themselves. We are so powerful, don’t you get it yet? Don’t you get it that you can do or be anything you desire by using the power of your thoughts?

They want us to believe that we are a worthless piece of shit and that we have to accept their handouts and their truth. There is no truth. This is a false reality. This reality is crumbling. The only truth is that you are an immortal, powerful, beautiful Soul that has come here to perform miracles. To remember who you are, to help those that have not yet evolved face the new reality. We all came here with purpose, if you haven’t figured out what that is, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about it as this reality is crumbling.

In one flash, in one millisecond moment we will return to our Innate Selves, to the embodiment of what we were created as. It all happens in a flash and it can happen any moment. You made it old Soul; although you may not be aware of this, let me congratulate you for still being here. You are the light, shine it and be the light for those that are struggling to understand themselves.

Demonization of Truth and Anyone That Tries to Speak It.


I’m still in shock after reading some comments from a reader on YT.  The following video that you can watch for yourself is about N. Korea, at least the parts that I didn’t agree with. I was shocked not only at the response by this person, but the way others responded to other people with hatred, vitriol, disrespectfulness and when someone tells me that not all Americans are this way, I’m sorry, I don’t believe that anymore. I believe that a small handful of Americans, maybe 1% are open minded, respectful, value other opinions etc.

First of all, let me tell you that the information in this video and in general about Korea is totally wrong. This demonization of N. Korea is no less than the Russia one. It’s done only for one purpose and that is to give the US Government enough reason to ask for more military spending (selling of arms), and create a war because when the economy gets bad, war is created. It’s happens all the time, just repeating history.

N. Korea doesn’t allow western countries in because it does not want it’s influence on it’s people. N. Korea is a true and real communist country. Community/commune of people that lack nothing. No child in N. Korea is alone or without someone to take care of them. There are no homeless people in N. Korea. N. Koreans are happy, they love their leader, they worship him. What’s wrong with that? If you are taken care of, if you lack nothing, if your kids get free education, free healthcare and your family is given a home after 10 or 20 years of working for a company, are you going to care if your leader may be dangerous or an idiot?

Most people today just want to live a normal life, having enough food, a roof over their heads, they want to be able to send their kids to College or University; they want to be able to retire in comfort. If you have all of this, are you going to care about anything else? Of course you’re not. I know this because there is true information if you look hard enough and I know because many Europeans are allowed to enter N. Korea. I have travelled to N. and S. Korea way back in the 80’s. Yes, they were strict on where we moved around but it’s not because they have anything to hide, it’s because they are afraid that someone will cause them harm. They have been demonized for many years. How would you feel if the Media demonized America day in and day out. How would you feel about that? How would you respond to that? North Korean don’t consider Eastern Europeans to be a threat to their culture. There are Croatian people working in N. Korea and have nothing bad to say about it. These people have lived in old Yugoslav Communism and say they can’t compare one with the other. In Yugoslavia, the Communist Party members get the best piece of meat, the best house, the best car, the highest salaries, etc. People had jobs and security but were not allowed to speak out. Our citizens who have lived through that communism now wish they never fought to get rid of it because Capitalism has impoverished them and they long for those old Communist days when everyone had money and didn’t worry about how to survive.

N. Korea truly provides equal opportunities. Take a look at this Documentary: The Happiest People on Earth: https://www.rt.com/shows/documentary/392283-north-korea-happiest-people/ and judge for yourself.

Do you see citizens faking their smiles? Do you see them hating their jobs and not wanting to get up in the morning?

This is the same demonization of Russia and Russians. There is nothing wrong with their countries and just try to imagine China without communism? Do you know how much poverty there would be, way beyond what it is now? How do you mange 1.2 billion people in a capitalist country when Croatia with a 4 million population can’t?

So, I voiced my opinion and knowledge and this guy just said some horrible things to me. First he called me a troll. So I pointed out to him that I was NOT a troll and if he had bothered to click on my Avatar he would see that I’m very active in commenting on YT.

When I started to pay more attention to other comments, I just fell into my chair from shock and surprise that this person is just one of many who reacts and responds like this. Is this how you behave when you don’t agree with something I say? It’s no wonder the US is in great turmoil right now. You either are with me or I’ll fuck you up. Sounds like Bush after 9.1.1. You’re either with us or against us.

I wanted to respond to this guy one more time but then I realized I would only stoop down to his level. I believe he’s a Fox employee and attacked me because  I questioned them and because there is a Media War going on, it’s understandable that he might be sensitive, but you don’t need to wish to kill someone, that’s really sad.

I don’t know what happened to the Americans, as I said before, I’m worried about their future, this attitude cannot bode well for them. We are changing the geopolitical landscape, America is no longer to be trusted, it’s no longer considered to be the beacon of light and Democracy. It’s been laughed at behind closed doors and although we don’t need America anyone, if it crashed, the entire system would crash because the Dollar is the reserve currency. If we crash, it won’t be because too much paper has been printed, it will be because America’s allies will turn to being enemies and one of them will say: “Enough is enough”. All it takes is an invisible EMP attack over their skies and it’s game over. Do they honestly believe that they can get away with this demonization of countries and that we will just forget and move on?
Do they even realize that just as much as they hate those that don’t support their status quo that their enemies and even allies hate their pompous attitude thinking they have the world by the balls? Don’t they realize America is dead? They haven’t yet accepted the fact they are dead and I’m sorry for those good Americans, the ones I love so much and are friends with. It’s over, America is no longer the hegemony power in the world and unfortunately, once the other financial system is in place, China will crash the US dollar, it’s the only way to get rid of that funny money.

You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t want or expect you to agree with me, but you readers that come here often are very respectful and I honor that virtue. I know you don’t represent all Americans, but it’s getting really bad and it has to be some kind of mind control, chemtrails, DARP and frequency attacks because this isn’t part of human nature.  By nature we are loving, we have the desire to unify and be part of a community. This separation isn’t going to last much longer, it’s just a matter of time when this paradigm will end, until then we have to find a way to deal with mean spirited and manufactured psychopaths.
A response to the video:

Ines Radman: Your demonizing of N. Korea is either because you’re told to do so or you’re very ignorant and uncultured. N. Korea has no poverty, no homelessness, everyone works and have very few prisoners. Been there. You are demonizing N. Korea because American needs an enemy so that they can increase the military budgets. Better focus on building your old roads and electric wires and poles still above ground. Better focus on your own poor and homeless and mind your own business. Why is that N. Korea can’t have Nuclear weapons, but America can? The US government has destroyed over 41 countries in the last 20 years. You should all start writing to your government and demand better roads and bridge, better healthcare…leave other countries alone. They were never a threat to the US. It’s all about military spending and weapons of mass destruction.

Paul Keffer  2 hrs ago: After “re-reading” your first post…..I understand that you are not just a Troll but a Troll from another Planet.
If this is Not the case, then you are a “raving lunatic” and should be put down like a rabid animal.      

Ines Radman 1 hour ago
Wow Paul that’s a profound wish to have me put down. Is this how all Americans respond when they don’t like what others have to say? You’re just proving to me that you have no respect for the opinion of others. May your life be filled with love and Joy cause you really need it.


Paul Keffer 45 minutes ago
“Peace , love and joy…..from Otto Warmbier. Put a bullet it your head so that its not so empty you stupid motherfucker.



Information Overload on Planet X

I have been reading and following information flow of this so called Nibiru/Planet X for quite a few years now. Most can’t even agree on the name of it, let alone what might possibly happen.

Let’s take a look at this subject from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective. Nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences. Everything that exists, exists because we have created it for whatever reason. Most of us are not even aware that our thoughts create our reality and when enough people connect on the same thought waves, we create this reality through our mass consciousness. It’s a simple explanation of our creation abilities. Some of us know and are aware, most have no idea of this.

If this planetary body is nearing our planet, it’s not an accident, it has purpose. I have read that this Nibiru comes around every 3600 years or so. I believe that the Annunaki originated from that planet. I also believe they are still on that planet and could be returning to check up on us or tell us the truth.

If the Annunaki have been coming around every 3600 years or so, then they know the effects caused by this pass by. Does it matter to them? Do they care? I don’t know, but the Annunaki are also creations of Source; therefore, they are part of this reality.

Will this planetary body come so close as to cause a catastrophe? I don’t know. I do have dreams and visions about mountains cracking apart, tsunamis, mass fires around my home etc., but there is nothing to point towards a planetary body being the cause of it. What’s really interesting is that in EVERY of those dreams or escapes from this reality indicate that myself and everyone in those realities are not in fear. There is a feeling of awe about what is going on. People are leaving or moving away from the disasters but not in panic, it’s as if we all know what to do and move on. There is no panic, no crying about losing our material things, no shock and fear about losing loved ones. It feels like a scripted play because in this reality, just losing a loved one causes us to go into shock, sadness, mourning and the other emotions we go through when dealing with death.

If you go back to the beginning of this blog you will see a lot of posts about Ascension and the so called Guru’s leading this cult. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was writing about it. Thousands of YT videos on this subject, it was the light of the New Age movement that we were just going to Ascend to some heavenly space or place and start a new higher dimensional life with a new crystalline based body. Well, as most you reading this now know, that never happened. Many of those gurus got called out, many just disappeared out of the limelight, very few are left and those that are left have changed their stories or renamed that into something else.

From the very start of 2014 when I first started this blog I said that Ascension was a hoax, that it was impossible, that we were not ready for something like that and as proven that the gurus would eventually be exposed for what they are.

We had the same events happen with biblical prophesies, blood moons, RV’s, Econmic Collapse warnings going on for years now. I mean just about everything has been thrown at us to scare the shit out of us. None of those events took place, yet if you go to YT now and look up Nibiru or Planet X you will find hundreds of TITLES showing dates of when the end of the world is near, most of them the dates have come and gone, as always.

Now let’s focus our attention on Nibiru and the Annunaki. When they first started arriving they created the God cult. In other words, humans saw them as Gods and the Annunaki never bothered to tell them it was not so. They let humans believe they were gods. It worked to their advantage because they really did come here to mine for gold but when they realized how stupid we were and that we believed everything they told us, they saw other opportunities and decided to stay therefore, genetically changing us until humans became something they wanted for their own benefit.

So, assuming this story is correct, assuming Nibiru is nearing our planet, assuming the Annunaki are still on that planet; do you think we will call them gods this time? I don’t think so. In fact, if I saw an entity running around in my neighborhood that didn’t look humanoid, I would probably assume that the Annunaki have returned.

Keep in mind, even 300,000 years ago when they first arrived, they were thousands of years ahead of us in technology. In this reality that I refer to, they are probably even more advanced from us than ever before because even though we have advanced, they have advanced even more.

They know we know. These are intelligent beings, how dare we compare them to humans. These are our ancestors, they know this too. They created this body suit, who would know better than them of what our state of mind is, our state of affairs, and besides, those that stayed on Earth communicate with their home planet Nibiru.

So, the questions we should be asking are:

  1. Are the Annunaki returning for good reasons or other reasons?
  2. Are they willing to allow their planet to cause destruction or will they use their technology to prevent that from happening?

I guess the answers to the questions above depend on their intent. Remember, they can’t come back and claim to be gods anymore. We know they are not gods. At least we have advanced in that area. So, if they can’t come as Gods, what will they come back as? They also know that we have advanced weapons so if they try to cause us harm, we will attack back. This event would cause the end of this planet. Is this what they want? If it’s what they want then they would allow Nibiru to cause the destruction. But if it does cause destruction, why are they coming back?

Do you honestly believe they don’t have the technology to change course or are they arriving because our mass consciousness has created that reality to happen? Is this why this information about Nibiru is all over the Internet? To cause our thoughts of it to unite and create that reality? Will they get near enough to land and offer to take us elsewhere? Maybe they will be the false flag alien invasion. We have no way of knowing this unless they offer to help us or take us off planet.

Many questions and I don’t  have the answers, but they are well worth contemplating. We’re not talking about an inferior race, we’re talking about our Ancestors, they created us into what we are in this human body. They know everything about this body, their advantage is knowing this about us. They’re not coming here to some foreign culture or civilization, they are returning to their old posts.

So, what is their purpose or what is there intent this time around? Will they finally disclose to us what we have been researching for years? Will they hold out their arms to us and welcome us into their reality? Will they share their technology with us? Will they create a false reality and get us to agree to leave the planet and go with them because it might destruct?

These are all possibilities. While everyone is talking about Nibiru as if it’s a lone  planet that always causes mass destruction, nobody is talking about or connected the Annunaki with Nibiru. All this fear mongering about it’s impact on Earth. Really? Do you really believe that? Do you honestly believe that Creator would allow this after we have come this far? I don’t know, but whatever happens, it happened because we planned it and created that reality. So, it’s not a question of what will happen or what they will do. It’s a question of remembering what we agreed upon before incarnating here. And in end if it does end, if this planet destroys, in a flash we are on the other side and maybe this is the Ascension event. Have you ever thought about that?

So, let the fear mongers scare the shit out of you, and maybe there is a planetary body nearing our solar system. Maybe everything they are saying is true. So what? We’re immortal, eternal, we don’t die and maybe it’s time we left this madness anyways. Those of us that have been Service to others have nothing to fear, we will move on with new realities and experiences and maybe that will be the time when our memories are erased so that we never have to remember life on this planet. There is nothing good to remember other than wars, hunger, disease, hatred and selfishness. I won’t have a problem forgetting what we left behind and nothing can be worse than what we have created…it can only get better.

So with all due respect to the so called Experts out there on Nibiru; they should really be honest and tell us that they don’t know what can happen instead of making up some “expert” theories. After all, this planet is about FEAR, and as long as humans live in fear, someone is feeding off this energy. We’re just another link the chain, another food source so anything should be better than what we could be leaving behind.

Don’t be fooled by anyone offering to save you. That will be your distinction between truth and falsity. Anyone offering to save you or take you off this planet does not want what is good for you. Until we are free, those that control will manipulate and lie. Until we choose to put an end to it, they will continue to play this game. So, why would anyone offer to save us? Think about it. By being ‘saved’, we have ended the tyranny and control. The Cabal/elite are the blood lines of the Annunaki. We have to assume they know what is going on. Maybe they are the ones that have started this Nibiru arrival, to create more fear so that we keep asking for their help in saving us.

Something stinks…and it’s not Nibiru. It’s the motive for scaring us into believing this planetary body is about to hit our planet. It’s not as black and white as it appears to be, but I can’t give you the answers, just ask a lot of questions so that you too, start contemplating and start asking those that believe Nibiru is going to cause a Pole Shift. Ask them questions, these very questions I have put forth. I ask them too, but they accuse me of being an Atheist. You see, if you don’t believe that Nibiru is arriving and you have no fear, then you must not believe in God either.

But remember I  wrote a few weeks ago. Black is now white. Right is now wrong. God is now gone.

Debunking YouTube Bullshit Scammers


The video below is a prime example of what  you should not be watching and wasting your time. For starters look at the name of the channel: Jordan Maxwell 2017. I don’t read or see anything where Jordan has anything to do with this nor have I seen his endorsement. Same goes for the photo of David Icke. Doesn’t that appear suspicious to you?

This Nibiru crap is mainly theory, conjecture and the bible is used and trusted for the prophesy in it. You see, this subject of Nibiru is like modern medicine. You talk to 100 doctors and each one will give you a different treatment plan.

We all know that the gods in the bible are off world entities and didn’t have the human race in mind when they came here to steal our resources.

At 2:45 Min. mark, a video shows the Sun with another planetary body/object beside it. Let’s just assume for a moment that it IS Nibiru/Planet X. How do we actually know what this object is, why do people insist on it being called Nibiru, how do we know what it’s doing, where it’s travelling and what impact it may have on Earth? Why does everyone insist this so called planetary object is Nibiru?

How can we trust this video when there is no mention of the location where this was taken? What about the date and the name of the person taking this video?

At 4:10 min. mark, you can see this object moving out of sight very quickly. A planet doesn’t move that fast, or does it? You tell me.

So, it’s obvious I have a problem trusting a video of an anonymous person videotaping without information on the date, time, location and identity of the individual. Doesn’t that seem odd to you that someone actually was able to record some object around the sun yet doesn’t want to take credit for it? Could it be that maybe it was masterfully edited and this object inserted into the video?
I don’t know about you, but if I looked out my window and saw something that was out of the ordinary, I would run for my camera or cellphone, start recording and post it on all my social media sites, proudly taking credit for it and providing the date, time, location and what camera I used.

This is why it’s important when determining the credibility or authenticity of something. We  have to ask these questions: Who recorded it, where was it recorded, what time of day was it and what type of equipment was used to record this event. There is enough doubt in my mind that I didn’t even bother watching more than 10 minutes of this video. You know, if there is 10% lies/deceit/conjecture or Photoshop involved, then the 90% doesn’t matter anyway.

The very title of this video: “Nibiru clearest images: Catastrophic earth events have been announced all over the media.”

  1. How does this bullshitter know the object is Nibiru?
  2. Did you hear the announcement all over media that a catastrophe is about to hit us?
  3. What catastrophic events is he referring to and how does anyone know what MIGHT happen?
  4. Whenever your sensationalize a title to gain attention, the red flag should go up right there and then.

I don’t give a damn that they do this to get clicks or views. There intent right from the start is to deceive you, even if it’s just the title itself. I question the credibility of this person, their motives for doing this and their stupidity for thinking that people will believe this crap.

Here is the best part. At the 6:30 mark he says: This object doesn’t respect the laws of Celestial mechanics. This idiot is saying that this object is unpredictable and doesn’t follow certain celestial mechanics yet in the same breath tells you how close it will get to Earth and what it will do to us or what it’s potential is.

So, before I eat my shit I am going to contact Jordan and David and ask them if they know anything about this channel. I doubt it because I know both

their views and opinions, but it’s sad that whoever is running this scam channel has to use known people to get attention or gain credibility. That alone is enough for me to discredit this channel.

This is just my opinion, but I think I’m going to work on this Nibiru subject and see what I can come up with. I am not saying that I don’t believe a planetary body is in our solar system and could harm us. I’m saying that in order for me to believe something, I need some tangible proof, and when hundreds of people on YT have different opinions and theories, then we haven’t yet seen this thing. And finally this: Even if this planet is on it’s way here, not you, nor I nor any experts can guess or estimate what it’s path will be and if it will cause a catastrophe. Why? Because our cosmic family and friends would not allow that to happen. Because mass consciousness determines this, because this fear mongering event about Nibiru is exactly what they want. They want you to believe this planetary body is arriving and will cause harm. It’s another mind control program that we have the potential to create exactly what we don’t want. Thanks for reading!

90% truth is not worth the 10% Missing.

How many of you believe that disclosure is going to happen soon? Soon would be in the next 10 years. Once I’m done with my thoughts on this you can listen to the interview below with Bob Dean. I first heard about him through Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy about 5 years ago. I don’t hold much respect for this woman as time and money has corrupted her as well. I think that she’s a paid shill to divert attention and truth because if all her witnesses are real and true, they should not be alive to tell their story.

As for Bob Dean, I think that he’s 90% truthful and 10% made up along the way. Nobody with Cosmic Security Clearance can walk around and feel free to talk about whatever it is he witnessed or researched. I have an issue on WHY we are not being told. In other words, off planet species have been here, are still here and most of them are supposedly guarding this  planet so that we don’t self destruct. Bob Dean brings up a name that does some research on primitive humans and how they would react if aliens just showed up. Remember, she’s talking about primitive humans that still live in communities without electricity therefore, have no access to electronic data and primitive means not being able to write.

In ancient times when those that came from the heavens came down to Earth, they were regarded as Gods. These so called Gods didn’t bother to correct the humans, they allowed them to think that they were Gods.

Her conclusion was that we would not able to accept that kind of information. That we were still primitive, that our religions would defy truth and that it would be devastating for humanity. Are you kidding me? To say that we as humanity are not ready for that kind of information? Who determines when we are ready?
If someone you love died today, your reaction would be shock and sadness. If we were told that aliens exist and that they are amongst us, we would probably go into shock, fear and whatever else ignorant people do when they are confronted with something new. But we would get over it. We live with shock and trauma on a daily basis. I’m sure we would get over this new information and reality with time.

I’m sorry to hear that such a great man agrees with this theory, and because he agrees with this, I can now say that this guy is a fraud. When asked why he is travelling all over the world and giving speeches on his experiences, his answer is: “Because it will bring us closer to traveling beyond the stars”. I have no idea what he means by this. Is he saying that by telling people off world beings exist, that we are not alone and they have lived amongst us since the beginning that this will bring us closer to travelling beyond the stars? You see, it doesn’t make sense. And when things don’t make sense, then something is not right.

This Alien Disclosure agenda will never happen. In other words, our leaders of our countries will never come forward to tell us this because their game is over. They can no longer subdue us, control us, demand money from us and keep us within our country borders. I’m not even talking about the rage and anger from humanity for being lied to our entire lives, generations, thousands of years. I have written about this as well, there can never be any voluntary disclosure because THEY will lose their control over us. They want us to continue to believe that we are alone, that god is way up there somewhere, and that all we know about is Earth and our lifetimes are here. If we were told the truth, the entire financial markets would collapse and not because of the news, but because we would throw out all our bank cards and funny money and head out to new frontiers. We don’t need government at that point, especially after lying to us for so long.

I do believe that some trick will happen, some false flag or a disaster. Lets face it folks. We can’t go on like this forever but there is nobody to save us either. We need to get out of this one ourselves, we got ourselves into this mess, we have to get ourselves out of it. I know that we have cousins/family from other worlds/planets/realities. You know this too. I think it’s pretty common knowledge even to the so called primitive people that we are not alone. These primitive people don’t need internet to know this, in fact, the primitives; those that live in balance with nature know a lot more than we think they do. Many of the tribes that are still trying to exist within their tribal environment live that way on purpose. They choose to continue their way of life. They don’t want to live in man’s world, their world is Nature.

So to say that primitive people such as Us are not ready for disclosure is just as stupid as Bob Dean is for believing it and that gives me no other choice than to say that Bob Dean is part of THEM. It doesn’t matter that he’s over 80 years old. He would have been taken out a  long time ago if he had truth to share. 90% truth can mean nothing when 10% of it is a lie. That 10% may be the key to it all, so 90% means nothing. If I tell you that a comet is going to hit earth and you need to get ready is 90%, but I didn’t tell you that it’s hitting in 15 minutes, that 10% just killed you. You get the point? It’s like making coffee, one coffee bean can make the difference between good or average coffee.

I hate to be the spoiler of good people but truth is, nobody knows the truth. We can all have bits and pieces of it, but when 10% is held back or not told, it doesn’t matter that you have 90% of the truth.

Nibiru is in our solar system. It comes around every 3600 years. This is 90% of the truth. The other 10% is that nothing is going to happen. We will survive it and it will move on. But that 10% fucked up everything because here people are running around and preparing, spending tons of money on underground bunkers, storing food, trying to prepare for this event. Lots of money being spent don’t you think? Do you see how irrelevant 90% of the truth is? That missing piece, or that 10% untold or lied about can change our entire basis of existence and belief systems.

All of these so called Whistleblowers, and former Secret Space Program actors probably are telling you 90% of the truth, but what good does it do when that 10% is the most important part and the missing piece to the puzzle? This is why people like Corey Goode and others are being exposed. For a long time people believed in the 90% and eventually realized that the 10% was missing and that it didn’t fit into the 90% story.

In the end, you are the one that needs to find the truth, nothing but the truth, 100% of the truth. Bob Dean may be telling us 90% of it, but in the end when you think about it, what has he accomplished all these years? What has changed? Who benefits from him do the talks and sharing his experiences? We can’t gain anything from his experiences. We can’t change the world nor can he. If he thinks his sharing of information with others might bring us closer to travelling beyond the stars, I’d like him to explain that in more detail because right  now, he’s not making any sense and he knows he isn’t. I for one can’t see how sharing his information will get us off this planet even if we knew 100% of the truth. Nice try Bob. Oh and Bob, since you have had a relationship with them since you were very young, why don’t you ask them to show themselves to us?