Can you hear the silence? Of course not. We don’t hear silence, but we can feel it and we also can pay attention to it after so much has been prophesied, predicted, discussed and theorized that the Blood Moon/s would bring something to humanity though some say it’s good, other’s it’s not.

So far, nothing has happened, at least nothing visible or any special event tied to the Pope as many guessed. It’s an eery silence and I would love to say “I told you so”, but I”m evolved enough to know that what I am experiencing isn’t what you are. I didn’t feel anything special the last 2 days except for a lot more spinal pain and the need to sleep a lot (over 10 hours).

Is it tied to changes going on? I don’t know although part of me wants to believe that because even though I was sceptical that something big would happen, I wanted this madness to end once and for all.

In ancient time, the fall harvest moon was called a Blood Moon because after the fall harvest, people knew that would then have to rely on killing animals for their survival, thus the term “blood moon”, the blood of animals.

Many bloggers, journalists, researchers and so called experts in our community of truth seekers dedicated to seeking and exposing truth started early in the year to prepare us for this September blood moon, but we need to take another factor into consideration and that is that we may not even be in the right time slot, in other words, time could be altered and we would never know this.

The full moon in my part of the world Croatia put on a spectacular show. Why do I say spectacular? Because there were no clouds, no chemtrails, it was an extraordinary vision seeing the white, bright moon trailing across the sky. Living in a country without the neon city lights, all I needed to do was walk into my solarium and watch the moon go by.

I must be really worn out from the most recent hospitalization of my partner, because I slept from 11:30 to 1:00 pm today. I wanted to sleep more, but my back was so sore from laying down so long, I had to get up. This is perhaps the side effects of energies coming in, because my back has no reason to behave that way, I didn’t do anything to cause it pain, so I immediately went downstairs and used my Theramax for 1/2 hour and got very little relief. This tells me it’s something external because I always feel better after the treatment.

It could also be a “healing crisis” as I am using frequency therapy with my Diamond Shield Zapper to detoxify the body and raise the Hz levels, so whatever it is, I have welcomed it and allowed it to do what is needed. DNA upgrading can be painful, any change in frequency will cause discomforts, we all know this, but even the quantum physic experts don’t really have a means of measuring these energies hitting earth, if they are at all. I mean, how do we know they are meant for us?

I’m not a sceptic, but I’ve also become someone I don’t really like and that is doubting and questioning everything. Let’s face it, the deception is so deep it goes back thousands of years and after leaving the state of ignorance we are greeted with so much information that it’s simply not possible to know or discern what is correct or not.

I don’t place much faith in the bible because it was written as a compendium of stories that people of different values and beliefs put together and wrote. The Genesis story is actually about Enki and Enlil or some alien gods genetically creating a new body suit and some claim their first visit to Earth happened approx. 300,000 years ago.

How much faith can we put into the Blood Moon stories?

Just as many events were changed, information made up, codes inserted, is it possible the Blood Moon was inserted to suit ‘their’ agenda and not humanity’s? We don’t know this, so much of our history has been hidden from us that we simply can’t be certain these prophesies were intended for us.

I don’t like not trusting or doubting. There was a time when I looked for goodness in each person first and until they gave me a reason not to trust, I believed them. But, after many years of getting fooled and hurt, my skin hardened and didn’t hold my heart out on a platter for everyone to see into.

Although I know that we call came here for a specific purpose, I know that we will bring in the New Earth, I don’t trust the signs and prophesies because they were designed like everything else to put all our energy into them to manifest ‘their’ reality, not ours.

The deception is so deep, we don’t know what is real and what is not. Some people actually believe that Earth and the entire solar system is gear machinery moving the planets on poles, it’s a computer program on a server. Some people actually believe this and use the SOHO and NASA images as proof.

My question to them that they have not answered to date is: “If we are a computer program being run by gears and poles on a server, then why would NASA images actually show you this? In other words, if everything is a false construct then the NASA images back up the false construct. These folks believe their parents Eve and One are trying to pull humans out of this server but you know, enemy forces are making it difficult for these gods.

Let me see. Eve and One are gods yet they need to fight enemy forces? Can’t they just manifest it?

On the other hand, maybe there is truth, maybe we are existing in a computer server and will be saved soon. How do we know what is truth?

I wrote about “resonating” and “discernment” many months ago. These two words are always used when presenting information to you.

My point is that very few people have that ability to discern or resonate for that matter because we’re not connected to Source and we have to work really hard to access our Higher Selves. Furthermore, if we are in a false construct, then even the information we resonate with could be false as well?

During Atlantis our bodies were able to hold our high self, soul and spirit in the body as we were then in a higher frequency reality. Since then we have lost those abilities and very few of us can resonate. Having said that, it’s difficult to know what is real and what is not. We’re talking about at least 300,000 years of genetic manipulation of mankind and deception.
This blood moon theory, could in effect be a plan for us to focus on the event to create ‘their’ reality. Although September is not officially over yet, I don’t think that anything significant (planetary/humanity upgrade) will happen.

If the moon is a false construct or artificially built and brought into this solar system, then this whole blood moon theory falls into the water, does it not? This is how I see things and how my logical mind works.

They have technology that can create cosmic holograms and who is to say ‘they’ didn’t use that to actually cover the real truth of what is happening?
I did notice that our skies are filled with more chemtrails than I have ever witnessed before and they are doing this in  front of the sun as it moves West.

I personally have spent 30 years of my life seeking the truth about who I am and the real history of humanity that even after 30 years I can’t say for sure what the truth is.

Is there any person out there that truly knows what our true reality is? Perhaps there is, but which one of the thousands of researchers and truth seekers have it right?

The George Kavassilas, Cameron Day, Andrew Bartzis, Monty Keen, Galactic messages, channeled messages, Michael Tsarion and Tellinger, Rupert Sheldrake, Maxwell Jordan and many others have a good following. Anyone that follows a higher knowledge individual can be considered a cultist.

Let me explain this because I know that you may get offended. A cultist chooses one or more cult leaders/teachers and exclusively listens and believes in their teachings. In a way they are closed minded because they don’t want to hear anything else. This is what I mean by Cultist or cult follower. I can read and listen to many people to learn but if I just choose one or more people that I only follow, I consider that a cultist following a cult leader.

The teacher may not feel they are the Cult leader or do not want to seem that way, but whether they like it or not, they can create that atmosphere. It’s usually desperate people seeking a way out of their desperation and feel they belong to a group and are welcomed and embraced into the group. So this is my definition of a Cult and Cultist, basically following one person, accepting their teachings and closing off any further research as they feel they have found their truth.

In the early 90’s when I first started my journey, I followed Ramtha. For a year or so Ramtha was all I wanted to read and listen to. In those days we didn’t have that information online as the internet was just in it’s maturity and online information was really educational and institutional for higher learning. So, I bought VHS tapes to watch the sessions. You went to the bookstore and carefully chose books and today we don’t need to read a book. The internet provides us with summaries of information that we can then decide to go further into the teachings and buy the books.

I believe they altered our time lines and we think this is September 2015 thus are not able to manifest the reality we want. Here in Croatia our season is 2 months off. April rains now start in June, cucumbers ripen in August instead of June. Everything has moved 2 months forward. Some say it’s climate change and I believed that for  a few years, but I’m starting to think it’s time manipulation and we’re in the wrong time frame.

Anything is possible and madness is defined as doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results.

Have we reached that state of madness?

You tell me.

It’s the Timing Stupid

This interview was very interesting because both these people share the same views that I do. I think that their views are very individual without reference to certain experts or ideologies, their advice is general and not pushing any type of external agenda, but what caught my ears was actually the last 5 minutes. A caller asked questions about David Wilcok and Corey Good, and Dr. Atkins agrees along with myself that these two people are not be trusted. 

David has claimed for years that he’s got internal higher sources yet he has never come forward to tell us what that information is and Corey is probably still under the mind control program and one must ask: “Why is he coming out now?”. 

It’s not always about correct information or the legitimacy of it, but these so called experts and truthers do actually have an agenda because they wait for a certain moment to come forward, just like Alfred Webre claims he’s been under AI control for over 20 years and he just recently told the public about it? If that is the case, then how do we know that anything he has to say or write about comes from him or his AI controllers? You see, the information may be correct, but the timing of it is a matter of life and death. Sure would have been nice if these folks came out 20 years ago and started professing their sources and information. Why is everyone waiting for this moment? I can’t answer that question, but I sure do have a lot of questions especially during this month when all attention is focused on something happening, good thing we’re all fragmented because we can’t collect enough energy to focus on one source, we’re all scattered in that regards.
Soon, September will be over with and you will be wondering what happened. Well, a lot did happen but it’s the controllers that are implementing new laws to control us even more.

I keep telling you folks to stop waiting and to start DOING, I guess we will have to wait and see who did the work and who didn’t because September or not, things will change and we have won.

Enjoy the interview. 


In my world, God loves all equally so if it’s got a message to send it will go out to all and not just to certain individuals.
Why is it that each person that claims to get messages is different and that no two  people  get the same information or message? That Creator god plays games with us and wants to confuse us?

It can’t be anyone else because our free will must be respected therefore entities that disrespect that are not from Source. Why is that people ignore this Law/Universal Rule that we are not to be interfered with?

I will start with Alex Collier because I have been with him from the start way back in the early 80’s. The Andromedans knew that his life would never be the same. They knew most of humanity was not ready to hear the message in the 80’s so why did they contact him knowing this?
Why did they allow his life to go downhill from there? Why could they not intervene somehow so that he could continue to live a normal life and raise his family with dignity? He didn’t ask to be contacted, therefore, he ended up suffering the consequences for their contact yet they never ever did anything to make his life easier. Why? Because they have no power over that, these may claim to be Andromedans, I don’t dispute that but it raises so many questions that I am now presenting to you.  How has life improved by being in contact with them and why could they not wait until now to contact him rather then cause him to suffer for so long to the point that he became homeless, he got Cancer and he is now living off the donations of his friends and followers. What good did the Andromedans messages do for Alex or humanity for that matter?
He will say he would do it all over again because of the valuable information. I honor that. I get that. But when it comes down to it, what has Alex gained from all this other than poverty? What happened to Abundance if you believe in it? Why is he a victim because he didn’t ask to be contacted?

I can’t dispute or debunk the possibility that Andromedans contacted Alex, but were they service to others, were they maybe disguised to be Andromedans because nothing, absolutely nothing positive came out of his communication with them other than information that cannot be proven anyways.

Has anything changed in the lives of people who were supposedly contacted by entities that mean well and want to help humanity? Not really, other than gaining knowledge and understanding and for the few like Lee Carrol and Daryl Anka who travel worldwide channeling, writing books, giving lectures and making sustantial profits from their book sales.

My life hasn’t changed reading or listening other than gaining knowledge, perhaps a different perspective. The planet has not benefited from these channeled messages because these entities choose ONE person. How does ONE person gain credibility being the only ONE to get the message? How does this information get spread about worldwide when more than 50% of the planetary population either doesn’t have internet access or are too poor to purchase books and magazines?

Now, given the facts just presented, how do we know the messages are actually coming from those that claim to want to help humanity and how have they helped us over the last 50 years?

David Icke coined the phrase “Prison Planet” in his book titled: “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Any idiot today would agree with that just on the fact that we can’t piss in a toilet without asking for permission.

It is still up for debate as to why the Planet is quarantined. Some claim it’s so that humans can’t leave, some claim it’s for the purpose of not allowing visitors and I tend to accept both as valid reasons.

We can’t leave because we don’t have the technology for interplanetary travel and we’re not allowed visitors who could tell us the truth about what is actually going on. All communications to the planet are either denied, intercepted or compromised.

If messages are compromised then we truly don’t know the validity or accuracy of messages and I doubt very much that any truth is allowed to pass through unless it’s mixed with 90% bullshit.

Whenever I would hear or read about people claiming to be in contact with higher dimensional beings from various Saints, Ascended Masters, Seth, Kryon, Bashar, Abraham Hicks and many others, my first thoughts or questions were always the same.

What makes him or her special to receive the information and nobody else?  How does that serve humanity to only contact one person?  If we are all loved and created equally, why are some people chosen above others? What are the requirements or qualifications to receive messages?

And, if it’s allowed to receive help from higher dimension and different realities then why do more people not get contacted by the same entity?

I think I have the answer to the last question. Each entity chooses one person for an obvious reason. Is Bashar better than Kryon? Is Kryon real and Bashar not? Who’s messages/teachings do you like? Exactly!

We fragment by attracting to those messages/teachings that form our current belief system or for whatever reason we tend to choose certain philosophies/ideologies or truths if you can even call it truth.

The result is that all of us in the truth community are fragmented and each of us form our own ideas, conclusions and end game based on the source of information we get.

We choose to believe or not believe, we choose to feel special when some entity from another reality contacts us, we want to believe that these entities contacting humanity are who they claim to be and with that we accept certain information that ‘resonates’ with us.

We can’t resonate with anything because we are disconnected from Source. This is another propaganda, mind control bullshit ideology. If we can resonate with things then we would never make a mistake in judgement. We can’t resonate because we exist in such a low frequency, so we all play with the myth of being able to resonate with something, again this is part of the game that we become confused, it’s all mind control.

How is this helping humanity? Has ANY event happened even in the last 50 years that ANY one of these entities predicted would happen such as the end of the world, ascension, Dinar revaluation, GCR, and now this obsession with September. If you can name one event that altered our reality for the better, please let me know because some entities still claim the Dinar revaluation is a go yet it was predicted 3 years ago as being imminent as was full disclosure.

CONCLUSION: There are over 6 billion people on this planet, most enlightened humans are probably the ones that meditate all day long such as the monks spread across temples throughout Asia and yet I have not read about ONE monk claiming to channel messages from higher beings.

Fact is, millions of people are evolved enough to be a channel or upload information, so why pick one woman in Texas to inform and help humanity?

If our creator/god loves us equally would it be fair to contact only one person and why are ALL of these people that are in contact with higher beings all getting different messages or teachings?
Higher dimensional beings are connected to Source and can access much easier Akashic records. They talk about love, but not HOW to love. They talk about stopping wars but not HOW to stop them. They talk about many things and none have contributed to a better reality, in fact, we’re more fractured, fragmented and separated by our belief systems then ever before.

My guide tells me it’s done on purpose to confuse us and no service to others entity is able to get their messages through if at all. Some beings are very powerful and can reach us but it’s rare because it’s not allowed. The whole purpose we are here is to figure it out, remember who we are therefore, the law of Non-Interference was very clear before we incarnated here.

I would feel very special if some entity contacted me and told me I had been chosen as the official voice, but Prime Creator doesn’t work that way and if you’re going to contact humans you would do it for everyone and let each person choose what they want to do with the information.

Don’t be a cult follower, be a leader. Your heart will lead you along with your Higher Self. You are doing what you should be doing. Stop projecting your desire for something to happen without the knowledge of what SHOULD OR MUST happen. Without a clear understanding or knowledge of what should happen, you are feeding the machine and creating realities that are not suitable for us at this time or diverting energy to where it really should go and that is self-exploration, self-love and finding your truth, remembering who you are. Project what you want to be and you will create it. Trust that everything is the way it should be and live the rest of your current reality in love with all without  expecting anything in return.

The messengers want to believe they receive truth and just because the message is loving doesn’t mean it’s authentic. Once you open yourself to receive messages from entities you can’t see, you have become a suction cup for them to feed through you.

Don’t fall for that because just the act of entering your mind without your permission is a breach of trust and free will and they are not to be trusted. That’s all these beings CAN do; enter your mind and by reading your mind, they know exactly what to communicate. They can’t manifest, they can’t stop your headache or cure your cancer because they are not from LOVE. The only thing they know how to do is deception.
They have no power over you unless you allow them in. These are beings that can only enter your mind and control it, tell you what you want to hear, pretend to be god or an angel or St. Germain and since you can’t prove it you believe the beautiful messages of love.

So, before you disagree with me and that’s ok, ask yourself the same questions. What makes me more special than you and how do these beings choose their messengers? Why are not the messages the same or consistent?

That’s all I have to say this 26th of September, 2015.


What a fear mongering September disinformation month it is. I can’t even read one single post on the 50 blogs I follow that are not talking about what is going on and what is to be. This is what we should NOT be doing. You are giving power to the very things we don’t want to happen, you are giving power to what IS happening and making it manifest.

For all those truth seekers out there, if you are telling folks what IS going to happen, you’re no better than the dark itself because you are empowering your thoughts, projecting them to others and hoping someone  will dwell on it for a few minutes to give it even more power.

To all you researchers, truth seekers, eeks, eek cult followers, and followers of the rest of these so called experts in something, you are not my reality and you are NOT working for the benefit of humanity.

I have written about this so many times and here we are again, spreading the fear around and actually manifesting it IF enough of us actually just think about it.

You are creators. Your thoughts create your reality. Who’s side are you on anyways? If you are on the side of truth then this is the month we focus on our inner work and strengths, our inner power, connecting to higher self and rejoicing that the world as we know it is soon to end.

The very same folks that write about humans being co-creators, that create their own reality are fear mongering at the same time. You’re either on my side or their side, but you can’t be in both places.

I know this may not sound logical to many of you because you will say: “If we don’t write about it, how will we know what is going on?”. Well, if you are waiting for a savior to save your ass then perhaps you will want to know what is going on. If you are creating your own reality then you are not going to read about the madness because you already know it exists and you will focus your thoughts on YOU, your new reality that you want to create. Instead of waiting for something to happen and reading about all the madness going on, you will get away from your computer and go outside into nature and stand by Mother Earth, remove your shoes and connect with her. SHE needs us right now and we need her to ground. We need to remove all of this negative energy accumulated and she is waiting for you to touch her so that she can help you clear it.

This has been the worse fear mongering month I can remember in the last 30 years. Never has such a month been written about as this month.  Nothing is going to happen unless you believe what they tell you folks. This is what the agenda is! They want you to focus on September and all the possible outcomes so that YOU can manifest it.

Using YOUR free will, your creative powers, they are able to manifest what it is that you are afraid of that could happen this September. They are using YOU to manifest the reality that they want.

Look, we know what is going on. We know who the bad guys are and what they want. Isn’t that enough? We can’t stop them by writing about them. We can’t stop them by sharing the information anymore. We are EMPOWERING them to make whatever it is they planned to happen.

Today is September 26th, the skies here in Croatia are riddled with chemtrails. Instead of focusing on the anger I felt the first moments upon seeing this, I remembered that that is what they wanted me to do. Instead, I thanked my Creator and Gaia for standing up to them and I am now celebrating our new earth and excited that it is getting close to that time.

Today is September 26th, only good things will happen today. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today is another day I get to create my own reality. There is nothing going on this month, they used mind control, disinformation and wrong time lines to get YOU to believe something is going to happen. The more you focus on bad things happening this month, the more likely it will happen if enough of you give it the energy to create.

Today is just another beautiful day on Earth, trust Mother to do the work and allow her to take us where we need to go.

May your day be filled with love and joy!