How to Make Your Own Alkaline Water


Do you drink bottled water to stay hydrated? Grabbing bottled water is easy, but the chemicals are harsh on your body.


Everyone needs water to stay hydrated and keep their bodies running. Our bodies are made up of 70 to 80 percent water, so we need water to stay alive. Drinking bottled water is easy enough because they are easy to grab on the go and sip on the way to work. But, the chemicals, which are in bottled water and even tap water can be harmful to your health.

Drinking alkaline water provides you with great hydration and other health benefits. Other health benefits include:

1. Antioxidant properties: Alkaline water has antioxidant properties that can counteract free radicals that can cause premature aging and other conditions. It is also believed that drinking alkaline water can prevent cancer.
2. Cleansing features: drinking alkaline water also cleanses the organs in the body; specifically the colon. When the colon gets built up with toxins, they become poisonous to the body and alkaline water cleanses those toxins from the body. Keeping the colon clean and free of toxins will help you decrease the chances of getting stomach viruses, flu’s, colds, and other common illnesses.
3. Physical appearance: alkaline water rejuvenates the skin and keeps it hydrated. It aids the skin in replacing tissues and contributes to the elasticity in the skin. Drinking alkaline water also helps you to lose weight because the alkaline helps the body break down fatty acids in the body.

So, drinking alkaline water has its benefits, but buying it can be pretty costly. Instead of buying alkaline water, you can just make it yourself. Try using this recipe to make your alkaline water.


  • Full pitcher of filtered water
  • Two organic lemons
  • Two tablespoons of pink Himalayan salt


1. Fill your pitch with your filtered water
2. Cut your lemons into quarters and add them to the pitcher (make sure not to squeeze them)
3. Add the salt
4. Let the mixture sit overnight at room temperature
5. Your alkaline water is ready to drink! Enjoy!


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Mind and Consciousness

Consciousness is, in truth, the consciousness of love, for love, and the distortions of love, are all that there is

Each person has a native vibration that is completely congruent with the Logos that created and formed all the millions of infinite universes. And each, through the process of taking on an incarnation, has signed up for a difficult yet rewarding term of service.

That consciousness, then, that some called Christ-consciousness or cosmic consciousness, dwells within that vessel of skin and bones, muscles and thoughts. Each rattles around in this somewhat alien configuration, a spirit trapped, or just visiting. Most entities spend some time feeling very trapped, and yet this is an opportunity for which you wished very much. This was a trip for which you planned, setting up yourself relationships that would help to focus on your own heart and mind upon those lessons of love you, yourself, deemed to be the most telling and critical for you at this point.

And so that basic vibration of each is Love Itself, distorted, contracted, controlled, shall we say, by the various ways in which, by free will, the entity has chosen to limit or shape consciousness.

Carla: You are a Player of the Game of Life, according to Confederation philosophy. Successful play on the Gameboard goes not to the swift but to the right-hearted. The Player runs a race with himself each day, seeking like the medieval knight for the Grail or spirit of truth, beauty and love which tells a story of the world aright and teaches our hearts to be wise and true.

Ines: I can relate to this information from Ra. I have always felt that I don’t belong here. As mentioned many times before, even as a small child, I would like up to the night sky from my bedroom window and say “Why did you leave me here? I don’t want to be here. I want to go home”. Today, I still feel that way, I still feel like I have come from the Orion that is where I always look to when gazing the night sky. I too feel that I want to go home, there is a longing but I don’t know where home is.

Consciousness is the deepest part of all of our minds. And access to this common consciousness is necessary in order to play the Game of Life well. Without access to this infinite consciousness, we are coming to our Gameboard with faulty and incomplete information.

We, as people, with our surface personalities awake and in control, always limit, color or shape consciousness by those attitudes and thoughts which constitute our prejudices and biases. Those are our “distortion”. We unconsciously see the world through the lenses of our basic assumptions and overall points of view.

Getting bad information is the natural condition of anyone who is not working with an opened heart. Of course we as Players would prefer not to get bad information. We therefore wish to open our hearts and keep them open, so the consciousness which dwells therein can inform us and broaden our points of view.

Carla: As I discuss conscious mind, remember that the object in understanding this material is to learn how better to color, limit and shape our underlying biases and better inform our points of view. Dipping up into the ocean of consciousness for spiritual guidance or Creator-ness—however you like to think of this resource of the deepest mind—helps us to make more informed and skilful choices through the insight, clarity and simplicity that short swim provides.

The Confederation entities use the word, “distortion” a lot. Everything is a distortion of the Law of One to the Ra Group. The Logos, light and all the created suns or sub-Logoi are already distortions of the infinite Oneness of the unmanifest Creator. Each of us is a further focus of the Logos, a sub-sub Logos by the Ra’s terminology, and correspondingly more biased or colored.

It is expected and applauded that we will distort the infinite Oneness. Indeed, we cannot do otherwise, as all manifested things are illusory and therefore a distortion of the infinite and invisible One.

We need to get a handle, therefore, on the dual nature of our apparently unified brain functions. We need to understand how to move between and “play” the two quite different functions of the mind so that they work together. Once we get the picture and start to see how to be a competent Player, the game gets better, since we can compete with ourselves each day for having the most excellent day at the Gameboard yet.

Mind, Consciousness and Perception
What affects the energy body is the thoughts that one has. Therefore, if one is improving one’s diet, and is happy about it, the information of the improved diet moves into the chakra body as good news.

If, on the other hand, an entity is plodding through a dietary regimen that is prescribed for illness, but that entity is unhappy and feels constricted by this regimen, then the information that is given to the chakra body will be quite different. It will be seen like a negative thing to the chakra body, rather than a positive thing.

For the chakra body is not listening to the doctor; nor is it listening to ideas that contain the world “should”. It is only listening to the feelings and the thought forms involved in the translation of physical effects into the feelings and the sensations of the body. A happy heart is more helpful to the chakra system than a good diet. A peaceful mind is more helpful to the chakra system than exercise.”

Carla: We spend time smiling at golden memories. And often we spend more time walking down the sadder bits of memory Lane, wasting our energy on regrets and second thoughts which distract us from play on the Gameboard.

Our culture and our teachers assume each of us has only one mind. We are taught that some people have big brains and some have smaller ones. We are taught that some people are artistic and therefore right-brained. There is no assumption that there is a faculty of mind beyond the feelings and perceptions that are generated by the brain.

For Players of the Game of Life, however, this assumption is faulty. To the Confederation, what we think of as our minds is only part of their definition of “mind”. The deepest portion of the mind in Confederation philosophy is consciousness.
Consciousness is the sea of Being which is of the one infinite Creator. It is made of unconditional love. In our normal state of mind, we may not have access to consciousness. Consciousness dwells within our mind in a non-local, non-physical locus intersecting our energy body in the heart chakra.

What is this energy body? The Confederation material suggests that the energy body is what connects our physical bodies to our eternal spirits or souls. This energy body interpenetrates our physical body and is inseparable from it during our lifetimes.

The energy body holds the blueprint of our perfect body; our body at birth—the body that came into incarnation “from factory”so to speak. It is the train on which we were riding when we arrived. And it is also the train we will ride when we depart. It is not physical as we understand physicality, but it is connected to our physical bodies.

We do not have to worry about losing the connection between our physical bodies and our energy bodies. The two are firmly attached via a kind of umbilical cord which have called the “silver cord”. This energy body has a profound effect upon our experience of life. And the reverse is also true. Our feelings and thoughts have a strong influence on our energy body. Therefore, we need to understand how the two bodies work together in order to offer to us the experience of living a lifetime on planet Earth.

Ines: We live in a world where we are directed, guided and controlled by a powerful force using mind control, media, authority and government as our system of management. Particularly affected cultures are those that are religious oriented in a male patriarchal god. As such, it is very difficult and challenging to speak about our energy bodies, the incarnations, the soul as who we are occupying a body. We are taught that we are here by the grace of god, born in sin and that Jesus died for our sins, therefore, we must now spend the rest of our lives suffering because that is what Jesus did for us. Having said this, I’m now speaking from a culture that thinks like this. Not only do they feel guilty for being born in sin, they are constantly being reminded of the past. Holidays are great reminders of Saint Days, Freedom Days, WWI and WWII. Going to a funeral is painful because of that belief that you are here for one lifetime and that you are dependent upon the grace of god to give or take from you. It is within this culture where there is a lot of suffering, a lot of sickness and disease, a lot of guilt and shame for being born in sin, and the acceptance that all must suffer is mind boggling.

Our energy bodies don’t function the way they should unless we understand how it works. The power that we have to change our reality, to create our reality, to think our reality into being is immensely powerful and thus the PTB don’t want us to know about this. I am just now learning how to speak to my body and give it orders to heal itself. It’s working slowly, I see the changes, but if I don’t write it around the house, I forget because I too have been programmed into believing this body is not in my control and that fate and destiny will determine how long it will last.

Power to the People: Fuel for the Energy Body
“Picture with us, if you will, the creature that you are. You receive this information along your spine, in the physical lines of a system of energy, reception and usage. It is fed infinitely, in an unending supply, by the love and the light of the one Creator.

That light is literally sent down into the heart of the Earth, your mother, who then pours it from the center of the Earth –or you might even say the womb of the Earth—up through the Earth into the soles of your feet into your body system, so that it is constantly streaming into your energy system at the red-ray level and rising as it will up and out through the top of your heard to the gateway to intelligent infinity.”

Carla: When we think about how our bodies get the energy to live a life, we immediately think of food and drink. We assume that we need solid and liquid nutrients in order to be healthy. This assumption is correct, except in those very rare and perhaps mythical cases where a yogi claims literally to live on light. When we are unable to locate a source of water or other liquid, we will die within three weeks. If we cannot find food, we will die within 3 months.

Even if a person finds food enough to live, without certain substances the body suffers ill health. For instance, the bodies of those who are not able to include in their diet a minimal amount of protein from beans, dairy products and meats are unable to process food properly or to perform various cellular functions which are essential to life.

The Confederation says that the body is the creature of the mind. What we feel physically is heavily influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Involved in the word “mind”, are the emotions, feelings, intuitions, gut reactions and biases which inform our thoughts and delimit our ways of processing thought. If this extended mind, including our feelings and biases, is out of power, the physical body will not experience health, no matter how good the diet may be.

The food we eat does not send power to these mental parts of our mind/body/spirit complex. Our emotions, thoughts and intuitions and inspirations are fueled by a more subtle kind of energy. When it comes to the deepest basis of health and well-being, these subtle energies are far more influential in creating wellness within us than food and drink.

What is this subtle energy and power source? We see evidence of that power every day when the sun shines in our part of the world.

The Confederation describes this subtle energy as “the love and the light of the one infinite Creator”. The outward and visible symbol of the Creator’s love/light is the light of our Sun. This same love/light’s inward and invisible nature pours into our energy body an infinite supply.

Just as the Creator’s outward love/light, the sun, brings life to the plant world by offering it light for photosynthesis and the food its interactions with plants develops, the Creator’s inward love/light brings energy and vitality to our energy bodies.

Each planet is an entity, says the Confederation. It is accurate to call our planet Mother Earth. She is alive and aware. She loves the points or focuses of consciousness which live upon her. We humans are some of those points of consciousness. Mother Earth loves us without reservation, the best of mothers, and she feeds us well. She radiates a never-ending supply of limitless love/light which feeds the energy bodies of each of her children.

While we are going about our daily lives, sleeping, eating, working and enjoying leisure hours, our energy bodies are constantly receiving a limitless source of vital energy. If there are no stoppages of the flow of that energy as it flows through our chakras or energy centers, we experience a feeling of well-being and a good, positive state of mind. What many psychologists, as well as spiritually based sources like the Confederation, say is that we can effectively block our own sense of well-being. Indeed we can make ourselves miserable. And often we are not aware that it is our own attitudes and thoughts that are destroying our peace of mind and leaching away our vital energy.

This infinite love/light enters the physical body at the feet, as if flowing into the body from the Earth itself. It enters the energy body at the first chakra or energy center, the red-ray center, which is located at the base of the spine. It exits the body at the seventh chakra or energy center, the violet-ray center, which is located at the top of our head.

Ines: Even 20 years ago, the concept that we are what we think was not widely accepted by people. Even today it’s very difficult for many people to accept the fact that we are responsible for our health and state of mind. Furthermore, we choose to be sick or well. This choice is not widely known by many people, therefore, when they are not feeling well, they focus all their attention on that thought/reality and never get out of that cycle. People that feel their life is a destiny or that they have no control over their lives, are not very happy. Their lives don’t go the way they want them to. Often they suffer from lack of. Their refusal to take responsibility for their thoughts is too much for them to accept so denial sets in. Most people that I know; that are not happy, well or financially set are negative people that see only the dark side, that blame others for their problems.

Today, we are more open to this concept. I don’t see it as a concept; I live this thought of creating what I want in my life, and therefore, lack nothing. There is nothing that I cannot do, because I KNOW I can do it and like a young child, I visualize myself in that situation that I want to create. Often, I can’t tell the difference between daydreaming or sleep dreaming because when I focus on something I want, it takes up my consciousness and stays in that form until what I want is realized. It may not happen at the time that I want it, but somehow it does manifest and often when I least expect it.

Carla: When we are having trouble with our marriages, our birth families, our work environments or other groups and legal entities, we can block the energy there.

When people are blocked in one, two or all three of these first basic centers, this means that love/light is not sufficiently supplied to the fourth and next chakra up the pipeline, which is the heart of the grean-ray energy center. Without sufficient supply of energy into the heart chakra, the heart cannot get open or stay open. The clarity of mind which comes from having the heart center open cannot be found. Without that open heart’s clarity, it is very hard to make loving and compassionate choices in ethical situations.

So keeping these first three energy centers unblocked is essential for the Player of the Game of Life. Without food into the heart center, we are stuck with the sense and the intellects of our physical bodies, which are like those of a great ape. Our physical bodies are of the great ape family, as are our physical minds. The physical mind is a tool designed to make choices, and it is a good tool, but the parameters of intellectual choice tend to be limited to earthly, logical options. This works well for ethically neutral choices we make like which food to buy at the grocery store or what room to tidy first on cleaning day. When the intellectual mind faces ethical choices, however, it tends to fail to be able to fully to value the issue at hand.

Using Mind and Consciousness Together
“From the point of view of the heart, the workings of the intellect seem young, untrained and immature. However, it is our feeling that it is helpful not to scorn the use of the intellect completely but to depend primarily upon the knowing aspect of the heart, and then move into the use of intellect, directing the intellect rather than being directed by the intellect, in the perfectly just and reasonable attempt to look into what might be happening.

Ines: The mind of the physical body is our intellect. I do not use the word, intelligence, as when we call someone intelligent we tend to imply they are using some degree of consciousness as well their intellect.

This intellect is our very own” bio-computer”. It may have many features in common with other people’s intellectual capacities but it remains unique to each of us. We work our brains by focusing our will and steadying our attention on our chosen subject. Someone whose intellect is high is said to possess a powerful mind. The intellect uses its power like a bulldozer to push the subject at hand into an organization which makes logical sense. Its favorite tools are words. It writes its programs using the language of words.

The mind of the energy body is consciousness. Consciousness can also be termed “the mind of the heart” the “consciousness of spirit”, “cosmic awareness”, “Christ-consciousness” and “cosmic consciousness”. This consciousness is part of the unitary nature of the Gameboard. It writes the programs by concepts rather than by words.

Those who are relatively able to access consciousness within their daily lives are said to be inspired, blessed or gifted. It is as though the user of consciousness is touched by a more spacious point of view and given a higher degree of insight. This consciousness does not wield power in the same aggressive sense in which the intellectual mind wields power. Its inspirations come quietly into the asking heart.

Consciousness will not overwrite the programming of the intellectual mind unless asked to do so. This can occur in unusual circumstances which delete the normal intellectual functions and allow consciousness to be substituted as the default setting.

We all have access to this same consciousness, which is the vibration of unconditional love; the vibration of the Logos. It is the steady state of vibration for the entire creation. It is an ocean of creativity and insight into which we can enter when we have been able to balance and clear our lowest three energy centers.

We have a fair grasp of what our intellects can do. The intellect solves problems. It uses logic and expects to stick close to the facts of what the senses can ascertain and what the authorities, usually scientists, tell us is so. It is a good, competent tool as far as it goes. It is good to use the intellect when its powers of analysis and organization can help to solve a problem.

Consciousness is quite another kind of mind. Indeed, its basic nature is that of the soul or spirit within us. Insight, intuition, “knowing”or gnosis and inspiration are its hallmarks. Its power to inspire is limited only by our ability to take our intellects off-line and clear the way for access to this “mind of the heart” that we call consciousness is.

Our intellects will die when our bodies die. Our consciousness will not even break stride. And I say this having experienced physical death. At the age of 25, during a C-Section, my heart stopped beating. I stopped breating. I remained dead for 12 minutes which doctors worked on me to bring me back before my son was even born.

I experienced no loss of consciousness during this event. I did shift environments. I immediately found myself in another body that I was aware of that was me, but it was not heavy, it was weightless. I returned back to my body, struggling to breath and continued to be conscious.

The consciousness that is unconditional love does have demonstrable effects on the physical objects, such as the crystalline nature of water changing when loving thoughts are directed towards it. Emoto’s photos show that loving thoughts affect crystalline structures in water. However the connection is impossible to prove except by circumstantial evidence.

We will find no joy when we try to prove anything metaphysical, like the existence of love or consciousness. The faculty or type of mind that is consciousness does not yield to scientific proof. It is not logical. In the human sense it is not reasonable. The faculty of true consciousness sleeps, like folklore’s Snow White, in our hearts until we awaken it with the kiss of our seeking to find it.

The intellect—the mind of the physical body—works well on the flat gameboard. It does not really know how to use consciousness. Consciousness—the mind of the heart and soul—works well on the Gameboard. Consciousness can use the intellect, and we need both faculties working together in order to be an effective Player. We live in both worlds simultaneously as we play the Game of Life. We need to be able to use both faculties and to integrate the two streams of information and thought as we go.

Play on the Gameboard starts on the gameboard of everyday, the commonplace events of our living being the incoming catalyst. We receive this catalyst with our intellect and also with the surface emotions which are part of the response system of our physical bodies. We examine the catalyst. Much catalyst is ethically neutral.

Some catalyst is charged with the potential for making an ethical choice. We are Players detect the incoming catalyst which involves an ethical decision. We toggle up to play on the Gameboard in our minds. We invite our consciousness to join our intellect in the consideration such as guidance, insight and intuition to find our way to the most informed ethical decision. We set our intention to find our way to the most informed ethical decision. We set our intention to offer our highest and best response. In doing so, our work on the Gameboard is done. Then we mentally toggle back down to the flat gameboard, where we express and manifest our response in the context of our everyday lives.

Until we are able to keep our energy pipelines open into our hearts reliably, we will have trouble dealing well with ethical issues in life.


One of my readers sent me an email that was very interesting to me in the sense that it’s something I have long let go of and forgotten. When I first started this blog, I wrote a lot about reincarnation and Karma. After it’s closure for some reason it didn’t upload when I switched to this blog. I am merely saying that I wanted to show that I have written on this subject.

My intent is not to write about it again, rather, write about my own evolution in understanding reincarnation and Karma.

20 years ago, I was an active Buddhist from the Nichiren Daishonin philosophy. How it differs from traditional buddhism is that Daishonin claimed to have found the key in the Lotus Sutra where it states that we don’t need to live countless lifetimes in order to clear our Karma, rather that we can clear it in this lifetime by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

I still chant, but I must be honest that when I started to live this philosophy, my life did change for the better. I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and one day while returning home from TCM therapy, I came across a small bookstore, entered and in the mix of uncategorized books, intuitively pulled out Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism.

I went home with the book and didn’t put it down until it was finished. I was fascinated with the concept and up to that moment I had blamed every living thing for the cause of my cancer, after reading the book, I realized that I was responsible for the cancer either knowingly, unknowingly or choosing it. This philosophy empowered me and like I said it changed my life for the better.

Reincarnation in Buddhism is called Samsara, the wheel of karma as we live and die, live and die. The difference between reincarnation mainstream or buddhist reincarnation is that we don’t choose reincarnation, it’s based on our karma. There are 6 levels (writing from memory) and if you were really bad and killed people; chances are you would reincarnate back into a snake or lower life animal and have to work your way back up again.

This theory empowered me because immediately I started to think how I wanted to create good karma and clear it in this lifetime. This is where I started with the concept of reincarnation.
The next step was reading Michael Newton’s books on journey of the souls and what happens when we die. This fascinated me as well because it’s pure reincarnation with the difference that once we leave the body, we are as young souls greeted by entities or deities that reflect our belief system. Old souls are not greeted, they have done this so many times that they don’t need to be greeted. ( During my NDE, I was not greeted, was not met with light, didn’t travel through tunnels I simply left body and experienced profound love and joy that I interpreted as being at the place of my creation).

Then I read Cameron Day’s Karma Lords and accepted that theory that Karma is actually a trap set up by the Archons.

My reader sent me information today regarding the Reincarnation trap and I quickly responded to it by saying that Reincarnation is not a trap, it’s the karmic cycle that is the trap.

My current knowledge and understanding of Reincarnation is that it is the cycle of leaving a physical form which can be a tree, grass, insect, rock, human body whatever, and returning back to source where we cleanse, we as being SOUL. Now here is the catch in my thoughts. Those that are unaware of who they are do get trapped by the Karma lords, they attract to the light, colors, deities, dead people they knew etc., and are then programmed, their memories erased and are sent back to Earth to work off their karma. This is the trap, this is the cycle that most SOULS get caught up in, especially those SOULS that were already here when the quarantine was placed around the planet.

SOULS that came here from other universes or planets, don’t get caught in the Karmic trap because they are highly evolved beings that upon leaving this physical body “know” who they are and are not tricked into making a pit stop at the Karmic Trap. I truly do believe this based on my own experiences.

How do I know I am an old soul? Personally, I didn’t discover this first. A psychic 30 years ago during a reading told me this. I believe her because I now know that she accessed the akashic. She knew everything about my past, present and what I had already chose in this lifetime. She told me I was here to be a healer, that I would write a book one day, and many other things that have actually happened, therefore, I have no reason NOT to believe what she said.  A few years later on a Skype call with Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, the first thing he noticed was that I was not an earthling, and that I was from pleiadies. The psychic also said I had pleiadian eyes. Over the last 10 years I have been recognized as an OLD soul and have actually relived some of my lifetimes in my lucid dreams, also, I am switching back and forth into different parallel lives and have come to the understanding that the soul is fragmented, mine is, I the SOUL fragmented at least in 5 or 6 different realities. The soul can do that, old souls can only do that. The older the soul, the stronger it’s energy signature is and can fragment, but young souls can’t because they have not collected enough experience/energy to do that.

Of course this is all based on my experiences and knowledge, which doesn’t mean it is so. But based upon my experiences, the trap is not reincarnation, rather the trap is the Karma. If we look at the last post on the Ra material, the Confederation states that we emanate the creator. We are extensions or sparks of the creator. Our purpose is to teach the Creator everything that we know and experience. There is no duality presented to us in our Creation. Therefore, Karma is not a part of our Soulful journey, it’s a construct created here on Earth to entrap us because certain beings that are not created from Creator occupied our universe and are now controlling us as part of their experience.

Archons do not have souls. In fact, they are jealous of us because we were created in love, unconditional love. whereas the Archons were a celestial error. Sophia after creating the sperm that would become humanity/the anthropos, after creating the Earth was so excited about her perfection creation that she plunged into the pleroma and during that plunge created some sort of energy or big bang that in that process became the Archons. Sophia became the physical Earth Gaia. Gaia is  an Aeon and SHE is now in correction.
This is why they have infested us, out of jealousy, and although she created a dimension for them to reside in, they can enter our minds and create with technology. They can’t harm us directly but they can influence our thought process and I would even go as far to say “infested or possessed”by them.

So back to reincarnation. There are many that write about avoiding the light, the light is the actual trap. I agree with that. Traps have been set up all the way to source, therefore, we need to work on this NOW, in this NOW reality by using affirmations and setting up a belief system that LIGHT is to be avoided after leaving the body.

Reincarnation exists, it has to. How else do we experience ourselves for Creator if we don’t have the opportunity to experience all that is. What is not written about is that Reincarnation is a Universal process, not an Earthly process. Maybe there is another name for it in higher dimensions, but the SOUL chooses each incarnation be it here on Earth or other worlds, planets, realities, densities etc. This process has to exist in order for the Soul to experience and evolve. Once we have invested enough and have raised our awareness and energy levels to where most of our time is used in Service to Others, we have with that created the positive energy that we will take with us. If we have more positive service to others energy or frequency signature, then we can’t get caught in the Karmic trap anyways. We don’t register the karma cycle at a certain frequency level, it’s only logical that a smart person is not going to just throw themselves in a hole not knowing they will survive. It’s a poor analogy, but I think you get my meaning.

As we connect to higher self, as we live in our intuitive innate, as we wake up to thoughts of how can I be of service today, we have already collected enough positive energy and therefore, will  NOT get trapped and will avoid the light because we know this.

More information may come to us or to me in time, I believe that information arrives in ways that creator knows when we are ready for it and thus more will come to individuals that seek it and want more. I have had some incredible experiences in the last few weeks, but I’m not ready to share it with you because I don’t have a full understanding of it yet. Intuitive me says it’s not time because there are those out there that cause harm for sharing this kind of information. No, I’m not afraid, but it’s simply not time yet. I have more to experience and once I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I will share it.

In the meantime, understand that only YOU have the power to choose, to change, to let go of the matrix. I personally don’t live in the matrix anymore, I know it’s there, I see it, but I don’t feel it, I’m detached from it. I can’t even sit down with my partner to watch the local news propaganda because  I See it for what it is now, I literally feel the politicians speaking out of fear, I can hear their thoughts: “I don’t want to say this but I have to. I’m being told to say this, this is not my decision.”

It’s obvious that those working in government do not make choices for us anymore. They are given orders from higher up, in our case in Croatia is the EU Cabal.

So, I see everything for what it is, and I have changed direction, by working outside in nature, helping others learn how to heal themselves and share my knowledge. With that comes the abundance, Creator takes care of me, the Universe provides me with what I already experience not what I need. This empowerment is your truth. Once you feel this empowerment, then the matrix is outside of your reality, you are no longer inside that Matrix. The end result of my choices is happiness, joy, freedom to express and create whatever it is that I want in that moment. It is possible to be in this state, truly it is, but it requires time, dedication, cleansing of all negative energies and influences; basically cleaning the foundation to build a new one on top of it. The only time I sometimes feel sadness is that I wish others could have the joy and happiness that I do. I want everyone to feel this way, to have abundance, to feel joy but I also know they made the choices to be where they are.

I would love to hear your comments on the subjects just written about.


I thought I would check up on Veronica to see if she finally gave up, but she’s still playing the poor old me victim. For starters, nothing has changed. She has still not listed the property that she wants to purchase so I don’t know how she expects people to donate without knowing what they are donating to.

Secondly, Monty is just repeating himself again or Veronica is just copying and pasting from the internet or old postings.
Thirdly, she is still using a Foundation that no longer exists. The Montaque Keen Foundation was closed in February 2009 and she established a new foundation last year titled The Montaque and Veronica Keen Foundation.

So, my question to you Veronica is still the same I asked you when I first wrote the email to you:
1. What exactly is being purchased and can you please provide information and photos of the property?
2. When do you plan on changing the name of the foundation to the correct name?
3. I really don’t understand why you are being attacked when you have done nothing to save this planet or bring peace, could it be  just continual need to get attention or have people feel sorry for you? What work are you actually referring to?

Veronica, the trolls didn’t stop you from collecting the money. You stopped that because you have not been forthright, you have not disclosed enough information about your investment and I for one when emailed you about it, would consider donating if I knew what I was donating to.


“Now, perhaps you will understand why it is necessary to have our first Centre in Ireland. Sadly, many of you listened to the trolls who set out to prevent it happening last year. Many of the donations were returned as requested. It is for humanity that this work must be done, and I ask you once again to consider giving, so that our plans for a Centre can go ahead as soon as possible, so we are all prepared when the Cabal ceases to control humanity.

My love, one day your hard work will be understood. We have not got long to wait now.

I will be at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica

The accountant will visit me on Tuesday, after which an amended financial figure for the Centre will be displayed on the homepage.

I have been dealing with severe attacks. There is a massive attempt to stop my work. Please send me healing. I am under attack now. It must stop.



Dave Shcmuck promising funds, pushing timelines, asking for patience. Geeee…how long has it been Dave, 3 years? A few more years won’t be that bad if you have already waited this long. CAN’T EVEN SPELL PROJECTS, I GUESS HE GOT NERVOUS WHEN TYPING THAT WORD OUT.

We have been waiting for some time to see development on these two issues.  hile progress is being made, this is still a very slow Wand deliberate process.  In this newsletter I talk discuss that 10511065_10203097541334240_1947781891299007046_nfunds will not be released in one big solitary move, but will be released in a deliberate manner over a period of time.  For some it is happening now, for others that are patient there will be more opportunities for some time to come.

A letter from Albert Einstein to his daughter: about The Universal Force which is LOVE

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In the late 1980s, Lieserl, the daughter of the famous genius, donated 1,400 letters, written by Einstein, to the Hebrew University, with orders not to publish their contents until two decades after his death. This is one of them, for Lieserl Einstein.More can be found about Lieserl here

…”When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.
I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.
There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us.

This universal force is LOVE.
When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.

Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.
Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.

Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals.

For love we live and die.
Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.

If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.
After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.
Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.

However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer! “.

Your father Albert Einstein

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