I can no longer remain silent on this subject as it hit me in the face this morning during my usual morning routine, which didn’t end up as a routine today because of this headline. Normally once I get out of bed I head for the kettle and French press coffee maker, get it ready for the coffee and then feed the kids (Max and Leo) , and get dressed. The house is cold in the winter mornings because we don’t have central heating and I don’t light the wood stove until sunset as I don’t spend much time  in this space during the day.

So, once coffee is made, the pets are fed and playing outside I click on my email programs, open up RT On Air and Open up my WordPress Reader to see what’s new with the energies and galactics and if they have landed yet. I doubt they would pick Croatia as their main destination. AHAHAHA

The first headline: Alfred Webre: KEN BUSTED IN 3 STEPS! “KEN” NOBODY authors historically inaccurate poison pen piece to discredit Alfred Lambremont Webre, only to have KEN’s inaccurate article expose KEN as a fabricator and fraud.
You can find the post here:

At first I was not sure which Ken she was referring to because Ken does have a last name and then of course it dawned on me as I was reading the post that she was insulting Ken by calling him a nobody.
Before I get into the meat of this post, it must be clear that I do not wish to take sides in terms of the “accuracy” or “veracity” of this information that is being disputed or should I say that Jean is attacking Ken over. These are subjects and areas that I don’t spend a whole lot of time researching because I feel that knowing who did what does not create Peace on this planet and it certainly doesn’t change my world, so I am aware of what is going on, but not deeply involved because I prefer writing about things that empower us and exposing the false light, the false entities and aliens because they are the ones that are really causing the most damage in my opinion. Also, I would prefer not to read about the negative shit everyday, Jean spent weeks posting about Ebola, it will get anyone down reading that shit day in and day out. Who cares why Ebola was purposely put out there, point was that it was. The end result is not going to change, look at what is happening even though we know why.

Ken and Jean are opposites in my blog world as I don’t know them personally but I trust Ken as he has not given me any reason to not trust him, and stopped trusting Jean a long time ago, but I must admit despite my feelings I was shocked at the attack on Ken although Jean likes to create such headlines because she is often wrong about the people she supports and so when she “thinks” she is right, she loves to show it off with exuberance.

I will give her credit for being a not so bad researcher and writer that can put together some lengthy posts to prove her point, but Jean fails to “feel” the people she either supports or attacks and this is why she has made a lot of bad judgements because she is using research material, other people’s work, research that could be wrong, history that could be misleading,  that may not be correct; to prove her points, she uses her brain and intellect to read people, intuition is needed alongside intellect, so in my eyes, logic and analysis alone is a bad mistake.

As some of you already know, I was a regular reader and sometimes contributing author on Jean’s blog. My posts were related to human emotion, experiences and empowering messages that her readers really enjoyed.

Some of them followed me over to my blog and are still with me today, not saying they left Jean, I am just saying that some of them are my readers as well. I stopped being a regular reader and contributor because I felt often ridiculed, laughed at and when Jean didn’t agree with my comments she would insult me by either saying I’m not informed enough or that I am delusional, I could be both, but there are better ways to communicate your disagreement and that is by not saying anything at all or like me, just respect your opinion. The difference between Jean and myself is that she needs to be right, I don’t.

The people that I questioned at the time were: Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Kevin Annett, Ben Fulford, Alfred Webre, Monty Keen, Kathryn E. May and I can’t remember who else because Jean often posted a lot of work from unknowns because “she did her vetting on them”.

I couldn’t prove why the above people were frauds or questionable characters at that time because I wasn’t into doing that type of work and I wasn’t about to spend every living moment  of my incredible life on this blog trying to prove my point, I came and went when I had time, but I simply used intuition and logic and I hate to say it Jean, but I told you so.

I left Jeans blog because of many reasons, for starters I didn’t like the way she treated me and I didn’t like the way she treated others when they didn’t agree with her. She didn’t have to agree with me,but could have said it in a more respecful way  not with insults or accusing me of being stupid or not informed.

My first thought was to leave this alone, I am referring to her headline post above, because I trust Ken and I don’t trust Jean, I don’t trust her judgements, evaluations and I don’t trust her motives. I’m sorry to say this, but what person in their ‘right mind’ would hand over $300,000 of their retirement money to anyone? Although she claims it to be true, I will take her word for it. I personally might do that for my children, but only enough to leave myself something just in case, that is the smart thing to do.

I’m not attacking Jean, everything I have written so far is public knowledge and can be researched as to what ‘really’ happened. I could care less because it’s not going to change a damn thing in my life and or yours either and I will try to explain this further.

In Jean’s letter to Alfred, she accredited him with many credible exposes of what the current globalist agenda is doing, but this how typical NWO agents or disinformation agents operate. They operate as “credible” people exposing the deception with maybe 97% of truth, that 3% can be lies and deadly at best. I’m not saying that Alfred Webre is one of those, but I don’t “feel” he’s 100% on the up and up, he’s got an agenda whether he is aware of that or not.

So: What changes if Alfred Webre is right? What changes if Jean Haines successfully proved her point and is right? What changes if Ken, who is NOT a nobody but like Jean and Alfred and myself, a human being who has a right to express their thoughts and opinions. The above 6000 word post was too much for me to read and takes too much of my valuable time that I can be doing other things such as reminding you how powerful you are and to help you pose the same questions that I do when I am searching for THE TRUTH, not TRUTH, but THE TRUTH.

Truth by itself is yours. You are witness to it, therefore it is only your truth. THE TRUTH is the global truth, the TRUTH as a whole, as in HUMANITY, that is THE TRUTH. In the end, does it really matter whom of these 3 people involved in these posts are right or wrong? What changes? Lies can’t exist without truth, light can’t exist with darkness, but I will  state my opinion and show you how I try to be an example of what I teach or suggest.

I have always held a small reservation about Alfred Webre, that’s not to say he is a bad person, but there is something in his energy field that is not part of his energy, it’s an inorganic energy, and when I ask my high self if Alfred truly is of the light, the answer I get is this: “He is, but his light is compromised by a shade of gray so that his “thought” process/belief system believes he is working for humanity but he’s not giving 100% of his truth and my interpretation of this is that he originally was implanted by something and that implant is keeping him from “being”in the true light. I can’t tell you what this means, because I don’t know, it’s what I pick up but that’s what I am getting.

Also, as a personal experience I had with Alfred Webre, asking him to help us promote “Starving The War Machine”, which was about not spending money, taking money out of bank accounts etc. and he responded that it was a bad idea and that he had a better one (which he emailed me). Well, within a few hours, he wrote back and tells me that his consultant told him he was wrong and that it was a good idea. A day later I clicked on to his FB page and what he actually did was put out my email I had sent to him onto his FB page and got so many likes, so he LIED to me and told me his consultant  consulted with him, but in fact, his FB fans a majority of them liked the idea. So I have another reason to be careful about trusting Alfred.

I have often said that Alfred is a very intelligent man, a brilliant man, a genius in his field of Exopolitics and I do watch as many of his interviews as I can and in every single one I get the same feeling .

As for Ken, he is not a NOBODY, and this is where I lost respect for Jean a long time ago, it’s her way of attacking and insulting others. I have seen her attack people with a vengence. She may feel that she is right, or she may be right, but that’s NOT reason enough to call Ken or anyone a NOBODY, after all, who is Jean?

In my eyes/heartcenter/energy field Ken has nothing to lose or gain by writing what he does. He has the right to his opinion, he asks for NO donations, he writes out of love for humanity like I do and is not “obsessed” with Ego or being right and wanting/needing attention like Jean portrays herself.

You either are with Jean or against Jean, there is no “I honor your opinion”. She will insult you, disagree with you and hug you at the same time. She will not post your comment that she disagrees with unless she can let you know you’re wrong or crazy or delusional or just not post it at all. I have noticed even lately that her “followers” are very careful how they comment and a very small percentage of her followers even comment.

We must all respect one another when it comes to people that have either worked on higher levels of knowledge or higher positions, who have spent most of their lives doing something they believe in, dedicated to science or higher learning regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

I’m not Ken, but I feel insulted in the “method” she uses to attack others because she has been wrong in the past, she’s put her foot in her mouth many times and I have never read anywhere on her blog that she ever apologized to her readers for being wrong about someone or something. She does like to write about how sick and old she is and doesn’t have time for games, but that’s just attention getting, she needs and feeds off her readers and that’s her right.

So with all due respect to Jean, Alfred and Ken, stay out of their fight, this is theirs to work out, because, the truth whatever that may be will not bring peace to this planet. Instead of attacking we should be cooperating.

Where are the emails between Jean and Ken? Did she write to Ken first asking him about the post or how he obtained that information? She wrote to Alfred giving him her respect and admiration but did she write to Ken and ask where he got the information so they could work together to form the very Unity Consciousness that we all write about and want so much to happen?

Here is an example of cooperation between people with different views. I considered Jean my friend at the time, I’m going against everything I believe in by openly posting this email exchange, but I need  to prove my point, because many people are taking credit for exposing Neil yet I was writing about him in June 2014. I had my doubts about many including Neil in June even though I didn’t directly tell her because I know how she responds to anyone questioning her.  Here is my first email to her:

Ines Radman<>
to Jean

Hello Jean,  Synchronicity is happening to me on a daily basis now, it started monthly, weekly and now daily. This link below showed up in my face as I was doing some research. A few of my readers claim to have found my blog through and so I went there and discovered that Ken and I basically think the same and almost serve the same purpose. My purpose is to expose the false light teachers and to help people deal with truth after lets say, reading your blog. You’re exposing the truth to what is going on and I’m helping people deal/cope with that truth but also helping them discern the false light prophets.  Enough of that. So, I found this post on Neil. I have no opinion on this because I am not so well versed as to what is behind the work that Neil is doing, so, I want to know the following:
1. Are you aware of this post?
2. Are you still in contact with Neil?
3. Does Neil know about this post?
4. What do you feel or what is your opinion on this post?

It’s important to me Jean because I am forming a list of people that I am going to research and expose, Neil is not on that list nor do I see him being on it anytime soon because I just don’t know enough of this topic, but I sure would like to know what you have to say about all this, I trust you and your knowledge. This is just for my personal knowledge. If I ever decide to write anything about Neil, I would contact you first, so anything you say, stays between me and you.

​Much love and blessings,

So this is how I work with exposing truth, I contact the person or try to contact the person in question and ask them questions. The reality is, they sometimes do lead to questioning their information and wanting to do more research because if I already feel that something is not right with the answer or  get a NO answer, then there is reason they are either hiding something or not being honest.

At the time I respected Jean very much, and of course rather than just doing the expose after placing Neil on my list, I asked her first what she thought about that post. Sadly, that post is no longer there, I will contact Ken and ask him why it’s removed or has it maybe been archived, but it didn’t work for me today. I was lucky to find this email because I normally don’t keep them. This is what I did with Veronica Keen, with Kathryn E. May, with Anne DeHart to give them the opportunity to explain themselves before I chose to write about them. I target individuals that rely on donations from readers and I feel they need to justify why they need that money and what it is being used for; also, I would prefer that they had a page specifically listed for monthly accounting as to what was donated and from whom. This keeps us all honest.

The answer below is from Jean, at the time I was a regular reader and again asked her questions before I did anything. This is called cooperation, co-respect, co-unity regardless of our beliefs or what we think we know and it is with the cooperation that we should respond rather than insulting, calling each other names like little children fighting in the sandbox.

Response from Jean: ​On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 10:52 PM,
Jean Haines <> wrote:
1. I’ve been aware of this post, but never paid too much attention to it . . .
2. I’m in contact with Neil, but we are only now beginning to speak again a bit after our huge falling out. At this point in time, I simply can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. . . and I hope I’m a bit wiser than I was . . . I messaged with him today . . .
3. I don’t know if he knows about it . . .
4. It’s been put together by someone who has no knowledge of the subtleties and has little clarity in this situation. It is not factually based, but is built largely on innuendo and false reading of what was being said. . . . I know Neil, and he is NOT Illuminati. In fact, no one hates them, I sometimes think, as much as he does. . . This fellow apparently has watched one video and thinks he knows the whole story . . . and he really hasn’t a clue . . . this story has so many layers, angles, twists . . .
Neil is rough, tough, and so on. He is not a ‘suit, or as some would say a ’talking head’; in fact, he is what he is —like him nor not, which many today simply cannot abide. They want people sanitized because that is what the cabal has taught them to like . . .
He is very human and has made huge mistakes. He and I have serious differences, but I can tell you this is the man who will open those Accounts . . . there is no doubt in my mind . . .If you want my opinion, don’t waste your time going after Neil, Ines. He isn’t lily white, but he most certainly isn’t Illuminati!!
He’s brilliant and he was chosen by the Indonesian Elders through Ceremony . . . an experience I had to explain to Neil . . . he has their protection around him, as well as the DF’s . . . two very different kinds of protection, I admit . . . one off-world, and one definitely 3D.Hope this is helpful . . .

Hugs,~Jean –end of email

I often write that we must be examples of what we teach or suggest or believe in, we should be humble ourselves when we make mistakes, such as this blog tries to do through showing my mistakes, admitting and apologizing. We cannot attack one another while seeking redemption or humility, we must seek humility first and then cooperate with each other without allowing our Ego  to interfere or demand attention/fame or whatever your EGO is obsessed with. I don’t know who is right and I am not into this disseminating who did what,  so to even try to research would take time, but my point to all this ls:

WE can’t change our world without cooperation, it’s not about who is right or wrong, who is good or bad, it’s about how we treat each other in times when we disagree about something and this reality is the core/causal problem.  Instead of cooperating and working together, the EGO is still in control needs to prove itself correct even if that means insulting , attacking or hurting another human being.

So Jean, perhaps if you change the way you address your disagreements with people, you might find open cooperation is much more peaceful and productive. The very least I expected from you was to contact Ken about Alfred Webre and compare notes, if you have done that I apologize but you made no mention of it in your post.

Ken, keep sharing what you feel is your truth, we are all entitled to it, I have respected you for a long time, not because I feel you are right, but because you present the information/evidence in such a way that it allows the reader to choose whether they will believe it or, do their own research.

It’s irrelevant to me who is right, who the fuck cares what happened in the 70’s, we need to focus our energy and attention to NOW, this moment, this reality, how do we solve our problems now.

What the fuck does Carter and all that crap have to do with who we are today and how does that affect our NOW?

It’s irrelevant to me who is right or wrong because what these folks like Jean Haines and Alfred Webre are doing is not creating Peace, rather confusion to the masses because both claim to know what the truth is. It’s sad for me to see people like this behave in such a disrespectful manner, it’s sad that we „write“ about Unity Consciousness yet behave the opposite. So let it be what it must be, all 3 of you know your truth, stand by it and LIVE it. The „who done it“ shit is getting boring.

Can we start talking about SOLUTIONS on how to bring about PEACE on this planet? Without Peace nothing can happen. Peace has to be the foundation of our new world, without Peace we can’t move forward, so all you folks out there that are exposing the cabal, the elite, the Illuminate, the whatever else, we are TIRED of that shit already, we know who rules this planet, we know it’s fucked up, but we need leaders to show us the way to PEACE, not some savior God or Sananda landing here to save us. We need to ACT and not just write about it. Your excuse is that you are informing people, great, but who is going to do the work? If we are to create and become Unity Consciousness, instead of attacking in such disrespectful manner, we need to cooperate to get the truth together not compete with each other as to who will get it first. That just shows that you are operating from EGO and not from the heart. Align your heart with source and higher self and ask yourself how you would feel if someone did what you are about to do to someone else. Unity Consciousness starts with cooperation, working together towards the same goal. Our first goal must be Peace, nothing happens or moves until we have achieved Peace.

BE what you write about. Live your truth. Respect my truth. Disagree with respect. There is no need to attack to prove your point, that’s why we should cooperate together and find the information together.



  1. Real good article Ines!
    and hat tip to calling this Hainesgate!!!!
    almost choked on my coffee laughing at that.

    Jean defended Keenan in the same manner that she is Alfred.
    I wonder if she gets this and what the cost to her will be when she does?

    Keep up the good work Sis!



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