Your Relationship With Knowledge

Thus far We have spoken of Knowledge. We have given it the greatest value. Let Us now speak of it directly.

We must approach Knowledge from different vantage points because it is very great and expresses itself in many ways. You must then have an idea of its reality and its function as well.

Knowledge is your true Self, your true Being, your true existence beyond the physical and the mental. It is the part of you that is still part of God. And yet it is the part of you that is extending itself into your mental and physical life, which is the realm of thinking and doing. And yet Knowledge has a function, and in that it represents spiritual power through inner guidance. You carry this within you though you do not own it.

Knowledge within you is joined with Knowledge in others, so there is no separate Knowledge. There is no “your” Knowledge and “my” Knowledge. There may be your evaluation versus my evaluation. There may be your comprehension versus my comprehension.

But Knowledge itself is entirely uniform in all individuals, for this is the part of people that is already intrinsically and totally joined. It has a function because it has a purpose in the world. But beyond this function, it is pure experience, eternal and complete.

Through your Knowledge come all means for spiritual advancement, mental development and physical accomplishment because your Knowledge has purpose. It is the greater mind that speaks through your individual mind. And yet you are part of this, for it is your true Self, but it is not a Self that is apart from other Selves.

Therefore, in no way think that your higher Self is a separate Self. For Knowledge within you is joined with Knowledge in your Spiritual Teachers, who exist beyond the physical. It exists in potentiality in all minds in the world. As minds begin to awaken, their Knowledge is awakened and becomes far more active.

This is the essence of your inner guidance. And though you may receive messages from your Spiritual Teachers, it is your Knowledge that will guide you, for your Teachers speak to your mind, but your Knowledge exists within you already. For even in the separate state of the world, even in your own imagination, which can completely conceal you from life and conceal life from you, your Knowledge is with you.

You can only have genuine relationship with that with which you are truly joined. That is why you cannot have a genuine relationship with your ideas, your imaginings or anything you attempt to establish in the world to serve them, for what is unreal cannot be established and maintained. And the attempt to establish it and maintain it will engender all form of suffering, sacrifice and cost.

You who are used to suffering and sacrifice may first respond to this Teaching with that anxiety. But if you will receive but a small part of what We are preparing for you, you will learn quickly that you are immediately empowered, immediately confirmed, by what We are offering.

Your ideas may not be empowered and confirmed, your assumptions may be challenged, your engagements may be brought into question, but the very heart of you will begin to glow. And as it glows, it will permeate you. Then you will realize that you are not alone and that, in the universe of infinite objects, you are known.

Before thinking, there was Knowledge. After thinking, there will be Knowledge. Do not think that thinking then is useless. It is absolutely necessary because you have a mind. To think that thinking is useless would be like saying that moving your body is useless. You have a body; therefore, it must learn to move in a constructive way. You have a mind that must learn to think in a constructive way because you are living in a physical and mental reality.

Yet a Greater Reality of which you are a part wishes to express itself through you in the world that you may experience your own greatness and the greatness of others, and that you may extend the experience of Spiritual Family while you are in the world, that you may experience your Ancient Home while you are in the world and thus spark to awaken all minds that are still asleep.

This then is the mystery of Knowledge, for the ultimate contribution of one person to another is that one person’s Knowledge ignites another’s. Mysterious this is, beyond the comprehension of human thought. And yet, this is what gives human thought all its value, its purpose, meaning and direction. This is what gives human endeavor all purpose, meaning and direction. This is what makes temporary accomplishments have permanent value. This is what reclaims relationships in the universe.

As your Knowledge begins to be discerned, accepted and becomes a source of inner guidance for you, it will become ever more powerful, making it more and more difficult for you to make a mistake. As it becomes more powerful, it will stimulate other minds to open to Knowledge within themselves. This is the most immediate and natural form of teaching, though other forms of teaching are necessary to prepare for this, for minds must be prepared and bodies must be prepared for Knowledge.

You do not actually have a relationship with Knowledge because you yourself are Knowledge itself. But We are speaking of a “you” that you have not experienced yet, though you may have had momentary glimpses into the greatness of your inner life.

You could not be in the world and have a prolonged experience of Knowledge, but you do not need a prolonged experience of Knowledge. You only need to abide with Knowledge. For Knowledge has such power and magnitude that if it were prolonged in your experience, you would be unable to function in the physical.

That is why you are afraid of your Knowledge. You are also afraid of your Knowledge for you feel that it would undermine your plans and schemes, and preferred outcomes and preferred relationships, when in actuality it will only adjust everything to bring about harmony and happiness for you.

You must abide with Knowledge, and periodically you will experience its power. But as you abide with it, its influence will be cast upon you, and you will feel increasingly certain in what to do, where to go, who to be with, what to express, what to restrain, what to give, what to hold back, when to go, when to stop. And this will be natural knowing for you, for this natural knowing is an outward manifestation of Knowledge extending its influence upon your mind and through your mind upon your body.

All great actions then represent this. All great thinking represents this. All great contribution represents this.

Why does someone’s action last to inspire people generations beyond that person’s life? Why do a person’s words remain beyond their life span to inspire and encourage those who come later? Because they are imbued with Knowledge. Why does one person’s contribution continue to nourish life for years and years and years? Because it is imbued with Knowledge. Why do certain relationships end up being a source of provision, nourishment and inspiration for others? Because that relationship is imbued with Knowledge.

As your mind becomes more simple and direct, and therefore more powerful, Knowledge begins to shine through, for it is the Light you carry within you.

Knowledge thinks, but it does not think like your mind. It does not argue. It does not compare. It does not draw contrasts. It does not speculate. It does not imagine. It is quiet, and when it thinks, it knows. And when it knows, it acts.

Thus, it is in a state of peace and activity all at once, which is a state that you will have the opportunity to achieve while you are in the world. Its peace has no bottom, no end. It is fathomless. Its ability to inspire powerful action is without parallel in the world. Its ability to encourage creative or productive thinking is also without a second in the world.

Your experience of Knowledge is your experience of God. And it will arise within your relationships, for your relationships will prepare you for Knowledge if you are engaged with them properly. Your relationships are where you will see the effect and impact of your Knowledge, which is Knowledge itself.

As with relationships and all the other arenas that We have addressed thus far, you have many ideas about Knowledge—most of which are useless, some of which are dangerous. That is because experience has been replaced with ideas or idealism. We wish then to relieve you of your ideas if they are an impediment and to encourage those ideas that support you in the reclamation of your Knowledge.

Because Knowledge is the essence of all true accomplishment, happiness and relationship, it is therefore essential for you to reclaim. Here you have no option but to remain in confusion and uncertainty. Here your choices are limited and therefore very powerful and consequential. Here your choices are limited, and therefore you are in a position to choose with power and authority.

Only your Knowledge knows God. Only your Knowledge can be known by you. Your ideas can encourage you to move towards Knowledge, or they can discourage you and take you away from Knowledge. But they are not Knowledge itself.

There is no idea in the world that can contain Knowledge, but Knowledge contains all ideas of true benefit and value. You who seem so small in the world carry such a great possibility, carry such a great potency.

This is why We emphasize Spiritual Family, for Spiritual Family can ignite Knowledge in one another and therefore provide the context for true initiation into spiritual awareness and power.

If you could but see how essential this is for your happiness and well-being, you would in no way restrain yourself from the reclamation of Knowledge. For Knowledge cares for you, loves you and protects you; guides you towards proper engagement, steers you away from divisive or inappropriate engagement; encourages all constructive decision making, discourages all destructive behavior and thinking; honors all relationships and directs you towards those individuals with whom you must become engaged.

Knowledge ignites Knowledge. Thus, the man or woman of Knowledge is the most potent force in the world. Their contribution will be immediate, profound and lasting. Though their activities may be great, or very modest and mundane, everything they do will be imbued with Knowledge, and therefore they will demonstrate God’s Presence in the world.

When We speak of the greatness of Knowledge, therefore, do not think that We speak of your taking on a great role in the world. For Knowledge expresses itself in the most simple activity, in the simplest gesture, in the most mundane action, in the simplest life, in the most humble work. It is not what you do then. It is the experience that you convey by doing it.

You must learn then to desire Knowledge and develop a capacity for experiencing Knowledge. It is the same with meaningful relationship. You must develop a desire for it and a capacity for experiencing it.


Part of developing a capacity is releasing those things that occupy you now that prevent you from having this experience. For if you are already burdened with your own necessities, how can you possibly receive a new experience? If your mind is completely enslaved to its own judgments and unforgiveness, how can it possibly receive the experience of grace and happiness? If you are certain of what another is, how can you possibly experience their reality?

Thus, the reclamation of Knowledge is more an unlearning than a learning. It is more of giving up what is painful than acquiring new assets. It is entirely natural, so it does not deprive you of anything that is meaningful or useful. It is entirely natural, and therefore it does not require or depend entirely upon your self-control and self-development, though these things are necessary.

Knowledge gives you great power and authority in the world, but requires humility as well because you will always know that your mind is serving a greater power. And though you will be asked to exert far greater dominion over your body and your mind, you will know that they are in service to a greater power, which is beyond your control or definition. Thus, you are given all power and authority to become sovereign in your own domain. And yet, you see that your domain is to express a greater domain of which you are a part.

This, then, ends Separation because it ends the competition for power. For without God, you will try to be God. You will try to determine your needs and fulfill them. You will try to control your environment. You will try to control others to maintain your survival. You will try to change the world and the universe according to your preferences. You will try to exert your dominion over yourself. You will crucify yourself if you fail. You will give life and kill life according to your whims.

All activities are given great promise with Knowledge. All former errors are redeemed and given true direction with Knowledge. Knowledge is a living force within you. In fact, Knowledge is life within you. It is God within you. You are its first beneficiary. For Knowledge’s first exercise in your life is to bring harmony and balance in your life and to bring harmony and balance, therefore, in your relationships.

But the power of Knowledge, and the aim of Knowledge, is far greater. For your gifts that you have brought from your Ancient Home are not for you. They are for others. And it will take engagement with others to bring them forth from you, for alone you cannot gain access to them. They are like a hidden treasure within you, for which another holds the key. And likewise you hold the key for others’ treasures, for without you, they cannot find them themselves alone.

Knowledge abides with you at every moment, in every situation, every day, everywhere, and with everyone. As you learn to abide with Knowledge, as you are freed of your own condemnation and presiding thoughts, you will learn to have stillness. And with stillness, you will develop discernment, for you will be able to see and hear and use your body as an instrument of detection and an instrument of communication.

Instead of punishing your body to carry out the harsh thoughts of your mind, your body will become an instrument through which you may discern that which is genuine from what is unreal. You will be able to confirm what is truthful, and you will be able to bring healing into that which is divided.

It will be increasingly difficult to make a mistake with Knowledge as Knowledge becomes a more powerful force within your conscious awareness. Even unconsciously, Knowledge is exerting its influence on your behalf, guiding you in your decision-making and so forth.

Yet once you learn to accept Knowledge and to abide with Knowledge, its power becomes ever more manifest within you. You will see the outcome of relationships before you start. You will know if you should initiate relationships with others. You will discern a healthy productive relationship with the world. You will begin to learn the difference between fear and caution, for fear is the projection of negative imagination upon the world, whereas caution is merely the awareness that an error can be made—entirely different experiences they are from one another.

You need caution but not fear, for caution will not exasperate your mind or undermine your Knowledge in any way. It a healthy approach to the world, for it is the approach with discernment and awareness.


Therefore, seek Knowledge within yourself, seek Knowledge in your relationships with others, seek Knowledge in your relationship with the world, and all these things will give Knowledge to you in return and show you the difference between Knowledge and everything that masquerades as Knowledge, and show you the difference between Knowledge and everything that is a cherished belief.

For Knowledge and thinking must be distinguished. Though productive thinking emanates from Knowledge, it can in no way compete for it in power or authority. For your thinking is peculiar to you, but Knowledge is shared by all.

Thus, the greatest contribution is imbued with Knowledge. Whether it is a thought, a physical creation; whether it is a form of art or science; whether it is a social or political establishment, it will be imbued with Knowledge.

A life that becomes imbued with Knowledge is a life that shines forever in the world. This is Christ-hood. This is the life of a man or a woman whose Knowledge begins to shine into every aspect of their endeavor, their mental life and their physical life. They have been fully ignited.

There are no great individuals, but there are great relationships, for the ignition of Knowledge and the emanation of Knowledge only happens in relationship. Think not an individual can be great. An individual can only be great in the context of relationship, for there are only great relationships.

You are great because of the extent of your relationship with another, but you are truly great because of your relationship with your Spiritual Family, and you are ultimately great because of your relationship with God.

As We proceed on in Our book, We will illustrate the many ways in which Knowledge expresses itself, and We will illustrate as well the many ways in which you can begin to cultivate Knowledge within yourself by learning to discern Knowledge from your preferential thinking, and by learning to allow Knowledge to serve you in every instance, which it wills to do.

You will see, then, as We proceed that the answer is within you already. It only requires that you have meaningful engagement with others to bring the answer forth. It will also show you why you cannot find the truth on your own, why you cannot find your spiritual reality on your own, why you cannot answer the question of who you are and why you are here on your own, but only through meaningful engagement with others can these things be known and these questions be answered.

This will ultimately give harmony, balance and comprehension to your life in the known and will speak of your relationship with the unknown, which is the greater arena of relationship beyond your current sphere, which waits for you beyond this world.

For to comprehend the value of your destiny, even if you cannot comprehend your destiny itself, will give you all encouragement, for you are working towards something of the greatest magnitude. To know this will give you all courage in the world, for in no way can the world deprive you of that which is great.


All Bets are Off – We’re On Our Own

This is a must listen to interview. Mr. Marshall basically supports and confirms everything I write about in terms of who controls, who is visiting and helping. Most of all, the messages that he gets are what I write about: Nobody is going to come to help us because are have not yet matured enough, we have not done enough to change our reality and because the rules are of non-interference. Although we are getting help indirectly by giving us information and helping us understand; we will not receive physical help because we don’t need it. We created this reality and we are going to change it when enough of us realize this. It’s well worth listening to. I can’t say I believe what he is saying because I haven’t picked up anything on this person yet, but it does seem logical and I feel what he is saying.

Beautiful Images of a Beautiful and Self-Sufficient Life

Many of you have asked to see photos of my Cannabis plants so at the same time show you what I do everyday when not in house.
I’m very fortunate to have the life that I have and I so much appreciate it because I lived in Vancouver B.C. most of my life and have come to appreciate this opportunity to thrive and be healthier than I ever was before. Anyone that wants to come and visit Croatia is welcome to be a guest at my  house.

Organic Garden
To the forefront you will see the young Cannabis plants and towards the back in the big barrel.
Organic Garden 2017
Young onions and Chinese Cabbage.
Indica sativa mix though mostly Indica strains. I’m waiting for the males to mature so I can pull them out and make some oil before they start forming pollen sacks.
Cannabis in barrel. 4 plants and they are only 2 months old.
Tomatoes, cucumbers and butternut squash all together in harmony.
Expansion to the front of house. After 9 years, finally getting the front edible garden. I have several plants germinating: Moringa, Noni, Goji berries, various berries including Peruvian berries.
Early spring addition of 2 wood frames and one keyhole frame from blocks.
This is Orgonite that I use to protect my home from dangerous frequencies. The left device is called an Orgonite Zapper. By holding on to the copper, we can clear ourselves with negative frequencies. I also place these Orgone devices outside in my garden.
To the left you will see a hoop system. English call it a Cloche, once plastic is placed on it it’s called a hoop house. I use it for netting to keep the hot Mediterranean sun from burning leafy vegetables.
A panoramic view of my village on the island of Solta that I live in. The main coast is only 40 minutes by ferry.

Cannibalism and Hollywood

The Cold Colony -2013 Movie. Last night I watched this movie. Rarely do I watch movies unless the subject matter interests me and there is no violence. This was a climate change subject therefore, it peaked my interest and naively thought there would be no violence. Worse, it was about Cannibalism. After watching the movie, it led me to think about a lot of things. This is a prospect that might face us. What did I learn from this movie that might help me prepare for an Ice Age? But, Cannibalism was on my mind. As a psychologist, I’m always studying human behavior and always trying to learn what causes us to do things that are not for our own benefit or for the benefit of all others.

For starters, after the shock and trauma of learning your planet just froze over and food has run out, things can get pretty hairy. It’s not a nice topic but it’s interesting because Cannibalism isn’t intrinsic of human behavior. People have gone to extremes buy eating each other  in Hollywood movies and is a rare conscious event in reality.
Let’s put aside tribes, indigenous people that have remained in their original form of religion or culture. This doesn’t excuse them for Cannibalism but their beliefs and way of life were probably founded on Mythology like sacrificing humans to the gods.

I’m talking about the part of humanity that understands killing and eating another human is not acceptable. Why is it that Hollywood depicts such horrific behavior? In this movie, technology was used to manipulate the climate, it backfired and started snowing and never stopped. People were forced to go underground as the entire planet was covered in ice. These colonies that survived underground had to battle with other colonies, living in distrust, having to live to certain rules like if someone got sick they were immediately placed in quarantine and tested. If they had a bacteria or virus/fungus they were killed. In this circumstance it would seem inhumane, but I can understand why? An entire colony of 50 people can die, isn’t survival of the species what we are about?

You really should watch the movie even though it doesn’t really show details on how they survive in deep silos and bunkers, it’s a war between man and man. Living together closely and sharing resources seems like an ideal commune, but it’s not.

So, like in every story and movie, a few colony members respond to a radio SOS and when they arrive after a few days of walking, find out and see that this colony was attacked by Cannibals. In trying to run back to their own colony, a few of them die and in time they are traced back because of footprints in the snow. These human Cannibals are portrayed as light/white skinned sharp teeth males. Like a sick Norwegian or Nordic or something. Why don’t they show dark or yellow skinned Cannibals?

The point of this is Cannibalism and how often it’s depicted in movies as a condition of human behavior when things go wrong.

As a psychologist, I was taught that humans becomes what they experience or dwell on for too long in their mind. Our behaviors are conditioned by events, circumstances, nutrition, parental upbringing and once we start school, we are exposed to more people and programming. In other words, psychology teaches us that if you are born and grow up in a normal healthy environment, you will grow up to be a normal human adult. If this is the case, then we have to assume that these Cannibals in the movie had a rotten childhood or bad nutrition, therefore, had no problem eating human flesh. But they didn’t just eat the flesh, they KILLED first. What’s the difference between murder and Cannibalism? Huge difference but I will talk about that later.

It’s rare that you will hear or read about such things in our societies except if they are mentally ‘challenged’. Why do they constantly portray humans after experiencing trauma to become Cannibals? When one colonist asked Sam why people do this, he responded by saying that people do all kinds of things to survive. Well, this is not true, because this group was not prevalent from non-cannibals. It can’t be the reason, but then movies never give the ‘psychological’ reason why humans eat human flesh. There is none. Have you ever met a human meat eater? I haven’t.

In the siege of Stalingrad during 1935 – 1945; a city of approx. 300,000 people; in total civilians and soldiers an estimated 1.9 million people died. Stalingrad drops below -20C in winter and this meant that 5 winters passed during this war and siege. People froze in the streets, mothers were cooking leather belts and bottom of shoe soles with snow as soup. There were frozen bodies all over the place yet there has not been a recorded event that someone stripped meat of a frozen body or that anyone ate another human. Russians died of malnutrition and hunger but never ate human meat. In old documentaries you will see residents picking away at the ice on the streets outside looking for soil or sand or rock to boil if they had wood. The entire city was stripped of wood because people needed to stay warm. We’re talking about 5 winters, yet not one event of cannibalism was reported.

Currently in Yemen with thousands of people dying from malnutrition and starvation, they’re not eating each other. Hollywood will have you believe that when man gets desperate for food that he could eat a human. This isn’t true and has no scientific basis behind it nor does it show up in psychology or psychiatry as a deranged human condition just because someone is hungry.

In Syria, it’s estimated that some 300,000 people have been killed. I don’t separate soldiers, terrorists and civilians. 14 million ran for their lives escaping death and hunger but I haven’t read or heard about cannibalism. In Iraq from 2003 to today, an estimated 790,000 people have died.

Do I need to count the countless deaths, poverty, hunger and disease across the African continent, among the most impoverished countries of India, Bangladesh, Cambodia. How about Mexico and parts of South America? Do you read or hear about people eating each other?

Yes, there are rare instances where it does happen but even when faced with imminent death, people do not even ‘think’ about killing their own species because it’s not genetically imprinted into us just as the entire living organism systems on this planet.

Lions don’t eat lions, dogs don’t eat dogs unless they are sick but in general it’s not a natural progression because if it was imprinted into our genome, we would all be dead as a civilization. Are we not bad enough just through the act of killing each other?

It’s only Hollywood programming us to behave that way; it’s just one of their numerous agendas of implanting this thought/behavior that will help the Masters in a way that we will kill each other off if and when times come that we are left with no food or water. The imprint is saying: “It’s ok to eat human flesh even kill a human if you need to survive. Someone has to do it so it might as well be you”.

We are descendants of at least 12 different races, our original design was imprinted with LOVE and we are created and designed with the love frequency.

Have you ever seen a happy Cannibal? Have you seen a ‘normal’ human eat human flesh?  Hollywood created soulless humans that have gone mad and for that reason become Cannibals. It’s pure fiction, false programming but intentional to turn us against each other.

There is no pscyhological profile on a Cannibal, but in my opinion it’s no different or worse than killing another human being.

In 1980 alone, over 15 movies were made about Cannibalism. The list below is only a fraction of the films from Hollywood but if you look at the dates, the programming starts in the 70’s.

The Cannibal Holocaust 1980; The Green Inferno 2013; Ravenous 1999; Cannibal Ferox 1999; The Silence of the Lambs 1991; Jungle Holocaust 1977; Cannibal Diner 2012; We Are What We Are 2013; Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974; The Cannibals 1980; Alive 1993; Wrong Turn 2003; Cannibal Apocalypse 1980; Parents 1989; Eaten Alive 1980; Eating Raoul 1982; Motel Hell 1980; Hannibal 2001; Cannibal Girls 1973; We’re going to Eat You 1980; Man From Deep River 1972; Grimm Love 2007; Soylent Green 1973; Hannibal Rising 2007; Manhunter 1986; Devil Hunter 1980; The Green Butchers 2003; Cannibal Terror 1981; White Slave 1985; Cannibal 2013; Blood Feast 1963; The Road 2009; Zombie Holocaust 1980.

I watched the movie Alive 1980 a year after it came out. I remember very clearly that when the soccer team crashed into the Andes mountains that a few died from freezing and hunger and it was only when it was obvious that they would not be saved or would survive did they ‘dare’ cut some strips of meat from their teammates and it was done with such excruciating thoughts and conscience. I think they argued for days on this subject but eventually justified it as them being dead, therefore, in order for them to survive and tell their story, they had no other choice.

Do you see the pattern of how the movies start in the 70’s? Yes, there are a few before that, but very few and it becomes obvious that this programming was intentional. The earlier movies basically showed humans at their end and with a very heavy conscience trying to survive. The 70’s start changing the Cannibal character by being bad, mad, crazy and inhuman. Today, most people can watch these moving without flinching because they have achieved the de-sensitization of murder and flesh eating.

I said that killing and cannibalism are different. Yes, in my opinion they are. It’s easier to eat human flesh than it is to kill because our conscience/ego tells us that we have not taken a life, and since the body is dead we can justify eating meat. I’m talking about conscience and people found in situations such as the Soccer team crashing in the Andes Mountains. But where is the limit to this? The Cannibals in the movie I watched last night are depicted as crazy and deranged but people did manage to survive and live together, therefore, these guys didn’t have to go rogue. They were just imprinted into the movie without explaining why they became like they did. The movie will have you believe it’s the mystery of human nature and that some go crazy.

Killing is taking another life. I’m always arguing with my Catholic friends when they talk about the war  and how soldiers were justified in killing to defend their country. The 10 commandments are very clear: 1. Do NOT Kill.

Their gods don’t say “don’t kill except when you need to defend yourselves”. Their god didn’t want you to kill because they needed every human alive. It was for their benefit that they didn’t want you to kill. Think about it. These gods killed whenever they wanted to. They ordered the death of newborns. They killed those that didn’t follow their instructions. Yet, they ordered man not to KILL. They didn’t want to keep creating new Adams so it was for their benefit that they created these laws.

Killing is not a human trait nor is it imprinted into our psyche. But the EGO comes with the body we choose to occupy, the EGO influences the brain/mind to act because to the EGO, killing is protection from the death of body and EGO. Ego wants to live.

So, this is my opinion only, I long stopped practicing Psychology because it wasn’t designed to help humans. It was just another system to keep humans entrapped into their own miseries. When I need to follow a certain protocol and charge my clients to visit me for years, I don’t consider that helping anyone. In the end, they might understand why they behave or think in a certain way, but the heart condition doesn’t change. We want to change the heart condition, this was kept from us and is still kept from Psychologist or mental experts because the mind can’t be erased and re-programmed so easily. The Heart must first FEEL and then it will get transferred to the brain/mind as ‘reality’.

I may or may not be right, but when judging something, judge it through logic and possibility and not based on what someone else said. That’s all education is. It’s based on someone’s experiences and theories that we are forced to remember, pass a test and get a piece of paper making us ‘qualified’  for the job. That’s all we become. A piece of paper living in a construct and illusion. I got tired of being stuck in that box and decided to start thinking outside the box. What I needed 5 years to help someone in the past, I can now do it in 5 minutes. Not only 5 minutes but I have taught my client how to heal their own selves and empower them with techniques and tips to get better.

If you really can’t stay away from Hollywood programming, try to at least avoid the violence; it’s a frequency input into your brain remember that.

Who Do You Blame?

On August 18th this year, it will have been 13 years since I returned back to Croatia. For those that have just started following this blog, I’m a child of immigrants. My parents immigrated to Canada when I was a baby. Although I visited here and there over the years, I wasn’t prepared for moving here.
I was living a comfortable life in a Low Income apartment in the most expensive part of Vancouver called Yaletown. My diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, Congenital Scoliosis, and all of the symptoms that come with the syndrome. I was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1999 and my final wish was that WHEN I beat the cancer that I would return back to Croatia. Medical doctors told me I had maybe 18 months to live. I turned to my doctor and said: “How dare you decide how long I am going to live”. I turned to Chinese Medicine and was in remission in 5 months, it took another few years to regenerate the liver but here I am, still going strong and better than ever.

During this decision to move back to Croatia, (google: The Island of Solta; this is where I was born and live now),  the Canadian Government had lost my citizenship and would only issue me a passport for 30 days and I had to lie to them that my mother in Croatia was very ill. There was an urgency to this move yet to this day I can’t explain what it was. I closed down the apartment, took a few thousand dollars in cash and 2 suitcases without even knowing what was awaiting me. I just knew everything would be ok. It was.

This background was necessary in order for you to understand what I am about to write. Despite the fact that I grew up in a Croatian culture and knew the language, nothing prepared me for this move. It was like I was in Nigeria or West Kongo, a third world country. If you look at the countries that are majority catholic, you will find most of these countries are poor nations.

But I found myself very quickly, despite my cousins telling me life was difficult, that I would never find a JOB, that I was too old, blah blah. Within 3 weeks I had rented an apartment, put out my massage table and was very busy with clients.

The information is so abundant about our history and creation yet there is really nothing in writing in ONE place or book, just bits and pieces of trillions of signs and words found on paper, stone, leather, caves, caverns, archeological artifacts etc. Keep in mind, language was only formed maybe 5000 years ago, about the time we were genetically modified again. Up to that time period, we were telepathic and didn’t need language or writing, thus symbols were used to record events. This information that we are still seeking is scattered all over the globe just like humanity is. It’s purposely done to confuse us but without language, the society that communicated telepathically didn’t need to write down anything and I doubt they ever thought about the possibility that one day they may not be able to communicate that way.

As I have written many times before, it’s no longer important to know all the details about our past (if you believe in linear time), it’s no longer important to understand why and how we got here, it doesn’t change our future. We are in unprecedented times, times that other worlds and universes have gone through already. These times should be used to find solutions for Peace. Knowing all the details such as names of gods or ancient cities isn’t going to change what we have to do.

Once we free ourselves from this Matrix and interlope into the New Earth, we can then come up to speed with what really happened.

We are imprisoned here. I guess it doesn’t really matter who imprisoned us as much as why. We are a danger to other civilizations whose populations have already gone through what we are experiencing now and they don’t want our disease of violence spreading.

We’re immature and unsuited to join any galactic federations and worlds until we achieve peace and learn to live peacefully among each other. No other world/reality/universe will allow us in and or allow us out.

Consider yourself as a foster parent, Social Services presents you with a potential child, a teenager who had just completed mental rehabilitation and now needs a family to help him. He had killed his parents and siblings but because he was mentally unstable, he got away without confinement and given an opportunity to live a normal life. Supposedly he is now fine and carries no risks of violence. Would you take this child in? I doubt it. This child will always have the potential to kill again because nobody really knows what triggers violence so we just blame the brain or drugs. You will never know if you will wake up alive at any given day.

Humanity is like this teenager, only humanity hasn’t stopped killing and it’s not showing any signs of it either. Humanity has to undergo a period of rehabilitation as well and then more time after that to ensure it won’t revert to killing anymore.

Many people of the multiverses value and love us because we carry their genetics, because they are our ancestors but they will not and can’t approach us until we stop killing each other. Until we realize who we are, until we free ourselves from our Masters and Gods there will be no other solution, no compromises because spreading violence is not an option and blaming our Masters isn’t going to get us any points.

These prophetic events taken from the bible actually never happened. They will never happen because it’s already happened in another reality. There is no future or past, there are simply multidimensional realities. If you read the bible you will not find any dates so we really don’t know when those stories took place or if they took place at all.

The opening of the Red Sea as Moses passed through with his people is supposed to be a polar shift event. According to Marshall Masters. How does he know this?

The religious leaders and their followers want you to believe that god created earth just several thousand years ago yet it’s undeniable beyond any doubt that this planet is at least 4 billion years old. If the planet is over 4 billion years old, how do we not know the text in Genesis in creation was not 4 billion years ago?

“Let US make man in our own image”. – Genesis . This means that one entity spoke to another and that MAN already existed. This written fact alone should leave any Christian scratching their heads because at the beginning of the Chapter, there is no date to indicate when this may have happened because time wasn’t constructed when aliens/annunaki came to Earth and took control of humanity. Based on Genesis alone, we can presume that everything else in the bible is bullshit, half truth, mythology, invented stories; anything but facts. Based on Genesis alone, it’s obvious that anyone actually believing the gods mentioned in the bible are gods that we should worship are in denial.

I get that, if you have given away all your power to god your entire life and then someone tells you it’s a big lie; you’re going to go into shock and denial if you accept the lie as truth, you now have to backtrack and figure out who you are.

Don’t get me wrong. I know Creator/Source exists. I just don’t believe in religions and the bible, it’s crap, at least most parts of it are.

I live in a Catholic society. In fact, I have yet to meet a fellow Croatian that doesn’t consider themselves as Catholics first and then Croatians. All of these people that believe in this god live a horrible life.

You will now understand my frustration because I lived in Canada most of my life and studied Buddhism, so returning to Croatia was a shock to me, I wasn’t prepared for the state of mind of these people. They suffer constantly because they believe fate and destiny determine whether they will get a job, get sick, lose a child or die from Cancer. Do you believe me when I say that when a child of their’s dies they claim God wanted their child for an angel? Are you kidding me? They actually don’t see the cruelty of this god that he would take their child away because he needs more angels. As if their God can’t create new angels, but he has to take your child away? As if their God needs angels to wash his dishes and answer his phone.

I don’t know any Catholic that is happy and content with their lives. They live in a poverty consciousness state spiritually, mentally and physically. If the sun is out, they complain it’s too hot. If it rains they complain about it being wet. They believe that suffering is part of the human condition; that Christ suffered for them so they too must suffer. If Christ suffered for them, then why do they need to suffer back? Nothing goes as planned for them and they’re constantly complaining about something in life and blaming god or giving him credit when something good happens.

I just can’t imagine living like that, or feeling like that. Feeling helpless and waiting for god to decide what my life is going to be like. They don’t ask why a good person gets Cancer. They don’t ask why a young child dies from Cancer. They don’t question their god why nothing goes right for them. They don’t understand their god; yet they worship him. I really tried to put their state of mind aside and form friendships. Although I did manage to find some like minded people; I have in essence isolated myself. They are not the problem. I am their problem. They see me as some weirdo or maybe they are asking themselves how come everything goes well in my life and yet I don’t go to Church.

I openly tell them I don’t believe in their god. I refuse to walk into their churches, but I respect their beliefs and respect the holidays. I have been here for 13 years, people still call on Christmas and Easter to wish me happy holidays knowing I don’t believe in their God. They don’t respect my spiritual beliefs, in fact they don’t even ask me what they are.

I have tried to find a name for these people. Zombies might be appropriate because they don’t think for themselves. They will accept whatever an authority such as a priest or pope and TV tells them. I wonder, have they ever questioned why god doesn’t answer their prayers? I tell them it’s because he can’t manage 7 billion people all at once, he’s old and has to walk with a cane, he simply may not be able to get to them.

I think the worse thing I hear is when a patient gets off the massage table and I say: “You’re going to be just fine”. They respond with: “If god allows it”. I go nuts. I really do. I sit them down and feel I’m obligated to help them out of that mindset because it doesn’t help them with healing, they keep coming back and it gets expensive for them. I tell them that God has nothing to do with their choice of getting better. They need to stop using god as an excuse and take responsibility for their life and health.

They don’t understand this concept. In one way they live a life of not having to make any decisions, they just wait on god to get a job or get well or die quickly. On the other hand, they walk around like Zombies not having a clue why they are here, what their purpose is in life. This has to be most severe form of suffering or loss of identity but to them it’s normal, they don’t know any better.

I have yet to meet a happy, prosperous and healthy Croatian. They have given all their power to these alien gods, and I now know why I was compelled to return and help them, I just haven’t figured out how yet and this is when I started the blog 4 years ago, but I wasn’t comfortable with the Croatian language so I started to write in English.

Maybe now you can have a better understanding of what it’s like living in a foreign country. This country is foreign to me; although I love it very much and returning to your roots does have benefits, it’s like I’m living in a different reality and maybe that’s my problem. I AM living in another reality; in the new one while they have stayed in the old paradigm. Maybe I need to come to terms with that and accept it. Maybe trying to change their state of mind isn’t what I need to do. Maybe just being me is enough for them to see how happy a person can be when they live from the heart, when they know their Creator loves them, when all mistakes we make are our own and we can fix them easily. When they realize that they are eternal, immortal, filled with light, powerful and loved by Creator. Today, I’m feeling sad because of their condition. Life is so much more than worrying about what god might do today. Life is GOD; it resides in us, we are part of it, we leave from god space and return to it each time we complete a lesson or experience. I can’t imagine losing someone I love and then blaming God for taking them away from me. How horrible is that ?

Another So Called Nibiru Myth

So here is your typical bible thumping, pre and post tribulation version of Planet X. Since George Noory is part of the system, any guests that he invites to his show also follow an agenda to mislead and misguide.
I have listened to this video in parts because I listened to Marshall Masters and L.A. Marzulli for years and know christian ideology. That’s all he’s got. He believes in the bible, he believes in the tribulation. His god is a wrathful god that is going to send Nibiru to destroy humanity.

There is NO scientific evidence that this planet exists let alone that it is coming our way. Marshall bases his opinions on the bible, on Zecharia Sitchin’s work, on Gil Broussard’s work.

He keeps reminding the listener that the signs are there and that Jesus warned his apostles when the end would come. According to Jesus, we would know the end was near when we witnessed earthquakes, volcanoes, wars and rumors of wars. Well folks, none of the events listed have never existed. In other words we have had earthquakes, volcanoes, plenty of wars and plenty of rumors of wars. He’s warning folks to stock up on food, to connect the dots and stop watching YT videos because they aren’t fact. I would love to see some fact from Marshall though. In other words, his opinions are based on many assumptions, prophesies, other researchers and signs of things to come although for the life of me, I can’t see how the volcano at Naples can be a sign of anything.

I personally don’t feel there is a planet that is going to cause us harm unless the timelines are shifted for that to happen. In other words, we have to want this to happen and seriously, I doubt any normal human being wants Nibiru to pass our way. And even if it does exist, even if it does come into Earth’s orbit, how do we know what the effects will be? We have a bigger chance of being hit with CME then a phantom planet nobody can photograph despite all of the telescopes around the planet and in the solar system taking images of distance universes and galaxies.

His solution when Planet X comes by? Dig a hole and hide underground otherwise you’re dead!
The only thing left to ask Mr. Masters is this: “What is your motive for presenting information that you can’t back up with hard evidence? Could it be money?”

I think the biggest mistake that Marshall makes is literally just “assuming” things will happen the way he believes and if you listen to the video, you will notice how callers ask questions about safe zones and Marshall actually gives advice on where it could be safe. Are you kidding me? Without any empirical evidence or scientific evidence; he has used the bible as his foundation of information and based on this information created his own ideology. There are no dates in the bible. Dates were attached and given hundreds of years later trying to determine what the timeline was. If we don’t know the true date of events in the bible; how do we know we are even on the same timelines?

I find it amazing. It’s like someone never having finished medical school or better yet, never went to medical school and yet opens a medical practice and treats patients.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he’s wrong or that his information is wrong. I’m saying NOBODY knows what we will create; god has nothing to do with this, at least our true Creator and not the 2 alien gods in Genesis. So, Marshall actually believes that god or gods in Genesis is the one we should worship? I have a lot of questions, as always with people that just string information together and make claim to fame. Just my 2 cents worth.

You can get his free PDF book here:

Two Earths

Note from InesI find the article below highly enlightening,  For some readers, this information may be hard to absorb, as it deals with a multidimensional spiritual universe.  Dolores Cannon presented similar information. I also find this information fairly consistent with the Ra Material, The Law of One. I might even add that I could be Alloya in another reality because I feel that she went into my energy/mind and plucked out this information. This is proof and evidence that we are all connected and often can’t understand how we can have the same information yet have never met each other. 

Source: A Journey Through The Multidimensional Self | b

There are currently in this space that we find ourselves in, two Earths. Two Earth realities. One reality is the old reality and one the new. The old Earth is still battling light against dark, stuck in polarity. This world is full of pain, suffering and negativity. When you watch the television or read your main stream media newspapers it is all too evident that this Earth is suffering. The humans which live in this world are experiencing war, hatred and pain. They are not the only ones who are suffering , the Earth itself is going through huge traumas , the animal kingdoms, plant and even the devic kingdoms are suffering along with Gaia in her old world expression. It would seem by looking upon this world it is doomed, to suffer.

The new world, the new Earth reality is only just being born. It began its gestation period during the year of 1999. Even though this reality was designed from the very beginnings of creation, it was only conceived during this year. There were many who were present at this tremendous moment in Earth’s history, some of them were aware of what was occurring, others did not. However they all took up their positions at the moment of conception and held the energy of all the dimensions in place, as the light impregnated the dark soil of Gaia’s body. This was the time of the Great Solar Eclipse. This was a trigger moment which was the pivotal turning point.

Previous to this time, many had been preparing, some of us had even travelled forward in time to experience this New Planet reality, to be able to hold the possibility of it occurring in the cells of our bodies. Those of us who travelled forward in time, brought back with us in energetic coding the possibility to create New Planet reality. We had this coding in the cells of our bodies and emanated it out into our auric fields. This emanation acted like a transmission of information, so all that came close to our fields had the ability to interact with this transmission and decide for themselves, whether they wished to enter this new Earth reality, when it did indeed manifest.

For the next few years after the conception of New Planet coding into the fertile soil of Gaia’s body, many came to those of us who held this coding, wishing to know more, whether consciously or unconsciously. Many needed to address all that stood in their way to creating the right energy matrix to be added to the pattern or matrix which New Planet Gaia was creating. Those of us, who were healers, had many clients, as wave after wave of Souls incarnate wished to heal, balance and over come their karma, to be able to move into this New Earth reality. Light workers and healers alike were very busy. We were so busy with both our healing of others and also ourselves we did not notice that quietly Gaia was growing inside her dark womb a completely New Planet reality.

For the years that followed it almost seemed that nothing was occurring , we worked with guides to channel and bring forward information that would aid others in their healing , many teachers stepped up and took their positions , we were full of hope and looked forward to our golden futures. The work was not without reward but it was hard indeed, many of those who we wished to help did not come forward, they were choosing to stay in the old reality and therefore many of us had to painfully let go of loved ones and family members. This is a freewill planet and there are those who are choosing to move into New Planet and there are those who are not. It is hard from the place of our human nature to let go of those who are not choosing to come with us, into new planet, we wanted to hold on to them. We even got angry and frustrated when those who were deaf did not want to hear and those who were blind did not want to see. Many of those who were choosing to stay in the old world had travelled through many lifetimes with us, we were karmically bound. It took some time to finally free ourselves from these binds.

At this point we were tired indeed and for many of us who had taken our positions up at the first call, rested, some of us even thought we had lost our way. I myself gave up travelling, and teaching seminars and went to rest in India. Many of us found ourselves back in what we thought were old planet professions and it almost seemed as if we were not doing our mission anymore. I know for myself I felt that deciding to settle in one place and take up a normal everyday job was somehow me failing at my mission. Little did I know that this was meant to be, I needed the rest, I needed to move off the stage and allow the next phase of actors to take up the play. I needed to anchor to Gaia and find my place and root myself to her body, to stabilise myself for what was to come.

For a few years it seemed that not much had changed in the world and the momentum of the wave of consciousness had somehow dissipated. Then all of a sudden a ripple of energy passed through the collective consciousness of mankind and the next wave of light workers took up their positions. These light workers were not so focused on healing, they were focused on truth. This was the time of 9.11.

This is an encoded event. Now from one perspective we all know it is the dark cabal which did this and what followed was the most appalling crime against humanity. The New World Order first came into light at this time. There were of course lots of people who believed the lies of the dark cabal and moved into fear. For those of us who had eyes to see and intuition functioning, we all knew exactly what was going on. It is now in this time becoming more and more mainstream knowledge. From another perspective it is encoded event. Not only did the dark cabal recognise this as a sign, to them obviously empowering evidence that their plan was going ahead, but for me it was also a triggered encoded event which my Soul had been waiting for.

I was in Germany at the time, staying with friends. I had gone for a walk with my girlfriend and when we walked back into the house; her husband was crying and watching the TV. She asked what was wrong and he explained that the Twin Towers been attacked. As he said this the TV showed the footage. She broke down in tears too and held him; I however rushed to the toilet. I needed to hide myself because I was having the most incredible energy rush and strange and unexpected reaction to this event. I was rushing with excitement. I wanted to jump up and down with ecstasy. Every cell in my body was tingling and all I could keep saying in my head was “this is it we are going to new Planet”. All the time I was having this experience I could see images flooding my mind’s eye. I saw the towers as the two poles of polarity. I saw them fall and with them the prison of polarity fell with them. I saw the Earth split in between the two towers and I knew the two Earth realities had been made possible for humanity as a whole. It would be up to every individual to decide which reality they were going to stand in. I also had the image of the dollar sign. It looked like a snake with two bars like the bars of a prison trapping and confining and controlling the snake. The snake is the snake of creation, of Gaia, it is the ability to manifest, and it has been controlled and trapped for all this time. Now with the bars of the prison falling the snake of all creation would be free.

I returned to my friends and pretended to be concerned as they were, not to appear too strange but all the time I wanted to tell them not to worry this was the start of much change, and eventually we would go to new planet. From this time a new wave of Souls took up their positions to hold the energy of truth. Finding out that the dark cabal and the American government had done this evil deed made people start to ask questions about what else they had done without us knowing. So we started to demand the truth. We are seeing this in our time right here and now. All over the world people are waking up, taking up their positions. They are demanding truth, weeding out every little bit of hidden information they can find. This wave of truth is raising higher and higher everyday.

Truth is a high energy which when it comes into contact with a low energy, it stirs up things. You can see this happening in the world in both your personal lives and in the world globally. As the energy of truth comes into contact with the dark which is present on this planet it agitates the dark, makes the dark react in its worst expression. The dark forces which have ruled and dominated this world for thousands of years are for the first time feeling threatened. They had become complacent, they have become arrogant, thinking their evil and dark agendas would never be realised and stopped. They thought there was nothing to challenge them. Now they are feeling the energy of truth coming on to the planet, they are indeed feeling threatened. I have seen this process many times in my healing work both in seminars and individual healings.

The process which I use and teach is based in this fundamental concept that truth agitates the dark. A low energy and a high energy cannot exist in the same space, so if you call in the higher energy of truth and allow it to sit in the same space, as the dark low energy, it will call all that is not in truth to the surface to be healed. Once this healing is complete then the truth has space in which to anchor. This healing goes on inside the cells of the body, raising the very frequency. The Earth is in the middle of this process. The light workers on the planet are channelling the truth frequency into the darkest places. It is agitating the dark; the dark cabal who rule this planet are feeling for the first time, disempowerment. They are not used to this, they are being backed into a corner and that is why they are reacting and laying down even more restrictive and binding rules and laws. They are trying to take away others free will. This is only part of the process it will continue for some time but eventually the truth will bring all that has been hidden to the surface and a great healing will occur. You are seeing this also reflected in Gaia. She is shifting, with Earth quakes, volcanoes, storms and many other Earth changes. These times in which we live can be challenging but it is not to be feared. Hold the truth that is all you are supposed to do, let this energy bring to the surface all that is to be healed

Many light workers say just hold love, and even though love is indeed needed, it is not the only way. We need to stir things up, get people talking about all that has been hidden. For some of us truth warriors we need to be strong and challenge other people’s outdated paradigms. This is not an easy task as many react with fear and anger; many would rather attack the messenger. Stand strong in your truth, be in truth with love and respect but do not falter.

You can see this phenomenon in the protests which are arising all over the planet. Many are waking up; the dark cabal fear this the most and are putting in measures to stop this rising of the truth. However they will not be successful for this wave of consciousness will gain momentum and will carry all who can surf the wave into the glory of a New Planet reality.

Are you one of the truth warriors? Do you try to tell others the truth only to be met with fear, and anger? I have noticed this going on in my own life; I have been trying to tell people about the chemtrails. They react in two ways, either they do not believe me and are arrogant and ridicule me or they do not care. This has been hard for me to understand, I have asked myself over and over why do they not see them (as some physically cannot see them), and why do they not care.

With much pondering on this, I suddenly realised what was going on, whilst I was complaining to a friend about their reactions. I heard myself say “my god it seems like there are two realities going on here, they are in one and I am in another”. It suddenly dawned on me that was exactly what was going on. There were indeed two realities going on. They were in the old world, where most humans are asleep, living and dreaming in their polarised reality. I and many others are in the other New Planet reality, which is shifting and moving, trying to surf the wave of consciousness and truth which is crashing against its shore. I had often said things like “how can they not see what is going on in the world”? I then realised the reason for this is because it was not going on in their world. They are in a completely different reality.

These two realities are sitting side by side and it is hard to see that there are two realities at all. Even for those who have already in their Soul’s plan signed up for this New Planet reality, there are days when we move back into the old reality , and there are some days when we have one foot in one reality and one foot in another. Some days we are full of hope and promise for our futures and other days, we are drowning in the negativity. This is a process which once again I have seen reflected in the transformation process that I teach. During this process pain and negativity comes to the surface to be healed and the person cries, gets angry and moves through fear and then the truth washes it away. But this is not the end of the process; there are layers and layers to most healing sessions. The next level of the issue will raise its ugly head to be blasted and eventually healed by the truth. As the process goes on, the challenges of healing become more and more intense. We are seeing this in our world everyday there is more and more drama building.

However there comes a time in the process where the person gets to the core issue. Which is always the same, the pain and fear of being separate from the Source, the Creator. Every issue in every one’s life has this at its core. With this healed the person can anchor in incredible amounts of truth and thus a change in vibration occurs. That is when the love of the Soul floods the body and I then see people crying with tears of joy. The issue they were healing seems silly, insignificant and they get an overwhelming feeling that they were only playing in the illusion of the pain. This is what we as a collective are going through. We are moving through layers and layers to this issue of the illusion that is present on the Earth. We eventually will get to the core issue; I believe this is happening in little ways every day however the big collective core issue will be brought to the surface during the 2012 alignment. Once this is healed we will move into new planet.

New Planet reality is not for everyone. Some are not choosing to walk this path. At first I was concerned by them and went around trying desperately to wake people up but was met with such negativity and aggression I questioned what I was doing. My Soul told me not to be concerned with them, this was not my business. I was to allow them their reality and the more I focused on them the more time I spent in the old reality which would obviously hold me back from walking into New Planet. I was told to continue to spread the truth and hold the truth for those who did have eyes to see and ears to hear. But those who were deaf and blind I was to allow their illusion.

These two realities sit side by side and it is not so obvious where the divide is at this time. But daily the realities are moving away from each other. Now at first it looks like to those of us who are awake that our world is falling apart and sometimes we wish we had never woken up, ignorance is bliss after all. However we are only in the middle of a transformation process. We will live through many layers of this process before we move into the New Planet reality completely and stay anchored there. We are moving into a new dimension. I know the way I have already been there, anyone interested can read this in the New Planet section of my book “ The Mission of the One Star “.

I know there is more information about this to come but for now my Soul says this is enough. However one more thing I wanted to tell you was. I had a dream which showed huge solar wave of light, that swept across the planet and this somehow created two worlds. The old reality and the new reality were no longer sitting side by side, had indeed parted company and were sealed off from each other. I had this dream when I was a small child and it is only now since reading the scientific predictions of solar flares happening in 2012, that I remembered and understood the dream. Are we going to have a huge solar flare which will activate our DNA and take us to New Planet reality?