Massive Flu Outbreak?

Massive flu outbreak? Here’s the real story the media won’t touch. The lies, the hoax, the scandal. I covered part of the scandal the other day, but here I’ll give you much more. By Jon Rappoport In case you haven’t been following the uproar over the flu outbreak, you’ve missed the fact that… Health authorities […]

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Bodhi Be in Hawaii: On “Missile Morning” — Exopermaculture

Notes from Ines: I was going to write about this today, but as you can see, another subject came up. Here is how I would respond to this false alert. I’m grateful that my government is testing and ensuring that my safety is important. What is all the fucking hassle about anyways? It just shows that Americans are scared as hell, paranoid in the worse way and ungrateful, find fault in everything, and very very ungrateful for the lesson they faced that morning. Nothing left to say about that. Anne did a great job in this!

When we are not foolishly distracted from important world-changing events by quibbling over the word *shithole, we are parsing the reality or unreality, mistake or false flag, actual or fake, agenda-driven or not, message that all Hawaiians received on Saturday morning at “around 8:07 A.M.” I’ve heard the many theories: First the MSM version: it…

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The Principle of Mentalism as defined in ” The Kybalion”

Principle of Mentalism as defined in ” They Kybalion”, Hermes was a very wise man but I think he was also one of the ‘gods’; in other words, a non-human or even hybrid. Before I quote the chapter on Metalism, let me explain why I feel he wasn’t human. What you are about to read is also my philosophy and in the times of Hermes, most people were primitive in their knowledge and understanding of who they were. Just reading the Kybalion, it’s obvious to me that Hermes didn’t sit under a tree for years trying to figure out what life was about. He KNEW the truth. There is no theory or concept mentioned in his works, it’s GNOSIS (knowing).

” The ALL is MIND; The Universe is mental”. This principle embodies the truth that ” ALL” is mind. It explains that THE ALL (which is substantial Reality underlying all the outward (external) manifestations and appearances which we know under the terms of ” The Material Universe”; the ” Phenomena of Life”; ” Matter”; ” Energy”; and, in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is SPIRIT, which in itself is UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but may be considered and thought of as AN UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND. It also explains that all the phenomenal World or Universe is simply a mental Creation of THE ALL, subject to the Laws of Created Things, and that the universe, as a whole, and in it’s purest parts or units, has its existence in the MIND of the ALL, in which mind we ” live and move and have our being”.

This principle, by establishing the Mental Nature of the Universe, easily explains all of the varied mental and psychic phenomena that occupy such a large portion of the public attention, and which without such explanation, are non-understandable and defy scientific treatment. An understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual to readily grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and to apply the same to his well being and advancement.

This principle explains the true nature of ” Energy”, ” Power”, and “Matter”, and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of mind.”
The End of Quote

I came across this Philosophy listening to Leak Project on YT. Though I didn’t read the entire book, I did listen to the Audio Version and this philosophy corresponds to mine. Not just because I believe it to be true but because I have experienced enough to know it’s true.

We create our own reality, we are our thoughts projected through to create matter or the reality we are currently experiencing. I have written so much about this subject and this book was published in 1908. Hermes could not have been human to present this philosophy or he was remembering all his incarnations. The book alludes to Hermes actually being Thoth who was as I understand Annunaki.

This philosophy wasn’t accepted as did any other philosophy that wasn’t based on religious dogma taught to people. To this day, a majority of the worlds population believe in a god, that they were created by this god and most worship this god in order to receive something back. Any religion or philosophy for that matter that teaches that only God and God alone determines your destiny, that you are powerless and that you only have this one earthly life is what keeps humanity from seeking their true identity.

It hasn’t changed since 1908? Why is that? All spiritual or metaphysical teachings encourage knowledge and study. All these different philosophies including Gnostics encourage advancement in their spiritual journey. In other words, the purpose of learning is to advance the soul in it’s eternal quest for experiences that will eventually bring them back to Source. Why are we no further ahead today than we were say 5000 years ago?

We are all philosophers. I think it’s hilarious that Philosophy is a subject taught in school for which you can actually get a PhD. for; as if it is something you learn to do, but hey, I don’t know of any modern day philosopher that is making a good living out of that. What they learn is differentiating between various famous philosophers, breaking down their thought process on how they came to the thought which philosophy actually is. How do you judge the contents of a philosopher?

How long or how much longer will it take for humanity to figure it out? The information is readily available, all humans have to do is make a decision to further explore their belief systems. Until most of us are on the same page, we will continue to create a negative reality. Continue to war among each other, choose who is worthy and who is not. Until we wake up, we will stay on this path of self-destruction.

For those who will say: ” It’s the Cabal stupid, it’s all their fault” I say: Bullshit! It’s an excuse we create to not take action or responsibility.

I’m starting to believe that this so called Cabal was just another psych.op. or diversion like everything else propagated by those that do not want humanity to figure out who they are. I’m a mere projection of my spirit. I am not my body, I am SPIRIT or SOUL that can ” think” any reality I want to create. Even I; the human struggles with this concept, even though I have experienced BEING and in the presence of Source because this human brain/computer is not designed to help me grow. I can’t say this enough. The brain belongs to the body, it’s function is to keep this body alive not to serve the mental projection we create.

Why hasn’t humanity evolved in the last 5000 years? I can understand how difficult it was to access information before the internet, but it’s been around since 1991. The internet is our living library and those that chose to question their belief system found what they were looking for.

Ok, so now that you know, what next? This is what I ask myself even now as I write this. I may know who I AM, but it’s not enough. I want to control and manage my mind creations to consciously manifest. The Higher Self is actually the SPIRIT of me that is controlling my reality because the higher self was once in this body. I believe Atlantis or the fall of Atlantis changed our bodies. We were using much more advanced body suits and were functioning at a 4 or 5 dimensional reality, but in that event, we descended and so did these bodies to a 3D reality and the body was not able to hold on to the Higher Self or the connection to Source. That said, higher self is also I but with the separation, we forgot about this and just as we separated from Source or the ALL, we were no longer consciously aware of our true state or identity.

Hermetic Philosophy is presented to you as something to ponder about. I will not stop seeking parts of my true self. Knowing is not enough. I want to be in that awareness, just as I can’t drive my car unless  I know how it works under the hood. My friends and family get frustrated with me because when I buy a new appliance or gadget, I’m not satisfied with reading the operating manual. I go online and look for the technology and how it works. I’m wired that way, simply curious.

I sit here as a human being, I have to live int his reality as a human, but I want to know “why” I chose this body and this experience yet I know this logic doesn’t apply in the ALL reality. We are simply experiencing ALL that is without reasons.

Just like you have to study certain subjects to get your degree, the Soul has to experience everything to advance. Our purpose is simply to BE, no conditions or logic or reason, but with an eternal goal. To advance the Soul, to gain experience and knowledge so that we may rise into higher dimensional realities.

We haven’t evolved in terms of this: We talk about peace and love, yet there is no peace and not much love in this reality. Isn’t’ this what we are striving for or did we forget that too?

What is preventing us from maturing? Our denial of our true selves? It’s just simply too painful to accept the fact that everything we believe to be true is a LIE, that we went on this long journey not knowing our true nature. Denial is powerful force when placed in front of truth. Sometimes, even I don’t want to know some things because it’s simpler to hold on to my existing truth.

We do this all the time. We convince ourselves that we do it for noble purposes such as hiding the truth from our kids or delaying a medical test because we’re not yet ready to get the truth. We do it to small kids all the time. We keep things from them believing it’s best for them; yet we know that in a certain time frame, they may found out themselves. It’s not about lying, no no, it’s about allowing them to live in a false paradigm. It doesn’t matter that their dad had an affair, it matters that they don’t change the way they view their father. That’s a false paradigm and with consequences, always. It’s the law of nature that all things hidden must eventually show up like you opening your door 30 years after your father had the affair and this person claiming to be your sibling.

Everything has consequences here. What are you going to feel about your dad? Would you rather have known about it then, when it was real or 30 years later? It will shatter your paradigm about your dad. Instead of having 30 years to get over it and move in, you are now back to square one, shocked and your perceptions of your dad change.

We are so quick to blame others for our situations or outcomes. The Cabal or the Matrix or Elite may be real, but everything that has happened to us is due to decisions we made. Maybe they are here in the same way that we are. They create the negative and evil reality that we fight against? They are part of this game as well. The existence of a group supposedly controlling us isn’t the problem. The problem is that we made choices to believe or not, doesn’t matter that we were lied to or that there is a grand deception going on. Besides, most people today believe that our governments are corrupt and that someone in the dark is pulling the strings.

Which now leads me to the question: If this Cabal or whoever is controlling us know that this material world is not real and that it’s a projection of mind, why have they accumulated so much wealth and power? They know who we are and who they are. Since it’s all an illusion and they know it’s an illusion; what is their purpose? I don’t see them any different than you and me. Remember, we are all creating this reality. In order to fight for love, we must sow hatred and fear. In order to remove fear from this planet, we must spread love around. This is a duality or synergistic planet. Everything is Yin and Yang, therefore, one cannot function without the other. The controllers are the Yang of our Yin; they too need to create the conditions for us to rebel eventually. I don’t believe there is a conspiracy rather, we are all conspiring to hold on to this paradigm because we forgot who we are. Most of us actually believe that we are human beings with a soul.

Thing is, we have been so separated and fractured that we can’t change anything individually. In order to stop this madness, we have to be unified and within 48 hours, we could crash the entire system. All it takes is 48 hours for at least half the population to not go to work, not spend money, not use any cards, not make one single transaction and we have crashed the markets, created chaos, started a war against them and there is more of us, so we would win. But we can’t do this until we remember who we are. Fighting as a coward or fighting empowered with truth are two very different things. When you’re fighting empowered your energy is high so you do spend less and get more.

It all depends on humanity and what it ” thinks” and this takes me right back to the first year of this blog. There is no saviour because we don’t need to be saved. This reality is merely a projection of our  mind. The mind has to see the change and not focus on the present condition. We have to be the change. We manifest our thoughts. If I’m thinking that I ” don’t have” all day, I only manifest more of it. Until humanity is aware of it’s power and how to use it, we’re doomed to continue in this reality.

Personally, the current human condition doesn’t concern me. For years I believed I could change the world if only people would listen to me and do as I told them to. But, this reality is no longer part of mine. I have removed myself and I’m just the observer. Because I alone can’t change the human condition, I can only continue my personal journey and ensure that I’m not burdened by mistakes humanity is making. Change starts within us, individuality is not a friend of ours. This was the deception so that we could separate and view each other as single entities.

We, as human beings have not made any progress, that’s a fact. I’m not talking about external progress such as technology and medicine, etc. I’m talking about the Human Condition. Humans still believe they are humans with a Soul and created by some god. When we stop believing this, we will switch to ‘ being’ the spark of the ALL or Source and this reality just shuts down. This is tough shit to swallow. It’s like telling your child whom you bought at the sperm/embryo bank that you are its parents technically but you’re not biological even though you as a mother carried it for 9 months.

You see my child, I carried you for 9 months so dad and I watched you come into this world but you were in a lab with other embryos and we chose you, how special you are!What happens here? Let’s assume the child turned of age or his mature enough to get this information. The parents actually view this child like their biological child, I have no doubt about that. But how does a person act after finding out their biological parents are out there somewhere? There is nothing wrong with having children this way, but then there is. This family lived a false paradigm and if this couple had no problem being inserted with a foreign baby, why couldn’t they adopt? Isn’t that the same? Maybe better because you get to tell that child that you chose her and that she/he was special.

How does this Embryo conceived child deal with her existence? Her past is false, her present is false and her biological parents are unknown, not to mention that there may be hundreds or thousands of her siblings walking this planet. It’s a false paradigm and I doubt that the parents thought deeply into this matter. They were focused on having a child and probably had a good story put together and maybe even feared that dreaded day when they had to tell the child the truth.

The truth is we haven’t advanced and I believe our purpose here is to experience and learn, to change the paradigm, to turn this reality upside down and start over again. But then again, does there have to be purpose for our being here or having this human experience?

There are billions and trillions of universes out there, each one of us as Spirits or Souls are experiencing on multiple levels. Don’t think for one moment you are just here having this experience. It would be Ungodly to give you such a task as this one; but that’s another post!

To Be a Cell

The title may sound really strange or it might have gotten your attention. I was a cell, in other words, I became aware of my cellness. The last few days I have been really focused on getting rid of my sinus blockage. It’s been since August and none of the nasal sprays I got work. In essence, I wake up and for an hour or two discharge a lot of material.

Since we are in a flu season, this virus is the pneumococci  that attacks the lungs, I have kept my partner indoors and limited my exposure time outside as well. Even those that don’t have lung problems are thrown off their feet and land in bed for 10 days or more.

I’m trying to find the right entrance into describing me being aware of my cellness. It comes with constant thoughts about our Immune System. My partner was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder where his joints swell up and become very painful to the touch, never mind trying to move around. Although for years it was diagnosed as Gout; a hospital stay last year prompted his pulmonologist to have someone look at his swollen elbow. He was told he had a rare autoimmune disorder.

So, last night while really high on Cannabis Medicine, I focused on the Immune system in my body and while meditating on it, found myself traveling through a thick dark substance. From here, I can’t explain to you the details, it was out of body experience and when I came to this morning, I was able to understand how the cells work and the Immune System.

Picture the Immune System as an Army. We have a land army, airborne army and water army and an administrative army.. Our immune system is divided in a similar way. We have several Immune Systems that protect our body from external enemies and internal where we may produce too much or too little of something.

The immune system is pre-programmed to kill. In other words, the Army that protects us from external invaders is programmed to kill bacteria, viruses etc; it recognizes the bad from the good. It knows nothing else, other than to protect and kill enemies. What happens is for several reasons, the Immune System is compromised and when it reaches a certain point, it doesn’t know how to stop. I saw the Immune System attack a dying cell, it was really just speeding up it’s demise. But, it didn’t stop at the death of that cell. It kept killing everything around it. This is what an Autoimmune disorder is about. It automatically overkill’s or over produces antibodies causing Lupus, and other autoimmune disorders.

Often, it can correct itself after the baby is born if the mother gives it breast milk and if that milk contains the immune food. Often, mothers don’t eat right or abuse their bodies so whatever they did, goes directly to the baby through the milk. But if everything went well, the baby received the best milk solution, the immune system can repair itself. Problem is, it doesn’t last long. In countries where babies are given multiple vaccines, these babies lose whatever benefits they received from the breast milk and now have to focus on fighting invaders, viruses, and other toxic substances. 90% of the time, their immune systems fail and cannot deal with the enemy. Combine that now with another 2 years of receiving vaccines and the baby’s body is totally damaged. I have yet to see a healthy 4 year old. I have seen one child whose parents chose not to vaccinate despite the laws but they will be doing home schooling so they are not worried about being accepted in school. This 6 year old has never had a cold, never a running nose and every few months it has a fever for a few hours. They know it’s the immune system just doing a test run and they don’t try to lower the temperatures.

Our bodies are so carefully designed and programmed that we have yet to understand it. You can’t see blood traveling through the arteries and veins in real life, but I traveled them last night and witnessed the incredible chaos that happens in just the blood moving throughout the body. The arteries become translucent and I can see outside where I am going, just incredible, I can’t describe what I saw but I recognized each organ and connective material.

What I can now say, after that experience is that we are every part of us. We are the cell, we are the artery, we are the immune system, we have this awareness that we are ALL parts of this body, and that we can if we choose to, control the health of it.

Science doesn’t yet have the technology to see how the body actually works in a real life scenario. Did you know it takes roughly 45 minutes for the blood to leave the heart and return to it? Yes, we have instruments such as endoscopic and laparoscopic type, but they only see a very small piece or portion of the area they are viewing. They don’t see the micro size of a blood cell. Each cell is a different color/energy, as I was moving with the blood or being the blood, I was immersed in a rainbow of colored  substance, kind of like this: You take a white paint, pour it on the floor and then dump a few colors on top, take a spoon or sharp object and you create swirls. This is what the blood looks like traveling through it.

We think blood is real because that’s what we believe it to be, but BEING a cell, there is no consistent or constant color, it’s changing as energy moves. Everything is energy.

Here is another experience that relates to energy. I only take my Cannabis Medicine a few hours before going to sleep. So far, I have not taken it during the day because I’m a caregiver and the Cannabis makes me really sleepy, I wouldn’t be able to function. Once I start feeling the Cannabis, I go to bed. I actually look forward to this part of the day because in my fully aware condition I am able to focus on anything and manifest it into what I want. This night, I went to bed, everything was normal and just as I positioned myself I started to get stomach cramps. Let me tell you, pain is very intense when  you’re high and although the pain was familiar to me as ‘bloating’ pain, I still had my doubts. That little Ego pops up and questions me: “Why are you doing this? What do you get out of this experience? Are you really feeling what you think you feel?” But each experience I manage to shut the Ego down faster, so after my mental hit over the Ego head, I continued to BE the bloating experience while thinking to myself: “Thank you for this experience and now that I have experienced it, I am good, I feel good”. I could feel the pain subsiding but it started to move down my legs and into my toes and then GONE.

Pain is energy. Energy doesn’t disappear, it transforms it’s polarity but it’s in a constant flow, so the pain energy basically left my body. So, the question is: If I didn’t know this, if I didn’t try this, what would happen to that pain energy? Will it transform into something else, will it stay in the body, will it shift polarity? I don’t know, but I know what I feel and experienced.

How can I write about events in the world when I am having such incredible experiences? How do I define these experiences to someone who has no concept of them let alone experiencing them. What I am learning is that I AM in and out. I am the cell, I am the energy, I am the stomach, I am the pain, I am the blood. I AM ALL THAT IS; I’m creator within the creator, I am Ines within her and beyond her. I am up and down, left and right, I am ALL that is. Although I’m learning how to use this newly found discovery, I’m looking forward to more experiences but for now, my life on the outside is changing as well. It seems that my internal being is more conducive to having fun then externally. Is this what we are to learn? That everything outside of us is a projection of our thoughts and that we are complete inside, but manifest these experiences because we want to physically experience pain, suffering, illness, joy, happiness, jealousy etc.?

I’m starting to shift to that theory that we create everything, perhaps this is the higher self sending us messages to pay attention to these things or to explore further. Nothing is a coincidence, everything has purpose and although we may not understand that purpose at the moment of making that decision, most often, we do understand later as something happens that only confirms our intuitive self knew all along and that we should listen to it ALL the time.

From now on, you are going to read out of this world posts from me because the external world is no longer part of my reality. I have said what I had to say, so far, everything I have written about has manifested so let others continue the journey of the Prison Planet, but for me, I think I just made the discovery that we came to discover here. Our inner world, inner reality which is actually our external reality projected outwards. Fascinating!

What Does It Mean?


I’m going to be very careful in the way I word this paragraph. The link above  is a very controversial website that I have checked into here and there over the years. I have come to the conclusion that this website probably has more truth/factual news than lies. At first, I got the impression I was reading out of this world information, but over time, the pieces of the puzzle consistently fit into the big picture.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether it can provide you with information that will help you make better decisions in your life.

To Hold Your Breath is to Die

To hold your breath is to die. Breath, which represents the most intimate and most necessary of your physical sensations, has to flow out from what you are, passing into the world that you think it’s not part of you. Physically, portions of you leave your body constantly and intermix with the environment; you are made up of the same atoms as the environment.  You know what happens when adrenalin is released into the bloodstream. It stirs up and prepares you for action. But in other ways the adrenalin doesn’t just stay in your body. It’s mixed within the environment and it affects the atmosphere, it is transformed.

All our of emotions liberate hormones but these also leave our bodies as our breath leaves us; and in that respect we can say that we release chemicals into the air that then affect it.

Physical storms, then, are caused by such interactions.  Again, I am telling you that you create your own reality, and this includes the physical weather – which is the result of mass consciousness or mass thought, of our individual reactions. I know that many of you reading this may not agree and demand justice, blame the Elite, the Cabal, the Chemtrails,  HAARP all responsible for what is happening in our environment. Has it ever occurred to you that they are doing this to change “OUR” effects on the environment through our mass consciousness rather than doing it against us? This is something to ponder about.  We have given away our power or most are not aware of that power so all they can do is blame something else for its situation, while I believe that what is being done to us is not to ‘change’ us but to ‘stop’ us from changing the world with our mass consciousness.  We are not victims; we are being attacked because THEY are afraid of our power. I have been writing about this for years now.  THEY are on the DEFENSIVE; they are defending themselves against our power and our awareness of who we are developing very quickly because of the new energies coming in.

You are here in this physical experience to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience. There are no exceptions.  Once you understand this, you only have to examine the nature of your beliefs, for these will automatically cause you to feel and think in certain ways. Your emotions follow your beliefs. It’s not the other way around.

You have to understand/realize that any idea you accept as truth is a belief that you hold. You must then take the next step and say, “It’s not necessarily true, even though I believe it”. By doing this, you will learn to disregard all beliefs that imply basic limitations.

Here is an example of some limiting beliefs that you have to work on.

  1. Life is a bitch and then you die.
  2. The body is inferior, as a container for the soul, it’s automatically degraded and it ages. You may feel that the flesh is bad or evil, that its appetites are wrong. Christians may find the body deplorable, thinking that the soul ‘descended’ into it – “descent” automatically meaning the change from a higher form or condition to one that is lower or worse. ( Born into sin).
  3. I am helpless and there are many things I can’t control in this lifetime.
  4. I am helpless because my personality and character were formed in childhood and I’m a victim of my past.
  5. I’m a victim because I’m at the mercy of events from past lives, over which I now have no control. Karma determines this lifetime and I must accept the negative aspects of my life because of it.
  6. People are basically bad and unpredictable.
  7. I’m the only one that knows the truth.
  8. As I get older, I will get sicker, frailer and lose my abilities.
  9. I’m not creative, I have no imagination.
  10. I am always struggling to find enough money to live, there is inequity in this world.

Some or all of these beliefs are held by many people. Those that have them will experience them. Physical reality will always seem to reinforce the beliefs; therefore, the beliefs form the reality. I want to knock down these beliefs or such limiting concepts.

Wake up, nobody can change your beliefs for you, nor can they be forced upon you from without. You can change these limiting thoughts; however, as I always point out, it takes time and commitment to do so. Depends on how bad you want it I guess.

Look around you. You entire physical environment is the materialization of your beliefs. Your sense of joy, sorrow, health or illness, all of these are also caused by your beliefs. If you believe that a given situation can make you happy, then it will, and the happiness will reinforce the condition.

Within you is the ability to change your ideas about reality and about yourself, to create a personal living experience that is fulfilling. Your consciousness beliefs direct the functioning of your body, it’s not the other way around.

Your inner self adopts the physically conscious, physically focused mind as a method of allowing it to manipulate in the world that you know. The conscious mind is particularly equipped to direct outward activity, to handle waking experiences and oversee physical work.

Its beliefs about the nature of reality are then given to inner portions of the self. These rely mainly upon the conscious mind’s interpretation of temporal reality. The conscious mind sets the goals and the inner self creates them into reality, using all its facilities and energy. The great value of our conscious mind lies precisely in its ability to make decisions and set directions. Its role is dual, however; in its ability to make decisions and set directions. Its role is however dual: It is meant to assess conditions both inside and outside, to handle data that comes from the physical world and from the inner portions of the self. It’s not a closed system, therefore.

To be human requires astute discrimination in the use of such consciousness. Many people are afraid of their own thoughts. They don’t examine them. They accept beliefs of others and this action distorts information from both within and without.

There is no battle between the intuitive self and the conscious mind. There only seems to be when the person refuses to face all the information that is available in his conscious mind. Sometimes it seems easier to avoid the frequent adjustments in behavior that self-examination requires. In such cases an individual collects many second-hand beliefs. Some contradict each other; the signals given to the body and to the inner self are not smoothly flowing or clear-cut, but a muddied jumble of counter-directions.

If you believe that you must accept your difficulties, then this belief alone can deter you from solving them. Your ideas and beliefs for them can be found in your conscious mind. If you accept the idea that the reasons for your behaviour are forever buried in the past of this life, or any other, then you  will not be able to alter your experience until you change that belief.

The realization that I form my own reality was a liberating one. I realized that I was responsible for all my successes, all my failures and all my joys. I can change any of those areas of my life which I am not happy with but that means I have to take responsibility for my being.

Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness, to help create a dimension of reality of colors and of form. Your spirit was born into flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel energy made into corporeal form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness. You’re not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh.

The conscious mind allows you to look outward into the physical universe and see the reflection of your spiritual activity, to perceive and assess your individual and joint creations.  In a way, the conscious mind is a window through which you look outward – and looking outward, perceive the fruits of your inner mind. Often you let false beliefs blur that great vision. Your joy, vitality and accomplishment do not come from the outside to you as the result of events that “happen to you”. They spring from inner events that are the result of your beliefs.

We are constantly at the mercy of suggestion. Our own conscious beliefs are the most important suggestions that we receive. All other ideas are rejected or accepted according to whether or not we believe they are true, in line with the steady conscious chattering that goes on within our minds most of the day – the suggestions given to you by yourself.

You will accept a suggestion given by another only if it fits in with your own ideas about the nature of reality in general, and your concepts about yourself in particular.

If you use your conscious mind properly, then, you examine those beliefs that come to you. You don’t accept them just like that. If you use your conscious mind properly, you are also aware of intuitive ideas that come to you from within. You are only half conscious when you don’t examine the information that comes to you from without, and when you ignore the information that comes to you from within.

Those that control this matrix know about this, I have written about this before. They use the suggestions, subliminal messages, symbols, lies, deceit and politics to form our thoughts, which in turn create the reality they want.

In order to keep us in this matrix, they have to do this, they are completely aware of who we are and our genetics, deceit, deception, mind control is the only way they can keep us disconnected from truth and our true  selves.

Your thoughts blossom into events. If you think the world is evil, you will meet with events that seem evil. There are no accidents in cosmic terms or in terms of the world as you know it. Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do. When you realize this you can even feel their growing.

You are in control, take responsibility.

The State of Abundance in a Lacking World

Abundance is something I live with every day. Every single day I feel gratitude for that. Let me first explain/define what abundance means to me and how it’s defined to us. The dictionary defines it as: 1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply; 2. overflowing fullness; 3. affluence; wealth

I  live in a beautiful home my partner and I built together in 2009 with money we brought back from Australia and Canada. My partner has an Australian pension which gets a lot more here in Croatia. I am into all sorts of things from TCM healing, creating medicine from medicinal plants, the island I live on is a botanical paradise. I work translating books and articles, plenty of things to earn a living from.  We are and have been debt free even before we met 12 years ago so for me, being financially secure is not about having a lot of money but about not being in debt.

Years ago when I started my journey with Stuart Wilde, abundance from the Universe was a strange concept to me. Stuart said that we get abundance by visualizing that abundance and by thinking and being grateful would bring that abundance into my life. At the time it seemed too easy, too good to be true; but I worked hard at changing the way I think. I simply got tired of spinning the wheel and never getting ahead. I could never understand how we can all graduate from the same University, same top of the class and yet some of us didn’t make it while others went on to have very successful careers.

What do we do when we need money? What do we think when we need money? We usually think: ” I’m broke, I don’t have money, my wallet is empty, I’m overdrawn at the bank, I can’t pay my bills, etc.” What happens? Nothing. We continue to not have.

Creating abundance actually works. It was challenging to change the programming but eventually I found that money came whenever I needed it. Abundance is having more than you need. Looking back just the last 10 years, I have given away so much clothing, household goods, free treatments and medicine so much so, I dare to count but I don’t count. It’s an automatic thing for me. I love giving, it’s a feeling of knowing someone else is at least for a moment experiencing that abundance.

The reason I’m writing about abundance is because I only realized lately that it’s been a constant event. I was focused on the little details that I didn’t notice abundance in it’s entirety.  I don’t look at food prices or natural supplement prices; for me they are a must have, but I honestly struggle with this need to have so many shoes or so many tunics for the winter. For me, abundance is not just about having more than I need but giving that extra to those that don’t have.

I can’t go out and buy a new car in cash, but there is a constant flow of money/energy. It seems that the more I give, the more I get back and all I have to do is be grateful and thank the Universe, Creator, God for all that I have.

My going to sleep mantra is: Thank you mother and thank you father for all that I have and for all that I AM. I think about it daily, so grateful for this and I often look back into the past years of struggling to survive; I always earned decent money but the energy was wrong. I hated letting go of that money to pay for rent and bills and I constantly thought: ” I need money”.

Abundance is not just about money and things. I’m blessed with a constant flow of messages from my guides and mentors that confirm I’m on the right path.

During my dysfunctional years; when asked what I would wish for if I had just one wish; my answer would always be the same: ” To wake up without worrying about how I’m going to survive that day”. This sentence was and is the motivation for my change. It was never about money, it was about NOT having to worry about it and how I could get it.

Without attachment to anyone or anything, allows me to think about the moment I choose to leave this body. I’m talking about ” death of the human body“. If I could choose that moment, I could do it right now without any qualms of leaving those I love behind because I’m comfortable in my understanding that those who chose to play this game of life with me will one day understand or will be able to access me on the other side. But, more important is that they understand my belief system and that dying is a transition I experienced before.

If you’re new to this blog then you may not have read earlier posts about my Near Death Experience. I don’t call it a ‘ near death’ because I was clinically dead for 12 minutes.

I didn’t get caught in the Karma trap but went directly home. Home was Source, it was the birthplace of my spirit. I often wondered how or why I didn’t get trapped with the Karma Lords and I now know that we experience the afterlife based on what we believe will happen. If you believe you’re going to heaven, a heaven will be waiting for you.

Often younger souls after leaving the body are lost and so their thoughts are created in the afterlife so that they are not so shocked. In other words, if you believe you will be met by 7 virgins, most likely you will until you figure out or someone helps you understand you have left a physical body and must find your way home. The Karma Lords will convince you that you didn’t work off your Karma and have to go back to reincarnate and this keeps Souls in this Samsara circle of life and death until they figure it out. If you believe you will be greeted by St. Peter at the gates of Heaven, he will be there waiting for you. It’s just part of the transition, not everyone can deal with it, especially new or young Souls.

Upon leaving my body, I manifested instantly at Source. I know it was where I think it was, I felt a sense of ‘ coming home‘, this was the time/place/space of my conception that Creator manifested my Spirit and let me go to explore and experience all that there is. It was just a knowing that I had returned home and in this moment of body death, I was able to re-charge and return back into a body that was struggling to stay alive and then after I was stabilized, the baby was removed by C-Section. He has no brain damage despite the fact he was without oxygen for over 12 minutes. The doctors that were saving me said this: ” We can’t explain what happened, we just know that God was cradling you both and keeping you alive”. It was a profound moment and statement but it took me another 20 years to figure out what happened.

So, abundance is not just money and material things, it’s a peaceful mind filled with positive thoughts, flows of gratitude. I forgot what it’s like to worry about something. I live day to day. Sometimes, like now in winter, I often don’t know what day it is and have to look at my phone to know.

We all have problems in life, I have mine too but I don’t think of it as a problem. In other words I have a situation that needs to be resolved and I’m focused on finding the solution. Thinking about it doesn’t solve anything.

Sometimes I want to buy something and it’s more than I have with me, I think: ” It’s either not meant to be or wrong timing”; and walk away ‘knowing’ it will resolve itself.

If I don’t have funds for something I want, I just think:” I will get it when money arrives”. I NEVER think or use words such as ” Don’t have, need, wish I had or I’m broke”.

My thought machine is never filled with useless or needless thoughts, in other words, I can lay down for sleep and I look for things to think about because I simply don’t think about what I’m going to cook tomorrow or plan things that might happen or Johhny is sick”. I don’t have this process turned on anymore because all it does is keep you spinning in useless thoughts that don’t go anywhere. Johnny may be sick, but thinking about him being sick won’t make him well. I deal with Johnny when I wake up.

This abundance of mindlessness leaves room for my gratitude. I bang my leg into the kitchen chair and say: ” Ouch, thanks for that experience”. If I have a headache, I figure out why and work on getting rid of it but I DO NOT think how it hurts, it only feeds the headache. I don’t give it power. Instead, I give abundance power, I turn problems into experiences that I came here to have. Abundance is having inner peace consistently even when I’m in the middle of a ‘ problem’.

Many of you know that my partner has been very ill with lung challenges, he’s almost died a few times under the hands of expert medicine. It’s been a long 4 years fighting to keep him alive and well. When I run into people I know, after asking me how he is doing will often say: ” You poor thing, your life must be horrible having to take care of a sick person”. I answer with indignation that my life doesn’t change because my partner is ill. He is the one that is ill, he is the one that is suffering, why would my life be difficult?

This is an honest response. My abundance in mindlessness doesn’t change and I feel that just because someone I love isn’t feeling what I feel, shouldn’t and doesn’t affect my peace. I do what I can, give him all the love and support on a daily basis but he’s the one that is suffering, not me.

When you’re on a long commute and millions of thoughts are passing, you’re not living in the moment. This moment is real, everything else is an illusion. We’re always in that moment, those needless and useless thoughts obscure that experience.

I remember years ago travelling across Canada from B.C. to Alberta which is a 10 to 12 hour trip. There were times when I lost track of time. I would pull into a car stop and not remember what happened in the last hour. I was so engrossed in thought, that I didn’t pay attention to my driving. That’s scary!

After I changed, I would stock up on CD’s and sing all the way. Take time out to visit a creek or river or forest or slow down to watch the deer and moose on the side of the road. The trip was more meaningful and time actually passed much quickly because I was living in the moment.

It’s one thing to write about abundance, there are many books on this subject, but I wonder how many of those authors actually live it?

It’s a process, but not a physical one. It’s a mental process. It’s too good to be true to believe that money will come into your life just by believing you’re rich, but it’s not just mental either. Once you have made it a constant process, your energy changes. It’s that energy that attracts what you want. Everything is energy, but we have to create it through thought. We are Creators, this is why some people have and some don’t. It has nothing to do with education or intelligence. It’s a god given ability that most people don’t know how to use or don’t believe it works.

There are a few thought processes in between the thought and abundance.

I had my thoughts all lined up, I was grateful, visualized the abundance but it never came. I started to think what I was doing wrong and through analysis realized that I was still feeling unworthy so I worked on that I could finally feel the energy change in and around me. You see, I always believed it would work but I had to find the way to that abundance. There is no surefire way because we’re all different.
Things came sporadically and that’s when I figured out that ‘doubt‘ was preventing that flow.

The little creep Ego would pop up and question me: ” Are you sure, do you really believe that nonsense?” But, like always I would take a mental hammer and bang him over the head and he would be gone. It’s like when you’re dieting. At first you’re doubtful, not sure of yourself or the diet but when the weight starts coming off, you gain confidence in yourself and the diet itself which motivates you to do better.

Abundance for me is being able to go to sleep when I want, sleep as long as I need, work when I feel like working without feeling any guilt or responsibility or regrets for that matter. A life that exists only in this moment and feelings of love and gratitude fill me. I’m also grateful to my mentors for helping me and guiding me.

You can feel abundance in people. Not all rich/wealthy people live in abundance. Most don’t sleep at night worrying about their money or how to get more. Those that work and sweat hard to achieve success are not always in abundance. Have you ever heard a billionaire say he’s filled with abundance? No. Most likely he’s looking at ways to get more of it. That’s greed.

Abundance doesn’t have to be about money. You may not be financially secure, you may be in debt but you feel abundance because your needs are being met.

Each of us have different standards of what is too much money or not enough. For someone $10.00 can be chump change we give to our kids as a daily allowance, while for the homeless it will buy food for that day. What you are comfortable with and happy with is your abundance. So, it all goes back to the thoughts we create. Abundance doesn’t always mean you have more than you need, it can be whatever you feel good about.

But if you don’t believe it or don’t trust it to work, you can’t get there.

You may be confused now. How do you live a life without thinking? I’m talking about useless thoughts versus thoughts we have to manifest. It’s one thing to worry about Johnny all day, it’s another to create a plan or desire to do something.

While someone will be driving and thinking about bills and picking up kids from school, others are focused on the road, the cars, the drivers, the music playing. It’s a choice between wasting time in mindless useless thoughts or using thoughts to create and manifest.

Basically, thoughts such as you BE are necessary to focus but thoughts about worries and fears are useless. What’s the point of worrying about what the weather will be like tomorrow? Will that change anything? No. What we need to learn to do is turn that worry into a constructive thought. Tomorrow, no matter what the weather is, I will complete what I set out to do. If I can’t manifest my thoughts, then I’m just clogging up the thought process itself. Thoughts are just garbage, this body we use is controlled by the brain. The brain is programmed to NOT serve us. Those that created this DNA human created a human that would be lost in it’s own thoughts….there was always the goal to keep us in the dark. Why did the gods throw out Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden? Because they couldn’t be trusted. They ate from the tree of knowledge despite being told not to. So, they were thrown out, they were useless to the gods. They wanted a body that would be obedient to them. This body we use is not working in our favor but in theirs.

Abundance comes in many forms and for me is just always having, always knowing  it will come, always living in the moment and always sharing the extras with those that don’t have. I don’t give to give, I give to show them abundance is something we can choose to have but we have to work at it.

This year I have 2 goals to reach. 1. Get my teeth done. I have suffered from an extreme phobia of dentists because as a young girl in Croatia my teeth were pulled without anaesthetic; that loud and explosive crunching sound in my head never left me. The pain was horrible and so it’s not about sitting in that chair, it’s about getting to that chair. As a result, I have lost and broken teeth in fear of having them repaired and now have to basically have an extreme makeover in the mouth. 2. To find a housekeeper twice a week to replace me so that I can take time out and do things without having to rush home. I no longer get out and pursue hobbies because I can’t leave my partner alone at home too long. 3. This is a maybe. I want to get lip enhancement and maybe with new teeth and a new smile, I won’t notice the upper thin lip.

Abundance in being abundant. This planet can feed every living soul, there is abundance but we live in a pay for food system so only those that can pay can get access to that abundance. Abundance is all around you, just waiting for you to change your thoughts and change your energy so it can manifest IF you believe it will, if you trust your own power to create and then thank the Universe for having it.

Abundance is our god given right and it’s within our power to create it. It’s that ‘extra feature‘ that looks to complicated to learn so we leave it aside. That ‘ extra feature‘ was never taught to us. We were taught we had to pay our way through life and that nothing was for free.

If I’m repeating myself it’s because I’m very passionate about this subject. Knowing that we can all have abundance based on how we think seems too good to be true, but it IS true, I live it every day.

Make 2018 the year for you to bring abundance into your life. When you’re in abundance, you have lots of time to think about how to help others. Remember, you’re not giving for the sake of giving and feeling good about it. You’re giving so you can show that abundance is something we can all manifest.

I can help you understand what it means to have abundance but if I can’t show you how to do it, you’re stuck and so this is not something you learn in a few hours, you might have to get rid of a lot of cobwebs, but once you set it up, it becomes automatic like everything else we do such as walking, talking, chewing food etc.

The hardest part is actually believing it is possible. It’s like an alcoholic finally admitting they have a problem, so we judge without hearing the truth. The truth is that we are such powerful beings and we don’t know how to use those ‘extra features’.

I’m the one that knows it’s possible, this is no theory and Stuart Wilde was correct. You have to be what you believe and you have to see what you already have.

Ines: God, I’m broke, I need help.
God: Ines, I’m not a bank.
Ines: I’m just so distraught about not having money.
God: I’m not a psychologist.
Ines: Why and how come you never answer me?
God: I do all the time, you just don’t hear me. Your ‘extra features‘ are disabled.

So, it’s within us to manifest that abundance, you, your body have to attune to that energy by thinking with intent, seeing yourselves having what you need and knowing it will always come.

I have long forgotten what it was like to go to bed worrying about not having bus fair to get to work the next day. Most of us live this way, constantly focused on what we don’t have and that just attracts more of what we don’t want.

I know many people here that are struggling by, but all I hear is: ” We’re just poor, we have no money, god doesn’t hear our prayers, god is punishing us”. They have manifested what they believed. They lived in poverty all of their lives with same opportunities as others, but because they were in a poverty consciousness, it’s all they ever got. You know many people that are rich and powerful but didn’t go to college or grew up in poverty. It was their mindset that determined their success.

How can we think about abundance in times like these? Because it has nothing to do with the current situation or the financial state of individuals. Abundance is ever present around us and all we need to do is access it. Look at all the developing countries, not everyone is poor, in the midst of the poorest there are those that live in abundance, it has nothing to do with the current economic situation.

When I arrived here in Croatia in 2004, my cousins told me I would starve to death because nobody would hire me, I was too old. My cousins had lost their jobs after the war and were still unemployed. Thing is, they didn’t look for work, they just waited for someone to find a job for them. When I said I can do anything, they laughed at me. But, I did believe that I would succeed and within weeks I started booking rich clients for therapy. I knew my life would flow into whatever I created and here I am, 13 years later, enjoying abundance.

My cousins didn’t understand, they became jealous and envious and accused me of being LUCKY. While they are still unemployed, I’m blessed with abundance.

I tried to talk to them on many occasions about creating abundance but they didn’t believe me or they didn’t want to accept the fact that their poverty consciousness was the cause of not having. It’s hard to find out 40 or 50 years later into your fucked up life that you always had the power to change it, so it was easier to not believe  and think of your life as just having luck.

I’m here to tell you that no such thing as luck. Everything is the way we see it, but like I wrote earlier, it’s hard to accept the possibility that we create our own reality.

It’s difficult to accept that we know nothing about how things really work especially if you believe in some god that determines your fate. Don’t you think that’s a cruel god? That he would give abundance to one and not the other? How does this god determine who deserves and who doesn’t?

You are the gods, you are that spark of energy created in LOVE. Everything you do here in this reality is of your choice and your thought creation. You are what you believe. If you believe you’re broke and powerless, you will only get more of it.

Abundance is not about how much money you have, it’s about having more than you need and sharing it with others, it’s that exchange of giving and receiving with love that creates that powerful energy and once it starts flowing, you don’t accumulate; you share the extra with others to show them how we can create abundance in our lives. Through this process, we teach others how to create their own.

Make 2018 a new start in abundance, humanity needs you.