So Be It

It’s been a while! This will be my last post until autumn. I would much rather extend my decision on whether I can continue or not than tell you that I’m gone for good.

The video below just showed up in my YT recommendation. After listening to 20 minutes of it, I was so taken aback with the 100% opinions as mine. If you are new reader then go back to the beginning where I started with Kathryn E. May, The Hollow Earth Network and then working my way down the list with people as David Wilcock, Simon Parkes, Stewart Swerdlow etc. This man has the same views as I do, which doesn’t make it truth, he simply sees reality as I do. Please start at the 10 min. mark so you don’t waste your time with introductions. It matters not who he is, his information matters. Listen, discern, ask yourself how it feels, but make your own decisions.

I have been very busy and under a lot of stress with my partner who has been very ill for the last 4 years. His lung issues are much better as he’s taking Cannabis Oil but the drugs he took at the start of his diagnosis, activated auto immune disorders such as arthritis and producing too much hemoglobin so he’s on anti-clotting medication now, something that we can’t change in natural medicine so fast, it takes time. My point is that I really don’t spend much time on the computer these days. I do sit down at night and check my mailbox and keep up with what is going on in this reality, but as you can see, I felt/predicted all of what is going on currently. It will get worse before it gets better. A child born into hunger doesn’t realize he’s hungry until he gets his first belly full of food. Only then does he realize he was hungry. When man can survive day to day, he’s not motivated to fight for something better. Sometimes, like the Middle East people, you need to lose your home, your neighborhood, your family, your pets before you realize it’s time to fight for something.

Sadly, Americans are sinking deeper into ignorance and complacency, I can only imagine how bad it is with all the attacks on us through chem-trails, HAARP, Geoengineering, GMO foods not disclosed on packaging, prescription drugs and FALSE news. I wish you all well, I hope you will get through the difficult times and if we still have power in September, I will be back to remind you how powerful you are and that only YOU can save yourselves! Be strong old soul; figure out who you are and use your powers like I am now.