John Lamb Lash Week Part 3

I decided to use the Archons for the remainder of the series. Many in the truth movement or love and light movement talk about the Archons, but none that I have read or heard talk about their origin and how they became to be. In order to understand the Archons, we need to understand how they were created, what types they are and their story. The Gnostics knew about the Archons and wrote about them.  John Lamb Lash is the ONLY expert on translating the Gnostic texts from a non-Christian view. Most of the scribes that later translated were of Christian background so they were not neutral or objective. After studying Gnostics and listening to John, I became very smart in identifying channeled fraud and entities of the dark that pose as divine beings. It was much easier for me to use the discernment. Now, one more thing I wanted to mention. Most people when presenting information tell us to use discernment. That is almost impossible if you have never seen or heard the topic or subject, how do you use discernment if you look up in the sky and see 2 spaceships and discerning which one is the good one and which is the not good one? Discernment in essence is intuition/our higher self and there are many many of us that are not connected to that part ourselves so it’s impossible to use discernment. I like to use “logic”. If it makes sense, it’s probably within reason of truth.  John refers to the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts and you can find the information here: The following work that is being posted here can be found at: The rest is up to you, what you want to read further, but those of you that know or have heard about the Archons, owe it to yourself to read about their true nature and history, it will change a lot of your perspectives and maybe even your belief system on AI and the mythology of different races working together against us.  Enjoy!

The Lord Archon

The Hypostasis of the Archons describes a further development that follows the initial emergence of the foetal Archontic entities. In the passage cited here, I apply some concepts drawn from modern astronomy to develop a more vivid picture of events presumably observed by Gnostic seers in the cosmos at large:

      A veil exists between the world above [in the galactic core], and the realms that are below [exterior, in the galactic limbs]; and shadow came into being beneath the veil. Some of the shadow [dark mass] became [atomic] matter, and was projected apart [partially formed into elementary arrays, the dema]. And what Sophia created [by her impact] became a product in the matter [the dema], [a neonate form] like an aborted fetus. And [once formed] it assumed a plastic shape molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, because it was from [neutral, inorganic] matter that it derived. (

The Hypostasis of the Archons

    , II, 4, 93:30 ff, with my glosses in brackets.)

A close reading reveals a crucial detail: after the initial formation of the embryonic Archon types, a second variant of “shadow body” arises, with distinct characteristics of its own. The Hypostasis of the Archons describes it as “an arrogant beast resembling a lion,” but this creature is also described (in another cosmological text, the Apocryphon of John 10: 5) as “a serpentine body (drakon) with a lion-like face.” Thus there are two distinct types of Archons: a foetal or embryonic type, and a drakonic or reptilian type. In The Hypostasis of the Archons (93: 30 – 94:5), a supplicant asks the great angel Eleleth, “Teach me about the faculty of the Archons, how did they come into being, and by what kind of genesis, of what material, and who created them and produced their force.” The teachings given in response to this question were precise and detailed. Two distinct variants of the Archon type are indicated, and their behaviors are also specified. Another cosmological treatise, The Tripartite Tractate, states that “the two orders [of Archons] assaulted one another, fighting for command because of their manner of being.” (84: 5-15) Due to the two distinct stages of their generation, the Archonsare invested with an aggressive and divisive nature, fighting among their own ranks. The problem is provisionally resolved, however, when the reptilian type assumes dominance over the massive horde of neonates, and, indeed, over the entire realm of the dema affected by Sophia’s plunge:

Opening his eyes, he [the drakonic Archon] saw a vast quantity of matter without limit [spread through the galactic limbs], and he became arrogant, saying “It is I who am God [the sole deity of these regions], and there is no other apart from me.” (Hyp Arch, 94:20)

While the neonate Archons are inert, their forms arrested at a premature stage of development, the reptilian leader is aggressive, territorial, and charged with demonic powers. For one thing, he is a formidable shapeshifter:

Ialdabaoth had a multitude of faces more than all of them, so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire… He shared his fire with them, therefore he became lord over them. Because of power of the glory he possessed of his mother’s light, he called himself God. And he did not obey the place from which he came. (The Apocryphon of John, 11:35 – 12:10)

The declaration of the chief Archon that he is the only god in the cosmos is, needless to say, a defining moment in Gnostic cosmology — if not in human evolution as well. All the cosmological texts describe this event, with slight variations. Gnostics were insistent on the identification of Yaldabaoth with Yahweh or Jehovah, the tribal god of the Hebrews. This deity is not only blind, but witless and insane (Hypostasis of the Archons 89: 24-25). To Gnostics insanity is not so much unsoundness of mind as the consequence of failure to correct mental errors. The mentality of the Archons “cannot be rectified,” and, what’s worse, “the archontic nature is not capable of development.” (Gilhus, The Nature of the Archons, p. 40) Due to the manner of their generation, Archons have no ennoia, no innate intentionality. Theirs is an Alien Dreaming, set apart from the biosphere, the intelligent life-field of Gaia. The concept of a god who is both void of will power and insane is apparently unique to Gnosticism. Needless to say, when Gnostics expressed their views on the identity of Jehovah to devout Jews and to Christians who also revered the Jewish Father God, they were not well received. The Apocryphon of John adds crucial details to the Archon scenario. For one thing, it presents a rare instance where Sophia is actually called the mother of the Archons. It also says of the chief Archon that “he did not obey the place from which he came.” This is a telling detail. The fact that the chief Archon moves away from the places where he arose indicates a key concern of Gnostics: the boundary-violating tendencies of the Archons. From the outset they are an invasive species. The drakonic Archon is said to be blind (Coptic bille), so he does not see either the Pleroma or Sophia. “Blindness of the spiritual world characterizes the Archons.” (Gilhus, p. 17). He is called Samael and Saklas. Samael is Hebrew and Saklas is Aramaic for “blind one.” Understanding the blindness of the Archons is crucially important to our detection of how they can affect humanity. Alias Jehovah The chief of the Archons is also called the Lord Archon. He is also given the bizarre name, Yaldabaoth (pronounced Yall-DAH-buy-OT). Scholars disagree on what this name might mean, and how it was derived. By one translation it means “the child who crosses space.” By another, it means “chief of the horde.” (Jarl Egil Fossum, The Name of God and the Angel of the Lord, p. 332-6.) Thus it seems to slur together allusions to both types of Archons. In the Old Testament the title yhwh seba’ot, Yahweh Sebaoth, occurs 276 times as the title of the father god. (Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, p. 155) Gershom Scholem, pre-eminent scholar of the Cabala and Jewish mysticism, explained Ialdabaoth as “a compound of the Aramaic active participle yaled (i.e., ‘to beget’) and the name Abaoth, which represents an abridged form of the name Sabaoth. Thus, Ialdabaoth means ‘the begetter of Sabaoth’.” (Nathaniel Deutsch, The Gnostic Imagination, p. 55) Andthere are half a dozen more interpretations. It is likely that the name Ialdabaoth is simply a variant of Jehovah, the paternal father god of the Hebrews. Gnostics identified Jehovah with the Lord Archon and rejected the OT and the entire Judaic plan for salvation as a subterfuge of the Archons. It makes sense that they would have used the same term used by Jews to expose the true nature of the Jewish deity. When it came to knowledge that they considered crucial to human survival, and to humanity’s coevolution with Sophia, Gnostics could be confrontational, and totally unconcerned about whom they might offend. Their uncompromising and sometimes scornful attitude, combined with their failure to anticipate the high degree of physical violence that would be triggered by their challenge to Judeo-Christian beliefs, undoubtedly fueled the vicious fanatisicm that destroyed the Mysteries.

Magnification of the fractal Archon generation presents a graphic image that seems to fit the scenario described by Gnostic seers. The embryonic type, or neonate Archon, is clearly defined, but so is another entity: the reptilian Archon with its avaracious jaw and long spermatic tail. This “arrogant beast” seems to lunge at the entrails of the embryonic type. Right at the point where the embryonic Archon would have a nurturing umbilicus, the reptilians move in invasively. The neonate Archon remains passive, apparently sucking its finger or thumb! Something odd is happening in the lower part of the neonate’s body, for its seahorse-tail is precariously jointed to the torso. The embryonic type remains self-absorbed, but reacts to the aggression of the other type by dropping its tail, as frightened reptiles do. We wonder if the disjointed tail will form another neonate, or another reptilian. The reptilian form does appear to be fractally repeated in the tail-structure of the embryonic type, as if the tail broke off and became an entity of its own, rather than another embryo. The element of fear figures largely in the behavior of the Archons and their effect on humanity. In the Old Testament, fear of God is held to be one of the primary marks of religious experience. The possibility that human fear is a kind of nutriment for certain invasive extraterrestrials has been widely argued in the ET/UFO debate. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth says that the agenda of the Archons is “fear and slavery.” The Archons wish to keep humankind under “the constraint of fear and worry.” (NHLE 1990, p. 367) Other passages also warn against the Archons’ use of fear as a psychological weapon. In another striking detail, the reptilian type seems to be holding a sphere in its jaws, recalling the mythical image of a serpent who offers forbidden fruit: for instance, the Serpent in the Garden of Hyperborea with the golden apple in its mouth. Is the neonate eating from this rounded fruit? Gnostics had their own version of what transpired in the Garden of Eden, events in which the Archons were deeply involved, and so it is perhaps not surprising to see hints of the Paradise scenario at this primal stage of cosmic activity. All this activity in the fractal generation of the Archons is imaginal, but it is not imaginary, i.e., not purely made up in our minds. Recreating what Gnostic seers observed is a sober use of imagination, not a flight into make-believe. It takes non-ordinary reason to describe what is happening here, but the scenario so developed is entirely reasonable and coherent on its own terms.

Foetal Conflict
However the Gnostic seers of the Mysteries came to imagine the generation of the Archons, the high-iteration fractals around the Mandelbrot Set fit their scenario in a uncanny manner. And they do more as well, for the fractal embryos and reptilians also mimic features of human gestation (or vice versa). In human conception, the embryonic sac consists of two parts: the yolk sac (4 in the illustration below), and the foetal mass attached to it (1), suspended in amniotic fluid (2). At the moment the developing embryo gains initial anatomical definition, it is fish-like (a fact that medical science likes to use to remind us of our pre-human origins). It has a distinct head, and a tail, and a third feature, the umbilicus that connects it to the yolk sac through which it is fed. The fractal generation of the Archons exhibits all these features in a clear and precise manner.

As the embryo grows, the yolk sac (4) contracts, and there is at the same time a secondary development. Also connected to the umbilicus is the allontois (5), a vesicle that fills the interspace between the amnion (3) and the chorion (7), the outermost boundary of the entire placental sac. A kind of morphological tension plays between these evolving structures: for the allontois to grow, it must contract or press back (repress) the yolk sac that feeds the growing fetus. Unless the allontois grows in this manner, the protective placenta cannot be fully matured. A similar tension pertains between the embryonic Archons and the reptilians. Just as embryonic development in humans is divided between the growth of the fetus fed from the yolk sac, and the repression of the yolk sac to produce the full-grown placenta from the allontois membrane, the power of the Archons is divided by the nature of their generation (“because of their manner of being,” cited above) This conflict is partially resolved when the reptilian type assumes dominance over the massive horde of neonates. Gnostics certainly knew what an aborted foetus looks like. Morally opposed to biological procreation by humans, they were known to practice birth control, and must have assisted others to do so. They would have known from direct observation that the foetus aborted at an advanced stage of gestation does not resemble a half-baked omelette; it has the vestiges of anatomical form. Their choice of this bizarre metaphor must have been intentional, reflecting the occult perception that Archon anatomy mimics the neonate form of humans. Such a metaphor is extremely valuable, not only because it allows us to visualize what Gnostic seers detected by extrasensory perception, but also because it establishes a close tie between the human species on earth and the pre-terrestrial Archons.

Sheldon Nidle Rebuttal On Latest Channeling – Such Crap

I’m going to make my comments in red, please note this was taken from:, the author of this site is Anne DeHart whom is connected and associates with Kathryn E. May, the same person that channels Sananda. I am only commenting/posting parts of the message, it’s way too long and boring to post the whole message. 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
You are not my ascended master, you are not anything to me, I do not worship or look up to any being. I only recognize my Creator. 

 We look at our reality and know in our hearts that a great transformation is underway. Our sacred brethren are busy making it possible for the dark to be pushed from power.
You’re kidding me! The dark is being pushed from power? I think you have mentioned this 127 times since 2011. Are we talking about the same timeline? Am I perhaps in another timeline? Sananda said yesterday that they are going to lift their vibration and fill them with love, now you’re saying they will be pushed from power? Wow, why don’t you and Sananda get your information synchronized so we don’t get so confused all the time. 

These changes are to usher in a new epoch. This epoch contains the final part of your blessed journey to full consciousness. We are part of a special team sent now to prepare each of you for this new reality. Our aspect of this project is to prepare you for what is to be said by our divine space and spiritual families. The Anunnaki and their earthly minions produced tales which became the foundation for either religious or scientific myths that describe how you were left in limited consciousness and how the shock of death was used to control you. Each preceding golden age was, in reality, a source for stories that became how you were suddenly plunged into the horrors of limited consciousness.
Thanks for bringing that to my awareness, but I know this already, give me something I don’t know. How about our true origin? How about how we got here  through many genetic manipulations? 

It is the major fears and traumas that followed which permit your rulers to treat you so shoddily. After nearly 13,000 years, you now readily and easily accept many of these tales.
I think that any normal being would accept these half-truths after 13,000 years. Hell Bush had to mention them a few times and it was accepted as truth, never mind 13,000 years of lies. 

These half-truths need to be brought out into the light and explained in a most genuine and truthful manner. Originally, you were fully conscious Beings who refused to permit the dark to control the edicts of ancient Atlantis. In their rebellion, they were jointly deceived and sent to a process that turned your ancestors into amnesia-ridden, limited consciousness individuals. In doing so, your “angelic wings” were literally clipped. You were left on a torturous road filled with horrific obstacles to regaining your status as fully conscious Beings. Heaven decided to permit the Anunnaki to control you for a set time. The conditions for this were quite carefully set.
Heaven decided to permit? First of all, what the heck is heaven and who does that represent? You mean to tell me that a divine entity “decided” to let humanity suffer and that it was all in the divine plan? What kind of heaven is this? I’m assuming you refer to Heaven as God? So, why don’t you go into more detail about our history? Like how many years ago this all started, when were our ancestors cut off from higher consciousness. When did Heaven decide to permit the Anunnaki to control us, what years were those? Look dude, this is all old news, we have so much information about the Annunaki, many books have been written, so I’m getting kind of tired of reading the same crap over and over again. 

Right now, the Anunnaki have a number of myths and legends left behind and given to their dark minions. Our brethren arrive with the sacred blessings of Heaven and the mission at the right divine time to release you from your bondage and return you to full consciousness.
So, let me get this straight. I didn’t call on you, yet you have decided to arrive and RELEASE me from bondage? Isn’t that a breach of Universal laws such as intervention/interference and dis-respectfulness of my free will? 

 During the right lifetime, Heaven gave us the means to conquer these obstacles and reach heavenly ascension. In this full consciousness, we take up the need to guide, advise and teach each of you about what is happening. This time is one of a rapid transition. It is when you start to realize that what is the current “norm” is merely a continuation of how you were artfully deceived and controlled. This is now blessedly to end and, with its end, comes a great transformation and welcoming reunion with the rest of humanity. It is a time for freedom, prosperity and new governance! You are not alone!
I’m getting sick of this condescending crap as if we are stupid humans and don’t know who we are and what is going on. Why do you insist and persist on telling us things we already know? We don’t need new governance, humanity thrived and evolved until governance took over and it has since then destroyed us. We can govern ourselves, in a free will universe, there is no need for governance, we only need elders and mentors to teach us things we forgot. We know we are not alone, problem is there are beings like  you that really don’t wish us well, but are persistent on confusing us. Why don’t you come on down and introduce yourselves to those that are not afraid? I mean, I keep calling you to come for coffee, but you don’t hear me, so, if you did this, I think that we would be much more open to this crap you keep repeating. 

Today, as always, we continued our mission to inform you and ready you for the rise of a new epoch. One in which the dark is no longer dominant. In receiving your spiritual and space brethren, be joyous and be prepared to discover many things that can easily shock you. You’re constantly telling us that many things will shock us, yet you fail to tell us what that is.  You have been saying this for years now, but you never give us any detailed information. If you really want to help why don’t you start with telling us about our history, our origins and who we are related to. If you are higher dimensional beings as you claim to be, then you have this knowledge. We are the only ones currently in this universe that agreed to have our memories erased to do our job here, so technically we know our origins, but since you are insisting on coming to help, it would be great to know more. 

 See this great Light. We leave you in Joy and in the everlasting Spirit of the Almighty! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
So what exactly does that never-ending Prosperity of Heaven actually mean? Last I heard, the same on earth as it is in Heaven. Therefore, it has always been ours and always shall be. Tell me something I don’t know, this crap has been going on for years now. If you are so carefully planning everything out, how come your dates are never correct? How come you have promised ascension over 100 times since 2009?  I really don’t think you’re who you say you are, I think you’re the poor archon souls jealous of our majestic bloodlines and are trying to slow us down. But that is just my personal opinion. 

Metahistory Week with John Lamb Lash – Day 2

All the information below can be found on

I really enjoy reading John Lamb Lash’s work, understanding Gaia Sophia and her relationship to humans has helped me put all the pieces together. Hope you enjoy as well. 

Open Season on Predators 

Contra-Violence in the Cause of Peace

With Gaian ecosorcery, the lethal arts of shamanism can no longer be ignored, for the human species today requires these arts in its self-defense. So I am declaring open season on predators, but in doing so, making it clear that contra-violence is not a call to violent uprising for social change, bloodshed in the streets, assassinations, satanic battles, or anything like that. Contra-violence is a call to protect the human species and the habitat provided by the mother planet, where the tribes of that species and their non-human kin can survive and thrive in a symbiotic pact of peaceful coexistence.

A great deal of social change can be accomplished through non-violent dissent, modelled by Thoreau, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others. Indeed, such dissent raises and sustains the “ramparts” of peaceful social transformation. But where that method does not and cannot apply, contra-violence is an alternative. The direction of murderous rage toward a human subject is the appropriate response to predators who remain out of direct reach, operating through a system of relegated authority.

It might be thought that such rage, even if it were not intentionally focussed in a ritual, can serves as a potent cathartic, releasing toxic emotions. It can do that, certainly, and more. The aim of contra-violence is to affect the target, not merely to appease those who are facing acts of predation, itself a force of murderous intent.

In Rite Action where I explore the dynamics of contra-violence, I attempt to show how it is not merely retaliatory, leading to further escalations of violence—this being one of the main objections to using violence against violence. Contra-violence does not merely retaliate or “seek justice” by inflicting harm on perpetrators, giving them a dose of their own medicine: it neutralizes and eliminates them. Such, at least, is the objective I am about to propose. I submit that it is more than obvious at this tender moment in the 21st century that a society that tolerates intra-species predators cannot survive.

On the dicey subject of termination see the commentary on the lunar shift of Matangiwho presides from February 15 to March 15, 2010. At this moment, the globalist masterminds are using HAARP to trigger natural disasters: an 8.8 earthquake in Chile. It might be thought that no force humans can muster would be strong enough to resist, counter, and defeat such sinister techology. But if HAARP affects the earth, contra-violence is affected through the power of the earth, insuperable power.

Kali = Deliverance

Kali is the expression of the wrath of Gaia, the living earth. She delivers the human species from ignorance and enslavement through divine rage. Hence she is called Durga, “fortress,” indicating her formidable powers of protection.

MahaKali Yantra

It can be objected that Kali is a degenerate Hindu goddess, as much a product of collective pathology as the masterminds of social evil on whom I declare open season. This is certainly true of the form of Kali worshipped with senseless and slavish devotion by millions of Hindus today. I totally reject the popular Kali whose shrines I have visited in Calcutta and elsewhere on the sub-continent. The burning ghats are stinking crematoria where the natives sacrifice chickens to Kali Ma in a frenzy of supplication. The devotees are miserable slaves of misfortune who think the warrior goddess Durga will intervene for them. This stupidity is laughable. I don’t party with that pathos.

My experience of Kali has been intimate since the age of four. I can tell you how I see her and how I believe she is to be seen by Gaian warriors, practitioners of contra-violence in the service of the earth. Kali is the patron of such warriors, not the savioress of the teeming masses who slobber at her feet. To Kali, such people are rubble. She loves only the brave who along with her would defend the sacred ways of Bhudevi, the earth goddess—to cite one of her many names pronounced in the Gaian Tantra Vow. Kali detests weak, gullible, and obsequious people.

It can also be objected that Kali or Bhudevi or Gaia-Sophia or any other goddess I name is just a figment of imagination, and perhaps a sick, fevered, pathological imagination. Do I believe such goddesses are physically real? I certainly do, as much as I believe that the Jet Stream is physically real. Or photosynthesis is physically real. Or the hexagonal benzene ring is physically real. These goddesses are not permanently and physically real in literal embodiment, however: as if they could manifest sensorially like standing holograms. They do not manifest in that manner except in extremely rare instances of intervention with certain individuals, never for a collective show or mass spectacle. We may conceive them imaginatively as projections of human emotions and standing wave-forms of the emotions of the planetary mother animal, but they do not merely have imaginative existence, either. They are supernatural forces operating at the boundary between nature and psyche where the unseen depths of the natural world intrude upon the psyche. They are great vivid heaving expressions of the Nagual, the otherworld that is denied by narrow rationality and excluded from view by the rationally defined limits of perception. But in the practice of Gaian ecosorcery, those limits melt away and the parameters of perception undergo a permanent shift.

Mystic warriors call this change of perception the blue shift, by allusion to a known phenomenon: light approaching the viewer tends to shift toward the blue end of the visible spectrum, while light receding shifts toward the red end. Through the ages shamans and visionaries have detected the supernatural equivalence of this shift, giving rise to the tradition of picturing divinities like Krishna as blue-skinned. In When the Impossible Happens, Stan Grof describes the mystic phenomenon of the Blue Pearl, an omen or signal of this shift. He speaks first-hand about the Blue Person encountered by some practitioners of Siddha Yoga. In the 2012 essays, I describe my encounter with the Maya Blue Face, galactic itinerant shamans who are permanently in this shift.

Something inspired James Cameron—by his own account, a dream—to depict the Na’vi hunter-gatherers of Pandora with blue skins. Like the devotees of Kali, the Na’vi of Avatar are shamanic warriors who fight to preserve their way of life in deep immersion with Eywa, the Gaia-Sophia of their planet.

When I speak of Kali I do not indulge in make-believe or ask anyone to join me in a grandiose fantasy game. You can test the reality of these goddesses, or turn away, disbelieving—at your risk. ” When the supernatural and irrational are banished from consciousness, they are not destroyed, rather, they become exceedingly dangerous” (George Hansen, The Trickster and the Paranormal)The disbelief of agnosticism and materialistic atheism is also a pathology, and just as bad in its way as fanatical faith in a creator god or a messiah.

When I invoke any goddesses, particularly that pair, Kali and Gaia, I neither request nor expect a response of consenting belief: I call you to an experiment, a challenge of visionary intent. I call you, the individual, to behold the fate of your species.

Kali = Deliverance. This goddess is the greatest protector of human beings, but she does not protect humanity in general. She protects those who protect humanity. And to those in her camp, mystic warriors for Gaia, Kali gives deliverance from the human condition. The astounding paradox of this goddess is that she protects humanity through those whom she delivers from its species-specific limitations. How does Kali deliver? By the destruction of illusion, especially the illusion of compassion. In her way, she is a nurturing mother: she nurtures courage most of all. But the one thing Kali does not nourish is human illusions. . These she destroys and wholesale, along with them, those folk who cannot be divested of their precious, self-serving illusions. Including pretenses of goodness and charity. In that respect, she makes no distinction between victims and perpetrators bound together in a pernicious collusion, sharing the leveraged illusion of the wronged versus the righteous. Warriors dedicated to her cause likewise do not hold to that distinction, although they can recognize some victims who are not in collusion with those who perpetrate on them. .

No one needs to believe that the goddesses Kali and Gaia exist in some inflated make-believe game of divinities. Consider what I have written against religion, consider my vocation of comparing myths and deconstructing the beliefs they encode, consider the method of metacritique I propose for rigorous examination of belief-systems, and you might infer that I am the last person in the world to demand any such belief.

Do not believe anything I say about Gaia and the Divine Feminine, and do not even believe in my ability to know what I’m talking about, based on first-hand experimental mysticism.

What you need to believe is your own capacity to encounter, naked and first-hand, those divine supernatural powers that pervade the ordinary world. The challenge of visionary intent, living and acting in the lucid dream of Gaia-Sophia, is to know yourself engaged to that divine and supernatural dimension, interactive with it. From there Kali emerges. She comes to protect and deliver. She invites you into her presence.

This long outburst on goddesses may seem out of place in the current exposition. I can get carried away with that subject, but my intention in this case is clear and sober: to signal you that contra-violence cannot be practiced by humans on their own, without the supernatural connection. Especially the connection to Gaia and to Kali, who carries the wrath of Gaia. As brilliantly shown in the film Avatar, the planetary animal mother does not take sides, does not intervene in human affairs: “she only acts to protect the balance of life,” Neytiri talls Jake. Kali intervenes in the human condition, but Gaia herself reaches toward humanity in its darkest moment through the matrix of animal powers.

It is impossible to practice contra-violence without the intimate assistance of Kali the Deliverer and those animal powers which are embodied expressions of the protective fury of the planetary mother. Hence, I invoke the goddess Kali to accord with Gaia’s purposes, for the planetary animal mother has selected those members of the feline species with particular markings to bond with humankind in the cause of achieving a more peaceful, morally balanced world. She has selected the cats with tear-drop markings.

Harm Intended

Contra-violence is a way for those who are against violence to use the capacity for violence in a ritually implemented attack on wrong-doers. You may reject physically enacted violence as a means of control and domination, a way to hurt or overpower others, and so forth, but if you accept violent action as an accessory to self-defense, you would be qualified for this practice. If, however, you are someone who would not defend yourself if attacked in the street, contra-violence is not for you. It requires recognition of the capacity for violence in oneself.

Contra-violence is the use of violent capacity in a selfless and benevolent manner against those who are violent for evil and selfish purposes. It is a path of action intentionally taken against (contra) violence, by contrast to the non-action of letting violence have its way, or passively resisting. This path veers sharply beyond the ethically acceptable tactics of passive resistence and non-violent dissension. Gandhi drew his ethic of non-violent resistence from the Jain concept of ahimsa, harmlessness. Warrior ethics embraces the necessity of meeting violence and the orchestrations of evil that need violence to be accomplished, with a counteracting force. Anyone who believes that social orchestration and deliberate evil can be overcome by love and passive resistence is welcome to their conviction. You might as well believe that a schoolyard bully can be overcome, and prevented from doing harm, by taking a beating from him and loving him for it.

Contra-violence is not harmless: it can intend harm, even lethal harm. The operative word is intend. Contra-violence channels and focusses the intent to harm in the cause of species-defense and for the purpose of eliminating surro-predators, humans who prey on their own kind. The first rule of rite action, the ritualized release of transpersonal rage, is that it never used on anyone you know in a personal connection.

Contra-violence is harm intended to those who harm for selfish purposes in such a way that the harm profilerates globally. Using rite action, the individual who practices contra-violence intends violence without undertaking the physical means to achieve it, without using any kind of physical weapon or material instrument such as a poison, without any direct contact assault whatever, and without acting through an intermediary (hired killer) or a network of intermediaries. Contra-violence uses “action at a distance” with no traceable physical link from the practitioner to the IT, identified target. When the intent is lethal, it results in a magical kill. Shamans have conducted actions at a distance for ages in tribal socieites. Contra-violence is the practice of shamanic aggression on the planetary scale.

If it seems objectionable in any case whatsoever to intend harm to others, consider this: intending harm is an inescapable posture that arises within the human condition, an innate disposition highly exploited by some, and denied or abnegated by others who regard themselves as better people than the former (assuming “the higher moral ground”). But if intending harm to others is bound to occur, as it surely is among some members of the human race, then it could be viewed as a responsibility to intend harmfor no other purpose than to counteract and defeat those who do so on purpose, pursing selfish ends such as acquisition, control, and domination. To practice contra-violence is to reciprocate the harm done for self-serving ends. This particular and crucial act of reciprocation brings the moral centerpoint back into social order. Balance is restored by contra-violent actions, but to refrain from intending harm toward anyone just on principle, categorically insisting that doing harm to others is unacceptable, keeps the scales tilted in favor of the perpetrators who do not have any such scruples.

Harming others is done all the time on this planet. What makes a difference is who’s harming who, and why. The objection that returning harm with harm will only breed an escalating cycle of violence does not work for contra-violence: because the course advocated is not violence to match violence, but violent intent directed toward its equivalent. It is possible to hold violent intent and still be a loving peson. However, the love so felt is never directed toward the object of violent intent. Love is not the ultimate solution for world peace. It would be if everyone wanted love. But plainly, everyone doesn’t. Love has no persuasive power over deviant and insane human beings who intend harm, orchestrate social evil, and prey on their own kind. Caught in terminal and lethal insanity, they turn against the species and project upon it their monstrous conceit of superority, even godhood. They seek to destroy humanity physically so that there is nothing left to show them the absence of humanity in themselves. Love does nothing for such people. It cannot reach them or inspire them or magically convert them to better people. Contra-violence is the way to eliminate them. Any society that cannot detect and eliminate such perpetrators and predators is doomed by its own moral weakness.

Rite action, the ritualized expression of contra-violence, does not involve harming anyone who does not harm, or intend to harm, others. This path involves no indulgence in pseudo-Satanic power games. Practitioners do not conduct animal and human sacrifices in the performance of these rituals. They do not induct and abuse children. They do not use women for degrading rituals of sexual empowerment. As the preceptor of contra-violence, I utterly condemn all such practices.. A Gaian warrior does not use lethal power on anyone except surro-predators, humans who prey on their own kind.No harm intended to those who do no harm is a primary principle of warrior ethics. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, and do good to those who harm and persecute you, are definitely not principles of this path. Gaian warriors view such platitudes as schizoid ploys of perpetrators who rely on victim-perpetrator bonding to keep the upper hand and succeed in their game of division, deceit, and domination.

Perpetrators of social evil work against the human species and the symbiotic unity of planetary life. In their endgame scenario, currently showing across the globe, they madly conspire to decimate the human race. Eugenics is their signature, bureaucracy their cover. In their insanity they view themselves as a special race endowed with the right to enslave humanity or annihilate it, depending on how their agenda looks on any given day.

Those who believe they can control the world cannot control themselves. Those who spread terror through the hoax of terrorism live in a state of perpetual fear. They require elaborate measures of protection and secrecy to persist in their psychotic fantasies of domination. They are weaklings who cannot stand alone in the moral sense. They have no autonomous power but must rely on cadres of support and complicity. They acquire their power from the passive consent of people who are not smart enough to get on to their game. They are at liberty to prey on their own kind as long as there are not enough human beings with the guts to go after them. Not just expose their machinations, not just prattle on endlessly about how clever they are in their deceits, not just accuse them of the obvious evil-doing and entertain the futile dream that they will one day be brought to accountability, but go for the kill. Bring them down. It’s the end of Kali Yuga, folks. It’s open season on predators.

What is the naturally selected prey of the human species? Answer: we are the one animal who can prey on any species, but we have no naturally selected prey. That is what makes us different from other species: not superior but different, exceptional, in a way. It also accounts for the weird perversion by which humans come to prey on their own kind. Surro-predation involves a substitute prey. The masses become the prey of individuals who turn on their own species rather than destroy themselves, yet they, the surro-predators, are in the grip of terminal self-destructive insanity. They substitute others for the prey of their own murderous impulses, rather than let those impulses consume them. In a sense, they make humanity the sacrificial offering to their own insanity.

This twist can be difficult to undersand at first sight. It is something that has not been pointed out before, to my knowledge. Understanding it properly requires a close look at the victim-perpetrator bond, a purely human proposition, by contrast to the prey-predator bond, one of the more sublime laws of Gaian symbiosis.

Along that path of inquiry lies the domain of the great predatory felines, the killer cats with tear-drop markings…

Metahistory Week with John Lamb Lash – Day 1

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The founder/owner/author John Lamb Lash, one of the few and rare mythical scholars and Gnostics who has actually deciphered the Gnostic Ancient Texts from a non-Christian perspective.  John is a friend of mine and I highly respect his work, I share most of his belief systems and it’s been a few years now that I have been reading/studying his work. I highly recommend reading his work or listening to his interviews. I will be posting 1 post everyday for a week on some highlights of John’s work and how it relates to where we are today. 

We behave as we believe.

The effect of a story or script is to produce identification, but usually this happens in an unconscious way. We adapt the beliefs encoded in story form without a truth-testing process, or a clear awareness of what the beliefs actually entail.

Once the beliefs carried in stories are exposed, their motivational force can be examined and the behaviors driven by them changed. The blind enactment of scripts at personal and collective levels is typical of human history, but beyond history there is another way to manage the power of beliefs, a path of reasoned choice and enlightened response. A path of alignment.

Belief Change

The motto of Bioneers, who collaborate with the Marion Institute to offer the annual conference, Bioneers by the Bay, is “connecting for change.” The mix and merge of our different realities induces a sharper, more compassionate sense of our common reality. Beliefs that we have acquired through others can be changed by dialogue with others (but not without confronting fear and attachment, emotions that link us to unsustainable beliefs). Belief-change is the single most revolutionary action leading to a sane and sustainable future for human life on earth. On this site we examine beliefs to discover what guides the human animal, for better or worse. Belief-change enables us to make personal and social commitments freed of blind conformity to received stories, imposed rules, and unexamined agendas.

It is easy to talk about change, but more difficult to change the way we talkabout ourselves and our experiences in the first place. To make the shift toward more cogent and effective language, a syntax for optimal living, metahistory considers different expressions of belief found in stories of all kinds, from Biblical tales to news reports. This process invites dialogue, shared explorations of our collective and personal scripts. Because we all enact scripts of the six types, often in tight combinations (familial and religious scripts, for instance), we are all qualified to detect how the power of stories is demonstrated in our lives and in the world at large. Participation is the essence of the journey that takes us beyond the conditioning of history.

Beliefs inherent to science, religion and culture (the three formats) can drive human behavior in blind and harmful ways. Metahistory assesses the hidden dynamics of motivation to determine what is insane and inhumane in human belief-systems. The insights so gained applied in a direct way to personal release and realignment. The most potent way to change behavior is to change the beliefs that drive it, but to do so one must courageously and honestly investigate and evaluate our innermost convictions.

Metahistory is a pro-active discipline for radical change in personal, social, and collective terms. Through the open narrative, it offers a framework for commitment to a shared planetary vision. Metahistory goes beyond a mere recounting of facts and events, and even beyond the interpretation of these facts and events. It goes beyond debating about ideas because beliefs, rather than ideas per se, determine the ultimate background of everything conceived and achieved by human beings. Belief is the matrix from which ideas emerge, even when those ideas eventually lead to liberation from specific beliefs.

To detect belief is to discern the hidden dynamics of history, as well as what frees us from history.


Faith in the SpeciesIn this site we propose living without faith based on unverifiable beliefs and propositions, but we encourage faith that can be tested by real-life experience. Faith is a huge concern for many people because, as noted above, the most essential questions of life seem to be unanswered, or answerable: Does God exist? Why are we born? What happens when we die? Is the soul immortal? Will we see those we love after death? Does chance exist? Who guides us, or judges us, throughout life? What power directs the course of history? How will this world end?


It is easy to leave these questions to faith, but who provides the answers and beliefs to be taken on faith? No matter what the issues, faith always comes down to trust in sources believed to lie outside or beyond our innate capacities. Although it seems to confer power—due to the way it allows us to face the unanswerable issues of life—faith is futile and disempowering.

Above and beyond all else, metahistory poses the question:

If our faith were invested in lies and delusions, how would we know?

The very nature of faith blinds us to the veracity of what we embrace on faith—unless it can be personally tested. We affirm that the authenticity of individual experience is superior to any faith, except faith in humanity itself. Thus, Metahistory encourages faith in the species, in human potential, but not excluding the spiritual and supernatural dimension of human experience, either. It is not a form of secular humanism, but it addresses the key problems that humanism fails to solve.

Going beyond history means initiating a different story, the adventure of our shared liberation from imposed scripts. As the process unfolds, all our beliefs are brought into focus in the single and ultimate issue: our belief in humanity itself, in the potential of the human species to realize its mysterious role in the cosmos. Gnostics taught that human life is this adventure in learning, an experiment in novelty. Guided by faith in human potential and a Gaian story for all species, metahistory provides a visionary path toward all that is truly excellent, and truly humane, in the ageless striving of the human spirit.

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