Another Perspective on Drake Bailey

I wish I had an extra 2 or 3 hours to listen to more YT podcasts/vlogs but I choose to spend my time outside in my garden. I have become addicted to gardening and creating life. Watching that life grow, provide me with nutritious food and once harvested, it becomes compost for the next generation of plants.

The beginning of C.W. Chanter video starts out with Drake Bailey, so here is the list of mentions I wrote a few years ago to show that this is old stuff but nice to know more people out there are realizing this.

You get my drift now. This is not about nor has it ever been about me being right, it’s about carefully analyzing the information and keeping up with the same person for a while to watch their patterns of information. I can’t remember what post it was in, but I did talk about predictions. If they made predictions and the 2nd one didn’t happen, walk away. Of course they will manipulate you into believing that something may have changed or we weren’t ready for blah, blah always blaming the victim; but the TRUTH and FACT of the matter is this: We cannot know the future because it doesn’t exist in this dimension, we can change the outcome of the future, but to do that, we have to be able to shift in and out of dimensions to do so. In the end, even if we succeed in it, how do we prove to anyone or ourselves that we actually were able to alter the future outcome? We don’t and we can’t. How can we predict something and based on what information are we predicting? We can’t. Intuitively we can see the future by FEELING it, but it’s really simple. It’s common sense. It’s not what someone else told you might happen, it’s about conditioning your higher self/mind to communicate better with you or for you to pay more attention to your intuitive feelings like I do.

It’s a life long process to BE in synchronicity with your intuitive self; because the brain that comes with this body plays games with us. I can’t repeat enough times that we are not the BRAIN, we are not this BODY, we are eternal spirits/souls that occupy this body that comes with a computer (brain) and engine (organs) to complete and help us enjoy this journey. Yes, I’m saying enjoying because if you take out the duality, there is nothing right or wrong, it’s just simply the experience.

I wrote to C.W. and he was polite enough to write back. I think the way he does, it doesn’t mean we’re right. But if you look back at all the posts I have written on these frauds, it’s obvious that I listen well and am connected to higher self because that’s all I use to determine if they are fakes or not. I just don’t have the time to spend years researching every single detail of their lives and teachings.

More will come out. For every one that gets busted/exposed, 10 more will arrive. This system is rigged to keep us manipulated, they have hijacked our minds (not mine); and their only objective is to keep you from finding out WHO you truly are. Once you realize how powerful you are, once we all realize how powerful we are, the game is over. Do you understand? So, please, follow your heart, do what is right for humanity, don’t be selfish because selfishness doesn’t have a place in a new world and system. If you deprive one, you’re depriving all of humanity the truth. If you feel you have the truth, share it and help others to think differently so that they can come to the same conclusions you and I did. It’s our duty to enlighten, to shine the light, to show the way. Nobody is coming to save you; you are your own savior. What are you waiting for?

So, the purpose of my garden is and has been to survive any type of disaster. It’s been a lot of hard work in a rocky terrain to create the environment for plants to grow, but I’m almost there. Should the world end today, I think I would be able to survive for at least a year but that’s all depending on Mother Nature. If she shuts down, we’re all done in a matter of weeks.

Save yourself by creating a backup system should all hell break loose. Do your part whether you live in the city or countryside, it matters not. Throw out your tennis rackets and replace them with canned foods and water jugs.

Enjoy the video and support C.W. He’s doing a great job.


The Truth Shall Set You Free – If you Shall Be Like Me

I love this guy C. W. Chanter below. He started out with 45 views on YT and is now reaching over 2000 views. Why do I love this guy? I love him because he shares my thoughts 100%, it’s almost spooky that he might be within my frequency and is able to tap into the mass conscious truth. Below are links that go as far back as 2014 on the subject of David Wilcock alone. If you do a search on him, there are many more posts but I don’t have time to search in detail.

Thanks to many of my readers, they made it very difficult for me to take time out and things are really starting to speed up, the disclosure is in full swing. I have received so many emails asking me to keep writing and I can’t disappoint, truth is, I need to keep trucking.  I wrote about disclosure and it’s not about disclosing aliens, it’s about HUMANITY disclosing the ugly secrets that have been hidden from us. Disclosure is in full swing which means it will get crazier and uglier out there as the beasts fight for their lives and control.

Stay tuned for some new info on Veronica Keen; one of my readers sent me an interesting piece and has given me permission to post his email. I need some time for this to find all the posts I wrote on Veronica.

I am not saying this CW is right. I’m not saying I’m right. I’m just saying that we share the same views, you are the one that will decide whether it’s truth or not. I love the way he thinks, I think the same way. It’s obvious he spends a lot of time researching the folks that he talks about, but I just FEEL these people and try to present a different way of thinking for readers to deecide if the information is true or not. In the end, truth is only relevant to you and how it works in your life. You see, whether Trump is a Russian agent or not doesn’t matter to me. The truth about him is irrelevant to me and my life, but some truths are worth contemplating, especially if they directly affect our lives. We have been deceived by these so called GURU’s who claim to have access to higher intelligence. You see, if you think that only ONE person on this planet has access to higher sources, then you’re just as crazy as Katherine E. May, David Wilcock and Simon Parkes. Let’s not go into Alfred Webre that I have exposed years ago for being an idiot with dementia. Who ADMITS he was invaded by AI and yet we are supposed to believe that he is on our side? This is FUNNY. That people will choose to believe one person and on the basis of: “I know, trust me, I have access to secret intelligence.”  Yeah right, and I had dinner with Putin last night, he’s a great lover too! Enjoy! I would really encourage you to listen to more of C.W; if for any reason, for learning a different way of thinking.

For those of you joining the blog in the last year, I encourage you to go back into older posts to see where it all started and why I chose to write on this blog. I want truth, I want disclosure, I want humanity to get angry and finally do something about it.


So Be It

It’s been a while! This will be my last post until autumn. I would much rather extend my decision on whether I can continue or not than tell you that I’m gone for good.

The video below just showed up in my YT recommendation. After listening to 20 minutes of it, I was so taken aback with the 100% opinions as mine. If you are new reader then go back to the beginning where I started with Kathryn E. May, The Hollow Earth Network and then working my way down the list with people as David Wilcock, Simon Parkes, Stewart Swerdlow etc. This man has the same views as I do, which doesn’t make it truth, he simply sees reality as I do. Please start at the 10 min. mark so you don’t waste your time with introductions. It matters not who he is, his information matters. Listen, discern, ask yourself how it feels, but make your own decisions.

I have been very busy and under a lot of stress with my partner who has been very ill for the last 4 years. His lung issues are much better as he’s taking Cannabis Oil but the drugs he took at the start of his diagnosis, activated auto immune disorders such as arthritis and producing too much hemoglobin so he’s on anti-clotting medication now, something that we can’t change in natural medicine so fast, it takes time. My point is that I really don’t spend much time on the computer these days. I do sit down at night and check my mailbox and keep up with what is going on in this reality, but as you can see, I felt/predicted all of what is going on currently. It will get worse before it gets better. A child born into hunger doesn’t realize he’s hungry until he gets his first belly full of food. Only then does he realize he was hungry. When man can survive day to day, he’s not motivated to fight for something better. Sometimes, like the Middle East people, you need to lose your home, your neighborhood, your family, your pets before you realize it’s time to fight for something.

Sadly, Americans are sinking deeper into ignorance and complacency, I can only imagine how bad it is with all the attacks on us through chem-trails, HAARP, Geoengineering, GMO foods not disclosed on packaging, prescription drugs and FALSE news. I wish you all well, I hope you will get through the difficult times and if we still have power in September, I will be back to remind you how powerful you are and that only YOU can save yourselves! Be strong old soul; figure out who you are and use your powers like I am now.


This journey that we are on was forgotten when we entered into this physical world. In other words, we forgot why we are here.

So, why are we here? Is this a question you ponder about or have figured it out?

I am Soul, this body I use to have my human experience is called Ines. I am immortal, eternal, infinite and have always been. When you really truly start to believe this, things change on a huge scale.

On my journey, having learned and understood that I am here for a purpose, I could never understand why I choose this body. Over time and constant questioning of higher self I learned that we don’t choose the body. We choose the parent and with that, we take on the genetics of our earthly parents. Even if we were to choose a physical body to use, there is no guarantee that we would live a long life if that is what we choose because so many factors come into play.

We enter the newly conceived child at different stages. We can enter at the time of conception, during the pregnancy or even during birth. This answered my questions about why I would choose a deformed body to live in. Maybe that was my purpose, to have an experience of being deformed and experiencing pain and suffering? Maybe the Soul that was my earthly mother wanted to experience giving birth to a 10 lb baby. This was the reason why I was born with Congenital Scoliosis, this body simply didn’t have enough room in the womb and probably stayed in one position  until birth. She did tell me that it took her 5 days to give birth to me. Being born in a communist country with very little technology was dangerous, but we made it.

So, going back to this body and I as a Soul. What do we actually choose and what do we actually experience? How successful is our goal to experience? These are answers I don’t know because so many factors depend on the outcome. I may be doing what I should be doing, but people around me are not able to fulfill their goals and experiences they chose to  have here.  Perhaps and most likely, I made a deal with the Soul that was my earthly mother to have this experience together.

In a way, this reality has to be a construct if we are to experience what we came to experience. If that is the case, then this construct was purposely designed for Souls to come and have a human experience. It would make sense that we are enclosed in this prison planet to keep those out that aren’t part of the Human Experience. We can assume that we are the only planet of Humanoids, therefore, Souls enter a human body to have this human experience. If we were to open it up to any Soul or any Body; then it would no longer be the human experience, right?

I have learned over the last 40 years that the less I think of myself as a human, the more in tune I am with everything around me. I have become the observer and one thing that is very difficult to do and which I consider to be the Holy Grail of Earthly Life is ” disattachment”.

What does that mean? I can only tell you what I think it is because I have been burdened by this since the time my children were born. I questioned myself as a mother because I didn’t freak out, I didn’t miss my kids, I didn’t run after them to keep them from falling into a imaginary hole, I was glad to get away for a few hours and didn’t think about them. This was confusing to me because I do love my children but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t so possessive of them.  Even today I see parents obsessed with their kids, while I never had that feeling then or today.

As a child living at home until I left at the age of 16 in Canada, my parents constantly moved. We were never in one place more than a few years. I did the same after leaving home. In fact, I got very antsy being in one place for a year. Was this from my parents moving or from the fact that I was already in tune with my goals here and didn’t attach to anyone. This goes for me even today. I have many friends, but I’m not attached to any of them and that includes my partner whom I love very much but when we are separated, I don’t miss him.

I may never know for sure but what I am sure is that the Older the Soul, the more in tune it is with nature and it’s not attached to anyone or anything because it intuitively knows that this experience will come and go and it will go on to new adventures.

Let’s look at people that are very sick and know they are dying. Most fear death like the plague. Those that belong to religious institutions or believe in gods believe that if you are good you will go to heaven and if you are bad, you will go to hell. How silly is that? The point is that most fear death because they don’t know what is waiting for them on the other side and because they consider their life here to be the one and only one.

Those that don’t fear death, probably had an enlightening experience in their lifetime which helped them understand better. Had I not died and gone to heaven for 12 minutes, would I writing this today? Would I know who I am today without that experience? You don’t have to have an NDE to come to that conclusion but it sure helps. It’s like having a cheat sheet in your hand while you are searching for the truth. That cheat sheet helps you be more focused because you already had that experience and are now verifying it through information.

I am an old Soul/spirit. An old soul simply means that it has had many many experiences. This body I occupy is called Ines. By feeling this way, I have changed a lot in this lifetime. Like a car you drive, your body requires maintenance, new parts and cleaning. Your car needs gasoline, oil, filters and tuneups, so does the body. We can then more realistically take responsibility for illness because it’s obvious we didn’t service this body well enough. When seeing yourself from that perspective, the reality changes. I no longer feel angry about constant wars and rumors of wars. I can laugh at the great American Puppet Show going on right now as ” disclosure” takes place. What is coming to the surface now is disclosure. It was never about Aliens or ET’s, it was about the secrets being disclosed.

I love this life, this human experience because I get to choose how to live it. I’m here for a short while, I get to play the human game and once I’m done, I get to go back home. You can’t play this game being attached to people or things. Material things are part of the human condition and that usually means that you’re either a very young soul not yet understanding why you are here, or you like many others, went rogue because you weren’t strong enough to break through that temptation.

Not everyone completes their lessons or experiences, but it’s not true that we have to come back and re-experience or reincarnate. That goes for those that believe in reincarnation and get caught in the Karma trap. I wrote about this many times. In fact, I’m preparing my partner now to think about this. Once he crosses over, he must believe and think that he’s going home. I often tell him that he not only needs to know his human life but he also needs to know his transition and where he will go from there. You don’t want to go to the light, it’s a trap. Simply practise thoughts about ” going home”, so when the time comes, you will go home wherever that may be. I believe that we all have different homes and that we were not all created in one reality but many of them.

I am Spirit/Soul; I am eternal, immortal, infinite and beautiful. This body is called Ines, this body is holding up well, I guess I still have a lot of things to experience.

Three Great Minds

This is by far one of the most interesting discussions I have listened to in a long time. So much of what is said here has been written on this blog so it’s nice to know there are others with the same experiences. It not only resonates within me but it confirms a lot of things I have experienced and dealt with over the past 40 years.
There is no saviour. You are not  your body. In order to get something, you have to give something and work at it. Enjoy!

A Rant

No matter which way or how I choose to start with this subject, I can’t write about it without politics involved. If we take the U.S. as an example, every single event and subject is now politicized.

Let me start by saying this: Dear Americans, your country is going to war and it will push everyone on this planet into a war.  No matter what you believe or think, your government is doing whatever it can to start another war and this one is going to be a big one.
Today, Fox News announced that ” Assad’s regime just bombed his own people”. If you look at RT News; or Press TV; or Euronews or even Al Jazeera News; you will not get this version. This is just an example of the outright LIES your media is presenting to you. No, it’s not FAKE news, it’s outright lies.

In our news, I’m talking about European News and Asian News there is a whisper going around that Trump will not allow N. and S. Korea to work out a peace deal. It isn’t conducive to the billions of dollars of US Military bases and war machine to just bail out. It’s not just LIES and FAKE news; literally, your American Historians are not writing history the way it actually happened.

So, 13 Russians meddled in the elections? Do you really believe that? Can Americans be so fucking stupid to believe this? I mean, your government really thinks you’re as dumb as Forrest Gump or have the brain capacity of a bird.
We are in a very dangerous reality and I have no doubt that we will get involved in a war and it doesn’t look good for Americans because the US is no longer a world power and its allies have turned rogue. Not one country will support the US in ANY war, let alone a Korean War again. China and Russia will surely get involved and they are already on alert and I can tell you this as well, America will die a slow death. No, you won’t be bombed like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Yemen.  You will die a slow death as China and Russia unleash their EMP weapons over the continent.

I am so angry and yet I can’t pinpoint what I am angry over. Maybe I’m angry because nothing has changed. I’m laughing while watching any US news outlet; it’s like watching the greatest Puppet Show, the scandals, the political winching, the outright LIES about any country the US can’t control, it’s just madness.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. No laws will change a mad nation armed with guns. Make no mistake, these kids were not shot by a mentally deranged young man, he was brainwashed and mind controlled  to do this by the Deep State. Why? Because the Deep State is afraid of you and they want your guns and they will not stop short of killing 1/2 the nations children if they have to, to take away your guns. Thing is, we’re just talking about registered guns. What about the 250,000 million guns that are unregistered?  How do you control that? You can’t. You are being stripped of the last hope you have to protect yourself and your family. The Deep State wants your guns and they will get them but not before China and Russia annihilate your country back to the stone age.

The entire planet has somewhat strict gun laws. Even those countries that don’t have such strict gun laws do not have crazies going around shooting kids in schools. It’s a cultural problem, a mental problem, a deeply divided nation, neglected mental health issues, neglected veterans, pompous beliefs of grandeur that Americans are taught, there are so many different reasons why people kill, but it’s not because of gun laws and find me ONE country that has this problem. I dare you to find me a country where despite gun laws, madmen go around killing just for the hell of it. It doesn’t exist. So, it’s not the guns stupid, it’s the chemtrails, fluoride, antidepressants, HAARP and who knows what else is being snuck into the food and water. Let’s not even mention GMO’s that are rampant in US fields. GMO foods are banned in the EU and Russia. What does that tell you?

Oh boy, we have some big problems don’t we? Croatia is in the middle of all this, we’re a small country and we’re not even worth a bomb dropping because that bomb costs more than the entire Croatian economy, but we’re downwind from the radiation and more to come. As if Fukushima was not enough, we’re headed for another war and I can tell you that Americans will be the worse off. How do I know? I was there, watching it all happen and it’s not coming from Russia or China; our dear off planet friends see no end to this madness and karma is a bitch.

What do I say now? I say what I have been saying for years. Get ready and be prepared. Plan for the worse and hope for the best. Your only survival is water, food and medicine if you have health issues. Also, make sure you are taking Iodine and Potassium Iodide to protect your thyroid but also keep you healthier. It’s so cheap that anyone can afford that, but get ready. I have been ready for years, and though I didn’t plan for a war, I planned for natural events such as earthquakes or volcanic ash as we are very close to 3 active volcanoes in Italy. Last time one of them blew, there was a nuclear winter for 6 months and most died. I think I read that only 10% survived that year so I do have reasons to prepare here.

Terminal madness is upon the entire planet and has been for some time, but as the corruption is being exposed, the Cabal/Deep State lashes out even stronger and they will stop at nothing to ensure there is perpetual war.

So, what are you doing to prevent this? You still believe your one little voice matters not? If that’s what you believe, then get a gun and get it over with. To sit back and watch it all unfold without you doing anything about it is the same as doing the deed itself.

Everything is political now. Your greatest enemy is your own nation dear Americans. From the outside, the greatest threat to humanity is America. Take a peek into some media from Europe and Asia and see for yourself what the world thinks of the US government and its people. We’re all tired of being bombed and bullied, karma’s a bitch and the next poke at N. Korea will result in war, take my word for it.

Your world is exactly that, your world in a cocoon called America. Take a peek outside the box and see what is actually going on and who will pay the price. Because of this Americanism; the American people will pay the highest price. Guns and bombs don’t differentiate between people and a government, just like bombs don’t detour civilians to kill the terrorists. Bombs are like antibiotics and chemotherapy, they kill everything in its path. Take notice.

Do something. Say something. Give a damn about what is going on. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Last night, we had a car pile up on one of our highways and two people died. It’s been on the news since last night, it’s just a big deal when people die here, and if a madman entered a school and killed some children, you can believe me that that gunman would not leave alive nor would citizens wait for the police to arrive. It’s never happened in our country, it’s unthinkable to just shoot someone for some mental or emotional issues.  We are one of the poorest EU members, have the highest unemployment rates, probably the most guns per person and yet we don’t go to schools and shoot children. How dare they give other countries advice on democracy and freedom!

I heard someone say: ” They  attack us and hate us because of our democracy”. Do you honestly believe that? They attack us because we bombed their country back to the stone age, because we killed entire families. What the fuck would you do if someone did that to you? You would become a terrorist too because that is why they become terrorists. They want to terrorize you the same way we did it to them. Can you imagine standing up from the rubble after being bombed and finding out all 17 members of your family were dead? No you can’t imagine that, but maybe you can understand why people become terrorists. When they lose everything, they are prepared to die for their revenge.

Democracy is an illusion, a word without meaning. This is why communism was feared. Grant you, communism wasn’t implemented the way it should but communism was a good thing in Yugoslavia. Talk to any Croatian and he/she will tell you that life was much better at the time. It’s how Communism is translated or implemented that is taken out of context. We all started in tribes, that is communism or living in a Commune. Everything we have been fed is lies and more lies. Hell, we don’t even know where we come from or who our ancestors are. We are lost, have been lost and will continue to be lost until we realize we don’t need governments to tell us what to do.

So much for Peace.


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