Aunt Jemima On the Chopping Block

I think the company is called Quacker Oats Company. How is this lady a sign of racism? Can someone please explain to me why she is being removed? Should they now put a Chinese lady, or white lady or green martian? I mean come on folks, don’t you think this would be a complimentary thing given that this black lady was a successful African American Woman so this was a tribute to her. How in the hell is this racist? If it is, then every color we put on any product or advertising is Racist.

We are removing statues from history. We forget that those statues symbolize whatever that person did at that time. You are now being sold a pile of crap that it should never be there again because it’s Racist. Of course it is, but it’s also a symbol of our past mistakes, hopefully a reminder of those mistakes.

This is an agenda to remove any of our history. That we cannot associate ourselves with anything, humanity without a past, all books will be abolished that history is written in, and in the meantime, we are being re programmed. This is what the Cabal is doing. It is causing strife among people to have these historical values eradicated so that we come humanity without an Identity, where we will be given a NUMBER and be called by that NUMBER and not our names.

As for you African Americans, you should be asking for your identity back. You don’t exist. You carry the last names of your Slave Masters. You should be asking to have your genealogy examined and to find out what tribe or village your ancestors came from and take back the last name that you were given at birth. No amount of money will erase the past or make up for what was done to your race, but also you will never feel as part of this human race living in America because you are a fictitious entity with another family’s last name. In other words, you are non existent and maybe that’s why it’s easier for the PTB to keep you subjugated.

Have you ever thought about this? This should be your fight, to bring back your true identity, your true tribe or country in Africa. To visit that place where your ancestors came from will give you closure. Nothing else can make up or compensate because not only were you taken from your homes, you were erased, non existent and then given a false name. Think about it.

A Letter from Georgi Stankov

Georgi Stankov <>10:09 AM (2 hours ago)
to me

Dear Ines,
while making a search on the Internet, I coincidentally came upon your “Georgi Stankov Rant ” from November 2014. I read it to my dual soul Amora (Carla Thompson)
who is channeling the Elohim and many other ascended masters and forces of light as the Arcturians, Agarthans, Lemurians, etc.. She works closely with St. Germain who as the patron of the current Aquarius age, and is around us all the time. After all, she is the new Chohan of the violet flame:

She was stunned how much effort you have put into analysing the new theory of the Universal Law which you rightly also defined as the Theory of Ascension.  She commented: “Even I haven’t done such a profound analysis of your writings as this author.” We all agreed that you are a very sincere searcher of the truth and this is the main quality of a truly spiritual person as I recently wrote to a reader of mine.

I then checked your website and was delighted to find out how active you have been all these years and what huge progress you have made since 2014. I am not sure if you have read my website in the meantime but there are many topics on which we both have written over the years.
I also checked your potential bullshit list and agree with the choice almost fully. There are of course many more candidates to be added to it, but after all, it doesn’t matter. I worked personally with Alfred Webre in 2010 and he is agnostic and that is why we separated. I would recommend you to take off the list Dolores Cannon as she did a tremendous light work to enlighten a whole generation of lightworkers as best as she could. She established recently contact with us from the Higher Realms. 
Bashar exists and is a very powerful being. He came to us when we had a light session with our friend Julia in White Rock in 2017 and his energy is impressive. He was very jovial and full of jokes and we had a lot of fun with him. When we went out of the room on the seaside walk, he arranged a real spectacle with 50-100 seagulls that began to fly very closely above and around us for no apparent reason and were crying loudly. Like the birds in the Hitchcock movie. Not that it matters much but just to give you some background information. Daryl Anca is though a modest mind and he is trapped in a narrative that is wearing thin.
You have made a mistake with Ron Head, he is channeling his HS or monad, he does not know it exactly himself. He is a clean source, The Hilarion Connection is done by Marlene Swetlishoff. It is a nothing-burger. I am in constant contact with Hilarion as he is probably another incarnation of myself – I was initiated by him on Crete in 1995 in his etheric temple of the green flame. Although he is a healer and the Chohan of the green flame, he is actually a patron of the clarity of the human mind and thus of science. Hilarion is actually very silent, contrary to St. Germain, and we have received very few short messages from him. He works telepathically all the time.
I also saw that you are writing about the current plandemic, I called scamdemic, therefore you should read my latest article on it which also includes in the reference list all the other articles I have written about this topic. I know you struggle with science and scientific concepts but this elaboration is important for the future revelations that are about to unfold this year and I have kept it popular:
If you really are interested in what is happening this year you should visit our new crowdfunding website:
Continue doing your light work, you are on the right track, especially now that you have recognized that “you are a multidimensional being”. I am sure that you have now expanded your spiritual approach with respect to some of my allegedly “wrong predictions” knowing that linear time is an illusion and that there is no past and future and all creation occurs in the now. By the way, Gaia and the PAT did ascend during the stargate 12.12. 12 to 5D and we had to return as avatars as humanity was not ready. This has been confirmed by many other sources in the meantime and also by ours. 
My predictions have always had a clear pedagogical objective – to motivate the PAT, the planetary ascension team, the captain of which I am and who actually accomplished the current ascension, to make their utmost effort at each ascension portal. You missed in your rant this major mission of myself as you were not in the LBP then and could not imagine what we were doing. Here is the real background one more time:
The Light Warrior’s Crucial Question

I take “arrogantly” the benefit of your insight of being multidimensional, after all, I was the first to introduce this concept in the new age and explain it consistently from a physical point of view. There are numerous articles on multidimensionality on my website that explain this concept from various angles. 

Take good care of yourself and watch carefully what will happen very soon in Italy.
With love and light


Extremism is an Everyday Event

This plandemic has given me much to contemplate. I vividly recall Alex Collier telling us how the Andromedans were shocked when they found out that we have to pay to live on this planet. From the richest man on Earth to the poorest societies, such extremes exist on this planet.

Imagine that, each piece of land in every country is either government owned or privately owned. Each piece of land we must pay for, our land, our planet and we have to pay to live on it. There is enough land on this planet that every single human being would have more than 1 Acre of land, so a family of 5 would have access to 5 Acres of land. This family can be totally self sufficient, grow whatever is able to grow depending on climate, create it’s own energy using the Sun, collect rain water or live near rivers and creeks. Instead, we must pay for energy, pay for gasoline, pay for the land and pay for precious water that the rain provides for all of humanity.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if we all had equal access to land, but for someone like Jeff Besos to now being the richest man on earth, having so much money that the next 20 generations would not be able to spend just doesn’t make sense to me. While millions, perhaps billions of people have nothing to eat from day to day.

When we talk about Human Rights, Racism, inequality and terrorism, we can’t fix this until we all have equal access to the planet. Until this happens, the powerful will continue to rule and the poor will continue to receive handouts.

Even if Racism stopped being the social problem that plagues all countries, it would not solve anything. There will still be extreme poverty and extreme wealth. We would still struggle to survive, nothing changes at all. Think about it? Let’s just assume that as of today, June 18th, 2020 we all stopped being racists. How the fuck do we do that? Let’s pretend we are no longer racist. What is the end result? Probably less policing, less crime, maybe people of color will have better opportunities, whatever, but what really changes other than the mindset of those that are being discriminated? How do you prove you are no longer being discriminated? These are all programs designed to keep us dumbed down, stressed out, angry at each other and those that control us don’t see the difference between black and white. We are ALL slaves on this planet, but they would want you to believe that whites are not being discriminated against. Socially maybe not, but nobody on this planet has it better off because they are white, but because they believe they are superior therefore, their attitude determines their success in life.

I know it sounds crazy, and I am not saying that Racism doesn’t exist, of course it does, but if we eliminate that, what changes? How do we eliminate Racism? African Americans carry last names of their Slave Masters. Nobody talks about this on mainstream media. These poor people that were brought to the America’s were stripped of their identity and given names by their masters. To this day, African Americans carry the last names of their Slave Masters. How will they ever get over this when they are reminded of it everyday?

Do they not want to know what their lineage is? Is there a way to find out? Would they not want to know what village or tribe they belonged to and take back their family names? I think that would be the retribution or restitution rather than just throwing money at them. I think that reclaiming their identities and genealogy would be a proper way to restore their place in society.

I’m saddened by this extreme divide between the rich and poor. While I enjoy a beautiful roof over my head and have no worries about tomorrow, those that were poor before the Plandemic are now destitute, not only without a home or food, but without hope. How can I sleep at night knowing that I am well while so many parents stay awake all night feeling like shit because they could not feed their children and they had to go to bed hungry?

Sure, I can say that we all came here for purpose. Each one of us chose a character to play, I get that. But, did we know that once we entered the human body that we would suffer inside seeing the pain and suffering of those that don’t have? Are we not part human too?

I jump from being human to being a multidimensional being, in this constant struggle of why we are in such bad condition here, even though we all chose to come here at this time. Without poverty, we would not appreciate abundance. Without wealth, we would not understand what Poverty is like. Each one exists for us to understand the differences. So long as we are well fed and bills are paid, we don’t think about these things and we make very little effort in improving our lives and of those that don’t have. We have become “me only” and while we focus on improving our lives, we forgot that we should take what we need and share the rest with others.

Do you think about these things? When you’re having your morning coffee are you thinking about the world or stuck in your mobile phone reading up on likes and dislikes, trends, gossip and social justice? Have you ever gotten up in the morning and contemplated others or do you just think about yourself today and what you need to do to get ahead?

You see, materialism is a disease and only because we have to pay for everything. If you lose your home, it’s not just your life, but all the fucking money you put into it knowing that even insurance won’t cover everything. We pay for everything, this is where materialism comes from, not from shopping for things we don’t need, but because our hard earned money goes into things we want and we become very possessive of this.

This is what they wanted, they set up the system this way so that you are eternally locked into a system of working, giving your energy to someone else or another corporation. You have been programmed to believe that you need to get a Diploma on useless information that doesn’t serve you. You have to get a student loan, in other words, you are paying for education that serves the master. After your JOB, you now have a few hours to shop, care for family/home and walk the dog. Exhausted you go to bed, only to worry about doing it all over again. It’s a dog eat dog world, this is what they designed for you. A system that never works for you, only usurps your energy, and then they feed on your tired, wasted and negative energy you created because you are a slave.

I say you, because I’m not a slave to anyone. Although I have to live in the system, I’m not dependent on it except for utilities. Maybe one day I will leave the modern way of life and move into a place where nobody sees me, out of sight, a homestead that will provide me with even more energy freedom so that I can collect rainwater and use Solar power; but I’m not dependent on anyone or anything. I can wake up whenever the body chooses to, I have no employer to give my energy to, I have no master to tell me how to live my life. Although not completely free, I am much better off than most people.

So, sure it’s easier said than done but everything I mentioned above has to be a pre condition in order for things to get better. We still have a long way to go, but time is now speeding forward, we have gained momentum, what used to take 10 years to evolve, it now takes 6 months.

Eliminating Racism will not solve anything but a Psychology and Perception. Until all humans have access to equal education, equal land rights, equal freedoms and are no longer listed as Asians, Greeks, Limurians, Africans, etc., only then we will be able to move forward as a Human Race.

The divisions created start at country borders, regions, municipalities and cities/villages. Different languages, different cultures, different religious beliefs even though there is only ONE Creator; different social norms, different diets, different music, different belief systems, ALL of this was designed like the Tower of Babel; to keep us all separated and at war with each other. Just think about it. Although these are my beliefs and perceptions, it doesn’t mean they are correct, they are just mine and I am sharing them with you for the purpose that you “contemplate” your place in this reality and measure how much you are contributing to the betterment of humanity and not just Yourselves.

I Saw Streaks of Light

It’s not often that I wake up with a clear image of the Astral travel I had just experienced. The closest I got would be waking up to go to the bathroom because someone in that other reality said to me: ” Hurry up, go to the bathroom and come back”. You know, it took me years to realize that I was not dreaming but that I was having different experiences. The Soul as it matures can fracture and be in different realities, in other words; the Soul doesn’t have to just choose one physical body and wait until that body dies to move to the next experience.

Since I don’t follow anyone in the Metaphysical area but come to my own conclusions, I do believe that I Soul has multiple experiences, but that Soul has to leave this physical body in order to be aware of it’s other roles. This reality is dense, the planet is veiled off and cut off, the physical body simply doesn’t have the gifts that were given to us when we were first designed, we are now functioning on 2 DNA strands, 10 inactive.

This morning, I woke up in a sweat, but was still reeling from what I had just seen and experienced. It was amazing, it was shocking and it was exciting all in the same breath. I was hovering over Earth, (it was flat) and I saw these streaks of light coming from the Galactic Center and hitting different areas of the planet. I saw people gnashing their teeth, making these ridiculous faces as the energy hit them. They didn’t like the feeling, some were looking like they were in extreme pain, some just dissolved into the ground, some turned black and turned into millions of black flakes, and some closed their eyes and breathed in the energy. Different reactions, different places on the planet. I then looked over to the right of what would appear to be South America, but almost down to it’s point of Pantagonia and saw tribes celebrating, dancing in circles and chanting: ” The God Sun is finally here”.

The bible uses the word “Son” for Jesus but the truth is SUN is what experts claim it should be. The light coming through had colors I have never seen in this physical reality, these streaks of light were like colorful DNA strands, twisting in braids and just shooting off down to different regions and areas.

Is this the first time this happened? I don’t know. But the impression I got from those that enjoyed and celebrated was “finally, what took you so long”, while those that were not enjoying it were thinking: ” Why did they leave me here to go through this or they told us we would win”.

I can’t extrapolate what all this means because I don’t like analyzing something I experienced, rather just tell you what I saw and felt. Because I do know we, the Planet are moving towards the Galactic Center, I have to assume that we have finally reached the stage where the light can actually touch us, reach us. It’s like seeing the Light through the tunnel, that there is not only hope, but that we actually made it.

It means that the turmoil, the madness, the lies and control we have suffered for thousands of years are finally coming to an end and that my guide even told me that I would live to see the transition or what some may call “Ascension”.

I wrote about this years ago, that we would eventually transcend but I didn’t know how at the time. Transcending or Ascension means that our physical body suits will be restored to their original condition. There has to be a frequency and dimensional shift in order for this to happen, therefore, yes, we are lifting upwards but not off this planet unless we leave it behind and move over to a double, but our physical bodies will Transcend and be restored to 12 DNA strand structure, to having back all the powers we had before they were genetically altered and deactivated.

Mother Gaia is one of a kind in this Universe but there are duplicates of it in different galaxies and Universes because this was an experiment and should it have failed, there would be another Earth as this planet has every living thing imaginable, a living library designed as a showpiece to other beings that were supposed to come and visit, but the dark intervened. It was the human body that was genetically altered to prevent us from continuing with the experiment and to be dominated by the dark.

This takes me back to my childhood where as a young girl of maybe 9 or 10 years old, I had these dreams of me flying over Earth, but at the level of an air balloon, the same speed and height, ever so slowly just looking down at the breathtaking views as I moved ahead. I now know that even at that time I was leaving my body and experiencing different realities of myself as Soul.

It makes sense that when I would be locked up in my bedroom for days, that I would open the window at night (we lived in the country so the stars were bright), and called on someone to come and get me. ” I want to go home, get me out of this hellhole”. Everything makes sense now, I was right about it all along but it was just an incredible concept that I as Soul had multidimensional realities and purpose of existence.

So, I celebrate today with gratitude, that I never gave up on seeking truth about who I am, that I followed my intuition and trusted Universe to provide me with a NDE to awaken me. Gratitude in trusting my instincts and inner NOUS that I was more than just flesh and bones, that nothing made sense as to why a God would create this incredible planet with all organic life having the ability to be reborn or rise up from the soil forever yet put man on this reality to have only one miserable life. Let’s face it, if you are to believe that you are just a body with one life, what are your chances that you will have everything and be happy? Very slim indeed so it never made sense why a god would give some poverty, some disease, some wars and some everything more than they needed. What kind of god was this that decided how your life would be here? This was the focal point of my obsession with finding out who I truly was or finding this GOD that was so cruel and evil.

The light has broken through folks, we can now expect the last terminal madness symptoms, the beast is wounded, cornered and knows the light has made it to Planet Earth and those left here will be unable to hold the higher frequencies arriving. I saw them melting and disintegrating, I saw them turn black and melt into the ground, I saw the eyes engulfed in terror, just like the very terror they inflicted on humanity.

I told you we would do it, I told you it would not be easy and that there would be a lot of suffering and sacrifice, but it was necessary and although we’re not done yet, knowing the light has reached us and touched us, empowers me even more to speak out and not fear retribution knowing what is to come. All I can do is share this with you and if you have ideas on what I witnessed, I would love to hear from you.

Congrats Magenta, 100K Subs

I wrote a while ago that I would not work on exposing the fakes and frauds, yet every time I listen to this lady, I collect some of her energy that just doesn’t sit right with me. I am not saying she’s a fake or fraud but I have an aversion towards Channellers and not because of who they call themselves, but because like most of them; once they have been contacted, they feel they are special and have the priveledge of helping others.

Let me remind you that our Solar System and Universe is under the Law of Non Interference. I don’t know how many times I have written about this. There is no Savior. We are the Ones that volunteered here to make it right and to bring the Light back. She’s usually defending herself: ” I am not telling you what to do, I am only sharing with you, I really don’t know what this means but you can decide what it means”. She uses suggestive words as if to say: ” I will give you this information and you decide or decipher what it means”. This is just causing confusion to people because it is likely that most people will have different perceptions of what she said. How is she helping you if you she giving you hints or suggestions?

I don’t accuse her of lying, I simply feel that her energy is compromised. I can feel them millions of miles away, no entity has the right to interfere with our evolution. We volunteered to come here and clean up this crap, who are these entities and how can we trust them? There is no proof or evidence they exist or that they have good intentions at heart, but if they are interfering, they can’t be doing good.

If these entities truly meant well and truly respeted the laws of Non Interference, than show me that Waiver that you were given to interfere. There are wars going on in space around us, and there are wars going on here, but We Are The Ones that will win this war not some Group of Nine Collective that is telling us what the reality is. We all know what the reality is, we just have not gone inside to collect it.

I made my comments on her Channel about money and charging for her information. If you live the Law; you have abundance, you have joy and peace, you are connected with your true self, you understand you are Soul having a human experience, as a Volunteer you understand and recognize what your role is here. With that said, you don’t need to ask for money because MONEY is the dark evil that keeps us as slaves in bondage in this reality, so the mere fact she’s asking for money tells me she’s not who she is or hasn’t yet figured out who she is.

I never lack money, it always arrives when I need it. I have never charged for sharing information because it would go against my Badge of Honor that I came here as a Volunteer and that I have abundance which I do. If you are enlightened, if you are in knowledge of who you are, if you understand the Laws of Nature, then money is irrelevant because it will come to you when you need it. You don’t need to ask your readers/followers for money, it goes against everything I am. If you are a pure soul and you have harnessed your power, money comes for what you need because as long as we are in this reality, money is important to survive.

I don’t feel that Magenta (I wish she would use her real name) is a negative entity, but I do believe she came here to do her work by inflicting false information on people to get the momentum going. Each one of us has a role here. Not all are good or positive roles, but when someone is reading off their screen and can’t do it without reading, you got to start wondering what that person’s agenda is. I ask questions, I seek truth and I give you thoughts to contemplate on but my work here is to empower you, to believe in yourself, to get to know thyself, to realize how powerful you are and for that, we don’t need multidimensional beings telling us what is going to happen, that’s called Interference and it’s called Changing the Timeline.

Racism? Really? It’s all in your Head

This is a tough subject and I’m sure there will be those of you that will disagree with me, but remember; this is my perspective. Although I do live in Croatia now, I did live in Canada for most of my adult life and I lived in Seattle WA with an African American man for many years so this is not just about my thoughts but experiences as well.

Racism does exist, there is no argument there. But like any disease, instead of treating the symptoms, why are we not getting to the root cause of it? I can give many examples just from the time Trump became president. It’s not right to differentiate statistics. When he talks about jobs, he separates them into different colors. Blacks xxxxxx jobs. Hispanics xxxxxx jobs. Chinese xxxxxx jobs, Muslims xxxxxx jobs. You get my point. Just by doing this is an act or racism because he along with all others that separate people into groups are the CAUSE of the problem. It’s gotten to a point where now you are non white or non black or non hispanic. So, this is wrong and should not be done.

This is now come to a new paradigm, but being the one that likes to ask you questions, why wasn’t this done 20 or 30 years ago? Why now? You may say: ” Well, the straw broke the Camel’s back or this was the last straw”. Sure, it’s easy to make an excuse, but people that feel they are discriminated against always had time to do this before.

If this has been going on for decades, even centuries, why didn’t these people do this sooner? There is no excuse, it is always a choice. Like going hungry. As long as you have something to eat you’re not going to riot, but once you realize that you have been duped and you have nothing to feed your family, you will go out and do something about it.

Humans didn’t cause Racism, the Politicians did because it’s part of their plan to keep us separated and fighting all the time, divide and conquer. You know that, I know that. But many people don’t know that, in fact, they don’t have a clue about anything at all. All they can see right now is anger and rage, rightfully so, but if you feel that you are discriminated against, do something about it, don’t wait for an EVENT to happen and now all of a sudden you want to join the cause.

It’s the same as these ” me too” women. Why did they wait 30 years to report the abuser? Of course. They were afraid as this person was in a position of power or their career was more important etc. But, she could have just walked out from her job, she could have reported that person, she could have done a lot of things. She can’t come on now after 30 years and destroy a life, it’s not right. It’s not right to abuse anyone either, but the “Me Too” movement was a farce because it was all about an event that happened many years ago. We are all crazy when young, we do silly things. In the 70’s it was a compliment for a man to whistle at me or pinch my butt. So, why should we punish this person 40 years later? If at the time it was acceptable, how can I now go after that guy 40 years later when it was part of the normal culture to flirt with women that way?

Racism exists, but humanity has been sitting on it’s ass waiting for a Jesus moment because many will not take the LEAD or don’t have the courage to lead or simply don’t care until someone stands up. I would say that we are all in part responsible for racism. The family I was involved with in Seattle were raised and taught that the white man will deny them success, that they had to fight for everything. This was a military family and though they were considered middle class, they believed that every non black person discriminated against them. It was programmed into them from childhood, so they grew up believing that and being in the defensive all the time instead of offensive.

So, let’s talk about the successful people of color. Many in the USA are movie stars, actors, singers and experts in other fields. Racism didn’t stop them from becoming what they wanted. There are certain people of color that don’t mention racism and don’t feel they are discriminated against, yet these very same people now are on the front lines and speaking up. You see, we like to blame others when things go wrong, but humans are responsible for Racism. It should have and could have been stopped a long time ago, but we choose jobs/careers over our rights, because money is always more important than freedom. What do they have now? A pandemic, no jobs, and a country falling apart because it pointed fingers at other countries, it intervened and occupied countries because of these very same things that are happening in the US right now.

I never experienced racism in Canada. My circle of friends and work colleagues were Chinese, Chilean, Jamaican, Indian, a multicultural circle of people and we didn’t promote Racism, we didn’t talk about it because there was no need. All these people came from poverty or lower class families, some immigrated to Canada like me, but chose to be successful. They chose to follow their dreams no matter what their color of skin was. When you stand up for yourself, nobody can discriminate against you. If you let that person know they are discriminating and you don’t appreciate it, they will stop. Will you lose your job or relationship? Probably, but isn’t Racism something you didn’t want? So, by allowing it to continue, you become the Enabler, you are sending the message that it’s ok. You get my point?

I am so sick and tired of people choosing to be victims. Victims of racism, victims of abuse, victims of this and that, I don’t have much sympathy for these kinds of people, because I know that humans can do anything they want, they can manifest whatever it is they desire. There are victims but there are successful, powerful and wealthy people of color. How did they get through? They didn’t buy into the victim mentality, they chose power over submission, they believed in themselves and probably had a very supportive family that taught them they could be anything they wanted to be.

Putting cops in jail is not going to solve the problem. We can’t bring the deceased back, but punishment and reform is only a bandaid effect. In order to stop/eliminate racism, we need to stop using words such as black, hispanic, chinese, whatever. We need to start saying humans or people and if we need to know or are curious about their color, we can ask them personally: ” Origin of your birth or what is your skin color”. We don’t need to know these things unless it’s for a Census or something. Why does an Employer need to know your race or color? Think about it. Why does an employer need to know your race or color? Why does your medical insurance company need to know your race or color? Some will say statistics. What statistics? Why do we need to know how many black, brown, yellow or orange people we have on this planet? Equality comes from removing these barriers and to stop looking at people based on their skin color and to start seeing them as human beings who will share their race or color if they choose to but it can’t be part of some statistic. We are all equals, the color of our skin does not determine our future, it never should.

So, instead of “fighting against racism”, we should be asking our governments to remove skin colors when refering to humans. As of today, I am a human, it matters not what color of skin I have or what race I belong to. I belong to the Human Race. I am a Soul having a HUMAN experience. That is what we need to be demanding, not asking a watchdog to stop barking.

The Pre Apocalyptic Stage

As Terminal Madness now moves into the Pre Apocalyptic Stage, I’m starting to feel the effects. As an Empath, it’s difficult to stay neutral when you see the most vulnerable on this planet going hungry because of this Plandemic. I like watching Al Jazeera English because it is truly a Global Media Outlet and so I’m seeing the effects of this Plandemic and it’s painful.

RT News, Press TV and CNN is what I switch from so I can get a perspective on all the media. It gives me enough information that I can generate some kind of truth, although, no media can disclose the truth because they are being watched and manipulated, controlled, bought off and threatened.

I can’t imagine my child going to sleep hungry, I just can’t imagine it. I was grateful and still am that I live with a decent roof over my head and that my children never lacked. They didn’t have the best, but they didn’t lack food or any things that were needed to live a happy and normal life.

I can’t imagine being in the US right now either. I never said anything against Americans, they are great people, it’s their system that keeps shocking me day to day. I don’t know of any other country other than poor African nations where a Protest turns into looting and violence. Yes, I know there are two sides of this story. People turn out peacefully and then there is that group that use it to cause violence and looting, but still, it’s defies our global cultures and it’s almost a “Normal” in America. I don’t see these things happening elsewhere. Violence yes, Paris protests were violent but I didn’t hear that these same people broke into stores and stole goods.

This isn’t about looting and stealing anways, I think that I am trying to say that the USA is on the brink of an Apocalypse and rightly so. Our rights and freedoms are taken away from us, if we try to protest we are gassed and deprived of our rights to protest. Thing is, it’s usually done without any proper planning, where someone takes the LEAD position and then they make a list of demands and present it to those they are angry at. This is why these protests rarely get anywhere other than fines, injuries, death and jail time because there is no person that will communicate to those they are angry at what they want or need.

The entire planet, our global society knows and feels that something isn’t right. This is the stage of Terminal Madness I write about where you know something is not right but you don’t know exactly what it is or you know what it is, but you need a lot of people to stand together with you. Anger is healhty if it has a purpose, but just showing anger through rage and violence never accomplishes anything.

I hate to say this, but we have all brought ourselves into this place. You can’t claim to have the best economy in the world when regular folks can’t live without a paycheck for 2 weeks. What kind of BEST ECONOMY in the world needs to bail corporations out? If they were so good, they would have put funds aside for a rainy day. A good economist or head of the household managing money knows it’s important to put aside money for a rainy day. But we fell for Capitalism and got conned into Credit Cards and consumer madness where you have to have the latest gadgets and got yourselves into this mess in the first place. A good Economy is when people work a good job and that job will pay the bills. If you have to work two or three jobs, that’s not a good economy.

Times are tough, even for me. My advantage is that I have no debts, no credit cards, no loans or mortgages so all I need is to pay utilities and food. 18 months ago, I invested almost all of my savings into renovating my home, last year the Bed and Breakfast did very well. This year, I doubt that we will have any guests because the only tourists will be my fellow Croatians and they are not ZEN oriented. They will want to be by the seaside and I am not on the coastline rather in a very green area with a huge Organic Garden and it’s very quiet. I could be wrong, because my guests last year were store owners, eco minded people and wanted peace and a healthy vacation.

Time are tough for those that didn’t put away for a rainy day. The entire global economy has collapsed, and until we are forced or until we CRY for a vaccine, this will not end well. Sure, many of my fellow Croatians know that this was a PLANDEMIC and know that Vaccines are DANGEROUS; but how do we prevent not getting one? I personally will go to jail before I accept it, but who is say that they won’t use violence to force me into it?

Now, more than ever we need to look forward in a positive way. This is our last chance to save our Mother Gaia; she’s beckoning us to take action because she knows as her children that we are Souls, not humans. But many Humans don’t know they are Souls using a human body so the thought of DEATH being the end of it is what keeps them in fear. FEAR is the war that is being waged on us right now. As our eyes are opening and our hearts are feeling the injustice of this reality, they are at WAR with us using every weapon possible. They know how our brains work, they know what words to use, how to market their propaganda, they know us better than we know ourselves because those in Control are the ones that Genetically modified us, they know what we are capable of as well. Not only do we live in FEAR, they live in FEAR of us finding out the truth about ourselves.

So, this Plandemic is really just a symptom or distraction of what is really going on. This is a game of who’s FEAR will be more powerful. Will we give in to our FEARS or will they finally realize that we are no longer afraid? It’s a game folks. If you’re here reading my posts, you’re an old soul. You can’t ignore what is going on. It’s your duty as a Soul to help others understand what is really going on. You came here to undo the wrongs and to make things right. Each one of us came here with specific roles. Some came to do nothing, just BE. Some came to offer their hearts and just show LOVE, some came to cause the Plandemic to wake us up; etc. Each one of us has a role to play and if you don’t know what your role is, I suggest you start going into Numerology because I find it to be very accurate. Those numbers are by design and those formulas were used to create our Human Profiles. Your life purpose is in those numbers.

It will get worse before it gets better. I have been writing about this for years now. Until humans have a roof over their heads and have something to eat, they will put up with shit, but once they wake up and realize they have nothing to eat, that changes the reality. Are we there yet? If they don’t shut off the Internet, we will make it through just fine. If they shut off the Internet they can cause a lot of panic and damages in days.

I have prepared for every scenario, in fact, this fall I am extending the Greenhouse over the garden to protect the soil from HAARP and Chemtrails. Poisoned soil poisons me so I would rather do a bit more work and have some options.

Get off your knees Old Soul, don’t allow your fellow humans to go hungry now if you have extra to share.

I have a new hobby, metal detecting. It keeps me connected with Nature all day, I get to find ancient relics, learn about the history of my region and if I find anything that has any market value, then that’s just the icing on the cake. I have always been proactive and not reactive. Those of you that have been reading my posts for years know that I have written about preparing. All we can do as humans is really stay as healthy as we can to defend ourselves from these viruses and bacteria, bioweapons etc. Healthy food, a healthy mind even more important because if you believe that you will get sick, you will get sick. You need to believe that you have the power to change things, that you have the power to manifest whatever it is that you want, that you have the power to take up arms (your voice) and stand up for what you believe in.

Mass consciousness has not been reached, while we were collecting ourselves through this Plandemic which was just a diversion; they have gained some ground. The Akash says that we won the battle but that many Souls have left and many more to leave. They did their work and left, the strongest are left behind to finish the job. I know you can do it Old Soul; but don’t wait too long, mother Gaia is getting very angry and if she shakes, that’s when you know that we’re at a turning point. We come together in disasters but the next disaster will not be a local/regional one, it will be catastrophic so that the entire globe comes together. She will keep doing this until we finally realize what she is trying to tell us. It’s life or death for the human body and it’s returning here again as a Soul to complete the paradigm we all agreed to.

We didn’t just incarnate here to prove to each other we are better from each other. Racism in the US in 2020 is at the same levels it was in 1920. What the fuck happened? But this is the agenda that you all know about. It’s called DIVIDE and Conquer. We will not submit to any further distractions, it’s time for each one of us to put aside the androids and start living life the way it was intended and for the purpose we came here for. I know you can do it.

Planetary Meditation

Note from Ines: I have been receiving these emails from Tom Kenyon for years and I love the music created by him. This one is very powerful, the IB portal and what is really strange is that the first time I heard it, I sang with it, as if I knew it from before. 


A Hathor Planetary Meditation
Through Tom Kenyon

The Covid-19 or Corona Virus pandemic is only one aspect of this current multifaceted Chaotic Node. Economic, political and social volatility are also aspects of this Chaotic Node. Another less visible aspect is the spreading of fear, which is itself a type of emotional pandemic.

Unfortunately, due to decimation of the rain forests and the melting of the permafrost, many types of pathogens and microbial life forms are, and will continue to be, released into Earth’s environment.

And in the midst of all this chaos, climate change and the loss of species is continuing unabated.

We feel that imparting knowledge of the Ib portal is the most practical and beneficial tool we can give you as humanity—and all sentient beings—enter this massive Chaotic Node.

The Ib

This Heart Portal Sound Meditation is centered around your physical heart, what the ancient Egyptians referred to as the Ib.

The purpose of this meditation is two-fold: for one, it activates the Ib portal of the physical heart to benefit the heart and the physical body, and two, it can be used to explore other dimensions of consciousness as well as other realms of existence—from which you can receive spiritual sustenance and valuable transcendent information.

The Ib (or physical heart) is the largest generator of electromagnetic fields in your body and, indeed, your entire body is enfolded and interpenetrated by these invisible electromagnetic fields of energy.

The sound codes of this meditation are acoustic analogs from the light-realms and are highly beneficial to your wellbeing.

For the sake of clarity, we will divide our instructions into two parts.

Activation of the Ib

Imagine a sphere of space that is composed of clear white light. Imagine that this luminous sphere surrounds your physical heart. The purpose of this sphere is to contain the energies released by the sound codes into the space of your heart and into its nerves and muscle fibers.

Just rest your focus of attention in the area of your physical heart and allow the sound codes to spontaneously move around and vibrate different areas of your heart and the sphere.

Don’t try to make anything happen. The sound codes will open the subtle energetic pathways from the heart into the rest of your body. The sound codes will also affect the Biophotonic structures of the heart and, through bio-resonance, the entire body.

If you choose to work with this meditation on a regular basis, you will discover that the sound codes resonate areas of your physical heart and that they, in turn, resonate in other areas of your physical body. The entire process is a subtle-energy clearing of your physical heart and body, which can be quite beneficial and profound—especially since your environment is now full of physical as well as mental and emotional toxic agents.

Repetition of this meditation is a key to gaining mastery whereby you can recognize the kinesthetic language of the inter-cellular light within the galaxy you call your body. If you look at images of galaxies and nebulae from outer space, know that something very similar resides within your body including the neural networks of your brain.
Monkey Head Nebula, courtesy Hubble Telescope

Monkey Head Nebula, courtesy Hubble Telescope

As the sound codes are analogs of spiritual light, they “speak” to the light of your body. This can have tremendous transformational and healing potential if you allow it.

Inter-dimensional Exploration

The Ib is also a portal to other dimensions of consciousness and realms of existence.

It can take your consciousness and/or subtle energy body called the KA, by the ancient Egyptians, into these spiritual realms. The KA is also known as the Spiritual Twin or Etheric Double since the KA looks like your physical body, but it is composed of energy—not flesh and blood. As such, it moves according to the laws of Quantum mechanics rather than Newtonian physics. In other words, your KA is not bound by gravity or the constraints of time and space.

To engage your Ib as an Inter-dimensional Exploratory Vessel (IEV) you shift your focus of attention to the luminous sphere that is around your physical heart.

You then set an intention as to where you would like your consciousness to transit. Any realm of existence, any spiritual world and any spiritual master is available to you if you hold a clear and pure intention.

Rest your awareness in the clear white luminous sphere around your heart and allow the sound codes to activate the multiple gateways that extend out from the sphere into other realms of existence.

When you do this, the sphere might start to spin like a gyroscope. Wormholes might open and/or you might suddenly find yourself unaware of your physical body and instead find yourself floating in space or in other dimensions. If you transit via the sphere, you will be either in your KA Body or you will be in pure consciousness—without a form at all.

This way of working with the Ib can, as we said earlier, impart profound restorative energies as well as transcendental knowledge—both of which will prove invaluable to you as you transit with the rest of the planet and humanity through this current Chaotic Node.

Finally, the Ib is an invaluable tool at the time of death. If you do not already have a means to affect what dimension or world you enter upon your death, this method is well worth exploring.

To distill a very complex phenomenon into its simplest aspects, the vibratory quality of your Ib will determine what dimensions of consciousness or world(s) you find yourself in after going through the death passage. By working with the IEV to explore and interact with spiritually advanced realms you will be purifying your Ib thus, in turn, positively affecting your passage through death.

Ascent in the midst of Chaotic Nodes

It is here that we would like to interject our view of life’s purpose. From a spiritual perspective, the purpose of being a human is not physical survival, per se—but rather life is a field of possibilities that allows you to develop spiritual mastery. From this standpoint, you are all visitors to this place you call Earth.

Glean what you can from your experience as a human being, for it is one of the most unique states of being within the universe. But our strong suggestion is to also look inside yourself into the wondrous light filled realms of your being. These realms that dwell within you can be a deep well of sustenance and comfort as humanity seemingly plummets into the unknown.

This particular high road is not for everyone. But if you are one who is striving to live upward, we invite you to the road truly less traveled. And may you be lifted up by the inexhaustible light and compassion that dwells within.

The Hathors
March 19, 2020

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

This meditation is a cornucopia of transformational potential for those willing to fully enter into this unique portal of consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians referred to this portal as the Ib or physical heart. And they believed it was the seat of the soul as well as the source of volition. At the moment of death, the Egyptians believed that one’s heart was weighed in the spirit world by the goddess, Maat, using a feather to see if the Ib was burdened by the experiences of one’s life or if it was as “light as a feather.” If the Ib was light enough one would be given access to the higher worlds. If one’s heart was burdened by the regrets and vicissitudes of life, then one would have to go to one of the lower worlds.

One of the secret paths of Egyptian High Alchemy was to shift one’s allegiance from the appearances of the physical world to the Higher Self or BA, which by its very nature transforms negative life impressions into the freedom of unbounded consciousness, which sees through the illusions of the physical world.

Interestingly, Tibetan Buddhists hold the belief that the heart is the seat of The Indestructible Dropwhich is the distilled essence of all your life’s experiences that you take into other realms of consciousness.

The Hathors have given very clear instructions for the meditation, as well as the reasons one might indeed choose to practice it, so I don’t feel the need to elaborate.

However, having worked with this mediation on multiple occasions I think that it might be helpful to describe some of the phenomena I have noticed, which I trust will be experienced by many of you who enter into this fully. I am going into this not to pre-program your experience, for indeed as in all things, each of us will have our own unique experience.

But some of the openings created by this meditation can be quite striking and mind-altering. Having some idea of the possibility that such phenomena might arise will, I think, help you shift more graciously into the transformational space when you fully enter the portal of Ib (i.e., your physical heart).



Do not listen to this meditation in situations requiring alertness—even if you are an advanced Psychonaut or Argonaut of the Mind. This is due to the fact that the sound codes activate the Ib portal of your heart (if you allow them), which in turn, opens flows of inter-dimensional energy and multi-dimensional information. Depending upon your neurological state at the time, these flows can be light or intense. If they are intense, they can be extremely mind altering—resulting in profound alterations of perceived time and space. These types of altered states can also result in being temporarily disconnected from the temporal world. It is during these deeply altered states of consciousness that one is able to heal and transform immense amounts of energy, mental perception and emotions. However, it is not wise to enter these states of altered perception when you are—for instance— trying to drive a car or operate machinery. Duh.

Epilepsy or Seizures

If you have epilepsy or experience seizures, I strongly suggest you first start listening to the sound track at a very soft—barely perceptible—volume. As you feel comfortable with the sound codes and the meditation method, described by the Hathors, you can slowly increase the volume.

It is highly unlikely that these sound codes would set off a seizure in anyone, but I tend to be protective when it comes to guiding people into potentially profound altered states of consciousness. The only reason I am even bringing up the topic of epilepsy in regard to this meditation is due to the fact that the physical heart is connected to the two temporal lobes of the brain via the vagus nerve. Scientific studies clearly show that the brain can be profoundly affected by the electromagnetic fields generated by the heart and by boluses of energy that can flow from the heart into the brain. Again, this is probably not going to be an issue for anyone. But to err on the side of safety, start listening at a barely perceptible level and then slowly increase the volume.

Physical and Etheric Responses

As you focus on your heart and listen to the sound codes, the sounds will tend to vibrate spaces within your physical heart—if you hold that intention.

Your level of experience with focused attention and the extent of your subconscious permission to experience expanded states of being will dictate how deep your experience is at first. But if you work with this meditation on a regular basis you will become more sensitive to, and aware of, the subtle energies and inter-dimensional openings in your heart.

There are two key sign posts regarding progress with this meditation. The first is the perception that the sound codes are literally vibrating various areas of your physical heart and via bio-resonance, other areas of your body. The release of these subtle energies is very beneficial to both your body and mind. As you become more familiar and comfortable with this, the feeling of heart and body-resonance to the sound codes can be quite profound.

The second sign post of progress appears when you are able to rest your focus of attention in the clear luminous sphere that surrounds your heart and allow the sound codes to open the Ib portal into the multidimensional realities that are connected to your heart.

I am tempted here to describe some of the miraculous experiences and healing that may arise when you enter this level, but I will refrain from doing so. If I were to map out some of this inner territory, no matter how well my intentions might be, I would have inadvertently impacted your experience. So, I will leave it to you to enter this mysterious and vast inner world in innocence. It is the best way.

The Origins of this Meditation

The sound track for this meditation is from a live-recording of a sound exploration that focused on the heart chakra given by the Hathors at an Intensive titled Biophotonic Human. They chose to use the specific sound codes from this previous meditation to activate the Ib portal because these sound codes are highly effective and efficient when it comes to the task of activating and opening the Ib portal.

The fact that the Hathors chose a sound meditation that originally activated the heart chakra to activate the Ib (the physical heart) and its multidimensional nature speaks to the deep connections between the physical heart and heart chakra.

An Electronic Anomaly

An interesting electronic anomaly appears at around 10:48min into the sound meditation. It is a slight blip, which according to the Hathors was an energetic effect that arose as a result of the higher dimensions affecting the electronics. This has sometimes happened at past events where the subtle energetics during a sound transmission affected the electronic circuitry of the digital recorders. I decided to remove this blip, but as I prepared to do so the Hathors intervened and said that it was part of the information and should not be removed. It has thus been left in place, and as odd it may sound, that little blip was part of their transmission in that moment.

For those of you who have the Biophotonic Human set of workshop recordings, the sound meditation appears on CD6 Track 5.

Biophotonics is a fascinating and significant field of research that has documented, and continues to document, the reality of biological light.  In other words, our biological cells emit measurable and quantifiable light. If you are unfamiliar with this field of science and would like to learn more, I suggest going to the Articles section of the website and locate the Biophotonic Human Class Handouts. Here you will find a basic description of this scientific field as well as both scientific and layperson-friendly resources.

I suggest you listen to this recording with headphones or earbuds to get the maximum psycho-acoustic effect.

The complete Hathor transmission from the Biophotonic Human workshop is 11:06 minutes in length.

After engaging this meditation multiple times, I decided also to post an extended version that is the complete transmission repeated three times to create a continuous sound-field. I have found that working with this meditation for at least three repetitions gives me the deepest transformational experience. I tried just hitting repeat, but the simple task of hitting the repeat button brought me out of state. Those of you who wish to work deeply with this sound meditation may find the Extended version to be helpful. It is 33:18 minutes.

Important Note: These sound meditations and the one noted in Information Not Directly Related to this Message, are made available to you, free of charge, for your personal use only. They are copyrighted intellectual property and may not be posted or shared with others without my written consent. If you have received a forwarded version of this message and the links don’t work, go to the Listening section at Once you agree to the listening terms, you will have free access to a wide range of sound mediations, lectures and interviews. Just scroll down the queue until you find the title you are looking for.

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The Ib Portal Sound Meditation (11:06mins), click here to listen and/or download.

The Ib Portal Sound Meditation Extended Version  (33:18mins), click here to listen and/or download.

Information Not Directly Connected with This Message

The first Hathor message—through me—was given on February 8, 2003. Over the course of these last seventeen years, the Hathors have given many sound meditations and presented fundamental concepts about consciousness, intent and outcomes that may be helpful during this current period of immense challenge and uncertainty.

I have collected the most practical and direct of their messages and written a brief description of each message and sound file—indicating what they are about and what they might be helpful with.

I am hoping this will be a valuable aid since there is so much material that has been given over the last seventeen years, it is easy to get lost. I am calling this The Hathor Navigator. You can click on the title above and it should take you directly to it. You can also find it by going to the Articles section at and scroll down until you find the title The Hathor Navigator. 

Lament for Whales is a recording I made a while back, which was previously posted in the Listening section. However, while reviewing the website content I noticed that the recording had somehow been corrupted. I removed that file and loaded a clean version of the recording. I think it is worth taking a listen. You can click on the link below or you can go to the Listening section and scroll down the queue until you find the title.

Click here to listen to and/or download Lament for Whales.
©2020 Tom Kenyon   All Rights Reserved

You may make copies of this written message in any format and share it with others so long as you do not alter it in any way, do not charge for it and include this entire copyright notice. This permission does not apply to the sound meditation. If you wish to let your friends and family hear the sound meditation, you can send them this email directly by clicking on the Share button below or you can send them to the Hathor section of the website—

Do Not Fear

Terminal Madness is now in full swing.  As I wrote food shortages are here, and I don’t know where to start with this post today because I have so much to say.

It’s easy for me to sit here and tell you that everything is as it should be when as humans you are programmed to work, spend and what little time you have left, have fun. I just saw an NBC news broadcast and a single mother in her “expensive SUV” was waiting in line for food bank. Her reasoning was that she was a single mom, had a mortgage and car payment and was out of work.

What can I say about this? Why did she need an expensive SUV? Why didn’t she just buy a used car? This irrational behaviour is what has led our Capitalist societies to collapse because we bought into the “Consumer Society” bullshit.

I have been prepared for this for over 20 years, I saved, put aside food and all things needed should we lose electricity.  I have been preaching to my Croatian friends to put aside extra food and water because they may have to use it one day. We  recently had an Earthquake in Zagreb, it could have been here on the coast. Everyone thought I was nuts until the CoronaVirus showed up and lockdown became a reality.

We don’t want to accept responsibility so it’s easier to just “trust” government because we believe they are working for our good.

The veil has been lifted. Although the information is confusing at best, we have all had plenty of time during our lockdowns to research and seek truth. This Plandemic has actually worked in our benefit and in a few months you will see what I mean by that. It has given us time, time that most people didn’t have trying to survive and raise families to read up on what is going on and what led to this plandemic. Even Bill Gates is getting backlash from social media users for him insisting that until we all get vaccinated, this Virus will continue on. It’s bullshit. Billy needs to go back to developing crappy operating systems that never worked, what the hell is he doing in this health business? He’s already sterilized half of African women with his vaccines.

Do not FEAR. Fear is your greatest enemy. Fearing about not having money or a job or what the future will bring or whether you will get sick or not only lowers your frequency and makes you susceptible to being infected. Fact is, 50% of the world’s population already has the Virus and has developed immunity towards it, this is why many countries are not testing and not because there are not enough testing kits.

Get over the fears because you, dear reader put yourself in the position you are now. You are the Creator, you created your reality, you chose to be a smart consumer, you created everything you are doing now or not doing. This Virus backfired on those that wanted to get rid of 2/3 of the population because we are finally waking up in numbers.

Don’t fear what you don’t know, this is what they want. You are so powerful Old Soul, when are you going to accept this fact?

There are some people like Laura Eisenhower and Magenta Pixie who truly believe that Trump is working with the White Hats and that Q Anon is also working for humanity. I have issues with this and I don’t FEEL this coming from Trump. I feel a very Angry and dark Soul who is impostering OR he’s already been compromised and is now on the other side. People like Icke and Wilcock have been saying that the arrests are coming for the last 10 years now. What arrests? And so what if they are arrested? What does that change? It just gets rid of a few bad people. What a silly notion that arresting a few bad guys is going to bring in the Golden Age.

We are the ones that will bring in the Golden Age or change our reality into what we want. If you constantly think about not having, you will keep getting “not having”. Change the programming, live in gratitude, see yourself where you want to be and what you want to be, dream on that, focus on that and you will be that.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I have been correct in everything I have SEEN and FELT in the last 5 years, right to the start of Terminal Madness. I don’t like being correct because it’s bad news, but the sooner we get over the bad news, the sooner we can switch to a new reality. There will be much more to come and much more hardship but like I often write: In order to make a difference, we have to fall rock bottom just like a drunk. We have to lose it all before we are willing to fight for what we want, it’s the human condition, and the programming for centuries. Switch it off, rewrite and create what it is that you want and we will all connect on that same frequency of wanting peace, abundance, freedom and Love. Isn’t this what we all want?

So what are you waiting for Old Soul, it’s time to get up and make the changes.

Creating Negative Realities

Here are some examples how we are led to give energy to things THEY want us to manifest.

Currently, at least yesterday all day and today, all news outlets are saying that we face a huge and incredible famine in underdeveloped countries. While this is being repeated all day long, we listen to this and focus on this and think about this. Each time we hear this suggestion, we automatically form the thoughts and give energy to this happening.

They use tools like the Archons do to suggest or constantly repeat something until we adapt the belief or give it energy all the time.

We are Creators, THEY know we are Creators, they do not want you and I to create our own realities, so they have specific ways to influence our thoughts so that we can manifest THEIR realities.  I have written about this topic years ago.

The more we fear the impact of this virus, the more it will happen exactly the way we are manifesting this in our minds. Fear keeps you in the cycle of constantly being focused on that fear and by giving it energy, it manifests.

Keep this in mind when going about your daily routine. Pay attention to your thoughts, it’s very important during this time that we can shift or stay in the energy of manifesting a better future or better reality. Remind yourselves, how those thoughts came to you. Were they your own thoughts/fears or did you hear/see this and then just kept repeating the information in your mind.

You are mind controlled using empathy, intelligent experts who claim to know what will happen or estimate what might happen. None of these individuals have any empathy towards humanity. They must maintain 2 goals: 1. Keep their jobs and 2. Listen to instructions from higher up.

Do not let them fool you into believing anything without presenting evidence.  Collectively we must ignore the fear warnings such as food shortages and widespread famines. These will happen only if we believe them and give them credibility by focusing our thoughts on them.

P.S. I manifested the funds needed to purchase my Metal Detector, it’s on it’s way! I had set a time period to the end of the month, this happened very quickly. Why? Because I have a LOT of time to think and manifest these days as I’m sure you do too.