Climate Change and Spring

It’s been a long winter here in Croatia, in Dalmatia to be exact. I live on a small island in the Adriatic Sea with a winter population of 1500 people and it will grow to 15,000 during summer months. As most of you probably don’t know our climate is  Mediterranean which refers to weather conditions that are characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool,  winters. It normally occurs in most lands in the Mediterranean basin as part of the subtropical climate. The only difference for us here in the Basin or southern Adriatic Sea very close to Greece is that our winters are rarely below 10C and it does not rain much except in the spring time. 

I have been living here in Croatia for 8 years now, even since I returned to my country of birth, the climate has changed very much. I am, as you can see in the gallery an avid gardener and it’s been very challenging to grow food, even though we are in Zone 10, meaning we can pretty well grow food all year around. 

The last few years have been extremely different, and I can say with confidence that our weather is greatly influenced by Chem trails. We rarely have blue skies, and within hours the chemtrail planes are out there seeding the skies with chemicals to cause clouds and then rain. Of course their intention is to destroy our agriculture, I would even go as far as to say they are intentionally doing this so that we will eventually have to go to the World Bank for money and be forced to purchase GMO foods. 

I can’t speak for all of Croatia, but I know that diseases that never existed before have arrived, our island is abundant in vineyards, olive groves, fig trees, orange, mandarin and lemon trees, most of this is for personal consumption. There are a few growers that grow for commercial sales, but our little island is pretty self sufficient and we are proud to grow our own food. 

It’s been very difficult, winters that were normally dry and cold are now 100% damp and rainy, in fact, I have not been able to go into my garden since December, that is 2 months of wet ground, which is unheard of. Normally, I can work in my garden every through the winter and grow hardy vegetables, this year I have had to  build hoop houses and tunnels to keep my vegetables from drowning in water. But wait, that is not all, I have noticed different kinds of fungus, and type of mushrooms that grow on wood and our olive trees, I have noticed weeds that normally don’t grow in our arid weather. 

We rarely get mosquitoes or flies, now even our screens can’t keep them out, just opening it very quickly allows for hundreds to enter into the house, we can’t eat outside, the moment we put food out on the table we are attacked by wasps and flies, our dog Max doesn’t even like sleeping on the patio in cool summer evenings because he’s attacked by mosquitoes.

I have not yet seen a clear blue sky, the whitish/grey haze is from the chemtrails, people don’t even notice the skies, they are too busy with their lives to even notice the beauty around them. In my yard I have a orange, lemon, mandarin, olives and fig tree, as you can see in the gallery, I have an organic garden. It took a couple of years to create that because the soil is scarce and it’s very clay based, so slowly I had to make my own compost, and go into the forest and collect pine needle compost. Last year I experimented with olive pit compost, this is the leftovers from olives after oil has been made. It actually is fantastic, it has to dry out really good and then mix it with the dirt, and it’s nice and fluffy and it’s free.

Now that I have all my beds and soil is filled with microorganisms, I have to deal with the horrible weather, not just horrible, if I compare this weather to what is happening around the world, we are in heaven, but it is opposite of what it should be, so the biology of the island is under great stress trying to adapt to the new conditions. There is no consistency to our seasons, it seems that everything is moved 2 months ahead of time. Normally, I am suntanning in short sleeves in my garden by mid March, the heat will start up end of June which can reach 35C and stay that way until September, but now we are in rain until June, overnight the temps grow 25C and we have 5 or 6 months without a drop of rain. We need rain in July and August for our grapes and olive trees, but the chemtrails manage to stop the rain now and everything is slowly dying because the large groves and vineyards depend on nature, they do not have irrigation systems so, if there is no rain there is no olives or grapes. It’s just too much work to bring water there, although we have huge ancient wells that were used in the 18th century for farming irrigation, the wells have cracked and would be too costly to repair, and our local authorities don’t see that as value in this small community.

We know the global climate is changing, whether it’s cooling or warming, is not the issue here, but I think that we can all agree it is changing, for some it will be for the better and for some it will be for the worse, frankly, if I didn’t have my garden I would love the changes because I don’t handle the heat very well, the rain reminds me of Vancouver B.C. where I lived for 42 years, I can live with rain and I can live with dry summers, but the whole reason we built this house in the valley of the island is so that we had rich land to grow vegetables, and I can adjust to that without a problem, but my winters are soooooo long because I can’t go outside and do any work.

So, a few days ago when the sun came out, I rushed to put on my gum boots and into the garden I went wearing dishwashing gloves because it does take a few days for everything to dry, but I managed to pull a lot of weeds and it’s much easier when the soil is wet. In fact, in 5 days, I managed to clean all my beds, fluff them up, cover two beds with plastic, sow spinach, swiss chard, carrots, some spices, and leeks, lettuce and green onions.

Oh, I forgot to mention this winter, normally I grow cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spinach, swiss chard,  leeks, potatoes, cabbage and lettuce, but I had an injury, I lifted something heavy and it disabled me for 2 months, by the time I got back to the garden to pick some vegetables they were all eaten by some green worms I had never seen before, caterpillars that were  striped like tigers, and so many snails weighing on the hardy leaves there was no way I could salvage anything, that is how bad the pests were this year, I have never seen anything like it. I will know for the following winter to  put out salt for the snails and check the veggies more often, but the accident set me back and I lost everything!

So, I am anxious now to get started, its still early for sowing seedlings or transplanting, normally we can sow directly into the ground around mid March without worrying about a frost, but it’s not a frost, it’s just temperatures going under 8C during the night, enough to hurt the young plants, but as we gather for coffee, we are all agreeing it will be wait and see because we just don’t know how the weather will be this year. The old timers knew exactly what day to plant, to pick harvests and when the rains would fall, but that is no more. I know the whole planet is changing, I’m not complaining, it’s part of the cycles we go through, I don’t believe we are to blame for this, I believe these are natural planetary cycles we go through every 11,000 years and it has been like this since the beginning, if man is to blame, I would say he’s to blame for digging, drilling, cutting down trees and basically hurting Gaia by exploiting her resources, but Gaia is a strong woman and she can cleanse herself pretty well and regenerate, I would say that Gaia is now in a  pregnancy due for birth anytime soon and we are about to see big changes. 

Would love to hear your stories and how climate changes have affected your lives! I’m very fortunate to live here, no earthquakes, no floods, no tornadoes, snow storms, or any other extreme weather, but regardless of it not being extreme, it has changed our landscape and ability to grow food and I believe that is one of the reasons the chemtrails are so abundant here, we can grow food all year around and it’s getting more difficult each year.