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Dear reader,

I love to write.

Let’s call the blog a place for amateur writers. That doesn’t mean that we are, it means that we don’t have to be recognized or have any experience. Submit your thoughts, viewpoints or essays and share with the rest of this community, why not?  Let’s make this fun, and let’s lose our fear of thinking we are not worthy to be known as writers. It matters not, what matters is that your expression will be appreciated, shared and discussed.

I’m anxiously waiting for your contribution. The rules are simple. Whatever it is that you choose to write about must be empowering and providing other readers with value in terms of teaching/sharing/educating as well as links and other websites where we can all learn something. Keep in mind that you are writing to an audience that is either enlightened or just starting to become enlightened.

Submit your essay/post via email or you may write first and ask me if the subject you want to write about is acceptable. I also reserve the right to correct any grammar and spelling, but will not change content. I am only going to change esthetic items nothing else.

I will eventually set up various categories where we can submit, but for now I need to get as much as possible to get started to attract new readership.
Thank you so much for making this world a better one.

P.S. I would prefer that you use a Pen name or Nickname. If anyone wants to know who you are, they can contact you directly and ask. This home is filled with blind people where the image is not important, rather the information being presented.

17 thoughts on “Submit Your Work

  1. Having just read Albert Einstein’s letter to his daughter on LOVE, I am delighted to know that such an advanced scientist actually understood the most important law governing the universe. I call it God, others have different names for what it is, all I know is that it has the power to create the greatest pain when it is withdrawn, ask anyone who’s lover has left them, ask anyone who’s loved one has died, or a child who’s parent has withdrawn from the family home…..the list is endless. Hatred does not have the same power.
    Hatred only destroys and kills the sweetness in everything.
    There is no real description for what love is. It can’t be tasted or tested, it’s the indefinable mystery.
    Thank God that it is just that. If human beings ever found out what it was, they’d start bottling it and selling it at prices that only the rich could afford. We all think that what we most want is money, money to buy houses, cars, all the material stuff that will give us esteem in other people’s eyes.
    No child who has been born knows what any of that stuff is. They can’t distinguish between a palace or a hovel, they only know the warmth and security of being loved of being wanted/or not. If they weren’t loved, valued or wanted, all they know is that whether their house was big or small, there was always a hole in them, desperately waiting to be filled. LOVE, What a beautiful mystery you are. Love gives value to everything, to everyone.
    Einstein must have had a lot of faith in humanity, if he thought that by holding the letter back a couple of decades they’d be more ready to understand it.


    • Very well said! I agree whole-heartedly and agree that Einstein himself saw love as God. Structured religions are human beings’ panacea to the mystery of life and death. It can make a person more accepting of his immortality. This is just my personal assessment and is in no way meant to proselytize. I interpret man’s perspective as the key to any “illusion.”


    • Yes, I am very interested and would love to share your work. I see that you’re on WP as well…I also know there is a way to add a contributor but haven’t figured it out yet. I would prefer that you just email me your work and I will post it as soon as I have the chance. Also, let me know if you want your work AS IS or if you are ok with changing spelling or grammar? To me it matters not, I prefer that we just submit as is.. Thank you!


      • Great! Where should I send the writing? I post an average of 3 times per week; do you want them all? I’m fine with you posting as-is, but if you see an obvious grammar or spelling issue, please let me know!


          • I’m fine with you reblogging since that will you allow you to pick & choose which are most appropriate for your page. And reblogging will link back to my page as well. 🙂


            • Excellent. I have you as “following”, so when I see it, will repost but full length. I don’t like to post a short sentence with your link of course! Thanks!

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  2. Hey there,
    I would love to send over a few write-ups I’ve done and let you choose which ones to add here. It’d be awesome to have your support and publicity! Would you e-mail me back via the comment sheet or else send me an e-mail address so we can connect that way?
    Thanks ❤


  3. I love this positive, creative, seekers of love and light community. Being connected and aligned with God is my purpose and sharing my joy is the result. I know that as a created being I am creative. Over 30 years ago, I created characters that are positive role models for children which supports Creativity and Courage in their adventures together. I believe Courage is needed to be creative. I was and still am disappointed in the lack of attention to creativity in schools. I finally published my creativity book. Yeah!! Please check it out if you feel passionate about this subject.


  4. It is important to note the steps to unconditional Love. Acceptance is a close cousin to Love. One of the first steps in the direction of unconditional Love is acceptance. One of the first steps towards acceptance is letting go of judgment. Step one, recognize how often you judge, step 2 make a choice to not judge/release judgment, step three recognize the difference in your feelings between judgment and acceptance. Love is who you are, by choosing not to judge you are removing a layer of darkness that has covered up the light that is You/Love.


  5. When WE are walking in to the forest we can see any birds around us we know them by sinning and shape of fly we can here them and feel them . Than We just beak to our place and we ling down in our bad to love each other. What we usually doing in our old-young age
    Greetings from Poland


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