Tomorrow Came!

Yes, tomorrow arrived, it’s September 23rd and 7:30 p.m. in Croatia. I’m sure happy that nothing happened because I spent all day today harvesting my cannabis and trimming. Had something happened, I would have been really pissed off!

Many months ago I wrote this: Nobody can predict the future because it doesn’t exist. We create the future or we have set it in stone before we incarnated. Anyone that is predicting what may happen in the next 10 minutes is only speculating. The future depends on mass consciousness, the timeline is determined by us. Yes, THEY may shift the timelines because it’s a construct but just remember that no human can predict what awaits us a minute from now or 100 years from now.

Let me say something about the bible. Most of you that have been with me for the last few years know that I do believe in a higher force/creator/Source. The Bible was written thousands of years ago, gathered information where 800 years passed before an event was recorded. Can you imagine this? I just told you that I saw the Sun turns green for 10 minutes. 10 people further down the line may have already changed it to seeing the sun turn purple and then green. 100 people down the line may have heard: She saw the Green Sun turn purple but don’t remember how the Sun turned green. Now add 800 years to this story. You can only imagine how far from the truth the story ends up being.

The story of Moses was recorded 800 years after the fact. I’m sure there are more, but I’m positive about Moses. These stories and myths changed over time and much of the events in the bible were for those times, not today.

ADDED: My American Soul Sister mentioned David Meade in her comment to this post so I looked him up because I never heard of him. I don’t listen or follow prophets for the reasons outlined in this post. So, here is an example of a false prophet or deep state employee. There can be no other reason for such bullshit predictions other than money or working for the dark side. I do not believe that men like Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, LA. Marzulli, Gil Broussard are stupid, especially since they have supposedly studied the bible to be considered experts that they actually haven’t seen the writing about Aliens and that predictions are all based on someone’s whim or poor interpretation. Haven’t they figured out by now that if even ONE event doesn’t happen, there is a good chance none others will? Isn’t this just common fucking sense? What planet do I live on?

Here is an example: Let’s just assume that we do have proof/evidence that Nibiru comes around every 3500 years or so. Nothing stays the same. Nothing stays the same. The constellations changed or shifted, the air and gases around our planet have changed. The environment around all of our planets in this solar system have changed. So, given the FACT that everything changes, how can we just assume that this Nibiru will affect the Earth the same way it did 3500 years ago, assuming it’s true about Nibiru or Planet X.

Buddha said the only certainty in this reality is that everything changes. Therefore, we can’t expect any event that happens every 20,000 or 2500 or 3500 years to affect or react the same way. There is more than plenty of scientific evidence to back up what I just said.

If this reality ends, it will be done by us Old Soul. We determine the next events, we determine when this reality will end. Every single person that considers themselves a guru, researcher, scientist or expert in their given field did not get it correct. This includes the bible thumpers like Tom Horn, Steven Quayle, Gil Boussard, Peter Kling and many more. Do not trust anyone that claims to know the future even if they have the formulas, the numbers, the equations, the proof in the bible. It’s all designed to keep us believing something that is not our truth. It’s designed to keep us in fear. Not even Creator knows what tomorrow will bring because Creator doesn’t create it, we do.

I’m not saying there are not crazy things going on, I’m not saying that an agenda exists to control us. I’m only saying that because the future doesn’t exist, nobody can predict it. Sure, we can all guess and predict, but to specify a date like Sept.23rd or all the thousands of predictions on Blood Moons, the Return of Christ, Ascension, biblical prophesies or whatever, makes that person a CON, a Fake, a Wanna be Guru.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. It’s not up to me. But I can feel energy and I have out of body experiences. I don’t share a lot of them with you because it’s not for you to digest. Those messages come to me, they are for my benefit and it would be utter sillyness to tell you that I know of some future event because the future doesn’t exist. It is always the moment. This is why I try to live in the moment and not obsess over tomorrow because if I obsess over tomorrow, I will miss moments that can never be duplicated.

My Cannabis Harvest was very successful. In between I managed to harvest a few males and I have to tell you that this bullshit about pulling out males because they have no value is wrong, very wrong. Maybe it’s not cool to smoke female buds because of the seeds, but I made Cannabis Oil with Male leaves and male pollen sacks and I got very high, so high I had to cut back my dose. For medicine, there is no difference between males and females and next year I will plant seeds and just let nature do it’s thing but I wanted to separate the males from females this year so I can experience the size of buds as I have never grown this plant the right way. It’s just out of curiosity and having that experience, but I didn’t waste the males, I made oil and creams with them.

Sure glad tomorrow never came, I have yet to get new cannabis medicine and test it out! Keep shining the light old soul. If I ever feel the end is near, be sure I will let you know!


Love you


What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

I have been following the next scare event or God’s wrath or Nibiru that is supposed to happen tomorrow, Sept.23rd. If I’m wrong, I guess you won’t be able to let me know because we will all be dead and celebrating our ascension to another dimension but if I were you, I wouldn’t count on anything like that, not this time.

The war is going on, war against humanity and god has nothing to do with it. Despite the thousands of bible thumpers trying to find truth in the bible and quoting verses that are written by who knows who; god is not coming, Jesus is not returning and we will be here tomorrow.

What concerns me is the man made hurricanes, the drying out of beaches in South America, the increased earthquake activity and land moving. All of these events are caused by technology to keep the fear of ‘god’ in us and it’s not whether it’s being done intentionally, rather why and what their motive/agenda is.

Yes, there are hundreds of different speculations as to why this horrific war is being waged against us but you can be sure of one thing: It will only get worse before it gets better and we are now in a full fledged war. They are  openly attacking us from all sides of the spectrum trying to keep us in extreme fear because if we can transcend the fear, we will win. All is energy/frequency. Everything is energy/frequency. They are using these frequencies against us because THEY are in fear of losing the war. Love is what they want to destroy but they don’t understand that nothing can destroy love, it can only be delayed or subdued. Love is our innate frequency from which we were created, no frequency is as high as love and the frequency of love cannot be destroyed. Fear will neutralize love but it can’t destroy it.

In other words, whatever they try and do to us, love will prevail. Love as an energy not this love your neighbor crap. Love as our innate inheritance can never be annihilated. So whatever they try to do, nothing can destroy us, only force us to leave our bodies and come back if that is what we want to do.

If tomorrow doesn’t exist, so be it, at least you won’t be able to dispute my thoughts, but I don’t feel it coming. I feel more extreme and dangerous weather, I feel the earth moving and shaking, I feel the oceans draining because the earth is expanding, but I don’t feel a sudden end to this reality.

So far I have not been wrong about my feelings and intuitions which may be comforting to you, but remember old soul: You and I were chosen to be here, we are ancient souls, travelers of all energies and frequencies, children of Love and there is nothing that can change that truth. Keep shining your light and if I’m wrong, well, hey, see you on the other side!


Much love,


It’s Time to Shine Your Light

We have chosen to be here in this lifetime as the ones to show the way, as the ones evolving into history making transformation from carbon to crystalline based beings. Many of us, but not most have moved through the doubts and the vacillation and we’re past the awakening and now into the mastery part. This doesn’t mean our lives have become perfect, they can never be in this reality; but it does mean that we’re now taking responsibility for our lives and the realities that we create.
Our personal lives have been profoundly impacted, many of us chose the harshest experiences. This impacted our health, finances and relationships. Simply put, we’re not the same person anymore.
Maybe we don’t know what is coming next or what steps to take but we do know that we are here in a very much different role than the rest of humanity. A majority of people have never even thought about what their purpose is here, let alone tried to figure out why they are here and what their purpose is.
We are now the new normal. We are here to show that humans can be in balance with their dark and their light. That we can integrate all of the parts of ourselves that were lost and fragmented for so very long. We’re looking for the cut off cord that connects us to Source. We’re here to be examples of humans who have allowed their Eternal Self to be an intimate part of their daily lives, who are not running around trying to improve their human selves anymore. The human body is merely the vehicle we use in this reality; we learned that we’re Souls living in a body and the human body is under attack because we were led to believe that we were humans with a Soul.
We’re a small and devoted group of souls who are here to simply radiate and shine our light. Read the title of this blog and let me remind you  that you ARE the light.
Whether we choose to express this radiance through art, writing, dancing, teaching or just sunbathing in whatever way feels good; that’s entirely personal. I have often said Old Soul that whatever you are doing is what you should be doing if it’s from the heart. In other words, if you’re in a job you don’t like or relationship for the wrong reasons, then you’re not doing what you should be doing because you’re not setting the right examples.
And if we choose to simply enjoy life on a more deeply sensual level and savor our day to day’s, not really do anything specific, it’s having the same effect as if we are creating a school or writing a book.
That’s because we are here to shine our light and that happens no matter what we do or don’t do; as long as we are in our joy. That can be challenging because it’s easy to get distracted from our joy, from feeling our Soul’s joy.  You could say that our main job here is to do our best to stay aligned with our Self. To recognize the distractions. The master can get distracted especially since we are purposely being distracted to keep us from shining our light or seeking truth for those awakening.
Relationships, financial issues and health can easily distract us or throw us off our center. Our outer reality seems to be lagging behind our consciousness, but we can no longer afford to allow these things to extract precious energy from us.
Personally, I find myself going through another stage of loneliness. It’s not about being alone, it’s about being the only one that is awake and as I look back, I don’t see anyone trying to catch up. I went through a stage like this in the early 90’s when I discovered that my NDE was not Satan’s joke but that what I experienced was real and that threw out most of what I believed in about god. As I progressed, my friends and family were left behind because I was moving forward while they were still buried in the past. Eventually, as you master each stage, you will attract those with the same energy levels and so this basically is what happens during your entire lifetime. If you’ve had the same friend for 20 years and are still close, only 2 things are possible. 1. Your friend has journeyed with you and you are both at the same level. 2. You actually have not changed much physically, only mentally because it shows you’re still holding on to the past.
We’re mastering how to stay in our center by not denying our emotions but by allowing all of them room. Emotions that tell us we’re not good enough or deserving enough or capable enough to be leaders of the new consciousness.
We’re not allowing emotions such as loneliness or boredom to be our truth either. Yes, they are real and it can get lonely at times being a pioneer of change. The boredom is part of that process or stagnation as I like to call it. All of these emotions come from the mind, which has been hijacked by those that control us and actually give us information so that we can create their reality.
Our mind is the biggest challenge on our path to enlightenment. The mind/ego isn’t so willing to let go of it’s control. Remember that the mind/ego belongs to the body and not the Soul. Now when I think about it, the designers of this body suit had full knowledge of our Essence and that we incarnate into these bodies. I believe they actually structured the brain to serve as the EGO so that the Ego mind would take over and focus on it’s physical essence so that we are distracted from seeking our spiritual essence.
So, we’re all radiating and shining our light. That’s enough. That’s why you’re here. Whatever you decide to do with that radiance, know that it also benefits mother Gaia because we love her so deeply and we wanted to be here to bring in the new energy so that this planet could set a new course for itself.
In order to radiate and shine your brilliance, we had to go through a great deal. We had to experience the trauma’s, the physical pain and emotional pain that would be the catalyst to not wish it upon anyone else. I compare this to my clients who come to see me for joint, muscle and spinal problems. I sympathize with them because I was born with Congenital Scoliosis and have lived with chronic pain all my life. Because of my experiences and understanding of pain, I give so much of myself to help them heal. So, in essence we had to live through all that we are trying to stop now. How can anyone understand what it’s like to be molested unless it’s happened to them? These are the experiences we all came into this time around and I have yet to meet any soul family member that didn’t have these hard experiences.
When you let go of all things that bind you to a human level, you become truly free. I honor your choosing to be here at this time, for all that you had to go through to get here and for all that you will be. Don’t forget Old Soul that just by being here you are shining your light and that’s all you need to be doing.
You can’t shine your light if you’re feeling fear or any negative emotions. In other words, without the batter in the flashlight it doesn’t work. Clean/pure energy is required to shine the light. How do you know this? I can only go by my own experiences. It doesn’t matter where I go now, whether it’s in the street or restaurants; I notice people looking at me, I notice people that normally aren’t so polite or nice become polite and nice…I notice that they all feel something coming from me but don’t understand what it is because they’re still asleep. Those that smile at me know. This is how I know that my light is shining. That’s all I need to be doing!

Freedom is the natural state of being

Freedom is the natural state of being by Jon Rappoport September 9, 2017 Freedom is. It’s the natural state of being. Before limitation and slavery, there was freedom. It had no party, no law, no mandate. It just was. Freedom was and is the simplicity in the tangle, the force that has no equal. Without […]

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What Happens Next? What Happens When You Figured it Out?

The video below with Alex Collier is really a symbol of synchronicity. Some of the things he’s talking about such as “you are powerful beings” I often write about. The other issue he’s talking about is: What happens next?

It’s obvious to most people that things aren’t like they used to be; this world/reality is changing. To the unawakened or ignorant, it’s very traumatic and stressful as they live moment to moment having no clue as to what is going on and why it’s going on.

So, are you one of those wishing for things to be the way they were; or, are you just accepting the changes because of the way nature works?
Truth is, nothing is changing; it’s simply evolving into what our mass consciousness is telling us to do or what we are thinking. Buddha said that humans cause their own suffering by holding on to the past. He said the only certainty in life is change.

My partner’s son and his partner are here visiting their dad for a month. My challenge 3 years ago when my partner was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and COPD was that he lived to celebrate his 70th birthday. This is about to happen in a few days. But anyway, his son, a 40 yr. old man believes black cats are a bad sign and should be avoided. We have 2 black cats and I asked him: “Why do you believe this?” He answered that he’s always believed that and it probably came from childhood. I wonder why he never bothered to investigate this, but it is his belief system. After being around Nero and Bella for a few days, he realized that they are just normal cats like other cats.

A few years ago I ran into a friend of mine on the ferry sailing to the mainland. She said she was going to have a mammogram done. When I told her about the studies relating to mammograms and breast cancer, without even thinking about the seriousness of my statement, she responds with: “The Min. Of Health sent me this free examination so it would be a shame not to use it”.

I didn’t respond to this because to tell you the truth, I had a million questions. Do you feel obligated to have this done because the government sent it to you? Do you feel obligated to have this done? Despite hearing about the dangers of Mammograms, you still don’t feel you’re in danger especially since you get it done every year? Don’t you care about getting breast cancer? Are you not at least willing to do the research before you do this? Since there is no appointment necessary, isn’t it more logical to seek out more information given the fact you have had thyroid cancer?

These are all the questions I wanted to ask her, but I had to remind myself that she is the creator of her own destiny and it’s not for me to interfere in her process. It’s the choice she’s made and the consequences if any to bear. I doubt that she would even admit to the Mammogram being the cause of breast cancer should she succumb to it.

Believe it or not, I’m almost 60 years young and have never had a preventive exam done. We get free colonoscopy tests, mammograms, men get free prostate Ultra Sounds and forgive me for sounding skeptical but don’t these very tests cause the actual cancer they are trying to find in early stages? Or, why would the Gov. give out FREE exams to the population unless they have an agenda? Nothing is for free and you know this.

If you can’t feel changes in your body, you need to take another look at your self and lifestyle because I can feel a fever coming hours before it actually arrives. I know the signs and symptoms and know my body very well. Why do I need a stranger and radiation laced technology to tell me this?

I often run into people on the ferry (all of our health centers are on the mainland) and they are headed towards the doctor. When I ask them what is wrong, they all answer the same way: “I’m going to see the doctor so he/she can tell me what is wrong with me”. Are you kidding me? You’re going to a stranger to tell you how you feel? Croatians only have 2 gods….god and their doctor. They give all their power away to these two institutions of death and as someone is awake, I had no choice but to work hard on being the observer because it was difficult to deal with. Watching this self inflicted human suffering and then blaming it on external factors, just hit me hard. I’m now able to just listen, not judge and love them for who they are because they are Souls like me, experiencing and learning. We’re all at different levels of awareness.


The world is not changing in the sense that it’s different than before, it’s changing as a natural occurrence. Better term to use instead of change is “evolution”. We only know about Linear evolution, you know from way back to now, but I’m talking about Evolution in terms of progress, moving towards and evolving towards a new reality. As souls occupying the human body with an average life span of 70 to 80 years, we can’t know the whole picture. What’s 100 years in a span of billions behind us? The planet will continue to evolve, difference today is that man is interfering with that nature cycle using HAARP, geo-engineering, chemtrails and so many other secret programs that nobody knows the actual cause and we can’t even begin to speculate on where the  climate is heading because it’s being manipulated by technology.

Are we going through the natural cycles of change? Probably not, because even 2000 years ago, we weren’t drilling holes in mother Gaia and burning her blood to use for fuel. We didn’t clog up rivers to form dams so that we could harness electricity. We didn’t have nuclear weapons and energy taken from the Earth. So, these cycles of change may not be natural anymore but if we go back into history, there is evidence of extreme weather, it’s just that the planet wasn’t so populated at the time.

Now that we have the past out of the way, where does that leave us now? What awaits us around the corner?


If history keeps repeating itself (and we know it does) then it would seem we’re up for another war. Money is made in wars and when economies start to crash, wars are started. Even Atlantis collapsed because technology was abused and caused the entire civilization to destruct.
There is plenty of historical evidence showing the Banksters/Zionists financed both sides of wars. They didn’t and don’t care who dies, who wins, who loses. They are only interested in making large amounts of money and sucking humanity dry from every single coin they have left.

I’m sure you’ve heard the following statement: “”Civilian deaths are just a given or collateral damage is just part of war”. Those that made these kinds of statements like that are the problem; death in any way shape or form is unacceptable for whatever reason.

In America, and only in America do you get punished by lethal injection for murder. It’s not ok to murder, but the Gov. is allowed to do so. Punish the murderer by murdering him. Cool.

Our world is changing because everything around us is moving forward. How can we expect the same thing everyday when every living organism changes, is in a constant flux? As I type this post, millions of cells have died in this body and new ones replaced them. I think I read that millions of cells die each minute.

They purposely and masterfully remind us of the painful past through education, monuments, gravestones, holidays etc. As long as we live in the past, we can’t accept the future or  move forward. We can’t move forward if we are constantly repeating “things are not the way they used to be” as acknowledgement that we are not only victims of the past but victims of the unknown as the future is unknown to us and doesn’t exist. We are always in the moment, whether that’s 10 years from now or tomorrow, but our state of awareness is always in the now as we see, walk, hear, feel, taste and smell the now-ness.

You can’t smell a rose tomorrow, you can only smell it in your now moment. You can remember the smell of a rose, but you can’t experience the scent unless you are in the now and smelling it.


Our memories are linear unlike a Hard Disk that stores data in different clusters. So, in order to access a memory the passage to that memory must be clear. If something traumatic happened between that data and the now moment, the memory will be blocked. The brain doesn’t record the same way as a HD does, thus humans experience linear reality. I don’t care what the experts say about the brain and how it works. It’s a fact that we all don’t remember the same way and if you know anyone that has had some kind of trauma in their past, they have blocks of blank memories, it’s a given.

People that have photographic memory simply don’t have any blockages in that linear memory so they can access it faster and it’s recorded in a neater way.

Where do we go from here? Well, most of humanity is living in fear energy at the moment. Even the poorest on this planet fear how to get food or if they can even get food for their families. The wealthy fear losing their money or fear that we will figure them out and come after them. Most of the world’s population lives in fear of another living creature such as spiders, mosquitoes, snakes, dogs, cats, you name it. Then there are those that fear the future, which doesn’t exist. By fearing the future and thinking negatively about it, totally unaware they are creating it for THEM.

So what are most people fearing today if not uncertain future yet if you ask them what kind of future they want, they have to think about it. They put more thought into fearing the future than expressing how they see it or what they want that future to be.

Get over it folks. Fearing the future will only manifest that what you fear. They have succeeded in convincing most of humanity to fear the future so that you manifest it for them. If you fear a war breaking out and give it energy, a war will manifest if mass consciousness unites in those thoughts.

Here is the catch; and this is based on my observations and opinions, gathering information from trusted  and unbiased media sources. Americans by population alone are the most afraid and paranoid nation that is now boiling over and unless they wake up soon, the vitriol and hatred will explode into Civil Unrest and Civil War.

Here is my prediction following massive civil unrest and war: American enemies (it has many, almost the entire planet except for Israel), will use this situation to attack it. China will stop using the dollar, sell all their treasury notes, collect it’s debt or try to and all those countries that have been bullied and experienced Nation Building American Style will turn against it. I’m sorry to say that should America fall, nobody will come to it’s aide be that an internal unrest, natural disaster etc. Even as I watch the Hurricane Harvey events unfolding from different media outlets, there is no mention of even Canada, it’s big friend and neighbor offering help. I’m sure Trump would jump on that and let the nation know how well they are doing by bragging about how other countries are offering their help. Notta.

The enemies will be gloating over the destruction and I for one would be one of them not because I don’t like Americans, but because they didn’t do enough to stop their government from destroying the planet and then leaving behind civil unrest, toppled governments and let me not mention Depleted Uranium.

This is my prediction based on what I feel and visions I have, but America, even while down and wounded will not go down by itself and will attempt to cause death and destruction to those that didn’t answer the S.O.S. call. If that happens, then a major power will simply release EMP weapons and Americans will be left in the dark.

Since history keeps repeating itself, the madman doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results, but we can’t seem to let go of this past, it’s then probable that the once great Empire of America will burn down as Neron burned Rome and only from the ashes shall a new generation desire peace.

I write about this often, things must get worse before they get better. So long as you can fill your belly today, you’re not going to do anything, but if you go without food for a day or two, we’re used to seeing the violence in America when there are crowds for riots, looting and stealing anything they can get their hands on. This is what will happen if anyone even hints at food shortages, within hours, the stores will be stripped of food and water.

I’m not picking on Americans, they are great people but they have lived in lies so long that even when the truth hits them, they don’t believe it. I have never seen a country filled with so much anger, vitriol, aggression, self-righteousness, judgement and stupid in my life.

Today, I was watching Hurricane Harvey Live on Fox TV and observed the chat box. I could not find or notice ONE person out of hundreds that spelled and punctuated one sentence correctly. It looked like it was a 3rd grade classroom typing, not to mention statements like: “Suck my dick, eat my pussy, lemme cum over and nock you over the head”.

Very sad indeed  and let me add another observation I had while watching the Hurricane updates. America still have poles above the ground. Texas looks like a third world country. Very few countries have above ground poles anymore. Even here in Croatia that is considered a developing country has all underground  cables. I was shocked to see this as you will only now see this in Thailand, Africa and other poor countries. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on infrastructure, everything went to Foreign Nation Building. What a joke and Americans just tolerate this shit. Yes you can do something about it just like Europeans do when they are pissed off. They come in huge crowds to the government buildings and demand change or demand that someone be removed from office. There ARE things that can be done, but sadly, they are now paying the price for letting it happen.

Where do we go from here? That’s something you need to answer yourself. Can’t change anything until you change first. Since the future doesn’t exist, I live in the moment, I live it like I won’t be here tomorrow yet I have no fear of dying. As Alex Collier said something really interesting about those that have had an NDE. Supposedly, researchers found that those who had NDE’s, changed their DNA structure and this is why all of us who have had those experiences do come back different and have a different perspective on life. Yes, the day I died for 12 minutes impacted me to this day and that event alone was what motivated me to seek the truth.

Old Soul, you’ve been here many times before to have an Earthly experience. It is because of your many many lifetimes and experiences here that you are here now. You’re the experts in Earthology, you’re here to wake up those that are still asleep. You’re here for different reasons and have different roles. Are you doing something to change a life? If you die today, what kind of legacy will you leave behind? What are you waiting for?

Peace to All

It is said and I believe it to be true that while under the influence of alcohol, we show our true selves. Are the rules the same as Cannabis? As I write this, I’m under the influence of Cannabis Oil; feeling relaxed and maybe even a bit vulnerable as I’m open to negative influences. I have just had a cup of tea made from Cannabis stems and I must tell you it’s an incredible experience. When you see a happy drunk, he’s a happy guy. When you see an aggressive drunk, he’s one unhappy and angry person. Our true identity is revealed under the influence and if you want to know someone before you start a relationship with them, get them drunk first and then you will know who they are.

But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to tell you that I was right about the mass hysteria from full moons, blood moons, economic collapses, the Rapture, and this most recent total Eclipse that only the US got to experience this time around. So, what happened to all the bible thumpers now? Did god change his mind and decide not to avenge himself upon humanity? Did god decide to give everyone a second chance? I didn’t pay much attention to the Eclipse because it’s just another sensationalized event. It happens as a natural occurrence although I didn’t see anything natural in it at all. It just seemed too perfect for the moon to cover the sun. Despite the distance between the Sun and Moon and it just happens to cover it perfectly? It just happens to travel across the US? Doesn’t this sound like a construct? I’m going by my intuition here as I’m not an expert in Astronomy or physics, but I do have common sense and logic and something stinks about this Eclipse.

Perhaps we’re just more aware of our environment, we ask more questions, we don’t take everything for granted as true, we just question things.

So question this: Didn’t Americans have better things to do in life than stand out in the sun and wait for this eclipse? Could they not see it from their homes? Isn’t it more important to stand out in front of the White House and demand disclosure? Have we lost track of our priorities?

This fear mongering has been going on for centuries. Remember way back in the 50’s when they started to demonize Cannabis? Wasn’t that about the time when pharmaceutical companies started producing drugs? Did you ask yourself the question: If we know that Chemotherapy is just business, the doctor knows it’s just business; do you ever wonder if they are psychopaths? Psychopaths kill without guilt, they make people feel bad without guilt. Are doctors not psychopaths when they intentionally pressure you into chemotherapy and know it’s not going to kill the cancer. When they know the poisons will not only kill cancer cells but all the healthy cells?

Have you asked today why the sky is no longer blue? Why in the middle of summer there are floods and hail? Did you ask yourself what would happen if you put away $1 everyday for the next 20 years how much money you could save?

What are they going to think of next to make us fearful? I’m not talking about me, I fear nothing. In fact, my now deceased mother used to yell at me for being so fearless. Yes, I would jump in the fire like Trump and then realize it was hot. It’s called being stupid, but at the time, my mother thought it was due to a stubborn nature. Sure glad I was stubborn because I don’t think I would have survived everything I went through in this reality.

There is no lesson in this post, I’m simply sharing my thoughts. The feeling of total peace and serenity should be on everyone’s menu. Make some cannabis stem tea, thank the Universe for all that you have and for all that you don’t have. It’s an ugly reality out there, but if you can find that spot within, even bombs coming down can’t change your mood. And that is what life is all about. We find our inner peace, our inner sanctuary because it’s the only safe place to be when things get rough. Live from the heart and act from the brain. Remember, our brains don’t serve us, they serve the body and we are not our body.

Remember who you are old soul; quick, time is running out.