Self Inflicted Victimhood

I’m sure everyone reading this post has heard or read about Weinstein Hollywood Mogul and his downfall. I’m not a feminist. I don’t believe feminism was designed for the greater good. I believe it was designed to break families apart and if we look at its beginnings and where we are today, there is nothing good to say about the movement. In fact, I have read some stories about the founding feminists who are now 40 years later regretful as they live alone, no children and not much to live for other than the cause that failed.

I believe that all humans should have the same rights, same access to health, same pay for the same work, but I don’t agree that a 5’4″ woman should be allowed to be a firefighter if she can’t carry her own load. Truth is, we are not equal.

The Mortal Man was designed to procreate. It was never intended for him to be with one woman. It is our culture and religious beliefs that have made the rules, but innately, man is not a one woman man, that’s  not his biological nature. It is said and I have read this in many places that women carry the burden of life by pregnancies, hormones and giving birth. I think that men have it harder because each moment of their lives are in a struggle to remain within man’s rules/god’s rules while his nature is to procreate. He’s in a constant struggle within himself to remain loyal while his body/nature wants to have sex with every woman he’s attracted to. I know it sounds horrible, but it’s who we are. Get over it.

We are not equal in our roles, our physical appearances or the way our brains function. Man’s innate role is to provide for the family because he’s stronger and braver. He is the protector, he is the strength for women to draw upon. Women are innately designed to take care of family, to be the nurturer, to give life and raise the children.

Man and woman cannot love only one person. Love isn’t chosen, it’s energy that connects two people. A man will often have a fling and tell his partner that he didn’t know what happened, that he loves his partner, that it didn’t mean anything. He was more than likely being honest, but our culture and religion demonizes man’s wanderings as if it’s a crime or sin. If you have read the bible or at least parts of it, men didn’t have just one wife. In fact, they had many wives and everyone lived together and got along. There were no priests or government agencies that required you to get a marriage license (permission). There were no rules. The only requirement was that a man could have as many wives as he wanted providing he could take care of them. Did you get that? TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe women can be like men, I’m just saying that naturally, we are not equals in any way, shape or form. My daughter sometimes says that I’m old-fashioned. No, I’m not. This is not a trend we’re talking about. I don’t recall Creator making new body suits and changing our innate character and roles. You can’t take a natural form and twist its role or ability. You can’t take a man and force him to be loyal to one woman when he’s not biologically designed to be that way.

When I first met my partner 12 years ago, he was shocked when I told him that I would understand if he had a fling with another woman. Understanding the way men work, I could not FORBID him to go against his own nature. So, we try not to create conditions for them to do that. If a man is happy at home and his needs are met, there is less likely a chance they will wander, but I only wanted him to know this because I expected from him to be honest with me.

Weinstein. After saying what I said, let me start by saying this: There are no victims. Unless he’s forcefully raped a woman, there are no victims. These women chose their career over their own virtues therefore, they have nothing to complain about. I’m shocked at the experts and Mass Media pointing the finger at him as the bad guy. Sure, there are laws now that forbid that kind of behavior, but this would not have happened to these women had they walked out or refused. And if only a few woman did this, perhaps it may have changed the paradigm. So don’t come to me after 30 years and cry wolf just because YOU made a choice to allow this man to do things to you. YOU chose your career over your virtues and therefore, you have no right to complain. If he did rape you, report him to the police, but if you’ve managed to live with this all these years, I’m sure you found a way to deal with your own humiliation.

I’m sick and tired of women blaming men for everything that happens to them. Weinstein and other powerful men not only have power/money but are biologically designed to procreate. It is our choice whether to accept their behaviour or not. I’m sick and tired of every wrong being blamed on men and for every woman victim there is also a male victim. Males have now become victims to feminism and it’s no wonder they have gone AWOL (they became gay). No, not every male is gay because of this but I can bet you anything it has some role to play.

Everthing has been twisted and far removed us from our natural states, our innate truth. Adam and Eve didn’t get married, they didn’t promise anything to each other and in fact, I challenge anyone to find any evidence of a man and woman having to get permission to marry. It’s only when Christianity came into effect that changed the rules and turned men against women. Women have been downgraded, that’s true but that’s because feminine energy is powerful and it had to be subdued. In our reality, men and women should have equal rights, equal pay, equal respect but we are not equals in design and this is why we have so much divorce, so many broken relationships, destruction of the family unit, children that have different fathers. This is not normal or natural.

So, whenever you have an issue or need to find answers in this male/female relationship, look at the nature of it. Nature is true and correct. Men and men, women and women is not natural. It could be because of a hormonal imbalance, but you don’t need to have surgery to prove a point, just be who you are. If you’re a woman and feel you’re more of man, so be it, but you don’t need to go through that artificial process of becoming an artificial man, just be and feel who you are. Nature makes mistakes too, but it’s not natural to be with same sex people and I don’t give a damn whether you agree with that or not. Look at us. Did feminism, accepting homosexuality make us a better race? I think not. Has getting a marriage license and filing for divorce because a partner cheated on you change anything? No.

There was a book I read many years ago titled: “The Mortal Man”. Very interesting if you can find it because after you have read it, everything will make more sense.

Weinstein used his power and money to get what he wanted, but the women always had a choice. They could have said no, walked away or called the police. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Hold On Tight and Shine Your Light

Our external addictions are merely a reflection of our internal state of emptiness. We are conditioned and programmed to seek outside of ourselves to satisfy the lack of. If you have mental issues, you’re told to seek help from an expert that will more than likely listen to you for years and or prescribe drugs. If you lack self-worth, no problem; get an extreme makeover or change the way you look. Get some new clothes, whatever, it will make you feel better.

Most of the humanity that is plugged into the grid of electricity and technology is addicted.  I admit I am addicted to seeking the truth. I’m addicted to uncovering and debunking the lies sold to us. I’m also addicted to helping others more than myself, although I justify that by believing I’m doing the right thing. I never carry my cell phone with me around the house or garden for that matter unless I’m expecting an important call. I NEVER take my cell phone to bed with me unless I’m waiting for a call from the hospital. The only reason I have a cell phone is that of safety should something happen to me or someone in my family. I don’t even know how to use my cell phone for anything other than making/receiving calls and using the calculator. I’m good with technology, just simply not using the phone for anything other than contact.

The addictions have become socially acceptable especially for the last two generations where their parents are already dreaming about what phone to buy them as soon as they are born.  I become very sad when I see school-age children walking home staring into their phones. Don’t these parents realize their child has a great chance of being fried or getting brain tumors? I guess not. Been there, done that. I have actually spoken to these parents and to them it’s more important what others think about their child then that child getting brain cancer. Because children don’t have any self esteem, they have to be like everyone else, they don’t feel strong in their essence.

I’m insulted when I’m sitting with a friend and having coffee to watch them constantly glance at their phone or I will hear a beep and they will grab that phone and respond. For starters, it’s rude to be in the company of friends and be constantly interrupted because they can’t leave their phone alone.

What is this social media or texting addiction really all about? Some may argue that it’s just a way of life. When you get your first phone in grade 1, it can be considered as a way of life, but I still see it as an addiction, not to that cell phone but to being part of herd mentality. We no longer think for ourselves. It’s much easier to find information and choose what we want to believe so we don’t have to think and make our own decisions.

We have become robotic in so many ways, almost looking like clones of each other because the herd mentality requires us to be like everyone else and if you’re different, then you’re an outcast. Teaching children individualism has fragmented us, separated us and this “respect” towards all doesn’t work anymore. You’re either with me or against me is the newest motto I see happening in the West.

So, our external addictions are a reflection of what is missing inside.

My daughter and son started to understand the value of money the moment they were big enough to hold a broom. We had a list of chores on the fridge and it  was adjusted to suit their abilities and size. A 2-year-old can’t yet hold a broom very good let alone sweep the floors. They could throw out the trash and get 50 cents or every day in that month for $5.00. Both worked out each day what they would do and bartered with each other, covering each other and were never forced to do anything. It wasn’t about the chores or even helping me keep the house clean. It was about teaching them values and that hard work created value for their time. It was about understanding how parents had to work hard and then use that money to take care of the household.

This following story has touched everyone who heard it.

It was around 1986, my son Milan was in all day kindergarten at the time. We were living in Seattle as I completed my PhD and I chose to move to the US to run away from my past. That summer my mother picked up the kids to take them back to Vancouver and spend a few weeks with her as she had her vacation.

The next day I received a call from her and she sounded upset so I automatically felt this tightness in my chest thinking that something had happened to the kids. She told me she took my daughter and son then 7 and 5 respectively to Toys R Us and she told them to go and pick out something that they really wanted.
Gina knew what she wanted right away and headed for the Cabbage Patch doll section. Milan was nowhere to be seen so my mother went looking for him. (Yes, in those days we didn’t fear our children being abducted). Milan was standing in front of the Transformers and just staring at them. My mother asked him if he had found what he wanted. The Transformer he wanted was $26.00.

Milan: Yes baba (grandma), but it’s more than $20.00 and I don’t have enough to cover it.
Baba: Milan, you are with me now so the rules don’t apply, you can pick out anything you like.
Milan: Oh no baba, mama would get mad. Our toy allowance is $20.00 a month and if we don’t have enough, we have to pay the difference.” My mother had a difficult time convincing him he could have what he wanted and he insisted on talking to me to tell me what happened. I laughed and agreed with my mother that when they were with grandma, she made her own rules.

Let me be clear that the kids earned their money to use for anything they wanted but I only allowed them to spend $20.00 of that for toys and the rest for other things. For instance, my daughter wanted Nike tennis shoes that were more than I had for spending. The tennis shoes she wanted were a bit more and she knew if she wanted them, she had to make up the difference. This lesson was about “using your money wisely and prioritizing”.  The kids were perfectly happy shopping at a 2nd hand store for clothes and didn’t get hung up on Brand Names. This is because they worked and understood the value of money and that money doesn’t grow on trees. As a single mom and with a limited budget, that’s how things were in those days.

They are now 37 and 39 years old. Neither have debts for things you can get 2nd hand like a car loan or Credit Cards to buy things that don’t add value. They live simple lives and always thank me for teaching them how to get what they want out of life because all their friends are burdened with debt and live in fear of losing their jobs.

In other words, they didn’t create external addictions because they learned early in life that money doesn’t buy you happiness. Their self-worth and self-esteem was high because of their accomplishments early in life. They felt great after doing their chores and being paid for their efforts. Gina started working with her grandma when she was 13 years old, cleaning offices on weekends and by the time she was 16, she was already working as a cashier in a large market chain.

Without a solid foundation of teaching your kids these values, they grow up empty, worthless and dependent on someone. Parents give away too much and teach wrong values without giving it one thought: “If I die tomorrow, can my kids move on and did I teach them everything they need to be independent?”

This issue is very prevalent here in Croatia. When I ask parents why they do this, their answers/excuses are almost always the same: “Well, you know, we were poor, the war made the economy bad and I don’t want my kids to suffer like we did”. I’m sorry to say but people in third world countries don’t indulge their children. Even in those countries where there are wars or poverty, they encourage their kids to leave home and get married. The economy has nothing to do with it neither do wars. It’s in these conditions that we gain wisdom and strength to be able to stand on our own two feet. I don’t mind so much with small children, I’m talking about adult children that live at home all their lives if there is room for them. I  know of parents that live in poverty conditions because they gave everything to their kids. They co-sign for loans and end up making payments. They eat less meat so their spoiled adult children can dress well. This is NOT right.

Although life was challenging raising two small children while working and getting my degrees, my kids never went to bed hungry and never made wish lists because they knew they could get whatever they wanted by working and saving for it. Sadly, money is our GOD and religion and we can’t survive without it.

Our addictions are unfulfilled internal needs be that alcohol, drugs, sex, coloring hair, painting your nails, having the latest technology or anything material for that matter. If you feel good about yourself, you don’t need to poison your brain with toxic hair colors. If you don’t care what others think about you, you will use your cell phone until it dies or like me, when the sim card is already archaic and have to upgrade to a smaller one or when the cat chewed up my charger cord.

We appreciate things more when we learn early how our parents must work so hard. Once the kids were in 3rd and 4th grade, I would sit down with them and we would create our monthly budget together. We made a list of things we needed for that month and compared it to my earnings. First, we marked off utilities and food, then priorities and if there was anything left over, we used that for extra clothing or going out for dinner.

By then, both kids were earning their “chores” money and use that for anything they wanted, it was theirs to do whatever they wished because they worked for it.

This isn’t about money, I wanted them to understand how life works, give them that sense of accomplishment and pride. They used their money wisely and often shopped around to get the best deals. They borrowed from each other, paid back their loans, bartered and exchanged chores, etc. This was the best life lesson they ever had.

When you are complete inside, when your heart is filled with pride, accomplishment, responsibility for your actions and appreciation for who you are and what you are capable of, there is no need to seek and become addicted to external sources.

I’m pleased to say that my kids still drive used cars, shop at 2nd hand stores, save money and enjoy life because they’re not burdened with huge debts and can turn away from a gadget if they don’t have the cash for it.

We are addicted because something is lacking and because our belief systems don’t match reality or our parents gave too much and didn’t teach us self-responsibility or earning points. With that said, it’s not surprising that a majority of people have at least one addiction and that is wanting to fit in, be like everyone else and feel good with material things. Sadly, and they know this; this good feeling doesn’t last very long and so they go out again and find something else they think might make them feel good or feel accepted.

If you can’t go a day without participating in social media, you need to ask yourself why because the virtual world is not real and polls show that 75% of people online are not always honest about what they say or write. It’s an escape into an illusory world where everyone knows they can bullshit all they want and pretend to be someone they are not. We need to stop connecting to virtual friends and start getting our more, contact with real people just like we did before we had this technology.

I see kids walking to school with these damn phones in their hands, little kids around 7 or 8 years old absorbing damaging frequencies that are accumulative just like radiation.

We have completely given our authority and power to an unknown force that doesn’t want humans to access the truth, the truth about who we are and why we are here. In order to keep us from the truth, they cause circumstances so that we seek help externally and become addicted to anything that will prevent us from going inside to access the truth.

We have become empty shells, deformed bodysuits and a brain that is controlled by a thing called EGO. I have written many times that we are not the brain, the brain is the body computer that operates all body functions and it is not designed to enlighten us or guide us to where the truth is inside. The brain is merely a recorder of all events, sights, sounds, tastes and a storage facility. All other functions are related to regulating the body and to keep it working the way it should.

We are zombies, living zombies, brainless, mindless and under total control of those that don’t want us to escape inside and connect with Soul, our essence of who and what we are. We’re addicted to fiction, illusions, myths, fantasies and bit into the propaganda of bigger is better, money is power and God is an old bearded man that may or may not hear your prayers. Even when something does happen, they still give credit to that god for it happening.

Welcome to the End Time Madness as more people escape the external illusion and addictions to seek truth because innately they know that is not the reality we came to experience.

My addiction is seeking truth and I have no intention of seeking rehab or giving up, but it’s the only addiction worth living for. Everything else is the Illusion they created to keep you focused outside yourselves so that you don’t figure out just how powerful you are.

Most of you know this, but do you believe this? You were so powerful old soul; and whether you believe it or not, your life here has made a difference. It is now very confusing, so much human loss of life, so many natural disasters, wars, and then to claim that  they are close to annihilating ISIS but they had to kill an entire village to kill one terrorist. It’s like chemotherapy, shoot it up your veins and while it’s destroying everything in its path, it just might kill a few cancer cells.

As I have written about many times, these are the end times, the end times for THEM and they are throwing everything they can think of at us hoping they will win. Not so. We will win because this play we are acting in is just a repeat of Atlantis, we have been there and we know this time around we will not let this happen again. Hold on tight and shine your light.


You Have Forgotten Your Life’s Purpose

Note from Ines: This is what I have been writing for years. It is very difficult to accept this reality because of the Terminal Madness going on and humans are acting out hatred, vitriol, judgment and acting as if they are better than others. I write about Terminal Madness often and I also write about our journey here. Even I have my moments when I doubt my own belief system, especially now when we are being attacked from all sides because those that Control are losing their grip on us and the only way to stop us is to play with our minds. Enjoy!

All humans on Earth at this time of enormous change are here to help with the awakening, yes ALL humans.  There is not just a special group of Light workers and Light holders who are horribly overworked as they assist in the awakening process.  No, ALL of humanity is involved, and no one is special, because ALL are special simply because they are ALL the beloved and absolutely perfect children of God, even though their attitudes and behaviors while in human form may well seem totally at odds with Love, with Mother/Father/God.

As we have so often pointed out, the vast majority of humans have forgotten their life purpose, the purpose with which they incarnated.  Nevertheless, like those of you reading this and similar messages, they too are here to assist in the awakening process.  EVERYONE is involved, because EVERYONE is ONE!

One of the main reasons that you need to release all judgment of others is because you cannot possibly know their circumstances, their chosen life paths, and therefore you are in no position to pass judgment.  Only God and the soul involved has that knowledge, the soul has forgotten it, and God never judges!

What you ALL incarnated to do was to love one another, and even those of you who hold that intent most of the time are still unable to completely let go of that judgmental aspect when some one’s words, behaviors, or activities horrifies you because they are so obviously in complete misalignment with Love.  But that is the human condition.  You have ALL denied Love and engaged in bitterness and hatred.  As Jesus said so long ago – or, in truth, but a moment ago – “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

As humans you mostly are unworthy, except that unworthiness is an utterly unrealaspect of the illusion.  All are the beloved children of God, and therefore to be unworthy is impossible!  Unfortunately some consider themselves to be sinless when they live in seeming righteousness, and use that belief in their own sinlessness to justify their righteous judgment of those who they see as unworthy.

Within the game you are playing there is much behavior that truly is despicable, BUT you are all just actors in a drama that you invented, and when the play ends you will revert to your true selves, beings of infinite Love, just like your heavenly Father.

Focus on this divine truth: “I am a being of infinite Love, like unto my heavenly Father.”  With that thought in mind allow yourselves to know it.  Then reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  Whenever doubt or fear arises, no matter what appears to cause it, immediately reset that intent, and, of course, make sure to reset it at least once daily, preferably when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary where the flame of divine Love, the Love that is YOU, burns constantly.

When you do you receive enormous help from those in the spiritual realms – your guides, mentors, and loved ones – those with whom you made agreements, before you incarnated, to mutually support each other.  You have, as it were, one foot in the illusion playing the game, while the rest of You resides eternally in God’s Presence, therefore You are never alone!  When in doubt, in need, or in fear, call immediately on us for support, we are always there for you.

As there is only One, and as each of you is an aspect of that One, and as that One is Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, then you are always and eternally connected to the infinite Power that is All That Is.  That Power is yours, open your hearts to It, accept It, and then create with It in your own lives as humans the Truth, the Good, and the Beauty that you all are as you hold your Light on high for all to see.  You do that by consciously choosing to be loving in every moment no matter what arises.  In doing that you are You, the beloved child of God, instead of an actor in the ongoing drama that is the illusion.

By doing this you complete the task you set yourselves before incarnating: To be a brilliant Light shining on Earth to assist all to awaken into the Truth that they are indeed One with God.


The Ongoing War against Humanity

I am saddened by the loss of life in Las Vegas and yet not surprised. The entire US is taking a brutal form of attack for karma is coming back to bite it. When I refer to the US, I refer to the people running the country, as an entity by itself. It too is a living being.

The hurricanes have done so much damage and I have read many conspiracies about them being designed. I didn’t feel that at all. I felt an angry Mother shaking off and tired of being poked and prodded. I think I wrote about this in the last month that Mother is shaking off because she’s had enough of being poked, prodded and her blood set on fire. It is the law of nature that is always in effect, and these hurricanes were forceful energies clearing the negative energies that accumulated in that region.

Same with Las Vegas. I haven’t done any researching or reading into the conspiracies as to why this person did this or if he was programmed because in the end, it doesn’t matter. Many were wounded and many lost their lives. Gambling is not a good energy, stealing oil from mother earth is not good energy. But let me assure you this: This was necessary and for those poor souls that had no idea what happened, they were probably young souls not yet equipped to handle this timeline.

Personally, I started to feel different after the Eclipse; my scoliosis really changed pain levels and a feeling of lethargy came over me. I’m still struggling to get out of this pain cycle despite the fact I’m taking Cannabis Oil. On the other hand, I am noticing my very bad veins and varicose veins fade out and there is much less swelling so whether it’s the Cannabis Medicine or the body finally clearing itself of blockages, something is changing.

The hurricanes and now this mass killing is not about revenge, it’s about karma. Did you know that 57 million people died in 2015? I wonder what the biggest cause of death was? The experts claim it was heart disease, I dare to say it was terrorism and I”m talking about the Cabal destroying the Middle East. That is terrorism. When you drop bombs on innocent people or try to kill one terrorist by bombing an entire village, that’s terrorism.

What about people in the Middle East? Do they not experience terror everyday? Do they not wake up each day thanking their god they are alive? Syrians have lived for years with snipers, bombs and bombers raining over them? How come they are not mentioned? When Americans die it’s a terrible thing, but when millions of children are left maimed and without parents, I don’t see the Media talking about them, let alone insisting that we stop doing this.

The karma is now in full effect. There was a period of “Wait and see”, but obviously nothing changed, the Cabal insisted on bombing anything that stood in it’s way so now we have to pay the price. It’s not about revenge. It’s the Law of Nature, Natural Laws. Cause and effect. You cause harm, it comes back. You kill, it will kill back.

Maybe some Americans that have lived through the mass killing in Vegas might consider what it must be like for innocent women and children to run from snipers or watch their entire family die in front of their eyes. Death for the unawakened is a horrific loss. Death for the awakened is a transition to a new energy and timeline.

I have written about this much lately; that we will suffer very much, that things will get worse. Nothing will change until most of us finally realize we have been fooled and lied to. If you have a home to come to and you have a meal on the table, you’re not going to do much to make it a better world. When you lose your home and sadly even your family and have nothing left, only then are you motivated to do something.

The hurricanes united people, brought them together. In this unity there was no skin color, no religion, no political affiliation, it was helping humanity. In order for us to wake up, there has to be more hurricanes, more natural disasters, perhaps even more senseless wars before the masses realize something is really wrong.

Karma is not about revenge. Karma is the creation of your cause and effect. From a mass conscious perspective, karma works different in large populations. In a sense, it might seem that innocent people are suffering because of someone else’s karma. But if you take Texas for instance, where they say that everything is big. All that oil being sucked out of the ground, all the gas guzzling vehicles polluting our planet, these are are negative causes and therefore, manifest negative effects.

I believe that Mother earth is attacking where she is most vulnerable right now. She has so many holes in her that she’s starting to break up and in order to stop it, she had to shake and bake and bring forth some energies to stop this mass drilling.

Here is something I consider very funny. No sooner have the deaths started to pile up in Las Vegas, the pundits and politicians start screaming “more gun control”. Are you serious? Do people actually believe this? The US is the only country in the world that has such high murder rates and prison population while most countries have leaner gun laws and they don’t experience so many murders.

Croatia is a country of approx. 4 million people. We have gun laws but almost every Croatian owns a gun. We rarely hear of murders and when we do, it’s a shock. Switzerland is actually the most armed country in the world per capita and yet you don’t hear about their murder rates. They don’t have one!

They want to take away your guns so you can’t protect yourselves from them. There are many ways to kill. Take for example the so called terrorists on 911. They used paper cutters to hijack a plane and kill over 3000 people? Yeah right. So, taking away your guns isn’t going to stop the gun violence. Americans *gov* simply need to take care of their own people and stop meddling in world affairs. Americans need to stop being the policeman in the world and start implementing the very democracy they are shoving down countries that have lived in peace for thousands of years. They don’t need democracy, they had peace and peace whether it’s an autocratic, dictatorship or whatever, means that people have everything they need and don’t care what type of government they have. This is not about democracy anyways, it’s all big lie.

I feel sad for the people that have lost their lives in the hurricanes and this massacre, but out of the ashes comes many better things. Through tragedy man becomes stronger and better; through loss of life humans forget their political views and just help each other. The American *gov*  I know has become a big bully and the bullying is over.

We know that the empire is crumbling, it’s been obvious to many and then watching this Russiagate comedy, the football players stand or kneel, as if there are not more important things to deal with like the poverty rates in the US, broken infrastructure and oh my goodness, American cities still use old fashioned electricity poles. Even we here in Croatia buried them with new fiber optic cables. I can’t believe that they still have these poles standing up like they do in Taiwan, in third world countries.

So, instead of fighting for the right to carry arms, fight for the right to travel unrestricted, to build your house freely without permits, to make medicine from plants that were given to us. Fight for things like stop meddling in other countries. The IMF has destroyed 27 countries by imposing strict rules in order to lend money.

Americans pay so much in taxes and most of that money goes into wars. Don’t they ever ask their government where their money is actually going? I don’t pay taxes because I don’t work in the system but we pay 25% sales tax. Yes, I’m serious, we pay that much!

We are all facing difficult and challenging times, but those of us that are awake also know this war has to happen. The war against humanity, the David against Goliath and we will win. It will get ugly folks but the sooner you wake up, the sooner it will stop. The war being waged against us is their final act of desperation because we are waking up and starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Look at what is going on in Spain. The Catalonians wanted their independence, 90% voted FOR independence yet were sabotaged by brutal police, they were thrown out of poling stations, old men and woman dragged down the stairs, all in the attempt to stop them from voting.  They are waging an ugly war against us, but in the end, we will win because we already know this, it’s what we came here to do.

The man that killed those people in Las Vegas, in my opinion was programmed to do this. Oh yeah, what about those that killed while using Prozac? Did they take Prozac off the market? Didn’t think so. I’m sure they will find something in his blood and claim that he was on some kind of drugs and lost it.

So, old Soul; we are in the middle of the biggest war waged against us and remember this: We have already determined the outcome, our mass energies going into the final awakening stages will bring forth demonstrations, revolutions and lets just hope they don’t take away your guns before that happens.

I’m with you, I’m always with you and I know you’re confused and uncertain about what is to come, just know that whether we beat this here or on the other side of the veil, victory is the only outcome.

Yes, You are an Impostor if you Claim to get messages from Prime Creator

Here is the proof that Prime Creator chose Alexandra to be the “only” person he channels through and anyone else is an impersonator. Did you hear that? I wonder how long this video will last. Do people actually believe that a Prime Creator will choose ONE person in this reality to channel to? You decide for yourself.

There is nothing new in this message that most awakened people don’t know or feel. I’m never dispute the information given to people, I dispute the “chosen” ones because we were all created equally therefore, we either all get the same messages or nobody does. What makes this person special? Did you notice that 2.5 minutes was spent on advertising and marketing? Judge for yourself.

I’m sure Alexandra is a good person and like everyone else has to make a living, but hey, I get messages too and my Creator doesn’t ask me to be his messenger.

Let’s see how long this video will  last before it’s removed.

2 More Years of This Crap

Added a day later: The video was removed from YT below. I wonder why? Why doesn’t Alexandra allow for comments? Why remove it? Feeling a bit stupid? I left it there to show you it’s not available after posting 24 hrs. later. 

It’s getting very challenging for me to come up with something to write about. The video below is the reason why. These guys just don’t stop with their make believe crap. Watch it later. It’s not that I don’t want to write something, I have so many things that I’m involved in these days and a lot of thoughts going through, but they are personal. Most of my time is spent working in my clinic, taking care of household, growing food and medicinal plants, preparing for hard times. I’m feeling this urgency to prepare and get my life simplified.

If I woke up tomorrow morning without water and electricity, can I make coffee? Yes. I have a French Press and gas stove. Can I flush the toilet? Yes. I have 500 L of water in attic for that but living in the country, I can go outside and do it wherever I want. I have started making written notes on recipes and such because if the power goes out, so do electronics. Do you have your phone numbers and addresses written somewhere?

It’s been pretty crazy with extreme weather all over the planet, but  you only hear about the hurricanes in the US. We here in Croatia have had months of flash flooding, rivers overflowing, so much loss in agriculture that our dairy products and vegetables are getting really expensive. Our climate is totally changing but most scary is unpredictable. For the first time since I have been gardening here in Croatia, I have never comes across fungus. It’s normally in countries and regions where it’s cold and lots of rain. Well, we are now cold and getting too much rain. How about getting enough rain in one day that we normally get in a year?  This is why my ancestors had cisterns/wells because they had to collect 1 or 2 rainfalls per year. That was it!

Since we’re on an island, our water and power comes from the mainland by underwater pipes and cables. Should there be an earthquake, it could easily disrupt everything and could take months to get back.

There is not going to be a Pole Shift. One of my readers emailed me this question. I doubt there is going to be a nuclear war either but let me tell you something. Everyone except the US thinks it’s no longer a world power. Our media is making fun of Trump and everything that is going on in the country. The hypocrisy of being a democratic country is now really showing up in your face.

I believe and I have written about this that the Earth is expanding. There are many videos showing the earth literally cracking open for miles and sucking in everything above it. Lakes and rivers are literally being sucked into the Earth, so it’s not just climate change, but the planet is changing herself. She’s ready to give birth and she is now in the stage of shaking off all the parasites on her.

The US will not attack Korea. This is just a dog barking because it’s all it can do. It knows it’s lost power and so for it’s own audience, it must pretend it’s still powerful. We on the other side of the world have known this and have seen the demise of this once beautiful country. Like all empires, this one has to crumble as well but it’s for the best. This extreme weather will go on for a few years.

I have debunked most of the folks that claim to have intel and higher sources, that the cabal will be arrested, financial crashes, dollar revalutions, The Red and White Dragons along Benjamin Fulford claiming to spread all this money around, to the prophesy  believers and those who claim to get messages from God. I was going to write up a post about Alexandra Meadors. The video below is about what I simply didn’t have the stomach to listen to again. I wrote about her way back in 2014 but she’s really gone off the deep end now. Can you believe it? Prime Creator didn’t choose you or me to talk to and chose her? She has to read her conversation with Prime Creator and uses proper English? What? She can’t remember her conversation with GOD????? She made sure her services and goods were mentioned at the start of the video yet she claims to be working to save humanity and work in my behalf? Are you kidding me? Did she talk to Jesus while she was listening to Prime Creator? Didn’t Jesus say he died for all of us? Does that mean Alexandra is prepared to die for us? And then she calls him PC?

I wrote the same thing about Kathryn E. May. How could GOD choose her to be his spokesperson and not me? That these ladies were given the job to spread the word while 2 billion people on this planet don’t have electricity? How do they get the message? What criteria did Prime Creator use to choose these ladies? Did God have a special place where he could collect resumes? What qualifies to talk to Prime Creator? Well, he’s here 24 hours with me, I just go inside and connect. Don’t see why Alexandra has to make an appointment and wait so long to talk to him. Sheesh, that must be frustrating, I guess they can’t seem to get their schedules unified.

So, old soul, you keep doing what feels right. You can’t save the world and neither can I. For many years I believed that I could save the world from madness but I learned over time that in order to save the world, I had to save myself first if I’m to be of any benefit to others. My job really starts when shit hits the fan. I have collected prescription drugs from anyone that will give them away. Did you know that prescription drugs, most of them anyway never expire? Did you know that Aspirin can last 25 years?

Many people will be without water, food, medicine and many will be sick so I’m saving myself first and the prescription drugs are really trading items. They are high value items. I make Colloidal Silver, DMSO creams and solutions, Cannabis Oil and Tinctures, all these things will be medicine just like it was before. I may not have coffee, but I can trade 1 drug for 10 parts of coffee…these are things that are necessary. Also, I get a sense of security knowing that should it hit the fan, I’m pretty situated. We may not have a huge food supply, but I have Moringa trees that provide incredible nutrition. Living on a small island makes it difficult for invaders as well. If power goes down, no ferries will sail. At least that is how I think it would be.

In a way it’s nice to be an unimportant EU member. Nobody wants to immigrate here and we don’t have the problems that other parts of Europe are having with the refugees.

The end of this reality is near and many will freak out and not know what to do. I’m ready for the leap but the event that leads to the leap can be very scary and traumatic especially if you follow religious beliefs. Those that panic stay here in 3D Earth to continue their evolution while the awakened old souls shift over to new Earth.

This is what I know. No soul from lower dimensions can incarnate into the New Earth, only higher vibrational beings can. Those in lower realms including 3D have to work on their karmic baggage so they don’t infect the New Earth.

Our experiment failed badly. The Earth was designated to be the Living Library and things went wrong, you already know this. We were trapped in this reality and most of us (not me) have been tricked into re-incarnating here for thousands of years. This reality is now coming to an end. It will get difficult, many souls are leaving because they can’t handle it, they simply couldn’t remember who they were and why they came here.

Destruction and death bring humanity closer together and this is why things must get bad so that we forget about politics, gender, skin color and all that shit that we claim to make us human.

Nobody is coming to save us; been saying this for years, there is nothing to save, this is an illusion matrix, a game we all agreed to. It’s like god making man in his own image and then punishing him for lying even though he gave him free will.

There is no angry god wanting to punish us. We are gods. We simply got trapped in this experiment and forgot who we are. It will happen in a flash, however you choose to leave the body will just flip you over to the New Earth if you have been living in love and from the heart. There is no free ride and NO, not everyone goes over.

There is nothing to fear. Fear is your ego, afraid of losing control of you, fear is imagined. The Ego will do whatever it must to survive. Remember that the ego is part of the mind/body suit. It’s not part of you the spirit/soul. It was implanted into the body suit to keep you from being love, keep you in fear and keep you from experiencing a Soulful Life rather than a human/body life. You are not your body, you are beautiful, eternal, immortal. You are the Light.

I may not be writing much because there are so many things to be done but promise to stop by when I get the urge to say something. If you’re reading this blog, you’re in my soul group. See you on the other side.

Don’t be fooled by space ships or aliens arriving. They are not the good ones. We don’t need saving, we need our memories restored back and once the veil is down, you will get your memories back.

You are loved beyond measure, no Creator would allow us to suffer, we’re here voluntarily, we came to get the job done and we will find our way home.

Do not fear. Celebrate that this reality is near. Celebrate that our end is near and we will be free of this prison planet. Celebrate your existence and that you were special enough to be here at this time. I can feel it. Another 2 years at the most!

Tomorrow Came!

Yes, tomorrow arrived, it’s September 23rd and 7:30 p.m. in Croatia. I’m sure happy that nothing happened because I spent all day today harvesting my cannabis and trimming. Had something happened, I would have been really pissed off!

Many months ago I wrote this: Nobody can predict the future because it doesn’t exist. We create the future or we have set it in stone before we incarnated. Anyone that is predicting what may happen in the next 10 minutes is only speculating. The future depends on mass consciousness, the timeline is determined by us. Yes, THEY may shift the timelines because it’s a construct but just remember that no human can predict what awaits us a minute from now or 100 years from now.

Let me say something about the bible. Most of you that have been with me for the last few years know that I do believe in a higher force/creator/Source. The Bible was written thousands of years ago, gathered information where 800 years passed before an event was recorded. Can you imagine this? I just told you that I saw the Sun turns green for 10 minutes. 10 people further down the line may have already changed it to seeing the sun turn purple and then green. 100 people down the line may have heard: She saw the Green Sun turn purple but don’t remember how the Sun turned green. Now add 800 years to this story. You can only imagine how far from the truth the story ends up being.

The story of Moses was recorded 800 years after the fact. I’m sure there are more, but I’m positive about Moses. These stories and myths changed over time and much of the events in the bible were for those times, not today.

ADDED: My American Soul Sister mentioned David Meade in her comment to this post so I looked him up because I never heard of him. I don’t listen or follow prophets for the reasons outlined in this post. So, here is an example of a false prophet or deep state employee. There can be no other reason for such bullshit predictions other than money or working for the dark side. I do not believe that men like Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, LA. Marzulli, Gil Broussard are stupid, especially since they have supposedly studied the bible to be considered experts that they actually haven’t seen the writing about Aliens and that predictions are all based on someone’s whim or poor interpretation. Haven’t they figured out by now that if even ONE event doesn’t happen, there is a good chance none others will? Isn’t this just common fucking sense? What planet do I live on?

Here is an example: Let’s just assume that we do have proof/evidence that Nibiru comes around every 3500 years or so. Nothing stays the same. Nothing stays the same. The constellations changed or shifted, the air and gases around our planet have changed. The environment around all of our planets in this solar system have changed. So, given the FACT that everything changes, how can we just assume that this Nibiru will affect the Earth the same way it did 3500 years ago, assuming it’s true about Nibiru or Planet X.

Buddha said the only certainty in this reality is that everything changes. Therefore, we can’t expect any event that happens every 20,000 or 2500 or 3500 years to affect or react the same way. There is more than plenty of scientific evidence to back up what I just said.

If this reality ends, it will be done by us Old Soul. We determine the next events, we determine when this reality will end. Every single person that considers themselves a guru, researcher, scientist or expert in their given field did not get it correct. This includes the bible thumpers like Tom Horn, Steven Quayle, Gil Boussard, Peter Kling and many more. Do not trust anyone that claims to know the future even if they have the formulas, the numbers, the equations, the proof in the bible. It’s all designed to keep us believing something that is not our truth. It’s designed to keep us in fear. Not even Creator knows what tomorrow will bring because Creator doesn’t create it, we do.

I’m not saying there are not crazy things going on, I’m not saying that an agenda exists to control us. I’m only saying that because the future doesn’t exist, nobody can predict it. Sure, we can all guess and predict, but to specify a date like Sept.23rd or all the thousands of predictions on Blood Moons, the Return of Christ, Ascension, biblical prophesies or whatever, makes that person a CON, a Fake, a Wanna be Guru.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. It’s not up to me. But I can feel energy and I have out of body experiences. I don’t share a lot of them with you because it’s not for you to digest. Those messages come to me, they are for my benefit and it would be utter sillyness to tell you that I know of some future event because the future doesn’t exist. It is always the moment. This is why I try to live in the moment and not obsess over tomorrow because if I obsess over tomorrow, I will miss moments that can never be duplicated.

My Cannabis Harvest was very successful. In between I managed to harvest a few males and I have to tell you that this bullshit about pulling out males because they have no value is wrong, very wrong. Maybe it’s not cool to smoke female buds because of the seeds, but I made Cannabis Oil with Male leaves and male pollen sacks and I got very high, so high I had to cut back my dose. For medicine, there is no difference between males and females and next year I will plant seeds and just let nature do it’s thing but I wanted to separate the males from females this year so I can experience the size of buds as I have never grown this plant the right way. It’s just out of curiosity and having that experience, but I didn’t waste the males, I made oil and creams with them.

Sure glad tomorrow never came, I have yet to get new cannabis medicine and test it out! Keep shining the light old soul. If I ever feel the end is near, be sure I will let you know!


Love you