Two Earths

Note from InesI find the article below highly enlightening,  For some readers, this information may be hard to absorb, as it deals with a multidimensional spiritual universe.  Dolores Cannon presented similar information. I also find this information fairly consistent with the Ra Material, The Law of One. I might even add that I could be Alloya in another reality because I feel that she went into my energy/mind and plucked out this information. This is proof and evidence that we are all connected and often can’t understand how we can have the same information yet have never met each other. 

Source: A Journey Through The Multidimensional Self | b

There are currently in this space that we find ourselves in, two Earths. Two Earth realities. One reality is the old reality and one the new. The old Earth is still battling light against dark, stuck in polarity. This world is full of pain, suffering and negativity. When you watch the television or read your main stream media newspapers it is all too evident that this Earth is suffering. The humans which live in this world are experiencing war, hatred and pain. They are not the only ones who are suffering , the Earth itself is going through huge traumas , the animal kingdoms, plant and even the devic kingdoms are suffering along with Gaia in her old world expression. It would seem by looking upon this world it is doomed, to suffer.

The new world, the new Earth reality is only just being born. It began its gestation period during the year of 1999. Even though this reality was designed from the very beginnings of creation, it was only conceived during this year. There were many who were present at this tremendous moment in Earth’s history, some of them were aware of what was occurring, others did not. However they all took up their positions at the moment of conception and held the energy of all the dimensions in place, as the light impregnated the dark soil of Gaia’s body. This was the time of the Great Solar Eclipse. This was a trigger moment which was the pivotal turning point.

Previous to this time, many had been preparing, some of us had even travelled forward in time to experience this New Planet reality, to be able to hold the possibility of it occurring in the cells of our bodies. Those of us who travelled forward in time, brought back with us in energetic coding the possibility to create New Planet reality. We had this coding in the cells of our bodies and emanated it out into our auric fields. This emanation acted like a transmission of information, so all that came close to our fields had the ability to interact with this transmission and decide for themselves, whether they wished to enter this new Earth reality, when it did indeed manifest.

For the next few years after the conception of New Planet coding into the fertile soil of Gaia’s body, many came to those of us who held this coding, wishing to know more, whether consciously or unconsciously. Many needed to address all that stood in their way to creating the right energy matrix to be added to the pattern or matrix which New Planet Gaia was creating. Those of us, who were healers, had many clients, as wave after wave of Souls incarnate wished to heal, balance and over come their karma, to be able to move into this New Earth reality. Light workers and healers alike were very busy. We were so busy with both our healing of others and also ourselves we did not notice that quietly Gaia was growing inside her dark womb a completely New Planet reality.

For the years that followed it almost seemed that nothing was occurring , we worked with guides to channel and bring forward information that would aid others in their healing , many teachers stepped up and took their positions , we were full of hope and looked forward to our golden futures. The work was not without reward but it was hard indeed, many of those who we wished to help did not come forward, they were choosing to stay in the old reality and therefore many of us had to painfully let go of loved ones and family members. This is a freewill planet and there are those who are choosing to move into New Planet and there are those who are not. It is hard from the place of our human nature to let go of those who are not choosing to come with us, into new planet, we wanted to hold on to them. We even got angry and frustrated when those who were deaf did not want to hear and those who were blind did not want to see. Many of those who were choosing to stay in the old world had travelled through many lifetimes with us, we were karmically bound. It took some time to finally free ourselves from these binds.

At this point we were tired indeed and for many of us who had taken our positions up at the first call, rested, some of us even thought we had lost our way. I myself gave up travelling, and teaching seminars and went to rest in India. Many of us found ourselves back in what we thought were old planet professions and it almost seemed as if we were not doing our mission anymore. I know for myself I felt that deciding to settle in one place and take up a normal everyday job was somehow me failing at my mission. Little did I know that this was meant to be, I needed the rest, I needed to move off the stage and allow the next phase of actors to take up the play. I needed to anchor to Gaia and find my place and root myself to her body, to stabilise myself for what was to come.

For a few years it seemed that not much had changed in the world and the momentum of the wave of consciousness had somehow dissipated. Then all of a sudden a ripple of energy passed through the collective consciousness of mankind and the next wave of light workers took up their positions. These light workers were not so focused on healing, they were focused on truth. This was the time of 9.11.

This is an encoded event. Now from one perspective we all know it is the dark cabal which did this and what followed was the most appalling crime against humanity. The New World Order first came into light at this time. There were of course lots of people who believed the lies of the dark cabal and moved into fear. For those of us who had eyes to see and intuition functioning, we all knew exactly what was going on. It is now in this time becoming more and more mainstream knowledge. From another perspective it is encoded event. Not only did the dark cabal recognise this as a sign, to them obviously empowering evidence that their plan was going ahead, but for me it was also a triggered encoded event which my Soul had been waiting for.

I was in Germany at the time, staying with friends. I had gone for a walk with my girlfriend and when we walked back into the house; her husband was crying and watching the TV. She asked what was wrong and he explained that the Twin Towers been attacked. As he said this the TV showed the footage. She broke down in tears too and held him; I however rushed to the toilet. I needed to hide myself because I was having the most incredible energy rush and strange and unexpected reaction to this event. I was rushing with excitement. I wanted to jump up and down with ecstasy. Every cell in my body was tingling and all I could keep saying in my head was “this is it we are going to new Planet”. All the time I was having this experience I could see images flooding my mind’s eye. I saw the towers as the two poles of polarity. I saw them fall and with them the prison of polarity fell with them. I saw the Earth split in between the two towers and I knew the two Earth realities had been made possible for humanity as a whole. It would be up to every individual to decide which reality they were going to stand in. I also had the image of the dollar sign. It looked like a snake with two bars like the bars of a prison trapping and confining and controlling the snake. The snake is the snake of creation, of Gaia, it is the ability to manifest, and it has been controlled and trapped for all this time. Now with the bars of the prison falling the snake of all creation would be free.

I returned to my friends and pretended to be concerned as they were, not to appear too strange but all the time I wanted to tell them not to worry this was the start of much change, and eventually we would go to new planet. From this time a new wave of Souls took up their positions to hold the energy of truth. Finding out that the dark cabal and the American government had done this evil deed made people start to ask questions about what else they had done without us knowing. So we started to demand the truth. We are seeing this in our time right here and now. All over the world people are waking up, taking up their positions. They are demanding truth, weeding out every little bit of hidden information they can find. This wave of truth is raising higher and higher everyday.

Truth is a high energy which when it comes into contact with a low energy, it stirs up things. You can see this happening in the world in both your personal lives and in the world globally. As the energy of truth comes into contact with the dark which is present on this planet it agitates the dark, makes the dark react in its worst expression. The dark forces which have ruled and dominated this world for thousands of years are for the first time feeling threatened. They had become complacent, they have become arrogant, thinking their evil and dark agendas would never be realised and stopped. They thought there was nothing to challenge them. Now they are feeling the energy of truth coming on to the planet, they are indeed feeling threatened. I have seen this process many times in my healing work both in seminars and individual healings.

The process which I use and teach is based in this fundamental concept that truth agitates the dark. A low energy and a high energy cannot exist in the same space, so if you call in the higher energy of truth and allow it to sit in the same space, as the dark low energy, it will call all that is not in truth to the surface to be healed. Once this healing is complete then the truth has space in which to anchor. This healing goes on inside the cells of the body, raising the very frequency. The Earth is in the middle of this process. The light workers on the planet are channelling the truth frequency into the darkest places. It is agitating the dark; the dark cabal who rule this planet are feeling for the first time, disempowerment. They are not used to this, they are being backed into a corner and that is why they are reacting and laying down even more restrictive and binding rules and laws. They are trying to take away others free will. This is only part of the process it will continue for some time but eventually the truth will bring all that has been hidden to the surface and a great healing will occur. You are seeing this also reflected in Gaia. She is shifting, with Earth quakes, volcanoes, storms and many other Earth changes. These times in which we live can be challenging but it is not to be feared. Hold the truth that is all you are supposed to do, let this energy bring to the surface all that is to be healed

Many light workers say just hold love, and even though love is indeed needed, it is not the only way. We need to stir things up, get people talking about all that has been hidden. For some of us truth warriors we need to be strong and challenge other people’s outdated paradigms. This is not an easy task as many react with fear and anger; many would rather attack the messenger. Stand strong in your truth, be in truth with love and respect but do not falter.

You can see this phenomenon in the protests which are arising all over the planet. Many are waking up; the dark cabal fear this the most and are putting in measures to stop this rising of the truth. However they will not be successful for this wave of consciousness will gain momentum and will carry all who can surf the wave into the glory of a New Planet reality.

Are you one of the truth warriors? Do you try to tell others the truth only to be met with fear, and anger? I have noticed this going on in my own life; I have been trying to tell people about the chemtrails. They react in two ways, either they do not believe me and are arrogant and ridicule me or they do not care. This has been hard for me to understand, I have asked myself over and over why do they not see them (as some physically cannot see them), and why do they not care.

With much pondering on this, I suddenly realised what was going on, whilst I was complaining to a friend about their reactions. I heard myself say “my god it seems like there are two realities going on here, they are in one and I am in another”. It suddenly dawned on me that was exactly what was going on. There were indeed two realities going on. They were in the old world, where most humans are asleep, living and dreaming in their polarised reality. I and many others are in the other New Planet reality, which is shifting and moving, trying to surf the wave of consciousness and truth which is crashing against its shore. I had often said things like “how can they not see what is going on in the world”? I then realised the reason for this is because it was not going on in their world. They are in a completely different reality.

These two realities are sitting side by side and it is hard to see that there are two realities at all. Even for those who have already in their Soul’s plan signed up for this New Planet reality, there are days when we move back into the old reality , and there are some days when we have one foot in one reality and one foot in another. Some days we are full of hope and promise for our futures and other days, we are drowning in the negativity. This is a process which once again I have seen reflected in the transformation process that I teach. During this process pain and negativity comes to the surface to be healed and the person cries, gets angry and moves through fear and then the truth washes it away. But this is not the end of the process; there are layers and layers to most healing sessions. The next level of the issue will raise its ugly head to be blasted and eventually healed by the truth. As the process goes on, the challenges of healing become more and more intense. We are seeing this in our world everyday there is more and more drama building.

However there comes a time in the process where the person gets to the core issue. Which is always the same, the pain and fear of being separate from the Source, the Creator. Every issue in every one’s life has this at its core. With this healed the person can anchor in incredible amounts of truth and thus a change in vibration occurs. That is when the love of the Soul floods the body and I then see people crying with tears of joy. The issue they were healing seems silly, insignificant and they get an overwhelming feeling that they were only playing in the illusion of the pain. This is what we as a collective are going through. We are moving through layers and layers to this issue of the illusion that is present on the Earth. We eventually will get to the core issue; I believe this is happening in little ways every day however the big collective core issue will be brought to the surface during the 2012 alignment. Once this is healed we will move into new planet.

New Planet reality is not for everyone. Some are not choosing to walk this path. At first I was concerned by them and went around trying desperately to wake people up but was met with such negativity and aggression I questioned what I was doing. My Soul told me not to be concerned with them, this was not my business. I was to allow them their reality and the more I focused on them the more time I spent in the old reality which would obviously hold me back from walking into New Planet. I was told to continue to spread the truth and hold the truth for those who did have eyes to see and ears to hear. But those who were deaf and blind I was to allow their illusion.

These two realities sit side by side and it is not so obvious where the divide is at this time. But daily the realities are moving away from each other. Now at first it looks like to those of us who are awake that our world is falling apart and sometimes we wish we had never woken up, ignorance is bliss after all. However we are only in the middle of a transformation process. We will live through many layers of this process before we move into the New Planet reality completely and stay anchored there. We are moving into a new dimension. I know the way I have already been there, anyone interested can read this in the New Planet section of my book “ The Mission of the One Star “.

I know there is more information about this to come but for now my Soul says this is enough. However one more thing I wanted to tell you was. I had a dream which showed huge solar wave of light, that swept across the planet and this somehow created two worlds. The old reality and the new reality were no longer sitting side by side, had indeed parted company and were sealed off from each other. I had this dream when I was a small child and it is only now since reading the scientific predictions of solar flares happening in 2012, that I remembered and understood the dream. Are we going to have a huge solar flare which will activate our DNA and take us to New Planet reality?


Something New Under the Sun – James Horak and Crystal Clark Latest

It was wonderful to find this video today. James Horak went public in 2010 about his origin and shares to this day the knowledge he has about our civilization and what happened to get us here today.
Crystal Clark is someone I have listened to just as long as James and I can say with enough confidence that both are right on about what they speak because I have similar visions and dreams.
This video is a compilation of years of information. James Horak took time out due to injuries sustained in car accident but the video will guide you to where the websites are and how to get more information.
I really hope you can find the time to listen to this video and  you can’t skip parts unless you have listened to these folks before and understand what they are talking about.
Upon listening to this interview, I asked myself: “Did anything change in my  life having this information?” Can I use this information to improve my reality?”
The answers to both were yes because information is  power. With information you make informed and better decisions in your life. With this information, it empowers you to follow your instincts rather than their agenda. Enjoy!

Losers, losing and Lost in a World of Madness

Mr. Trump called the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Manchester as losers. He is right in a way that this person or people are losers, but not in the sense that they themselves are losers, rather, that they have lost everything. Those that seek revenge upon us, have lost their country, culture, homes, family members. As Gerald Celente so famously says: “When you have lost everything, you have nothing left to lose”.

Mr. Trump is disconnected from reality. Having lived and continues to live in luxury and abundance, he can’t seem to connect the dots between not having or never having. I say WE because even my country Croatia is a NATO member, therefore, my country is just as responsible for the terror, genocide, cultural murders, shoving Democracy down throats of people in Middle East that lived alongside each other for thousands of years and never thought of killing each other. We left depleted uranium behind that will be in their soils for thousands of years to come. We started this, we are the losers thinking that we can ‘shove’ our democracy on to others.

It’s comical when you think about it. We, the democracies of the world using guns, planes and bombs to force democracy on others, yet  don’t have democracies in our own countries, we all have this quasi version of what Democracy should really be. It’s like Christianity, burning everything and everyone that wouldn’t accept the religion. We just keep repeating the same shit over and over and yet expect different results.

Mr. Trump like Obama, like the many great presidents before them all grew up in wealthy families, not all, but most of them. They can’t possibly relate to what it’s like living from day to day not knowing if you can put food on table. For those running from war, putting food on the table is the least of their worries. They are running with no place to go because they’re not wanted anywhere. We bomb them, destroy their countries and then shut down our borders to keep them out.

What happened to us? Where is our humanity? Where is YOUR sense of justice and ideology that we all have the right to live on this planet on equal terms? Where is your voice? How long will you remain silent because you think that someone else is going to do your job? Does it not bother you while eating your takeout pizza that someone would kill for the cardboard so they have something to sleep on that night? Are we to just pin the blame on our governments so that we can sleep better at night?

We are the losers. We are lost in the matrix of illusion. We are like blind mice running around trying to ‘feel’ out the exit of our prison and keep doing it until we’re dead because we think there is only one doorway or one answer or one Savior.

We are the losers because we believed the bullshit, we bought into the crap sold to us. We extended our antennas and grabbed on to all the frequencies passing through and now we are stuck, feeling like there is no way out, no place to run. We are the losers Mr. Trump, that includes you because when you told the world the other day in Saudi Arabia that you wanted peace, you proved it by selling billions of dollars worth of weapons of mass destruction. I got your number Mr. Trump. You don’t want to get involved in other countries, so you’re just going to think “America First” and that means selling whatever you have to offer so that those countries that buy your weapons will kill each other. Is this your way of promoting peace Mr. Trump?

There is no justice in this reality, but again and again I have repeated ad nausea that it is up to us to make the changes. We are facing something I compare to as a cancer or disease. We keep delaying our visit to the doctor. We know something is wrong but don’t want to believe it may be something serious, so we wait and wait until the pain wins and we run to the doctor. By this time, the cancer has spread and the remedy is disgustingly painful and risky because we waited too long.

I watched the first few moments of the bomb going off in Manchesters and was shocked by the responses of these people. Their TERROR before even knowing what had happened. These people were never intended to be killed, the intention was to instill TERROR, just the way our bombs do when we drop them on other countries. If they wanted to kill, they didn’t need to do it in this arena. You do like you do in Bagdad, in busy markets and malls where there are thousands of people. This perpetrator wanted these folks to feel TERROR because that is what we do to them. We terrorize them with drones, weapons of mass destruction and then we question why they do this to innocent people? Don’t we bomb innocent people? Who are we to speak of what is right and wrong? TERROR is what everyone running from war is feeling and will feel for the rest of their lives. Generations of children won’t be able to sleep at night for the rest of their lives because of witnessing bloodbaths.

WE, the losers are waiting to the moment when we have lost all of our liberties and so called rights, when there is no food to put on the table, when there is no clean air to breath and by then the world will be a horrible place to live. There will be those that will wish death but can’t kill themselves because our governments have taken away our steak knives; you know, for your own protection.

We are prisoners of our own making and losers aren’t bad people, losers are those that have lost everything and have nothing left to lose and then we wonder why they are attacking us or why they hate us. They don’t hate us, they hate for what we stand for: hypocrisy.

How long are you going to wait to speak up? What will it take for you to realize that every minute of silence is 60 children dying. Yes, at least one child dies every second and most of them from curable diseases and malnutrition. I am sure that you would never allow anyone in your family or your child to be hungry or sick.  What makes you or your child any better than the millions of children currently leaving this world because we were all too busy taking care of our own? Your own is not your own, your own is YOU, they are YOU, WE are all in this together. There is no YOU or ME; there is only “humanity” working together. Until we start working together for the benefit of all, you too will be a loser because you will have lost everything, including your SOUL. Soulless and lost you will then wonder what went wrong while it was in front of you the entire time. You just didn’t want to believe it was serious, and like a cancer, we have allowed hatred and injustice to spread.

I can’t stand injustice, I can’t stand the thought that I had to throw out extra food today because I cooked too much while my neighbors in Greece look for cardboard to sleep on because they lost everything.
It’s not fair, and until you and I do something about it, the cancer will spread and the disease will become incurable. Is this what you want for me? Is this what you want for you? Is this what you want for the thousands of innocent children that never asked to be born dying everyday? You need to ask yourself these questions and ask yourself: What are you doing to make this world a better one for you, for me, for humanity.

It’s obvious by now there is no Savior, there are no friendly aliens, there are no galactic friends to come and help. They exist, but until we show them that we have done everything we can, they will just keep waiting and laughing at us for being such losers. In their minds; we are a bunch of blind mice who haven’t yet figured out who we are and how powerful we are. They don’t need to come here and help, we are more powerful than they are, we just have to figure it out.

Another Repeat Sound Bite

There is a video below, long way down!
A few years ago I could listen to an interview very attentively using my common sense and logic to determine if the information given was “true”or not. I have never been a fan of Alfred Webre. Fool me once, lie to me once and you’re crossed off my list as a potential source of information. Webre has spent many years writing about the “Omniverse”, a theoretical subject really that he himself claims is based on science.

Science is nothing but supposition and possibility, though, science has not brought us to a better human condition. The information in this video is just repeats and referrals from various sources such as: Corey Goode, David Icke, Alex Collier and other researchers. The logic in this interview is that if enough people tend to agree with something then it must be close to truth.  Their stories never end, and they seem to think that if they can give us enough information, it would prove something. Could it be that they are just trying to prove something to themselves?

I have listened to Peter Kling and Tom Horn over the years, my favorite bible thumpers. Today was probably the last time I would ever click on a YT video. I’m done with them because for the last 20 years, nothing has changed except that they have added “aliens” to their repertoire. Their philosophies are based on “believing in God”. However, believing something to be true is simply accepting some kind of theory or information as truth. I doubt either one have seen God so they continue to quote the bible as if it has any credibility.
Tom and Peter never talk about who wrote the bible or that thousands of gospels are missing if we are to accept the information in it. They don’t mention the Gnostic gospels either which leads me to believe they are purposely conning people. How did they choose to study the bible instead of the Gnostic texts? It’s just as easy to find it for them as it is for me.
I’m getting sick and tired of these people thinking they have something to offer us. As if we can’t find the information ourselves so we need people like them to tell us their “opinions”. That’s all they have to offer, just opinions based on something they researched.
It’s getting difficult to stay in frequency while listening to them, though I have yet to hear from any of them suggestions on how we can change this reality or paradigm.

We are shifting folks, the timelines are interweaving with one another. You must know that something is about to happen when Trump claims he wants to peace and wants to unite all the Muslim nations yet he just made an huge arms deal to Saudi Arabia. He wants peace but he’s proud to sell weapons of mass destruction. Does he really think we believe that? Yes, the world is about to implode, the matrix that was built millions of years ago to keep us entrapped into this illusion is coming apart. People like Trump that say they love you and want to kill you are clones or have been infected by black goo. Thing is, they still believe we believe them.

Just a rant. I wrote before Trump was elected that if he was not assassinated before or just after being elected that he was no different than all the great men before him. I have to hand it to him, he’s playing a great game and the two parties are really doing a great job in making it look like they want to take down Trump. As if nobody could have shot him in the head by now. Black is no longer black. White is no longer white. Love is hate, hate is love. Whatever you thought you believed to be true is a lie, whatever you think is going to happen is just another weakness in our human brain. You are reflecting a reality that THEY want you to reflect. In other words, by giving us various signals, frequencies, stories and mind control foods, we use our mindless brains to think about it and then create it.

I can’t stomach these guys anymore, not because it’s false what they are saying, it might be true or not; I have never questioned the veracity of information, I question the motives. The information in the video is something I have known and researched myself. So what, there are aliens amongst us. So what, reptilians existed. So what, we are slave race and are doing nothing to change that.
I can see that Mr. Webre has a brain deficiency, it could be Alzheimers or they have him really good and AI is still controlling him. I think Mr. Webre has done a great service to humanity and should use his last days to enjoy life. I too would love to change the world and help everyone, but I love myself too much to destroy what little I have left of this body and health. For many years I believe that doing and giving to others was a noble cause, but over time and experience I realized that my lack of self respect drove me to please so that I could feel better. Each one of us are here to gain an experience or to do a job, none of us are here to help someone get fed. Of course, if we have time and money, health and abundance we should share that with others, but if you’re taking away from yourself or family to help others, you need to have a brain check. It’s not our purpose here.
Instead of giving, I choose to educate and let people decide themselves if it’s something they want to do. I help feed the elderly in the community because they have been neglected and they can’t help themselves, they’re old and they can’t accept new realities. I help the poor but not by giving food, but by showing them what they can do with a little bit of land and instead of whining about how difficult life is, to get off their asses and do something to change that. We are a society that believes our governments owe us something, so most people sit around hoping they will win the lottery. I’m speaking about Croatian people and their state of mind.

I feel that something is coming very soon. I have had this urge the last few months to create a self sufficient environment at home. I’m ordering all kinds of exotic fruits and plants to create an edible environment so that should something happen, we can live off the land. I can feel the breaking timeline, the fracture in consciousness, all you have to do is look at the comical politicians and how they are behaving to know their end is near and this reality is about to collapse.

Meanwhile, I have been busy expanding my garden, adding new plants and having more time for myself because my partner is doing really well.

He’s put on 12 lbs since his last hospitalization and he’s on the road to recovery. His last appointment with specialist confirmed it. It’s very stressful taking care of an ill person, especially someone you love and you want them to be around for the new earth. There were times when I didn’t think I had enough energy left in me to fight the fight but like money, it always comes when you need it! Enjoy the video!

Enki and Enlil in every part of our lives

This is probably one of the best interviews I have listened to in a long time. It talks about our true history, our true parents, our true beginning and how the time lines have changed or have been altered. I know it’s a long interview, but it’s well worth your time. As I listened to this, I transformed energetically, the plot seemed and felt familiar to me. Could it be because we are all genetically linked?

Been very busy lately and I apologize for not answering comments in time, but the weather is just now warm enough for working outside. Normally, by the beginning of March we are wearing short sleeved shirts. I just put on some summer outfits but by afternoon the north winds come along and I have to put on something warmer.  I don’t know about your part of the world, but I’m not tanning at all. I have been in the sun for a few days now, working all day long and have not seen my skin change tone at all. This is really strange! The chemtrails are in essence totally covering up the skies, it’s been going on for weeks. The weather channel will call for sunshine the next day, but by the next morning the sky is so riddled with chemtrails that we have yet to have ONE sunny day without films or clouds.
Enjoy the interview.

Your mother was your first “God” or Source.

Written by one of my readers: Maria Peterson. Thank you Maria! 

Your mother was your first “God” or Source.

Psychoanalyst Winnicott theory emphasizes how a mother’s responsiveness to the baby’s needs determines the quality of a separate individual. According to him the quality and nuances of adult subjectivity and the subtleties of mother-infant interactions provided a powerful perspective for viewing both the development of the self and the analytic process.

In the beginning, the infant believes that his or her needs and wishes emerges from the integrated drift of consciousness or subjective omnipotence. If the baby is hungry then he makes it happen by crying and the mother’s breast would appear, thinking that he created the breast or the object of his desire. The mother overall “brings the world” to the baby and her responsiveness is what gives him the “moment of illusion”. The mother is in charge giving the baby a holding environment which is a physical or psychological space.

The mother doesn’t have to attend the infant’s needs all the time. In matter of fact, after the mother regains her sense of self after temporary suspension of subjectivity, the infants notice the “failure” of the mother to “bring the world to him”. It’s somehow painful and disappointing for the baby to experience. Technically the baby depended on the mother but for the first time he realizes the *feelings* associated with dependency. The baby also realizes that others have their own desires and wishes and must depend on those people fulfill them. Self-awareness is born.

Psychoanalyst Heinz Kohut stated that the narcissistic experience begins with the infant’s blissful state, which is inevitably upset or disturbed by the expectable failure of its mother’s ministrations after the mother naturally retains her self-awareness again; leaving the child alone for long period of times.

The infant finally understands the difference between subjective omnipotence and objective reality but most couldn’t cope with the reality.

The infant then tries to restore the disruptions by creating two systems of “narcissistic perfection”. The infant first creates a world where everything is pleasant and good within the self and everything outside is bad and dangerous. Kohut states how this is the beginning of the development of the “narcissistic self”. The child creates another system where he attempts to restore the pleasant and good feelings by projecting it onto someone else, creating a “perfect” object (i.e. priests, gurus, etc.).

Plea-ideans represent your “perfect” self- objects.

Most people usually search or found their “perfect” object in religious or spiritual institutions like churches, temples, mosques or ashrams; to cope with their psychological “disturbance” from being separated physically and or emotionally from the mother. Some also use objects to continuously express their “moments of illusions” by using objects like rosaries, angel cards by Doreen Virtue (lol!), crosses, crystals, pictures of a deity, statues, bibles, dolls, etc. to feed their unmet narcissistic needs.

Religion (and by the way the definition of religion varies and everyone is “religious”) is a cultural object and people use it to deal with things they cannot control in their lives. According to the Introduction from the book Going into Pieces Without Falling Apart, the problem is that we have not learned how to give up control of ourselves.

Gurus, spiritual teachings, angels, star-beings, Buddha, Jesus, etc. are cultural objects that can “help” the “religious” deal with everyday issues by creating “moments of illusion”. They are basically pacifying through life with these objects,.

During “moments of illusion” the person believes that prayer, worship, etc. connects with God/Source…or the mother. They gain faith/hope/etc. but not a healthy dose of objective reality.

Most religious people are afraid of the unknown or feelings of emptiness and believe it can be healed through religion. My question is that can you handle emptiness? Through the object of meditation (based on Theravada Buddhism), the person can connect with feelings of emptiness, imperfections and regrets without self-judgement.

But in other religions like Christianity and yes, New Age the person can’t get pass the failure of the mother or God. They say that “God is in control” but life situations happen because that is the power of cause and effect so the desire to control should be released through acceptance.

Also, you state that reality is toxic but are you being objective enough? Radically self-honest? Most of those neo-“Gnostic” teachings that explains about Archons and the dangers of reincarnation (which I by the way don’t believe in…I only believe in rebirth) are very messed up, it throws people off but for some it gives them more “meaning” as human beings striving to “do better” (basically by isolating themselves from the world) but viewing reality of toxic or Earth as a “error” influenced by the fall of Sophia is definitely not going to help society nor the individual. People are very attached to ideas that don’t make up enough objective reality.

The Light

I am the light, the Soul is a light, it’s radiance is consciousness and it seeks to find itself.

Our purpose here is to remember who we are. If you’re fortunate enough as I am and are able to find fragments of yourself in different realities, you will have a better understanding of how time is a construct here.

1945 for example is not in the past, it’s another dimensional reality so the time machine doesn’t move us back in a linear fashion to 1945, it simply changes our frequency so that we can experience that year, time line so to speak. If it’s the past, gone and over with, how can we then return to it? It has to already exist for us to leave this timeline and enter into the 1945 timeline.

Same with the future. If it’s a future which in our reality doesn’t exist, then how can we time travel? We don’t travel in time, we travel into another timeline that exists simultaneously with this one and all other realities.

We don’t go back in time, we simply go into that timeline. Time travel has been done, there are many people that have come forward to talk about the Secret Space Program and other black budget programs, not only in the US but other governments. When you enter that device to travel backwards or forwards in time, you’re not moving physically on any linear direction, your body is simply changed into the frequency and dimension of that time period.

Dreams are another example of all happening simultaneously. You, the Soul can have multiple lives in different realities and dimensions. We don’t consciously know of them because of this low density and lower frequency, because our body suits have been genetically altered, because technologies are being used to quarantine us from other dimensions and realities. It may also be because you have been indoctrinated into believing you’re a body and once you finish here, you go to heaven or hell.

Let’s just assume that I’m correct in my assessment. The question that has been debated for thousands of years, including those that believe in god is: Why am I here? Did I choose to be here? Does Karma exist and is reincarnation part of our evolutionary existence as a Soul to experience all that is?

For many years I believed in Karma and reincarnation but as time went by, I started to question that theory as I became more aware of my other existences. If we were given free will then why would our Creator place upon us a reward and punishment system?

In other words, if I chose to reincarnate and experience what it’s like to abuse someone, why would I be punished for that choice? I’m not talking about the human aspect of it. Abuse is not allowed in our society, it’s punishable by law for hurting another human being. At least we ordinary citizens are not allowed to do that, but our governments can do anything they want with impunity. Why should I be punished or create bad karma by choosing that experience and have to keep reincarnating until I get it right? But, I have nothing to get right, I had the free will to choose any experience I wanted to.

Whether Karma and reincarnation is part of the Archon trap, I guess it doesn’t matter really. If you believe in Karma and reincarnation, chances are you will end up in that trap after you leave this body because you believe it. You will experience whatever you believe will happen after you die.

Why am I here? For starters, I’m here because I chose to be here. If I chose to be here and I have free will then I’m obviously here to have an experience. That experience isn’t dependent on whether I accomplish what I came to do or not, meaning there are no consequences to my choices as a Soul. There are only old Souls here now, but there was a time when young Souls were able to incarnate here, though not often because truth is, Earth is the Ultimate Challenge, some call it a Hellhole and young souls simply can’t survive and complete their experiences.

Mainly and mostly, ancient souls arrive here, some that have never had an Earthly experience but these souls like me have existed in higher dimensions. These are well advanced and have access to earth information and knowledge, some even can communicate with humans from higher realms. These souls are highly advanced entities and have had millions of experiences as guardians, galaxy creators, angels, guides so they know everything about Earth but wanted to have a human experience.

We don’t move forward in a linear or hierarchical fashion. We don’t go from first to second grade. We simply choose whatever it is that we want to experience.

In other words, to be able to experience Earth, you have to be very advanced otherwise you would not do well here. I call it a Hell on Earth where only the strong, rich and evil survive.

So, we chose to be here and the last game we all set up was to agree on an experiment of sorts that we would have our memories blocked (not erased). You can’t erase the Akashic records and all that exists is stored in the Akashic. We would die as Souls without memories. Our Souls existence is about it’s memory and knowledge/awareness of who it is.

We came here to see if we can remember who we are and find our way home. This is the first group. The second group that I’m in came here to help the planet when she put out a distress call.
Those that are dying suddenly, being killed are the experiencers, they simply had enough, they couldn’t deal with this madhouse. Those that died naturally and lived a normal old age came to help. We complete the human life cycle, leave, regroup, re-energize and come back until our mission is accomplished.

Does that make sense? We all came here by our own free will. The experiencers had to provide the various scenarios of chaos, war and hunger, economic hardship, duality and just the human drama. They are actors that must create actions. Once they are done with their roles, they leave.

Those of us that are in this virtual reality, the researchers, alternative media, truthseekers, light workers, we are raising awareness thus raising frequencies. Our job is to help humanity raise it’s vibration which in turn helps Gaia.

The new Earth is waiting for us. Why do we need a new Earth? Because not everyone will choose to transition to higher dimensional beings, some will stay here and continue with their evolution/experience. This reality is toxic, damaged and poisoned for thousands of years to come and it’s condition is not conducive for higher dimensional beings. If we all leave the planet, where do the 3D humans go when this is the only 3D reality created? That’s why it was set up that way. Free will allows us to choose to stay or move on. Some will stay with the Old Earth to help restore the energies and balance for Peace.

I don’t know where I’m going after I’m done here. I only know since I was a child that I wanted to be airlifted from here. I never felt like I belonged here. I have struggled with injustice on this planet. Injustice being why some are poor and some rich when it’s not necessary, there is and always has been abundance. Injustice when we hurt and kill each other while some get away with it and some serve a lifetime in prison. I could never relate to why people choose to be stupid when they have that choice of being intelligent. Why they give away their power to authority figures like doctors, preachers, politicians and law enforcement. I could never understand why painting your body with toxic makeup and coloring hair that is dead, nails that are dead to make you feel better.
I am going home I believe to be the Pleaideas  is my home as I have been told many times in this lifetime, but wherever it is, it has to be better than this place because I have been yearning since I was a young child.

The end of this reality will happen with a positive outcome, but like I always write, some things have to happen.

If you’re still pondering and not sure who you are and why you are here, some food for thought:

Our life began in Infinity. At that moment ” Light” was conceived in the Infinite mind. That light was the Light of Consciousness. The purpose of the heart is to know YOURSELF to BE yourself and yet one with Source. 

You are here because only LIGHT can awaken those asleep. How you do that is your choice and decision. You, like me are here to shine your Light and show the way home.