Coffee, Tea or Cannabis?

I made some Cannabis Oil tonight. I use the Rick Simpson method with the exception that he recommends using Pharmaceutical alcohol, I use pure Ethanol 100%.

This is the final stage of the alcohol evaporating.

Because the plants won’t flower until this fall, I had to use leaves only. There are those that say using leaves doesn’t produce good Oil which is not true at all. There are those that claim male plants aren’t good enough. This is not true either. These rules may apply for recreation purposes, but not for medicine. The leaves contain THC and CBD although THC is much less, for medical purposes, it doesn’t matter. THC is required to activate the CBD and nobody wants to get high when they are very ill.

Because I use leaves, I have to use a lot more material. Out of 15 plants, 3 of them are males so I use them for making the oil.

Pure Rick Simpson Oil, meaning the recipe used.

Once the Oil is collected I prefer to use empty gel caps and immediately fill them up before the material gets hard. In essence, once hardened it’s difficult to push out of the syringe and some recommend to just run it under warm water. It’s got a nasty taste and so it’s easier to dose each capsule equally.

My partner is doing really good. He’s in his workshop cleaning up after 3 years of being very ill. Although he’s not out of the woods yet, it’s a miracle that he’s even alive 3 years after diagnosis. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is deadly, the average life span upon diagnosis is about 3 years but he was diagnosed at Stage III out of IV so it’s a miracle indeed thanks to Cannabis and everything else we have been doing. He’s due for his checkup in hospital in a week because his blood is clotting and we can’t figure out why. I know why, but I can’t make that diagnosis so once they figure it out, I can then proceed with natural therapies.

I also germinated 20 Moringa Seeds; look this plant up it’s also a miracle tree that most people have no idea about it. It’s becoming more popular in the West, but the warm sub tropical climate here is ideal for it’s growth. I read that it can grow to 20 ft in less than 6 months. You can start harvesting the leaves in 2 months, so it grows really fast!

We are now allowed to grow 7 Cannabis plants in Croatia but it’s impossible to get a License to grow and sell the medical Cannabis. Too many restrictions and a huge investment, but 2 plants are enough medicine for a year per person therefore, I’m happy with that. The irony behind all of this is that our doctor wants to know if I will sell oil because as  you know, Doctors don’t do chemotherapy nor do they allow their family to have that treatment. I’m thinking about it, maybe they should first start being honest with their patients about Chemotherapy first and at the least let them know there are natural options out there. If I even sell to this doctor, that will be the condition he will get it from me because I don’t think he deserves better. He should be honest with his patients first and let them know they too can find natural remedies that would help with their cancers.

Time for bed, been a long day and this Cannabis made me really sleepy!

Food: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Wow, this video really moved me. I am aware of the facts, but looking at where we started years ago when food was healthy and where we are today is just unreal. I hate to say this but we know when American tourists arrive. We can tell by their size and I’m not talking about older folks, but young people. The only reason our society here in Croatia doesn’t have problems with obesity is because we’re still an underdeveloped country. The Middle Class can only afford to eat at McDonalds. We don’t yet have frozen dinners in markets, if they do exist, they’re not affordable. Our culture is such that our meal is the most importan event of the day. The timing of that meal is determined by when everyone can gather. We cook from scratch, many of us have a piece of land or use our property to grow whatever food we can. Spending money on chips, snacks and soda’s are a luxury for those that have money. Because of this, I believe we haven’t yet reached that stage of an obese society.

The fast food culture is taking it’s toll on people. It’s not always our faults, especially in the West. Life is stressful, everyone is running around trying to survive, so when we get home after a long exhausting day, we don’t have the energy to cook meals. I get that. I lived that way until I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in 1999 and while being treated in a private Mexican Hospital run by Dr. Donsbach; we had lectures every night on many topics including food preparation. It wasn’t enough to be cured, we had to learn how  to eat, what foods were healthy and looking at cadavers that died from colon or large intestinal cancer was horrific. We watched slides of cadavers during autopsy so that we could see the damage we caused by our bad eating habits. Did you know that bread basically breaks down into a glue and sticks to the walls of our intestines so that it’s no longer able to absorb any nutrients?

After listening to this video, I felt so much compassion for those folks that even with knowledge of how to eat well would be very difficult if they depend on stores to get their foods. While living in Vancouver, I was lucky to live right next to Chinatown so I could at least get fresh and healthier vegetables. My diet was a mix of Macrobiotics and Oriental foods. 60% brown rice each day and the rest in meats, veggies. Nothing came out of a package, no prepared foods and since then I have never put a food item in my basket unless I read the ingredients first. I also understand that Organic foods are  more expensive and not everyone can afford to eat that way.


It’s not easy to live in the city and live an active busy life, especially for families that have to work everyday. But you know, there is a movement going on where families are converting their grass lawns into food gardens. Once you get it established, there is very little work. If you grow in raised beds, there is no tilling of the soil, you can implement a water system so all you have to do is pick your food and plant new ones. Container gardening is also an option. At the least, you can grow some leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach, chard and even carrots.


I much appreciate my garden and rarely buy anything from the store anymore. The only veggies I purchase now are potatoes, but with my expansion in the works, I won’t be buying those either. I like the idea of being in control of what I eat. Knowing my food is organic and that it’s just a few steps away is not something I take for granted. I’m fortunate to have this ability to grow my own food and have learned about so many different varieties of leafy vegetables like Moringa, Amaranth, NZ Spinach that is drought resistant; and I enjoy trying new varieties each year to see which grow best in my climate.

At this time of year, it’s very arid and hot, like being in the middle of the desert. Although I water the plants every evening, by noon they are already wilting. They actually preserve their water during the day that’s why they wilt a bit but I have to now water them twice a day if I want sizeable vegetables.

But enough of my garden, it’s doing well and I’m fortunate for being able to grow my own food. I only wish we didn’t have to pay for the land given to us, pay for the water, pay for everything that is ours. This planet was created for us, everything on it was created so that we could eat and heal ourselves. I’m angry at times when I think about this reality that so many people go into debt to buy a home, a home along with the land that is ours. They not only control us, they own us. I try and give away as much as I can to those that don’t have the means, but I’m also working on a project here to help the elderly with raised beds so that they don’t have to work so hard to grow their food.

Enjoy the video!

James Gilliland and Steven Greer

I have been listening to James Gilliland for quite a few years now. It wasn’t until last year that I started to sense/feel his honesty. Up to that time I had my doubts and I can understand why now. His interaction with higher beings/ET’s altered his energy frequencies so I wasn’t sure about what I was feeling. In human terms it’s called discernment but as I have written before; our ability to discern has been disconnected. Discernment is not a brain/logic function or analytical process. Discernment is the ability to connect with higher self and FEEL the answer. The ability to discern has been greatly reduced to humans because of the genetic manipulation of our species.

When bloggers or other websites that write about non-conventional topics say “You don’t have to believe me, use your discernment”, I have to wonder if they know what true discernment is or are just using that term because everyone else is using it or because the dictionary gives it the proper meaning.

James talks about Dr. Steven Greer in the first 10 minutes of the video below and he basically confirms my thoughts on Dr. Greer. I was able to discern him a long time ago and have written about him on this blog.

I sometimes wonder about this ability that I have. It often comes into question: “How do I know this, how can I trust this information?” This information I receive is like a thought, there is no other way to describe it. The brain isn’t able to imagine or fantasize, this is really important to know. This is why dreams are not dreams. The mind just doesn’t put a story together while you’re in deep sleep. If you wake up and dreamed about something that happened during the day or someone that was in your mind that day, it’s not the dream. It means that that person is part of your soul family or soul group and is in another reality with you as well. We can’t create dreams into symbols, I dare anyone come forward and tell me that a dream they had happened exactly in the way they dreamed about it. If it did, it was in another reality.

So back to my knowledge and how I get this information. As the Gnostics say, we call it Nous. It’s simply a knowing. The thoughts that are coming forward are not thoughts created by our mind, rather thoughts of higher self or the connection to all souls within this reality. I think that we need to take another look at dreams and what they actually represent.

Is this why the explanation of dreams is so thwarted? Could it be that THEY don’t want us to know what dreams actually mean or what they stand for? Remember that those who rule us know us better than we know ourselves. They know our weaknesses and know how to use them against us. Dreams as you know it or understand it is a deception because the brain doesn’t make up stories. The brain’s function is to record and store all data coming in through the five senses. It’s a hard drive in essence; no different. So, we access information on the HD, we take that information and compile the necessary data we need for whatever reason we need it.

It takes practice and removal of the Ego to be able to feel these thoughts coming from higher self. It’s probably why I’m no fun at a party or gathering anymore because I don’t react to laughter or sadness. I don’t react to anything at all. While I was younger, I would be the life of the party. I needed attention, I needed to be worshipped. I sit there totally sterile/neutral because I’m now the Observer. I don’t react to the intricacies of this reality. I’m in it because I have to be and because I can’t completely leave it, most of me exists in the new reality. I’m ready to go but many have to be ready before we can all go together.

Today, I don’t have any needs to be recognized and I don’t battle with the Ego anymore, I have put that creature to rest deep down but you can never get rid of it, it’s part the body we incarnate into.

We as humans are so complex yet so simple. WE as Souls are so complex yet so simple. What is our goal as a Soul? To BE, to experience. How many lifetimes or experiences does one need to be everything? I mean experiencing oneself as a rock, a fish, a bird, an insect. How many species of flying insects exist today? Thousands of species. To experience each one alone would take thousands of lifetimes. Mind you a regular fly only lives for 14 days but even so, thousands of experiences in the insect world alone. This is what the Soul is about. It’s about experiencing God in all it’s aspects of creation. It is after we complete each experience of BEING that we graduate to higher realms. It’s not mandatory, but in order for a Soul to graduate into higher dimensional frequencies, it does require to have a lot of experience.

Those of us that have come here on Earth are Old Souls. In the first part between the 13th and 19th centuries, younger souls were allowed to incarnate here. ( Don’t ask me how I know, I just know).  The End wasn’t near enough so they came to experience the re-building of civilizations as each one was demolished through centuries of wars. For each death, 2 had to incarnate otherwise the planet would be depopulated by now. Think about it.

So, the young souls came into this reality at the beginning of the formation of governments, borders and countries. This was the first phase of Separation of humanity. After this phase, it would be very difficult for a young soul to survive in this duality and harsh environment of kill or be killed.

We here now are the top of the line of Old Souls. We have gone through many many experiences. It’s why we love animals, love plants, love nature. Not just because we are part of it, but because we have probably experienced being cats, dogs and other living species. Think about it. Why do some people love cats and some hate cats?  This love that we feel for our pets is deep and it’s because we have experienced them, they are part of our soul group/family. It’s not the cat, it’s the Soul within it that we connect to and love.

We are multi tasked creatures. We can sing, play an instrument, grow plants, take care of children, play sports, we can do so many things well. I don’t believe that children born with genius genes are special. I believe they chose to have that experience. Nothing is by accident, there are no accidents, everything that happens is already pre-orchestrated before we get here and then while we are here, our mass consciousness creates the reality as we go along.

Our problem right now is that we don’t remember who we are. I don’t believe in that “enlightenment” theory. In a way it does make sense, but we are not being enlightened, we are trying to get our memories back so that we can remember who we are. Everything is being done to us to NOT remember. We can’t re-integrate into complete light bodies until we remember who we are.

Everything that is going on right now is part of the process of trying to blind us, deafen us, dumb us down, because the Powers that agreed to play the game have taken it seriously and became greedy. Their human traits took over and they too forgot why they are here. Every living entity is created by Source. Every living entity will eventually return to Source. Since we are disconnected from Source and have no memories of why we are here and what the next step is, we’re like ants in an anthill panicked and scared because someone just stepped on the anthill and almost destroyed it.

We are also dealing with non-humans, our ancestors Annunaki that never left. They are in essence running the show, they are the blue-blood lines, what we called Aristocracy in earlier centuries. We have help from the outside of the planet, but we’re also imprisoned, so we have a lot of issues to deal with not just between humanity.

I know I’m rambling on today, but it’s what I’m feeling at this moment and sharing with you. You don’t have to believe or trust anything I say, I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to share my journey and if you can take something out of it to be a better human or Soul then I’m happy with that.

Enjoy the video, it is a bit long and in all honesty, I haven’t listened to it to the end because I don’t have time. After lunch between 2 and 4 pm, I have my time to read online, research and post my thoughts. I’m also closely following American politics. Oh boy, what a nuthouse!

Intuitive Self

I often tell people when faced with a problem to just follow their intuition or gut feeling. Honestly, it’s easier said than done because the EGO is constantly questioning every decision or thought that we make. I would even go so far to say that the Ego is the logic side of our brain. I know it’s not but then who says it isn’t? We can’t photograph brain functions, so in essence everything is just some ‘logical’ theory.

Back to my point about following intuition. It’s not easy to follow intuition because we are so ingrained into many lies and programming that our self awareness is limited to the physical.

In 2004 while living in Vancouver, I had this urge to just pack up and return to Croatia. It’s difficult to explain what that “urge” was. Every living moment of the day, all I could think about was packing up and moving. I started to make an assessment of the current state of the Country, took my suitcases out of storage and yet every move I made was questioned: “Are you sure about this? What are you going to do there? How are you going to make a living? The country is in chaos, high unemployment, filled with bureaucracy. You don’t even have a place to live, your father’s family stole your birthright, so you can’t even build anything on your father’s land”. These thoughts followed me all day long right alongside every urge I felt to just pack up and leave.

“What about my kids, my family, what about my “invalid status” which I risk losing should I leave the country? It really isn’t easy to follow your intuition or follow those urges you can’t explain, but I did. When I finally got rid of the Ego into the background, and when I finally just stayed in the moment and allowed my higher self to connect with me, there was a feeling of peace. It was the right thing to do even though I had no idea why I was being urged to leave.

That day that my flight was scheduled to depart at 1:00 p.m. I had still not received my passport. There was an issue with my citizenship, supposedly it was lost. I had to lie to the authorities that my mother was sick in Croatia and I was given a 3 week valid passport to travel. In all this madness, when I got to the airport and made it to the waiting line, I realized the ticket was not in my possession. I called the Airlines and they were able to re-issue me another one but I still had to take a taxi about 15 minutes away to pick it up. The Airline folks were gracious, seeing my panic that I might not make it back in time and they actually waited for me.

During this madness with the passport and losing my ticket, I questioned if this was not maybe a sign that it wasn’t meant to be, that I was just imagining things, I really started to doubt everything I was feeling, but despite this, I made it on the plane and had to take the last seat in the back.
I honestly had no idea how I was going to survive in Croatia. I just knew everything would be alright. When I arrived to my hometown and sat with all my cousins for our first gathering, I was laughed at. They told me there was no way anyone would hire me at the age of 48. Most of them were highly skilled workers and were unemployed. I was told that I was crazy to think that I would be able to stay here and make a new life. I kept telling them they were wrong and that I could do anything. I was again greeted with laughter about how naive I was, but I proved them wrong.

Within 2 weeks I had found an apartment on the Coast as I knew the Island wasn’t able to provide me with an income. Another 2 weeks later, after getting accustomed to everyday life, I started to contact companies by phone and offered them my services for free for a month. I basically told them to try me out, they were under no obligation to pay me for anything and if they were happy with the results we could negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

You see, my cousins were stuck on getting a JOB. They were indoctrinated into getting an education that they had to pay for or their parents and then work for someone else most of their lives. I came from Canada with a totally different attitude and way of thinking. Within a month I was contracting with 3 companies as a Marketing Consultant. Aside from this consulting work, I was already providing therapy for clients that my landlord sent me because his wife was my first client and she was more than happy to tell her friends.

Within a year, I was making a good living (cash), and every weekend visited my Island where I was born and my parents were born. I would crash at a relatives home and life seemed almost perfect. Those cousins that attacked me for being naive and stupid quickly abandoned me after seeing me succeed. A year later, I met my partner and fell in love for the first time in my 48 years. What do I mean for first time?

I thought I knew what love was about. After being divorced and single for 25 years, I really had no desire to get attached to anyone. I loved my freedom and I was able to take good care of myself financially. I sent out a signal to all the men I dated as: “Hey, I just want to have fun and nothing serious.” This time around it was different. This love I was feeling had a totally different energy. This love is not jealous, not needy, not competitive, it’s simply Love.

Following your intuition is very challenging, it’s compared to change. We resist change because we’re too comfortable in the state we are in and afraid of the unknown. Intuition is constantly attacked by the Ego because it wants to question everything you do for the good of YOU. Ego wants to satisfy itself, it doesn’t give a shit about YOU, the spiritual YOU.

As I have written often, when we incarnate into the body, that body needs a brain and EGO to function. We didn’t incarnate with a brain or mind so in essence, the brain is the function computer of the body and has nothing to do with us as Spiritual beings/souls. The brain’s function is to provide services to the body and to keep it working until it can’t anymore. The Ego comes with the brain, it’s designed to keep us from finding the truth, finding our true selves. The Ego is not our friend, it’s there to question every thought we have, every decision we make and it’s not serving us in any positive way. Least of all, it doesn’t want you to connect with your intuition because it’s always right.

Sometimes, we have those intuitive feelings about something yet we dismiss it because it doesn’t seem to fit into the moment or doesn’t make sense. Later on, we realize that it did make sense and that it was correct but we didn’t or couldn’t see the outcome of that decision ahead of time so we dismiss it. Intuition doesn’t always seem to make sense or logic at the time, just like mine didn’t when I was feeling this urge to move back to Croatia.

It now makes sense and has from the day I got here. I have a job to do here. This is a safe place, I feel very safe and protected here. I’m complete now living in nature and being a part of nature. My evolution into a better human being happened here exponentially. Away from loud noises, traffic jams, terminal madness; I’m able to focus on the things I need to do and create the simple life I always wanted. This country is suffering greatly because it’s deeply embedded in a Catholic culture. It’s given away it’s power to it’s Alien god and so you rarely see anyone take initiative into any part of their lives. They wait on god to do this for them. Even in illness. They wait for God to heal them or just accept their death. I’m greatly needed here to wake them up from this darkness they live in and help them see the sunshine and feel joy.

Intuition struggles with Ego to get it’s message to us. It’s not easy to get a clear intuitive message and often we question it because the mind/brain/ego needs to. The Mind/brain/ego function was not designed to enlighten you, rather to bury you into the ground of doubt and uncertainty.

It takes a lot of practice and dedication to dis-empower the Ego. It will and can never be removed as it’s part the mind/brain game, but it can be sent down into the abyss where occasionally it will peek at you and all you have to do is think: Fuck off, go away and it quickly goes back down to the abyss!

Here is an excellent explanation by Kryon about intuitive self and intuition. 

Constructing the Separation Game — Deus Nexus

At the beginning of this essay you will find what I often write about. Our memories were NOT erased. We simply agreed to forget so that we could play this game here on Earth. Jeff Street hit it dead on, the separation game. I doubt we will ever want this experience again!

Jeff Street – Our entire universe is a manifestation of the separation game.

via Constructing the Separation Game — Deus Nexus

The Joy Factor — Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

This essay is beautiful, and synchronicity happened today because I was out in the market and all I could see was lowered heads, as if they didn’t want anyone to notice them. Very sad indeed. I’m not going to stop feeling the joy because their heads are lowered. 

Today as I was opening my mailbox at the apartment complex mail center, I noticed that the mailman looked preoccupied, stressed. He was not in a good mood. He seemed overworked. I have seen him that way many times. I walked away from the mailboxes wanting him to think I too was uncomfortable in some […]

via The Joy Factor — Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

My Last About Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This will be the last post on these two guys. I guess my ego was a bit inflated these days finding out that these two are being exposed for what they are since I have been writing about them for years now. I found this video this morning and although haven’t listened to the end, I suggest you do listen to it. It basically confirms what I have been writing over the years about David Wilcock but more specifically Corey Goode.  Anyone that works with David is about money; if you listen to David over the years or if you even read his website content, you will see it’s always about: I have, I did, I am, I told you, I’m good. A narcissist at best; but what convinced me about David that he was not on humanity’s side was finding out that he had a website in 2002 focused on the coming Ascension. It was taken down after that date passed and since then, nothing has ever happened that he’s ‘predicted’. He laid low for 8 years and then came back onto the scene, although he claims he had health issues.

David Wilcock is NOT a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. David is a dark soul infected with Archon mindset and he’s under control of something or someone. He will give you 90% truth and 10% LIES. But even 1% lies can alter the future of humanity, even 1% of deceit and false information can change a life forever.
Corey is a troubled man, although I can’t say he wasn’t involved in the secret space program, I can tell you one thing: If he was telling the truth, he would not be alive right now. Whistleblowers never have a good life and those that are allowed to live, do so because their truth is mixed with lies so this confuses the public and they are allowed to live. Nobody on this planet stays alive if they expose the ‘real’ truth about what is happening in this reality, remember that.