The Truth is Out There with Facts/Evidence

The missing piece of the puzzle that caused me whiplash.

I ask you all to listen to this video, Jason talks about the Patriot movement. They are good guys, true patriots and their hearts are in the right place, but they don’t know they have been thwarted and are giving out false information.

Interesting enough, he talks about the body, our Avatar and how we use this body that actually works against us, this is something that I have been writing for years. We enter the human body and attach ourselves energetically, but we then become blind and forget the past and why we are here. This is mind blowing because I have not come across anyone that speaks this way except for me and I have been writing ABOUT THIS SINCE 2014.

Take from this what you wish or what you resonate with, but for me, it was the missing piece of the puzzle that I have been putting together over the last 40 years and the question was: How and when does it actually end? We made the choice to come here, we made contracts with other Souls to have this experience, in an alternate Universe as a Simulation, and something went wrong, I said this too, even Jason doesn’t know or hasn’t yet figured how it happened because we never would have agreed to do this if there was a risk of us being taken over by some Negative AI.

I really look forward to watching all of his videos, soooooo much evidence that he backs up everything he talks about. No opinions, no belief systems no hearing what other people have to say, he provides facts and proof of everything. Amazing Man!

Beware of PAYtriots

This topic has been a thorn in my side for a long time, I had my doubts and suspicions as early as 2019 when the movement really grew. But I need to feel energy regarding the people that are involved, it’s the only way I can be certain that it resonates with reality.

How do you divide the Patriot movement into 2 categories? Those that are spiritual and those that are Religious. The Religious ones are a threat to humanity as they believe that GOD is in control, it will be in GOD’S timing and that good people serve our one and only Creator God. I don’t want to name names but have to because I want you to look into it and make decisions on your own. The part I am not sure of yet is whether they knowingly spew the bullshit that God will save us and we must just wait for the Saviour or they are ignorant and CHOOSE to believe the Bible narrative.

Remember, Evil gives us thoughts and ideas so that we can create their reality. That is what the Bible is about and so those that believe it, create the reality.

What is spooky is that Gene Decode is a bible thumper, he takes every word out of the bible and incorporates it into his belief system that we must serve the one and only true God Creator. I don’t like the term “serve”, it implies that humans are in servitude thus free will doesn’t exist. What is disturbing about this person is that he is very intelligent in many areas but he hides his identity. This alone causes me to believe that he is purposely deceiving humanity and using this vast knowledge to cover up his deeds and have you believe that he is a good person because he serves god and helps others. If he is so intelligent and spent most of his life researching, how come he never researched Religion, the bible and the false prophets? I’m not highly intelligent and never served in military but it’s common knowledge to most that Religion is nothing but another psychological operation and there is more than plenty of evidence of this if you do your research. The Anunnaki were one of the non human entities that played God in their times, going back at least 300,000 years ago. Does Gene not know this? So, think what you may or want, but this Patriot is not to be trusted. If he’s a good guy and honestly has good intentions, believes that we must serve God, then he can’t be intelligent or smart, he simply can’t by logic.

I not only believe in Creator, I have been in the presence of ALL THAT IS. Remember, if you follow my blog, I died while giving birth to my son, I was clinically dead for 12 minutes, the experience is something I can’t explain as we do not have the words for this, but I got some things to understand. This space was familiar to me, I was told that it is where we are created as Souls and we return to this place/space after each lifetime. I knew I was Ines, had no body and I felt very loved. Having said that, I left the Catholic Religion after that and never looked back. I know Creator exists, so I’m not an Atheist, I simply don’t need someone or a bible to explain to me who I am and why I am here. I live in grattitude and KNOW that Creator is creator and has given me the free will to experience whatever I want. I’m not punished because FREE WILL cannot be punished.

The list of names that I listen to: Gene Decode, Charlie Ward, Michael Jaco, Sasha Stone, Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, The Pillow Guy, Sean Stone, Mel K and many on Telegram that consider themselves patriots and I do delve into the Q movement but also think that too is just a set up and diversion. Not to say it’s not true, obviously someone went into the future and saw what would happen, but that doesn’t mean this Q entity or group is working for the good of humanity. I simply don’t FEEL good vibes about it.

Charlie Ward is making a fortune , promoting Gesara/Nesara, QFC and promising his followers that it will happen any day. He claims to be part of this group yet he’s never got the dates right. Sound familiar? Remember the good old days of Dinar RV’s and the promises of tomorrow and next week, here we are 8 years later. I remember this well because it’s how I started this blog with exposing the fake gurus. Charlie never mentioned GOD in his first year, but now he mentions it in every sentence. “God is in charge, God is in power, everything is done on God’s time”, I belonged to a cult but I now believe in God”. Give me a f…….. break, he’s catering to the Christian followers but will charge you if you want to belong to the Insiders Club. He’s making a fortune, don’t doubt it for a moment and I consider him to be a PAYtriot. He may have the info, intel etc; that may be what he is using to cover up his bad intent because it is simply not true that we are weak and humble human beings that must sit and wait for god to save us. This is what most of the patriots talk about. No violence, no protests, just peaceful demonstrations using the excuse that the Democrats will have a reason to accuse the Republicans of being violent. But don’t you worry, God has it under control. NO. We are Souls with Free Will, God did not create the human body, he created us Souls and sent us off to experience all that is. In other words, Charlie is not speaking to your power but is telling you that you must rely on God’s gracious acts when God feels like doing it to save you from your misery. I do not trust this man unless he is really stupid and doesn’t understand Creation and that WE are gods, images of Creator and are self contained as Creator’s children. We have the power to change this reality, Creator is just that, he/she created Souls to experience all that Creator is and that we experience it for him/her/IT. We make contracts with other Souls and act out the movie we came to play and experience. This reality is the best movie ever written, we get to transform and change our reality and it is happening.

Lin Wood is another shady character, I do not trust him, I do not trust Trump unless he is purposely playing a part, I don’t EVER remember Trump using the God word in his past, so he’s either Cloned and intended to fool everyone or he is catering to the Christians until the truth is revealed, but for whatever reason this is all very disempowering and misleading. Christians stand by their bible, believe that it was written for humanity, can’t fucking explain why the god in the bible is mean, kills people, makes them sacrifice animals etc. Is that a true loving God? Religion was designed to program us, to keep us in fear of God, to feel guilty that Jesus died for our sins, it goes on and on. So anyone that is pushing this God is in charge bullshit is either really stupid or is intentionally misleading you.

This whole patriot movement is misleading you, dark to light is the duality and both are created from the EVIL ones. The Cabal, Globalists, Elite are EVIL so I just put them into one WORD. EVIL. It is evil against good, dark to light. Our win comes when our vibrations rise to the point where we can remember who we are, why we are here and to defeat Evil through frequency and energy. This is why they are geo engineering to block the sun from us, to reduce carbon dioxide so plants won’t grow, they need to keep us in fear and the Sun (SON) is in charge, it will bring to humanity what it needs to shine their light.

You are the Light that you have always been, do not fall for these false prophets. They use their intel and promises of wealth and winning the war through false religions. I do not believe they are stupid. It’s like medical professionals that are pushing the vaccine and pretending to not know they are dangerous and are bioweapons. They are not stupid, they are playing whoever pays higher or they are using the excuse they didn’t know. Same thing with Patriots, NOT ALL are deceiving you, but you need to now think about those that keep peddling that God is in control. If God was in control then he never would have allowed suffering on this planet, if God is in control there would not be sickness and poverty on this planet. God does not control, God gives Souls free will to experience all that is. God is a loving God and wants us to be happy, not suffer.

As an experiencer of a good life, I have manifested that life that I want. I AM IN CONTROL of my destiny and reality. No matter what happens around me, I do not succumb to the external reality as I control what I want to think, believe and experience. So, I’m not giving you some opinion, I am sharing with you my reality and that it works. Believing is accepting someone else’s truth. Your truth is what you KNOW and experience, everything else is someone else’s belief, thought and opinion.

You are the Light, shine your Light, go to nature, raise your frequency, soon we will gain the momentum of turning it over in seconds, in a flash we will be what we are, The Light, Ether of Energy, Immortal, Beautiful Souls that got caught in a false Matrix and we are almost ready to be FREE again.

Love you all!

A Nutcase Indeed

Great way to start this post. I just got called a Nutcase by a reader on the last post in April, it’s interesting because I realized that none of his words caused any kind of reaction, in fact, I felt sorry for this person. If you love thyself, then there is no need to insult others, clearly this person despises himself and projects it to others. Just my opinion, but you can thank him for getting me back online.

I hope you are well, I am well, doing a lot of moving around the country, camping and metal detecting, working in my food forest around the house, life is good. In the evenings I am online of course researching and listening to folks to the INTEL, a title used to get your attention but there is nothing in the podcast about actual intel. One wonders who and why these people do this? Of course for hits and ratings, and as they are called PAYtriots beause they sure make a lot of money. I don’t have an issue with folks making a lot of money, but I have an issue with using this time to make it and take advantage of poor souls that actually believe anything. Nobody knows what we signed up for, a few of us know why we came, but mainly we are all in the dark about why we came and what will come to pass. What is clearly obvious as I wrote about this for years is that we will eventually wake up and starting making the changes as we shift into higher densities and get rid of the evil.

I must admit that I was thrown back, like whiplash after listening to Nino Rodrigues and his guest Jason from; wow, the information just clicked, another piece of the puzzle that I have been looking for. I do recommend that you seek out this video on YT and Rumble and take a listen to what Jason has to say. I visited his website and he’s got hundreds of videos based on many topics. He is or calls himself an Archivist and his story is about being in prison for 23 years and reading ancient books. According to him, history was changing after 19th century and of course, as I write often, everything is the opposite of what we have been told about our history, earth’s history, the entire universe history. Very interesting indeed. These old/ancient books held the truth and it has been changed and that is fascinating in itself because it takes a great love and patience to read them all.

We are in the eye of the storm and soon time itself will speed up very fast as things get really crazy. I don’t watch TV, in fact, there is no TV in the house, I don’t hang out with negative people and those that live in fear, I haven’t closed myself away but I choose who I want to spend time with. We can’t afford to be filled with low resonating energy, that is now their goal, to instil fear, guilt and fill our minds with a future that does not exist. I have to work hard to keep my frequency high as we are living in evil times and it is now exposing itself, but I am ready to what is to come. Nature is my healer and like a charger for the body battery. Try to spend time in nature and not parks that are cemented around the trees. The cemented world we live in are actual energy blockages so that we don’t connect to mother Earth, shoes is another block as well. Only leather will connect you to earth.

Croatia is not so affected by the events that are currently taking place. You know, I went through grades 4 to 7 here in Croatia before my parents immigrated again to Canada so when I got to Vancouver grade 7, they bumped me up to grade 9. Children in elementary school study geography, chemistry, world current events, biology and many other subjects. The point to this is that we are a highly educated country and so with communism behind us, we are not that easily fooled. In other words most of the population know what is really going on, that gas crisis or energy crisis, the MSO (military special operation) in Ukraine, etc. We know who rules and runs the globe and so the other benefit of just knowledge is that most of us have land or a yard that is used to grow food. If you have land, you will grow food, it has always been that way. Personally, my family and I have not bought any vegetables in the store, right now we are canning olives, peppers, eggplants and waiting for cabbage and kale to be ready for harvest. The benefit of living on an island is the climate so I can grow food all year round and have a greenhouse for leafy veggies when it gets cold, which is rarely below 10C. I also store pepper and eggplants for the winter as they continue to produce and then return to the beds in spring.

I really don’t have much to say about world events, for me, they are just expected and they will continue to worsen as they try to starve and freeze us out of existence. But, we are resilient and armed with genetics that are considered Royalty in the Solar System, but unless you know this, you will just follow the status quo of adhering to what you have been told and how to live. I don’t react to anything out there, as an observer I only listen, read and collect that information to come to my conclusions; there is a huge Patriot movement out there but let me tell you something. It is just another form of duality, the movement is sharing valuable information but don’t be fooled by the stories. They are part of the dark side, they don’t now this but they are because the game has always been to pit us against each other. Don’t get me wrong, I fully respect the movement but I also see many of them taking advantage of listeners and I have always been against making money on information that is not proven to be true, rather speculation and false INTEL sources.

Yes, we will win, we have already won but you must understand that the dualities are part of the existence and experiment we came to experience. Our bodies will be uplifted by the sun and solar energies which will awaken us to deeper levels of understanding of who we are and why we are here. The Patriot movement is not involved in that but I do respect them because their motives are pure and with good intent. The information they provide must really be taken lightly, and as they say: “Do your own research”.

It will go really fast now, time will appear to move really fast as events take place on a daily basis, but I would put all my goods in a basket called Putin. This is not the original, the first one was a bad guy but Putin like Trump were put in place to end the evil upon this planet. Anyone that is being censored, attacked and lied about is in the truth thus when someone calls me a Nutcase I know I am on the right track. Faith is but a word. Just like Hope is but a word a very passive term with no action intended, but KNOWING is what the Universe wants to hear. Don’t focus on what you don’t want or don’t like. Focus on what you want and act/think like you already have it. It works, I know from my current life and it takes a lot to fool the mind. Jason from confirmed that. I have written much about us, the Soul entering the human body and attaching itself to the body, but the brain/ego is part of the body and is not working in our own interest, so we have to bypass that logic and think as it is already happening. If you want/need money you have to think like you already have it, if you want peace, you have to visualize the world you want to live in, otherwise the EGO will fight you and make you believe that it’s not possible.

These evil entities that are now crashing, have always known this, they know how the human body works and have used it against us for thousands of years, they have convinced us that we are but mortal beings and have only one life to live and must live to our fullest, the end result of this is fear of death.

I will make an effort to post more often as winter sets in, the days are getting shorter and I don’t plan on going anywhere, I’m not an extreme camper and my only reason for camping is to be able to stay at a location where I am metal detecting. So, I will spend the winter here on the island playing around and working in the garden.

May love and peace shine over you!

Controversial Indeed, take it or leave it.

Indeed, this post will be very controversial for those readers that consider themselves religious or of any other faith. This comes as I follow, read and listen to the Truthers/Patriots because they are getting really heavy on GOD. This is a dangerous path to take because while they claim to speak truth, they inject a whole set of lies. If you listen to Charlie Ward, in his first months of being a public person, he never mentioned God, but now every sentence is about God. “Ask God” he says. God knows everything. Everything is on God’s time. This goes for the now deceased Cirsten W, Mel K, Michael Jaco and other “influencers”.

This is wrong, it’s incorrect and it’s false. God does exist, but God does not get involved in our lives. We were created by Creator as Souls, and from there were guided to learn everything and ALL THAT IS so that Creator may experience all that we ARE. There is no interference, we are given free will to experience. That’s it folks.

It is also true that the current Bible is incomplete, is incorrect, contradictive and written by 50 scribes, each having their own perceptions through various translations. We cannot accept the Bible as truth since 777 books are missing. Jesus is written about very little, mostly his teachings, but it doesn’t mention his entire life, his travels to Asia, India and other parts of the world. Why not? What are they hiding? That alone is enough to cause doubt, but if you haven’t read the Nag Hammadi texts or the Dead Sea Scrolls, then you can’t understand or compare the current bible to what really happened and is hidden from humanity.

We all should know by now that we were lied about everything, we should not trust anything or anyone at this point until the real truth comes out, until this “world” as we know it ends. Once the corruption, lies and crime is exposed, nothing is truth.

Because I have been ill for a few months, I have had a lot of time to read and listen to various truthers/Patriots and not one person knows anything at all because the Cabal is so deep and dangerous that it’s not possible to even give us clues as to what they are doing to get rid of them.

Nobody knows what is coming and when. All we can do is listen to our intuition and if you have ability to travel out of body while at sleep you will get to see the timelines changing very rapidly because the Cabal/Kazarian Mafia are losing their control over humanity, so things change day to day.

Tarot cards and Pendulums are a great way to get answers, I use them both for my own personal life because it’s not my job to find your truth. Each one of us are responsible for our own lives, but the answers are out there if you want to know the truth, it just takes time, a lot of time. For me it’s been over 30 years.

I don’t pretend to know what is going on, but I can see it and everything I have written over the years has happened and those that I exposed are long gone from the scene. The New Cage movement has been dead for a while and we are now in the final days, something I predicted as I saw this during my out of body travel to different dimensions and timelines, but I also wrote that this is what I saw and doesn’t mean I am right because timelines change.

We are now on the final timeline and will not move off it, the light is strong and humanity is waking up faster each day. I have had an illness that the best doctors could not figure out, but how do I tell them that I have been infected by vaccinated people? I’m still not well enough to return to a normal/active life but at least I know what is wrong and am mitigating this with success.

This will most likely be my last post and not because I don’t want to or can’t, but because I feel that I have completed my work here and I must prepare myself for what is coming. I live in a very Catholic dominated country and my people will suffer greatly once the truth is exposed and they find out who they have been praying too for thousands of years. Who and what the Pope actually is, the money they spent giving to the church, the money they spent on costly graves, where some folks have to borrow money to build a fancy burial site. The shock of what their religion has done to them will be more than some can bare and my job is to be there for them, to comfort and encourage, to help them overcome and let go of the past. So many people have lived their entire lives feeling shame for stupid religious rites, for feeling guilty because they were taught that Jesus died for OUR sins, and so much more. We are close to the end now and as we are preparing for the emotional shocks, Gaia is also starting to be angry and we can expect a Pole shift, we are already in a pole shift but it will get nastier, so we need to start focusing on our families, preparing for such events and the humanity shift of consciousness, the New Earth.

I always wrote that it will get much worse before it gets better because humanity won’t make an effort to change anything if they can just get by, but once they lose everything, they will fight to stay alive and we are best in catastrophes because we show our loving, kind and nurturing nature in helping each other. It has to get worse because many have not yet awakened.

We live in a Matrix that we create through mass consciousness but the Cabal used it against us and they found a way for us to create their reality. I wrote about this many times. Nothing is what it seems to be, everything is opposite of what we are being told and the shills/truthers can only guess at what is to come. Not even Creator knows what we have planned, but those are the choices we made when we chose to incarnate here on earth at this time.

It will be over in a few months, but it will take years for us to find our new way of living, thinking and prospering. We have already won but all of us have to be in on it before it switches over and we are very close. Of course, not all will want to accept the truth, but again, that was the choice they made, it’s all part of the movie and each one of us are doing what we should be doing, that includes doing evil things. Without evil there is no goodness, without hatred and fear there is no love, it’s all part of the process. Duality was the experiment that we all agreed to, but interference from other realities/planets messed it up and overtook Earth. We are now resetting everything and eventually will return to the way it was originally designed to be. A free planet that doesn’t pay for things natures provides for us, free energy, technologies, healing machines, all this that we should have had from the start but the dark hid it from us and used it against us. It is true, we are on a prison planet and we will soon be free again!

Be well, be strong, hold your light and if you’re reading this, know that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, including the deniers of truth because they fear the unknown. They want something better but are probably younger souls and came for a short time and got caught in the false Matrix, but all that is for good cause though many could not fulfil their roles they came to play and chose the wrong side. In the end, it matters not how much you have but how much you have given to others. We are all ONE, get that through your heads and we all go together, except those that are not Service to others, but they will just have to repeat a few lives until they figure it out.

Much love to all of you, see you on the other side!

New Era, New Earth

Note: A beautiful message from Pallas Athena, I just wrote about this. Synchronicity, connecting to higher consciousness, go within, do not look outside and/or follow the shills/gurus/patriots/truthers. They are not teaching you the truth.


I am Pallas Athena and I greet you once again from the etheric realm above the island of Crete. Yes, this is the beginning of a New Era with this video. So much will change for you in the time to come, but that time is NOW. We are taking the first steps now into this New Era. You will be surprised at what you will experience, what awaits you in this New Era. I can assure you as the Goddess of Truth that what is coming will fill you with love, peace and a whole new life.

You may not believe it if you are still looking at your 3D reality, which in truth is not your reality. But on our level, we see what awaits you: The New Earth in its new form with people who are aware of their divinity, who will live in peace, who have found the connection to the divine within themselves, who will spread and live the divine love, also in divine service for each other and for the Source of all being. And this vision of this New Earth, which is already a reality for me on my level, is what I would like to bring closer to you today.

We know very well the challenges that you face today in this time. It does seem as if it is getting worse with each passing day. But I assure you that is the illusion that will break down a little more each day if you support it.

We see so many lightworkers who are doing their service day after day, who are on the verge of exhaustion and who long so much to see the changes. That is why today I speak of what awaits you. I wish to sustain you, I wish to prepare you in great joy for what awaits you and that time is NOW. We say nothing else but that it begins NOW. Maintain this NOW every second of the day.

NOW is the manifestation of the New Earth.

We see so many lights that you are as the Beings of Light that you truly are. Many of you have long since taken up your service to the Divine, to Humanity and to Mother Earth. You have been serving the Divine Plan for many, many years, some even decades, and you are exhausted from what you do every day. Yet I want to say to you, it is so important that you do this service, for what awaits you will be immeasurably beautiful for you and it will be so rewarding to do this even now on a daily basis, what you feel you must do, what your inner voice is telling you and what the incoming energies want to tell you.

Please remember, it is a great change that is happening that you cannot measure with your mind. Even within you, you cannot see this great magnitude of transformation. This sometimes makes you sad, dissatisfied and also tired. But I want to assure you today, nothing is less real than how you feel in these moments. I want to remind you that you do not want to give up in these days when everything will gradually collapse, as we have said and as you know inside. We support you and that is why I say today: This divine reality is here. It is happening NOW. Through this, you are experiencing on the outside that this false reality is rearing up to the last, and this creates chaos on the outside. That is why we ask you: Do not look outside. Orient yourselves to your inner knowledge, it is given to you.

Inside you already have the picture of what awaits you. Enter into meditation and we will show you the picture of the New Earth that will seem like paradise to you.

What does it take on your part to manifest what is actually ready for you, what does it take to manifest it more and more? We need you, we need your help. We cannot do it without you!

You lightworkers have it in mind for this life, for these end times that you knew about in advance, you have made yourselves available to do your service. So please do it now by keeping yourselves completely out of the outside that you see. Take yourselves back, go into love, for where there is love, fear cannot be. And where there is fear, you support darkness. Therefore, pull yourself out of these dark machinations that may show up in you in the form of programming.

Avoid the outside as often as you can. Stand firm! Go into nature and listen to yourselves. This is the way into the New Era!

It may be that in this NOW time some things are still rearing up, but withdraw your energy from them. Go into love and another reality will show itself to you. This reality is NOW!

This is my message for today, beloved Lightworkers who work tirelessly. We thank you for your service that you do every day and we wish so much – and we know it will be so – on the New Earth you will receive your reward and our gratitude is immeasurable for what you do here. Stay in the knowledge that it will be so and the first steps in the New Era will be much easier for you.

Thank you!


The Movie

Everything you are seeing now on TV and the Internet is a lie, fake and convoluted truth. How do you know who is a real truther or a real Warrior of Light?

By their message. It is not about the INTEL, it is about preparing you for the transmutation. Whatever happens out THERE has nothing to do with what happens in you. Remember, you are a Soul occupying a physical body that you do not control. The brain comes with suit, it is not a part of you, it is the computer that runs the body, collects data and lives an earthly experience because that is what WE SOULS have come to do. The collective, that is the Soul Collective determines where we go as Humanity and as Multidimensional beings. It was always our job/goal/plan to knowingly come here without our memories and the entire game was twofold: 1. To figure out who we were and why we came. 2. To change the frequency of the planet so that we could once and for all, remove the Evil and the Evil forces behind it. This planetary condition was never intended to happen, they took over our planet, they descended humans, genetically modified the Human Suit and that changed the course and the timelines.

If you are not being taught how to do this, if you are not being mentored on how to shine your light, teach you why you came here, then you should not be following those people. They use their “brains” as a method of claiming intelligence yet the brain is not part of who you are. Those that are not assisting you in becoming a higher spiritual being are not part of the plan. They don’t understand the CORE of what is really going on.

Let me give you an example: Gene Decode

He uses words like “Blessed to teach” for his website. He may have the intel and intelligence but he has no concept of Creator nor what he is and can be. His motto is: “Serve God and Serve Jesus”. This is not a man that is enlightened to his truth. He is a slave to his master Lord, God, Jesus. He does not understand who he truly is. If he does, then he’s part of the Deep State as are many in the truth movement. The Bible is half truth and half lies. We cannot use the bible as a means of understanding our current reality.

Those that claim we must Serve God, That God has everything under control, that God is in Control, that God will step in and save us, are not part of the Light. Whether they do this out of ignorance or know the truth, doesn’t matter. They are leading the sheep to such trauma and fear because WHEN we start to transmute, transcend and the Earth goes crazy with violence, their followers will be “gnashing their teeth” because they will praying to their Lord and not having a clue what is really going on. They will feel helpless, terrified, they will question that God why he is not helping. Well, let me ask you Christians this question: If God is your saviour, then why did he let us get into this mess? Why did he allow the pharmaceutical companies to kill humans and children? Why does he reward some with a nice home, income and democracy, while he places others in poverty and millions of children dying of hunger every year? What kind of God is that? Sure, God works in mysterious ways, I get it. What a fucked up God to allow children to be killed, used as sexual toys, drain their blood for Adrenochrome, do I need to go any further?

Let me explain for those new here. I do believe in Creator, I KNOW Creator, I died for 12 minutes and had that experience of being in the realm of my birth as a Soul. I love Creator, I am a spark of Divine Creation, but I DO NOT support Religions, dogmas and those that teach humans only GOD can save us. This is counterproductive and these folks are either evil or they are stupid!

Those that teach you that you ARE the Light, that you hold the power, that you can manifest your reality, that you will soon ascend to higher dimensional realities, those are the true Warriors of light, not those that claim their Intel is telling them that this and this will happen.

Of course it will, but we planned all this and we know already that we have won the war of Evil. What is playing out right now is a Movie, preparing those not yet awake to get their shit together. WE are in control, we have come here to save this planet, our mother Gaia from Evil; WE are the Intel, the Warriors of truth and LOVE.

The Patriots as they like to call themselves only think of their own country, how is that helping humanity? Isn’t’ that being selfish to only think of your own country? How is America more important than the rest of humanity? These so called truthers and Patriots don’t mention much of the turmoil going on globally, they give a few seconds only to say that America is showing the way. Bullshit. We are in this together. There is no thing as National, Regional or International. A true Warrior is for helping humanity, it is not country specific, so these folks that are Patriots are not of the Light, they are soul dead humans who have no concept of who they truly are and don’t give power to themselves but to some God in the bible and most of us know that the Bible is not truth, it’s missing hundreds of books, its’ been manipulated, wrongly translated and most of it was for those times, not today. So, here is the deal.

You are the light, anyone that teaches you otherwise, is a fraud, a fake and a human that has not yet reached his/her level of enlightenment or understanding of who they truly are.

I have been closely watching/reading these folks and it’s sickening because they all have something to sell, claim to have intel and are close to the “ones that are in the know”. Yeah, and? How will your followers deal with what is to come? Will they crawl under the stairs and call for God? How will they move forward as Souls when you are teaching them they are powerless and that only God will save what is coming? Where are your empowerment teachings, that we ARE Souls having a human experience, that death is not real, that many are leaving this reality because their job is done? Where is your work to connect globally, to Connect Consciousness in Unity because we can’t win this war any other way? Go ask Simon Parkes why he named his organization “Connecting Consciousness”. I still have no idea who the members are after 7 years of membership! I asked myself this question about CC: “Have I become a better entity/Soul for being a member? What has CC contributed to my existence? All Simon can tell you is “knowledge”. What knowledge? How does knowledge of physical events help me in any way if I don’t understand who I am and why I exist? Just asking.

I am not saying to not listen to them or believe them, but don’t give them your money unless that money is going towards helping those in need. I live in a beautiful home, I lack nothing but I feel bad because I know that millions of humans are going hungry at this very moment. How can I celebrate my abundance knowing this truth?

With love and LIGHT

Part II Comm. The Parkes Org and Dr. George Stankov

Georgi StankovNov 24, 2021, 1:31 PM (2 days ago)
to me

PS: My HS told me that this email was written by his wife even though it was signed with Simon and I trust my HS. Besides, Simon cannot write himself properly and this is not his style. This does not alter the content of the letter. it makes it even more neutral and objective. You can add this comment.

My response is held back for now because I expose a few things I want to investigate, therefore, in some future date I will post my response to this email. The following is how Georgi responded, perhaps you may get a glimpse into why I opted out from sharing my email to him.

Georgi StankovNov 24, 2021, 7:39 PM (2 days ago)
to me

Dear Ines,
I understand perfectly well your position. I have tried on several occasions to contact Simon Parkes personally as I made him aware of his untenable position on Trump and the fake US resistance already in January and not to continue miring the awakening people as he is doing the bidding of the dark ones. He never responded. Today I used your article as an occasion to write one more time to his wife as he has no email address (figure that?). He is so phony as a three-dollar bill. I am getting emails from my readers who are asking about him and what I think about his delusional statements and I can’t stand fraudsters like you, especially when they are supporting a very dark agenda and are meddling in my sphere of healing and new medicine.
I was surprised that he responded although I believe that it was his wife even if she used his name as it was her email address and the way she formulated the answer emanates feminine energies. I just wanted him to shut down his mouth and website and vanish from the scene. I have been successful with several dozen new age fraudsters in this respect in the last decade and he will be the next to shut down his fake mouthpiece.
Otherwise, I expect the shift to happen this month with massive terraforming events and the appearance of the new earth which will be still upper 4D earth with forms but a very beautiful place. I shall ascend this month to the source as Pallas Athene has announced and then begin with my mission on the new earth. I do not see anybody else ascending with me during the shift but shortly thereafter from the new earth.
This is my forecast and we shall see what Pallas Athene will say tomorrow in her last message.
With love and light

Part I Comm. The Parkes Org and Dr. Georgi Stankov

Georgi StankovWed, Nov 24, 1:09 PM (2 days ago)
to me

Dear Ines,
you can publish this email exchange if you wish so. Sorry for misspelling your name.
With love and lightGeorge

———- Forwarded message ———
Von: Georgi Stankov <>
Date: Mi., 24. Nov. 2021 um 13:07 Uhr
Subject: Re: The destiny of all crooks: You can deceive only so many people for a short period of time before you lose all reputation
To: Rebecca Parkes <>

Dear Rebecca,
I have forwarded your letter to my friend Ines Radman but from what you say nothing seems to be true given the information I have received from her so far. 
You have no idea what hatred is, but I can assure you that I am the only person whom I know who does not know this feeling, and if you have bothered to only check my website before you come up with such silly prejudices, you would have spared yourself such disqualifying statements. 
It is a matter of great concern to me and many other spiritual people that your husband has been confusing and deluding the awakened humanity with his lies and deceptions now for a very long time and that he was not intelligent and honest enough to admit this fact and apologize in due time to his readers and leave the scene. You have no idea how many of my readers come to me disappointed and confused about the false statements of your husband and ask me for advice and explanation as I am writing on similar topics. Your husband is doing knowingly or stupidly the bidding of the dark cabal, he is promoting their dark evil agenda which is more convoluted and insidious than he is able to understand and is thus causing great harm. This should be said clearly and unequivocally so that it enters your minds.
It is, however, you and your husband who display a great portion of arrogance – he pretends to be a spiritual person and accuses publically all his just critics for not being spiritual enough to understand his lofty ideas. How simple and how convenient. In fact, he has no clue what is happening energetically and spiritually on this planet and does not care as he is not interested at all. I offered him to study my website and learn the truth and know more about the energetic facts that shape the destiny of humanity and Gaia in the current End Time, but in vain.
I not only do not believe in medbeds, I consider them a very dangerous dark propaganda of the ruling cabal and have all the proofs in my hand. If you are ready to enter a professional dialogue with me to prove that you are interested in the true healing of humanity and not making shady business, then let us start a meaningful civilised dialogue beyond personal attacks. Your husband should write a professional article where he describes how these medbeds function and I will publish it on my website and then respond to him why this is not possible with all the scientific arguments which I have at my disposal. He should also publish these articles on his website and the readers will make up their own minds.
This will be a true and open dialogue that should be led in an enlightened society of which neither you nor your husband has heard anything. And by the way, I am not living in Croatia but am currently at the Italian Riviera where I have created the future 5D cities of light that will appear this year and will include the world healing centre for humanity that will revolutionize medicine. 
The Healing and Study Centres of Light in Liguria, Italy
Before that, I lived in Germany and Canada. I am a scientist and a clinical researcher with 35 years of medical experience as a medical director in the pharmaceutical industry and owner of a private institute for clinical research in Munich, Germany. I have written 18 scientific books and more than 3000 articles mainly on science, medicine and the healing of humanity.
You should better inform yourself before displaying your prejudices and learn more about the person you accuse of hatred. For instance, I know your husband well enough to conclude that he is a moron in terms of medical issues and have to tell this fact in such a blunt way in the hope that he stops deceiving the people. This is a fact and not hatred, only a moron would hate another moron and I am not, quite on the contrary.
If you intend to accept my proposal to enter a true professional dialogue with me and exchange scientific publications, here are some pivotal articles and textbooks I have written on medicine and biosciences you should at least check in advance if you don’t want to embarrass yourselves:

With love and lightDr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD

Am Mi., 24. Nov. 2021 um 12:19 Uhr schrieb Rebecca Parkes <>:
From Simon….
It’s not clear from your letter why you are so angry. The Croatian group to which you belong has been active for some years. Indeed back in 2015 I intended to visit but was unable to.
Croatia is a country that I have quite significant connections with.
Unfortunately the contents of your letter are just rude and abusive, and apart from this acknowledgement I don’t really know what you expect from me.In a few short weeks you will see that the information that you believe to be true is totally inaccurate. I suppose I should try to understand that anybody who does not have access to credible military intelligence would form the same opinion that you have. But of course I am reminded there are many millions of people who also do not have high level intelligence of a military kind, but their discernment is such that they can see the truth.
I’m sorry that you don’t believe in medbeds, that must mean you don’t believe in Tesla technology?
No point in holding any sort of communications between ourselves as you are so full of hate that it is not possible to have a meaningful dialogue.
I wish you all the love in the world for your future,Simon

On 24 Nov 2021, at 09:29, Georgi Stankov <> wrote:Simon,
here is an open letter to you by my friend Ines Radman from Croatia:

It took her some time to see through your lies and deceptions which are in my opinion the expression of a vain and mediocre man, a wannabe who wants to be something as I described you already early this year:

However, I was very mild in my critic in this article. In the meantime, it is a miracle to behold how quickly you lost all credibility and resorted to outright lies to save your damaged reputation while achieving the opposite. The ideal decision would have been to vanish from the scene and I thought your wife is reasonable enough to have given you this advice. You do not want to end up like Robert Steele whom I warned not to play with the fire around the same time and then repeatedly so until he disappeared:

And forget all the fairy tales about medbeds – you are a moron and have no clue about true healing and medicine.
Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD

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The Movement and the Sheep

Since 2014 when I first started this blog, I don’t believe I have ever accused anyone of giving false information. I present the facts and ask questions. From the beginning, I have always believed, and still do that those of us who are truly helping humanity should not do it for financial gain, unless it is something we do fulltime or don’t have other means of making money.

I feel that this Q movement has also created a huge profitable industry where most people, those that claim they know the truth or have intel also find ways to sell or market a product. It’s not a matter of right or wrong. It’s a matter of ethics and moral standards. It’s about doing the right thing, and the right thing is not selling your information because that is what you do if you claim to share information and sell something in return.

The Six that I had just posted about are amassing a lot of wealth from this truth movement, in my opinion, they lack all moral or ethical values. Besides, these folks have never hit a good date, yet they claim to have INTEL. So, the sheep now following believe them without any evidence or proof that is so. I call these folks the FAKE GURUS because they are gaining financially and not one of them is telling you anything you can’t find online yourself. Basically, that’s what Cirstenw does, she opens and reads off the screens from different websites. She can’t even read properly so she claims to have ADH, you know, short attention span.

The world or humanity as we know it decides and determines when this will end. No INTEL can verify how humanity will behave. You are either awake, and spending your private time on healing, and raising your frequency or you are just following more of these fake gurus because you’re too damn stupid to do your own work; or, you want someone else to do the work for you.

THERE IS NO SAVIOUR! We are about to transmute, to raise your frequencies and join higher dimensional realities, these folks are not going to thank you for your contribution to their wealth. They have ulterior motives. If they were true, honest Patriots and knew what was really going to happen, they would not be selling and promoting their products and services.

My values, my beliefs, my knowledge has never changed because I KNOW what is going on and I know what is about to happen. You’re either there at the doorstep ready for that transformation, or you will be left behind to endure another 26,000 years of the Matrix. We earn our way through our experiences. There are no free lunches, those that are ready to move on will, those that follow and buy into their bullshit will remain. It’s that simple.

From an Earth’s viewpoint, this reality is now collapsing, what you are seeing is the Movie of the lifetime, that last moments of humanity in this matrix, I have left the matrix a long time ago, but like a true warrior, I take nothing from you, my heart only wants you to open your eyes, to ask questions and to realign your moral compass.

You are the Light, all you have to do is know that you are. Shine your light, do good, help others during these dangerous times, realize that we are in a holographic game, reasons we came here differ, but I came here to Shine and hold the Light. With love and a burning desire to save as many souls as I can before they are left behind. As predicted during the Phase of Terminal Madness, our holographic movie is about to collapse by the end of this year. Instead of worrying about Christmas, a fake birthdate of Jesus, worry about you and finding that Light inside to bring it out and to surround you and everyone around you. Everyone meaning, even those that harmed you, that cheated you, that made fun of you, ALL must be forgiven because we all came here to play the game. We are ALL in this together.

Shine your light, it is the only truth, you are and have always been the Light.

CirstenW Making a Killing While Helping Humanity

“Here are the Space Force Tshirts all different colors as promised the V neck is at the bottom girls>

Cirsten W (
Products – Cirsten W
This is where you can browse products in this store.”

I copied this from her Telegram channel. One of her most recent “products” she is selling. Do you really want to trust someone that claims to be helping humanity, while making a fortune selling whatever she can think of? If she used that money to help those in need, I don’t have a problem with it, but there is no mention of that.

She claims to be wealthy, why does she need to monetize her channel if she’s truly helping humanity?

Just asking!