Creating your reality, Creating Their Reality

If you don’t have time to listen to entire content, please start at 25:00 min. Here the conversation is about what I have been writing for years. WE create their reality. We have in ignorance created the human condition today. It’s ending soon but it will be very hard for many people to realize this truth. We are in the centre of Terminal Madness folks, strap on your seat belt, it’s going to be a wild and exciting ride. I predicted this timeline in 2019; but I don’t tag my posts and it’s just too time consuming to find those posts. Life is good!

Not Political

I love it when someone challenges me and tells me god will come after me for exposing certain people. This person that left a comment about Veronica Keen and tying her to the Vatican. We all know the Vatican is the source of darkness, I never questioned that. I never said Veronica was wrong about everything either. I was exposing Veronica Keen for taking money and not reporting it, not disclosing it and not using it for the project she and her late husband claimed they had started. I don’t even remember what it was they were building, but her expose was really about funds. If someone can defraud you for money, then someone can lie to you and deceive you. A person that does not tell the truth or uses lies to benefit from it is capable of doing anything. Sorry, I just don’t buy some of the accusations that I am doing the same thing I am accusing her of. Nope. I don’t ask for donations, never asked for money and NEVER plan on doing so because I have some principles on this.

Anyone that claims to be online for helping humanity should not be asking for donations. I wrote about this way back in 2014. If you’re helping humanity, you’re not charging them for anything. If you have a product to sell, that’s fine but again, you’re using the very people you claim to be helping to sell your own products. I have issues with that. Get a job.

I spend 2 days a week accepting clients that don’t have money to pay for their therapies. Those 2 days give me greater joy than the other 4 days I collect. It is those 2 days that bring out the best in me, and the best thank you I get is a smile when they are done and feeling better.

To set up a YT or Podcast and ask for donations, I don’t approve. You can still run a business, work at a job or find a way to finance it, but to ask the very people you are selling “help” to, sorry, you’re not a humanitarian. Veronica Keen and her late husband changed their Company name twice. The funds that they were receiving were not being recorded, reported and the project was never finalised. I even shared the Email I received back from Veronica Keen after I had asked her for a copy of her donators list and financial statements. I was prepared to donate, but I needed to be sure it was going to be used lawfully. She didn’t give me the answer I wanted and therefore, I started to do some research and discovered that many people had given money and didn’t get a receipt/confirmation and that their name was not on the list of donators.

But this is not about Veronica Keen. This is about readers putting out some petty shit while the world is crumbling before our very eyes. I think that we have much bigger challenges than having to worry about Mrs. Keen. If she indeed did lie to people and if she indeed did misuse the funds, her Karma will catch up with her or the god she believes in. I just exposed her, it’s up to the law of nature now to balance good and evil I suppose. I don’t like to use the word punishment because that would assume that Creator/Source that gives us all the power will also punish us if it’s not in agreement with our free will. It may sound confusing, but I go to the Bible where the “Elohim say to each other: Let’s make man out of our image” If these gods made man in their images, then why would they punish us for having the ability to know the difference between right and wrong?

Those that don’t agree with me or some facts, please, bring forth the evidence. I work on feelings and have not been wrong so far. I merely pointed to websites and shared emails of hundreds of people that wrote to me. Can’t discard their testimonies can we? So, instead of beating on petty shit, how about working on yourselves and raising your vibration so that you can move over to 5th and higher dimensions? Isn’t that more fun than worrying about little old ladies just trying to have some fun in their last years?

Love you lots, see you soon on the other side.

You Can

As I write this, I am listening to “Restoration”, a music by the Hawthors. I love music that Tom Kenyon creates. The last music I heard immediately calmed me down. Normally, I am a very laid back and calm person even in the moment of trauma or stress. I don’t react to external events, rather, absorb them and then find a quiet space and work through them or find solutions for them. Today, while on the phone with my friend he says:” Ines, you sound very angry, what’s going on”. I thought about it as we continued the conversation and realized that whatever he said to me didn’t resonate, it just frustrated and irritated me more. “You know, you’re right so I will get off the phone and work on this”, then I hung up. I have never felt this way. This irritability is  not me and other than me trying to get off pain meds after 30 years, there is nothing else that would cause this feeling. Perhaps it is the withdrawal effect but I don’t want to give it any power as I have failed many times over the years. I didn’t go cold turkey because I take a large dose for many years so I just reduce 1 tablet and allow it to adjust the body, this way there are not severe side effects. We don’t have any private facilities or rehabilitation centres in Croatia and going cold turkey is not an option at home because I don’t know how it would end and whether I might need assistance. 
I’m not ashamed to admit to this. I do have 2 legitimate health conditions such as Congenital Scoliosis and Fibromyalgia, both cause pain and discomfort and combined are a lethal combination. I was diagnosed with FM in 1993 and only 10 years ago here in Croatia found out that I had congenital scoliosis. I wish my mother would have taken me to the doctor when I was a child. I don’t know what it’s like not to be in pain and all those years thought it was just stress, but I remember my mother hitting me over the back with a wooden spoon telling me to straighten up. 
I want to believe that there are dark energies out there trying to stop the transition to light bodies. This is only the start of the awakening because the dark worked very hard to keep most of humanity too busy struggling to survive to have any time to evolve. Slavery is no different. You work for your master all day or as long as your master wants to. By the time your day is over, you’re too damn tired to do anything let alone have time to yourself. It’s what most of humanity has been doing for thousands of years. The moment we wake up in the morning, our first thoughts are of work, children, breakfasts, food and basic needs. This doesn’t count going to work for a master, this is just our survival and thoughts we are faced with each morning. There is no room or time for meditation; no room or time to just lay in bed with our families and feel the love between each other. Now, they are separating us by keeping us indoors and denying our family gatherings. We are now faceless human beings with masks on. I see this end but most people don’t. They are still struggling to get food and water for the day, while the industrialised world is focused on politics and corrupt elections. I must be just feeling irritable because as an Old Soul I’m losing my patience, I want this to end once and for all, I don’t have the patience to deal with it. We have waited so long to come to this point so I suppose I can wait a few more days to see it all unravel in it’s glory. 
Terminal Madness is now upon us in full force. Impeaching a President for “inciting violence” a few days before he leaves office is Madness. No hearings, no evidence, just a desperate move to divert attention from what is really going on. What is really going on are arrests, prepared blackouts as the men in black rush to places to arrest more people. These people are satanists, paedophiles, child traffickers, human traffickers, they are very bad people who sold their Souls to the Devil literally. When money and power become your obsession, it means you are empty inside, your soul has been hijacked, you feel nothing. 
Many of us spent hundreds of earthly lifetimes visiting here in different roles, have different experiences, it is sort of like practise. We were practising what roles would suit us best when the Final Timeline arrived. Each one of us has a role to play in this lifetime even if that means watching the News all day long. If you don’t watch the news, then you would not know how corrupt the MSM is right? My point is that each role is important even if it’s doing nothing, can’t leave empty spaces, all are filled. Many are leaving as they have done their work. Many of us are choosing to stay once we free the planet because that is when the hard work really begins. The Souls that stay here will be traumatised from everything that has been going on and from thousands of years of trauma passed on. They don’t have the frequency needed to move on, so we have to help them heal and raise their frequency. 
As I wrote often in my first years of writing on this blog, there is no Saviour. We are the Savior, we are here to save humanity with the roles that we have in many different ways. I always knew it would be alright. I always knew we won. I always knew that the hard work would be after the EVENT; and we are so close to that now. Part of me wants to leave and go home, but the human in me wants to nurture and love those in pain. 
You are where you should be. You are the Light. You are Creators. Each one of you wakes up when the time is right, when you have chosen to. Never question yourselves as to what you should be doing. As long as you are contributing, then you are in the right place and time. I can feel your fear, disappointments, frustrations and stress over not knowing what the future will bring. It doesn’t exist, remember? You are always in the moment, so make this moment count. Future doesn’t exist and so why pretend it does? Think for today, be in the moment, find your peace and KNOW that you were chosen to be here in this timeline. We have won, you just don’t know it yet because you’re too busy looking outside of yourselves. We are the Light and soon we will BE the light again, just like we were designed and meant to be. I am with you all the way, we don’t leave anyone behind. 

Please Read, Very Important

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 11, 2021

Since the beginning of November, and definitely after the US election, I have decided to enter a very intensive telepathic contact with the awakening portion of humanity, predominantly in the USA as the dynamics is particularly pronounced in this country. The masses in Europa are still slumbering.

I began to use all my energetic repertoire to raise the frequencies and consciousness of these people. I searched for new forums where these awakening people could freely express their opinions and where I could gauge the level of emotional indignation that was rising in their inner fields as they have been confronted, after the gargantuan election fraud, increasingly with the insidious and callous lies and deceptions of the political elite, the fake MSM, the obnoxious corporate America of the big tech giants, and the radical leftist camp.

The latter crystallized into the crucible for all incarnated human personalities whose souls have no chance to ascend in the current End Time and are at the beginning of another even more gruesome incarnation cycle than the one they are now leaving behind. They know that at the soul level and that is why their nastiness now peaks to heaven.

I began to enter in numerous virtual discussions with the awakening portion of America, which I defined in previous articles as “Bannon&Co” alluding to the audience of War Room. I also frequented a few more popular sites and watched a great number of videos from a similar walk of life who define themselves as patriots.

Coming from Europe and having experienced first hand what a dangerous walk on a tight rope it is between being a benevolent patriot and an arsonic nationalist, I have a natural and automatic suspicion regarding the behavior and mental sanity of such individuals.

Indeed, the more I delved into their weird world of convoluted ideas and opinions, garnished with a typical lack of any self-reflection, I realized what immense educational work lies before us before these people can become responsible members of an enlightened, ascending, transgalactic civilisation, toward which this humanity inevitably strides.

Then I employed my well-proven method of soul inter-counselling and began to lead very vivid fictitious discussions with these people, in which I pointed out the numerous inconsistencies and outright contradictions in their mode of thinking and disjoint opinions.

Since I am now alone, Amora had to go back to Canada to fix some family issues, but first and foremost, to bring her bright light to the North American continent and mitigate the growing separation and confrontation in the society there, I have plenty of time to lead such virtual discussions, very often in a loud voice.

At some point, I began to ask myself, why am I doing these futile efforts as these people cannot be reached with any logical and enlightened arguments? This conclusion was confirmed by a number of attempts to establish a written exchange of opinions with such people.

At some point, I concluded that I must be crazy or stupid to continue dealing with these intransigent people on the eve of my ascension, who while self-righteously praising their American patriotism as a virtue didn’t hesitate for a moment to glorify all the numerous wars, civil wars and brutal interventions which their Empire of Evil has conducted the world over since WW2 and has caused infinite destruction, misery, and loss of millions of innocent lives of Non-Americans.

This aspect is never a topic in the discussions of American patriots. The only thing that matters to these people is the glorification of their heroism. When I listen to their conversations, I have the impression that the American nation consists only of heroes on the side of the patriots and of traitors in the opposite camp. I wonder how they still live together and my guess is, they won’t. That is why there must be a separation between these two irreconcilable groups at the societal level very soon and the USA will crumble as a nation.

I got quite depressed by these observations and wanted to quit. But then my soul urged me with her inimitable pitiless manner to continue this exercise and not give up as it does not matter what these people say and think now: As long as I establish telepathic contact with them and communicate with them at the soul level, they will begin to change and evolve rapidly though invisibly for me and, at the beginning, also for them.

I have never understood why the illumination of humanity must be always so unpleasant and nerve-wracking.

As I have given up opposing the inner impulses of my soul because I have made the experience that at the end I am always the one who suffers, I continued with my soul inter-counseling and intercourses with the awakening “patriots” of America, with whose unprocessed behaviour and ideas, I am afraid, we will have to deal very soon much more intensively when they enter the ascension scene.

I was asking myself why should I continue dealing with these low vibrating people with their disparate, illogical, discordant, and rather myopic world views?

Then my soul told me that this is part of the creation of new timelines where these people will be able to move very soon after the Shift and experience an expanded awareness.

Only after that can they qualify for an understanding of the holistic weltanschauung of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law.

You must have noticed that in my recent publications I very often speak of the necessity of all ascending humans to experience a significant upgrade of their consciousness – a leap in consciousness – as with their current mired minds and obfuscated brains, they will go nowhere.

Notably, the Arcturian picked up on this theme and channeled a few messages in the past few months stressing the necessity of all ascending humans to acquire an expanded awareness in order to be able to evolve.

For somebody like myself who is very versatile in logical and axiomatic thinking and is able to see immediately the essence of any informational content, I still cannot avoid being amazed, over and over again, how dysfunctional the minds of most people are, even when being made aware of this deficiency, and with what stubbornness they cling to their outdated and inappropriate world views while continuing to reproduce irrelevant intellectual results with the tenacity of full-fledged morons.

This is the only kind of human intellectuality one can experience on this planet in the current End Time and this situation is anything but encouraging.

I have been plagued for many years with this experience in communication with the new age self-proclaimed gurus whose intellectual hostility is proverbial until I realized the overarching plan of the Higher Realms for the earth and this brought a lot of peace to my mind:

The entire new age was conceptualized by the higher realms and our souls as a bunch of losers and spiritual deceivers to generate the necessary disappointment and disillusionment in the rest of the old souls and star seeds so that you grow with this challenge and thus develop a strong inner longing to acquire these gifts and much more for yourself when the time is ripe for that and the real gambit for this planet begins.

Esoteric Tidbits

Then I realized all of a sudden that my annihilating conclusion about the intellectual depravity of the human race is actually fostering in me the insatiable desire to raise the frequencies of the mental fields of all humans and to install in them energetically a higher level of holistic congruence of spiritual ideas because I am so tired and frustrated waiting for humanity to finally awaken and grasp the UL. Thus my deep disappointment with the human mental condition is now transformed the ascending candidates in a powerful alchemical reaction into a new human race with a higher level of human intelligence and awareness which shall arrive with the shift.

Likewise, our longing for our true home in the higher realms fuels our ascension. Unfulfilled desires are the vehicle of our transfiguration. The greater the nostalgia, the bigger the pull to the 5D, and higher dimensions.

This is essentially the main theme with which I am dealing these days in solitude while preparing for my transfiguration that runs parallel to these seemingly aberrant intellectual exercises.

Especially yesterday I had a very unyielding virtual discussion with this guy Scott McKay whose video I published in my article “The Great Awakening“, after watching a few very disappointing videos with him, only to conclude that he is an empty windbag as most American intellectuals are when one scratches a little bit on their lackluster intellectual polish.

That is why I was very pleasantly surprised to read today the message of the Arcturians. I could fully identify with it as this is what I am doing now – I am creating new timelines of higher dimensional realities by employing all my energetic arsenal, where these babblers will find a new environment to finally begin creating something meaningful and not just polluting the air with their verbal trash.

Chaos & Calamity Helped Create New Timelines ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited to bring you this transmission because it should serve as a beacon of hope to those of you who are struggling at this time.

You all have been given an opportunity to get very creative at this time, and those of you who are creative and who do work with energy have been leading the collective of humanity, and most of them are unaware of the fact that you have been guiding them into newly created timelines. These timelines are about bringing humanity to a higher level of consciousness and to a more unified state.

And those of you who are a part of the awakened collective have seized the opportunity to bring this set of timelines into the physical realm. You have done it with the help of beings and collectives in the higher realms, but you had to be the ones to live through all of the chaos and all of the calamity, all of the heartbreak, all of the fear, and all of the sadness, as well as the rage and the anger that is present there on Earth in order to be inspired to create something new, something better, something more inclusive.

You know, as we do, that humanity’s ascension is going to be a group effort and that you are the ones who are going to be doing the majority of the creating, of the leading, of the offering of higher vibrational thoughts, ideas, and concepts. You have been inspired by the lack of leadership that you have gotten from those who have been in leadership positions, and you are getting better and better at creating and living the example of those who are awake. You are going to feel like a warm, comfortable blanket on a very cold day to those who have not been able to access the higher-frequency energies and do something positive with them.

You are going to find that the people around you who were never interested in anything spiritual will be coming to you and asking you for your thoughts, your assistance, and even your comfort as they go through their own awakening experiences. And you will be there not only to comfort them in their time of need, but you will also have these beautiful realities, that strung together, form wonderful new timelines. And you can invite your fellow humans to join you in the light, and that is how it is done, that is how you are doing it, and that is how you will continue to do it because that’s why you are there on Earth at this time. (Here the Arcturians refer to the cities of light that will represent higher dimensional timelines but will have interceptions with this material 4D reality where the awakening humans can explore new forms of social life.)

And when you have enough people looking for a purpose, looking for a mission, looking to be of service, eventually enough of those people find the way to help humankind that is perfect for them, and they light up to all who have any ability to sense that light.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

I see the light, I see freedom. I see you celebrating.

It’s time dear friends. As of a few hours ago, Mr. Trump has activated the Insurrection Act and declared war against China and all those that work with it. This means mass media, corporations, politicians; basically anyone that is doing business or has signed any contracts with China will be targeted. In a few hours the lights may go out. It might be necessary to stop anyone from warning each other or wiring funds..whatever. We are now in the final stages of battle against Evil.

Do not be scared. You came here for this. You are special for being chosen for this task. This is the greatest time in the history of humanity that we will finally release ourselves from Slavery and Bondage. We are no longer Slaves, we are now moving towards the Light as the great awakening is occurring. I have waited over 30 years for this moment and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am but cautious because we have tried this many times and failed. I believe that Mr. Trump will win and as much as I don’t like him, I must respect him and thank him for putting it all on the line for humanity.

Do not worry. Material things will no longer be needed to survive. Once this is all over, we will all have abundance and life on Earth will be much simpler for those that choose to remain here. I have done my job when this is over so I will leave this reality with my new light body. I’ve been here too many times and need a vacation!

Love you all, take care and see you on the other side.

Put On Your Armour, Love is your Weapon

The biggest challenge about this post was how to start it as so much has happened since I last wrote.

I made a choice to dedicate my time to preparing for what some call Ascension but I call Transmutation. In order to get there, we have to eliminate all negative energies around us, and find a way to absorb the energies coming from the Sun and our helpers. It’s a process that takes years, depending on your maturity as a Soul and what purpose you came here for. I spent most of that time in nature, connecting and with my new hobby of metal detecting; grew a passion for History. If I’m not out somewhere detecting, then I am collecting plants and herbs to learn how to use them better or doing photography, riding my e scooter in my paradise, growing organic food in my garden. You all can visit FB and peek into my daily life, it’s all there for you to see. What you will see is my 5 cats, my daily nature journeys, organic garden and beautiful images of nature.

Ascension is not the correct term for what is happening. To ascend means to go upwards. We are not moving upwards, we are becoming Light Bodies. Everything exists within the same, all dimensions are within us as we manifest our realities and through the eyes project what we need to see and experience.

Some time during the night of December 21st, I trans mutated. How do I know? I will try to explain that even though it’s very difficult. I have been travelling throughout the Astral Plane for years now. Trying to understand what happens in that reality and struggling with “memory” upon awakening. I figured out that there are many fragments of Soul that I am part of. I am 1/9th fragment of my total Soul, therefore, during sleep when I leave the body, I am able to be conscious of the other realities that I exist in. I am and have this final fragment of Soul to exist in here. I chose a very very difficult life probably because I knew this one was going to the most difficult one and so I was exercising the traumas and physical pain so that I could be a master of compassion. At times, it is overbearing when my cat Nero the hunter brings in a live bird. I struggle to allow him to teach the young ones or saving it and let it fly off. You see, the cats just play with the bird until it dies, after it dies they are no longer interested in it. One day I lifted a flat stone and found a tiny Scorpion. I enticed him into a ziplock bag so that I could take him home and photograph him then release him. As the Scorpion was sitting on the kitchen island while I went to get my camera, one of the cats quickly grabbed the bag, threw it down on the floor and because I left a flat rock in the bag so that the Scorpion could hide under it, it landed on top of him and killed the poor thing. Compassion is just as difficult as love because we don’t want to hurt anything and we suffer when seeing someone suffering.

As I have written many times in the past, We as Old Souls came here to do the work that is now being carried out in it’s final stages. The era of Terminal Madness is now in full force as the Dark struggles to maintain control over humanity and IT knows it’s losing the battle.

When I woke up on December 22nd, 2020 I felt the change. I woke up with extreme joy, with no sense of time nor interest in what time it was. My thoughts went like this: “Finally, the time finally arrived, we are now on the right timeline to win”. I noticed that day that I was totally dis attached from things like turning on my laptop to listen to the morning news while I have my coffee. I wasn’t interested, I felt this sense of accomplishment and victory not because I needed to win but because it was confirming to me, that I as SOUL was now on the right timeline and that my work is soon to begin.

I observe. While the world is experiencing fear, chaos, lock downs, protests and now Election Fraud, I live in my world of abundance, love and gratitude. I am no longer drive by achieving goals, rather now I just KNOW that everything is happening the way I planned, the way we all planned before arriving here.

My feelings/intuition have been spot on from the time I started this blog. I FEEL the truth, I FEEL the people that I exposed as frauds and phoney gurus. I now FEEL that the era of Terminal Madness is in full swing and that the worse is to come very soon, in fact it could be days. We have won, we just don’t know it yet if we are not living as Souls.

How do you live as a Soul?. It’s like anything you want to learn. You have to first convince the Ego of who you are. Daily, every wakening moment you will have to talk yourself into believing that you are SOUL, that you are not your body, that you have the power to manifest anything you want to. Like anything else, it takes the brain 21 days to rewrite the tape. You see, I have explained this before. The brain/EGO was only designed to serve the human body, not you as Soul. You entered this machine, like any other machine such as a car or air-plane and then you have to figure out how to drive or fly that machine. Machines have Auto Pilot modes. Most people prefer to live in that Auto Pilot mode and thus spend hundreds of lifetimes trying to figure it out. In this reality, I came with the knowledge that I must drive my machine manually, therefore, knew how to navigate and even so, the Dark has put up so many obstacles from ground level to the Solar System level to try and prevent us from figuring out who we are.

I also wrote a few months ago that whatever happens in the US, will happen everywhere else. Your time has come dear American friends, you are on the precipice of the cliff. Don’ turn back, jump down and have faith that someone will catch you or that you can grow wings and fly. You see, if you turn back, you will face death anyways, so would you not rather decide and control your end time? None of us that are awake no longer have a choice but to move forward, we have lost everything, there is nothing else to lose. There is no such thing as death. They used it against us, to make us believe that we were just pathetic human beings that lived one miserable life and that we die. It drove many to power, you know the old saying:”Live it up, you only have one life”.

I say: “Live today because you may not be here tomorrow or Live it up assuming you won’t be here tomorrow or don’t hold back anything for today because you may not be able to say it tomorrow.”

These are exciting times. Ensure, if you are not partaking in the fight as a Patriot that you have good locks, food and water, medicines etc. There will be a civil war no matter Trump winning or losing, how long it will last nobody knows. For those in the dark, these will be difficult times. As the revelations, corruption and paedophilia and false religions are exposed, many will not make it just from the trauma inflicted when they found out their entire life was a lie. That their entire history and existence of humanity was a lie. It will be devastating. It will be more devastating here in Europe because of the strong Catholic religion. These folks gave their power to their false gods. Their daily lives are entrenched in God, everything that tradition and religion are about is GOD; so to find out that the Vatican was at the top of the Pyramid along with others will be devastating and this is why I am here. I am now here to help those deal with the disclosures, the lies, the corruption and the civil strife because nobody will be immune from this.

We have already won, we just don’t know that yet. Living in a duality and an EGO keeps us in doubt all the time, we want to believe but not sure we want to believe. The battle for our Souls is not threatened, the battle for the Planet is what we are now fighting for, so that we can return it back to the Universal Societies and rejoin our brothers and sisters from all the multiverses, and of course, for us to be free. We will continue to have Earthly experiences, but they will no longer be in a duality.

Put on your Amours of Love; prepare for war but never hate your enemy. Fear is not an option. Love will prevail.

Not Again

I know that the topic of CoVid is constant, whether it’s at home or at work or on the news, we just can’t seem to avoid not talking about it. There are many versions of what it is, how it got here and how governments are controlling it, but I haven’t seen anyone yet cover this segment of: Why are some people getting sick, why are some dying and why are some asymptomatic.

Honestly, I can’t prove my beliefs about this Virus, but I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that warm weather makes no difference. With so many climate zones across the globe, this virus is not affected by temperatures.

Whether it’s a bio weapon or not, whether we may be sprayed with bio weapons or not, the question still remains: Why are some people dying, why are some people very ill, why are there no consistent explanations about what symptoms we should know about to be concerned.

So, why are the experts not giving us the information that is crucial for you and me? We hear about the statistics everyday, how many infected, how many ill, how many on ventilators, but NOTHING about what symptoms people experience? Don’t you find that odd? How would you know you are infected if you don’t know what symptoms present themselves? Do you still think it’s coughing and lung illnesses?

Don’t you find it interesting that they don’t mention what symptoms to expect? How would you know if you have CoVid? I can tell you that it’s not just a cough or lung infection, shortness of breath. It has many symptoms ranging from watery stools, high fevers, low grade fevers, kidney infections, urinary tract infections, brain seizures, blood clots, damaged lung tissue; the list is long. Why are they not talking about this?

It goes back to the theory or experience I had in actually confronting the Virus and seeing it for what it is. A robotic insect that enters the body and seeks low frequency areas where it can nest itself. In other words, it will attack your body where it is weak.

What medicine has failed to do over it’s existence is to tell you that we should never stop a fever. Unless it’s over 39C and goes on for more than 48 hours, a fever is your body telling you that your body is undergoing an attack. A fever is your Immune System in action, it is fighting an enemy or dealing with some kind of internal crisis. Each time you take a pill to lower your temperature, you are in essence killing your immune system. Over a period of time, the immune response to invaders no longer works. It got used to being shut off and it just stops doing it’s job. The same goes for the Thyroid. For those that have issues with the Thyroid and have to take hormones, an interesting event takes place. The Thyroid stops producing hormones; because a replacement enters the body, it simply stops producing. That’s why doctors tell you that you have to take the drug for the rest of your life. If you are being tube fed, you don’t need to chew on food, your hunger is gone.

The second very important issue as to why we all respond differently to the virus has to do with the Immune System. If you don’t eat right, don’t live right, if you live a stressful life; your immune response becomes very weak. In fact, I have read that after some time, invaders can enter your body and you would never know because the Immune Response System is DEAD. There are many reasons why we behave differently but it does come down to your Immune System.

It may not be a good comparison but take the USA for instance. It has the highest obesity, heart disease and diabetes rates in the world. Just these 3 different problems can severely hamper your Immune Response System and the Virus will attack the weakest link.

The last time I had the flu was when I was pregnant with my son in 1981. That was the last time I was really sick. I get fevers, a few each year. They last a few hours and go away. This is my body telling me that it’s alive, it reboots and restarts after being dormant for long periods.

I compare this to a car. My island is 16 km long. My car goes into service once a year, and each time my service rep says to me: ” You have to drive this car more often, the engine will not last as long”. So, like many on the island, we take the car out for rides just to keep that engine lubricated. Well, the immune response works the same way, it has to reboot in order to function well.

Whatever this Virus really is, how it got here, whether it was an accident and slipped out of a lab or truly did come from an animal is irrelevant. How we deal with it is irrelevant. As you can see across the globe, governments are able to stop the spread, let people go back to work with restrictions in place, and like today, South Korea has a major outbreak again. Why? Because this Virus can’t be stopped it can only be slowed down. Until we are all exposed to it and develop immunity, nothing will change.

I doubt that any vaccine will stop the spread. What virus in the past in an epidemic or pandemic for that matter came through hot weather or summers? I couldn’t find anything in history. So logically, this means that perhaps some ” experts” and “virologists” outside the status quo claim that this virus contains H1N1, Hep. C and HIV. Hep. C and HIV even today have been going around and they cannot be stopped either. I’m not a medical doctor, I’m not an expert in Viruses, but I do have common sense and my common sense or Intuition is telling me that we will be in this vicious circle for years to come. That something is being hidden from us because our experts DO NOT talk about symptoms, because they don’t want to compare regular flu deaths to this Virus death rate. Something stinks, I think most people know this by now.

What can you do? Eat well, get healthy if you are not, heal your health issues or just lock yourself up in the house because sooner or later, you will be exposed to CoVid. It’s all a matter of time and how you will respond to it. This is the only logical and common sense advice I can give you. Yes, wear a mask but wearing a mask is not good for you that is textile or synthetic. I tested myself using a flannel double sided mask to see how it affected me. I have an Oxymeter I used to measure my partner’s oxygen saturation. Without a mask on, I measure at around 98 to 99% saturation. I wore the mask for an hour and by the end, the saturation was 92%. Although it’s not low enough to cause harm, it does affect the heart and like radiation, it’s accumulative. You are breathing back carbon dioxide or whatever it’s called; you are denying your lungs the oxygen it needs. It’s ok to wear it while you are required to enter a store or other public places, but to wear it all day is really not good but I can’t prove that it doesn’t protect you either or that you are protecting others from infection because the experts don’t either. There is no science behind this subject, only expert speculation so it’s a choice you get to make. Wear the properly approved masks as they are designed for medical purposes, but these textile and trendy masks are not approved by any certification, so be aware of this.

I wear it where it’s required. Why? Because there will always be that one person that will cause chaos and blame me for infecting others, so I don’t make trouble, I get my things as fast as I can and get out. In Croatia we are not forced to wear them nor is it required expect in public and closed spaces.

Get healthy, improve your diet if you’re not eating correctly, take supplements to boost your Immune System, it’s all we can do at this point. What I am afraid of is that once the Vaccine is out, people will be lined up to get one and I don’t see that as a solution. This will become a Vaccine like all other seasonal flu vaccines. They will guess what strain and mutation each time and you have a 50/50 chance of being covered with the correct strain. The side effects are unknown because of one very important issue and nobody is talking about this either.

In studies, researchers take the healthy people to vaccinate. Healthy subjects are chosen to be injected with the virus. Healthy people are used to test this vaccine on. Researchers can’t risk injecting anyone with any type of disease, therefore, the findings or results cannot possibly reflect the actual responses as most of the population on this planet have some kind of health issue. Something to think about.

Strange Things

The last Post Aunt Jemima was not in that order and I noticed a lot of things going on here at WordPress. I don’t get emails to notify me of comments yet when I visit the page directly there are tons of comments to approve.

From a human perspective: We are living in exciting times. For some they are extraordinarily frightening times as the future is uncertain. For many, fear has overtaken their lives as they feel they are being threatened with many challenges, never mind this Plandemic that never seems to end.

I’m fairly confident that this is a man made event and this animal that has been released from the Lab contains H1N1, Hep. C and HIV in it. This is why the WHO is now saying that CoVid is here to stay and that we have to learn to live with it. If that doesn’t disclose what is going on, then I don’t know what will.

We then have the financial aspect as millions have lost jobs, incomes and many businesses either going out of business or bankrupt. This is where the big corporations such as Walmart and huge retailers are grabbing even more of the wealth while the little guy is being thrown out of the game. I can only speak for us here in Croatia that we depend on tourism and are being lied to that we are at 50% the capacity. Not true at all. My entire island basically lives from tourism and they say they are 10% filled if that. A lot of our guests have cottages here or own summer homes or are regulars. It’s hard to imagine for you how small Europe is let alone Croatia. It’s the size of Vancouver Island if that will give you a perspective on how small it is. Our neighbor Italy, it takes 5 hrs to drive from the far east side of Croatia, same with our 8 neighbors so most of our guests now are here with cars. They fill their cars or vans up to the ceiling with food, paper towels, bottled water and all their needs for their stay so they are not even spending much here. Add to that the rates are at 50% cheaper so they are enjoying their vacations and spending very little.

It’s not a good time to be alive right now if you see yourself as a human.

From the Soul perspective: All is well and going as planned. As we near the Central Sun, the photons are flooding our reality and people are feeling it. Right now as I am writing this post, I’m sleepy and have already taken 2 naps today. One right after my morning coffee and then another nap around 3 p.m., and so I know it’s this energy coming in that is replenishing the light body. Actually, the photons are flooding my reality, it’s not the same for everyone, it depends on your personal belief system as we create our own realities. The rest of this year will be very intense as energies increase and the dark start dying or leaving. I saw the Queen in my dreamtime last night, she was a Reptilian shape going back and forth to human, she was in this dark room with little light and she kept saying to dim the lights because she couldn’t keep her human shape anymore. A voice said to her: ” You don’t have to fight so hard, you can leave anytime”. She answered: ” No, I’m here to the end, until we are all either dead or we win because I still believe we will win”. Whatever that meant is for you to decipher but I see it as a factual reality. This is a confirmation that the energies are increasing to the point where they can’t survive much longer and like vampires now are subject to hiding in the dark, but the photon light will reach them too eventually and so I foresee that they will take as many humans down as they can before it’s over.

I do agree with Georgi Stankov that the center in Europe is Italy and that the chaos will start from there. After all, its’ no secret the Vatican contains all the secrets of humanity, not to mention a home to the dark side. You know, when I look around to the people that are Catholic and go to church regularly; their lives are messed up, they’re not happy, they are always sick and are always questioning their God why he’s not helping them. I have never met a happy and successful Catholic, they are never happy with anything, always complaining about something, so I came to the conclusion that when they enter their church, their energy is sucked out of them because that is what the Dark feeds on, the negative energy.

In the last 15 years that I have lived in Croatia, I have gone to Church for funerals of people I am close to and I felt drained upon leaving the church. When I was attending my partners Catholic Service prior to laying his Urn to rest, there were times when I wanted to run out of the church because I could feel my energy leaving my body, it felt like someone sat on my chest and I could not expand to breath. Sure, I was sad but I had grieved a week before as the Funeral was held 10 days after he passed and his Urn was with me, so it was not the grief but the energy drain. I guess Catholics are used to it but I could feel it intensely.

Terminal Madness happened just like I said it would. I even made a comment it would last 2 years and this is now going into the 2nd year. The worse is not over yet. We are now at the beginning of eyes opening, disclosures, humanity coming to terms with the lies for thousands of years, the anger for losing it all during this Plandemic and then the retribution that comes after figuring out what is going on. Humanity is on the verge of collapse, the world as we know it is about to change, and it’s true, our lives will never be the same again. There is no normal and the fact is that everything changes, all the time. Your body has a new set of cells every 7 years, even a few days ago your body was different. Soon, we will start feeling the expansion of our physical bodies to light bodies. For some it won’t happen because they are not yet mature souls so they will stay in the 3D earth matrix. Those that know the change is coming will experience different symptoms. Some experience extreme physical pain, some emotional pain as we are cleansing from all negative emotions, some will experience everything at once, depends on where you are as a Soul and what your purpose for being here is.

I’m feeling sleepy and drained, the pain isn’t bothering me as much lately, but it’s like I need to just sleep and I know it’s because I’m very active in my dream time and getting ready for what is to come, looking at different potential outcomes and connecting with my soul family and soul groups. I wake up very tired and then need a few naps during the day, it’s exciting to know that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay strong, stay tuned in, gather your beliefs now and throw out the ones that don’t make sense, try and rest to keep as much strength as you can or if you are awake and know what is happening, do what your intuition is telling you. Your Ego is worried right now because it knows it’s losing it’s relevance so don’t listen to it, it will try and fool you into believing the timing is all wrong or that you don’t yet need to worry about it. Don’t allow your Ego to interfere with your higher self, the challenge now is to keep a balance between the two. Remember, the EGO was part of the Body creation and does not match with the Soul in any way, it was designed to keep you living a lie and to doubt yourselves. It is not your friend and will soon become your enemy because it knows it’s time is almost up. Once we become light bodies, the Ego will leave with the physical body but until then, it will try and prevent you from living Intuitively.

Until next time!