The Propaganda of Human Suffering

I have been dealing with some losses in my inner circle of family and it’s been a down time for me. My partner is again in hospital with different issues this time but he’s going to be fine.

Yes, there is much suffering going on in the world. We hear it every moment, every second either through TV, radio, internet and in our local community because people are dropping off like flies. As Buddha said: “We cause our own suffering by wanting things to remain the same, by living in the past, by fearing death”. This is christian dogma based on a narrative that Christ suffered therefore we should suffer.

I can be sad, I can mourn the loss of someone in my life, I can see the destruction around me but never once have I thought of this as suffering, merely, a human reaction to what happens in our lives.

Christians are taught or believe that suffering makes us somehow better people. That suffering is something we must feel. According to whom? I never found anything in the bible that we must suffer. If Jesus suffered, that doesn’t mean that humans must suffer. If Jesus died for humanity, then why we do need to suffer if he’s done this for us?

Suffering is not a part of the human condition but is rather the side effect of ignorance. It’s a choice we make. Suffering is not feeling sad, you just feel sad. It’s not about being ill, you’re just ill. Suffering is believing that you’re helpless and that something has been imposed upon you. Suffering is ignorance about who you are and why you’re here. It may be part of the human experience if you chose to experience it but we gain nothing by suffering.

I have suffered much in the past because as a child I had no control over my life. But I choose not to suffer. I can feel sad, I can feel anger, I can have physical pain but that’s not suffering.

Suffering is holding on to something that doesn’t exist. The past doesn’t exist. Fearing the future that doesn’t yet exist is suffering. Suffering is about feeling victimized. It’s about believing that your god determines your destiny. It’s about calling god  and him not answering you (if you believe in that). God doesn’t function that way. Suffering is self-imposed through false beliefs and ignorance.

A perfect example is the destruction of Mosul in Iraq. The media interviews the survivors of the civilian bombing and you will hear most of the survivors thanking god for saving their lives. If god is so great that he saved your life, why did he impose such destruction upon you in the first place? If they thank Allah for saving them for death, should they not be asking Allah why he allowed the bombs to drop in the first place? This is just an example of what I consider to be human suffering brought on by ignorance or religion.

The term suffering is getting a lot of coverage right now. They want you to believe that someone or something is causing the suffering of humanity. Humanity is suffering because it believes in a savior and is so disappointed  that their savior is not saving them from whatever they are suffering from. How convenient it is to encourage us to feel “suffering”so that we can give up what little hope we have for humanity.

Suffering is a destructive thought. Suffering is not an emotion. How are you? Oh, I’m suffering. What are you suffering from? I lost my entire family in the bombing. That’s not suffering. That’s mourning the loss of your loved ones. Suffering is a biblical dogma, it’s a terminology almost the opposite of hope because when people suffer, they don’t understand why they are suffering.
Suffering is giving up on life and blaming the universe or god or our government or the cabal for our misery. Suffering is a choice. Suffering doesn’t make us better humans. We gain nor learn anything by believing suffering is exists.

What is suffering? I could define it as a syndrome of different emotions. A chronic condition of ignorance where pain is converted as suffering or experiencing war is suffering. Suffering is a terminology that was created for us to believe we are powerless and that some thing or someone determines our fate.

The laws of nature don’t have suffering as part of a learning cycle. Suffering is a made up condition used to disempower humanity. Suffering is ignorance. Suffering is victimhood. You choose to suffer but you can’t define what it means. Suffering is a list of symptoms combined and by adding them all together, we simply give suffering more power.

Suffering is used against us. It’s imposed upon us just like former US president Obama sold his “change”. He sure made changes in the US but they weren’t good changes. He empowered the term suffering by creating more wars, destroying more countries and convincing those of us watching that suffering is part of the human condition. It is not. It is a choice. Get over it. Humanity get off your knees. We are much more powerful than that. We gain nothing by believing in suffering. Suffering is not an emotion. How do you define it? You can hate, you can love, you can be angry, you can be happy,  but you can’t be suffering because it’s not an emotion, it’s not something you feel, it’s a belief system imposed upon us.

Those that believe they are suffering are really believing in something that someone told them or they believe in an evil god that would allow such horrific things to happen to them.

I have been thinking about this subject for a few days now. Everyone I run into mentions it and accuses me of suffering because I lost a few family members recently. I’m not suffering. My mother was suffering in her condition of Alzheimers maybe but only because she wasn’t aware that she was still alive. Can we define that as suffering? I don’t suffer. I don’t feel that suffering is beneficial to me and I can’t define suffering as something I feel. Perhaps we can call it a syndrome of disbelief. The disbelief that we are feeble minded humans waiting for a savior to come along and save us from ourselves. Whatever you believe in is your choice, but I have yet to hear someone try and explain to me what happens to a human when they are suffering. Is being homeless suffering? What are they suffering about? How did they get into that state? And if suffering is so bad; why do we choose to experience it?

It’s all in your head. Just like hope, suffering provides no room for taking responsibility for the choices we make. Hope has no meaning just as much as suffering doesn’t. Hope is a false belief that something might change or we might get something. Nothing changes without us changing. Nothing comes without us making the effort to achieve it. Hope and suffering are simply two words used to control  humanity. I don’t hope. I desire, I imagine, visualize and work towards that what I want. Hoping for something is like sitting at an airport lounge waiting for your flight to be called. What guarantee is there your flight is on time or that you will even depart? Someone has to get the plane ready, a pilot and crew are needed and even all of those things in place, it can snow and prevent the plane from departing. That’s hope. You can hope all you want, but if you don’t know how to get there, it doesn’t help you in any way.

Suffering is just the ignorant state of a believer. They want us to believe that suffering is real. It’s a figment of our imagination because it’s not a heartfelt emotion, therefore, it’s a dilution for the ego to mess with us, nothing more.

So, now that I have ended this rant, I must let you know that I’m seriously considering leaving this blog to the Universe. It’s one less commitment and honestly, I have nothing left to rant about. I have accepted life for what it is, I create my own truths, I no longer need to convince anyone that they need to seek truth. Truth is, not all of us came here to change the world. Some of us came here to play the victims, without victims there is no need for change. Truth is, I might lose my partner and if that does happen, I need to carve out a new life for myself and I’m slowly removing myself from this virtual world. I was hoping that my readers would help and contribute with their own thoughts and ideas. I don’t have any left. I’m free. The bees are busy suckling nectar from my broccoli flowers, my lettuce has sprouted,  spinach will be coming any day, cannabis is almost ready for transplanting. What can be better than dancing in nature? Whether I end up alone or not, nature will always be around me to guide me. I’m free.

Choose freedom not suffering. Choose truth and not hope. Neither suffering nor hope will get you anywhere. It will only keep you waiting for something that will never come.

A Week in a Nutshell or Is it a Nut House?

Sorry for not writing more but once I explain everything I have had to go through you will understand. I’m proud of myself for passing the test of time, for accepting death for what it is: Life. As you know my mom passed away 2 weeks ago. My partner is in ICU because of embolisms and I’m waiting for the veterinarian to put my beloved dog Max to sleep. He’s had his share of suffering with epilepsy and I promised him I would not let him suffer.

Humans can’t deal with death, we have been programmed and conditioned to  believe that death is the end of the road. Our parting is difficult because we believe that once they stop breathing, it’s over, life is difficult without them. I have dealt with death in the last few weeks and I must say that I have done well.

Max has been with me for 11 years. He’s been an example of what we humans should be. Oh if only we could be like them 10%, we would be better at being humans. Max forgave me even when I got mad at him, he never stopped looking at me with love even when he knew I was about to blow up because he peed on the floor or couldn’t wait until morning to go outside and I had to clean up his poop. I have never heard my dog growl at me or anyone for that matter. Even when his tail was pulled, when a stranger kicked him, he never showed his teeth. He taught me so much, but most of all patience and LOVE.

But this is not what I came here to write. We come and go, it’s part of the game we came here to play, life goes on here in 3D or in another dimension. I’m writing because of the terminal madness going on. For some reason, I was very attracted to Trump and his presidency and with that comes the reactions across the world and the madness happening in America. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but I’m curious what is happening to Americans? Is it the fluoridated water, anti depressants, chemtrails, poison in the water system, or is someone through frequencies destroying what common sense and logic they have? I don’t know but it’s disturbing because I know one thing for sure. Whatever they are doing, they are not doing it out of clear mind or logic, not intentionally. The Americans that I know are good people.  I don’t have words for what I feel watching America disintegrate and fall into chaos. The violence and aggression because people don’t agree with each other, the bashing and gnashing, it’s very very sad.

Unless Americans come together very soon, I’m afraid the country will just erupt in great chaos, as if poverty and unemployment is not enough, do they really need this? I know many of you reading this blog are American and I don’t mean to offend anyone. My perspective is different than yours. I live in a different culture and way of life so perhaps I’m the one that has changed and that sees things in a different light.

We here in Croatia are dealing with something totally different. Because of our lack of government leadership, because of lack of jobs, because of high death rates from Cancer, people have retreated into their shells. I live in a village of 400 people and yet I don’t see many people during the day. We come out to get our daily bread and retreat into our homes. It’s how we deal with death, lack of and disunity. These people have lost their faith in government, have lost their will to fight and struggle because they have gone through communism, wars, hardships and now a high increase in Cancer because NATO bombed Serbia during the breakup of Yugoslavia and these people are now paying that price.

What is changing is that people are actually asking what is going on. They notice that people are dying off right and left. They notice that doctors don’t know any better than to just issue drugs. They notice that the weather has changed, that chemtrails are polluting their skies. They know something is not right but are not yet ready to listen or hear the truth. Awakening is painful. You and I both went through that process of realization and it wasn’t easy. Accepting the ugly truth that our entire life is programmed to live and breath a certain way is a hard pill to swallow but we also know that after that bitterness, we are feeling lighter and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These are difficult times for everyone. There is no country or people that are not suffering because we have allowed our governments to fuck us over. Yeah, it’s a hard pill to swallow, a very toxic pill, one that will make you nauseous and vomit but it’s part of the process.

As I have written many times in the past, we are the ones that will make that change but until more people wake up, things will get worse. How worse can they get you may ask? I don’t know how worse, how worse can they get, is it not horrible already? So long as you have a roof over your head and food in your belly you will continue to hope that things will get better. They will, but don’t wait on it because it’s not coming from any direction, it’s coming from within you.

The hardest pill to swallow is the one where you realize that you are the cause of this madness because you did too little too late. Wake up old soul, we don’t have much time left. Wake up old soul, remember who you are. You are the light that came here to shine and raise the frequency of this planet and humanity. Wake up old soul, because of you I may have to come back here again and I don’t feel very happy about that. Wake up old soul, I’m almost out of pills.

Survival-ism In The Post Truth Era

I watched a movie on HBO a few nights ago and have since then been deeply immersed in the theme of the movie. I have HBO to Go on my tablet for free so I can go to bed and watch pretty well anything I like. My partner only watches violent movies and so we rarely sit together in the evening to watch anything. Also, I’m not a movie watcher. It’s very difficult for me to just sit there and do nothing but “record” the movie.

The movie Survivalist got me thinking about a lot of things. Most post apocalyptic movies such as “Alone”and others end up the same way. There is nothing left, everything is destroyed, the survivors kill each other to survive.

In this movie, the survivalist found himself deep in the forest where he made a shack to live in and used the surrounding area close to his shack to grow food. He had a few traps to catch wild game but basically, he was able to sustain himself. At night, when the sun went down, he would go into his shack, close down the windows with wood and then lit a lamp and fire so that it could not be seen from the outside. In the morning, before going outside he would wash, get dressed and then slowly open the boarded windows and with a rifle in his hand slowly open the door.

I thought about whether it was worth it or whether the stress of staying alive was even worth it when you didn’t know from one moment to the next if someone would invade your space and take away what little you have left, or kill you. This is where I started to think about this.

We have never, in our recorded known history  had a situation where an apocalypse caused humanity to struggle and survive. What we see in movies is based on theory or suppositions that we as humanity will get violent and kill each other for food. Why is this being programmed into us? Who benefits from this theme? Are we to assume that should shit hit the fan and we are forced to survive that we will kill each other for food or other things we need? I don’t know that I can accept that because I live in a totally opposite minded culture. My people have survived several wars, lived without food or lack of for years yet stealing food or stealing anything would be considered immoral and shameful. I can say with certainty that should we be faced with that same situation, that my people would not consider stealing, let alone killing another human to take food from them.

Without going into US history about the depression, I don’t recall hearing or reading anything about armed gangs or thugs going around killing farmers or families in order to take their food. I haven’t read anything about countries that have been struggling with famine, poverty and poor agricultural conditions to go around kill people to steal their food. I don’t know of any country where killing people for food prevails today, so how did we get to that state of mind that we just assume we will  kill each other should we be faced with a post apocalyptic event?

Is this part of the programming so that if and when an event like that would happen, we would basically do their job and kill each other off? Where did this idea or concept come from?

Although I understand that we are not the same we were 100 years ago. Not only has technology improved, the way we grow food has changed and what is most important is that most of the population that has internet or a TV in the house had become de-sensitized to death. I have sat with friends in front of the TV and watched them as they watch a very violent movie and don’t flinch on the sight of blood squirting and shooting all over the walls. I turn my head or get up because I can’t watch it knowing it’s just a movie, but what difference does it make? Studies show that children who play violent video games are more violent in real life and are less compassionate, less caring, less sensitive to bad things happening around them.

I put myself in the place of that man in the movie and asked myself how I would survive in his place? I honestly can’t say, but I do know that I would never kill anyone for food. I would kill to defend and protect myself, but I would never consciously go out looking for food and be prepared to kill for it.

I don’t know where the Experts on Survival methods and equipment get the idea that we need weapons because we will have to protect ourselves or protect our food. Where or how did they come to this conclusion that this civilization is so fucked up that we will kill for food? I don’t doubt that Americans will do that. We see this all time during protest and riots where looters ransack stores and steal material goods. They are not even hungry, they are simply stealing valuable merchandise. If they have the tendency to do this, then they will have the tendency to get violent if they need to get food.

Even fiction books that write about the end of the world or EMP’s write about the population dying within days. Those people that depend on medical equipment powered by electricity would die within hours or days. Those that need potent drugs and medications such as Insulin would die within a few days or weeks. Food would disappear from the shelves within hours and once the supplies have dwindled, they would start walking/moving around looking for food. These fiction stories don’t write about killing each other for food, but they do mention protecting their land or farms and killing those that try to attack their families or access to food.

This is a very philosophical subject and different cultures will look at this in different ways. For now, I don’t see my people becoming killers to get access to food, but then I don’t have small children and as a mother I would probably do anything necessary to feed them. I can’t say that I would kill to get food, but I can say that I would do anything to protect my children and ensure they don’t die from starvation.

It’s just a sad, very sad state of humanity if we actually consider murder for food. One may say that we have to do whatever it takes to survive. I say, I’m going to leave this body sooner or later so why take another life? Why kill for a scrap of food because that scrap of food will only last a certain while and I will be without again. Is killing another human for food moral or even fair knowing we’re just occupying these bodies to have this experience>

I don’t have answers to our problems. I don’t know how we became what we are. I don’t know why we get violent when we are trying to protect and defend ourselves and our families. But I do know this: From the time we have been recording history, even ancient history shows that humans never lived in peace. Never. Perhaps that’s why we don’t know how to obtain peace now, because we don’t know what Peace means. It’s not imprinted in our DNA. We are genetically designed to kill for whatever reason and able to justify it. And we consider ourselves a civilized society? Maybe we’re not worthy of Peace or life itself because we have allowed this destruction of our humanity and no longer even feel true love for each other. Do we even know what love is? I don’t think so. Love doesn’t kill. Love doesn’t necessitate any type of violence. We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves worthy of Ascension or transition into a higher frequency. We have a long way to go before we gain the understanding of what Peace really means and how to achieve it.

We are like pit bulls that have been trained to fight other pit bulls as a sport. If you bring one of these pit bulls home with you, it will take years before this dog understands he no longer has to fight or kill to stay alive. We literally have to teach them love by loving them and in time they start to understand what love is. This is what humanity is right now. A pit bull in a ring, looking at this opponent and the only thing that is on his mind is survival. Whatever it takes to stay alive. But once he’s done and won the fight, he’s got wounds to heal, he’s alone in his pen or cage, he knows nothing else. He waits for his next fight, he doesn’t think about whether he will win or not. He just fights to the death because he knows nothing better and he has no choice.

We have a choice. We’ve always had a choice. In order to bring peace, we need to first have peace within ourselves. We need to stop competing with each other and start finding ways to end these wars. We have been at war from the start. I think we were bred and genetically altered to want to fight and kill. It has to be that way because I know that my Creator didn’t want me to be this way. I have never killed anyone, but I can’t promise I never would either. I can’t even promise that I would not kill for food. That means, it’s in my DNA if I’m even thinking about it.

I don’t think I’m going to watch Survivor type movies anymore because I don’t want to get any more ideas. I’m ashamed that I can’t promise to myself I would never kill.


We Won the Bullshit MSM

We did it. All of you and all of us that have been spreading the truth has finally paid off. The MSM is dead and Project Veritas has beat them. I wanted to start the day with writing about how much bullshit there is out there and how everything is being twisted to divert us from the truth but then my mom passed away last night so I spent the day saying my goodbyes to her. Although she had died 4:30 PST  in Vancouver; I was receiving messages from her a few hours later. She asked me to forgive her for all that she had done and I told that I had forgiven her a long time. “Isn’t it great on the other side mom?” My mother was in a retirement home for the last 5 years, she had dementia and it was only a matter of time. Of course it was difficult to hear the news but I’m ok with it now. Death doesn’t have the same meaning it did 20 years ago. I’m just glad that her suffering is over with and instead of focusing on the difficult life that she had, I’m imagining what she is doing now and what it must be like on the other side of the veil.

The video below is excellent and you need to watch it. The MSM is dead and in a few hours Veritas is going to disclose a huge leak to CNN so keep watching for that on YouTube. Don’t forget that you are the light, that regardless of how you are feeling right now and whatever you’re going through right now, you’re doing the right thing, you’re doing what you came here to do. We are very close to going home.

The Cost of War

The numbers are overwhelming when it comes to the costs of war. A documentary titled ” The Cost of War” shown  on Press TV really brought reality back to me. Although I know that wars are not intended for what they tell us for, they are solely for the benefit of profits.

Just a few figures: Out of roughly 160 countries, only 10 to 12 of them are not involved in any wars. The US has never won a war since the Second World War. Last year alone, the US has spent over 10 Trillion dollars on military expenditures. The War on Terror has cost the US between 1 and 5 Trillion dollars depending on who you ask.

The question Americans should be asking their new government is this: Is the US a safer place because of these wars?

Is the world a safer place because of these so called wars? When did we start calling an escalation in violence a war? An occupation of a foreign country is an occupation. It’s not a war. A war is when one country attacks another. The offense and defense process is called a “WAR”. Everything that is happening in the Middle East is now called a War; yet nobody wants to use the terms occupation, usurpation, outright murder, genocide and the killing of a civilization  using depleted Uranium. No, it’s a war and that way we can all justify why so much death is happening on our planet.

Nothing moves forward unless there is Peace. Peace in today’s reality means no shelling, no guns going off and no bombs dropping. This is not true Peace. Peace is defined as everyone getting along with each other. Peace is about not thinking about war. Peace is about letting go of our differences, about leaving each other alone, about not interfering with other countries. Peace is about waking up in the morning and feeling the planet is at peace.

The term Peace is just as illusive as truth. We have changed the terminology between war and occupation, war and invasion. When you invade a country, you become the aggressor. It is not a war. The war happens between civilians because the breakdown of society begins. A mole enters the population, invents a story or cause for fighting and then the entire country starts attacking each other. Some will say that this is called a ” Civil War”. A war is a war. A lie is a lie. What difference does it make is Hillary Clinton’s famous excuse. Does it matter how they died? We came, we killed, he died.

This is not a war. This is outright murder. War is murder. Murder is war against another human. Murder is murder. Does it matter how we murder? Killing by gun, killing by knife, killing with depleted uranium is all MURDER. War is war. Does it matter who started the war or why a war was started? War is war.

If we want to move forward, we have to ensure Peace. Nothing changes or moves forward without Peace. What good is prosperity when there is war? This means that someone is fighting, someone is killing, defending and profiting. This is not true Peace. If we want a better world we have to stop the killing. What difference is war from killing? What difference is killing from murder? What difference does it make how someone dies? It’s murder.

Often my partner and I have heated arguments about the war in Croatia. On both sides that is Croatia and Serbia there was murder. A soldier protecting his country and killing another human is murder. My partner excuses murder by defending your country. I don’t agree with that. We can’t excuse murder in different ways. If you kill another human being you have committed a murder. You can call it defense, self-defense, killing your enemy, but in the end, you have taken another life. Once I complete this last sentence, my partner always says: ” I don’t want to talk about this anymore”. We stop the discussion because after 12 years together, we have not been to compromise on this issue.

He will ask me: If they don’t defend their country, they will kill everyone. Yes, perhaps it would have happened, but even after the war ended when you count the number of dead on both sides, I don’t think the number would change. Nobody wins in a war and yet if someone attacks me, I would probably defend myself to the death. Would I? I think that I would not, but in that moment of trauma and fighting for your life, I don’t think we even think about that. I don’t think that I would stop in the middle of being killed and think: ” Hmmm, this is not a good idea to kill this person, so I will just stand here and let them kill me”. It’s a hot issue and one that can be debated on both sides by justifying it but the truth is, taking another life is interfering with the natural process of why we came here. We are a violent planet. I have read somewhere that we are considered the Guantanamo of the Universe. This is a death and killing planet. Is it possible that we created this reality to finally end the killing and to bring peace?

How do we bring peace when we don’t know what Peace looks like? All of our history points and shows that civilizations have been at war against each other. I don’t remember ever reading about a time or civilization where there lived a peaceful society. How do we define Peace when we’ve never experienced it? Who defines Peace? How do we get to become a peaceful civilization when we allow our governments, shadow governments and those 1% to produce and sell weapons? Are we contributing to their business? Do you have weapons in your home? One will argue it is necessary to protect your home. Sure if you live in America.

Croatians don’t own guns unless they need it for work or are hunters. Our murder rate is one of the lowest in the world. In fact, when a murder/killing happens, it’s on the news all day long, it’s a big deal when someone is killed for whatever reason.

We have gone too far now, it’s too late to turn back and turn our weapons in because the world has become very violent. It would be suicide in fact to live in the US and not have a gun for self defense. I’m not picking on the US; but it is true that the US has the highest prison population in the world. As for the highest murder rates, I don’t know because currently over 100 countries are warring with someone and for me, murder is murder. Murder is killing your enemy. What difference does it make?

The only difference we can make is to insist on Peace. Jobs, better health care, prosperity and all the good things  in life can’t last and don’t have any meaning if we don’t have Peace. We are at the point where someone may decide to attack a country, create the chaos and attack it. That simple. How do I know it won’t happen to Croatia? What good is my prosperity if I have to live in fear that my country will be attacked by a rogue state?

Are Americans any safer today than they were 50 years ago? I don’t think so, yet their government spends trillions on dollars on foreign wars. The same amount of money it spends is the same amount of profits the military complex makes. For every dollar the governments spends, arms manufacturers make 2 dollars in selling arms.

We want Peace? How? Where do we start? How do we justify killing another human or civilization for that matter by calling it a war? We are at war with ourselves. We are warring over religion, culture, immigration, color of skin and beliefs. We are at war with each other. We need to stop this war against each other. We need to come together. We need to all agree that we want Peace. We need a plan on how to have Peace. Without Peace we are all just plain and simple murderers and supporters of murder. So long as we sit back in our comfortable chairs and blame our governments for wars, we are co-conspirators like it or not. So long as we don’t stand for Peace, we are at war with each other.

Wake up people, it’s time to stop blaming the world for our problems. We have done nothing about Peace except complain that it doesn’t exist.

Michael Tellinger and Flat Earth

Michael doesn’t start talking about the Flat earth theory until the last hour of the video. I didn’t have time to listen to it entirely so I skipped a lot. I was more interested in hearing this flat earth theory. I did. Last year I posted some information about John Lamb Lash and his answer to the flat earth. I remember writing that I wasn’t sure or convinced of either though believe that anything is possible.

I can’t say that Michael has convinced me but let’s assume it’s true. What changes? Why lie to us? Who gains by lying to us? If this is true, then how do I explain leaving my home in any direction ie. going North all around the planet will bring me back home. Going South all around will bring me back home. If the earth is flat, then how is this possible? Can someone explain that to me? I can ride, fly and sail in one direction and return home, in other words, if I head out South, I will return home from the North. This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me if the earth is flat. Should I not hit a wall or fall over the edge? Anyone got an explanation that I can understand?

The Post Truth Era

According to Murad Gazdiev at RT news, we have entered the Post Truth Era. I don’t know if he coined that phrase but it sure sounds Post Apocalyptic doesn’t it?
The German version of the CIA completed a report several weeks ago that was leaked out to the media stating that Putin/Russia didn’t have anything to do with hacking into Germany’s government systems and that no smoking gun was found to prove it. This was leaked; which means that it wasn’t intended for public consumption. Actually it was, but since there was no smoking gun found, Ms. Merkel felt she could continue with her election and should she lose could then blame Putin for it.

Today, a conference held in Munich Germany made sure to emphasize how fake media is spreading, that Trump is a threat to European sovereignty and that we must be protected against false and fake news we access online.

I would agree with Murad Gazdiev that we have entered the Post Truth Era. Those of us that have spent most of our adult lives seeking truth have done well up to now. The information was out there, it was a matter of collecting the right pieces to fit the puzzle despite the trolls, the anti-truth agencies.

If you have not watched The Holographic Disclosure Series, I urge you to do so because they predicted this would happen and have been spot on about many things that have been happening the last two years; but one must wonder that if they knew about this; were they/are they part of the system and are leading us where they want us to go?

It’s become very difficult to trust any information anymore because so many groups out there are purposely diverting us from the truth and it now requires more time and scrutiny when researching anything. We simply can’t even use our discernment properly because we are being attacked at ALL levels of our existence through: spiritual, psychological, esoteric, multi-dimensional, medical and various frequency modulations through the technology that we use. Timelines are diverging and some even being subverted to change the outcome.

They still think and believe they will win this war against humanity but I know it’s not possible. I came here to win and beat the system that enslaved me and attempted to hijack my mind.

There is a channel on Youtube called ” Red Star Kachina 2017″ and it is one of the biggest propaganda machines I have come across so far on the topic of Nibiru. One only has to look at the date they subscribed (2014) and listen to the amateur astrologists, astronomers, bible thumpers and some well known researchers that without any evidence or proof scare the shit out of people.

The bible thumpers take the bible word for word and they will convince you that their god will send his wrath upon humanity and punish us because we didn’t take Christ as our savior and Nibiru is coming just like it says in the Bible. I listen for a few minutes only to hear WHO is talking and leave the same argument in each comment section:” I don’t know about you but my Creator will never do anything to hurt me. That’s some scary shit god you got there”.

The Nibiru argument is always the same too: ” Although I can’t prove Nibiru doesn’t exist, you can’t prove it does. Even if it does exist, how do you know it will cause us harm? Just because some object came down on Earth many years ago and caused great harm, it doesn’t prove anything and god can change his mind can’t he? (Gil Broussard insists that we have to go to Jerusalem to be saved). Sure, let me get my plane ticket just in case.

I know that anything is possible, I know that we/humanity have to go through some kind of tribulation/terminal madness but I also know my Creator has nothing to do with that. Like a drunk or drug addict we have to fall into the gutter before we realize and admit to ourselves that we really fucked up.

How did we fuck up so badly? It’s not by doing anything wrong as we all came here to play this game out but we screwed up by allowing the Elite/controllers to get this far, by not doing enough to stop them. The more you drink, the harder it will be to sober up and I guess we’re not drunk enough yet. This is where we are screwing up and we will eventually get there but the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to stop this madness.

If they cut off our ability to access the truth, we are really fucked. If they succeed in censoring the internet or determining what is fake and what is not, those that haven’t woken up yet never will. Maybe we planned all this too but I’m worried that we’re on the brink of losing this war and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to come back here again, it’s too hard. We are Warriors and Warriors don’t give up, but Warriors sometimes attack too late or too slow and have to pull back and regroup. I don’t know if I want to do this again and I’m concerned that my fellow humans will not wake up in time and give them the final blow to this Matrix we’re trapped in. I know this was never part of the plan and that we got trapped here.

Truth will become illusive and as each day passes we will start losing the ability to discern truth from lies because many, many well meaning folks like David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Alfred Webre, Peter Kling, Gil Broussard, Marshall Masters, L.A. Marzulli, Steve Quayle and many more have sold out. They may have started out with good intentions but they capitulated and are now dishing out the koolaid. These folks actually believe the bible to be factual and truth.

Look, it’s not even about the veracity of the information they put out. It’s about this: What have they ” done” or ” achieved” to make this world a better one? Did and does their work bring peace to this planet? What value do these folks have while selling their books, DVD’s and Lectures on Safe Zones if nothing has changed in our lives? What makes them so valuable or credible if all they do is talk about how smart they are?

If the truth does become illusive and we find it more difficult to choose what we want to know without censorship; how will these folks help humanity?

Do you know what the Controller’s  most powerful weapon is and has been? Separation.

They managed very skillfully to fragment humanity by building borders, creating countries, regions and zones. Each country developed it’s own unique culture, language, religion and values. Teaching us that individuality and uniqueness is a virtue that we should all strive for. We bought this and fell for it. In this separation, they created competition. Who will be better?

Look at us now. Look at the Americans after Trumps election victory. The country is more divided than ever. Not only is it divided but I can feel the hatred among each other. Individuality and uniqueness is now being attacked. People are afraid to speak their truth for fear of being laughed at, ridiculed, insulted and judged. People are so afraid of being unique and different now because it’s no longer politically correct to be so.

We are more divided than ever, it’s the only thing they can use against us to keep us from uniting. It’s not even about having different views and values. Your different views or opinions will separate you from what the majority is thinking, you will be insulted and hated, cars vandalized, shops looted, anarchy prevailing because people can’t accept some things and are going mad based on lies given to them.

It’s alright to have different beliefs and values, we should embrace the diversity among us, but how do we even begin to unite under such circumstances?

Muslims, Protestants and Catholics lived side by side in the old Yugoslavia for many years until the Elite sowed the seed of division and a war started. Today, Protestants, Muslims and Catholics don’t live side by side. They now live in different parts of the city in their own enclaves and each now insists their god is the true god.

The Middle East lived in harmony for centuries for the most part despite the diversity of different religions and sects. It wasn’t until 911 that everything changed because the Elite know that ‘separation’ and ‘ division’ is their last weapon of choice and if we unite, their game is over.

So you may ask: How do we unite? We unite when we’ve lost everything and have nothing left to lose. As long as we have something to hold on to, we won’t unite because we all hold on to different values and beliefs. Wars don’t unite because even after the war stops, people are still divided. One doesn’t give up Christianity and become a Muslim for Peace. Peace today merely means no gunfire or bombs dropping.

We will unite in a disaster or we all go down together in submission to them. We die and come back and try again I suppose. In floods, fires and other natural disasters; people unite. Interesting, that we don’t ask someone we are saving from a flooding river what religion they are before we take their hand. We were united by that flood.

Just some things to think about as we move into this Post Truth Era. Don’t be surprised if Truth becomes a crime but hey, I have to ask you: What are you doing to make a difference?  Can you just respect  and honor my views without judging me for them? If you judge me, you’re judging yourself and contributing to the separation.

I want to thank Murad Gazdiev for his ” Post Truth Era” report. It really gave me a lot to think about.


Much love,