Grab Some Popcorn and Enjoy the Show

This is how I feel right now. I want to sit down and watch the show but don’t have time because my life is filled with taking care of a sick partner and 2 new kittens I brought home so that he would be happy during his healing.

If you can just sit down with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show going on without getting angry, frustrated, sad, discouraged and helpless then you have grown into a spiritual being. I can do this.

RT news just got notified from their banks in the UK that their accounts would be closed. I guess the cabal is finally showing their desperation and trying to shut down any truth or fact based news media outlets because more people are waking up and starting to finally realize what is going on.

There are so many events going on in the world that it’s too long to list here, but if you’re watching world events then you know what they are and it’s all part of the end game. I wrote about Terminal Madness stage a few times in the past. We are in that stage and the madness is now in the open and in your face. There is not a country on this planet that is not going through some transformation. I don’t call them problems, wars, occupations, protests and famine because they are all part of the transformation.

If we have a full belly, we don’t know what it’s like to be hungry. If we grow up in a home where there is only love and compassion, we fall flat on our faces when facing the world as adults because we have never experienced hardship, lack of something, hatred, jealousy and all the shit that is thrown at us to keep our attention in the wrong places.

It’s a nasty world we live in. As humans we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Instead of maturing and becoming a better humanity,we’re barbarians. We still think wars are necessary. We compete with each other in everything. In fact, without competition we would be a better world. We don’t need to compete with one another. We just need to be  the best that we can be.

I find the world events happening now comical in a way because those of us that are awake knew this was coming. I have been writing about this for years now that things have to get worse before they get better. We can’t wake up unless we’ve been knocked off and down. Who needs change in a perfect world? As long as you have a roof over your head, food on the table and a job to pay bills, it don’t matter what goes on outside of our world. As long as our needs are met; who cares about the Syrian children being bombed in the last few weeks losing limbs, arms, brains and not able to get proper medical care. I mean, after all, it’s far away and it won’t come my way. This is our attitude, let’s face it; we are selfish humans.

My point to all this is that it is coming your way, whether you like it or not, believe it or not, shitty things will and are going to happen to you because you need to wake up and once you wake up, you need to do something about it.

The media wars going on right now are intended to shut down any media outlets that are speaking the truth, providing proof and showing the facts. The cabal and its minions are in their last throes and before they go down they will take as many as they can with them. None of us are immune to the war against humanity. It is a war against humanity not just a war against certain countries.

The UN Humanitarian group today spoke out openly that they were ready to greet the population leaving Mosul with psychologists, food, essentials and vaccines of course. We have Human Rights Groups who condemn all the wars going on yet are powerless to do anything. It’s like the Pope saying: “My children, please don’t kill each other, it’s not nice”. Sure Francis; why don’t you back it up with some action like throwing some money out to those in need?

So, grab a bowl of popcorn, sit down and enjoy the show if you can but understand that whatever is going on is coming your way; it’s the way we planned it, it’s the way we chose to end this terminal madness. Unless we experience suffering, we will have no motivation to change or do anything about it. I have been writing about this for years now that we all have to take responsibility in what is going on and how it will end. I personally am enjoying the show.

As to what I have been doing lately. Well, aside from going out into the community and helping, I actually grew some Cannabis, dried and cured it and made some Cannabis Oil for my partner. He’s been using it for 3 weeks now and is going through terrible healing crisis, but he’s spitting up horrible shit from his lungs. He’s also nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide and taking many other things. He finally realized that medicine was taking him to the grave and made the choice to go natural. Out of 11 drugs he was taking, he’s now on 2 and hopefully once we get confirmation that his heart is better, we can stop taking those. Will he survive? I don’t know, but we won’t know unless we try.

The best part of this Cannabis trip is that I was the guinea pig and tried it out first. I fill a syringe with the oil once done and then drop into gel caps for dosage. I can tell you that 1 rice size dose got me really high, wow. But it wasn’t the high that was awesome, it was my out of body experiences I had going to sleep, incredible stuff. I don’t do it often because my partner needs it more than I do, and it takes a lot of Cannabis to make oil since I can’t have a garden full of plants. 3 plants growing is good enough to keep his supplies for a few months so I have plants in different stages. Rick Simpson Oil is awesome and it took a few months of study and research to ensure a good batch but will let you know how he does in time.

So, sit back enjoy the show. Oh and expect Hillary to back out of the race and allow Michelle Obama to take her place. If you think Hillary is evil just wait until you get Michelle. He/she is not someone you want for your president, but then it’s just sad that out of 360 million Americans only these 2 idiots are running. We here in Europe are just laughing our socks off at the comedy show and can’t believe how this has been allowed to happen. I wish you all luck because you’re going to need it but most of all I wish you a happy transformation. As things get nasty, celebrate because it’s a sign that things are coming to an end.

Yours faithfully and see you on the other side! Love always!

Hang On, Grab a Rope it’s Coming

So sad to read about what happened to Zen Gardner. I listened to an interview with him trying to explain what happened and how he feels and I have to say, it’s sad to hear and read how he’s been treated. I don’t know the truth, only Zen knows the truth, but it’s the way he’s been treated that really saddened me. If you consider yourself a spiritualist, if you consider yourself to be enlightened and aware, awake and living in reality, then you have no right to judge Zen.
From a human perspective: We all make mistakes. We have all go through a period of maturing, learning, experiencing and learning from our mistakes. We make decisions based on our age, circumstances, culture, religious beliefs and a myriad of other factors, but NONE of us mature without making mistakes. Some of us learn from them, some of us keep repeating them because we simply don’t realize we’re making mistakes or are not willing to admit to them. Regardless, it’s sad to see what happened to Zen. His website is down, his FB page is down, the shit must have been too much for him to deal with.
I read about Ken O’Keefe and Max Egan fallout. Listened to a few interviews. All I can say is: I told you so. Ken is a psychopath and it revealed itself in this silly and shameful fallout between him and Max. I don’t know the truth about what really happened and I could care less, but the real faces are starting to show themselves.
Anyone out there that is making money off you for providing you with information is not really doing it with good intent. I wrote about this before. If you are someone that considers you’re here to help humanity, why are you charging them for it? I can’t charge money for information that was given to me or channeled to me. You get a job and work like everyone else, use your free time to help others.
I just read the last interview with Rob Potter and Cobra. I laughed reading it. Such silly questions and silly answers. Does this guy still have a following? He’s still talking about the event but doesn’t know when? He’s in communication with Pleiadians and doesn’t know when this will happen? I mean, do people really believe this loser?
We are at the crossroads folks. I could wake up in the morning and hear the war has started. The Cabal is desperate to start a war with Russia and I hate to say it, but it will happen. It’s inevitable. You know why? Cause you’re still sitting on your assess doing nothing about it. It’s far away and won’t affect you. It’s not your problem. The galactics will save us. Whatever. It has to happen. It’s part of the reason we came here. Without war, there will be no peace.  Either a polar shift or war is  inevitable; we can’t go forward unless humanity wakes up and the only way it’s going to wake up is when it starts running from bombs or wakes up with no electricity because Putin sent you an EMP and you’re faced with living in the stone age. I hope you’re not a diabetic; your insulin will be useless and you’ll die very soon.
I have been away for a few months now, although I do keep up with what is going on, I haven’t had time to write, there is simply nothing to say or write. The reality we are creating is what it is. Collective consciousness has chosen war and this is where we are heading. It can happen any moment, any day, but it has to happen. Collective consciousness has been hijacked by massive frequencies from technology; bullshit propaganda on TV and if you paid attention to the UN meeting today where countries are accusing Russia of war crimes. They want war at all costs and I knew that Russia would veto the resolution. Russia has no choice but to fight back, if it caves in, we’re all fucked. At least this way it will be between America and Russia, a few Eu countries like France, UK, Germany and maybe Belgium but it’s coming unless we stop it.
Pray for peace, stand up and do something, been writing about this for years. There is no saviour, no galactics, no miracles. Collective consciousness determines what happens and right now we are creating a war. This one won’t last too long, maybe a few weeks and Russia will kick ass, millions will die but this is what is needed for the sheeple and those asleep to finally realize we can’t allow anyone to control us anymore. As the planetary frequencies are increasing, as the sun is sending us powerful energy; the cabal is using every tool it has to divert that from us. We still have time to stop this but we will replace it with some natural disaster, something traumatic has to happen, period.
Don’t worry about it. You’re not a human. You’re an old soul and you already chose what to do while here. Some of us will leave soon, some of us will stay behind and help those that don’t understand what is going on, but we all made choices to be here and complete our mission.
My partner is still hanging in by a thread. I actually grew, dried, cured cannabis and made my first batch. He started taking Cannabis Oil (Rick Simpson recipe) and there are some small changes, but too early to tell. His PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) is in Phase III which means if he goes into Phase IV he will have to be hospitalized and put on machines. In the meantime, his heart could just give out and I’m not ready to accept that. He’s now taking many things, we started with Cannabis Oil this week and Lugol’s Solution along with other high potency supplements. The good news is that after being hospitalized 3 times in the last 2 months, CT scans reveal that his condition has not progressed in the last year, that’s fantastic. Complications were all based on diuretics and blood thinning drugs which FINALLY the doctor told him to stop taking. This doesn’t mean all is well because he’s prone to blood clots and fluids collecting around the heart, but the drugs were in essence killing him. I’m now hoping the Cannabis will help him, will let you know how things go in a few months if he pulls through.
I’m busy taking care of him really, doing some work outside in the garden but my life is such that I can’t leave him alone for too long as he’s got a detailed and intense therapy schedule. He’s receiving something almost every hour so my life is the way it is.
We are at the crossroads but neither side has a sign or instructions, we’re choosing blind directions, use your intuition to tell you where to go, ask yourself what you have done in this lifetime to make a difference. It’s making the difference that can change our direction. It’s knowing that whatever it is you came here to do, has to make a difference.
Be prepared for everything. Stock up on food and water and medicines if you need them. Anything is possible at this point, but I’m seeing war, I’m seeing destruction, and I’m seeing that glorious rainbow, the transformation we all need to go through once we choose peace.
Peace be with you!

Thoughts to Ponder

A pen in my hand activates the creativity of writing in me. As a young child and probably up to the time I left home at 16, I was often punished by being sent to my room for days/weeks at a time. I was allowed to go to bathroom, have my meals at a silent table and go to school.

In the early seventies, a record player and radio in your room was a luxury so between that and notebooks, there was only sleep and staring out the window at night for me.

Writing probably saved my life from madness as I was able to write about physical pain, anger, frustration, hatred of my father and feelings of loneliness and isolation. Writing became a part of my life and to this day, at the age of 58, I am proud to show a callous on my middle finger as I still handwrite and then type into the computer.

Although I don’t keep a daily journal, rarely a day passes that I don’t write about something. Sometimes weeks may go by that I don’t write but it’s all depending on how much time I have to sit at my desk.

There is no specific reason to write anymore, often I can write pages of dreams and what I would do with millions of euros if I won the lottery or try and figure out what is causing some physical symptoms. A pen in my hand is like a radio tuned into the Universe.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about what is going on. Sure, many people are dying/being killed. As a human it’s sad to see this but as an old soul and knowing what is to come, it’s exciting. I can see the push and pull of energies, the geopoliticing games playing out, creating problems such as ‘terrorism’and massive migration of ‘people’into Europe and then proposing solutions such as closing borders, militarizing the police in the EU, creating stricter laws, implementing police states and Marshall Law, all for the safety of it’s citizens.

This has to play out. Many times I have written about this happening.  If we lived a happy life, there would be no need to change or want change. We are creating the problems so that we will find solutions, those awakening are protesting, joining community groups, banding together in areas that are important to them or that have been impacted by the madness spreading like wildfire.

There is not one country on this planet whose citizens  are content with the way things are, if you’re living in the US or Canada, you’re not getting much from MSM thus unaware of the profound changes and horrific events and the real truth behind them.

Politics don’t interest me and never have. I have never voted in Canada or Croatia, for some reason I intuitively knew my vote was an unrecorded formality and would have no impact, democracy is just an empty word they used to hijack our minds. It’s all a game, the system is rigged and politics, like religion, education, modern medicine is a locked in system designed to enslave us, not give us democracy.

The alternative ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’continue to promote biblical prophesies, man made crop circles through hidden technology and channelers continue to spew the same shit day in and day out, month to month, year to year calling on events happening “SOON”.

If we go back to 2012, has anything really happened? Any blood moons, massive earthquakes and changes, ascensions, disclosure, new currency, release of prosperity funds, Dinar revaluation, blah, blah, oh yeah, I forgot to mention the mass arrests, American Militia taking over, I’m sure you get the drift.

Those that continue to preach any coming external changes that will save us from this prison planet are either well intentioned humans getting wrong ‘intel’ from so called higher dimensional beings, are compromised through technology, paid shills or just plain evil. All of the above came here to play out their roles, to help us figure out who we are but that’s it. Why? None of the above have any solutions or clear answers for you, none of the above know precisely that anything will happen and those that do are not empowering you.

If Nibiru is really coming our way and will cause death and destruction, what are the solutions to  survive it when most are saying that most will die? Nobody has those solutions yet Major Ed Dames is selling DVD’s on safe zones yet he doesn’t where this supposed killshot will hit so how can he charge from giving you information about safe zones?  The Zetas have a detailed out plan on how the Pole Shift will affect humanity in terms of Earth Changes, but if you ask Nancy Leader about where the safe zones are, she can’t tell you.

There is no planetary body hitting earth, mass consciousness doesn’t see it, only a small group of ‘truthseekers’ or fear mongers that insist it’s coming but don’t know where, when and how it will hit, just because it’s written that it has in the past, doesn’t mean it will in this reality. One has nothing to do with the other.

So how do we manage to live through this? I can’t give you any advice. Twelve years ago my higher self urged me to return to Croatia and lead a simple life. With no debts, life is great because I live outside the Matrix as I am not dependent on the system to survive, but I worked hard at achieving my goals, day by day, month by month I worked at realizing those goals. Being debt free, self-employed and not paying taxes, living a self-sustaining life is ideally what you want to be doing.

At best, sell your house and go into the country or place where you can at least grow some food, but who am I to give advice. My soul journey is not the same as yours, maybe you came here to play the helpless victim or kill a few thousand people, we all have different roles but you must listen to your heart/higher self/intuition and you won’t go wrong.

I questioned my intuition many times because I live on a small island 16 km long and 300 m high at it’s highest peak. If there is a pole shift, would we survive in the middle of the Adriatic Sea? I have since let that go because I must focus on my purpose, obviously there is purpose for me being here and all the different realities where I have lived through desolation, tsunamis and complete destruction, I am standing and observing in awe, watching it happen, it passes by me without touching me or my home, it must mean that I am safe here, I don’t know. I feel safe here though.

World events are telling you where we are in this madness, remember that you are a very powerful soul, that you along with the rest of us created this reality, it had to be done in order to awaken the masses. It’s not humanity we want to save, it’s our Planetary Mother that we must save from destruction, nuclear wars etc. This planet is a living library containing a diversity of animals, plants and other living beings. It was set up as a place where all cosmic people could visit and learn from it’s living beings. We are royalty and don’t need saving, we need to wake up and stop the destruction of our home and mother. You and I will continue to incarnate here but if Gaia is destroyed, it will take billions of years to restart a new library, therefore, Gaia cloned herself just in case we had to evacuate because we failed.

We are like the Starship Enterprise, entering holographic chambers to have different experiences. Have faith that you are in the right place and doing what you should be doing but if you’re waiting for something to happen without your participation, you are then resigned to suffering the same fate that event/entity will suffer because they/it doesn’t determine your reality, you do. How do you know you are doing the right thing? If you are happy with your current reality, then that is what you should be doing and where you should be.

Perhaps you feel helpless? That could mean you’re materially dependent on something to survive. If you’re still in the Matrix then perhaps it’s what you came here to do, if you feel great about where you are, then that is where you need to be.

I have written many times that things must get worse,we will experience the NWO, we may be forced into vaccinations, we may be greeted by aliens claiming to be our creators/gods, we may become victims of a large scale nuclear war, anything is possible, but remember that we created for that to happen.

We are creating THEIR reality right now, we bought into their lies and propaganda. They use symbols, signs, religion, politics and whatever other means in order to make us think what they want and therefore create the reality they want. We create their reality by feeding into their lies and propaganda. I know of a few bloggers that had to stop blogging because they were being attacked and suffering greatly. Why? They posted nothing but wars, death and destruction, they gave energy to their lies and it only backfired on them. You get what you give.

We don’t need disclosure, we already know the truth. They will never disclose the truth. So what if our governments admit that there is life outside our planet and they have been communicating with some of them? What will change? They have technology that can kill millions of people through cellphones and cell towers now. You really think protesting will change anything?

Stop buying their shit, stop using bank cards or banks for that matter, stop buying Starbucks products, Walmart products, stop feeding the machine, stop fearing the unknown because it doesn’t exist. Everything is known to us, you just need to remember it.

Stop thinking as a human, stop supporting blogs that write about wars, destruction, exopolitics, bad politicians, stop supporting anything that doesn’t empower you old soul.

You would not be here if you weren’t an old soul, at least a few million years old and at least a few thousands incarnations. There are some of us that have never incarnated into a human body, they are the wayshowers, they don’t get stuck on emotions, right and wrong, they see what they see as they see it. Manage your thoughts, watch what you think and say, become the observer, stop feeding the war machine, you don’t need all that shit that is frying your brain. Be the Light that you are, turn up that flame and be a light in this madness, if your pilot light goes out, you come back and start all over again.

Just be who you are supposed to be, an old wise soul that qualified to come here at this time, this incredible and exciting time and shine the light so that others can find you, so that we can all connect and become the big bang of transformation. See yourself as a lighthouse for stranded and lost ships.

I can feel it coming, it’s only a matter of humanity figuring it out and I know it’s happening in this reality, how great is that? Are you even aware of what you are about to witness? Your participation is required, change your thoughts and you will help change this reality.

There is no victim, there is no bad buy/geneticist that altered our DNA and made us into lower dimensional beings, that’s all bullshit, we deactivated those DNA strands because we didn’t believe how powerful we were, our thoughts re-arranged the DNA. Do some study on Epigenetics and it will make more sense to you. We are not victims of anything, we always had choices, we always had knowledge hidden within us, we simply got sidetracked by the lies and deception and started believing what someone else was telling us.

Do you think the would go through this much trouble to stop us if we were not so special? They are throwing the kitchen sinks as us, we are so resilient, so powerful, and once they figure out that we KNOW, it’s game over.

I speak from the heart, it’s what I am feeling and experiencing. I’m not sure if I’m in 3D or higher anymore, I keep fluctuating back and forth. I catch myself thinking: ” I miss my home, I want to go home”. Although I don’t know where it is exactly, obviously me, the soul is yearning for it, it means time is finally ending and we are feeling that home is getting closer. I speak with my heart, and I have not yet been wrong about anything in the last 2 years, which doesn’t mean I’m right, but I have made a real effort to connect to my higher self as much as possible and although at times some decisions don’t seem to be logic or common sense, I listen to them and later see that they were the right decisions and choices I just don’t have the ability to foresee the timeline ahead of me.

This madness will continue and with a vengance, they are so afraid of us waking up that they will do whatever they can to kill off as many of us and or make us sick. Don’t fall for the trap, live your life with grace, proudly stand tall for what you represent, believe in your inner power and strength, be patient, all things are planned out carefully, you will see this soon and laugh about it. Have no fear, it is your worse nemesis, fear is their weapon, and your demise. Look them straight in the eyes with love and they will run. Our frequency is rising, they are allergic to it and are now in the final throws of their suffering and own making. We have already won.

You Are What You Think You Are

My night travel during sleep is always interesting, and because I have to go to the bathroom often during the night, it interrupts me a lot. Often, there will be a soul in that reality that is telling me to hurry up, go to the bathroom and come back, and on my way there I am rushing myself to hurry so that I can go back to that reality/experience. I often think about how I can be fully conscious in this reality and feel it’s real, yet how do I function in those other realities when I am here consciously in this one? It’s something I am contemplating and asking myself. I don’t believe we dream. We don’t have the scientific evidence of this although some scientists claim we do while at the same time claiming we still don’t know 90% of the brain. There is no method to record dreams, only brain waves, therefore, I believe they want us to believe that the mind imagines things, which it does not. The brain simply records and repeats itself, it stores information, it does not imagine or has the ability to fantasize. Dreams were explained in such so that we never figure out the truth about ourselves.

For years I believed that I was dreaming, but it wasn’t until someone in that dream would tell me to hurry up and go to the bathroom and once returning to bed, I would continue in that reality/experience. It took many years to figure it out and then  I started telling higher self that once I fall asleep, I want to experience and remember my other realities.

I wrote about the soul and how it fragments itself. As the soul matures and gains experiences, it’s able to fragment itself and experience more than one reality simultaneously. The more mature and experienced the soul, the more it can fragment itself. I have known for many years that I am an old soul, therefore, it makes sense that I am in different experiences and that I am a multi-dimensional being. Most of my current humans that I interact, live, work and enjoy time with are also in my other realities. Like Jesus in the bible, they don’t have the same names or look the same, but I know they are who they are when I awaken here.

So, last night I leave this body and find myself looking out a window, it’s dark outside. I look below and see cars piled upon each other, like a multi-car accident only these are are all broken up and covered in dust/ash. I look around and see devastation, but I am not reacting to this, simply in awe. I start leaving the room that I am in and see people all over my house, strangers yet I walk through by them and nobody pays attention to me, just like I don’t come up to anyone to ask them what they are doing in my house. I walk down the stairs and a person approaches me and I ask them: “What happened? “We don’t know” -he answers. “Some type of explosion, it happened so fast we don’t know if it’s man made or it came from the sky”.

Keep in mind there is no emotion here, no anger, no fear, just matter of fact realities of what we see and think. This person tells me that the city next to us is totally devastated and that they were told to come to my house. I ask where my husband is (my first husband) and he points in a room where there are two guards inside. I walk inside and see him tied up, screaming and yelling: “Get out of my house, what do you want here, let me go, I will kill you all”. I simply tell the guard, keep him tied up, he’s obviously not awakened.

I don’t remember who I was talking to but I say: “David Icke predicted something like this, do you remember him or know him?” “Never heard of him”, the voice says. I named a few more people that I know in the truth movement and this person just looked at me, saying he never heard of these people. I remember thinking how everything I read about and knew actually happened, and again, without any emotions just accepted that reality for what it was. Outside of my home everything was devastation, I looked through each window of this house and it was just a different angle or view of complete devastation, trees down, houses demolished into dust….my house was the only house standing in the middle of this, and we were the only survivors of whatever hit us.

Now, listen to this: I get out of bed to go to the bathroom, I notice the clear skies, on my left is the little dipper, clearer and sharper than I have ever seen it before, on the right is the big dipper, again, so clear and in my face I could touch it if I reached out. What was strange about this vision in the skies was that everything was floating like a boat on waves in the ocean. Nothing was standing still, that entire area of the sky/stars were just moving in unison. Perhaps I was in a sleep state but I am sure I was awake, I even drew up the mosquito screen to make sure I was seeing correctly because I didn’t have my glasses by my bedside so I rolled up the screen and it still danced to some kind of music….

I laid in bed contemplating what I had just seen outside my window and the experience I had traveled to during sleep, no fear, no anxiety, simply “What is, is”.

I don’t believe in dreams, I am now traveling every night and leaving my body, at times I feel that I want to permanently escape this reality and dimension, it is hard, really hard. In other realities I am light, bouncing around with ease, there is never mention or seeing pain and disease or anyone complaining about illness, tiredness, nothing at all. Each reality that I travel to is always matter of fact, what is is, seeing that reality for what it is without being emotionally overwhelmed by what I see or experience, including all the players/souls in those realities.

I am not a predictor, and I don’t think that anyone can predict what may happen because there is no future, everything we experience is in the moment. The veil is being lifted, and because of this, THEY are creating so much fear in every aspect of our current reality which means, we are close to the end. There are planetary bodies out there, but they are not approaching us, we are approaching them. There will be no catastrophic events, we are moving towards the galactic center, anyone that is telling you about Nibiru, the bible prophesies and all that scary shit is simply in a different timeline that they believe to be some kind of future for us.

Do not FEAR anything, it is this FEAR that can close us back behind the veil, although I know we will do just fine, remember, that as unity consciousness we create our realities. Everything that is going on now in our world/planet is to stop us from accessing our higher selves and to stop us from thinking what reality we want. If you are stuck in fear of what might happen, you are unable to think of what you want and how you want your reality to be.  I can’t predict anything because it’s not something that is written or said, it is what we create our reality to be, but this lesson is over, it went too far, the dark took us to the wrong lessons and so, this reality will soon end but it won’t be through death and destruction.
THEY are creating this now so that you believe that to be true. Another year or so and we will get out of this shit we are in right now because not enough folks are ready to accept the fact they are so powerful and can change the paradigm at any time they wish.


Hang in there and keep visiting for new posts in the next few days. The heat wave is to last for the rest of this week and then huge dangerous storms are predicted to come our way, this means I can’t go out or do anything outside so I will write about things I have wanted while being so busy with my community and healing work.

Update to my Readers

Dear Readers, visitors and trolls. Something went wrong with WP and I saw 38 comments waiting to be approved that dated back 3 months ago. Although I have a side panel where I can instantly see comments or likes or follows, it never showed this, but this morning when accidently clicking on Reader mode, the main WP menu popped up and I could see the 38 comments awaiting approval.

I have a policy on this blog that ALL comments are approved and posted. This is why once you post a comment and I approve it, it shows up automatically. There was a rare occasion that I didn’t approve/post a really nasty and stubborn Troll and the reason I didn’t is because I felt that by posting it’s nastyness, I was only giving it more energy. This blog has never been about me or what I thought. I have always tried to share my experiences and thoughts, views, opinions but never debated with anyone that disagreed with me because my reality is not yours and my truth is not yours.

There is a heat wave happening here so I am spending time in the comfort of A/C thus feeling the need to write a few things. Last night’s out of body experience was probably one of the most interesting, exciting and scaring ones I have remembered so far. I make the mistakes of not recording these out of body travels but I don’t want my cellphone close to my bed while I sleep, my bedroom is free of any frequencies though it seems that I will have to sacrifice this now because the travels are becoming more frequent, more exciting and I am remembering new ones. I estimate that I am in at least 10 to 12 different realities, thing is, once I wake up, most of the details are forgotten. This one last night is still intact and I am first going to write down what I remember and then share it with you in another post. I truly believe/know that I am a multi-dimensional being and exist in many realities, that there is no past/present/future and that everything exists within the same time/space continuum.  We are so humanized and THEY have done a great job in hijacking our minds so we can’t seem to connect to those other realities or not making an effort. I have a lot to say and write about so stay tuned.


The HEAT is ON! The FEAR program is on maximum, they are losing the battle but like I have written many times, they will attack like a wounded beast and take down with them as many as they can.

Sheldon Nidle Crap

The key is the new American currency. It is being printed and accounted for by the new Department of the Treasury. Really? I thought you said this in 2010, then 2011, then 2012, then 2013, then 2014, then 2015. What does NOW in your terms mean? What earth year should this happen in? 

These precious metal-backed monies signal that this hemisphere has joined the East. This money is to set up the first stages of a global revaluation that is to be the foundation for a new and fairer banking system. Prosperity requires that these safely secured funds be the stable foundation for this surface world’s prosperity. It is this prosperity that is to successfully fuel a new worldwide reality.
Sure, if you say so dude. Can’t wait. 

Many amazing inventions, long sequestered by the ancient regime, are to be released for numerous revolutions in healing and in a worldview that is no longer appropriate for humanity.
Doesn’t “ancient regime” sound a bit like our current regime? A regime? Our desire is to aid this growth by at times letting you know how best to expand these new technologies. Our expertise and guidance can permit you to attain your desires quickly. The main purpose here is to help you to discover how the universe really works and, in learning its amazing electrical origins, to alter how you perceive your reality…
Your expertise and guidance? What exactly is your expertise and guidance other than sending these types of messages for years and years?  What does SOON mean to you folks in different dimensions and realities? Maybe soon for us can be tomorrow, or next week or next month, but for your soon to happen it could mean milleniums.

Pay attention to the last sentence.  They want to help, teach and ALTER how you perceive reality. That’s some scary shit!