A Long Hot Summer

It took a while to complete Part 3 of the Revealing of the Six series. Partly because I took some time off and went to the mainland to a special space I had always wanted to visit. Our water source comes from the River Cetina. The source comes from the ground, a deep cave of 120 m deep. All you need to do is duckduckgo Cetina River and you will find some awesome photos. I went camping and though it was hot during the day, I loved the cool nights as the region I travelled around was right under the mountain Dinara. We camped out by the lake Peruca as the river Cetina forms this huge reservoir and each day did some hiking and exploring.

I came home very stressed out because my friend was the wrong person to take camping with me. Since she never went camping with her own gear, only with friends, she had no idea on how to put together a tent or anything related to the campsite for that matter so all the work was on me. She had a lot of stressful issues with having to return to Paris and the Mandatory Jab so it was not a relaxing time for me, but I know how where and what area I can return to go metal detecting. You know, Europe is an ancient world. Our city Split is the Dioclecean Emperor Palace which was built in the 3rd Century, so Split is now 1700 years old. The Balkans is a region where Alexander the Great, Ottoman Empire, the Crusades, thousands of years of wars and carnage across this region so there are many artefacts to be found and this is where I spend time on. I study the history of this region and then plan out my camping trip so that I can metal detect for a few days.

I’m an outsider now. I have ascended to 5th and I am no longer part of this world. I see beauty in everything. The colours are brighter, the insects love me even though at times they want to play at the wrong time. Yesterday in the garden a Mantis clung to my gloves and she would not leave, she had something to say and I was in a rush and needed to complete something. I hear the plants, they complained to me as I am now preparing the garden for winter that they barely survived the heat and were angry at me for not watering them enough. It’s true, we had a record heat year, not just because it was over 35C but because it went from June 1st to Sept 1st non stop and no rain. Crops failed, it was impossible to grow cucumbers and zucchini. No sooner did we put them outdoors, the heatwave came along and they burned in the sun.

I don’t watch TV and have not watched in years, but occasionally I will watch RT News, Euronews, Al Jazeera and some Fox just to see what the propaganda is for the day. Folks, we are nearing the awakening stage, at any given moment we will explode into a global revolution. Remember I wrote many times that nobody is going to save us. We are the saviours, it is up to us to save humanity, to save ourselves from the darkness. We have won, but we have not yet played it out. It will get uglier but the Cabal is now pushing desperately, the beast is wounded and it will inflict as much damage as it can before it goes down.

There will be no weapons of mass destruction, they have been deactivated as we do have friends in the higher realms; but now is the time to quit your job if you are forced to get vaccinated. Your life is more important, if you submit to the jab, you will be left behind and continue your journey in 3D until you figure out who you are. It’s what we came here to do. We came here to figure out who we are and to reverse the direction of humanity. Source would never allow for the total destruction of creation but in order for humanity to SEE the darkness, there will be much loss of life, but not death, only transitions from one body to another reality. Many are leaving now, the volunteers that came to just BE, the extra’s in the movie as you may see it that way.

I see it as a rebirth to a new reality. I switch from one to another because I need to be in 3D to shop for food and grow food and the usual 3D things we are forced to do but my world is well beyond this 3D matrix now. I’m blissful, living in serenity and peace, seeing the beauty in everything, living in abundance and joy. I’m blessed to have figured out who I truly am when I was a young woman, so I have had a long life to perfect my knowledge and BECOME what I truly am. I am the LIGHT, I just shine my light and feeling very excited for what is to come.

I predicted 2 years ago that we would be in the midst of it and here we are, at the crossroads. Each must choose 3D reality or 5D reality. There is no in between. We are either wise and old Souls to know our way home or we have not yet matured enough to discover and experience all that is. There is no right or wrong. There is only CHOICE. Remember, we all came here for different roles. Some to harm, some to fool, some to play, some to teach, some to fill in for souls that could not handle the difficulties of this reality. We created this movie, each one of us has a role to play for this time in humanity. Keep up the good work and you are where you should be.

The Revealing of the Six – Part 3

Gene Decode

This was a tough one. Like the 6 that I often listen to, Gene didn’t hit me well energetically. I guess you could say that I have an aversion towards Bible Thumpers. What do I mean by that? Anyone that uses and lives by the Bible word for word is a Bible Thumper. It indicates someone that is not enlightened, that does not lead, that only follows what he/she is being taught or told. Even when we know there are over 36,000 contradictions in that book and we know today that hundreds of books were omitted in putting this Bible we know today that was translated from Hebrew and Koptic language.

But let’s get back to Gene Decode. For starters, I don’t respect people that will not reveal their true identity. What do they have to hide? All of us in the truth movement are in danger. At any given moment, given that all our activity is recorded, we cold get attacked with energy weapons or simply just walking out on to the street and get hit by a car. When someone is hiding their true identity, they have something to hide. This excuse that their life is in danger or their family life may be threatened is bullshit. I will fight and die for what I believe in and hiding myself behind a photo of a Husky is not credible for me.

Gene is supposedly a Military Veteran and has a lot of knowledge in quantum physics, astronomy, the deep state, DUMB’s and basically all these military operations going on now to take down the deep state. I can’t verify that his information is true, but then the information he offers can be found online and on the dark web. It’s the usual, “my sources, and my intel” crap. But this is not what I doubt Gene’s credibility because I can’t verify his information. What is bothering me is/are events that transpired AFTER I set up this list of 6.

For starters, I have evidence/proof/emails from his organisation because I heard from Gene and he mostly talks about his protocols for different illnesses and now to clean oneself of the JAB. In order to get this, it was a long process. Because I offered to help was confused in with the Protocols so they had to test me first should I qualify to be part of their organisation.

“^M Hi Ines,
I’m Lemmy, European Coordinator with Gene and the Blessed4Service Team.
Gene forwarded your e-mail from July 25th to me and I saw that you are already pretty active in lightwork and asked if you can be of help.
Before we can discuss any kind of working relationship I need to ask you a couple of questions. You can either choose from the given answers or explain in your own words your understanding in regards to the mentioned topics.

The Earth is:
Flat and the sun and moon are going around its skies the stars are point sources of light.
Round or a globe and orbits the sun and the night skies are filled with a few stars but there are no other Sentient beings but Mankind.
The Earth is a globe that orbits the Sun and the stars above it, many of which are galaxies, are in a vast and infinite Universe (or multiverse; select one) that contains life and sentience that is limitless.

The space above in the night skies:
Has a firmament that can not be penetrated or was broken long ago but there is no way to survive beyond where it was or where it is.
The Space above Earth is vast but humanity has never gone out there and the space program was a fake as is Nasa.
The space above Earth is limitless with vast star systems & galaxies in which we went to the moon in the 60’s but there are no ongoing program at this time.
The space above Earth is limitless with vast star systems & galaxies in which we went to the moon in the 60’s, there are vast & current ongoing programs at this time.

Are just demons.All aliens are just evil demons.
There are alien species beyond belief and have been coming to Earth for a very long time.Aliens exist some bad, some evil, some demons, our space programs have been in contact with them and trading with them a long time.
Aliens exist some bad, some evil, some demons but 95% of aliens are good and In Service to The One True God of ALL Creation (just here on Earth no evident as the evil ones are predominant here), our space programs have been in contact with both types and trading with them a long time; the Aliens that are In Service to the One True God of ALL Creation, revere humanity & Earth are revered as the greatest of  THE ONE Infinite Creators creations and all the good aliens bow in reverence to humans!

Space programs:
Do not exist and are impossible.
There are space programs that have been developed starting at least around 1947 with the back engineering of the Roswell retrieval of a crashed alien ship.

I am:
Not religious and am an atheist.Religious but in a spiritual sense but do not KNOW God personally but believe exists.
A member of the ____________ faith (example; Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Mormon, Catholic etc.)
If you have a preference of specific material Please advise.

Much Love and God Bless,Lemmy”

So, this took me by surprise. What does it matter what I think about anything if I’m just asking for a health protocol or even if I want to help? You see, their GOD is the dark one. Oh, Yes! I also offered my services if I could be of any help because I was curious. At least these folks answer me within a decent timeframe, while for 7 years, I have yet to get a list of CC Members from Simon Parkes.

So, I answered the questions and then I received more shit:

Lemmy Litmister <might.of.lightgc@gmail.com>Aug 6, 2021, 5:47 PM
to me

^M Sure, I can provide you with all of our health protocols and I’ll make sure to send them to you as soon as you responded to the following disclaimer.
We’ll talk about the rest as soon as I’ve spoken to our WC’s.

Please read the disclaimer below and respond stating that you understand the disclaimer and assume all liability.

It is necessary for you to respond before information can be provided to you and before we send you any protocols or information. If you have replied to this disclaimer previously, please understand that we will be asking this of you for each email that we receive. 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document or presented via spoken word is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or serve as a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified, licensed medical professional. The information is offered only in order to empower individuals and is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (in the USA). The reader understands that the authors and/or presenters are neither medical practitioners nor are they engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services. Any treatment protocol you undertake should be discussed with your physician or other licensed medical professional. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of this material to your specific situation. Do not stop or change your medications without consulting your physician. If you are having an emergency, contact your local emergency services. The person receiving this information assumes any and all liability for how it is used and understands that what they do with the information is fully their decision. The person receiving, accepting, and/or using this information agrees to fully release Gene Decode, the Blessed for Service Health Coordinator team (Marie and Faith), all Blessed For Service Coordinators, and the person providing this information from any and all liability.

We do not give permission for anyone to share our protocols and documents on any other platforms or social media, however, you may share them privately, person to person. Please know that protocols change over time as we learn more effective ways to deal with health issues and as new information becomes available regarding them. 

You MUST respond and state you understand the disclaimer and accept ALL Liability personally prior to receiving ANY protocols. 

Additionally, you must state you WILL NOT hold liable Blessed 2 (To) Teach (Rick Rene), gene decode (Cosensei gene), ANY/ALL members of the Blessed for Service Coordinator team including Marie, Blessed for Service Health Coordinator and Faith, Assistant Health Coordinator, and that you understand and accept ALL liability for ANY and ALL decisions you make regarding ANY and ALL protocols sent to you.

Your email will be answered and, if requested, protocols will be provided upon receiving your reply stating the above.

So, I did do what was asked of me, again wondering what the hell was going on. Nobody is going to sue anyone for sharing health information. We do this all the time. First, I have to be tested for my views and then I have to respond with explicit instructions for a disclaimer. Fine. That was done, I received the link but I can’t share it with you, according to the disclaimer. If you would like the Protocols, you can apply to them like I did, or send me an email and I can send that to you.

But, it doesn’t end here. I received another response to my offering to help the organisation, as follows:

Lemmy LitmisterTue, Aug 17, 6:26 PM
to Ines

^M Hi Ines,
thank you for offering your help, we really appreciate it. Since you have your website which has to be a lot of work apart from private matters we all have to cope with we decided to not let you be part of our team. I hope you understand.
We can always stay in contact and exchange information, documents and files in case you need anything or are interested in receiving such files and docs.
Much Love and God Bless,Lemmy

Ines Radman <ines.radman@gmail.com>Sat, Aug 21, 1:22 PM
to Lemmy

Dear Lemmy, Your reason was dishonest, I know this because I can see right through it energetically. You have the right to refuse me, but the way you explained it defies all logic. You are basically telling me that you know better than I do,  how much of a workload I can handle and along with my private life that everyone has will be too much for me. I wish you would have been more honest and told me the truth: You didn’t like some things I wrote on my blog, that’s the real reason. If you or whoever did the research, you would have seen that I have been in this fight for a long time, since 2014;  and what you didn’t like about my posts is my “relationship with god” which does not share the same values as you do. That’s ok, we all have the right to believe what we want, but by rejecting me, you have in essence judged me for my views because I DO believe in God, have been in the presence of God, I just happen to have a different relationship with him. This is where you made the mistake of not being honest with me, and therefore, I have no reason to trust you or your organization because honesty is GOD.  

I thank you nonetheless for responding, just wish you were more honest about it. 
Kindest regards and with love, Ines 

Lemmy LitmisterSun, Aug 22, 3:25 PM
to me

^M Hi Ines,
I’m sorry if that is what you receive energetically. However, I don’t recognize myself as dishonest in my last email. I just keep details of the full reason to myself whenever I have to reject someone because you never know how people react. 
Since full honesty is what you request, I’ll give it to you. We have a testing procedure, so called muscle testing, I’m sure you heard of it at least with your spiritual experience. 4 people from our team ask several questions in order to find out if we can trust someone or not. If only one of them receives answers that exclude someone from the team, I have to reject this particular person.
In your case, there’s no doubt you are in service to the One True God. The only thing where two of our testers received a No was with this question.”Has the skills and time needed to devote to being part of the BFS team?”Since I hardly doubt that skills are the problem, it has to be time which is why I came to the conclusion that it has to do with your work on the website. 
With this in mind I hope you can accept my apology and stay in contact. After all there’s always things we can learn from each other.
From my point of view there’s a few more things I want to tell you. The testing procedure saves us a lot of time. Research like checking your website isn’t necessary for us with it. The details you shared about your life, the fact that you are running a website and your answers on the questionnaire decide if you’re getting tested or not. Please consider my advice and don’t jump to conclusions too early since I can tell you from personal experience that this can cause problems and lead you to decisions you may regret afterwards.Our latest information states that the Cabal sent out every demonic they have in order to cause harm, aggression, startle our morgellons, etc. In other words they once more try to do the ‘divide and conquer’ with us. This is something that affects us all and we from the team constantly have to be aware of it – personally I like to say that we have to be ‘on guard’ permanently.
I’ll respect it if you say that you further don’t trust me or our team, nevertheless I would be happy to know if you changed your mind.
Much Love and God Bless,Lemmy

As you can read, I was right. They judged my website contents because it does not reflect their view of GOD or Religion. I have come to the conclusion and have always intuitively felt that this is a Deep State Operation. When you listen to GENE, he uses these words explicitly when talking about his religion. Almighty, the one and only TRUE God; must follow, must serve GOD, must OBEY and must this and that. He can be highly intelligent in many things but they are not related to Spirituality which means that this Intelligent man knows much more than he is saying but is PRETENDING to be a god fearing man. He’s intelligent but does not know that the GODS in the bible are Aliens and they are the ones that issued that command: Obey only me and no other GOD.

So, with all due respect to the good intentions of this person, I FEEL darkness. There are many contradictions in his views or beliefs. As someone who has been a healer for over 30 years, I don’t dare show up sick or not well when working with my clients. In fact, if I am going to heal someone, I have to be healthy, vibrant, an example of what I am preaching to my clients about wellness, don’t you think? How would you feel if you came to see me and asked me how I was doing? “Oh, I didn’t sleep all night, there were demons going after me”! Or: “I don’t feel good, I have been taking so many drugs to keep this chronic liver disease at bay and it’s not going very well.”

I don’t think that I would trust someone who was not well. Here is where it gets contradictive. Gene claims that these protocols he’s sharing will cure you or help you of certain conditions. But, in most of his podcasts, he’s battling some health issues. How is this possible, that you can recommend some health protocols but are not healing yourself? Which leads to the next question: The protocols are shared with anyone that wants to use them, but how do we know they are safe? Anecdotal evidence is not proof of anything but again, if Gene is always sick with something, what credibility does he have or how can someone who has obvious serious health issues recommend shit that is not helping him? Or, maybe these protocols are dangerous to us because he’s a Deep State operative?

I struggled with this one because EGO and Intuition have struggled for weeks now before writing this post, but the emails and responses I received confirmed one thing for sure. They know better if I have the time to donate my time to them. Muscle testing long distance? Are you kidding me? If I don’t have the same views as they do, I’m not worthy of being part of their organisation. But, there is no ONE TRUE GOD. There is Source, we are not slaves to Source/Creator. There is nothing in the bible that says we must SERVE GOD or Jesus. In fact, what little is written about Jesus in the bible, even Gene knows this; Jesus taught us that we were equal to Jesus. That he was the son of God but that so were we. There is no mention in this Bible that we should serve any God or be obedient to God. We live in a Free Will Reality. God doesn’t expect anything from us. God/Creator/Source created Souls so that we, Souls could experience all that is. I can’t see how an intelligent man missed this unless he’s evil and is pushing his dark agenda. He’s very well rounded in knowledge so I would expect that he would research Religion, the origins of the Bible, the Gnostic Texts of which contents were mixed in with the current bible, etc. So, he’s not intelligent or he is and is serving the Dark God. The Annunaki Elohim who wanted only worship and obedience.

I felt this the first time I heard his voice, but I needed time to collect data and listen. This now leads me to believe that all SIX are in this together, another false Patriot group, misleading folks to turn them away from the awakening. Why? Very simple. The timelines always change, something came up, the RV/QFC had a glitch etc. In the end, only those that are deeply involved in the operation to help humanity know the details and so far, there have been no details, no proof that Biden is an actor or that many politicians are in GITMO. It’s all talk and we are supposed to blindly believe what they say.

I leave that up to you dear old Soul to discern for yourself. I don’t collect this information so that I will be enlightened, I already know what is going on and how it will end. I have written about it, declared the state of Terminal Madness and how it will end. I’m actually collecting this to save you from a lot of trouble should this group be on the dark side. So far, I’m not seeing it. These folks have monetized their “Identities” through products, subscriptions, “inner circle” information and other means. The only beneficiaries I can see so far is themselves. Even Gene now is spreading his wings and he will be making money, if he’s honest man, I wish him all the best. but he’s hiding his identity, therefore, he’s not who he claims to be.

The Revealing of the Six – Part 2 of 6

Michael Jaco

I have only recently been listening to Michael Jaco. Recently means the last year. I heard of him through an interview that Dr. Charlie Ward was doing so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to listen to what he had to say. This group of 6 by the way, claim to be Patriots and Christians, God fearing humans. According to Michael, he’s an Ex Navy Seals Guy, Ex Cia guy, a body builder and I’m not really sure what he currently does for a living, I have not heard him say exactly what it was so it doesn’t mean he’s not or doesn’t have some kind of business. He’s a sweet guy, he’s now teaching Unleashing  Intuitive Secrets  and claims he’s very good at Remote Viewing . I can’t verify his Intel because I’m not into research and honestly, that term INTEL is very vague and relative to the subject you’re discussing. If he is a former CIA person I have no doubt that he does get Intel information about what is going on, and I believe what he says because I want to believe it.
His energy is good, I feel he is a decent human being and means well. You see, I don’t feel that about Simon Parkes, there is something about that man that just doesn’t sit well with me. So, Michael connects with Nicholas Veniamin, Gene Decode, Mel K, Tarot Lady Janine from Canada and Scott Mckay, at least that has been the case so far. I think what kind of turned me off was his subtle way of introducing his merchandise and he’s now really promoting his clothing line and some natural Supplements.

I get turned off by this very easily because I have always been of the belief that if your mission is to help humanity, there is no need to sell anything. Sure, he can sell it on a website or promote it elsewhere, but to do that during the show itself, I find distasteful. It leads me to question what their purpose really is. It’s been tough for many truth seekers and whistle-blowers as they are censored, banned and taken off different Social Media Platforms, while others are monetizing their work. YT will remove their channel but will leave the ones that are using their work and monetize it.

Obviously, they are doing something right but I just have an averse reaction to folks helping humanity and trying to sell something at the same time. I do feel that Michael has good intentions, I’m pretty good at “feeling” people’s energy but for now there is something missing. He too claims to know things, intuitive thinking, seeing and putting out information but I don’t blame people doubting the information because we can’t prove it. When he says that so and so has been taken to Gitmo and that the person has a double or actor taking their place, perhaps I would be more convinced if he can put up some photos or anything that would connect this information. I have no doubt that we are on the right timeline, but the last few months there have been many delays and many reasons why it’s not moving forward so maybe the Intel is not intended to be correct so it would throw off those that are trying to make our lives even more miserable. All in all, Michael seems to be a decent person and I wish he wouldn’t have to sell his merchandise in the same video because it places doubt that perhaps he’s just doing this to make money since I have not yet been shown any evidence or proof of what he claims to be happening at the present moment. 

Bottom line is recently he’s been really just chattering about meaningless crap and bringing on guests I don’t find very credible. This one lady has no credibility when she starts talking about Star children being Anchors for us humans. We don’t need Anchors folks. The Indigo, the Star Children etc; are not more special than us. They are being born/incarnating with their DNA intact while our DNA has been deactivated over time so once we make that transition to lighter bodies, it will be an instant thing for them and we have to go through the process to get there. She made this out to be something so complicated that she needed a whole HOUR to explain it and even then wasn’t sure because she had to meditate on it.

All children that are incarnating now have better DNA structures because they are going to lead us, not Anchor us. The children simply already have the required DNA to shift, they won’t have to go through the process that we do by first waking up, and working on ourselves, bodies and spirituality.

Honestly, I think this guy just saw an opportunity to make some money because he claims to be an Ex CIA and Ex Navy Seal, I don’t see any value in this person because he has not provided me with some kind of evidence to assure he’s getting INTEL.

Did you notice that over the years, all those that claimed to have INTEL are not around anymore? I’m sorry, INTEL is given to anyone. Those that are working behind the scenes don’t give out their fucking INTEL because they are working in Secrecy. It is up to us to work on our Spirituality and prepare for the New Earth. That’s all we should be concerned about. Nobody is going share their INTEL so that we can broadcast it in public for the enemy to know we know. How stupid is that? Prove me wrong, that’s all I can say.

Anyone who’s concept of God as a Saviour has a long way to go yet. God is Creator, period. Creator has given us the free will to experience all that is. There is no intervention or Saviour, I have been saying this for years. If God was a Saviour or Christ; why did they allow this shit to happen in the first place? Those are the questions they need to be asking. Sure, let humanity suffer for a few thousand years and then I will come down and save them.

I am not in any way attempting to judge anyone with Religious beliefs, it’s their choice to be part of any religious organization, but it’s the relationship with Creator that I have issues with. Creator is not “someone”; is not in a position to judge, to determine our fate or to come to our rescue. I’m simply stating that anyone who believes the Bible is not yet evolved to a level of high frequency and spiritual awareness of who they truly are. I don’t write this lightly, but I have been with Creator; in it’s most beautiful form, there are no words in our language to define that experience. I speak with the knowledge that Creator is all that is, and that Creator created us as SOULS to have any experience we wanted to in order to get to know Creator/Source. It’s like a child being born, it goes through different cycles of life, grows up, matures and figures out what it wants to be in life. Souls expand their experience by experiencing all that is. Human experience is one of the most difficult ones, this is where we graduate from, this is where we move in higher multidimensional realities, upon completion of Earth School.

So, anyone that still believes that God punishes, saves humanity or intervenes in our experiences is either full of crap and on the dark side of the New Cage Movement or this person is a fake and pretends to be someone they are not.

I won’t say that Michael is a liar or that he is not what he claims to be, but I question his spiritual awareness because God does not save humanity. we must save ourselves and I have been writing about this since 2014.

Religion is a made up institution to manipulate with humanity. The Deity God that is in the bible is the Annunaki Brother’s Enlil and Enki; if you study the true Hebrew translations, you will see that ELO means one god and ELOHIM means more than one god; so the GODS of the bible are not real gods. What does anything else in that book matter if the story of Creation and Adam and EVE is a lie? We can prove this today, yet we have not been able to find any evidence that Jesus existed or that he was buried where they claim he was.

I question anyone that is a Christian who believes GOD will bless or take away, that believes one must ACCEPT Christ into their lives and that believes that God will save humanity. I’m sorry, if God was so great, then why would he allow us to suffer like this? If God was to intervene; why can’t he intervene for millions of innocent children dying from hunger and needless wars? Can someone answer this question for me?

The Revealing of the 6 – Part I

This will be a series of critiques of 6 people that I have been listening to for the last year. I have a lot of questions about these people and I want to present my information in such a way that YOU will start asking the same questions in order to determine if you deem them credible. I can’t say that I don’t deem any of them credible in the sense there are several issues with each one of them that I will present in this 6 part series. I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself if any of these folks are presenting correct information and the truth to the public.

The following list of people will be critiqued:

  1. Simon Parkes
  2. Michael Jaco
  3. Gene Decode
  4. Dr. Charlie Ward
  5. Scott McKay
  6. Cirstenw

Let’s get started.


If you do a search on this blog you will find that I have mentioned Simon Parkes several times in posts regarding exposing the fake gurus and false prophets. I never did a detailed expose on Simon at the time because I wasn’t sure and to be honest I am still not sure, BUT I’m still asking the same questions.

So, in 2014 I signed up to be a member of Connecting Consciousness. I never get any responses after that, I was expecting a Newsletter or something to make me feel like I am a MEMBER of something, the website had only been setup last year I believe simonparkes.org; and I found it odd because as a Member, I didn’t know what that entailed. Over the years, I did send emails asking about other members because Simon would announce how many people became members and I was curious to know where I could find these members. I live in Croatia and it would be nice to know if there is anyone here that I can connect with.

It took a year for someone to answer me that CC is not obligated to send updates and that I can find information on their website. That wasn’t enough, I replied with: “Can I at least find out who the members are so that I can connect with them?” I never got a response on that but I did offer to help with the Organization of which I did get a response from a person named Deb asking me if I could be interested in becoming a Coordinator for Croatia.

Of course I said yes under the condition that I knew what that entailed and Deb assured me that she would contact me and we would set up a Video Chat. This was last year in December and I have not heard from anyone.

In the meantime, Simon is boasting a membership of over 90,000 people worldwide, and I quote:” I currently have 90,000 members and it’s growing everyday”. Notice that he said I. Not WE, but I. I found that odd because it’s clear his ego is in control. I expected anyone that forms an organization to consider their members as OUR members right? Maybe I can’t find the information, maybe it’s out there and I can’t se it but it’s not the website for sure. It’s just a few links to some news, nothing worth getting excited about. Just because Tesco is closing it’s bank branches isnt proof the GOOD GUYS are winning.

I chose the six based on a single factor. These people coordinate their information, they talk on each other’s shows and do Video Chats etc so you can say that they are unified in giving out their information or supporting each other.

I have a lot of questions about CC. If I have been a member for 7 years, how come I still don’t know who the rest of the members are? Simon always talks about the USA, the work he does there, the Coordinators he meets with there, very little if anything is talked about Europe and like I said, no effort has been made to make a list or map of it’s members. Isn’t it strange that he calls it Connecting Consciousness yet after 7 years I still don’t know who the members are?

That’s all I wanted. I wanted to CONNECT with other members and share with each other or help each other if we need help.

I know Simon’s past, I listened to him years before he formed this group. It seems that Simon can talk a lot but I have not seen any evidence of what he’s talking about, especially now with the Terminal Madness in full swing. In one of his most recent videos, he claims that he is in contact with makers of the Med Beds and that HE will have access to them for his members and that We as CC members will be able to help others getting better. He’s gone for months at a time, claiming he’s very very busy with the organization yet after 7 years, you would think he would have enough people to answer emails and to set up a list of members so that we can connect with each other while he’s making up his mind to do that himself.

As for the information he’s been giving in the last year about the BAD GUYS and the GOOD GUYS, I can’t verify they are true because like him and other 5, they claim they have INTEL so unless I know who their Intel is, I can’t say the information is legitimate. But, when things keep being pushed forward and excuses are always given why, I remind myself of the “Ascension” gurus how they kept pushing forward Ascension because we were not ready for it yet or the Nesara and Dinar gurus who kept saying they would be cashing in next Monday. You know, Intel means good information. If Intelligence can’t give you good information, then who can? I start doubting anything that comes out of their mouths because I don’t see any results and they are using the same mind control mechanism: “If you can’t see it in front of you then you’re still asleep.” Give me a fucking break! If you claim you have Intel then why are you always wrong? So you see, I do have issues with a lot of things that has “Simon Parkes” name on it. I’m not saying he’s not credible, I’m not saying he’s lying either, but if I can’t find out who the members are after 7 years, what am I supposed to think? How difficult is it to print up your database? I know it’s possible because Deb knew exactly when I joined CC so they can present a list or a Map to show the members and I question why they are not doing this.

It’s the same shit every time I listen to him, he’s focused on events and his CC in the USA and he keeps moving it forward, so again, I must ask Simon why is his intelligence wrong? Of course he will tell people that things can’t be planned exactly, things go wrong, the BAD GUYS caught on to something. Yeah, yeah, cry me a river Simon, but PLEASE can you put a list of all these 90,000 + members on your website so that we can connect with each other while you do whatever it is you do in the background?

I am almost inclined to think that our names are being collected for nefarious reasons and that Simon is not who he claims to be. Hey, you just never know these days because 7 years is a long time to share the member list don’t you think?

Thank you very much!

The rest of you can decide yourselves what you want to believe or not, but I’m asking simple and logical questions. The Organization is called CONNECTING CONSCIOUSNESS I have been a member since 2014 yet to this day I have nobody to CONNECT to.

It’s Climate Change Stupid

Climate change is the new virus. Everything that is happening around the planet is due to Climate Change. It is true, but not the way they define it. Climate Change is Constant. Change is constant. We are entering a new cycle, or planetary cycle better said. What is going on in terms of fires, floods and extreme storms around the planet are mostly geoengineered using HAARP, Chemtrails, DEW’s (direct energy weapons); at least a better part of them.

I often wonder how is it that with all the modern technology, satellites, computer simulators etc; that they can’t get the forecast right? At least that is the case here in Croatia. I rely on the weather for almost everything. With a huge organic garden and water is expensive, chlorinated, I need to know when to expect rain so I can prepare the rain collection systems. I spend a lot of my time in nature so weather is important. If I go camping, I need to know what night temperatures are going to be and what to take with me. Also, because I live on an island, I need to know the wind speeds because if the winds are strong, depending on which direction, ferries don’t sail. But, for the last 6 months I have not been able to get a correct forecast.

Why? Why can’t they forecast the weather within 24 hours? What’s the point of spending all that fucking money on their technology if they can’t get it right? There are 2 possible reasons: 1. They are purposely doing this to keep us confused. 2. The HAARP and Chemtrails cause weather forecast mistakes. I would go with number 1 because I do track the chemtrails. I have watched them criss cross our skies and literally form these sheet clouds. Is this to block the sun or attract moisture, I don’t know but the Chemtrails do change the atmosphere.

Climate Change is Constant. It has been since the beginning so don’t buy into that shit. Of course the climate changes and it has nothing to do with humans. These are cycles that occur as the planets move in the solar system. We have universes and galaxies around us and their movements affect weather here on Earth as well. I’m not a scientist but it doesn’t take one to figure this out. Humans have adapted to these climate changes by moving to better climates, but in the reality that we live in today, we are tied to real estate and JOBS. It’s not simple to just pack up and move to a better climate so we are stuck in whatever comes our way. With borders, people can’t move to better conditions especially those that live nomad lives with livestock. They can’t apply for a permit or whatever to just move into a different country.

I have been watching these horrible floods in Germany, Belgium and Austria and ask myself: Why do you build and live by a fucking river knowing it will flood? These are level plain areas and so of course if there is a big rainfall that the river will run it banks; it’s common sense. We have a river called Cetina, actually, we get our water from it. But Cetina source is up North and flows DOWN to the Adriatic Sea so it has little chance of flooding and because I plan on travelling there as soon as it cools down a bit, I have been exploring that region through Google Earth and YT; I don’t see any houses established in the plains. The only homes built there are on higher grounds so it’s just logical that you’re not going to live right by a river.

This is especially important for countries that are level such as Netherlands; if you need to live by a river, then build your home on stilts. These are very old buildings, and I don’t understand why would anyone live so close to a river? Now, these folks are angry and blame their governments that their homes were destroyed. It’s always like that. When disaster strikes, blame someone else. Why do people keep rebuilding in the US in Tornado Alley? If there are a lot of Tornadoes going on there, why do you want to live there? So, all these homes that are built or being rebuilt in dangerous areas should be denied Insurance because I sure as hell wold not insure someone living in a risky zone. You would think we live in Japan and don’t have enough land to build on. Even my tiny country of Croatia, a land mass the size of Austria or Vancouver Island has vast lands. With less than 4 million people, most of them are concentrated in cities and towns. I think that 80% of our land is unused.

There are many deserted villages either due to wars, or young people moving to the cities. In the last 10 years since we joined the EU; even more land is barren because that Union caused many farmers to close down their businesses due to strict regulations, and competition. While our farmers were spilling their milk on to the streets, we are now importing 70% of agricultural goods.

So, what’s my point? Don’t believe anything. Everything is a lie. The only truth in this reality is that the dark control you and only they can get rich and powerful. They don’t give a crap about you or your cows or chickens organically raised. If they can’t buy you out to increase their corporate profits, they will shut you down with rules and regulations. Eventually, or should I say very soon, they will own and control most of the agricultural lands and in turn control who will get access to food and it won’t be healthy or organic because that would heal your bodies.

They lie about the weather, I think they do it on purpose because they need to keep us confused, wait for rain that doesn’t arrive and it only takes 24 hrs for a crop to break down without rain or water. We are currently in a heat wave here in Croatia. 10 years ago, anything over 40C was considered a heat wave. Now it’s over 32C even though this type of weather has been going on for centuries. Our meteorologists even tell you how you are going to feel and what you need to do as if you’re stupid and don’t know that you should drink a lot of water and stay out of the sun. I can’t give medical advise, but they can. More fear mongering as if the human body can’t tolerate temperatures over 35C. We’re just weak humans and we need to be scared as much as possible.

Did you ever think about what purpose a mosquito or fly have? None. Enlil and Enki the Anunnaki brothers or Abel and Cain in the bible, one of them was the geneticist, and he created an entire species of insects that had no purpose and were designed to specifically attack humans. Wasps, mosquitos, different species of flies, certain snakes and spiders have no purpose in nature, These are parasitic useless beings designed to attack us, keep us in fear and ensure that we become afraid of insects. Think about it. A mosquito has no purpose at all but to suck blood and pass on disease to his victims. They are a nuisance, they are dangerous if they carry a virus from other animals. These pests were designed to traumatize us, cause allergic reactions and even death if infected with a virus. They thought about everything, every little detail on how to keep us under their control and live in fear.

DO NOT FEAR, it is their only weapon left. Their only weapon left is to scare us into something to fear. They know FEAR will feed them and kill you. DO NOT FEAR.

End of transmission!

Experts are Saving Humanity by Speaking the Truth

I know that most of my readers are and have evolved over time. I’m making those assumptions based on comments and emails I receive on a daily basis. But, there are also many more now that are starting to wake up and realize that something is very wrong.

For those of you that are not sure about this so called CoVid plandemic, I will list a few experts that you can listen to or read their work in order for you to make an informed decision. Please note that these are just a small number of experts that I have listed in a hurry today, but there are many more, including Organizations worldwide made up of scientists, medical doctors and medical workers, researchers, molecular biologists; basically all colours of the spectrum that know and can prove that the so called “covid” is imaginary and it’s release from a lab was intentional. What is circulating is a flu strain but engineered in a lab. Nobody really knows what it is because it’s never been isolated. Nobody really knows what’s in the vax either other than some whistleblowers sending information to these experts that have come forward. Because it is an experimental drug, each batch changes it’s ingredients because it IS an experimental drug; but if you listen to these experts you will hear what they have found so far and what impact it has on the body once you are jabbed.

This is a war against us, the beast is unleashing whatever force it has left because it’s in panic mode; so, whatever happens forward is all done for the purpose of killing as many of us as possible. Don’t believe me, do your own research.

I’m in a dilemma today because my clients called for treatments tonight and both have take the jab. The experts, specifically Dr. Judy Mikovits who worked with Dr Fauci in the 80’s says that the VAXXED ppl will now be spreading the worse to come so I’m torn between being safe and helping people. I have to go into a quiet space after this post and really meditate and ask for guidance. Tough decisions because I am here to help people but I have to ask myself at what cost or at what risk am I willing to take to do so?

Do your research and decide for yourself. For everyone reading this blog, post; please share the list of experts with others so that they too will be better informed. It’s not worth arguing with anyone you feel needs help. It’s best to forward to them the Experts that have come forward and are speaking the truth about what is going on.

Don’t use YouTube because most of the truth has been scrubbed clean. Try Bitchute, Rumble and Telegram. I think these are still moderately censored or not at all. Don’t use google, use Duckduckgo as your search engine.

The List of Experts are as follows but not limited to only them: Dr. Sam Dube; Dr. Chris Millburn; Dr. Charles Hoffe; John Carpay; Dr. Judy Mikovits author of newly released bestseller book; Dr. Robert O. Young; Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Francis Christian and Dr. Lee Merrit.

Also, there are a few people that I enjoy listening to in terms what is going on, who is working to help us get out of this Terminal Madness. I don’t recommend any of them as being true and correct, but they do resonate with me and if they are not telling us the truth, then we’re doomed.

They are: Michael Jaco, Scott McKay, CirstenW, Mel K, Dr. Charlie Ward, Nicholas Veniamin and the craziest of all is Infowars.com. There is also Juan O Savin; Gene Decode, Sacha Stone. These are good folks with good intentions and have dedicated their lives to share their intel and knowledge with humanity.

Please do your part too. Whatever you feel resonates with you, share this with others. You will never convince others with your own opinions, so just pass them the names and let them listen/read and decide for themselves.

I do not promote any of the people listed above, I can’t guarantee their information is valid, truthful and legitimate, but so far, I feel they are your best and of course, there are many more out there. Here in this group of folks you will get some history of humanity, who rules this planet at this time, what has been done to humanity over thousands of years, what is going on today, and what we can expect in the near future. It took many of us years and years to collect all the data and come to conclusions. I have spent 40 years of my adult life seeking truth. It was much more difficult before the internet came and now, the Internet is filled with truths, half truths, lies and more lies. It’s very confusing so now we are able to narrow the field of truth for those of you just starting out because it can be very daunting with so much information.

The docks/ports are being clogged with shipping containers. The West Coast attacked for fires and severe hot weather with the intent of destroying crops. The floods in Europe, UK; China, Pakistan and many other locations are all engineered to destroy crops, to reduce our food supply. Why do I say this? It’s time to really start stocking up on essential foods. Flour and rice will probably disappear first because everyone in the world uses it, so make sure you have at least 100 lbs of flour, 50 lbs of rice, something to sweeten your foods or sugar if you can’t afford anything better. These are not nutritious foods, but they are existential foods because carbohydrates turn into glucose and that gives us energy. Nutrition is not our priority right now for those that don’t have too much money, staying alive is important. Of course if you have money to spare, then get whatever you need that can last you a year at least if you are not able to grow your own foods. I expect within 2 weeks that we will start seeing empty shelves. Don’t buy all your big supplies in one place if you live in small communities. You do not want anyone to know that you have extra supplies, so like I do, each time I go to the market, I pick up an extra item for storage. Don’t buy into the Survival Kits and those experts that tell you what foods to buy. They are out to make money not save your life. Our ancestors lived on wheat and nuts and their gardens. This is a temporary problem thus won’t last forever, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I am EXCITED. I feel like I am watching a movie but I know how it ends. My multidimensional travels are more vivid and after I return to bed from having my wee wee, I’m so excited to return to that reality. It’s interesting that I never have a negative experience. Last night I was flying around and overseeing trees. I even remember how I used my mind to lift me off the ground or levitate, but what I saw was upside trees, with their trunks torn off the top, just hanging in the air. I didn’t see it as weird, it was what it was. So far, in all these years, I don’t recall having a negative reality, so it must be only here in this duality that we experience those things? I don’t know, but things are getting very interesting. We have waited for this for eons! All this will start unwinding within a few months. Fall/winter will be very difficult as food supplies dwindle and the jabbed folks start leaving their bodies, but you must celebrate because it is what we all came here to experience. Do not fear the unknown, do not imagine possibilities. Stick with “I am that I am”. Stay within your royal self, we are royalty, and those that want to eliminate the human race know this. They are terrified of us. They are in FEAR of us. Take off your masks, don’t accept any experimental vaccine and stand your ground because if you don’t, we all LOSE and losing is not an option. We don’t lose, but we can extend the suffering until we eventually win this war.

My transmission ends!

The Beast is Unleashed

There are signs that humanity is waking up. Many experts in medicine, research, biology, virology etc; are now standing up to this madness and acting on behalf of humanity.

The jabs are given to health workers, the military and first responders to reduce the amount of help, so that once people started dying off from the jab there was nobody there to save them and when mass protests started, there was no military to step in. All coordinated for thousands of years. 

These dark ones studied  and knew humans very well. They know the power we have and their plan was brilliant. Fool them, lie to them, hide the history and keep repeating things so that they would start thinking about it and create the reality they wanted. You see, they are not capable of creating or manifesting therefore, they used us with the Truman Effect so that we would “think” and “concentrate” on things through fear to manifest exactly what they needed in order to keep us under control and then in this timeline, TRY to eliminate most of humanity because there is simply too many of us now for them to control. 

It’s very simple folks. Since they can’t interfere with us or force us to do anything against our own will, they turned it around and used our minds to point them in the direction they wanted. This is now their end. But, as I write many times, the beast is cornered and it will do whatever it can before it goes down. It will unleash havoc on humanity through engineering the weather to create torrential rains causing flooding and DEW’s to start fires. Fortunately, most of their technology has been removed from them and the funds but they still have some capabilities. 
Dear Old Soul, please hear me out for the upteenth time,  I have written in the past. Please stock up on essentials. Neither you nor I know where they will hit next. I doubt that Croatia will take a hit because we are not significant. We are a small country of 4 M people who are the lowest economical factor in the EU alliance. We have nothing that they really want other than our skies and land to cross over if they need to so they are not going to spend a shitload of money on us. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t experience extreme climate conditions.

 Aside from your foods and prescription medicines, here are a few suggestions in terms of natural remedies that will cover all health conditions. Get some DMSO; Colloidal Silver or better yet, purchase a CS generator so that you have unlimited supplies like I do. MMS and some seeds to grow food if we have to go a long time without the ability to even access food. These are important because these items will cover all your health issues. Do some research on them, and they are not expensive at all. In fact, they are so cheap it will scare you. 

I am FEELING the need to warn you that we are at the precipice  of what is yet to come. It will get scary, ugly and it will get very confusing because as we gain power and wake up, they will censor, remove us from social media even more than they are doing now and they can even turn off the internet so form communities where you can communicate with each other or find other means, I’m not an expert in that area but just warning you that our communications could be cut off totally. 

I’m not worried about me or my family here. I live on a tiny island with a huge property and grow my own organic food with a greenhouse. I have already stocked up on substrate soils just in case the outside soil gets contaminated. I can’t avoid the event, but it will never be like in cities, so at least I am away from civilization and have a better chance of getting through this. I’m not afraid, fear is not in my vocabulary because I already know and have known that the LIGHT has won; this is now just a formality we have to go through and though it may seem daunting and scary, remember that we created this reality and we can re-create the correct one. We are immortal, eternal Souls having a human experience.

We came here, incarnated here for eons to live for this MOMENT in time, to finally free humanity from the dark forces. This has never happened before in our Universe or from the time of Creation; that humanity has changed the cycle of evil and LIVED to see the fruits of their labour. We have come here for eons and eons to raise the frequency of this planet and we have already won. Your personal possessions, your material belongings will have no place in the New Earth. If that’s what you are worried about losing, then you are not ready for what is to come. Those of you that have accepted the JAB are not yet ready either and will have to stay on the old Earth and keep incarnating so that you can see the results of your decisions to accept a foreign body to change your genetic codes. It’s all by choice. There is no good or bad. We all had different reasons for being here. Remember, had everything just been right or perfect, humanity would not be motivated to make anything better. Once humanity realizes that they are losing everything, their freedoms are taken away, they then act on this. This is where we are at now. 

These are exciting times. I have waited for Eons for this timeline to manifest. I have always known that we won that is why I never feared anything in this lifetime. Everything is now clear to me. Back then, I just thought I was weird or different from others because I didn’t have any attachments to people, or material things. My only goals or visions when I was younger were to wake up happy. It’s all that I ever wanted and as I evolved into a higher spiritual being, I realized that it was about living in the moment, living in joy, loving this life and not being affected by the madness around me. I know now that I was destined to shine the light in this timeline and to be the watcher, the teacher, the healer and the end times comforter for all those that will seek emotional and spiritual help once the truth comes out. 
If you need to work on anything, work on FEAR. You must remove the fear from your thoughts. Fear is not a frequency that will help you. It will attract everything you fear. Reprogram your mind, it’s simple. Fear nothing. I fear nothing. I am not afraid. I am eternal. I am immortal, I am Creator, I am the Light! 

Where I am at in this Reality

I didn’t want to mix my personal growth with the last post and so I wanted to share that with you. Not because you need to know but because I want everyone to know that they can manifest anything they so desire.

Manifesting is easy and its’ not. Before being able to manifest 100%; there are a lot of things that need to be cleared or worked on. If the Ego is in charge, there is very little chance of manifesting because it’s always in the background taunting you with doubts or questioning your credibility and self worth. Ego has no place in Spiritual Growth.

I wrote about this once before so I will repeat it. When we chose the body that we wanted to incarnate into, we basically were like a pilot about to enter the cockpit for the first flight. In other words, you are in essence attaching your physical body to You/Soul. The brain/Ego comes with the body. They are not part of who you are. Given that we chose and agreed to have our memories blocked, we had to enter a body and spend each lifetime learning about this body and all external events. It is a constant battle between Soul/Spirit and Body/Brain/Ego. The key is to dominate the physical body and use our Intuitive selves to fly the plane. This can take many lifetimes to master being dominant in the physical body. Only then, once we are aware of this relationship and are able to remove EGO from the equation can we start manifesting.

How do I manifest? 1. I believe that I can 2. I focus on what I want 3. I visualize like I am already in that reality 4. I work towards that. Let me give you an example:

If you want to manifest a new car but lack money to buy it, you first have to bring your state of MIND in knowing you have that money. I thank Creator and Universe and all my guides and angels each night for what I have. I live as if I have an abundance of money and it comes. So, it’s kind of faking it between friends. You may be broke, but you pretend you have tons of money because you don’t want them to know. You literally have to lie to yourself and repeat that lie constantly, see yourself driving the new car, envisioning yourself polishing it to make it look awesome. You are creating the film/movie to prepare for that reality. You are creating and programming the hologram to manifest that reality.

When I look back to the time my partner’s children sued me, and I found myself without any income or means of work because of the defamation, I can now see just how much I did indeed manifest because I AM living in abundance. I don’t know what the term abundance means to you, but for me it means having all my needs met. Abundance is having all the things we need. It’s about it coming when we need it, never lacking and halways having.

The first wish was Metal Detecting. I wanted to start metal detecting and it’s very expensive. You first need a metal detector, then you need a pinpointer, a shovel or tools to dig and so I knew what I wanted but wasn’t yet sure how I was going to come up with the money. Never a moment went by that I didn’t think about it. I watched so many YT videos to learn how to use the specific metal detector. I was obsessed with this hobby and opportunities just showed up where I got money to buy it. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to travel to the mainland to metal detect but it’s not possible to do this in one day because I live on an island and the sailing back and forth take up so much time so I thought it would be great to be able to overnight or spend a few days on location. That required camping gear.

Today, I have 3 backpacks. 2 metal detectors, 1 underwater metal detector, 1 pinpointer and everything else needed for metal detecting. Camping gear from hammocks to tents, 90L backpack for hiking into the hills and being able to overnight. In fact, I’m still ordering gear online such as cooking gear. I just got my wood burning cook stove that I can’t wait to use this fall.

You see, the desire to want something must overtake all else. You focus on what you want and NEVER THINK you can’t or don’t have the money. It’s not all about material goods either. It might be a wish to see someone or improve your health, but you get the point that all energy is turned to your desire. To see yourself using what you want or being with the person you want to be with and KNOWING it will happen. I cleaned up my shop and made room for the gear before I even purchased it. I KNEW it would arrive eventually so I learned ahead of time how to use the gear, how to store it and so when it arrived, I knew how to use it and program what needed to be programmed.

If EGO is in control, it’s difficult to manifest because EGO will doubt you, EGO doesn’t want YOU to be in control. It wants to be in control just like your mind that may have been poorly programmed like mine was, will constantly doubt your abilities to manifest.

This is what I meant by it being easy and not being easy. The instructions are easy but dealing with EGO is a prerequisite to manifesting. There is no such thing as a good or bad ego. The ego is part of the body you use. It protects itself, it allowed spirit to enter it’s realm and it doesn’t like to share it so until you can control your body fully, manifesting is difficult.

The same goes for your body health. Since you designed it before you incarnated into it, you forgot that you need to give the body instructions on how to function. It does it’s general duties given the environment it’s in but it waits for you to give it instructions. “Dear Cellular Structure, please repair the kidneys” if you’re having those problems. Talk to your cells and tell them what to do. The cells in my body did well for a few weeks and then they started to talk back at me: “Hey, how about feeding us the right foods so we can do a better job?”. They were telling me that they can regenerate new cells but without the proper nutrients and without a healthy interstitial environment, they were limited to what they could do. It’s like any living organism. Without the proper environment and nutrients, nothing can flourish. It may survive, it may struggle to stay alive but can’t flourish.

For most of my adult life, whenever summer/heat came around my ankles would swell up. So, I started to give instructions and in 3 days, my ankles look better than they did when I was 28 years old! Keep in mind each cell lives for up to 7 years so there are some things that may not happen right away, but you just talk out loud and tell the body what to do. Not YOUR body, but THE body. You are NOT your body. You are an eternal Soul having a human experience. You must separate yourself in that way. You are simply using a physical form to have a human experience, but like the airplane that you pilot, you can give it instructions, repair and upgrade whatever may be wrong with it. You don’t own this body, you are simply using it as a vehicle and once you realize this, your perspective on life in general will change.

If you are having esthetical issues with your body, look in the mirror and say this to your body: “Wow, I created you, therefore you are beautiful”. Humans define beauty in different ways through different timelines. Beauty is defined by humans, while Soul designs something IT considers to be beautiful, therefore, you created that beautiful body, you saw it as beautiful. You chose it to have a specific experience. If you were born with disabilities or challenges, chances are that you wanted to have that experience so that in a future or parallel timeline you would have more understanding and compassion for others. You will need to kill off the EGO before this can happen too. You see, if the EGO controls you, you have no control over your own powers.

Life is good. Despite challenges and what is going on in this madness, I am at peace, I live in joy and enjoy each moment of my current existence. I have the freedom to eat, sleep and work when I want. I have no responsibilities towards anyone and the only challenge I have each day is deciding what to wear and in cooler weather, where or what location will I go metal detecting. There is never a dull moment, I love to learn about the human body and how to keep it healthy during this madness. I created this reality, nobody did this for me. Sure, there are challenges like everyone has today but that doesn’t affect my spiritual joy and way of life. I don’t need money to walk into nature. I don’t need money to sit in a forest and lean against a huge tree. I am many realities in one. I can now close my eyes and visualize the other realities I am acting in whereas before I had to be asleep and leave the body in order to experience the other realities. I believe I have ascended/transcended to a higher frequency because EVERYTHING I see has beauty in it. Every person I see is a special soul having a human experience. I am the observer now and don’t react to the environment because I know what is going on and that it will soon end!

It’s now too late to save others. Sadly, we all have choices and we must respect each and every one for choosing what they did. Remember, we all came here to have a specific experience, we chose our families, friends and all others for this reality. Those of us that have been guides and teachers must now retreat and neutralize all negative energies surrounding us, protect ourselves from ongoing attacks and manifest a new reality.

You are what you believe, eat and think. Everything else is bullshit.

Exciting Times!

It’s been a while, April 2021 to be exact. I don’t need to tell you what is going on, it’s obvious to anyone no matter where they live. I like to say that I have been right, from the start about what was to happen and how it will end. We intuitivists see this because we are in tune with our higher selves.

Removing myself from the digital world has not been complete. I do still have a FB profile but that’s used for my wilderness camping trips, organic garden etc. I don’t waste my time posting anything other than nature related topics because that is where I am at in my current reality.

Connecting with nature has really sped up the frequency rising and of course, in times of chaos, nature provides us with grounding, sound of surroundings, direct exposure to the sun, energy from the trees and for me here in Croatia, the vast ocean that is still relatively pristine compared to other nations.

This is a time for reflection. Sadly, those that have not yet woken up from their mind controlled belief systems will perish as will those that have been jabbed. We now have evidence that the Plandemic was a fake or non existent event to scare/install fear which in turn damages our immune system. As if that was not enough, we get so much damage from pollution, EMF, radiation, contaminated water and soil, chemtrails, etc. This was the icing on the cake that was probably the biggest crime and assault to the body. The Jab was the Killshot, everything led to us being Jabbed in order for them to take total control of us. Get rid of the cannon fodder, sick, displaced and mamed, and use the rest to control through AI.

There is plenty of evidence and research on stress and what it does to the body; chronic stress is not something the human body was designed to deal with so if you think about it, despite all the assaults on the body, there are those that are living healthy lives because they chose to spend the time and research.

Those that chose to be jabbed must be really living in great fear if they found out after that fact what the potential consequences are. There are many good experts out there such as Dr. Robert O. Young who studies the blood and is the author of “The pH Miracle”; Dr. Tenpenny, and so many others I can’t even mention. When I’m not out in nature which is usually the hottest part of the year such as now, I am writing and researching, following geopolitical events because this body doesn’t tolerate heat very well. To put it in simple terms, I will sweat 100% of my body fluids so I have to literally drink 1L of water per hour to stay hydrated. For most of my life I took that as something negative but now after learning more about the body and according to Dr. Young, sweating is actually about assisting the lymphatic system in discarding toxins and that it is actually a blessing to be able to sweat. That doesn’t change the fact that I spend time outside in the heat other than going down to the beach and swimming.

Don’t be sad by those choosing to leave us at this time. They are Old Souls just like you and me, made their choices long before incarnating here and they will return very quickly back into this reality to reap the benefits of their work. Those of us that are here now have incarnated to Earth for Eons. Mother Gaia put out a call for help and we all volunteered to come here but only those that had enough experience were given the go ahead because Earth or Earth Current Reality is the last and most challenging experience for spiritual growth. All of us came here for a specific purpose remember that. Whether we chose to be bad or evil or murderers; we had to do this because as I write so much about; we can’t see the light if we don’t experience the Dark. We have no motivation to grow or improve if we have our needs met. There is no reason to fight for freedom if we are fed and clothed. So, things will now happen very quickly.

There is talk about finding a solution for those that were jabbed but I don’t think it will come in time. Why? Those that were jabbed chose to be jabbed out of ignorance and fear. That can include the desire to travel (ego) based desires. The dictates where they work, the elderly that don’t have or can’t access information; and then those that simply didn’t take the time to research anything because they gave their power to the authorities just like they gave their power to false gods. Even if they were to have the anti jab or antidote, they first have to wake up and realize what they did and the truth about what is going on.

I still maintain that you stock up on essential items because it’s not just the Controllers that might want to cause global harm to us but they have manipulated/geoengineered our climate to the point where it’s now in freefall mode and there is no way to know what happens in terms of the climate. Sure, Climate Change is real but it has nothing to do with humans. These are evolutionary cycles that the planet goes through due to it’s environment it’s in from the solar system, galaxies and the wars in space. These cycles are 10000 to 15 000 years and honest scientists have evidence of this from taking core samples. Climate change is Permanent as nothing stays the same; just like our bodies change from moment to moment so does our planetary mother but she’s always been able to protect us and will continue to do so to the best of her ability so long as man doesn’t keep interfering. But, it’s almost irrelevant because we are moving to the New Earth.

Remember, we are Souls that use this body to have a human experience. We create our own realities and when enough of us manifest the New Earth, we will find ourselves there. It’s beautiful, I have already seen it but like I said, mass consciousness is what it will take to move us over. This Planet is just an illusion that we created to bring us to this point in humanity. To learn lessons and to never allow an authority or false god to fool us again.

All is well. As I write this Jeff Bezos took off on his space flight. While millions of humans are dying from starvation, while 80% of the planet lives on borderline poverty, he’s got the bucks to blow on fake space flights. Really? What happened to flying to the moon? How come they never returned to the moon? Now, the ultra rich will be able to pay upwards of 100’s of thousands of dollars for a few minutes. It’s so senseless how money is just thrown away while so many humans barely survive from day to day.

We can’t leave our atmosphere because we live in an illusion; a Matrix and we are not allowed to wander too far off because we are enslaved. Why? We’re too intelligent, advanced and special. It’s not our physical bodies THEY fear. It’s our Spiritual bodies they don’t want to let free. It’s a long story but you get the drift.

Stay safe, take care of your families. There is little you can do now to help others. I have spent most of my adult life giving my time to help others, it’s now over. This is a period of time where we have to take care of these physical bodies because they are throwing all kinds of shit at us, seen and unseen. We need to focus on our spiritual health, find ways to eat healthy/organic food, get off the meat and sugar, upgrade your pH levels and meditate to your Creator, thank him/her for all that you have and for all that you are. An Old Soul having a human experience, an Old Soul that will witness for the first time in our existence a change and removal of the dark ones. Give yourself credit for this. You are where you should be and doing what you should be doing. We’re all different, unique and blessed to be here at this time in this reality. Once we are done here, consider yourselves as graduates of higher learning and from here, you can pretty well choose any reality you want or any experience you want. We will officially be multidimensional beings with the difference that we will be aware of that and all of our past or current realities as time does not exist. We are a spark of Creator and chose one of the most exciting experiences ever experienced before and should be proud of our accomplishments. Remember, each one of us chose our current experience, unified we chose and unified we will re unite and celebrate our victories!

We shall meet again on the other side because if you’re reading this, it means you’re part of my Soul Family.

Much love and light!

A Reflection on What is to Come

What to say on a day where anything goes but nothing matters? What do I mean by anything goes? I have created my reality to work that way. I don’t plan anything, I simply go with whatever higher self wants to do. With no obligations towards anyone, I can choose what I want to do each and everyday.

Why does nothing matter? Because if you’re not in your higher state of “I am all that is”; it doesn’t matter what you do outside that realm it won’t work for you. If you are living in the Matrix, wearing the mask, fearing getting infected by a non existing threat, then nothing you do will change your condition.

I often used to tell my daughter when she was “obese” to not give advise to others on how to lose weight. A fat person doesn’t have the credibility to give advise on diets and such. I try to live by these principles. I try to be the Example of what I teach or share with people. Living the life that I currently live, free of obligation, without any debts or financial obligations, I can lead the life I want. This didn’t happen overnight. I worked hard for many years before even arriving/returning to Croatia to make it happen. My reason for moving to Croatia is still unknown to me, but it was this feeling of urgency at the time in 2004 to pack up and move here. I have a better idea why I am here now, but for a long time I didn’t know. All I knew was that my guides urged me to move here. I longed since childhood to return to my birthplace, I never felt complete, but like many of us who immigrate like my parents did, you have a family and by the time you raise your children and they leave the nest, most people can’t leave because grandchildren come along.

I had prepared my children from the time they could understand that one day I would return. So, my point is that I worked towards this reality I wanted to live. Living on a small island with a 1200 population, leaves you with TIME, to grow food, to spiritually grow, to get to know thy true self, to escape the consumerism and fast paced city life. Everything here happens in slow motion. I have grown more in the last 17 years then all the years together before that.

Giving up consumerism isn’t difficult. But if you live in a reality where technology is required to work and communicate, it can be challenging. Not for me. We need not look at this transition as having to give something up. We get much more than we let go of. One doesn’t wake up one day and decide to change their life. Like I said, this is an ongoing project and process. I am now where I want to be, but it took 30 years to get there.

So, now that I am where I want to be, what’s next? Sharing my wisdom and experiences with others. Connecting deeper with nature. Even though I live in the country, I still long to move around the island and explore everything. I have taken up metal detecting, backpacking and camping in the wild. Actually, I am practicing and getting in shape to leave the island for the first time in backpacking and wilderness camping. My last stop/goal before it gets too hot is the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko. I was there 2 years ago with a friend but we only had one day to look at everything. This time I am backpacking and can camp out close to the grounds, spend a few days taking advantage of the intense frequencies and healing energies of the Pyramid itself; maybe even volunteering. A wise man told me to just take it easy and relax because once this Terminal Madness comes to an end, that is when my work truly begins.

Metal Detecting in the wild

So, this is the time for us who are aware and ready to take that rest, fill up our energy centres, cleanse any remaining toxins from this Matrix; place ourselves in the healing frequencies of LOVE and like the Emergency Centres, be on Alert and readiness for the influx of humans that will be devastated, shocked, in disbelief, traumatized by the disclosures coming out each day. Each country will be different based on it’s culture, individual beliefs, it’s dominating religions and how many healers/light warriors will be there to help them.

Croatia will be one of those countries that will be probably on the top of the most difficult experiences for many reasons:

  1. A former communist country that has lived through 3 wars. Two world wars and 1 war of independence. It is constantly reminded of these wars through numerous government holidays, through statues and memorials throughout it’s cities. The population is constantly dragged into the past of death and massacres, these people have never healed, they are living as victims, traumatized by this constant barrage of forced reminders and memories of what they have gone through and their generations.
  2. This country prospered only when it was part of Yugoslavia as a Communist Country because even Communism has been demonized. Community is what communism was about. Everyone had what they needed. Sure, there were those who registered as Communists therefore, had more privileges but during those times people had lifelong jobs. They never got fired and they were assisted in buying homes at no interest. So, there were good things about Communism and in fact, most Croatians that lived during those times will tell you today that it was better then and they wished it was that way now. Croatia has never been able to build a functionable and financially stable society because the government itself cannot figure these things out. It’s a common threat that Politicians don’t give a shit about their people, so financial instability and high cost of living is what Croatians face on a daily basis. This information is based on people in my surroundings telling me. I lived here between 1967 and 1971 but I don’t remember much of the political structures.
  3. Religious beliefs. Don’t get me wrong. I respect all religions and faiths of this world if that is what makes you happy. But that’s my entire point. What has the Catholic Church done for it’s people other than stolen it’s land that was given to this institution so that Churches could be erected. I speak directly for my people here on the island. Peasants gave up their land to the Church and built the churches. Today, that land is owned by the Vatican. The Catholic Church doesn’t take the true word of God from the Bible for it’s teachings. It selectively takes a few events and creates it’s own laws, rules and dogma. As a Catholic, you are taught that you are born a sinner, that Jesus died for your sins, that you should feel guilty for that, that you must suffer and sacrifice as well. They teach you that you have no power, that only God has the power to gift you with a child, money or a good life. When a child dies, their explanation is that God needed an angel and since suffering is part of your life, well, suffer because god wanted your child. Nowhere do they mention the “fact” that Jesus taught empowerment, reincarnation and that he considered himself to be equal to man, therefore, all are gods children. So, this suffering and disempowerment has made those that consider themselves Catholics bitter, sad, confused because they don’t understand the logic behind the complex and often contradictory teachings of their Elders. Jesus was a student of Gnostics, the ancient texts that were found in Nag Hammadi Egypt show in detail the life of Jesus.

God is LOVE, period. God does not judge, condemn and wish for us to suffer. So, once the disclosures start, particularly from the Vatican and who truly is behind the Vatican and it’s Religion, this will only compound the pain, suffering and trauma that these people have endured for centuries under the rule of Catholic Religion. I don’t dispute GOD, I dispute the way the Religious leaders define GOD’s role in our lives. To punish, disempower, to shame, to blame, to approve suffering through feeling guilty that Jesus died for our sins is the greatest sin of all, it is worse than taking a life because lies have destroyed families and lives. When this comes out in the open, I can’t even imagine the chaos and trauma people will be experiencing especially now after this false plandemic that has also destroyed so many lives.

May be an image of nature
This is the village where I live. Grohote

It is time to complete my cleansing and physical cleansing of this body in preparation for what is to come. It is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of how soon. Imagine, all of you reading this are so powerful for choosing to be here at this time. This has never happened before. We are in the middle of war between Good and Evil. Although we have won, I have seen it, remember how many times I repeatedly wrote that people won’t stand up until they have lost everything and have nothing left to lose. Sadly, for those that are not awake yet, material wealth is still their primary concern. I think we are at 15% Unity Consciousness; but our actions now will determine how fast we will take over and Transcend to higher dimensional realities. It’s a choice. You can remain in this 3D reality for as long as you want, it will continue to exist until everyone has woken up.

Fear is the flavor of the month. Not only am I now seeing different illnesses but these people are so traumatized by this plandemic, their fears only compound their ailments and they are terrified to get vaccinated but terrified to NOT get vaccinated. It takes me much more time now to work with them because of the emotional instability.

Terminal Madness is my Trademark Clause. I also predicted how long it would last and what it would take to even get this far. I see and feel things that most people are not able to because like I said, if you’re living in the Matrix, there is not much time to reflect on spiritual growth, let alone be able to grow your own food and be self sufficient. We are being attacked from the skies, the water, the food, the mind control and fear programming, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the constant programming that we must go to war because we have enemies. It’s difficult to escape this living in cities. If you can at least get away for the weekends to the lakes or mountains and connect with nature then at least you are gaining that way.

I’m also aware that we are all waiting for America to act first. It’s the centre of all Evil. Not Americans, but those that control the global Matrix and Illusions of reality. Whatever happens there, will expand to the rest of the world and that’s why I am keeping a very close eye on what is going on there.

Dear Old Soul, we are very close to being freed. I am free already and I have Ascended to 5th; I have seen the future of this planet and the Second Earth; but once I leave this physical body, I won’t be reincarnating here. I just came to help out and will be returning to my 9th dimension. Stay focused, manifest what you want and see yourself in everything because you are all that is. If you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself. If you judge someone, you are judging yourself because you and I are ALL that is. Anything different is playing into their Matrix, this is what they want. They want us to see each other as competition, as a skin colour, as a religious belief, as a political opinionated individual because they know us better than we know ourselves. They know that if we UNITE, they are fucked.

They know their end is coming and everything they have done in the last 2 years has failed. It will get worse before it gets better because they will not go down without causing as much damage as they can and this is why I am glad to have made the choice to listen to my intuition and live here. No matter what happens out there, I am safe here and I can survive anything. This Plandemic didn’t have any effect on me at all. I don’t live in the Matrix, I have no need to, I am totally self sufficient and I have no problem cooking on a fire should the power go out.

Also, Mother earth is in the throw of giving birth to a new Earth. There are many active volcanoes and many earthquakes around the planet. A region in Croatia has been rocked by earthquakes for the last year and hundreds of holes are forming so on top of fighting the Evil, we are dealing with natural disasters. Much has yet to come but we are almost at the top of the mountain and soon will be able to look down in amazement and wonder why it took us so long to get our shit together.

May love and peace be with you Old Soul.