The Illusion of End Times

It’s been a while since I wrote something and having a day off today from the translation work, I started thinking about a few things. It comes you know. I don’t choose what to think, the thoughts just come, I write them down, read them and then type them out.

We’re hearing about wars and rumors of wars. We’re hearing about the Cabal going nuts and in their final desperate throws of madness. We’re hearing all kinds of stories of this reality should end, but you know, it’s been the same stories over and over again for years. What has changed now?

Don’t be afraid of anything. Fear is holding you back from where you should be going and that is joy and happiness. For those of us who know this, life is getting interesting and exciting because we can see that our days in this matrix are numbered. Don’t be afraid, fear is the poison they poison you with, knowing you will freeze in it and not move forwards.

Oh to be aware of my true nature. To be aware of my true existence and understand it. Some write about how our memories were wiped or erased and I have said before in response to that, that it’s not true. Nobody erased our memories, we simply chose to leave those memories locked up because we knew if we remembered who we are, nobody in their right  mind would want to stay here. Think about this for a moment. If I knew who I was, where I came from and why I was here…I can assure you, by the time I was 28 years old I would have left this shithole. Now, think about this for a moment. If I had that choice of leaving, it would mess up the entire plan. For starters, at 28 I had 2 small children. Two children would lose their mother not knowing or understanding why. I would leave behind family and friends and it would break the chain of events. We all made agreements with our soul groups and soul family to have this experience, if one of us bails out, the entire story collapses.

If we came here with our memories, we would not last 10 years, it would be too difficult to deal with knowing we can just get the hell out of here and go back to being light bodies.

So, to say that our memories were erased would be totally incorrect, we agreed to come here under the condition we didn’t remember, it was part of our learning experience to try and remember who we are. Our memories are not stored in our brains, this reality is being recorded to the brain, but it’s dumped into the Akashic, so our memories do exist, we simply don’t have access to them through higher self.

There was no cruel punishment of erasing our memories because no loving god would do something like that. According to Chris Thomas, it was during Atlantis when the separation happened. Our bodies were damaged and were no longer able to hold our higher self and soul in one body, it became something separate from us as our bodies simply lost the frequencies and could not hold all in one.
The body suits we now use are primitive compared to the original ones, those that control this Matrix ensured that we remained at this level so that we could never remember who we are, where we are from and what our purpose here is here, never mind find out how powerful we are as creators.

People keep asking when disclosure will happen. Are you kidding me? Think about this. How would most people react if they were told that we have ancestors from different parts of the Universe or Solar System? How would they react to knowing there are Aliens on this planet? How will religious people respond finding out their leaders knew this along and never shared it? What were they hiding? What does the meaning of god or even the bible mean if Earth is not only inhabited and that god is not just earthbound?

How would people react finding out their governments hid this from us, they will find out eventually and that it’s not just years, but centuries of deceit and lies?

Do you honestly think any non-terran would be able to land a ship and not create such chaos no thanks to Hollywood? So, we’re not close to disclosure, we are not yet ready for disclosure and it would not be trusted coming from a government leader because we don’t trust them anymore. The only way we would have a chance is for a race similar to us braodcast on TV their arrival and let people know they have come in peace and are here to help us with no strings attached, even that might be risky, but they can place themselves in different parts of the world and people can choose to visit them and meet them. In time, we would get used to them and start forming trust.

We are not ready for disclosure, we’re not ready for Peace and peace must come first. No race will dare come here amidst the chaos and not knowing how humans would react. Why would they risk this? We kill our own race for gods sake, why would we not kill aliens we know nothing about?

Most of humanity lives in fear of something: fear of not having enough for survival, fear of getting cancer, fear of being sued, fear of our government, fear of wars, fear of dying. These are the big ones, then we have: fear of dogs, fear of aging, fear of losing a job, fear of not winning the lottery, fear of care breaking down, fear of getting fired, fear of rejection, fear of getting pregnant, fear of losing a child, do you get my drift?

Do we sound like a race that has its shit together? Do you think it’s possible for a race to introduce themselves to a planet that is broken up into hundreds of countries, languages, cultures, religions and races? We have to be unified before anyone would feel safe or hope to accomplish anything with us. Half of Americans would be waving patriotic flags, while the other half would be taking out their weapons and start shooting and looting.

Who in their right mind would want to come here knowing that we don’t even love one another, how could we accept them when we can’t even accept our own kind?

What must happen in order for disclosure to happen? Do we have another 5 or 10 years to unify and bring peace or will be self-destruct before then? Are there forces at play of which we have no control over? Is this Matrix we are trapped in set for self-destruction and we all get to go back to where we came from? We can’t even leave, or die is because most people believe in god so once they leave their bodies they will be looking for a door to heaven or hell. They won’t know how to get home.

Is there an event coming that will end this 3D reality and we can go back to our original home or bodies? Will Source interfere because we messed up so bad that we simply can’t correct our reality and it will implode soon?

Many questions, we’re all asking these questions while the Love and Light movement is selling you waves of energy or rising frequencies. Neither exists folks. This is one topic/issue that can be scientifically proven, so unless someone can present me with evidence that these energies are intended for us, I stand by my views. We may be trapped in these physical bodies but energies have nothing to do with who we are because we ARE light and energy.

This matrix is but an illusion we created to have this experience , what will light and energy change? Our bodies are not designed for higher frequencies but we’re not our bodies. We are light beings having a human experience and if these energies are hitting the planet then every fucking single human being would be affected by it and not just a handful of Love and Light folks.

These “Lighters” claim that those of us working on ourselves may feel these energies, but then what about those that are asleep? According to this theory, the rest of humanity should be in excruciating pain. These so called ‘Ascension’ symptoms are either discomforts from the environment they live in, their mental state or are being attacked through technology. If these so called energies have been hitting the planet, why are not people complaining about symptoms except the “Lighters”?

Its the same crap year in and year out, full moons, blood moons, lunar eclipses, Wave X, energies, another deception to keep people waiting and hoping for something.

Don’t you get it? You are not a human, you are a light being having this experience, you don’t need light or energy for any transformation. Before we came here we planned our exit. Whether we remember it or not, we will leave our bodies at the time we planned on doing so. We’re not living in fate or destiny, that would be cruel, every detail of this reality was planned and organized among soul groups and soul families.

The planetary mother will get us out of this Matrix, she is in her correction and eventually will reach her destination and in a blink of an eye we will shed this primitive body suit and go back to being the original essence of light/sound/frequency.

This is an illusion, an illusion we created in order to have this experience. Yes, we got hijacked, things didn’t go as planned, a quarantine was placed around Earth because of our own safety and those in different universes…we are too dangerous.

If you have weird symptoms and discomforts, I suggest going to your doctor first and checking out any physical issues you might have. It might not be a bad idea to test for toxins and Cortisol levels as most of the symptoms listed are related to these issues. If you look at the list of ‘ascension’symptoms, they are typical of different health related issues such as high blood pressure, vertigo, otitis, arrhythmia, panic attacks, diabetes. I mean give me a break.

Unless anyone can present me with some scientific and measurable evidence that the planet is being hit with some energies, or can measure a body’s frequencies, I’m all for truth. The Schuman resonance affects Gaia not us.

Let’s face it. We fucked up, we can’t repair the damages. Hell, we can’t even make Peace, there has not been Peace on this planet for millions of years and if we can’t get Peace, we can’t do anything else so our fate is in the soul Gaia. Only she knows when and where.

Ground yourself and talk to mother earth, she will tell you everything you need to know, she’s provided humanity with everything it needs for millions of years and she will continue to care for us, we must trust her.

Everything else is an illusion. It’s difficult to accept this because we don’t remember who we are, our past lives and experiences. We want to believe that this is our only life and that once we are done, we go back and start over again. Everything we see and feel is an illusion, but we got so carried away in this play, we forgot that we have other experiences running at the same time, this is why we dream, it’s our other experiences we are having.

Stay well, may love and joy fill your day.

Another Reminder About Channeling

Dear readers,
Although I am not posting much lately, it doesn’t mean I am not here and not feeling your presence. Before I start my morning routine of translation, I check to read what is going on and mark something if I feel it’s worth posting for later. Although I cannot say where I found this letter from, I can assure you it is his/Drunvalo’s. I do know the source of that letter but it’s not from his original website, but I have no reason to believe it is not true. I wanted you to read this not because of the Merkaba issue because that is not my area of understanding, rather the comments that Drunvalo makes about channeling. I only wish I had the time to go through my old posts and show you how many times I have written about this in the same way that Drunvalo is writing about. 

Now, more than ever, we must be acutely aware of any messages or contacts being made with us because of the completion of our planetary transition. There will be many more souls trying to contact humans for good and bad purposes. Remember, and Drunvalo doesn’t state this but it is wrong to be interfered with us. The Universal Laws are very clear and it was our whole purpose for this experience, to learn and remember who we are and where we came from. As Drunvalo says himself: ” Trust yourself and believe in yourself”, is something that I say very often as well. The truth is within us, instead of worrying if WW3 is going to start, worry about your connection to higher self and preparing yourself for the transition. Do not give energy to negative events, this is now very crucial even though may so called ” truthers”, don’t see this and continue to blast the internet with negativity and threats of wars. Focus on what you want and whenever you see something you don’t like, simply think: ” This is not part of my reality”. I wish you all much joy and happiness! 

March 17, 2010

Dear Ones,

I have read James Tyberonn’s letter called THE CRYSTALLINE MER-KA-NA, and I have been asked to respond to this letter since it is saying that the tetrahedronal MerKaBah (Mer-Ka-Ba), which I am teaching, is obsolete. And that he has a much better system of ascension that has no gender or is polarized, in other words the next step.

On almost all points, I do agree with James. Yes, we will eventually go beyond the tetrahedronal Mer-Ka-Ba, but I don’t agree that it is for us or any one in the universe to determine the new shape of the new human Light Body. Only Mother Earth can and will do that. Most of James’s points I agree with, and I have even said many of the same things myself publicly.

And I would like add before I begin to say that my feelings that I am about to express are not aimed at James Tyberonn. He has done nothing wrong. He just doesn’t understand.

So, what James says is his most important point, that by changing to what he calls the Mer-Ki-Va — 8 pointed star tetrahedron, which James says is a non-gendered/non/polar Light Body, simply is not true mathematically or geometrically. You are being duped. And everything that he says after this beyond the Mer-Ki-Va, the Mer-Ka-Va — 12 pointed stellated dodecahedron and the Mer-Ka-Na — 20 point stellated icosahedron is equally not true, and I can clearly show you what I mean.

According to James’s own words, “The Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va is above polarity, and in Sacred Unified Oneness, and that aspect is quintessential. In the ongoing dawn of the Crystalline Ascension, it is requisite that you understand this.”

Well, Mr. Tyberonn, your Mer-Ki-Va is just as polarized as the Mer- Ka-Ba, there is no difference. It is still the exact same form, just a different view. Simply by rotating the Star Tetrahedron to a new position does not change its polarity no matter what you say. Cut off the stellated points that make up the Mer-Ki-Va or the Star Tetrahedron and you will find a octahedron, which is polarized. There is a male upper pyramid and female lower pyramid. James, you can’t escape the truth. The Mer-Ki-Va is polarized also no matter what you say, It is pure Sacred Geometry and very simple mathematics.

This is equally true with the Mer-Ka-Va — 12 pointed stellated dodecahedron and the Mer-Ka-Na — 20 point stellated icosahedron. Just because you stellate the polyhedron does NOT change the fact that they are polarized. Look down any pentagonal surface inside the stellation and you will see one pentagon facing up and another at the other opposite end facing down. Complete polarization!!!

In fact all polyhedrons in existence made of straight lines are polarized, stellated or not. Obviously Lord Metatron of James Tyberonn’s inner voice doesn’t understand Sacred Geometry and, of course, is NOT Lord Metatron.

Lord Metatron was the spirit that created this entire universe by conceiving the idea of a sphere, which is the only shape that can possibly contain the idea of no polarity or no gender. Yes, it can be polarized by choosing two opposite points on a sphere, such as the pole of the Earth’s axis, and in other ways. But if no differentiation is chosen, there is no difference anywhere, and then there is unity. This is exactly why we move from one part of the human Light Body to another to get closer and closer to the unity until we are able to make that jump. And in this way, James is right. But does he really know what he is doing? Not likely. But what James is trying to do, is exactly what Mother Earth is doing naturally only some people are trying to outguess her and jump ahead. In the past this has almost always been a disaster throughout the universe.

I have known Lord Metatron from before the creation of this universe, and both of us are on every single major council on every level in this universe, along with other people of that region, of course. I know exactly how Lord Metatron feels and thinks about this subject, and he would never say anything as silly as James Tyberonn has said in his statement.

Now to another important subject. James Tyberonn is a channel supposedly bringing Lord Metatron through to speak with you. Realize that less than one percent of all the channels on Earth are real. The majority are simply speaking through their own egos and calling it what they may.

And further, all channels, real or not, are extremely dangerous to follow because no one knows for sure who is really speaking. It takes time to know who is really speaking. Just because he says it is Lord Metatron does not mean that is who is speaking.

A channel opens themselves to the universe, which anyone, including you, can do, and it is like making a random phone call to anyone on Earth. The person who answers may tell you the truth of their real name or they may go along with you and say they are who you are asking for. And then, why would they know any more about a certain subject than anyone else? It is a real problem in the channeling world, and it is therefore extremely dangerous to believe them or to use their information.

Yes there are a few very important channels on Earth, such as Kryon, but you still have to be very, very careful before you accept something as true.

There was a small group from the Pleiades who entered our consciousness back in the 1980’s. They first contacted Billy Meyers and then several other channels. Everyone thought at first they were on our side. But then it became obvious to many that they were not. They had banded with the Greys and the Reptiles, and their sole purpose was to eliminate the human race. And you have to understand, these beings are vastly more intelligent than a human being and can appear in any manner that they want you to see them. Your belief in them means absolutely nothing.

And it is interesting that the method this Pleiadian group was using to separate humanity is almost identical to what is being used with James Tyberonn. They would go on and on about a subject and 99.9% of it was the truth. Almost anyone reading their statements would believe that it was the truth. They would continue with the truth until the heart of the audience is wide open, and then a deception would secretly take place. In the middle of a paragraph they would insert something that is definitely not true, but since you were agreeing with them on everything up to that moment, the human being simply allows it into the mind as true, even though it is not. To be clear, the purpose of doing this was to divide humanity so they could conquer.

If you want to believe James Tyberonn then that is your right, but I would suggest you stop listening to channels, and learn how to enter into your own heart. All knowledge and wisdom is contained there, and it will never be a lie or deception. It will always be the TRUTH. Trust yourself, and believe in yourself. Find the Sacred Space of your own heart, and you will not need anyone but yourself and the Source of All Life Everywhere that lives, and has always lived, within your heart.

From my heart,
Drunvalo Melchizedek


I had to post this again because so many people are still commenting on the letter not being legitimate.

You Are The Light That You Always Have Been

Many of you Einstein enthusiasts are not going to like what I am about to write, but hey, this is my blog and if you don’t like it, go away. It’s been several months since I reposted this post:

For some reason it received a lot of attention as it was posted on Facebook. Since then, I’m still receiving responses about the authenticity of that letter Einstein supposedly wrote to his daughter.

What amazed me about this controversy whether it’s a fake or not was that most people simply won’t let go and insist on convincing me that it does matter who the real author is.
For all to read here: It matters NOT to me who wrote it. It matters NOT to me who wrote it. It matters NOT to me who wrote it. Get my drift?

When I first read the letter on another WordPress blog that…

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What Energies?

It’s yet another year of “this is the year of change and new energies”, naming certain days and all the weirdness people are feeling. How do they know it’s higher energies and not just some frequency being directed at them/us especially that sell the koolaid? How do we really know who is pulling our strings and I don’t think it makes a difference whether we are awake or not because the changes will happen to everyone.

Just because they are not awakened doesn’t mean they are not receiving these energies. We can maybe say that bad people may not benefit, the energies coming in affect everyone and it’s just a matter of how our bodies react to them and not whether we feel it or not.

Just because we don’t feel any different doesn’t mean the energies are not reaching us or affecting us. To say that the awakened will only get a benefit is incorrect. The energies coming in are not specifically targeting certain populations or parts of the planet, therefore we all receive the same way.

I would even go as far as to say that the more discomfort you’re feeling, you better stop writing about it and start working on yourself. It never made sense to me why those “really” feeling the energies were complaining the most about how uncomfortable they are. It’s more logical to say that the more our energies are aligned with those entering the less discomfort we feel.

I will even say that all those folks writing about energies coming every year or month or week are actually disinfo agents. We can’t prove or disprove their claims and neither can they prove they exist so we’re supposed to just trust the information.

We are all equals here and although we all came with different missions and lessons to experience, the energies supposedly coming our way are intended for all. Those that vibrate at lower frequencies will be the ones to feel them the most in a negative way. Some like Georgi Stankov claims he’s been in debilitating pain for over 10 years. Hmmmm. Those who vibrate at higher frequencies may feel it in a positive way or not feel anything at all and those that are not awake yet will also feel changes but would not know what is causing them so they will more than likely to go their doctors asking for help.

I don’t feel it’s right to list all the blogs and websites that write about these energies. Some go back to 2003 claiming these so called energies were arriving in waves, yet we have no scientific proof of this. Don’t you think that those that measure these waves/energies would be writing about it?

And finally, how do we know these energies are being sent by Source or natural occurrences intended to assist us and the planetary mother?

My conclusion to all this is: If these supposed energies directed towards Earth are with good intention and benefit to humanity, when we should be feeling better and feel positive changes. If you’re feeling pain, discomforts and negative emotions, it’s most likely from ill intended frequencies or you are simply vibrating too low and your body is unable to filter and absorb the frequencies without causing discomfort.

Let’s look at another side of this. We now have so much information about our origins, archeology, ancient and sacred texts such as the Gnostic texts, literally there is so much information about our past, humans, plants, animals, the flood, yet I have not ever found any texts or information about some energies coming to the planet.

I believe that these stories about coming energies if true should not cause too much discomforts if you are working on yourself and preparing for them. Some write about feeling like crap and that means they still have issues to work on, that’s bullshit. What does energy have to do with that? If anything, this positive/white light energy will simply neutralize any negativity inside of us, we don’t need to suffer to release that crap.

Why do I know this or how did I come to this conclusion? I work with frequencies, I have several devices that I can measure and treat with frequencies. One of those devices is an electromagnet acupuncture device that can measure the frequency of each acupuncture point before and after the treatments. I have measured thousands of people before and after and I have even done my own research. In other words, I would measure one point, give it a frequency boost and then measure all connecting points and find that they too would increase in frequency. If the acupuncture point is too low, I will give it more energy. Our bodies when healthy should resonate around 9hz, it’s rare to come across anyone that is even close to 5 hz now.

When there is a blockage in the body, some points can be Zero Hz. The acupuncture points are relay stations where signals/energy come from the brain through these points, like power stations, each point has it’s own frequency and function within the body.

The body doesn’t react negatively when receiving higher frequencies, it responds later in rebalancing the energy so that the function or organ or whatever part of the body it feeds can function normally. Nobody has ever reacted negatively and most feel nothing because it’s not a frequency we can physically feel. They may feel a zap on the area I am working on, but they surely do not feel headaches, dizziness, pain and other “energy” related symptoms. Some even call these side effect ” pre-ascension” symptoms, how silly.

I know if I sit at my desk without my orgonite pyramid and crystals that I will feel like shit after a few hours, I get tired and stiff, neck pain and sometimes even a slight headache. This happens when I forget to bring these back to the desk because I have used them elsewhere. My entire house is protected with Orgonite to absorb negative frequencies and release positive once clearing it. Everything is wireless and we have cell towers and  who knows what else they are throwing at us. I don’t believe that our bodies respond negatively to well intended frequencies so people either vibrate very low and can’t adjust so quickly or what they are feeling has nothing to do with these energies but are symptoms of their environment that they live in.

People that are not yet awake have been given a bad rap and just because they don’t know what is going on doesn’t mean they are not recipients of “positive” energies.

They may even feel great and simply don’t know why so each one of us is being affected depending on our vibration or frequency.

Just as the soul has its own unique frequency signature, so does the body but I do not believe that negative reactions such as pain, stiffness, headaches, migraines and other symptoms are related to those energies coming in intended for us and the planet to heal.

I can’t say that I am right about this but when using common sense and logic in sure seems that way.

These folks have been writing and talking about these so-called energies for many years now yet we can’t prove this and it’s entirely possible that it’s disinformation or another psy-op to divert our attention or keep us waiting for something.

We are all transcending and reintegrating. Some may decide to stay in 3D and they will continue their journey until they have decided they had enough, these energies coming in are having the same effects on everyone, it’s not about me being highly evolved therefore I will FEEL these energies, these frequencies cannot be higher than 9hz and you simply can’t feel that in a physical sense. I simply no longer buy this theory that these energies can cause us discomfort, if they are feeling discomfort perhaps they need to check out what is going on in their environment and region they live in because if this was true, we would all consistently feel the same way according to the geographical locations we are in and that’s simply not true.

It could be just another deception or diversion. I have bad days and for a while I wanted to believe that it was because of these energies, but I can no longer say that. I have bad days and good days and energies have nothing to do with it because my body will adjust to them accordingly and they are not high enough for us to feel them physically. All of us vibrate between 3hz to 9 hz, lower than that, well, you’re very ill and would not be able to maintain that frequency. Due to the damage being inflicted upon us, I don’t see anyone higher than 5hz, although I am at 7.5hz, but I work with energy all day long and live a very quiet, laid back, stress free life and not many people are privileged to live that way.

Just think about it, that’s all I ask. Something stinks here.

I Think They Call it a Sabbatical?

I may be absent for 45 days and not sure that I will have time to do any postings. It’s not bad news for me, it’s actually great news. I was chosen to translate a book for a well known Croatian author under the pseudonym Carob King, a nephew of a very famous literary genius. His book is the subject I love to read and learn about and that is Ontology and Metaphysics.  He is one of the rare authors in Croatia of that subject so I am feeling very honored to translate for the North American audience.

Just as I was contemplating of not having any challenges lately, this comes up. It’s about thinking of what we want. Though some may say that taking care of an ill person is a challenge enough, it is but not a positive challenge and I was actually starting to feel afraid that I would be caught in this cycle of illness and death and not be able to get out of that.

How do you keep a balance in your life when you are the sole caregiver of someone very ill yet try to keep your own energy high enough and be able to live outside of that space of illness? What I am trying to say is that I don’t mind taking care of my partner, of course, I love him and would do anything for him, but at the same time, I have to watch that I don’t lose myself in that space and that is what I was starting to do. I lost focus, I lost my compass, I could not think of anything outside of this world and almost gave up any opportunities for me to grow and work.

So, I hired a housekeeper and now she is taking care of the day to day housekeeping, preparing meals and this way allowing me to work and do what I need to keep myself positive, healthy and challenged. My partner’s needs are taken care of and I get to do things I love while earning some good money.

I may post some excerpts of the book or may not post anything, but just know that I am not gone, only occupied temporarily and will definitely come  back with new knowledge, new experiences and for sure, new perspectives as this IS a new concept using “seduction”that was used as a tool against humanity. The author is turning that negative connotation of seduction into something positive. That is all I know for now as I first must read Book 1 and then Book 2 and then do the translation work.

It’s not just about translation, it’s about ‘ living’ the words so that they can be expressed in another language without losing their original shape and form. See you soon.