The Truth Isn’t Always on Time

Been writing about these folks for years going way back to the beginning of my blog. This video doesn’t vindicate me, but it does show that I have been consistent in my views and opinions about these bullshit artists. I’m calling a spade a spade. It doesn’t always require an intelligent assessment or even research if your intuition is fine tuned and you can connect to it. I wrote many times that Wilcock is a paid shill and his ego is bigger than Donald Trump!

As disclosure is upon us, in ALL aspects of our reality, we also expand our consciousness and become better at ‘knowing’ what is real and what is not. If you’re not sure about someone, there is a simple way of figuring it out. Give them the 3 strikes you’re out option, it never fails. Anyone that claims they have ‘insider’ information yet their predictions never happen is a bullshit artist. Period. I will forgive you once, forgive you twice, third time I strike you off my list.

P.S. This video showed up in my WP Reader and it was posted by my old friend Jean Haines. These folks were the reason we had a parting because when I would comment on my thoughts about these folks, she would tell me I knew nothing. I guess she finally figured it out, took a few years though. I have nothing against Jean, I simply feel that she wasn’t very friendly if you criticized anyone she posted. These posts and comments are all in this blog somewhere, use the search engine.



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