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  1. Hello, Being of light,

    I have watches videos on YouTube of citizens going on the beach with meters and it showing radiation, not at safe levels. The proof is out there. I was shown a vision of the future as a child of what was going to happen 50 years ago.. I cried when I saw all the fish floating in the ocean, and now it is happening. I bless Mother Earth for her patients with us, why she does not shake us off can only be because of ‘love”.. A friend sent me your site, thank you interesting.. Lois B-Ellison


    • If it’s important to you whether it’s authentic, then the message should not matter. If the message is what warms your heart, then does it really matter who wrote it? It’s been a long standing issue about this “authenticity”, though I personally don’t get hung up on the messenger, rather the message. Isn’t this what love is about? To accept and love what it is that we claim to love?


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