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  1. Hello, Being of light,

    I have watches videos on YouTube of citizens going on the beach with meters and it showing radiation, not at safe levels. The proof is out there. I was shown a vision of the future as a child of what was going to happen 50 years ago.. I cried when I saw all the fish floating in the ocean, and now it is happening. I bless Mother Earth for her patients with us, why she does not shake us off can only be because of ‘love”.. A friend sent me your site, thank you interesting.. Lois B-Ellison


    • If it’s important to you whether it’s authentic, then the message should not matter. If the message is what warms your heart, then does it really matter who wrote it? It’s been a long standing issue about this “authenticity”, though I personally don’t get hung up on the messenger, rather the message. Isn’t this what love is about? To accept and love what it is that we claim to love?


  2. Ines i just read your post about stopping the consumption. Yes a good idea, i dont know what impact it would have, it may need that critical mass to reach one. or less?. it is all about awakening and seing things for what they are. i read about control and the deep levels and layers of it. People say méditations and feeling of love can help save us and “ascend” . In the meantime we try to have people notice the control mecanisms and the lies, but they dont see until they are ready. have a great day, Marcela


    • I think that we have reached critical mass, people are on the streets all over the world but they don’t understand that protests don’t lead anywhere because they still have control over us through laws and money. This is why it’s time to strike them where it hurts the most. As for this ascension process, we are awakening but what happens when we awaken? Do you think the “deep state” or those that rule us will awaken too? They are awakened and know fully well we are awakening to see the truth. Love isn’t going to stop the carnage, love elevates us to higher states but that doesn’t stop wars. Do you get my point now? The masses don’t know HOW to stop this. They think protesting will stop what they are protesting for, it doesn’t happen anymore, police have powers to hurt or kill anyone going against them. Money is their rules the world…we have to stop their flow of money from US the people.


  3. the aritcle about einstein has been fact checked and is supposedly not true. i would love to believe he wrote the letter to his daughter, but what if it not true, shouldn’t you tell your readers up front, this might not be true we just hope it is. thank you


    • I have no business telling people whether it’s true or not because the post was not about WHO wrote it, rather the content of this love letter. Why is it so important to you to know the truth? Does it change anything? Didn’t your heart flutter when you read the letter?


      • yes, it changes a lot, it’s a lovely letter but according to huffington post and someone affiliated with the Hebrew University, Einstein did not write this letter…you say it has nothing to do with who wrote it…..
        it has everything to do with who wrote it….just trying to be honest, thank you.


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