Alex Collier the Warrior for Truth

In contrast and in comparison to Dr. Greer, Alex Collier is probably much more credible to me. This is a man I have been listening since the 80’s and although I can’t explain this to you, I know he’s got it right and is being honest.

Alex is broken, his life is broken, he’s on the street looking for shelter these days. Do you know why? Because he speaks the truth and everything is being done to break him. Contrary to what Dr. Greer speaks about in the last video, there WAS a plan for a false flag alien event but it has been thwarted. Believe it or not, I found this video after posting Dr. Greer’s video. This is what I call synchronicity.

Dr. Greer is not broke, not living on the streets, not in fear of his life because the Controllers like what he is doing, therefore, it is in their interest that he does what he does. Alex Collier is a threat to the Controllers, therefore, have made his life horrific. Do you know the last year or so, he goes to a library to use the computer so that he can do the webinars and put out this information? What man would lose everything, including his family to tell the truth? How many folks out there do you know that have given up everything dear to them to continue the fight, to share the truth? And lastly, who would you trust more? Alex Collier who has been struggling to get the truth out since the 70’s, or Dr. Greer who easily gets millions of dollars to make ” fearmongering” movies about an Alien Invasion? That dear reader is something you should be asking yourself when listening to these folks. It’s not the information that should be judged or deemed to be right or wrong, it is their motives.

We are on the cusp, on the crossroads of light or madness. It is up to each individual to make that choice, but while you are contemplating what that will choice will be, you must ask yourself this question: Will my decision and choices I make now affect only me or the rest of humanity? This is no longer about our personal lives, fuck them, we are irrelevant. Money can be made, a home can be built, being homeless is the symptom of poverty consciousness or materialism gone wrong. This is about humanity, about the work we came here to do, it’s about finally cracking open this illusion that was created for us so that we can be free, re-connect with Source; become what we were originally designed to be. This is about unselfishness, about the realization that everything we see and have experienced has been an illusion, a big lie, deception 101.

Alex has fought the fight, he’s given up everything dear to him, he’s lost his family because he refused to stop sharing the information, this is a man that has credibility in my heart. Listen to the passion bordering on desperation in this video and then really think twice about all those so called experts who each have a book to sell or DVD to sell for profit. Alex doesn’t hide his ‘ Intel’ or sources, the Andromedans have been that source from day one. He doesn’t sell books or ask you for money, in fact, he loves you so much that he is doing this for humanity. He’s got great energy and he’s a very powerful being though he’s not yet aware of this!


3 thoughts on “Alex Collier the Warrior for Truth

  1. Thank you Ines for a great and heart-warming post – I have had the same clear cut intuitive feeling that Alex is the real deal as opposed to David Wilcock and Corey Goode and Dr. Greer.

    For all readers of this blog please support Alex who is re-building his life – by listening to his webinars:

    Thanks 🙂

    Troels from Denmark


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