I am the former owner of blogs:
inesradman.wordpress.com and starvingwarmachine.wordpress.com and svjetloradnici.wordpress.com.

It’s already been explained as to why they were shut down, but I learned a lot of things while maintaining the blogs. I won’t be making the same mistakes again, but also, I won’t change who I am because of that experience.

I want to be the editor this time around, to have your work submitted and shared with others. We are in challenging times, times where we need to come together and share through what we know and how to make this place better one. The blogs have helped me experience humility, helped me understand that we are so unique that there is not one thought form that is identical to mine.

As an empath, I was picking up so much energy and didn’t know how to release it from my energy field, I went to sleep at time with excruciating pain not understanding why.. I learned that making mistakes is part of being human, but owning up to them is part of being the soul that does not judge, does not condemn, and requires forgiveness to evolve. Instead of focusing on our imperfections, we need to focus on our special attributes, we need to work on those attributes to become the powerful beings that we are. It is our God given right to exercise those attributes, in fact, if we don’t, they will succeed in overpowering us. Words and wars won’t make them go away, our telepathic attributes, our thoughts, our higher selves are the key to winning this battle that is being waged upon humanity and is now culminating to it’s highest levels.

There is no savior, we are the saviors of our own humanity. Let’s get together and feel the love, spread the love and conquer with love. Love is our most powerful attribute, yet we don’t know how to use it. We don’t just feel love, we use it against those that want to harm us. I’m all for it, so let’s take the journey together, as Unity Consciousness.

Update January 5th, 2016– It’s amazing how much things change in just one year. I made some changes to the above text because they no longer fit into my reality. Time as we know it, is moving faster and faster. I’m growing leaps and bounds. When I first started my journey 30 years ago, I never conceived the thought that it would bring me this point, but I never realized it would take that long. I’m not done yet, heck no, my journey is still going on and we are now in very exciting times. Do not FEAR anything. The energy of fear will keep you locked in this matrix and no matter what you do, or how much you meditate, FEAR will neutralize any work you have done. Fear  nothing because everything you are experiencing right now is your creation.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. To some degree, I know who you are. I have your e-mail address and I can send you a message at anytime (unless you change your e-mail address)! This level of trust will never be broken! I guarantee it!

    I am glad you are back! Keep on Keeping on………



    • Thanks NH, you can still reach anytime, I don’t hide and never did, just took time out to put my life into perspective and this time I am not running or giving up.


  2. You are very wise to not trust anyone. Especially by giving out your personal information. Trust no one until they have proved themselves worthy. The attacks you have experienced have come from those who are connected to the archonic activites going on around the planet all the time. Those activites are increasing exponentially as they know that they are near to their removal from the planet. Anyone who has access to the true knowledge about who and what they are, such as your previous blogs and sharing your info to others in the belief that humanity would awaken to what is needed, Will come under attack to shut them up. The problem lies in the fact that the alien imports have human form and we can’t tell the difference. They don’t have emotions, Sending your love to them has no effect, other than let them feed on your emotions. They are spiritual vampires. I am pleased to see that you have decided to continue your spiritual journey, such as I have. I am still here and going strong after coming back from death some 2 years ago. As I explained in my you tube video which you picked up on. If you wish to contact me. please do so. We may be able to help each other.


    • thank you John I will, right now it’s 1 am and need to get up early so will respond more in detail tomorrow! Nice to hear from you again !


  3. Ines, sorry to read that you have had problems… both with People and with your health and energies.. It seems many of us right now are digging that deeper into shedding the layers of baggage we collected… Its time to lighten our loads and help each other. xxx Love and Hugs my friend.. Sue x

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  4. Ines I would appreciate it if you re edited this post to the one now upon my blog which was edited around a week after I published The post on (A Letter Under Question) which is getting all the attention. As you cut an pasted it and didn’t reblog it as it has been since ..

    I published it in good faith as it was passed along to me.. It appears LOVE is lacking in the world.. Wishing you well dear Ines..

    Many thanks, and wishing you well as we try to spread LOVE in the World.. xxx


  5. Hello Ines,
    I arrived here via Whitehawk blog and was very intrigued to see your url address wearelightbeings because my blog is called litebeing chronicles and I go as litebeing 🙂
    I know that lightbeing, lightworker, etc is overused perhaps, but synchronicities lead me 24/7.

    The adorable cat photo confirmed my nudge and your link with Sue further sweetened the deal.
    I am eager to start reading your material, but must say your “Don’t trust anyone ” mantra gives me pause. I do not know your back story, nor do you know mine, but this philosophy does not support seeing past the illusion of separation and the re-membering of who we really are.

    I do not judge you, just am sharing my reaction. I do understand how many of us want to protect some of our identity and private life while online. My concern is making this adage front and center on your about page.

    peace, litebeing ❤


    • So sorry, just found your comment. “don’t trust anyone” will probably have to removed. This was written during a time when I was being stalked and attacked, thus, my feelings at the time were that way. I will surely change that, as I don’t feel that way anymore. Thanks for bringing that up to me. I can’t protect my identity, it’s obvious, and there is no gray line online. You either know everything or nothing about someone. Well, welcome, that’s all I can say right now!

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        • boy, I made some mistakes on this blog, I removed the title/page for stalkers and trolls and I see that the comments are still there, which will now look funny, oh well….too late now…need to get some sleep.

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  6. Hello Ines and all who may read these few lines. I am an Empath, Intuitive Therapist, Life-long Psychic, Grief Counsellor and like all of you…a ‘few more things’…besides. “Ordinary’ is hte biggest myth on this planet…everyone, is extraordinary !!

    I mention these, aspects of my range of skill, simply because they are facts. I am also an exhibited, Artist, Author, Designer and Tailoress. I am also just as flawed as everyone else and simply ‘doing my very best’.

    Furthermore, I am also a ‘Lone-Wolf’ I am not seeking…’business’…I am, merely commenting. No Human is ‘limited’ except by their own beliefs and critiques. All of which is external…BS, which the ‘system’ tries to force you to accept. I, am…as Strother Martin stated in ‘Cool Hand Luke’: A…failure to communicate, type. Hallelujagh!!! Yet it is a constant ‘work in progress’…as is the entire Human condition IMHO.

    I am enjoying finding your site for several reasons. All of them ‘good’. Or moreover,…Positive. I note that someone suggested your ‘trust no-one’ stance, gave them ‘pause’. Fine…We ain’t all, ‘robots’ yet.
    But, as I read it, I was again ‘internally nudged’ that there is still this element, of utter ‘nitpickingness’ which, just…(rolls eyes backwards)…is SOOO….unnecessary. There’s NO SHORTAGE OF REAL ENEMIES.

    This reminded of what a wonderful elderly lady of 84 years, wrote in my Autograph book in the early 60’s, when I was 8 years old. Ahem: LOVE MANY, TRUST FEW…AND ALWAYS PADDLE YOUR OWN CANOE’ Aunty A xo


    • wonderful, thank you!. I have had time off from blog but will start up soon. After translating a book into English, I’ve got writers block. See you around!


  7. New here today, made a few comments, read this and thought I’d say hi. I may desire to contribute writing on here as it’s nice to hear of others accepting the fluidity of our seeing-knowings, sometimes daily lol.


    • Of course, that would be awesome…I need to clean up my mail box so give me a few days, I have hundreds of emails to go through because I forgot my password haha


      • Lol, it will be awhile here so for sure no rush at all. I’m just sitting with and sorting through my own self haha and just enjoying what I’m reading here thus far.


  8. …I’ve been bizzee…dear INes and only just came across your response. A heartfelt thanx to you to and yep…kiddo…’see ya around in the Ether’…stay groovy…always Aunty A xo


    • It must be ‘just me’ but whilst you are clearly struggling to read the DATE… I fail to ‘get your point’…if indeed therer was one?? What’s with the ‘hypocritical much’??? If this was aimed at my being ‘busy’…well I’m non-plussed…

      Perhaps, you could try filling up your own time with something Positive to say…from the looks of things, that should keep you well and truly BIZZEE for at least …oh, let’s ay…almost another year. (Nimrod)…Always, A


      • I thought about responding to Anonymous but really had no clue as to what ” it” meant by hypocritical, so thanks for answering for me!


        • ‘Morning ‘Sunshine’ and cheers…I had a ‘bad night’ and got up early to find, your current news and… that comment…only 9 or so months LATE!! I’m Scots …we are a nation of smart-arses and as I was born and live in ‘Oz’ I feel that anyone who was having a shot at either of us is ‘fair game’ darling girl. So…I shot!

          I appreciate, enormously, the time you took to get back to me…cheers. I am delighted to ‘tell anyone off’ that you feel could go a good ‘dressing down’…especially at this difficult time….you are navigating. (What an ‘Anonymous’ asshole and NOPE I am not P.C. in any way)…so don’t look for an apology kiddo.

          However…if there is anything that I can do to assist you during this time of adjustment…ask away…I’ve just been yakking to The Divine about you as a matter of fact. Two ‘things’ came back…1. You will be fine and so is your partner 2. Grow your hair a bit…Spiritual fashion tips eh? Who knew??? WE DO…don’t we dear?

          Many different paths to the same destination…that’s all. Now…just take it all nice and easy…or not. DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT…because it will be. Accept kindness and keep the BS meter very handy…(this is a very dodgy time m’love). There will be ‘no accident’ that our ‘paths’ have crossed in the first place…in the interim and beyond I shall be sending you love, strength and a wee tip.

          Here’s a cure for rage I’ve shared with many.
          1. Go to a thrift store or through your own stuff. Find old bits of China that are chipped broken what-have-you. 2. Find a nice quiet area outside where you will not be disturbed. Place a bin, dustpan and brush alongside
          3. SMASH THE CRAP OUT OF ALL OF IT!!! (Mentally envisaging whatevertheHell you like or don’t like).
          4. Clean it up…
          You’lll be amazed at the RELIEF and not a hurt feeling anywhere…classy…isn’t it? Just like YOU…always Aunty A/Annabelle xoxoxo


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