Crumbling Like Apple Pie

It’s getting messy and confusing isn’t it? The reality that we have created is slowly crumbling. We built this reality based on false beliefs, beliefs we adopted from another source or another person.

I’m feeling the mess in the last few weeks as I have fought and struggled to get my partners specialist put on paper that his illness is in recession. First, we were asked to bring old films and scans. Once that was compared, a new diagnosis would be made. The diagnosis again was “serious” condition. It was difficult to get the so called medical experts to admit to the fact that we healed his illness at home. Finally, after threatening to report them to the authorities did his new specialist put down what we have known for the last 6 months. Although it was put on paper, not once was it mentioned that his condition going back three years has improved. In other words, we got this: “Patient’s current condition is ‘stable’.

The medical and pharmaceutical  Cabal is no different than any other Cabal. While each of us are struggling with our different realities, we are also focused on the priorities in our lives. Your struggle is not the same as mine. I don’t have struggles, my partner has struggles but he’s healed because he finally started believing that he would get better.

This past week my work in my clinic have been very intense. My clients were mostly people from Bosnia that escaped to different European countries. Although they came to see me for various physical issues, all of their issues are connected with trauma. Imagine giving birth to a baby while bombs are dropping all over  you? Imagine giving birth and having to pull the baby out as fast as possible so that you can escape or hide?

I wasn’t able to tell my clients: “I know how you feel and what you went through”. I have never lived through wars, I can only see the consequences in the infrastructure, the PTSD in every person because when you have no place to run to when bombs are dropping all around you, most of the population of the old Yugoslavia have been traumatized and have the highest mortality rate in the European Union.

I’m often grateful that I chose a different reality but then I too experienced much traumas in my life as well. It’s all a matter  of how we deal with them. I didn’t have the courage to tell these patients how their suffering was due to the Cabal needing wars to keep us under control and to make more money. We are literally cannon fodder for those that need us to create their wars and profits. It’s not just about profits, it’s about keeping us divided and separated. In my country the Catholic religion is dominant and Muslim secondary. We don’t have any issues with each other. We live together, we work together, we respect each other.

In Muslim dominant countries that are now crumbling or destroyed, it was never about Religion. It was a finely drawn out plan like Agenda 21 to disseminate false information, create a false reality, get people to start arguing with each other and that is the spark that starts the fire. We just stand back and let them massacre each other and then come back in with military might claiming to help and fight those that wish to destroy.

This is the reality that is crumbling, but before it crumbles completely, many souls will leave this earthly experience.

Your struggle and truth are not mine. I have my own truths to find and my own struggles to deal with but it must be clear that this is not about being better, having more, wanting Peace or creating jobs. Your struggle and goals should be focused on changing your inner paradigm as you reflect that energy outwards to others. Our changes must come from inside and radiate outwards.

This young woman that was born while bombs were dropping developed ‘tremors’ at the age of 24. She just graduated from Dentistry and her chances of becoming a Dentist are slim because her hands tremble. Her doctors in Sweden did all the necessary tests to find out what is wrong and the best they could come up with is ‘tremors’. Nothing we can do. Give it time. It might just go away on it’s own. Of course these doctors didn’t connect the dots like her being born in the midst of bombs dropping. That her father while pulling her out of her mother dislocated her shoulder. That her tremors are the cause of her mothers trauma and her trauma while coming into this world.

This young woman, an old Soul because only an Old Soul would choose this kind of difficult birth and circumstances of birth chose that moment to be born because she needed her parents to heal from their traumas. In other words, her incarnation was about the experience and helping her parents. Both parents have been working very hard on healing their traumas of the war. Her tremors are now a signal/sign that it’s now her turn to heal her own. Even though she doesn’t remember, her birthing experience lies within her higher self and being under stress from studying, setting high expectations, her tremors activated to let her know it was time to start her healing.

Nothing is by accident. Every single health condition is caused by us. Whether it’s by ‘thinking’ it, not eating properly, activating our genes, we cause all of our illnesses. We are bombarded with so much  now that it’s almost impossible to stay well although I don’t believe that. I believe that regardless, and despite the attack on us from all sides we can ‘think’ our way into staying healthy.

Our reality is crumbling, there is immense radiation coming from the Sun, there are fires all over the planet. We have had 17 fires in one day, on the mainland. Although we are an island that is 45 min. away from the mainland, flakes and ashes were falling on us last night from the fires. Nature is detoxing, mother Gaia is detoxing, the Matrix is crumbling and we’re all in a frenzy because we’re getting mixed messages from those who wish to continue to control us.

Put your hand over your heart and talk to yourself. Find out what it is that is important to you in this moment. Bring forth the strength you carry inside, pull down the truth from your higher self, bury your feet into the Earth and feel at ease.

Whatever is about to happen, whenever it’s about to happen isn’t the issue. It’s how we greet it and welcome it. Will we greet it with fear or will we embrace it and become it?

There is no longer balance in our reality. What was white is now black. Truth is now a lie. Lies are now the truth. Everything you think was real is an illusion and as this illusion crumbles, you have to get yourself in a place of peace and acceptance cause once you cross over you will continue at your spiritual level. There is no reset. We simply continue with our evolution in another reality but at the same level. Our levels are determined by our experiences as Souls, therefore, if you’re not prepared you may even face a hell for a time if it’s what you believe in. Whatever it is that you believe will happen upon you leaving your body is what you will experience.

So many people are now coming to me with physical problems ‘knowing’ they are emotional based. I use EFT and  it’s incredible to watch them perform miracles on themselves. We are so powerful, don’t you get it yet? Don’t you get it that you can do or be anything you desire by using the power of your thoughts?

They want us to believe that we are a worthless piece of shit and that we have to accept their handouts and their truth. There is no truth. This is a false reality. This reality is crumbling. The only truth is that you are an immortal, powerful, beautiful Soul that has come here to perform miracles. To remember who you are, to help those that have not yet evolved face the new reality. We all came here with purpose, if you haven’t figured out what that is, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about it as this reality is crumbling.

In one flash, in one millisecond moment we will return to our Innate Selves, to the embodiment of what we were created as. It all happens in a flash and it can happen any moment. You made it old Soul; although you may not be aware of this, let me congratulate you for still being here. You are the light, shine it and be the light for those that are struggling to understand themselves.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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