A Girl Called Melisa

I wanted to share a very special story with you. A story about war and trauma with a client last week that healed 100%.

The clients came here for the summer, they live in Sweden and were referred to me. I don’t advertise, everything is word of mouth and so when they arrive at my door or call me, they never ask what I do or how much it costs. They just want to make an appointment as soon as possible.

This couple needed some therapies for tight muscles and back pain. During therapy they told me their story of how they arrived in Sweden, running from bombs in Sarajevo, in 1992 during the breakup of Yugoslavia. The mother was giving birth while they were being bombarded, in order to run and hide they had to pull out the baby quickly and dislocated her shoulder. She didn’t cry coming into the world, they were frantic yet it saved their lives otherwise the soldiers passing by would have heard the baby cry.

They managed to escape to Croatia and then on to Sweden 22 days after their baby Melisa arrived into the world. They were lucky to be educated so they fit into the system very well and both got well paying jobs. With everything they wanted in life, they really had no complaints except that Melisa was diagnosed with a condition called “Tremors” 3 years ago. Around the time they actually had the courage to tell her how and under what circumstances she was born. They say that Melisa is highly sensitive and were afraid she might not take it well, but they were wrong. Melisa is an Empath and so from the time of conception she felt everything her mother did.

Medical experts in Sweden performed all necessary tests to find out what was wrong with her and couldn’t find anything tangible. In other words nothing showed up on imaging, blood tests, ultra sounds etc. They had no idea why her hands were shaking and offered no explanation. I asked them if their doctors referred Melisa to a Psychologist. Would it not be logical that if there is nothing physical found, it’s obvious to see her hands shake, would they not consider some kind of psychosomatic disorder?

I was surprised to hear that they didn’t behave in a proactive way and send her forward to see if there was maybe something emotional. I had read about Swedish Medicine and it’s rated No.4 in world in terms of the best quality of medicine and advanced technology.

In my mind, I had already connected these tremors to her time of birth. When they told me she was 25 years old, I knew roughly when the war started and ended so I was pretty sure this disorder would be connected with the trauma of being born. Being born or coming into this world while your mother is terrified and traumatized doesn’t just go away without manifesting itself in some way, but they didn’t ask me the first time if I could help her and they probably didn’t know I worked in that area and it seemed that they had accepted this and moved on the best way they could.

It wasn’t until their 3rd visit that the father felt much better after we used some EFT for his anger he was feeling and it was at this moment that he looked at me and said: “Do you think this could help my daughter?” I answered: “Potentially, but I need to talk to her first”.

When I first met Melisa the following day, I could feel her incredible compassionate soul and instantly knew she was an Empath. It’s almost a lethal combination. Being born in the middle of bombs dropping and feeling everything her mother was feeling, not counting her shoulder being dislocated because they had to run to safety. She seemed really down to earth, happy, I could find no dysfunction in the family or her relationship with her husband. Everything just seemed so  picture perfect.

This only confirmed my feelings that her trembling were a manifestation of her birth. It was activated under enormous stress because she’s been studying Dentistry and actually graduated this year.

After the 1/2 hr assessment, I was even more determined to help her and almost positive that her condition was a manifestation of the war trauma. Melisa didn’t have a negative thought in her essence, very caring and compassionate, I saw a loving and supportive family so everything pointed towards the birth.

She did have a lot of fears for the future. This is normal when you have an illness that you know nothing about or if it will go away. Will it get worse? Will I be able to have children and take care of them? Will I be able to work as dentist where precision is required? All legitimate fears no doubt.

So I made 1 hr. appointments 4 days in a row. That night I made a treatment plan for the sessions using EFT. I would first do a physical examination of her spine, measure legs and hips, to eliminate any possibility of nerve damage. Nothing there.
I don’t know how others do EFT but I like to start with the present and work backwards. You can’t peel an onion from the middle. You have to start from the surface, like digging and just going down deeper and deeper until you get to the core.

Melisa responded well and we built an incredible bond because I’m an Empath too so a lot of the time we didn’t have to talk, our body language signalled the next move or tapping sequence. By the time the 3rd session was done, she was healed 100%. We used the last session for re-confirming events and some programming to change the way she thinks and talks to her body. She had to return to Sweden the following day but her work is not done yet. We will continue over Skype until she feels confident. These things can come back if they are triggered by stress or the flight and fight response system so we need to keep working until 21 days go by. By this time the brain has reprogrammed itself and after that we can just meet once a month until she feels she’s ready to do it alone.

Her challenge right now is fear, fear of it coming back and this is probably the toughest part because you can say it’s almost normal to feel that.

The most incredible moment was when her parents and husband came to pick her up. As she walked towards them outside, there were no words spoken. They could see by her facial expression that she was healed. The 3 of them hugging together with tears of joy was an incredible feeling for this family, and this is what I wake up for everyday.

This was just Melisa, whos mother was giving birth in a small country called Bosnia and Hercegovina and I’m sure most of you have no idea where it is. It’s located above Croatia and was a republic in the old Yugoslavia as Croatia was. The war was about independence and the country disintegrated thanks to the Cabal “intervention” and depleted uranium. We can’t them enough for helping us out.

This is just a small country very few people know about. What about Iraq? What about Ukraine? What about Afghanistan? What about Libiya? What about Syria? What about the children of Palestine living in trauma everyday for the last 60 years? How many generations of children have gone through this?

Do I need to go on? This story wasn’t about Melisa. This is about the trauma millions of people carry throughout their lives. While the NGO’s and “allied” friends offer assistance in food, shelter, water and basics, who will help these victims of someone else’s wars with the traumas?

These victims of someone else’s wars will never be able to live normal lives. They might be lucky to rebuild their homes, immigrate to another country and start over or be cared for in camps, but there are not enough experts in this world that would even start addressing this issue.

Melisa was doubly lucky because her parents were middle class, educated and came out alive. They were able to build a better life, work on themselves, become better, get over their traumas but it never once occurred to them that Melisa might carry their trauma as well, especially being an Empath. They didn’t know and didn’t read anything about giving birth during traumatic events, that a child can feel everything her mother does in those last 6 months. But this is just Melisa, being born in a tiny country where 90% of the world had no idea what was going on.

What about all the other children? What are their chances of having a normal life, getting married, having children of their own while filled with such traumas of their past?

As happy as I was for being able to help her, it also saddened me as I started thinking and understanding what war victims go through. Although Melisa’s journey isn’t over yet, her success now depends on her and how hard she is willing to work. She opened up my heart and eyes because even though I knew theoretically that we can feel our mother’s emotions, this was a real situation that I witnessed and I now wonder how many of us are affected by our parents being violent with each other or being in a dangerous situation as the baby feels all that the mother does.

It was a happy ending of course. A sense of great accomplishment for me as this was my first war victim experience, but I’m also sad that Melisa was one of the lucky few who had intelligent enough parents to seek help.

Hope you enjoyed!


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