Debunking YouTube Bullshit Scammers


The video below is a prime example of what  you should not be watching and wasting your time. For starters look at the name of the channel: Jordan Maxwell 2017. I don’t read or see anything where Jordan has anything to do with this nor have I seen his endorsement. Same goes for the photo of David Icke. Doesn’t that appear suspicious to you?

This Nibiru crap is mainly theory, conjecture and the bible is used and trusted for the prophesy in it. You see, this subject of Nibiru is like modern medicine. You talk to 100 doctors and each one will give you a different treatment plan.

We all know that the gods in the bible are off world entities and didn’t have the human race in mind when they came here to steal our resources.

At 2:45 Min. mark, a video shows the Sun with another planetary body/object beside it. Let’s just assume for a moment that it IS Nibiru/Planet X. How do we actually know what this object is, why do people insist on it being called Nibiru, how do we know what it’s doing, where it’s travelling and what impact it may have on Earth? Why does everyone insist this so called planetary object is Nibiru?

How can we trust this video when there is no mention of the location where this was taken? What about the date and the name of the person taking this video?

At 4:10 min. mark, you can see this object moving out of sight very quickly. A planet doesn’t move that fast, or does it? You tell me.

So, it’s obvious I have a problem trusting a video of an anonymous person videotaping without information on the date, time, location and identity of the individual. Doesn’t that seem odd to you that someone actually was able to record some object around the sun yet doesn’t want to take credit for it? Could it be that maybe it was masterfully edited and this object inserted into the video?
I don’t know about you, but if I looked out my window and saw something that was out of the ordinary, I would run for my camera or cellphone, start recording and post it on all my social media sites, proudly taking credit for it and providing the date, time, location and what camera I used.

This is why it’s important when determining the credibility or authenticity of something. We  have to ask these questions: Who recorded it, where was it recorded, what time of day was it and what type of equipment was used to record this event. There is enough doubt in my mind that I didn’t even bother watching more than 10 minutes of this video. You know, if there is 10% lies/deceit/conjecture or Photoshop involved, then the 90% doesn’t matter anyway.

The very title of this video: “Nibiru clearest images: Catastrophic earth events have been announced all over the media.”

  1. How does this bullshitter know the object is Nibiru?
  2. Did you hear the announcement all over media that a catastrophe is about to hit us?
  3. What catastrophic events is he referring to and how does anyone know what MIGHT happen?
  4. Whenever your sensationalize a title to gain attention, the red flag should go up right there and then.

I don’t give a damn that they do this to get clicks or views. There intent right from the start is to deceive you, even if it’s just the title itself. I question the credibility of this person, their motives for doing this and their stupidity for thinking that people will believe this crap.

Here is the best part. At the 6:30 mark he says: This object doesn’t respect the laws of Celestial mechanics. This idiot is saying that this object is unpredictable and doesn’t follow certain celestial mechanics yet in the same breath tells you how close it will get to Earth and what it will do to us or what it’s potential is.

So, before I eat my shit I am going to contact Jordan and David and ask them if they know anything about this channel. I doubt it because I know both

their views and opinions, but it’s sad that whoever is running this scam channel has to use known people to get attention or gain credibility. That alone is enough for me to discredit this channel.

This is just my opinion, but I think I’m going to work on this Nibiru subject and see what I can come up with. I am not saying that I don’t believe a planetary body is in our solar system and could harm us. I’m saying that in order for me to believe something, I need some tangible proof, and when hundreds of people on YT have different opinions and theories, then we haven’t yet seen this thing. And finally this: Even if this planet is on it’s way here, not you, nor I nor any experts can guess or estimate what it’s path will be and if it will cause a catastrophe. Why? Because our cosmic family and friends would not allow that to happen. Because mass consciousness determines this, because this fear mongering event about Nibiru is exactly what they want. They want you to believe this planetary body is arriving and will cause harm. It’s another mind control program that we have the potential to create exactly what we don’t want. Thanks for reading!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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