Demonization of Truth and Anyone That Tries to Speak It.


I’m still in shock after reading some comments from a reader on YT.  The following video that you can watch for yourself is about N. Korea, at least the parts that I didn’t agree with. I was shocked not only at the response by this person, but the way others responded to other people with hatred, vitriol, disrespectfulness and when someone tells me that not all Americans are this way, I’m sorry, I don’t believe that anymore. I believe that a small handful of Americans, maybe 1% are open minded, respectful, value other opinions etc.

First of all, let me tell you that the information in this video and in general about Korea is totally wrong. This demonization of N. Korea is no less than the Russia one. It’s done only for one purpose and that is to give the US Government enough reason to ask for more military spending (selling of arms), and create a war because when the economy gets bad, war is created. It’s happens all the time, just repeating history.

N. Korea doesn’t allow western countries in because it does not want it’s influence on it’s people. N. Korea is a true and real communist country. Community/commune of people that lack nothing. No child in N. Korea is alone or without someone to take care of them. There are no homeless people in N. Korea. N. Koreans are happy, they love their leader, they worship him. What’s wrong with that? If you are taken care of, if you lack nothing, if your kids get free education, free healthcare and your family is given a home after 10 or 20 years of working for a company, are you going to care if your leader may be dangerous or an idiot?

Most people today just want to live a normal life, having enough food, a roof over their heads, they want to be able to send their kids to College or University; they want to be able to retire in comfort. If you have all of this, are you going to care about anything else? Of course you’re not. I know this because there is true information if you look hard enough and I know because many Europeans are allowed to enter N. Korea. I have travelled to N. and S. Korea way back in the 80’s. Yes, they were strict on where we moved around but it’s not because they have anything to hide, it’s because they are afraid that someone will cause them harm. They have been demonized for many years. How would you feel if the Media demonized America day in and day out. How would you feel about that? How would you respond to that? North Korean don’t consider Eastern Europeans to be a threat to their culture. There are Croatian people working in N. Korea and have nothing bad to say about it. These people have lived in old Yugoslav Communism and say they can’t compare one with the other. In Yugoslavia, the Communist Party members get the best piece of meat, the best house, the best car, the highest salaries, etc. People had jobs and security but were not allowed to speak out. Our citizens who have lived through that communism now wish they never fought to get rid of it because Capitalism has impoverished them and they long for those old Communist days when everyone had money and didn’t worry about how to survive.

N. Korea truly provides equal opportunities. Take a look at this Documentary: The Happiest People on Earth: and judge for yourself.

Do you see citizens faking their smiles? Do you see them hating their jobs and not wanting to get up in the morning?

This is the same demonization of Russia and Russians. There is nothing wrong with their countries and just try to imagine China without communism? Do you know how much poverty there would be, way beyond what it is now? How do you mange 1.2 billion people in a capitalist country when Croatia with a 4 million population can’t?

So, I voiced my opinion and knowledge and this guy just said some horrible things to me. First he called me a troll. So I pointed out to him that I was NOT a troll and if he had bothered to click on my Avatar he would see that I’m very active in commenting on YT.

When I started to pay more attention to other comments, I just fell into my chair from shock and surprise that this person is just one of many who reacts and responds like this. Is this how you behave when you don’t agree with something I say? It’s no wonder the US is in great turmoil right now. You either are with me or I’ll fuck you up. Sounds like Bush after 9.1.1. You’re either with us or against us.

I wanted to respond to this guy one more time but then I realized I would only stoop down to his level. I believe he’s a Fox employee and attacked me because  I questioned them and because there is a Media War going on, it’s understandable that he might be sensitive, but you don’t need to wish to kill someone, that’s really sad.

I don’t know what happened to the Americans, as I said before, I’m worried about their future, this attitude cannot bode well for them. We are changing the geopolitical landscape, America is no longer to be trusted, it’s no longer considered to be the beacon of light and Democracy. It’s been laughed at behind closed doors and although we don’t need America anyone, if it crashed, the entire system would crash because the Dollar is the reserve currency. If we crash, it won’t be because too much paper has been printed, it will be because America’s allies will turn to being enemies and one of them will say: “Enough is enough”. All it takes is an invisible EMP attack over their skies and it’s game over. Do they honestly believe that they can get away with this demonization of countries and that we will just forget and move on?
Do they even realize that just as much as they hate those that don’t support their status quo that their enemies and even allies hate their pompous attitude thinking they have the world by the balls? Don’t they realize America is dead? They haven’t yet accepted the fact they are dead and I’m sorry for those good Americans, the ones I love so much and are friends with. It’s over, America is no longer the hegemony power in the world and unfortunately, once the other financial system is in place, China will crash the US dollar, it’s the only way to get rid of that funny money.

You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t want or expect you to agree with me, but you readers that come here often are very respectful and I honor that virtue. I know you don’t represent all Americans, but it’s getting really bad and it has to be some kind of mind control, chemtrails, DARP and frequency attacks because this isn’t part of human nature.  By nature we are loving, we have the desire to unify and be part of a community. This separation isn’t going to last much longer, it’s just a matter of time when this paradigm will end, until then we have to find a way to deal with mean spirited and manufactured psychopaths.
A response to the video:

Ines Radman: Your demonizing of N. Korea is either because you’re told to do so or you’re very ignorant and uncultured. N. Korea has no poverty, no homelessness, everyone works and have very few prisoners. Been there. You are demonizing N. Korea because American needs an enemy so that they can increase the military budgets. Better focus on building your old roads and electric wires and poles still above ground. Better focus on your own poor and homeless and mind your own business. Why is that N. Korea can’t have Nuclear weapons, but America can? The US government has destroyed over 41 countries in the last 20 years. You should all start writing to your government and demand better roads and bridge, better healthcare…leave other countries alone. They were never a threat to the US. It’s all about military spending and weapons of mass destruction.

Paul Keffer  2 hrs ago: After “re-reading” your first post…..I understand that you are not just a Troll but a Troll from another Planet.
If this is Not the case, then you are a “raving lunatic” and should be put down like a rabid animal.      

Ines Radman 1 hour ago
Wow Paul that’s a profound wish to have me put down. Is this how all Americans respond when they don’t like what others have to say? You’re just proving to me that you have no respect for the opinion of others. May your life be filled with love and Joy cause you really need it.


Paul Keffer 45 minutes ago
“Peace , love and joy…..from Otto Warmbier. Put a bullet it your head so that its not so empty you stupid motherfucker.




6 thoughts on “Demonization of Truth and Anyone That Tries to Speak It.

  1. This is a perfect example of why it is almost impossible to get through to the US people and convince them to close bank accounts, refuse to pay outrageous taxes, remove unfit imaginary leaders etc. etc. MSM, You Tube, Fakebook, Twit are all part of the propaganda machine. It is 100% successful! But this is ALL news in ALL places that part take in electronic news and not just in Merika.They are light years ahead of us and any efforts we have or shall bring forth to elicit changes to save this planet and it’s flocks of sheeples from them and extinction. I think they are counting on the handful of us giving up and falling back in line.
    As for N. Korea…. don’t worry, Bball bad boy Dennis Rodman will be there to save the day!!! HAHAHA Whoever is writing these scripts must be clinically insane as that is how fucking crazy all of this has become.


    • You are right sis. I’m afraid it’s gone too far and something bad is about to happen soon, like a Nuclear strike on the US. Get your plane ticket to me just in case!


  2. Ines, so sorry to see that insane response towards you, whoever that person is sure needs a lot of love and healing, for to wish another human being to die shows the extent to which that person’s Soul has already died. I think you are correct Ines when you say that it must be all the chemtrails, mind control, fluoride and God knows what in our food and water that surely is causing people to be so ragefully insane right now and yes it is definitely NOT human nature to be like this. I wish so much Love for you and for any negative energy coming towards you to be transmuted into Love as I am sure it will be. I respect and admire the tremendous amount of research you do in order to bring a very balanced and truer version of whats going on in our World for which I and many of us thank you. Keep on keeping on, it will all end, its on its way out, we just have to hand on in there and keep shining our Lights into our very dark World. All shall be well. Janice from the UK………


    • Thanks for Caring. I’m over it but it’s just sad. I just watched a movie with Will Smith in it: Earth New Beginning – translated from Croatian so not sure exactly the title but it’s about humans leaving Earth to another planet and while in a pass by to another planet, their ship entered an asteroid rain and they ended up on Inhabitable Earth. Interesting, the creature they were transporting only attacked those that had FEAR, without FEAR this creature didn’t see them. Isn’t this symbolic of what is going on today? Or is it perhaps the future we are preparing for? I’m sorry for Otto’s life/death but many people die in foreign countries because of silly mistakes they make. One American dies and the great America is now determined to destroy a country that has never waged war on anyone, yet bombs dropped on it so many times they ran out of targets. This is a war on America actually, they are just not announcing it because if you threaten America, you can be sure bombs will rain on you within a few hours.
      My world here in Croatia is nothing like your world in the UK, US and Canada. We still have smiles, compassion and respect for different opinions. Communism isolated us from the West so gratefully, this was a good thing to not have so much Western Influence. Americans that come here as Tourists wear Canadian flags, people don’t like them here or want them here. Not because they are bad, but because they’re really stupid and don’t have a clue what is going on in the world. I’m sorry, but it’s true.


  3. There is, however, one thing really wrong about communism: it does not allow or does not contain any spiritual teachings by which a person could free him/herself from this worldly prison-existence into a truly liberated, enlightened state of mind/body. And that is due to the fact that communism is a product of the Jews, who want people to be suppressed, not liberated; the same Jews who bestow upon us the Jew world Order dictatorship. It is not enough to live an easy life and then die and then be born again and live another easy life, etc.— it’s still some sort of hell from which eventually one must escape. And that’s only possible with the appropriate esoteric teachings.


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