Our Future, or Do We Have One and Who Determines it?

As I sat down with my morning coffee, RT news was repeating a documentary I had already seen a few days ago so I switched over to YT. The video below showed up in my Recommended Videos, how strange/synchronicity as I am not subscribed to this channel.
When I started to listen to her voice, I felt a surge of incredible energy go through me, I felt a familiarity with her and the things she said I thought to myself, she must have read my posts and copied me. No, I know she didn’t, but that was my first thought because when she started to talking about humanity, who we are, why we are here, she was in total unison with my thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

I have often written that  despite the fact  we have poked and prodded, poisoned and collected so much garbage on this planet, our mother Earth still continues to provide us with oxygen and water. We have almost killed our mother yet she continues to keep us alive and struggle with her own destruction to ensure she can continue to give us life. This is also said in this video.

I’m repeating ad nausea that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. The strongest ones, the old souls, the ones I have been writing about for years. We, the oldest and strongest souls with the most experiences could only survive here in this madness knowing the work that had to be done. Our memories were blocked (not erased) because many of us would have given up on this planet and returned home had we remembered who we are and how we got here.

My dear friend and long time reader John from New Zealand who passed away 2 years ago helped me decipher my dreams/visions while asleep. I get angry at myself for not saving my emails in Gmail but it gets too difficult to manage and then I get lost in so many of them, so after a few months I delete them.
John was very close and deeply involved with the Maori New Zealand aborigines and although I can’t say for sure,  he told me that they were the remnant of the Lumerians as this woman in the video also confirms.

This email that he sent me was the last one I received from him. He helped me decode/understand what I was seeing in this particular dream. A lot of my visions were about disasters passing by me, not affecting me at all and seeing bright explosions of light and rainbows of colors I have not seen in this reality. This vision I sent him was about another disaster, mountains coming out of the earth, existing mountains cracking apart, people moving on but with no panic or fear.

Here is the excerpt from his last mail to me: “Ines, your dream seems to be telling you of a possibility of a future happening for our lives. However there are other scenarios available of which many are not aware. 1 is that great spaceships will came and take us away, this scenario is a fake. The other is more likely, it involves the opening of a portal between us and another realm. The first of these portal openings will most likely be a fake, it will involve the return of the Jesus belief that many are waiting for. A portal can be bi-directional ie: goes both ways. If Jesus doesn’t appear to us via the portal, the believers will step through the portal in the belief that they are going to a new heavens and earth, led by Jesus, as described in their bible. It is not a new earth that you would want to go to. It has no seas.

          The next portal that appears will either allow others to step through into another identical earth that resides in a parallel dimension next to ours. It depends on what we have done to our planet as to whether or not we step through to the next earth, or those from that earth step through into ours. It is like going to sleep and waking up the next day, and realizing that a lot of other people that used to be around have vanished. The inhabitants of our second earth are made up of those who were born here, but their sensitivities would have destroyed them as they couldn’t cope with the shit they would have to suffer on our planet.
They have been removed to the second earth to await the return of the rest of us who are to mentor them without alien interference. Whether that takes place here, or on the second earth makes no difference, it will depend on the removal of the alien hordes that have invaded our planet. If they can’t be removed, the destruction you saw in your dream will most likely be the scene that you saw in your dream. They will be left to burn in a hell of their own creation.
That will either be here or on the other planet that Jesus freaks have fled to. Whichever way it goes down, it doesn’t matter as those of us who are left will find ourselves on an earth free from all interference. The second portal is bi-directional and will either allow us step through onto the second earth, or allow those waiting there for our return to step through into our domain. We will then be able to complete our spiritual learning curve, as it was intended to be in the beginning. ie: the Alpha and Omega will become one and the same. as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. The sooner the destruction is finished, the better off we will all be. Perhaps if others see the destruction coming their way, they might wake up. I doubt that many will wake up, as they are already too far gone. Forever hopefully your friend John.”
I miss John very much because he was the only person I knew that could confirm my visions and dreams to, but I’m also comforted with the knowledge that he’s on the other side waiting for us to help us and guide us to get accustomed to our new reality. We shared a lot of the same visions as well and that confirmed to me that we all came here for the same reasons.

This video touched me to the deepest levels of my being because what this woman said was very important. She said if we don’t start living from the heart, we won’t make the transition. You judge for yourself, but I can tell you with certainty she is who she says she is, and she is saying what she knows to be true. Her vibration is extraordinarily high, she’s immersed in sadness for us and our mother planet. I can feel her sadness and pain and that’s part of her lesson here, to let go of that pain and sadness knowing what the outcome will be. I too lived with this pain and sadness and it wasn’t helping me in any way. By collecting these emotions, it converted into anger and frustration and it was difficult to balance my life around this. Each one of us have a special role here, I can’t say this enough. Listen to her words, feel what she is saying, take responsibility for what you need to do, don’t delay this, our time is running out.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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