90% truth is not worth the 10% Missing.

How many of you believe that disclosure is going to happen soon? Soon would be in the next 10 years. Once I’m done with my thoughts on this you can listen to the interview below with Bob Dean. I first heard about him through Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy about 5 years ago. I don’t hold much respect for this woman as time and money has corrupted her as well. I think that she’s a paid shill to divert attention and truth because if all her witnesses are real and true, they should not be alive to tell their story.

As for Bob Dean, I think that he’s 90% truthful and 10% made up along the way. Nobody with Cosmic Security Clearance can walk around and feel free to talk about whatever it is he witnessed or researched. I have an issue on WHY we are not being told. In other words, off planet species have been here, are still here and most of them are supposedly guarding this  planet so that we don’t self destruct. Bob Dean brings up a name that does some research on primitive humans and how they would react if aliens just showed up. Remember, she’s talking about primitive humans that still live in communities without electricity therefore, have no access to electronic data and primitive means not being able to write.

In ancient times when those that came from the heavens came down to Earth, they were regarded as Gods. These so called Gods didn’t bother to correct the humans, they allowed them to think that they were Gods.

Her conclusion was that we would not able to accept that kind of information. That we were still primitive, that our religions would defy truth and that it would be devastating for humanity. Are you kidding me? To say that we as humanity are not ready for that kind of information? Who determines when we are ready?
If someone you love died today, your reaction would be shock and sadness. If we were told that aliens exist and that they are amongst us, we would probably go into shock, fear and whatever else ignorant people do when they are confronted with something new. But we would get over it. We live with shock and trauma on a daily basis. I’m sure we would get over this new information and reality with time.

I’m sorry to hear that such a great man agrees with this theory, and because he agrees with this, I can now say that this guy is a fraud. When asked why he is travelling all over the world and giving speeches on his experiences, his answer is: “Because it will bring us closer to traveling beyond the stars”. I have no idea what he means by this. Is he saying that by telling people off world beings exist, that we are not alone and they have lived amongst us since the beginning that this will bring us closer to travelling beyond the stars? You see, it doesn’t make sense. And when things don’t make sense, then something is not right.

This Alien Disclosure agenda will never happen. In other words, our leaders of our countries will never come forward to tell us this because their game is over. They can no longer subdue us, control us, demand money from us and keep us within our country borders. I’m not even talking about the rage and anger from humanity for being lied to our entire lives, generations, thousands of years. I have written about this as well, there can never be any voluntary disclosure because THEY will lose their control over us. They want us to continue to believe that we are alone, that god is way up there somewhere, and that all we know about is Earth and our lifetimes are here. If we were told the truth, the entire financial markets would collapse and not because of the news, but because we would throw out all our bank cards and funny money and head out to new frontiers. We don’t need government at that point, especially after lying to us for so long.

I do believe that some trick will happen, some false flag or a disaster. Lets face it folks. We can’t go on like this forever but there is nobody to save us either. We need to get out of this one ourselves, we got ourselves into this mess, we have to get ourselves out of it. I know that we have cousins/family from other worlds/planets/realities. You know this too. I think it’s pretty common knowledge even to the so called primitive people that we are not alone. These primitive people don’t need internet to know this, in fact, the primitives; those that live in balance with nature know a lot more than we think they do. Many of the tribes that are still trying to exist within their tribal environment live that way on purpose. They choose to continue their way of life. They don’t want to live in man’s world, their world is Nature.

So to say that primitive people such as Us are not ready for disclosure is just as stupid as Bob Dean is for believing it and that gives me no other choice than to say that Bob Dean is part of THEM. It doesn’t matter that he’s over 80 years old. He would have been taken out a  long time ago if he had truth to share. 90% truth can mean nothing when 10% of it is a lie. That 10% may be the key to it all, so 90% means nothing. If I tell you that a comet is going to hit earth and you need to get ready is 90%, but I didn’t tell you that it’s hitting in 15 minutes, that 10% just killed you. You get the point? It’s like making coffee, one coffee bean can make the difference between good or average coffee.

I hate to be the spoiler of good people but truth is, nobody knows the truth. We can all have bits and pieces of it, but when 10% is held back or not told, it doesn’t matter that you have 90% of the truth.

Nibiru is in our solar system. It comes around every 3600 years. This is 90% of the truth. The other 10% is that nothing is going to happen. We will survive it and it will move on. But that 10% fucked up everything because here people are running around and preparing, spending tons of money on underground bunkers, storing food, trying to prepare for this event. Lots of money being spent don’t you think? Do you see how irrelevant 90% of the truth is? That missing piece, or that 10% untold or lied about can change our entire basis of existence and belief systems.

All of these so called Whistleblowers, and former Secret Space Program actors probably are telling you 90% of the truth, but what good does it do when that 10% is the most important part and the missing piece to the puzzle? This is why people like Corey Goode and others are being exposed. For a long time people believed in the 90% and eventually realized that the 10% was missing and that it didn’t fit into the 90% story.

In the end, you are the one that needs to find the truth, nothing but the truth, 100% of the truth. Bob Dean may be telling us 90% of it, but in the end when you think about it, what has he accomplished all these years? What has changed? Who benefits from him do the talks and sharing his experiences? We can’t gain anything from his experiences. We can’t change the world nor can he. If he thinks his sharing of information with others might bring us closer to travelling beyond the stars, I’d like him to explain that in more detail because right  now, he’s not making any sense and he knows he isn’t. I for one can’t see how sharing his information will get us off this planet even if we knew 100% of the truth. Nice try Bob. Oh and Bob, since you have had a relationship with them since you were very young, why don’t you ask them to show themselves to us?


2 thoughts on “90% truth is not worth the 10% Missing.

  1. Thanks again for being a beacon of groundedness and good sense during these times of 90% truth. This is a great post, Ines, this one really rang a bell for me. Blessings.


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