Shape Shifting Pleiadians

I picked up some really bad energy listening to this talk with Barbara Marciniak in the video below. I bought her first book when it came out, “Bringers of the Dawn”,  in the 90’s. For many years I have listened to her off and on. I listen when it shows up in my recommendation list on YT; but I don’t look for her. It took me an hour of listening to realize that this was an old channeling, at least old enough that Obama was still president. I let the owner of the channel know that I didn’t appreciate it because we all have busy lives considering there are thousands of videos on this subject/channeling; the owner should feel privileged that he has a nice following and shouldn’t deceive people by placing false dates on the video.

But that’s not what I set out to do here and talk about the owner and his deceitful method of attracting listeners. A red flag went up listening to Marciniak when she answered a question from the audience. The man asked the Pleiadians how does one incarnate and what options we have. Her answer, as you will listen to if you want to was that there must be a male/female interaction and thus the entity enters into the body upon conception. At least that is my understanding of what they were saying to her.

The 2nd red flag went up when someone from the audience asked about “bad” dreams and how to deal with them. Now let me be very clear. I will not and cannot say she is wrong. I can only say that based on my personal experiences, I am aware of the fact that when asleep, I leave my body and travel into other current realities where I am a participant. I have multiple lives in this timeline so to speak. I don’t believe there is such a thing as dreams, as I have written about this many times before that the brain is not capable of “imagining” things and then projecting them to us while we sleep. The brain’s sole function is to collect data from our different senses, store that data, manage that data and analyze the data when we want to or access memories stored in the brain.

Something happened. One of 3 possibilities, but I’m sure that the entity or entities channeling through Marciniak are not of good nature or intent.

  1. At some point in time or during some time, the Pleiadians were who they say they were.
  2. At some point in time or always, these Pleiadians were not of good intent.
  3. Marciniak has done a great job in acting and pretending to be a channeler because her information or the information that she channels is not off world. In other words they are related to humans and her information is not classified. In other words, these entities are not giving her information that we can’t find ourselves elsewhere on the Internet.

With that said, it’s my opinion that these entities currently channeling through Marciniak are not of good intent. Whether they have always been with her I don’t know because I only recently (last 2 years) have started to listen to the channelings so I can’t say how it started.

Is Marciniak aware of this? Obviously not because she’s carrying on or she knows but she’s made a name for herself and doesn’t want her reputation ruined. I felt some changes in her recently, the energy was different and whether it’s her changing or the entities that channel through her, I can’t say at this time and I don’t have time to spend hours listening from the beginning.

I will leave that to you to determine if you’re into Marciniak. You see, Pleiadians are funny entities, lighthearted, they take a serious subject and turn it into something funny so that it’s easier to consume. You never know what they are about to say just by looking at them because their images/faces are always peaceful, serene and smiling. I see them on the other side of the veil at night when I sleep. According to a few people, they are my family and the constellation Orion is my place of Origin, though don’t know exactly what planet, but Lira feels familiar when I read it somewhere. I have always had a fascination with them and only in the last few years did I connect the dots.

The entities that are channeling through Marciniak are not the real deal and they are starting to give predictions which is disturbing because they know that the future doesn’t exist and that we determine it, therefore, nobody can see it here in this reality otherwise we would all leave this planet and forget about our jobs and agreements here.

Just my opinion, so far I haven’t been wrong about anything I have felt. It takes a while, but I’m usually 99% on the money. This one took 2 years but then like I said, I don’t listen to her often. Tonight she hit me with a big bang! Something stinks!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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