Information Overload on Planet X

I have been reading and following information flow of this so called Nibiru/Planet X for quite a few years now. Most can’t even agree on the name of it, let alone what might possibly happen.

Let’s take a look at this subject from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective. Nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences. Everything that exists, exists because we have created it for whatever reason. Most of us are not even aware that our thoughts create our reality and when enough people connect on the same thought waves, we create this reality through our mass consciousness. It’s a simple explanation of our creation abilities. Some of us know and are aware, most have no idea of this.

If this planetary body is nearing our planet, it’s not an accident, it has purpose. I have read that this Nibiru comes around every 3600 years or so. I believe that the Annunaki originated from that planet. I also believe they are still on that planet and could be returning to check up on us or tell us the truth.

If the Annunaki have been coming around every 3600 years or so, then they know the effects caused by this pass by. Does it matter to them? Do they care? I don’t know, but the Annunaki are also creations of Source; therefore, they are part of this reality.

Will this planetary body come so close as to cause a catastrophe? I don’t know. I do have dreams and visions about mountains cracking apart, tsunamis, mass fires around my home etc., but there is nothing to point towards a planetary body being the cause of it. What’s really interesting is that in EVERY of those dreams or escapes from this reality indicate that myself and everyone in those realities are not in fear. There is a feeling of awe about what is going on. People are leaving or moving away from the disasters but not in panic, it’s as if we all know what to do and move on. There is no panic, no crying about losing our material things, no shock and fear about losing loved ones. It feels like a scripted play because in this reality, just losing a loved one causes us to go into shock, sadness, mourning and the other emotions we go through when dealing with death.

If you go back to the beginning of this blog you will see a lot of posts about Ascension and the so called Guru’s leading this cult. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was writing about it. Thousands of YT videos on this subject, it was the light of the New Age movement that we were just going to Ascend to some heavenly space or place and start a new higher dimensional life with a new crystalline based body. Well, as most you reading this now know, that never happened. Many of those gurus got called out, many just disappeared out of the limelight, very few are left and those that are left have changed their stories or renamed that into something else.

From the very start of 2014 when I first started this blog I said that Ascension was a hoax, that it was impossible, that we were not ready for something like that and as proven that the gurus would eventually be exposed for what they are.

We had the same events happen with biblical prophesies, blood moons, RV’s, Econmic Collapse warnings going on for years now. I mean just about everything has been thrown at us to scare the shit out of us. None of those events took place, yet if you go to YT now and look up Nibiru or Planet X you will find hundreds of TITLES showing dates of when the end of the world is near, most of them the dates have come and gone, as always.

Now let’s focus our attention on Nibiru and the Annunaki. When they first started arriving they created the God cult. In other words, humans saw them as Gods and the Annunaki never bothered to tell them it was not so. They let humans believe they were gods. It worked to their advantage because they really did come here to mine for gold but when they realized how stupid we were and that we believed everything they told us, they saw other opportunities and decided to stay therefore, genetically changing us until humans became something they wanted for their own benefit.

So, assuming this story is correct, assuming Nibiru is nearing our planet, assuming the Annunaki are still on that planet; do you think we will call them gods this time? I don’t think so. In fact, if I saw an entity running around in my neighborhood that didn’t look humanoid, I would probably assume that the Annunaki have returned.

Keep in mind, even 300,000 years ago when they first arrived, they were thousands of years ahead of us in technology. In this reality that I refer to, they are probably even more advanced from us than ever before because even though we have advanced, they have advanced even more.

They know we know. These are intelligent beings, how dare we compare them to humans. These are our ancestors, they know this too. They created this body suit, who would know better than them of what our state of mind is, our state of affairs, and besides, those that stayed on Earth communicate with their home planet Nibiru.

So, the questions we should be asking are:

  1. Are the Annunaki returning for good reasons or other reasons?
  2. Are they willing to allow their planet to cause destruction or will they use their technology to prevent that from happening?

I guess the answers to the questions above depend on their intent. Remember, they can’t come back and claim to be gods anymore. We know they are not gods. At least we have advanced in that area. So, if they can’t come as Gods, what will they come back as? They also know that we have advanced weapons so if they try to cause us harm, we will attack back. This event would cause the end of this planet. Is this what they want? If it’s what they want then they would allow Nibiru to cause the destruction. But if it does cause destruction, why are they coming back?

Do you honestly believe they don’t have the technology to change course or are they arriving because our mass consciousness has created that reality to happen? Is this why this information about Nibiru is all over the Internet? To cause our thoughts of it to unite and create that reality? Will they get near enough to land and offer to take us elsewhere? Maybe they will be the false flag alien invasion. We have no way of knowing this unless they offer to help us or take us off planet.

Many questions and I don’t  have the answers, but they are well worth contemplating. We’re not talking about an inferior race, we’re talking about our Ancestors, they created us into what we are in this human body. They know everything about this body, their advantage is knowing this about us. They’re not coming here to some foreign culture or civilization, they are returning to their old posts.

So, what is their purpose or what is there intent this time around? Will they finally disclose to us what we have been researching for years? Will they hold out their arms to us and welcome us into their reality? Will they share their technology with us? Will they create a false reality and get us to agree to leave the planet and go with them because it might destruct?

These are all possibilities. While everyone is talking about Nibiru as if it’s a lone  planet that always causes mass destruction, nobody is talking about or connected the Annunaki with Nibiru. All this fear mongering about it’s impact on Earth. Really? Do you really believe that? Do you honestly believe that Creator would allow this after we have come this far? I don’t know, but whatever happens, it happened because we planned it and created that reality. So, it’s not a question of what will happen or what they will do. It’s a question of remembering what we agreed upon before incarnating here. And in end if it does end, if this planet destroys, in a flash we are on the other side and maybe this is the Ascension event. Have you ever thought about that?

So, let the fear mongers scare the shit out of you, and maybe there is a planetary body nearing our solar system. Maybe everything they are saying is true. So what? We’re immortal, eternal, we don’t die and maybe it’s time we left this madness anyways. Those of us that have been Service to others have nothing to fear, we will move on with new realities and experiences and maybe that will be the time when our memories are erased so that we never have to remember life on this planet. There is nothing good to remember other than wars, hunger, disease, hatred and selfishness. I won’t have a problem forgetting what we left behind and nothing can be worse than what we have created…it can only get better.

So with all due respect to the so called Experts out there on Nibiru; they should really be honest and tell us that they don’t know what can happen instead of making up some “expert” theories. After all, this planet is about FEAR, and as long as humans live in fear, someone is feeding off this energy. We’re just another link the chain, another food source so anything should be better than what we could be leaving behind.

Don’t be fooled by anyone offering to save you. That will be your distinction between truth and falsity. Anyone offering to save you or take you off this planet does not want what is good for you. Until we are free, those that control will manipulate and lie. Until we choose to put an end to it, they will continue to play this game. So, why would anyone offer to save us? Think about it. By being ‘saved’, we have ended the tyranny and control. The Cabal/elite are the blood lines of the Annunaki. We have to assume they know what is going on. Maybe they are the ones that have started this Nibiru arrival, to create more fear so that we keep asking for their help in saving us.

Something stinks…and it’s not Nibiru. It’s the motive for scaring us into believing this planetary body is about to hit our planet. It’s not as black and white as it appears to be, but I can’t give you the answers, just ask a lot of questions so that you too, start contemplating and start asking those that believe Nibiru is going to cause a Pole Shift. Ask them questions, these very questions I have put forth. I ask them too, but they accuse me of being an Atheist. You see, if you don’t believe that Nibiru is arriving and you have no fear, then you must not believe in God either.

But remember I  wrote a few weeks ago. Black is now white. Right is now wrong. God is now gone.


4 thoughts on “Information Overload on Planet X

  1. I’m glad you’re writing about this Nibiru deal. This is not an easy topic to debunk, as there are so many forks in the road to this discussion. Questions I have about this are:

    1) What role does CERN have in all this?
    2) What role are the chemtrails and HAARP playing in this?
    3) Are the above two items creating the heating of the earths core, creating the earthquakes and volcano eruptions?
    4) Are these “controllers” causing all this harm to our Earth…and why?
    5) Why is our sun setting and rising up to 20 degrees off?
    6) Why is there a supposed sun simulator and reports of our real sun dead or dying?
    7) What really are the Crop Circles telling us about this “Event”?

    There are a couple of youtubers that have great info (I believe) that provide evidence of 1 or 2 brown dwarf stars near our sun that produce a helium cloud that is creating all of our earths interference. “The Higher Truth Channel” on youtube has very compelling commentary on this subject. “Jeff P” on youtube also has great info on the sun simulator and the patents and placement of this object in our sky.

    Weird thing is, I have no fear even if this is real. But my gut tells me all of this is being perpetrated by these sick, mad scientists who are trying to open other dimensions that we should not be messing with. Only time will tell. Appreciate your blog Ines.


    • Those are great questions. These are the type of questions we need to be asking instead of just accepting what they say. I too have no fear about this, and if intuitively you don’t fear, it means there is nothing to fear. Fear can be created by us in two ways. First is getting information that is negative and agreeing it’s something we should be afraid of. The 2nd is constant repetition of a coming disaster.

      Thing is, like you, there is no fear because intuitively there is no reason to fear, it comes from the heart/soul space in us rather than the brain/ego space.
      I also believe this myth about the Elite building bunkers is another myth. There is no proof. Imagine, thousands of workers involved in building these bunkers and yet very few of them have come forward to claim they exist? I think they built the bunkers to escape from us once we find out the truth. It is US they fear. The Elite, the bloodlines of the Annunaki know exactly what is going on, so they know Nibiru is not going to be an exctinction event but they do know that in time we will figure it all out and go after them. they have no place to go but underground.
      I see photos of these so called underground facilities, but those rooms like just like rooms in rich mansions. I haven’t yet read or heard of any workers prove to us they helped these structures. Why not?
      I’m going to get involved now into this research and see if I can answer these questions.
      My intuition is telling me that Nibiru is not what we should fear at all.


  2. Dan read my mind in terms of questions I also have. I am not really well versed in the Annunaki or Nibiru because it all seemed so complex.


    • It’s complex and it does take time to read and listen, research and then come to your own conclusions. There are two Nibiru Schools out there…One is agreeing with Zecharia Sitchin (scholar and Sumerian language) and others don’t agree with this theory. How can we know what is true or not when this race is so superior to ours? Furthermore, the pictures and symbols we find all over Egypt and other large structures don’t necessarily mean how they are interpreted. You see, at one time humans didn’t need language. We had telepathic abilities, but somehow (genetic manipulation most likely not evolution) we lost that ability so we had to invent language. It started as pictures and symbols. Put yourself in a position where all of a sudden you can’t talk, how will you communicate? You will draw pictures (sign language didn’t exist then). So, our interpretation is what is disputed, just like translation is done differently, so are pictures and symbols.
      I have spent most of my 25 years reading and studying, but in the end you still don’t know what is truth because I finally figured it out: They, the Annunaki knew they were coming back so they purposely drew out false images or misled us with them. This dispute has been going on since the 19th century and I think this is the sign they are coming back.


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