My Last About Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This will be the last post on these two guys. I guess my ego was a bit inflated these days finding out that these two are being exposed for what they are since I have been writing about them for years now. I found this video this morning and although haven’t listened to the end, I suggest you do listen to it. It basically confirms what I have been writing over the years about David Wilcock but more specifically Corey Goode.  Anyone that works with David is about money; if you listen to David over the years or if you even read his website content, you will see it’s always about: I have, I did, I am, I told you, I’m good. A narcissist at best; but what convinced me about David that he was not on humanity’s side was finding out that he had a website in 2002 focused on the coming Ascension. It was taken down after that date passed and since then, nothing has ever happened that he’s ‘predicted’. He laid low for 8 years and then came back onto the scene, although he claims he had health issues.

David Wilcock is NOT a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. David is a dark soul infected with Archon mindset and he’s under control of something or someone. He will give you 90% truth and 10% LIES. But even 1% lies can alter the future of humanity, even 1% of deceit and false information can change a life forever.
Corey is a troubled man, although I can’t say he wasn’t involved in the secret space program, I can tell you one thing: If he was telling the truth, he would not be alive right now. Whistleblowers never have a good life and those that are allowed to live, do so because their truth is mixed with lies so this confuses the public and they are allowed to live. Nobody on this planet stays alive if they expose the ‘real’ truth about what is happening in this reality, remember that.


2 thoughts on “My Last About Corey Goode and David Wilcock

  1. I never even looked into Corey Goode when it seemed like he was some kind of controversial alien/ufo personaltiy glommed onto David Wilcock. I had an aversion to wilcock soon after i first heard of him in around 2010 or 11. And Alfred Webre gave me the creeps when I first heard of him a few years ago.


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