DAVID WILCOCK : we are right on the brink of changes so massive that money will be obsolete

Oh David, your intel, what would you do without it? Give us something “concrete”, other than generalities that we can all interpret in our own understandings. In other words, yes things are happening but not the way I see them, I had a dream I told you about and I don’t always agree with my intel, so just know that things are changing. DOH









Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 10:41 pm

I spent all day yesterday gathering new info from insiders. Things are ramping up VERY quickly. My mind has been blown wide open. Lots of new people are starting to come forward and they may just be the first wave.

Apparently the preferred method of how the Alliance will get the planet back is going to continue to involve behind-the-scenes work for a period of time. It may or may not depending upon how fast certain things move.

Although I do not at all advocate this approach, we have the number-one source available to one of my highest-level insiders saying that we are going to see major people getting knocked off and it will be made to look like accidents. This could go on for weeks or even months. This was independently…

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5 thoughts on “DAVID WILCOCK : we are right on the brink of changes so massive that money will be obsolete

  1. Lol, these people never quit do they! Just like our politicians motto: “If you repeat a lie enough times, the people will start believing it”. Still not sure whose side this character is on, maybe he is just a money whore like most of them, taking advantage of decent human beings. IF there is such a thing as a reckoning day with a higher power, I wouldn’t want to be any of these people, especially Veronica Keen.


    • Better to be safe than sorry. The very same disinformation agents that want you to have “blind faith”, in what they have to say, yet profess to be of higher intelligence and have special abilities, like Wilcock’s reincarnation of Cayce. If that was the case, then he should be predicting our future like Cayce did 40 years before the event happened. It’s all laughable, let’s face it, you and I can come out with a statement like he just did and would mean nothing because we don’t sell books. Time will tell…but I certainly wouldn’t put all my bets on this character. I put most of the bets on ME


  2. If you ever comment on the site best keep it luvy duvy cause any logic questioning his ‘work’ will be stamped negative and afforded the delete button before it infects the consciousness like some run away ebola germ he wants to save us all from.

    Its fun to check in on the updates though as his “insiders from the highest sources” blow some more smoke up his butt. His ‘major Hollywood film” is still in production cause the screen writers from those highest levels of Hollywood keep changing the script in February, now in November he enlightens us all about how movies are used to get our collective agreement on reality. How much is two and two again?

    Recently on Fulford telling us the great changes the new pope is doing at the Vatican. I asked him if he could ask his insiders what those changes might be so I will know if my grandchildren will need to pack some Vaseline along with their lunch, (with a smiley face of course). Cheers Ines!


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