Just in case you think I’m serious, this is just a satirical title nothing else. Hey, I don’t have the stomach to listen to Drake too long and so I didn’t have the patience to listen to more than 12 minutes and transcribe from the 12 minutes mark to 27:00 minutes. This was the hardest transcribing ever done cause this guy can’t talk read or write, I mean I had a hard time figuring out punctuation marks, actual meanings of words and not to mention the CONTENT had no meaning, who the fuck is this guy and what planet is he from? Did the Archons send him here thinking we would believe what he’s got to say or let me take that back, he’s got nothing new to say and what he does say has no sense at all. So here it is folks, you read it here first, Extra, extra, special daily from Drake Bailey: (The video is below so you can verify I didn’t change anything, if it is, it’s because I didn’t understand what he was saying so I wrote an “assumption” of what might fit into that sentence. May God help us all if this man actually thinks he’s doin’ some good on this planet.

” Muslims don’t have to be part of American culture, wooo, yeah, this is supposed news, I mean, you know, we knew this, they’re running around masked man woman can’t tell what IT is and to top it all off the original Wells Fargo bank had it’s golden nuggets stolen, now that can sound painful to most of the men out there but apparantely these were not attached to anythang.

So, eh eh there you go, nice mess of crop of crap and useless bullshit just like if you can see at CNN, Fox News and all those others that don’t really report anythang well would love to, now the only question I got about would love to ah is: would they get, they could aaa eh eh, this is gonna get interesting.

There was a thang about the internet, they gonna, FCC is gonna reclassify internet speed to high internet speed, medium internet speed, low internet speed and no speed, and that’s supposed to be voted on tomorrow. That came up today, I thought that was interesting ah, there’s gonna, they’re gonna drop it from 60% some havin’ fairly reasonable speed and call it broadband to where it ain’t broadband no more. Now I don’t know exactly what kind of band is gonna be  but it will be probably be the BS band, anway, 2% or something along there are gonna have high speed and that’s it!

Soooooooooo, here’s where the question comes down to and I’ve asked this before, you know, umm for all the people that like to sit on the couch and do nothin’ at all that’s who, that’s who I’m addressing here and it ain’t, it ain’t um (pause) much to ask the question.

I do the show and I do a bunch of other things, and I’m involved in a whole bunch of things aaaaa ummm on a international basis and actually coincides with aaaa freeing the planet and I’d like to know what you might be doing to facilitate that?

Are you talkin to some people about freedom, are you interested, you ever give out the website address you must check this out, got a whole lot of stuff on there and it’s really something.

This guy, this guy’s is all heated up and has attitude problems and don’t like nobody very much. Apparantely look at what he says, you know, you can blame it on me, it’s fine.

Question: Who is willing to do what it takes you don’t need to do a whole lot, I mean people wanna know ummm how can I be of service in shooting people or hurting people.

Well good lord if you’re gonna, we got an army or ha hehe in this case we gotta an army size grouping of people who aaa are homeless and no kind of reasonable place to sleep or aaaa you know can’t never get clean cause they never get access to anything, you gonna call the fire department cause people hollerin, you’re gonna xxxxx the place up or something, a a a a a a a or however, it all works a a a a a a the question is: Who is willing to do what it takes and that question is oriented to those who sit there and go “nah, he’s just putting out hopium”.

Are you a member of the militia? Are you involved a a a a a in other ways, a a a a a a do you a a a a a a have any kind of a a a a a systems program going on where you help homeless in your area and or a a a a a a anything at all or you just sitting on the couch and complain cause we got lots of that.

That’s the question, who’s willing to do what it takes? Now it’s going to a a a a a I”m gonna tell ya it ain’t gonna to be as comfortable, the reason being is the people that you know are gonna think you have lost your mind and they may or may not have anything else to do with you.

Now, you can tell people that the federal government is having get em and a lot of people will understand some of that because they been heard about it here and there, not a lot.

Um, if somebody really don’t believe um a a a a a a don’t XXXXX em. A a a a a what part, ask them, what part they don’t believe. Ask em specifically what it is that really causes them a a a a a problems, or would if it was true, and if they saw officially in writing would that help em and a a a a a a so a a a a a  (pause) then what you do is simple, you very simply take a a a a  (pause) the a a a a a a part that their unsure about or the UN wouldn’t have Agenda 21, not out in the open, really?

You can, you  might not be able to get the idea across their mind that 911 was an inside job but Benhazi’s been on all over the news a a a a a  and some of the stuff that’s been recently released a a a a a has put Hillary Clinton’s TIT in the wringer, ha, that’s called Judicial Watch and those guys been fightin about nothin, been fightin games with people a a a a a there’s a couple of people representing us on in comittees and investigating Benghazi and finding things and they are really pissed and they’re pissed because they get a a a a , they get a sheet of paper with nothin but black smudges on it called redacted and mark it out so you can’t read it.

Well, judicial watch went to court and got that cleaned up. They don’t, you may not redact it you will get what these people say they had to file the proper paperwork, you gotta go to court and things will start to heat up now.

The judge probably didn’t want to go to jail for obstructing justice, you gotta, you know, you gotta remember, you got a whole system in Judicial Watch a a a a a a umm mostly nothing but lawyers.

Can you imagine the stuff they dream up to do somebody I mean good grief.

Now here it is: Who’s willing to do what it takes, who is willing. And it’s you or your neighbor or your friend or somebody. Will you die on your feet or live your life on your knees? That’s the question you gotta ask yourself and I know you know it’s sort of like what Dirty Harry says: “Well, punk, do you feel lucky?” Ha, I mean that’s basically what the, what the jist is and the way it works is that it just, Agenda 21 is designed in such manner, that they are getting ready to move on it. Wonderful, yeah! I love the government is getting ready to punish people out just because they can and they don’t need the useless eaters sittin around, all them retirees and people that are disabled. You know, they don’t to be using up my oxygen.

So, he he, then you got that economic convention in Davos, discussed lots of things and I mean there is a load of things that wou…., that came up as topics. I gotta say I had ears in there and ummm, some of the questions can we fix it, they’re talking about world economy now, millions of people rely on these people to make sure they get it right, do things the way it’s supposed to be done and yet hehehe, they wanna know if they can fix it? What do you mean you wanna know if you can fix it, it’s simple.

Comments: I am embarrassed to even waste my time typing this out, it took me 2 hours to transcribe by hand and then type this out, I am ashamed that we have humans like him on this planet, and I am shocked that anyone gives him their airwaves to talk because he has said nothing that we don’t know from other alternative media, but he can’t speak properly, I am with loss of words as to how this guy gets away with doing what he does? Don’t believe me, just listen to it below.



  1. Muslims are not the problem we have a few crazies in every race and every religion we have catholic extremest ever heard of the Irish republican army for the most part Muslims are very smart and peaceful they not be stereotypical how many Muslims work at stores like 7-11 were if they get rubbed they just hand over the cash as a matter of company policy and are often targeted for this reason drake must not understand what it means to be a free nation because the Muslims are not the problem i think the berka is a bit repressive but i am favor of free choice that means they can ware it if they want no point in kicking all Muslims out of the country and no point in demanding they change we need to focus in on nabbing the suicide bombers before they get the bright idea and this is not about nabbing 12 year old run away children with the bright idea that is a sign of a much deeper problem drake would not touch with a 10 pole we need fix problems before they become problems other wise the problems will keep growing drake is a problem just as well as the culture that endorses suicide bombers


  2. I would spend 3 hrs listening to Gary Busey explaining Quantum Physics before 10 minutes of this clown. Go get a refill on your meds Drake and leave the English language alone. It has never done anything to you to deserve such a beating.


  3. maybe Gary Busey can explain why an experiment i did with a steel pipe a cfl bulb and 200 feet extension cord seemed created a form of gravity except it pushed outward rather then pull inward drake only likes to fantasize about the benefits of such a break through and try to take credit for it long before somebody else does it while people like Gary Busey are the ones that help figure it out

    on a different note many entities exist that are capable of throwing a 50 pound weight like it was a Frisbee most of these entities seem to be protecting us from allot of things and i doubt they like drake all that much they seem to tolerate him for the moment or may wish to get rid of him in a more subtle way as they are intelligent and understand the game he is playing with his followers and due to our effort have shrunk in number i would like for the job to be finished rather its the feds being forced to do their job correctly or entities unseen they can not put casper the friendly ghost in jail for that reason i would encorage people to let things take its course we can how ever and should still expose them at every turn this not like the wait club because the more people that know the more likely the FEDs will be forced into acting and or other entities be able to act effectively team effort


    • I chose a small ecxerpt from his talk not because of the subject, I just didn’t have stomach to listen to it much longer, I have written about him, Neil Keenan, David Wilcock and a few others a year ago, this is not new news for me but I wanted people to hear/read how he talks that no man/woman can make any sense to what he is saying or what point he is trying to prove. He must have to pay a lot of money to get on that show because I know one thing for sure, whatever he said warned people of happening in the last 2 years, NOTHING has happened same with Neil, same with Wilcock, same with all these so called gurus of “wishful thinking”.


  4. I tried to get drake on my Blog Talk radio show 3yrs ago so I could prove he was a fraud, and he flat out refused because we would not send him our questions in advance to be approved. Been telling everyone since then what a liar and coward he is. Think he’s an ego maniac now? He thought he was God almighty after David Wilcock presented him to the public. Wilcock needs to publicly apologize for his role in this whole affair.


    • I laughed so hard when I heard David introduce Drake, just Drake, and he said I vetted this guy before even considering announcing him. Oh my David, you’re so important and have to vet people out, bad judgement, but then Wilcock is in the same herd of cows anyways.


  5. David needed to find something to talk about after he and everyone else failed to ascend to 4d after 2012. My bad,,,,sorry everyone, but hey listen to this guy Drake. He’s the real deal and the cavalry is a comin. By the way be sure to by my epic book that was spoon fed to me by another “real deal” who I vetted. Neil send me some money Keenan. By the way…did I tell you I’m Edgar Cayce?


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