We Have to Get it Right

Part I of II -“I vetted you out” -claims David Wilpop in this repeated vomit story between himself and Drake Bailey. This Drake guy is a loser, he’s got a long history of hooking up with people and then they have disagreements and he finds another group. Another typical warning that came and went, yet David has all these contacts and intel folks but NEVER gets anything right. I only listened to the first 10 minutes because when I hear David constantly cutting into people to boost his ego, it just makes me sick.

So, November 25th is tomorrow. Sure, they know everything!

Part II of II

I have to assume if you are following this blog and read my posts that you are not religious, don’t belong to any religious organization and that you don’t believe in a LORD/GOD. If you follow a religious dogma and believe Jesus is returning, I suggest you stop reading because I will offend you. I’m known for my honest and open communication and fear not to say what is on my mind; so you have a choice. You can leave, get a life or leave a comment with your thoughts.

This post was long overdue. I wanted to write about what is going on in our reality. Each time I get ready to compose something, an event happens in the US. I don’t like to pick on the US or Americans, but like it or not, everything that is dark and sinister comes from that part of the world, it’s the Center for false prophets, channelers of higher spiritual beings, UFO research and a large Christian population. The US is no longer the beacon of democracy nor human rights, but so many people still believe it is.

It’s not terrorism Americans should worry about rather its own citizens. The mass shootings in the last few months alone reflect a very disturbed population, mental health issues, drug addictions and who knows what is falling from the sky.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. We can easily blame guns for the horrible shootings happening on a daily basis but the truth is the US has the strictest gun laws in the world and yet it has a serious problem and this is what should be looked at, the cause of shootings.

Switzerland has the leanest gun laws. Just about every Swiss adult has a gun, yet in 2016, there were 2 murders by guns. Swiss people can walk around with their guns and have the right to defend themselves with it if they need to protect themselves. It’s probably why this country is wealthy, a strong economy, a good democratic government. It knows that should they try anything, they have the entire Swiss population ready to shoot them all down.

As I wrote many times before, Croatia also has very lenient gun laws. I can buy a hunting gun and don’t need to be a hunter. I have 2 BB guns for shooting wild cats and rabbits without a need for a permit. I don’t shoot anyone, I use them to scare them away, but my point is that even Croatians have guns and when someone is murdered, it becomes big news because of things like that are not common in our country.  Why is that countries that have very lenient gun laws have the least murders? Because it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people. We have to ask ourselves what is wrong with these people for them to shoot another human being.

It’s the Texas Sutherland shooting that really affected me because god was nowhere to be found. My own people are majority Catholics and I have questioned many people I know that go to church on a regular basis. I ask them what their god has done for them? How come he never shows himself? How come he never answers their prayers? How come he allows them to get sick, suffer hardships? Is it maybe because he’s really old now and can’t get off his throne?

I dare not tell them the gods in the bible are aliens, they already think I’m strange as it is. In King James Bible, Genesis V.26:” And god said, let US make man in our image after our likeness…..27. So God created man in his own image, in the image of god created he him; male and female created he them.”

Isn’t it obvious that there was more than one god? ” Let US make man in our image”. If you read further through Ch. 2 of Genesis, it’s also obvious that these gods didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Ch.3.V.22: ” And the Lord God said, Behold man is become as one of US, to know good and evil…..”

Don’t people, preachers or whoever reads the bible notice that god was talking to another god? So, question is, why did the gods put the tree in the garden and forbid them to eat from it? I can only think of one reason and that was to test their loyalty. Remember, these gods designed humans to suit their purpose. They (gods) sent Adam and Eve out of the garden and man was never to be trusted again.

I’m amazed without words listening to ” god fearing”  Christians say they must PRAY, they must continue to do good to expel evil. This is what the preacher at the Sutherland church said the day of the shooting. Don’t they question why their god allows this to happen to them in the first place? When a reporter asked the Parish Priest where their god was, he fumbled and mumbled explaining their reward was in heaven.

For centuries, god fearing people have been worshipping these gods feeding them with their energy, paying to help build churches, and never questioning why they get nothing back?

What kind of feeling is that to feel helpless, depend on god for mercy and believe their life is a destiny their god chooses? I have so many questions for god believers of the bible and simply can’t understand how they don’t question their beliefs and existence of this god.

Genesis is very clear, not just in King James version but even in Mormon bible. ” Let US make man in our image”. What part of this do they not understand and choose to ignore?

The media claims the Texas shooter was an Atheist and that he wrote in social media that people who believe in god are stupid. I agree with him, but I surely would not go out and kill anyone for that. Also, I don’t believe the mainstream media, I believe this was a psych.op. So you may ask why? I have my thoughts on this one. The cabal doesn’t do shit like this for nothing. I think it’s because Trump brought God/Christ back to America. He infused his leadership with religion and subtly infusing the spirit of god into a population that has been slowly over the years been denied to say Merry Xmas or Happy Easter.

Ironically and sadistically, they program a loser to shoot people in a church to strengthen Christianity. I know this sounds ludicrous but it’s the same as programming losers to commit mass murders for the purpose of creating stricter gun laws.

Nobody can convince me that a supposedly mentally ill person can think rationally by putting on a bulletproof vest, organizing his weapons and bullets, pick out a location, drive to the church, get out of the car and within minutes shoot up a church. Mental illness is used very loosely, it’s like chronic pain. Where exactly is the pain? What mental illness did this man suffer from?

Something doesn’t add up and it will more than likely change stories over time just like the Las Vegas shooting.

But this blind faith is what amazes me. I had the same questions when I believed in the Catholic god. Why do people hurt me, god? I’m a good person, I haven’t done any harm to any other human being, so why do you punish me? What kind of loving god are you? When I asked my Catholic priest why, he quickly answered: ” God works in mysterious ways, we must suffer just like Jesus if we want a place in heaven”.

But for years I questioned this god because nothing made sense to me. Why bother being good when nothing good happened to me and it wasn’t until 1981 giving birth to my son and experiencing an NDE that I understood a bit more. It took another 10 years of studying and researching, seeking the truth that I was finally able to understand that religion is man-made and its agenda was to keep us from eating from the tree of knowledge.

We must never find out that god is Annunaki, that he created man to serve his agenda and so by using all means, methods, lies, and deceptions, they (the gods) didn’t want us to know who we really were. Maybe these gods were not the Annunaki, we have no definitive proof to tie them to the story in the bible, but it does mention the Nephilim (those that came from heaven to earth) and yet it’s not studied in churches. What happened to the Nephilim? Where are their descendants? After all, these giants mated with the women of earth.

I understand it’s very difficult to accept that the bible might be pure mythology, that it was designed to deceive us and keep us in fear. On the other hand, when I offer them to read the Gnostic gospels, they have no interest in doing so. Denial.

Religion is just one small segment of the deception to keep us dumbed down, but it’s also important because people give up their free will and power to this god. There are no bibles in the Catholic churches here. Why? Croatians are very intelligent people. 2/3 of our citizens have University Education. We are taught in Grade 3 all countries, capital cities ,basically, by the time we complete elementary school, we know more than high school graduates in Canada and the US. So, I think we would figure out the bible very quickly especially where it states: A preacher/elder must marry to serve as an example to his flock. Well, where did Celibacy come from? It came from the Canon Law but what their agenda was on this, I can’t say.

This religious revival in America is an attempt to keep people following god because more and more people are waking up and starting to question just like I did in my early years. They needed to create an Atheist to go on a shooting rampage to hit at the heart of religious people. It’s very simple when you take an objective look at it. A mentally ill man or someone who is angry and vengeful most likely isn’t going to drive to another county and target a church. He will go to the nearest church and take his avenge out at god. Why didn’t this guy shoot up his local church? Because, people that know him may have a different opinion about him. He assaulted his wife and stepchild? Hell, every 5th female in the world is assaulted by her partner, nothing new there. That doesn’t make them killers. Killers kill because of anger, frustration, hopelessness and because they have no value in life. Mentally ill people don’t drive to other locations and just shoot up a church unless there was someone in that church they hated and wanted to get rid of.

As a psychologist who left that useless system years ago, we can never know the whys because sometimes even the killer doesn’t understand why, may not be honest with us, may not be able to express, may not be able to recognize the difference between good and bad and right and wrong. I have treated many killers who had mental disorders and were left unchecked, so to say this man was mentally ill because he assaulted his ex-wife, that’s proof he’s been set up.

The terrorist in NYC was shot in the leg to keep him alive so that they could get more information. The ones that are shot dead are done so to keep them from telling the real story or remembering what was done to them. If the cops caught up with him, they didn’t need to kill him if he was sitting the car.

It’s all out war in America from terrorism, political bias and hatred, drug abuse, unhealthy diets and high rates of diabetes, heart disease. Let me not even count this madness of women coming forward after 30 years to say they were inapropriately touched. Give me a fucking break. 30 years ago it was not deemed inapropriate and I myself liked things like that. I liked when men whistled at me when I walked by. I liked when sitting in a bar, a good looking guy rubbed against my arm. But these women, without any consideration of the consequences, speak out now after 30 years or more and ruin the reputation of men that may have corrected their ways, cleaned up their acts, had successful careers.

As I predicted years ago, it gets worse before it gets better because people are not concerned about anything so long as they have something to eat and a roof over their heads. The people know something is wrong, but as one foreign diplomat said in a recent interview with Oxsana Boyko on Russia Today: ” America is crumbling under it’s own hypocrisy and like all overbloated empires it must collapse first and build a better nation based on lessons learned”.

As long as religion reverbiates through this current administration, the situation will continue because Atheism isn’t evil, it’s a choice between believing or not.

I’m sorry for all the good and innocent people killed but instead of blaming guns or gun laws or politicians, they should be blaming their own corrupt governments for being complicit in these events.

These women waited all these years when these men were competing for something. Isn’t it a bit odd that they waited until it was newsworthy? Shame on them for bringing the past into the present. It was OK to gently grab a woman by her tits 30 years ago. It was ok to brush up against her, it was the culture that it was. I’m not saying it was right, I’m just saying that we can’t punish someone for something that happened 30 years ago. Why didn’t they call the police? Why didn’t they tell someone? Some of these men may have changed their ways, may have never done anything like that, but we need to separate a crime from unethical behavior and not treat them the same way. It’s disgusting and as a woman, I am ashamed. If something happened to you 10 or 20 years ago, and you did nothing about it then, you don’t deserve any better because obviously, you had something to lose had you reported it. Most of these situations were careers that they didn’t want to lose so now after 30 or 40 years when their careers ended they come forward. It’s disgusting.

So, my partner is doing ok, we’re going to a specialist hospital in the capital of Zagreb on Monday to have him re-assessed but he’s passed the expiration date. Statistically they live 3 years after being diagnosed early. He was diagnosed in late stages and he is still here 4 years later.

Love you all.


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    • He always pops up in my YT searches! Go figure! I don’t look for him because I don’t like him and because I debunked him years ago.


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